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 Post subject: Dilemma
Unread postPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 12:32 pm 

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This happened just over three weeks ago and has changed everything, and I'm not sure what or where it will lead, so what happened three weeks ago I hear you ask?
My wife and I were invited to a housewarming party by my wife's best friend Mary, it was her daughter and and son in law's new house.
My wife Karen and Mary have been friends for over twenty five years, Karen knew them well but I had only met them once before, so I was a bit apprehensive about going as I would not know anybody there.
Still it was a night out and Karen wanted to go so that was that.
Karen changed her mind so many times about what to wear, but eventually picked and old favourite black dress which she was really surprised still fitted her after all these years, it wasn't a short dress but knee length and it did make her look really sexy which I pointed out to her.
Perhaps it's time to give you all a brief description of myself and my wife Karen, Karen is 41 and stands 5’ 7” tall with short blond hair in a bob style cut, average build and just recently she has shed about ten pounds in weight which is the reason she fitted back into her old black dress.
Now me (Ted) I'm 43 and 5’11” a bit overweight but not fat we have been married for 23 years and have two daughters (Sara) 19 and at university and the other (Megan) 22 who has just moved in with her boyfriend.
We arrived at about eight thirty and was given the guided tour of the house by Emma and Todd it was on three levels and was really nice and I bet it cost a pretty penny.
Karen and I stay together drinking and mingling amongst the other guests and I have to admit I was enjoying the pleasant conversation and general vibe of the party so much so that before we realised it was ten thirty.
I decided to go outside in the garden and get some fresh air, Karen didn't want to go outside so I left her inside.
There were a few people out on the decking so I mingled and got chatting to a nice young lady from Norway with blue hair, I'm not sure but I did think she was hitting on me but that could be wishful thinking on my part.
Without realising it an hour had passed.
I thought I best get back inside as Karen would be getting pissed at me chatting to this young lady for so long.
Once back inside I couldn't find Karen, I went upstairs the the bathroom as I needed a piss but it was occupied, I did wonder whether Karen was in there and almost bang on the door to let me in then I thought best not in case it was somebody else, would be a bit embarrassing.
I then remembered that there was another bathroom on the next level so I quickly made my way up there.
As I got onto the top landing I couldn't remember which door was the bathroom, I had three to choose from, I choose the nearest one and opened the door very slowly the room was dimly lit and I was confronted with the sight of a guy’s naked ass pounding some girl hard from behind bent over the bed.
My initial thought was lucky guy and I was about to close the door when the girl who I couldn't see spoke “God I'm going to cum again”.
At this point everything was in slow motion as the voice sounded like Karen’s, I found myself unable to move or speak as I digested this info, then my eyes were straining for further clues firstly I looked down at the panties that were around one leg on the floor, black the same kind Karen is wearing.
But that was all I could see from this position, my eyes found a mirror on the wall at the side of the bed, this gave me a side view of the guy fucking her and also the side of the girl getting it.
As you can see I'm still trying to not believe this is my wife but the sight of a black dress rucked up and around her waist was only adding to the eventual conclusion.
It was not just the fact the dress was pulled down from the top and basically was now a belt around her middle, she was naked from the top down her breasts flattened into the bed with her head turned away from the mirror, her short blond hair in the same hairstyle as Karen’s was the final clue.
Even now I was trying to remember if anybody else was wearing a black dress, oh yeah the Norwegian girl was, but then I remembered she had blue hair.
All this inner battle trying to convince myself this was somebody else and seemed like it was taking forever but in reality it was only seconds.
Next my eyes focused on his cock sliding in this girls pussy, albeit very quickly then she spoke again “God I'm cumming” as her body started to quiver and thrust back into his cock.
Her moans were muffled as she buried her head into the bed I knew it was Karen and now I was in panic mode what do I do, fight or flight I think the saying goes.
I'm sure I screamed “stop” but that was obviously just in my head as they just carried on enjoying each other.
This guy then pulled his cock out very slowly almost as if he was showing me and I got to see the size of his cock, maybe 2” or more longer than me ( me being 6” on a good day) but very thick and even in this dim light I could see it glistening with my wife's cum juices.
I say the light was dim but my eyes had become like an owl's seeing everything and now from being slightly intoxicated I was stone cold sober.
He then slammed himself back in causing Karen to moan out “oh god yes cum in me please”.
I thought he was pounding her hard before but with that green light he picked up the speed and the power it was scary.
I wanted to stop him but I couldn't move just watch as his strokes got shorter and then he grunted and groaned pumping load after load in Karen.
Karen ground herself back into him moaning “I can feel your cum inside me it's fucking hot”
Just then I came round from this trance and just slowly closed the door.
My head was spinning, my wife of 23 years being fucked by another guy, as I said it in my head I realised I couldn't identify the guy as his face was not in view of the mirror, only a cock in a parade might I have a chance of identifying him.
I felt sick and found the bathroom that I wished I had found first, standing there I was shaking trying to make sense of everything I had seen, I will admit I had tears in my eyes then It felt like I might have pissed myself I was very wet.
Pulling down my jeans just filled my head with even more confusion as my boxers were indeed very wet but not with piss, but cum oozing out of my even harder cock.
What the fuck is going on with me, I cleaned up my mess and was glad I had jeans on cause if it had been trousers, joining the party would have been very embarrassing.
I then panicked again I need to get out of here and be downstairs when Karen comes down if I came down after her it might led to awkward questions that I was not prepared to deal with.
I needed time to work out what I'm going to do, I'm not one for big scenes actually the very opposite.
I hurried down the stairs passing people waiting outside the bathroom on the first floor and had feelings of humiliation even though they had no idea what had just happened.
I went straight to the kitchen and poured a large glass of whiskey which I don't like but needed.
I could see the stairs from my position waiting for Karen to descend and the time seemed to slow again I wondered who was going to come down first him or her but as I couldn't identify him that would be a fruitless endeavour.
Just to emphasise that three guys came down first,varying in age and size I was mentally trying to picture each one as the guy.
Karen breezed down the stairs slightly wobbling as she reached the bottom, I caught her eye and she came over smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
“Get me a drink Ted I'm really thirsty”.
In my head I said “I bet you are”
I got her a large wine and she gulped it down in almost one go, she held out her glass and “another please darling”
The second glass was drunk normally but by the end of it she was very drunk, so much so she wanted to go home, we made our way outside and as we did some people were just turning up in a taxi, I grabbed it and we was soon on our way home,
Karen just smiled and giggled all the ten minute drive home.
Karen was very drunk now the brief fresh air had done its job, I had to get her out of the taxi and in doing so I noticed a wet patch on the seat of the taxi.
To save Karen's blushes I walked behind her, not that she cared, her dress was wet at the back on her ass.
Once inside the house she attempted to go upstairs I helped her to our bedroom where she just fell back onto the bed giggling.
Karen was out for the count, that left me to try and undress her and that's not easy with a drunk person but eventually she was down to her panties.
Now I was left with another dilemma do I take them off or leave them on, you might be wondering why was that a dilemma?
Even after everything that had happened I realised just how much I loved Karen and if this was a drunken fuck that she may or may not remember, if I leave her panties on she will in the morning wake up with very wet sticky panties and maybe that will make her remember what had happened.
So I had just made the decision in my head I pulled down her panties and as I did so she raised her hips to help me, once removed she spread her legs wide almost as if the panties were keeping her legs closed.
I'm not sure why I did what I did but I knelt down only inches from her pussy, or should I say unfaithful pussy and just stared at her puffy red lips smelling the aroma of mixed cum and without even realising my mouth was over her pussy and my tongue licking inside her.
As I was doing this her legs opened wider and her hand was behind my head pulling me in deeper slightly gyrating in motion with my tongue.
What is unusual about all this apart from the obvious is Karen never lets me lick her pussy.
My licking was becoming more frantic and I was probing as deep as I could inside her used pussy, the taste was intoxicating and my boxers were getting wet again, then Karen moaned and shuddered as she cum and this was the kind of orgasm I was used to not the one I had experienced earlier.
Just to add to my humiliation I cum in my boxers without touching my cock.
I got Karen in bed and went downstairs to think about what had happened and what the hell is going on with me, I poured another drink and was feeling so guilty, embarrassed, angry, feeble more emotions than I needed, I cried again this time properly my stomach felt empty.
What is wrong with our marriage?
Is this the first time she has been unfaithful?
Why doesn't she cum like that with me?
Why did I just cum in my boxers?
I grabbed her handbag and started searching it not sure what I would find, but a small piece of paper with a number and a name Ian didn't help.
Her phone was also in there and I checked that too but the number I had wasn't in there.
I do have to say that Karen is not one to be very flirtatious with men even when drunk although she does get more horny when drunk.
Still I was very confused and needed some answers so I got my iPad and not really sure what to put in I just googled man who gets turned on be wife being fucked by another guy, and that was true of me I guess.
Well you all know what popped up “Cuckold”
On further investigation I quickly got the idea and found I was hard again but unlike most cuckolds I was not a willing participant.
