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 Post subject: My wife likes to cheat
Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:56 pm 

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My wife has always been a little slutty (flashing her tits, sending pics to old flames), but I didn't think she was doing much, if anything, since we got married about 10 years ago. Yesterday she left a text to her friend open on her phone that I could not resist reading. Turns out she fucked a 21 year old guy a few times a year or 2 ago, and he has been texting her about starting up again. She was asking her friend if she should. She is 47 and I am sure it makes her feel sexy (which she is already). She knows it turns me on big time to talk about her having sex with other men, but she is afraid to tell me for fear of it ruining our marriage. But I would be totally OK with her fucking him as much as she wants. But I want to hear about it, and I would love for her to turn into a full hotwife. Does anybody have advice for me?

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You just have to tell her she has permission, that it would be a pleasure for both of you. You need to assure her it won't ruin your marriage but bring it to a new level. FYI, it is addictive.

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Our dynamic is rooted in my wife’s insane jealousy of other women, her possessiveness, and a collection of things related novelty-seeking personality traits, and her need for variety and attention.

From the day we first met, and began dating, she has exhibited extraordinary jealousy of other women as it relates to me, and she is territorial, and possessive as it relates to me. As it relates to hot wife / cuckold behavior, one of the way these traits manifest was her fear that I would use knowledge of her adulterous relationships, cheating, and desires for sex with other men, as an excuse for myself in having relationships with other women.

My wife’s novelty seeking behavior, need for variety, and attention always manifested in her cheating and adulterous behavior - leading up to her engaging in cheating - mostly for purely sexual stimulation and gratification, and to satisfy her need for new, strange cock.

Early in our relationship, these things were mostly negative. It took decades, and lots of destructive experiences to which we both contributed to finally sort all this out, and nearly divorcing twice, ironically because I got caught in affairs with other women.

Eventually, via a combination of therapy, individual, and as a couple, and lots of talk and disclosure, my wife became comfortable that I was not going to use her needs as an excuse to be with other women, and that I was equally interested, stimulated, and enthusiastic about her enjoying sex with other partners. At a certain point in our lives, when she became completely convinced I was enthusiastic and supportive of her sexuality with other men, and that I was not using her behavior to generate excuses for myself, the flood gates opened, so to speak.

I am aware of about a half-dozen of her adulterous encounters that occurred after we were married, and about four others that took place before we got married - knowing about them, and the details are some of the most intimate, erotic, and sensual things I know about my wife. I’m certain there are pre, as well as post-marital encounters she’s had that I still don’t know about.

Even writing about this makes my cock hard, thinking about her indiscretions and the details of the experiences I know of, as well as the possibilities and suspicions of those I’m not aware of.

My wife is fascinated by my reactions to her past encounters, and has “confessed” in dribs and drabs over the last rough decade - every time I hear about one of her cheating encounters, I have an intense, hands-free orgasm, which is wildly erotic for both of us. After I recover sufficiently, we always fuck like a pair of sex-starved maniacs.

For my wife, there is some relief, some unburdening associated with the “confession,” as well as the intense sexual, erotic nature of the “confessing experience,” including my response and reaction.

She has expressed that these confessions are “freeing” for her, and allow her to enjoy certain aspects of her hot wife experiences now that might be otherwise difficult, things like kissing, or intensely intimate acts, especially when I am watching or participating. The “freeing” aspect allow her to set aside inhibitions, fears, or worries over how I might react, and remove barriers, mostly emotional and mental, to her experiencing pleasure without judgment or fear of repercussion from me.

Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:07 pm 
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I would simply have a nice talk with her. I would suggest she find some fun with other men occasionally and that you know that she would enjoy it. Also tell her that it would be an enormous turn on for you. You might mention that all you ask is that she tell you about her adventures. Then tell her that it definitely won't ruin your marriage because it hasn't yet. Then kiss her and tell her you love her.

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