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My wife was suspiciously reluctant when I first confessed five years ago I confessed my desire for her to have sex with other men. Her stories of her premarital sex and a one-time experience with a man we met by chance in a lounge excited me. But following a chance encounter and an affair with a co-worker three years ago, she agreed to “try it.” After her first encounter through a personals ad, she found she loved fucking other men. She often says, “It’s really for both of us.” That’s actually true. I had encouraged it and am thrilled when watching or hearing about it afterward. She recently joked, “It’s my job. I get the dicks, and you get my stories.”

At times since, I’ve guessed correctly she would soon be fucking a guy she has met before she realized it. An example of her extramarital enthusiasm came about two summers ago with a short-term hookup.

She then worked at the bank’s main office downtown and occasionally preferred having lunch alone. She needed some time away now and then to think about projects assigned to her. She always frequented the same Italian restaurant a block away. It’s a small, family-owned place with no more than fifteen tables and I’m told it’s always busy at that time. The owner’s wife befriended her and thereafter made sure they found her a table whenever she showed up.

On one day that July, she spotted a man awaiting a table while standing at the cashier’s counter. She motioned with a hand that he could sit across from her if he wished. He walked over, took the chair and thanked her. He said that, although a seating was worth the wait, he had waited at least ten minutes to be seated on the previous week he was here.

She learned he works as an office manager for a plumbing supply company a block away. She described him as then 38, slightly taller than her 5’11”, with closely trimmed, light brown hair. Although slender, he appeared fit. She mentioned that to him, and he said that was the result of nightly jogs and morning exercise.

The following day, he showed up at the same time, walked over to her table and chatted briefly. She invited him again to join her. This became a three-days-a-week happening over the next two weeks. She recognized a mutual physical attraction and told me nightly what was going on. She said her motivation for returning more often was the hope he would be there for conversation; she realized she enjoyed his company more than that of the women with who she regularly dined. She suspected that was also his reason for his more frequent appearances. I asked, “New sex buddy?” She said she wasn’t sure, but she wouldn’t be the one to suggest it to him.

The following Monday, he asked, “Do you ever come here after work?” She said she had a few times when her husband is traveling. She mentioned I don’t do that as often as I once did but typically am out of town about once a month for one to three nights. She told him I was assigned to be away Thursday and Friday night. He asked if she would care to have dinner with him at another place across town that evening. She hadn’t anticipated that and said, “Maybe. Let me think about it.” He pulled a business card from his jacket, wrote his home phone on the back and handed it to her.

I was told that night about his offer for a date. I do a lot of writing for my company but also keep a journal of my wife’s extramarital sex life on my laptop. Beginning that night, I added the occurrence to my notes. We occasionally re-read them together in bed, and she has corrected some things I got a bit wrong and added other details.

I like watching her sexual activities on my laptop when I’m traveling. We have three hidden security cameras in our bedroom, and the images are available through an internet connection no matter where I am. I asked if she would invite him to our home if it turned out to be more than dinner. Knowing why I said “our bedroom,” she rolled over laughing and said, “Sure, I can do that.” I told her I was okay with whatever she decided, even if they went to his apartment. She didn’t phone him, though, saying she wanted to think it over more before agreeing.

On Wednesday, she returned to the restaurant and he was already seated. He waved her over and she sat across from him. Before they left, he complimented her engagement and wedding rings. Those are actually rather ordinary jewelry, but she held out a hand for his inspection. He held her fingers longer than necessary. She didn’t pull away and she felt a deepening sexual tension between them. He held her hand as they walked a half block down the street before he turned at the corner toward his office.

That night at home, she told me, “Both of us are in a high state of excitation when we meet. I’m going to do it.” I had heard her say that before when her desire peaked. I asked what the attraction was and received the usual answer: “He’s good looking and I like his personality. I’ve learned a lot about him. His wife divorced him for an old boyfriend and took their two children. Although he said he ran track in high school, he’s no sports fan; so I don’t need to put up with football-like talk with him.”

I said, “So it’s on for dinner Thursday night?” She said they agreed to Friday since neither work Saturdays. She mentioned to him she was picking me up at the train station at eleven Saturday morning.

When I phoned home three times Thursday evening, the line was busy. I finally got through around ten. She said she called him and they were on the phone a long time. I said, “That sounds promising.” She laughed and said, “I invited him to stay overnight at our home and leave around nine Saturday morning. I didn’t tell him about our hidden cams and he has no idea you’re a ‘very understanding’ husband.”

She didn’t need to tell me lust that raced through her body. That was evident in her voice. I assumed she would be soon masturbating with her vibrator for relief. And just before I hung up, she gasped in orgasm. She had been turned on her flesh-colored, penis-shaped vibrator before I phoned. I didn’t tell her I was jerking off as she described what was likely to happen the following night, but she guess rightly that I was. Her last words were, “Too bad we didn’t cum together over the phone.” I knew what was going through her mind. Arousal becomes lust. Lust becomes craving until her desire is so powerful, she loses resistance. By the time she’s that heated up, I know that she will soon be fucking whoever brought her to the boiling point. As for the men, she had learned in high school it doesn’t take as much for them. She knew instinctively this guy wanted her as much as she needed him inside her.

We have an understanding. On nights she’s with another, I don’t phone. She phones me when she can. My phone rang in the hotel room at eight thirty. She had told him she needed to check in with her husband. She didn’t talk long but said she was working on a project at the bank that would need “deep input” by a supervisor. That’s one of our codes for “He’s inside me right now.” She gasped just before hanging up and covered that by saying, “Oh, I just dropped something. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the train station.”

She had been waiting a half hour when my train pulled up. He left at eight that morning, earlier than planned. They had fucked for hours off and on, missionary position and his entering her pussy from behind. In the early morning, she straddled his hips when she awoke and rode his dick until both were cumming. Knowing the telling of her adventures get me immediately hard, she added the details when we were home in bed. After hot sex, she sat with her legs crossed lotus style and said our fucking, along with the other guy, had made her sore, We wouldn’t be having sex for the next couple of days. That was okay with me; but, while imagining her beneath him, I probably jerked off at least twice during that time.

They were together twice more at his place and once at ours over the next two months. They had planned yet another lark, but his ex-wife broke up with her boyfriend and asked if he would give her another chance. He and my wife talked a few more times over the phone until he and his ex remarried. We were among four other guests invited to their second wedding at their home.

We since wondered whether theirs would then become an open marriage, but my wife didn’t ask him and he didn’t imply that. But we each agreed that would have been perfect timing for him to bring it up to her before re-tying the marital knot. It worked for us following my wife’s three-month affair with a co-worker. But even in this lifestyle, some things aren’t knowable about her fuckbuddies.

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Others are posted here more recently…

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