I needed to get some sleep as this is not helping with what to do in the morning or what I should say.
Laying in bed next to Karen wasn't easy as all I kept seeing was that guy's cock fucking her when I shut my eyes.
When I woke Karen was still asleep and I had the mother of all hangovers, must be all those emotions rushing through my head, I got some hangover remedies and with a big cup coffee I sat in the kitchen trying to come up with a strategy of how to handle this, I didn't want this to end our relationship so I decided to do nothing and see what Karen does or says.
After about an hour I made a cup of tea and ventured back up to our bedroom which I found I was very anxious about waking her up.
I placed the tea down besides her and gentle kissed her on the lips “morning darling a cup of tea for you”.
Karen looked up and said “thanks”
I expected her to have as bad a hangover as me but she was as bright as a button, then she looked a bet puzzled as she pulled up the bed covers to see she was naked underneath, she looked at me with a quizzical stare.
“You was so wasted I had to get you undressed”
She began to fidget in bed then said “did we have sex last night?”
“Ummm sort of” I said not sure how to really answer her question.
“How do you mean sort of?”
“I sort of licked your pussy till you cum”
“You know I don't like you doing that Ted”
I thought what a fucking cheek she had after some guy had been pounding her hard last night but I held my tongue and said “Sorry just couldn't resist you sexy pussy”
I must have said the right thing she just smiled at me and said “okay you get that one but don't think it's going to happen again, so why am I sleeping in a wet patch then if all you did was lick me?”
Now how do I answer that one, “you must have really enjoyed it and cum a lot”
She just stared at me for a long time before getting up and hitting the shower.
I'm guessing from her reaction so far she doesn't remember anything from last night which was okay by me as it would lead to some very awkward questions.
I pulled back the covers and could see the huge wet patch she had been sleeping in, I thought I must have licked most of that guy’s cum out of her but obviously he had dumped a huge load in her.
The really strange thing is even thinking that didn't hurt me or make me angry, in fact I felt my cock twitch, so am I a cuckold.
I pulled all the bedding off and threw it the washing machine I even had to turn the mattress over as it was wet.
Then I had a panic, if Karen goes in the laundry hamper which is in the bathroom and find her panties and the sticky mess which would have probably dried in them it might start her to recall the events of last night.
That just jogged my memory, Karen always puts one of those panties liners in her panties and her panties were minus the pantie liner, I also remembered I didn't see it when the panties were lying on the floor around her leg as she got fucked she must have removed it before she got in the bedroom meaning she was aware of what she would be doing once in there.
Every time any thought of Karen and that guy my cock would twitch and dribble.
Eventually Karen came down and we had breakfast, just general talking about all kinds of rubbish til I said “did you enjoy yourself last night darling?”
Karen again stared at me for a longer than usual before answering, almost as if she was trying to judge what I meant by the question.
“Yeah it was fun, what I can remember of it”.
“Yeah you was ok til the fresh air hit you and then you just giggled all the way home and I had to get you out of the taxi and help you up the stairs to bed”
“You forgot about taking advantage of me in my drunken state”
Again I bit my tongue either she is being very smart or she really doesn't know anything.
I found myself saying “Sorry”
And that was the last we spoke of the party all that day and into the next day was the same.
It was about five days later that Karen had gone to work and forgot her phone, about twenty minutes later I got a phone call on the landline from her asking me to drop her phone off on the way to my work which. Agreed to do.
As I held her phone in my hand I couldn't help but do some snooping, looking for that number that was in her handbag, I didn't expect to find anything and I didn't that doesn't mean anything as she could have deleted all communications with him.
Nothing else happened until the following Friday which was exactly two weeks from that night, I had to work late and up til then I had tried very hard not to think about that night.
I had told Karen I would be home at about eight and as I drove into my drive it was a few minutes after eight, I walked in to find Karen in the lounge wearing her white silk dressing gown holding two glasses of white wine just in front of the sofa.
“Here you go darling I figured you need this” she said handing me a glass of white wine.
As I got closer she leaned forward and planted a big passionate kiss on my lips which took me by surprise, as the last time we kissed like that was a long time ago.
Her lips tasted slightly salty but the kissing was getting me so very turned on my hand moved down over her breast and Karen's nipple was instantly hard.
I untied her gown and placed my hand on her naked breast and Karen actually jumped at my touch just like when we was first dating.
I took that as the green light and broke from the kiss and moved my lips down to her hard nipple and she again jumped, I sucked her hard nipple as hard as I had ever done even biting and she was loving it, that made me push her back onto the sofa behind her and continue my kissing of her breast but now I was kneeling between her legs.
I moved down from her breast and lightly kissing I made my way down past her navel just above her pussy when I felt her hand on my head stopping me which was what normally happens when I try to lick her pussy but she didn't stop me, in fact the opposite Karen pushed my head towards her pussy.
I was about an inch away when the aroma hit me it was the same smell as two weeks ago the only difference this time was Karen's pussy was completely bald and smooth.
My tongue licked over her clit as I pushed a finger inside her soaking wet pussy quickly followed by three more fingers as her legs widened.
My tongue now joined my fingers in licking her cum filled pussy, yeah I knew what it was and I was now crazily sucking and pushing my tongue as far up her pussy as was possible.
Karen was now gyrating and thrusting herself whist holding my head hard against her unfaithful pussy, then she started to moan and shudder to an orgasm, this was the most animated orgasm I had ever given her, but still only a shadow of what I had witness at the party.
Karen then pulled me up to her mouth and just before kissing my cum covered face she said “fuck me I need your cock”
Whilst I was kissing her I quickly removed my trousers and very wet boxers releasing my very hard cock it slipped straight in I couldn't feel anything.
“Turn over I want to fuck you from behind”
Karen briefly stared at me quizzically then flipped over, I pulled her legs tight together to give some sort of resistance for me then slammed my cock in and pumped for about a dozen strokes before unloading in her.
I had just about finished pumping when Karen got up and left me as she went bounding up the stairs to the shower.
I was out of breath with a cum covered and still very hard cock realising Karen had been unfaithful again, all those questions came back again.
I grabbed the glass of wine and gulped it down, next to my wine was Karen's mobile phone, I took it and searched for his number, all I found was a text sent by Karen saying “tonight 18:30” followed by our address.
Well at least that answers the question about it being a drunken fuck which she didn't remember.
I sat for what seemed like ages trying to work out how this was happening to me, I know I'm not a cuckold as I'm not a willing participant but my still hard cock was trying to convince me otherwise.
I needed a shower too, so I grabbed Karen's glass of wine and carried it up to her, even after her infidelity I still loved her so much.
I walked into our bedroom just as Karen came out of our en-suite wrapped in a towel.
“Here you go darling.” I said handing her the glass.
Karen lent forward and gave me a kiss “thanks you are so thoughtful”
I realised that the bedding had been change from the one that was on there this morning, but everything else seemed the same no smells of sex in the room only Karen's perfume.
Once in the en-suite I removed all my clothes placing them in the laundry hamper, on top of the hamper was our bedding, I couldn't help myself I pulled out the sheet to find a massive wet patch in the middle, confirming the deed was done in our marital bed, but just below the bedding was a lacy black bra, suspender belt, stockings and black lacy panties, I pick up the panties and they were soaking wet, it wasn't the smell I had been experiencing lately, so it must be all Karen's juices, she must have been so turned on for his cock.
I placed everything back just like I had found them and got in the shower, my thoughts were still about who and now it was how did he fuck her, was it from behind like last time or maybe missionary, maybe she rode his big cock the last one was unlikely as she never does that but who knows, looking down at my still hard cock I could see it glistening with a combination of mine, Karen's and the guy's juices, I grabbed my cock and a few thrusts later I was dumping my load on the shower tray.
Once I had composed myself I got my sweat pants and tee shirt on and joined Karen sitting on the sofa watching some television, she handed me another glass of wine and then just snuggled into me as if nothing unusual had happened.
I did feel better with her close to me but still I was beginning to realised I really didn't know my wife as well as I thought I did.
The rest of the week was just as always except I was checking her phone every chance I got and the laundry hamper as well, looking for clues or hoping maybe.
Just a small thing that text I saw on Friday was no longer on the phone.
Then another bomb shell hit me on Thursday when Karen started her period, which I had not even thought about, he dumped two loads in my wife who was not on any form of contraception as I have had a vasectomy, granted the party would have been highly unlikely to have got he pregnant but last Friday she would have been very fertile I would guess, was we lucky or was he also firing blanks.
It's now Friday, three weeks from the party and a week from when I worked late, I'm standing outside a gadget shop contemplating whether to go in or not, I had decided that I needed to know who this guy was or at least for him to have a face because every man I see that comes near us or the house I'm imagining is the guy and it's driving me nuts.
My idea was to get a very small camera and set it up in our bedroom, normally I would buy something like this online but it might turn up when I was not at home and then it would need some explanation so buying it this way means I have it.
I've been past this shop three times now still debating whether I should go in because if I do go in I will no longer be an unwilling cuckold.
See I'm due to work late the very next Friday, I haven't said anything about it to Karen yet and depending on whether I go in is whether I tell Karen sooner or at the very last minute giving her very little chance to arrange a rendezvous.
I open the door and walk in.

