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We had turned off the TV last night and sat talking on the couch. I asked if there were any men she had never told me about or any sexual events she had never mentioned. She said, “I think I have told about all of them at one time or another. I’m sure there have been some minor things I never mentioned that didn’t seem important. Let me think about it.”

An hour later we were in bed naked. She said she remembered “a few little things.”

She began with a premarital experience, and these are approximately her words: “I guess you’ll remember I mentioned the couple I told you I babysat for. I told you I had sex with him once but hadn’t mentioned what led up to it.”

The third time I was taking care of their daughter, I put her to bed early and he came home an hour earlier than his wife. He paid me but we sat at their kitchen table talking a few minutes before I was going to leave. He was driving me home and stopped on the way at a convenience store for a carton of cigarettes. He returned to his car and we sat in the parking lot a few minutes as I told him about something that was happening at school. Whatever I told him, he said he was sure I could handle it and gave a friendly peck on my cheek. He probably didn’t realize it excited me. I masturbated that night in bed as my imagination conjured up what else could have happened.”

The following week when driving me home, he laid a hand on my leg. I’d allowed my skirt to ride up and his hand on my bare leg. My teen hormones raged. I pushed the envelope by laying a hand on his lap. They lived atop the mountain and he asked if I’d like to see our town from the scenic rock beside the roadway. I’m pretty sure I knew what was on his mind and said I’d like that.” He pulled over at the scenic viewing spot. His hand again lay on my leg. I hadn’t removed mine from his lap.”

I looked at him until he turned his eyes to me. We didn’t say a word. The bulge in his slacks had become hard before we stopped. I wasn’t sure what he might think of me, but I squeezed it. Our married neighbor and I had been fucking for about a month, so I was no virgin. He leaned to kiss me and his hand moved up to my pussy and pulled away my panties. I unzipped his slacks and pulled out his hard cock. I put my mouth over it and sucked for several minutes. He lay his hand at the back of my neck. He said he was about to cum and handed me a handkerchief. I pulled my head away and jerked him off until he spurted into his handkerchief. I carefully wiped it clean.”

The rest of the trip, I was sucking his cock while he drove. After that, I was either jerking him off on the way home or sucking his dick. Eventually, he and his family were in the process of moving away. That’s the part I told you about. On my last night of baby sitting for them, we drove to that off-road view on the mountain and parked. I said I wanted to give him a good-bye gift and we moved to the back seat. I took off my skirt and he took off his pants. He laid me on my back onto the seat and fucked me. I’m not into car sex anymore, but at the time I thought that was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was yelling, “Fuck me!” as his dick was going in and out of my young pussy. I continued sucking his cock until we were a block or so from my home.”

She thought a moment and added, “And you already know all the general stories about me and my boss. I recalled occasions that didn’t seem important to mention. I’ve sucked his cock while he’s driving too. The first time was when I was still working at the main office and he asked if I wanted to drive over to a commercial property he wanted to look over before the bank financed the project. We had been having sex for about two months at that time. I jerked him off while he was driving me back to the bank. I sucked his cock once in the parking garage a couple of times after hours and again while he was driving me home from the out of town client party. I’d only mentioned that we stopped and fucked that time. But I was also sucking his cock on the way to our house.”

Other than that, all I recall now are things you already know. There have been a few things we did that were just details that didn’t seem of any importance. Like once, we were in his office after the bank closed and he fucked me while we stood against his office window overlooking the street.”

My wife grinned as she looked at my dick, hard and pointing to the ceiling. She reached for it and began pumping. She said, “I’m sure I can eventually remember a few more silly things, now that I know you’re interested.” She stroked my rod until I was cumming. I’m not sure any of that is of interest to others here, but I was in a high state of excitation. I thanked her for her hot stories and told her I’m interested in whatever might come to her mind in the future.

She laughed and said, “I can tell! You’re easy to entertain.”

Before we fell asleep, she mumbled, “One more thing. You parked too close to my car in the garage last night and I had trouble getting in this morning. Another five inches would’ve been better.” I grinned and said, “I know that even two inches is good for you.” Knowing I was referring to her boss who’s two inches larger than my six, she laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s good too. I'm glad you see things my way.” She doesn't commonly talk about the size differences and her momentary admission made me hard again. I fucked her as she repeated the stories in greater detail.

It was a good night for me.

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