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma
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Unlike a lot of guys on this site, I get off on my wife being unfaithful to me. I know she is into it just for the sex, and that makes her seem even more sexual to me. Look forward to more of your story.

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma
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Very sexy! Keep writing!

Great minds may think alike, but fools seldom differ.

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma
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Great story!

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma
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Have I read this story somewhere before?

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma
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"I know I'm not a cuckold as I'm not a willing participant"

Wrong. This is exactly what makes you a cuckold.

 Post subject: Re: Dilemma part 2
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I will not bore you all with the details of what I was going to buy, just to say it was a spy camera and I had done lots of research before hand in the days leading up to this point.
My only problem was getting something that would not be noticed in our very minimalistic bedroom, but fate played into my hands, my alarm clock was faulty so a replacement was needed, and as it happens this gadget shop stocked the very alarm clock I needed.
I used the weekend whilst Karen was shopping to play with my new toy, it all works wireless by an app on your phone or tablet, finding the best position was limited by it having to be next to my bed but eventually I think I have the optimum viewing angle possible from there.
The really cool thing about this little camera is I can access it via my wifi router from anyway with a wifi signal so I could watch in real time from work on the next Friday that's all supposing she decides to be unfaithful again.
My plan is to tell Karen I'm working late when I get home on Monday, giving her plenty of time to make arrangements.
I am still searching her phone when I can but it has nothing on it, the strange thing is I'm feeling really guilty doing all this.
I did contemplate installing a tracking app on her phone because it did occur that the guy might be a work colleague and this was a ongoing deception, I guess my paranoia was getting the better of me and if Karen does do something on Friday I will have a face to put to the cock.
This would be the last chance for a while, as from the following weekend our youngest daughter Sara will be home from University for the summer and Karen very rarely goes out with friends for drinks or any other social event.
The only other concern I had was Karen getting pregnant, but this Friday would almost certainly be safe as her period would have just finished.
As you can see I'm doing a lot of planning or scheming, perhaps my wanting to put a face to the guy is just an excuse for me wanting her to be unfaithful again with all the benefits that have come from it afterwards.
Just to say that the only sexual contact I have had with Karen has been those two Friday's, but she has been very affectionate in other ways a lot of kissing and cuddling and very passionate kissing which has helped me with a lot of those negative emotions that wash over me at times.
The day's leading up to Friday we're very long with me scrutinizing every move or word spoken by Karen since my announcement of working late Friday.
I found myself constantly checking to make sure the camera was functioning properly.
When Friday arrived I was all over the place trying to seem normal which is why I had completed most of the work I was supposed to be doing later, I knew I would be in no fit state to concentrate fully on work tasks.
I knew roughly what time Karen would get in from work and as the time arrived I kept checking the camera every minute until 17:45 when Karen appeared in the bedroom removing her work clothes til naked and I used that image of her naked to test out the zoom on the camera which was very good as it showed Karen's pussy even the short stubble that had grown over the past two weeks.
In my head I thought that would be shaved off when she showers.
Nothing more for about 15 minutes until she re entered from the shower again naked and I was right a very smooth bald pussy.
Then she spent a while checking her pussy and asshole in the mirror, finally she rummaged in one of her drawers pulling out a plastic bag, out from the bag was some white lacy underwear with white hold up stockings and finished off with some high heeled white shoes which I had never seen before.
She quickly got them on and applied some make-up, pulled on her silk dressing gown as the time was now 18:20 and I assume he would be here soon.
I had come very well prepared as I knew my cock would be hard and leaking, my cock was encased with tissues to stop any embarrassment when leaving here.
It was another 20 minutes until the bedroom door opened and Karen walked in leading the guy by the hand, I still couldn't see his face as Karen was between him and the camera.
Karen stopped at the end of the bed and turned so all I could see was the back of her silk dressing gown with the guys hands on her ass and them kissing each other passionately, her kissing him made me feel jealous and angry, I had not felt those emotions until now, isn't that strange.
Still no real sight of the guy's face only that he seems to have grey or silver hair, the guys hands move from Karen's ass and then her gown hit the floor, wow did she look sexy in her white underwear.
His hands were now back on her ass fondling her cheeks as they continued​ to kiss he moved his hands up and unclasped her bra moved her straps off her shoulders, Karen pulled it off and threw it behind her.
The guy then bent his head down from kissing her to I think Karen's tits as her back arched.
Karen have out a little sigh, I guess his mouth was on her nipple, he then moved his hand back to Karen's ass hooking his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulling downwards revealing​ her naked ass.
When her panties were half way down her legs Karen wriggled until they must of hit the floor I could see her raise each leg in turn I supposed to step out of them.
He now has one hand on her ass with the other probing her pussy as every now and then I saw his finger appear between her ass.
Karen was moaning and saying something which the mic didn't pick up, he then moved back up from her tits before pushing Karen's head down slowly.
This was it I would finally get to see the face, it all seemed to slow down as frame by frame his face was revealed, seeing him didn't help much as I hadn't seen him before and I was trying to remember if any of the three guys I saw coming down the stairs before Karen at the party was him, as far as my memory goes he didn't match any of them or anybody else at the party, I took a still shot of his face so as I could check it against Karen's staff photos just in case he was a work Colleague.
Karen's was now on her knees removing his trousers frantically, he started to pull off his tee-shirt to show off his much better body than mine.
Within a few seconds she had the trousers down followed I guess by his boxers and then I saw her head bobbing as she took his cock in her mouth, that was confirmed by the smug look on his face as well as his hand on the back of Karen's head.
He was saying something to Karen but again the mic wasn't good enough to pick it up but Karen stopped sucking and now appeared to be licking his big balls.
At this point I was very aware that my tissue encased cock was not holding out as well as I anticipated, I was going to have to reapply some more tissues and discard the precum soaked ones, as I didn't want to miss any of the action I would have to do this here at my desk , just hope the cleaner doesn't come in.
I was keeping an eye on the clock as it was just about 19:00hrs and Karen was still enjoying his cock, he then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to him and they again was locked in a passionate kiss.
He broke from the kiss and spun her around so I could see Karen's face and naked body, Karen just bent down onto the bed with her face looking directly at the camera.
For a moment I thought she might have spotted the camera as she smiled “fuck me hard Ian?, I have thought about nothing else but your cock since last time”
He never answered but the look on Karen's face told me he hard thrust his cock deep into her, she let out a gasp and I could see her wiggling her hips back towards him.
Every thrust forward from him was registered on Karen's face she was even licking her lips at one point.
“Faster I'm going to cum”
She was not the only one about to cum I could feel it building up in my groin.
The pure look of lust and satisfaction on Karen's face was awesome, but when she started to orgasm she looked demented, like someone possessed.
Her whole body was shaking and quivering as it washed over her, and to add to that she was using such language to convey how much she was enjoying it.
My orgasm was a much more subdued affair, but all the same it was very intense and in a strange way we had cum together albeit 15 miles apart.
Ian bent over and whispered into Karen's ear, she quickly disengaged herself off his now very wet cock and spun over laying on the bed with her legs dangling off the end of the bed.
Ian grabbed each leg and put them on each side of his head, whilst hold them I could see Karen guiding his cock back into her pussy.
Once he was fully back in her he then pushed her legs almost all the way over Karen's head and started to drill down into her just like they do in porn videos.
Karen was loving this complete domination telling him to fuck her harder which he didn't need anymore encouragement to do.
Ian lent forward and said “soon I'm going to have your ass like this”
Karen responded with “I can't wait until you take my ass cherry”
Was I hearing this right she was going to let him take her ass cherry, something she would not ever talk about with me let alone actually do it.
Karen was now moaning again and going to orgasm very shortly on Ian's cock, he was smirking as he knew this married slut was his to do as he pleased with.
I was struggling to believe that this was this far advanced in just a couple of meetings, I was convinced they had been at it for ages.
Still Karen orgasmed again and I was in ore of his mastery of my wife with his big cock.
Ian bent over and said “wow you are such an easy fuck, I think you can do some work now”
I looked at the clock it was now almost 19:20 I would be home at 20:00 but they didn't seem to be in any hurry.
Karen jumped up and Ian took her place lying on the bed with his flagpole cock glistening upright waiting for my wife's pussy to slide down on it.
Karen straddle him and guided his cock to the entrance of her sopping wet pussy, I actually managed to zoom in as she slide down, screaming “ fucking hell your cock is so big”
“Then fuck me hard, I have two weeks of cum to dump in you”
“Umm fill me up then.”
Karen was sliding up and down whilst grinding on the bottom of the strokes, Ian was pinching her nipples, Karen was really getting a rhythm going and Ian was starting to breath heavier.
“That's it don't stop I'm close to filling you up.”
As he said that I could see a look of satisfaction on Karen's face and her moving faster to finish him off.
Then the unmistakable grunts and groans from Ian as he dumped his seed in my wife's pussy and as he did so Karen started her third orgasm and they cum together, which I found actually hurt me, I have no idea why that should after everything else I'd seen.
Karen sat up right on his cock gyrating and smirking, savouring​ every moment.
I looked at the time it was just after 19:35. I need to get moving and so did them two or I might walk in on them, which I didn't want to do.
I think for me whilst I'm experiencing this secretly without Karen knowing makes it less real and I don't have to deal with it.
I cleaned myself​ up just in time as the cleaning lady came into my office but all the cum soaked tissues where in the waste bin and when she empties it she will see them, I'm now feeling very embarrassed and rush out of the office mumbling some shit.
As I turned to our house it was 20:00 I looked to see if any strange car was in our drive because if there was in had decided to drive past and come back a little later, fortunately the coast was clear.
My heart was pounding as I opened the door because this time I knew what she had been by doing.
Trying to act normal under that pressure is not easy “hi darling I'm home”
“I'm in the bedroom Ted”
I bounded up the stairs to find Karen in her white silky dressing gown sitting on the end of the bed.
“Is everything ok with you Karen”
“I'm fine just wanted to wait her for you” and smiled
I walked over bent down and kissed her lips, it tasted like last time but I knew why before my tongue explored her mouth, Karen responded enthusiastically​, just like before my hand was squeezing her breasts​, within in seconds I was between her legs my mouth eagerly​ finding her well used pussy, Karen just lay back spread her legs as wide as she could thrusting back to my every probing lick.
There was more juice than last time I was having difficulty in swallowing it all, Karen was really thrusting into my mouth I knew she was not far from cumming, so I thought I would test her out by trying to push my finger up her butt hole, to my surprise she let me push it all the way in and when I reach the end she exploded her best ever orgasm with me.
Out of the blue Karen said “I'm sorry Ted”
I thought for a moment she was going to confess about her infidelity, I just carried on my cleaning of her pussy not wanting to have this conversation.
“I'm sorry I didn't let you lick my pussy before, I really like you doing that to me.”
I did breath a sigh of relief before answering her “Probable not as much as I do Karen, I'm loving the welcome I get when I've been working late”
“Then perhaps you need to work later more often” she replied
In my head I thought I bet you do as I got up from between her legs and this time I didn't ask her to turn round she just spun over offering me her pussy doggie style.
I rub my cum covered cock along her pussy over her clit and all the way to her butt hole where I hovered over trying to push it in, Karen's hand grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into her loose wet pussy saying “You know I don't like that sort of thing”
Now I was a bit angry inside she is going to let Ian have her ass but not me and what was I just doing with my finger all the way up her butt, still even being angry didn't stop me fucking her as hard as I could and cumming just as quick.
I'm not sure what come over me but I pulled out and tried to put my mouth back on her pussy from behind, again Karen's hand stopped me saying “no that's nasty it has you stuff in it.”
Karen got up and hit the shower leaving me very confused, I wondered whether if she let me lick her I would realise I've been lick man juice from her or was I only allowed to lick her pussy when filled by him.
My other thought was she is saving her butt cherry for him, but I have seen the size of his cock, there is no way he well get that in her butt hole, she should have let me break her in first.
I then remembered I was still recording all the action on the camera, I got my phone and stopped it, I was going to enjoy this video and get to see what I missed.
My final thought was I don't know that woman having a shower at all even after 23years of marriage.
I guess it's not all bad I'm getting more pussy that ever and Karen a lot more cock, but for the next few weeks she will have to go without as Sara will be home and curtail my wife's sluttyness.

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Keep the story flowing. Awesome !

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Need the next chapter.

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Crazy hot!!! More please!

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Amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!!! ;)

What about asking her about it and letting her to sincere with him?

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I hardly ever read read stories in the library as they are stories but you certainly have struck a chord with me.
Itchin' for the next install. :-)

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The rest of the weekend was as before with Karen being very affectionate a lot of kissing and big smiles but no sex.
On Monday I managed to download the video and check out the parts I had missed, I really hadn't missed too much just Karen dismounting herself off his still very hard cock, then her licking it clean before slumping on the bed exhausted.
Ian got up, got dressed and kissed her on the cheek “I'm not kissing your cum filled mouth you can save that for your hubby.”
“Ok and do you want me to let him lick my pussy clean too?”
“Yeah he liked it last time didn't he and so did you.”
“Oh god yeah he couldn't​ get enough of it and I did like it too.,”
“The next time we get together I might have a surprise for you.’
Karen's​ face lit up “what is it, is it my ass cherry.”
“That's why they call it a surprise” Ian said laughing.
He must've seen himself out as Karen just lie on the bed with her hand cupping her pussy, she was like that for about 10 minutes till I heard my voice announcing I'm home, Karen got up and put on her dressing gown, she then sat on the edge of the bed seconds before I entered the room.
Wow I thought I might have passed Ian on the way in it was that close.
I didn't watch my part in the video as I knew how it went, I'm now guessing that Ian knows what I am when I'm licking Karen pussy after
he has cum in her.
Whilst I had some free time I set up the motion sensor part of my hidden camera, I won't bore everybody in the details just to to that it records for twenty minutes once activated and when the card is full it starts to rewrite over the oldest recording.
Also I checked out the still picture of Ian against Karen's staffing photos, no luck there.
I really didn't have a clue as to who this guy is, so in desperation I downloaded​ the tracking app on Karen's phone, yeah I know that's a bit sneaky but I was convinced Karen must have known Ian longer than 4 weeks, to my surprise the app also gives history of the last month's locations​.
But again it was just work, home and the odd trip for groceries which I was mostly in attendance with her for.
I was still struggling with the idea he could turn her into his slut within an hour of meeting her, it took me about half a dozen dates before I got my hand in her panties all those years ago.
The rest of the week didn't provide me with anything naughty on the spy cam, just us in and out of the bedroom.
Friday and Sara our daughter came home from University for the summer which we were so looking forward to.
For the next week I checked the spy cam but I knew nothing would appear on it or so I thought because on Thursday it had Sara in our room, she appeared to be searching through Karen's wardrobe til she appeared with a book.
She sat on the end of the bed with her back to the camera reading, then she lay on her side reading and her other hand had moved down and inside her little loose shorts.
As she read her breathing was getting louder and her hand moving quicker, I realised I should really not be watching​ my daughter playing with herself but I couldn't stop watching.
It got worse as she pulled her shorts down to her knees revealing her naked pussy which I could just about see, her hand was back on her pussy and I think in it, her motion had increased as had her breathing and moaning, then she screamed out as she reached her orgasm.
I felt very sick with myself for watching but also turned on, I really wanted to see what naughty book it was that had an effect on Sara like that and how she knew where it was.
Sara stood up and turned to the camera before pulling up her shorts which meant I got a very good look at her bald pussy and I felt my cock twitch which I was very angry with myself for.
It was a few days before I had some time alone to find this book, it took me a good twenty minutes searching through the wardrobe and all the boxes in there but I did find it.
It was a plain black book with nothing written on the front, when I opened the first few pages I realised it was Karen's diary, I never knew she kept one.
Alarm bells went off in my head, did Karen write about everything​, I searched quickly for the entry of the party.
As I read it my cock got hard and wet, Karen had gone into a lot of detail about what Ian had done to her and how she felt, I mean she went on in length about Ian's huge cock and how it made her feel like a real woman, worse for me was she did remember me licking her used pussy that night, making a comment of just how naughty​ and horny it made her feel.
I checked all the other entries after that and It mentioned that she had talked to him most days and even saying she can't wait till the next time, both the next encounters were equally well described in graphic detail.
I felt very embarrassed at that moment realising my daughter knew all our secrets, and slightly disturbed that she would use this to get herself off, now what do I do about this, nothing I can do as confronting it would reveal my spying on both Karen and Sara albeit Sara was accidentally.
How is it that my daughter or daughters know about the diary and where it was concealed?
I think maybe our girls might have been doing some searching prior to Christmas and came across it then, that seemed to be the best guess I could come up with.
The strange thing about what I had witnessed by my daughter was the way she treated both me and Karen, Sara was always an affectionate child but now she was almost over the top with her hugs and kisses, I also felt like she was watching us both intently or was that me being paranoid.
I was thinking perhaps a new test would be interesting to see what Karen would do with me working late again.
I didn't actually have to work late but I knew I could fake it and nobody would be suspicious, the only concerns I had was Karen would be very fertile just like the party and the first Friday plus he mentioned a surprise.
I also thought if she did manage to arrange something she would put it in her diary which meant Sara would probably see it.
For me I really wanted to see Karen in action again but I also realised that the chances were slim that it would happen here, more likely it would be somewhere else.
So I announced on Tuesday at dinner that I had to work late on Friday, both Karen and Sara seemed to stare at me quizzically or that's what I thought.
Friday morning we are all up which was unusual for Sara but she announced she was going out with some friends and would be home about 21:00.
Unfortunately I couldn't get to see what Karen had put into her diary until Friday morning when Karen had left for work.
She had spoken to Ian and said how much she needed his cock and how she was trying to work something out for Friday if he was available, she then wrote if we do hook up she would be getting her surprise, the big smiley face drawn at the end of the page, I took was he was available.
I had been checking the spy camera and only on Thursday afternoon did I see Sara reading Karen's diary, oh she was just reading it nothing else, now I was thinking Sara is going out so her Mum could get fucked.
Still things were going to be tight for Karen as Sara was not going out until 19:00 and I was due home at 20:00, so I decided to help Karen out by sending her a text at lunch time saying I would be home later more like 21:00.
The only problem was I would probably not get any action myself.
Friday morning I made sure the camera signal was working and left for work with Sara giving me a very big hug and kiss.
The day dragged on, eventually it was roughly the time Karen would be home I checked in on my spy cam every few mins, then she appeared getting undressed and hitting the shower, sometime later appearing very smooth as she inspected her pussy very closely and also pulling her ass cheeks apart and checking that in the mirror behind, that too seemed very hairless, did that mean he was going to take her ass cherry.
There was a knock on the door which made Karen scramble for her dressing gown, Sara walked in, she had just white bra and panties on and very skimpy ones.
There was a conversation which didn't get picked up by the mic,
Karen went to her wardrobe and pulled out her favorite black dress,
the one she wore at the party, she handed it to Sara and she left.
I thought to myself Sara would know that was the dress she wore at the party as it was clearly mentioned in the diary.
The next hour or so was murder waiting, 19:15 the bedroom door opens and as before Karen led the way with Ian following, then the surprise as a black guy followed Ian, he was taller and bigger all over.
I felt my jaw drop, my wife was going to be double teamed.
Karen stood as before with her back to me up against the bed, she undid her robe and it fell to the floor she was naked underneath no underwear at all this time.
I couldn't see too much but Karen's legs were slightly apart and a big black finger would appear every few seconds between her pussy and ass.
I don't think there was much talking just little moans, Karen was pushed to her knees and I got to see the new man's face, I didn't recognise him either.
Whilst Karen was on her knees obviously undressing the men's lower garments both guys were disrobing there shirts.
Both men looked at each other with big smiles on their faces as Karen's head was moving from side to side licking and sucking their cocks, I couldn't see how big the black guys cock was as Karen's head was in the way.
I was so glad I had wrapped extra tissues around my cock as it was going to get very wet watching.
The cock sucking didn't last that long before she was pulled up and spun around, now facing the spy cam I could see her lustful face as she bent forward.
The black guy moved to the front of the bed and I got my first view of his cock which I would say was about the same size as Ian's with a slightly larger head on it, he got his cock in a position so that Karen could take it in her mouth as Ian feed his cock into he very wet pussy.
From the synchronised motion these guys had got into from the start I would say they had done this before, Karen was moaning even with a mouth full of cock, then all of a sudden she shuddered and pulled out the black guys cock screaming “I’m cumming fucking hell it feels so good.”
“Wow Ian you're right, she does cum easily, a true slut we are going to fuck the shit out of this bitch.”
“You bet we are and her ass cherry is ours for the taking.”
Karen raised her head and smiled at the black guy.
“Ian don't dump your load in her yet I want to fuck her cunt without any of your stuff coating my cock.”
“Okay but I get her ass then.”
The men quickly swapped ends and the same rhythm began with Karen cumming just as quick as before.
I looked at the time and I thought it had been going quickly but it was now 19:45,
It was all change again the black guy lay on the bed his black cock standing to attention all gleaming with Karen's cum coating it, Karen without being told took her position astride ready to sink her wet cheating cunt onto his cock.
She slide down the full length savouring every inch gyrating herself at the base.
I have just got to say that seeing my wife slide down on another mans cock is so amazingly erotic, but it was even more amazing seeing the contrast with a black cock sliding in against Karen's pale skin.
Ian was out of view behind her, then Karen lay down on the chest of the black guy and I realised what was about to happen.
Karen was about to be double penetrated, surly my wife wouldn't be able to take both these large cocks especially as her ass was virgin territory.
For the next few mins there was very little movement from the black guy or Karen just an occasional gasp and whimper from her, by contrast Ian was thrusting and gyrating at the other end, I guess easing his cock in her ass.
Finally a large gasp from Karen gave me a clue that Ian was fully in her that was confirmed by Karen “OMG I feel so full, be careful with me please.”
The men started there synchronised movement, I couldn't see much except Karen's demented face with her eyes popping out of her head and her breasts flattened on the black guy's chest.
A few more mins later Karen was now very vocal saying over and over “how fucking amazing it is having two cocks”
Her orgasm was huge and long, she was thrashing around like a fish out of water and so load with screams of pleasure I did think the neighbors might call the police.
“Wow that was the most I have ever seen a bitch cum”
“Yeah DP can have that effect on sluts like these” replied Ian
My jaw was still open as it had been all through this, I was then struck by just how easy and comfortable Karen was with the whole situation, it made me think she has done this before but as I recall she only had one other boyfriend before me.
Time had passed it was now just after 20:30 and both the guys hadn't cum yet, they were cutting it fine as both me and Sara were due home at 21:00.
As my thoughts rushed through my head the guys must have heard me.
“So are you going to cum up her ass and me deep in her cunt.” the black guy asked
“No I can't cum up her ass, hubby might guess she has been cheating, you go ahead and fill her first, i'll dump mine in her afterwards.”
Ian moved away and left the black guy in her with Karen laying on his chest still he started thrusting into her very quickly, I told myself I would stay till he cum and then I would have to leave for home.
Now all I could see was Karen's tits squashed on his chest but I could hear the squelching of his cock pounder her pussy with the occasional moan from Karen and grunt from the black guy.
Then he started to cum and he was very vocal, Karen also joined in with “that's it fill my slutty cunt up.”
My boxers were a mess, I had to visit the men's room before I headed home.
It was 20:50 so I knew I would be home well after 21:00, that meant I probably wouldn't get my creampie (yeah I had done some research).
As I pulled up the drive I noticed the drive was clear, good that meant they have left, opening the front door I shouted “I'm home”
“Up here darling”
I bounded up the stairs to our bedroom, Karen was naked laying on her back with her legs wide open along with her pussy as I could actually see inside it was that used, I didn't say anything as my mouth was on her pussy in a flash.
It was very messy white goo dribbling out and down her ass collecting in a small puddle on the bed.
“Umm I thought you might like me all ready for you.”
I just sunk my tongue as far up her used cunt as I could go, Karen's hand was pulling me head hard against her pussy whilst gyrating.
I was struggling with the amount of cum flowing out of her also the taste was different, much stronger.
Karen shocked me and cum very quickly which just added to the juice flowing from her.
“Thanks Ted, we better wrap this up as Sara will be home soon.”
“Ok but I need to get rid of my hard on.” Was my reply
“Quickly put it in my mouth I will finish you off.”
My god that was a first Karen sucking my cock, my cock was in her mouth just as she finished her sentence.
True to form I shot my load very quickly, to my surprise Karen swallowed my watery cum and smiled as she got up and went to the shower.
I mopped up the mess on the bed and got dressed.
I heard the front door close and Sara announcing she was home, that was close I thought.
I followed Karen into the shower and cleaned myself up, Karen just kept smiling at me.
I was beginning to feel that she knew that I knew about her extra activities, she was so much more open about the mess of her pussy, even having it on display as I walked in the room.
My next big concern was her being very fertile at this time, she had got away with before, but having two loads dumped in her might prove just too much, but again I couldn't say anything.
Another concern was just how easy she took two cocks just like a porn star, I was going to have to read all her diaries to see if this was a one off, the only problem with that was I had no idea where the rest were kept.
We both came down from our bedroom to see Sara who greeted us with very big hugs and kisses, just as she had been doing since she had read Karen's diary.
I also knew she would be reading tonight's escapades at sometime which might really shock her as it did me seeing her perform.
As I have said before my spy camera alerts me when there is movement in the room, and on Monday mid morning it alerted me which I knew exactly what that meant.
Sara was in our room, I did try not to watch but curiosity got the better of me.
My daughter was indeed in our room on the bed reading, but this time she was naked and not just that she was in a position which was directly on show to the camera, her young smooth pussy with at least three fingers glistening as she thrust them in and out breathing hard.
Yeah I know I should not look, but she was only doing something very natural, it was just in our room reading about her mums naughty pussy.
As I said that in my head I got a quick flash image of the black guy pounding Sara as I watched her finger fuck herself, Sara was quickly cumming and just as loud as her mother, Sara shocked me even more by saying “God I want that big black cock in my cunt.”
That was the first time I had ever heard Sara curse and I was more angry with her using that word than mentioning the big black cock.
When she had finished her pussy was stretched and soaking wet as was her hand, she just lay breathing and smiling.
My daughter has grown into very sexy young lady and I have seen way more of her than I should of.
A couple of days later I got to read the diary and the description Karen had entered it was very graphic with a lot of how good it felt and how many orgasms she had (7).
I did read the whole years entries and there was nothing that gave a clue to her hidden sluttyness, I also couldn't find any other diaries she must have them well hidden.

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This is developing brilliantly, I cannot wait to hear more, thank you! I know all of my wifes 'indiscretions' but how this is going is quite unique

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So what should my next move be, I kept asking myself that question over and over again and have no idea what to do next.
I did have a desire to find out who Ian and the black guy are, so for now my quest was to do that
I did watch to the rest of what happened after the black guy had cum, it showed Karen's dismounting herself and a brief glimpse of the black guy cum covered cock, a very creamy foam like substance all over it.
Karen was physically exhausted as she just slumped down on the bed on her back but unfortunately for her Ian just grabbed her legs and roughly put them back over her head to then drilled his cock deep into her messy pussy, Karen screamed out but not in pain, it was just sheer pleasure but her screams were muffled as the black guy feed his dirty cock into her mouth for cleaning.
Ian didn't take long before he to was adding his load deep in Karen's pussy much to the delight of Karen.
The next few minutes were taken up with the black guy getting dressed and Ian having his cock cleaned by Karen.
I was surprised by just how small the gap between them leaving the bedroom and me arriving, I guess I must've passed them.
One other thing I now had a couple of Karen's videos on my laptop along with the videos of Sara pleasuring herself, I knew that I would have to keep them safe somewhere else as sometimes Sara uses my laptop as well as Karen, I had bought a very large SD card and that would be the best option.
I know I should delete the video of Sara but I just couldn't, I have to admit it turned me on.
I did wonder whether Sara might tell her older sister as they were very close like that.
Back to doing my investigations as to who these men really are, I thought that as Ian was at the party he must be friends with either Mary or her daughter so a quick search on Facebook revealed indeed he was friends with Mary his full name was Ian Pegg and worked out of town in a company that I had done business with in the past, a search on his Facebook revealed the black guy was Tony Hamilton who also worked at the same company.
I was surprised I hadn't met either of these men as they were both in sales department.
Well at least I had got some success finding who the guys were just need to find the other diaries.
My spy camera did keep alerting me and it was Sara naked in our room reading Karen's diary I think she was hoping for more adventures from Karen to get herself off with, I really needed to say something about her doing that in our room, but how was I going to do that without raising suspicion.
I needed to catch her in the act, so that was my plan.
The trouble with that was by the time I could get home she would be finished.
Sara was a creature of habit she roughly came in our room at 10:30 am every morning.
I was owed some time from work, Friday I went through my usual routine and left for work, but I didn't go to work I just drove about a few hundred yards away well out of sight.
It was just after 10:30 when I got the alert and I quickly drove back and left the car not on the drive, I checked the camera and she was just settling down on the bed naked with the book.
I opened the door very quietly and then up the stairs in the same manner, our door was wide open and I could hear soft moaning.
I took a deep breath and walked straight in, “what the fuck are you doing Sara” I said looking straight at her fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy.
Sara jumped up trying to cover herself with her hands “sorry I'm so sorry Dad, she started crying.
Now I felt bad she was very upset, I walked over and put my arm around her being very aware of her nakedness.
“Don't cry Sara, it's very natural to masterbate, actually very healthy but usually done in your own room.”
“Sorry I know I should not be here” Sara then cuddled me back meaning her nakedness was pushed up against me.
I had to control myself and whilst she cuddled me I moved her out of our room back to hers, all the time I could feel my cock hardening. Once there she let go of me and walked into her room still holding the book smiling back at me, she seemed relaxed as she just sat on her bed and opened her legs wide and started to fingering herself in front of me.
I went to shut the door and leave her to it, “Daddy please stay and watch me” Sara said
I was dumbfounded this is so wrong but my indecision wasn't helping as Sara was really finger fucking herself harder the longer I stood and watched.
She cum right in front me and I was so close to doing the same in my boxers, I shut the door and went back to our room and into our bathroom I pulled out my cock and a few tugs and I cum all over the floor I was so disgusted with myself.
Once dressed I walked past Sara’s room, her door was wide open again and I caught a glimpse of her pulling on her loose shorts and a small tee shirt, no underwear I bet she hasn't even washed herself.
I was down in the kitchen having a coffee when Sara came in and sat down with me.
“Daddy are you going to tell mummy what I was doing” now Sara always calls us daddy and mummy when she wants something.
“I’m not sure yet”
“If you don't tell mummy what I was doing I won't say anything about you watching me.”
Wow the little minx had me over a barrel, it all makes sense her wanting me to watch.
“You mean it will be our secret.” I replied
“Yes daddy it will, but I have been a very naughty girl and I should be punished.”
I was afraid to ask what kind of punishment “so what do you think would be appropriate punishment then?”
Sara smiled before saying “ naughty little girls like me need a good hard spanking”
she got up and came around to my side bending over my lap.
I was lost for words, I had never spanked my kids and here she was a grown women, my daughter wiggling with excitement waiting for me hand to strike her.
“Does daddy want me to pull down my shorts”?
I didn't get a chance to answer really she stood up quickly pulling them down before kicking them across the room.
Sara returned to her position and I could clearly see her pussy was still wet, it was taking all my strength not to touch it, but I landed my first blow on her ass and shocked her as it was harder than she expected.
I followed that with another five more even harder, Sara was enjoying it I could hear her breathing hard and moaning but not in pain.
I stopped and Sara said “please daddy I was really naughty I deserve more than that”
In some ways spanking her was doing me good I was getting my frustrations out without crossing that line.
I'm not sure how many blows I landed on her ass but Sara cumming soon stopped me as did how red and marked her ass was.
Sara stood up in front of me with some juice dribbling down the inside of her leg with her pussy only inches from my face I could smell her musky scent.
“Daddy you can lick it if you want to like you do mummy's.”
“No Sara that would be very wrong, go and get showered I have to get back to work.”
God only knows how I managed to restrain myself, Sara took it with a smile and a skip as she gathered up her shorts and bounded up the stairs.
It was then that I realised that I hadn't really achieved anything Sara would probably carry on using our bedroom and Karen's diary as she had me at a disadvantage.
I went to stand up and noticed that Sara had cum all over my trousers, fuck it I will have to change them.
In my bedroom I took them off and my wet boxers but as I went to put my trousers in the laundry hamper I couldn't help myself but lick the wet patch on my trousers, it was very sweet and I was soon really trying to suck it all out I was lost in my own little world.
I was snapped out of it suddenly “Daddy you can still lick my pussy it’s very wet still.”
Sara was standing at our bathroom watching me perform this very embarrassing act with my cock pointing out and dribbling like she was.
Sara was back in her shorts, she walked towards me slowly stopped inches from me her hand moved down between us and for an instance I thought she was going to touch my cock but she was inside her own shorts, her hand was then thrust up to my mouth and her wet fingers on my lips, like a puppy I licked her fingers.
“See how nice it tastes daddy, you sure you don't want to lick it clean, I can put on mummy's black party dress and you can pretend I'm her.”
If you think that this was embarrassing my next action was even more so as I cum and shot a stream of cum all over Sara’s shorts and leg.
To my surprise she just smiled and scooped up some of my stuff and licked it off her fingers then left.
I'm now even more screwed than before now Sara has so much on me now, I wish I had stayed at work.
I sort of thought I should have taken her up on licking her pussy as I'm deep in the shit anyway if she says anything.
Fortunately for me my suits get dry cleaned and my boxers are going in the trash.
When I had finally got myself back in some sort of order I check in the wardrobe and found Sara had return the book.
As I walked past Sara’s room the door was still wide open I popped my head in to say goodbye, Sara was lying on the bed naked on her front her ass was glowing red.
“Bye Sara, I will see you later.”
Sara turned over spread her legs as wide as she could making sure I got a good look at her pussy again before saying “ thank you daddy your the best.” She then winked at me.
I tried to put my stern voice on. “ don't let me catch you doing that again, Sara.”
“Okay daddy but if I do you will have to punish me more for offending a second time.”
I just walked away, this is becoming very bizarre.
It was only when I was back at work then the penny dropped, Sara now knows that I know about her mums indiscretions, her making references to licking her pussy like l do mummy's, the fact I never questioned her as to how she knows that and I never asked about the book she had in her hand whilst fingering herself and her saying she would wear her black party dress all points to her knowing.
What the fuck have I done and how the hell am I going to take back control of this situation.
It was now afternoon when my camera alert was set off again, I could not believe it Sara was back in our room again.
She was on our bed naked fingering herself whilst rubbing something over her face, it took me a few seconds before I realised what it was, it was my cum stained boxers.
I was beginning to think that sluttyness must be hereditary, there wasn't anything I could do or say about what she was doing.
Sara started to lick my cum off my boxers just like I had done earlier with her juices on my trousers and just when you think she couldn't get anymore depraved she then rub my boxers over her pussy it even looked like she was trying to finger herself with them.
My daughter was insatiable and moaned loudly as she orgasmed all over my boxers, hang on a minute I had thrown them in the trash, she must have fished them out.
I just hope she disposes of them or I might have a lot of explaining to do if Karen finds them.
I was so nervous when I got home, but everything was good my boxers had been put back in the trash, huge sigh of relief.
Karen and Sara were both in the kitchen cooking dinner together, it actually made a change to see Sara with some clothes on.
Whilst I watched them cooking my mind was having flashing images of both my wife and daughter being used by Ian and Tony, then my mind was having them all in the same room as an orgy, I shook my head like I could get those images out of my head.
What is happening to me and my family, if anybody was to see us now we looked like a very typical family, both Karen and Sara looked like angels dressed in their summer frocks.
But I knew a different side, a side which does not sit well with society, a perverted side which I was a part of.
I did wonder if Sara kept a diary like her mother, if she did I bet it would be on some app on her iPad maybe that should be my next project.
The rest of the evening was just very pleasant with Sara spending time with us instead of her usual inane chattering on her phone or in her bedroom plugged into music.
I couldn't be sure but Sara did keep giving me flashes of her nakedness under her dress, was in innocent or purposeful I'm not sure but I had seen way too much of my daughters pussy of late.
At times even Karen's pussy was being flashed to me, I'm getting paranoid now surely this is all just innocent.
Eventually we were all sat on the sofa watching TV which meant I was spared any more pussy shots, I was sat between my wife and daughter which was really nice.
Karen went to the bathroom I took this opportunity to talk to Sara and find out exactly what she knows, which is what I should have done earlier.
“Sara” was all I got to say as Sara must have wanted to speak to me.
“Dad, how long have you known about mummy’s adventures?”
It caught me off guard “what adventures?” I replied
“Okay Dad you can make out like you don't know mum is getting extra cock but I know you have read her and she leaves no doubt about what is going on, I mean it is in very graphic detail.”
I knew that I had to come clean but how much was I to say “Since the party” was all I said
“Was it when you lick her cum filled pussy that you realised she had been a naughty girl.”
I did think that was a very polite way of putting it.
“No I caught her in a bedroom with some guy doing her.”
“OMG and you never stopped them or said anything.”
“No I was in shock I just watched.” As I said the last words I lowered my head in shame.
“Did you hear her cum?”
“Yes” was all I could say as Karen was returning.
Sara looked at me and gave me that look that says this is not finished yet.
Karen turned and said “Do you two mind if I head off to bed, I'm getting tired”
Sara was first to answer “ok I will keep dad company”
Karen had been gone a few mins before the next question came.
“Did you see him cum in her.”
“And you still licked her pussy knowing he had cum in her?”
“Did you like it?
Now was she referring to me licking or watching, either way the answer was “yes”
Sara looked at me and just smiled “you know that makes you a cuckold”
I thought how does she know that term, probably the same way I found it.
“Yeah sort of”
“So why don't you say something to mum and get it out in the open.”
“I guess if I do she might not react the way I would want and it then becomes very real”
“I think mum having two cocks up her is very real already dad.”
And here is where I slipped up “yeah I know seeing mum with two cocks is pretty real”
There was a pause and I realised the mistake I had made I was praying Sara didn't pick up on it, but I was not having a good day.
“What do you mean seeing?”
I was flustered “just a slip of the tongue”
She looked at me and said “dad how did you see, was you hiding?”
“No I have a camera set up in our bedroom”
Sara smiled then said “have you recorded all the action?”
I just nodded yes
Sara paused again for a while then said “am I on it too?”
I lowered my head and nodded yes
“Dad you are a pervert and that's how you caught me today wasn't it?”
“Dad if you let me watch all the videos you have on mum and me I won't say anything about you knowing or what happened today,
I knew I didn't have any choice “okay”
“Go and get them dad I want to see so badly, I'm very horny daddy.”
Two minutes later I had the laptop in front of us and the SD card in the slot
I really was feeling very humiliated by watching this with her, but all I could hear from Sara was moans and a slurping noise which was from her fingers in her pussy right next to me.
“Daddy, mummy is such a slut she took those cocks like a porn star I wish I was in there instead of her”
Sara muffled her orgasm and I should be shocked but after today I was not phased.
Sara watched all the vids even the one of her licking my boxers and using them to cum, she did look at me and smile.
“Daddy if I came home with a pussy full of cum, would you lick me clean?”
Now I said I wasn't shocked by her cumming in front of me but that request was a jaw dropper.
“Umm that would be so wrong darling, I think I have crossed to many lines already, but I haven't touched you.”
“You did spank me and make me cum all over your trousers which you then licked off and cum over my leg.”
“That's not the same as licking you that was punishment”
“Really dad, you know you want to, and what's more I want you to, so really you don't have a lot of choice”
“I need to go to bed Sara this is way too much.”
“Okay Daddy but don't I get a kiss before you go”
I bent my head down to kiss her and before I could react quickly enough she had pulled up her dress and pushed my head to her pussy.
My mouth hit her pussy, I tried to pull back but she had got two hands on the back of my head as well as thrusting her pussy upwards.
My tongue darted out and licked her clit, her pussy was soaking and my face was covered with her sweet juice.
“See daddy that's what it tastes like before, now you can compare when it gets filled.”
Sara released her grip on me I stood up with a messy face, I needed to clean up quickly as there was no way you would be able to explain this away.
I secretly knew that if it happened, Sara was right I would lick her clean.
Can you be cuckolded by your daughter?
I was beginning to think our family was being targeted by some sort of sex ray, or should I say perverted sex ray.
From that day onwards whenever my spy camera alerted me I knew exactly what was going to be on show, Sara knew where the camera was hidden and made sure she showed her pussy off in all its glory teasing me.
For the next few weeks I made sure I wasn't alone with my daughter, yeah I know I should have more self control but she had all the cards and as the weeks passed she seem to slow down her masturbating.
I did think that perhaps she was getting bored of reading or watching the same escapades of her mum.
I too was longing for Karen to have some more fun, and Karen's diary also had the same desire for more cock it even wished I would work late more often.
It was the week before Sara was due to return to university, Karen was late home from work which had alarm bells ringing in my head as she is never late, that also meant Sara was all over me being very suggestive and flashing her pussy at me.
She then came straight out with it,”Daddy, you know mummy is really in need of some big cock so why don't you work late Friday and I will go out.”
“Sara, it's not really that simple that I can just work late”
“Daddy you don't actually have to work late just go somewhere and give mummy some free time.”
I looked at her and I could see that I really didn't have any choice, “okay but this is the last time you blackmail me.”
“Daddy I didn't say anything, anyway mummy might be getting it right now” she just smiled
“Do you know something Sara?”
“No daddy but mummy is never late, she might have a pussy full of cum for you.”
I physically squirmed as she said that, which Sara picked up on.
“Wow daddy you really do like that don't you?”
I could only nod in agreement.
“I can't wait for the day I get filled full and bring it home for you.”
She knew how to push all the right buttons I nodded yes with my head lowered.
Just as she had said that I heard Karen's car pull up on the drive.
Karen walked in and both Sara and I were both looking at her intently, seeing if we could tell whether she had been a naughty girl.
“Fucking got a flat, waited ages for the breakdown people.” Was Karen's story
“I'm going to jump in the shower it's been a hot day”
Off Karen went up the stairs, Sara came over and said “aren't you going to check her panties, if mummy has been naughty they will be filled with cum and not just hers.”
That had already crossed my mind “I can't just inspect her panties like that?”
“If there on the floor in the bedroom you can bet she hasn't been naughty.”
My daughter was very astute for someone so young, I walked in the bedroom and on the floor were Karen's underwear, I still picked up her panties and inspected them, my wife had been a good girl.

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I had a suspicion my daughter might be up to something, but even so I informed Karen I would be working late Friday and would be home between 20:30 and 21:00.
I couldn't be sure but it looked like Karen almost skipped out of the bedroom.
My mind was working overtime thinking of what Sara might be planning, each time the same thought was recurring.
I could see my daughter walking in on her mother whilst she was being well fucked, then ending up on the bed next to her getting the same treatment.
I then thought that perhaps if she was watching it live like me then she would not do anything rash and bring everything to a head.
Sara was delighted and very surprised I had given her access to my spy camera.
She did suggest we watch it together but I was very uncomfortable with that prospect and to my relief she didn't force the issue.
I still had a nagging doubt she was up to something.
As the rest of the week progressed Sara was keeping me informed on her mother's plans through reading her diary and it was going to happen again like the last encounter.
I know how excited and turned on I was getting thinking about it, Sara was also getting turned on as her masterbating in our room had returned with vengeance.
Friday morning and even Sara was up for breakfast, the atmosphere was very subdued, like we were all waiting for someone to come out with what was going to happen tonight.
Karen left first leaving me with sara.
“Daddy are you excited for tonight?”
I was passed caring about being evasive “Of course, I love your mother enjoying herself”
“So am I” she said winking at me.
I looked at her hoping she would tell what she is up to.
“What time are you staying out til”
“About 22:00, it will give you plenty of time to lick mummy clean” she said it smiling
I knew I should say something but she was so right about me I really do like doing that.
“Sara please be careful I don't want anybody else seeing what is going to happen tonight.”
“Hey I don't want other people knowing how perverted we all are either and I'm going to be busy with my fingers so it will be very private.”
That was good enough for me.
I got up and left for work but not before Sara came up and gave me a big long hug pushing her tits and pussy hard against me, it was long enough for me to feel the heat from her pussy on my leg.
Her passing shot was a very weird comment “hope you have been exercising your tongue for all the licking you will be doing later.”
I just smiled and left.
The day dragged on till i was the only one left at the office apart from the cleaning lady.
I watched the usual build up with Karen making sure she was shaved smooth, a little makeup and that was it, she didn't even put on her dressing robe just walked around naked which meant Sara had already left.
It was about 19:00 when the spy camera alerted me again, Karen walked in the bedroom naked with Ian and Tony on each side of her.
She dropped to the floor and I got to see her sucking their cocks as they disrobed their shirts.
Her actions were frantic as she swapped between them making them grow bigger and bigger, I could see in her eyes her sense of achievement when they were fully erect.
“Who wants my pussy first, I'm really needing a good hard fucking?”
Karen just offered her pussy as she bent over the bed, both the guys laughed as they frantically removed the rest of their clothes.
Ian jumped up on the bed and feed his cock in her mouth just as Tony slammed his cock in her from behind.
She must have been soaking wet as she didn't even flinch but her eyes gave away the moment he was fully in.
As before Karen was very quick to cum it had been about four weeks since their last encounter and she was gagging for it, she had to take Ian out of her mouth to release her pent up scream of pleasure.
I was used to seeing Karen cum now and she was so beautiful when in the throws of orgasm, I was even in some way proud of her.
Once Karen had cum the men changed places until Ian had made her cum.
Karen was on the bed breathing heavy “I want both your chucks like last time”
Ian lay on the bed, Karen straddled him and sunk herself all the way down laying onto his chest which meant that Tony was going to fuck her ass but just like before I couldn't see anything just the motion of Tony and Ian.
Karen was very vocal now “OMG my cunt and ass are on fire I'm cumming.”
I had never heard Karen use that word, but there was a lot of things about Karen that I was finding out.
That was her third orgasm in just under twenty minutes, everything slowed down for a while as it was now a very gentle rocking motion.
Still that didn't detract from Karen's pleasure she was almost on a constant orgasm.
“Please cum together in me?”
Tony picked up the pace before Ian said “Man you can't cum in her ass remember”
“Please I want him too.”
“Think about your hubby Karen, he will think it strange cum leaking out of your ass.”
I could see Karen's face she really wanted it in her ass but she could see Ian was making sense.
“Tony do you think you can fit your cock in her cunt with mine.”
As he said that Karen's eyes popped out of her head.
For the next few minutes there was lots of manoeuvring until I guess Tony was entering her.
I could see a cross between fear and excitement on Karen's face, then the men started to move together and now Karen was even more vocal than before.
“Oh god my cunt will be ruined, please don't stop, fill it full, I'm cumming”
Ian and Tony were now really thrusting in my poor wife's cunt, Karen was almost passing out with pleasure.
For once the men were getting very vocal as they commented on what a dirty slut she was and perhaps we should take her to the sports bar for they mates to use.
Karen was oblivious to their comments.
I was impressed that both men started to cum together and it ended with them all thrashing around grunting and cursing.
Karen actually slumped on Ian and passed out for a few seconds, “I think we have fucked her to death”
Karen was laid on her back with the biggest smile ever and both men slapped their messy cock on her face for cleaning which she eagerly did.
I looked down and again I had cum in my boxers, I was well prepared this time, still I had a mass of cum soaked tissues to get rid of.
I pulled down my trousers and boxers, started removing the messy tissues when in walked the cleaning lady.
I was so humiliated I tried to cover myself, the cleaning lady just smiled and closed the door, if she tells people I will be the laughing stock of the firm.
What do I do, my past attempts to rectify situations have ended badly.
Think, maybe money will pay for her silence, ok how much, I took out my wallet and looked inside, wow £40 that's it.
I straightened myself up and walked out of the office, the cleaner was sitting on a desk waiting for me.
“Have you finished in there sir.”
“Umm yes, umm I'm sorry you saw that, please don't say anything I will make it worth your while.”
The cleaning lady was about fifty and for her age was ok, she looked me up and down.
“Sir you have a deal, my pussy needs some loving.” She said raising her skirt revealing her naked hairy pussy.
I was on my knees inches from a strange women's pussy, it wasn't neat and pretty like my wife's but I was in no place to argue.
I spent a good ten minutes licking fingering and sucking til she cum in my mouth.
I got up from between her legs “thank you sir you are very good with your tongue next time you can use your cock.”
She gave me a tissue to wipe my mouth with as she entered my office to clean it.
Looks like I'm going to cheat on Karen against my will.
The drive home was a blur, but I arrived home at 20:45, I bounded in and straight up the stairs finding my well fucked wife on the bed legs spread waiting for me, I did pause briefly at just how open her pussy was.
No words were spoken as I went about my duties and it was very full not a drop had leaked out onto the bed meaning I was going to have to swallow a lot of mixed cum juice.
Karen cum quick again which just added to the juices, I stopped and ordered her to kneel on the bed, Karen was a bit puzzled but complied.
She watched me as I manoeuvred myself along the bed and directly under her pussy, I pulled her down onto my mouth and continued with my duties.
Karen started squirming and almost suffocating me, but I was loving it.
This was a first for me as Karen had a second orgasm albeit a very subdued affair.
My mouth and tongue were now aching and there seemed to be no more juices to clean out, Karen dismounted and skipped to the shower leaving me with a messy face and now a messy pair of boxers.
I was now in cuck heaven, Karen was a bonafide hotwife, well unofficially but the time was not far away when we would have to admit it to each other.
I wiped off my cum face and cleaned up the mess down below, surprisingly my cock was still hard and I was still horny, really changed could do with fucking her but I knew that was not on the cards tonight.
I took myself down stairs and fixed a large glass of whiskey.
Karen joined me and we cuddled on the sofa, we still hadn't spoken two words to each other.
It was nice just chilling and reconnecting, it was getting late and Sara was not in yet, then Karen got a text message from her she would be home in about an hour.
Karen said “Darling would you stay up and make sure she gets home, I'm very tired need my bed”
Yeah I bet you do after having your pussy stretched open so far was what I was thinking “Okay I will”
Karen was upstairs in a flash I followed her and hit the shower, by the time I was clean Karen was fast asleep looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
I fixed myself another drink and watched done rubbish TV, it was just over an hour when Sara breezed in.
“Hi daddy, is mummy in bed?”
“Yeah she is worn out” I said smiling
“Umm I know she was a very naughty girl a bit like me”
Sara sat next to me and then pulled up her skirt revealing her naked pussy.
“Sara where are your panties”
“Umm they took them as a trophy”
“Who took them?”
“The two guys who have been fucking me for the last hour”
I thought not my daughter as well.
“Daddy please lick my cum filled pussy, I will sit on your face if you want just like mummy did.”
She swung herself around and opened her legs showing me her used pussy which was very puffy and red, with a little dribble of goo starting to leak out.
I was on autopilot my head moved closer, then the smell of mixed cum hit me and I dived in.
I think my eagerness shocked Sara as I felt her jolt as my tongue licked across her sensitive clit before probing her messy pussy.
“Thank you Daddy, suck it all out I'm not ready for a baby yet.”
I was now pushing my fingers in and trying to scoop out as I licked, my thumb was rubbing her little butt hole, Sara squirmed and moaned as I sucked on my third pussy of the day.
“My ass is still intact for now, I tried to get two cocks in my pussy like mummy did but I was too tight.”
I stopped and got up “sit on my face and I will suck you dry”
Sara for some reason decided she needed to be naked and then she sat on my face gyrating as I delved deeper with my tongue.
Sara started to cum and she muffled her moans with her free hand, her juices rushed into my mouth and she was so sweet.
If Karen had of walked in on us I would probably not stopped I was lost in some perverted dream.
Then suddenly I felt my pyjama bottoms being tugged down then a warm wet mouth was sucking mycock, I closed my eyes not really wanting to know what was going on but she was getting me so close.
I gave in to my situation and shot my load into my daughter's mouth, Sara just carried on cumming on my mouth as she swallowed my cum down her throat.
Once we had both recovered I felt sick inside, this was so wrong.
“Daddy don't be sad it will be our secret until the next time.”
I wanted to say there would be no next time but things are not in my hands anymore.
I was just glad that our older daughter was normal, well I think she is.
“Sara, have you said anything to your sister about what we have all been up to?”
“No she is very frigid, I feel sorry for Matt her boyfriend he must have very swollen balls, maybe I could go and help him out?”
“Sara I think you have enough without out teasing Matt.”
“I was just kidding”
“I'm off to bed now Sara”
“Night daddy, don't I get a kiss goodnight?”
I bent down to kiss her head, Sara looked at me and pointed to her pussy.
I kissed her pussy and left for bed, I was beginning to think this was all a dream and I would wake up soon, if it was a dream then I'm just as sick as if it wasn't.

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Have you ever found out just who Ian is yet and how long this has been going on?????????????

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Please, please continue!!!

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