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Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:12 am 
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Hi yall! Iv been a member of this sight for years, been creaping here and everyware ,for years befor I even knew that this lifestyle is something that we want and need. I wanted to make my own mark on here and share the current and always changing future here and also drop what I belive to be some events that helped shape our current modle. I'm hoping it will help some ppl see a difrent perspective and set of events or even similar ones and help reassure others and give hope or even a laughf .

I'm going to start with basic current information about me and my wife, both individual, and separate. As my user name suggests, I and 100million percent pro weed, and some of my wrighting may show that alitle with the structure, it is honestly what I belive to be the state of mind and body should always be is able. it worked better than darvasets and Vicodin when I had shoulder surgery, it makes my creativity rise from me lowiering my cares about what is normal, it makes me horny on another lvl and really focus on my wifes pussy. please don't post negativity about the herb and I will do my best to minimize my soap boxes for it, also on a side note a lot of my personal evolution only made the biggest leaps and bounds when I was stoned/horny.(if I remember I was in that state of mide in the story ill put "S&H")

I plan to put the past first to current . with the probability of a S/H rant or explination about a one of my personal views on something, like why I accept my size, why I want her to have intercourse constantly if not solely with somone who is genetically suppierior, what make a superior man ect....just whatever rant I got fixated on an would like to share my process to anyone cerious about it. also I wrote it in the "library" section b/c I belive it dosent fit in eather hotwife or cuckold section and I believe our current model and my fantasies take many parts ,that are on both sides of the lifestyle , and that's why I belive their is not one single person or couple in the lifestyle that is exactly the same.

Okay now that the basics of what I'm wanting to do with this. Also a note I should add is I very openly and directly asked my wife If I could share our evolution.

Quick facts about us(ill edit later what I didn't add)
We have been married scence 2007 and together scence 2000 in some manner
we have had 1 full encounter that we both loved
we are continuing to evolve
Quick Facts about me
I have had only one sexual partner
I'm 6foot 1inches and about 230 lbs
I'm greatfull that I am able to accept our evolution
My true penis lenth (meshured pressed in to pubic bone to tip) is 4 3/4inches to 5in depending (current advatar pic is me )
Quick facts about my wife
she has had 6 sexual partners, I was the fifth and am currently the 3rd smallest
She took the first steps to reality

My sexual evolution has gone from fear, to unsure , to wanting accepting and needing. I developed a lot of fedishes from befor I acualy hit puberty to new ones now. I started with a foot fedtish an that would lead to the first hints at female superiority. I never actual enterd a female until I was 18 years old. And I would constantly jerk off to feet an female dominate woman. then as puberty happened I remember always worrying about if my penis was below average. then I met my wife at around 16 and became friends. she would tell me about her current and past partners, I think to make me feel a little humiliated and it worked . I was humiliated, scared, angery, and I felt twinges of hornyness and jeliousy. I found out that she was going on dates with other men while I was friendzoned an taking her to movies and such.
Eventually me and her had our first encounter in a car, an my fears came true, I was so nervious I couldn't even get hard. I instead learned my to today best skill of eating her pussy , and knowing the humiliation that I couldn't even receive any respiration. Eventualy we would have penetration and she let me go in bare. I was always insecure about my size and would get upset the first time she wanted a 3rd finger in her, knowing that's more than what I had between my legs, and then she told me about where I meshure up in her line of partners and didn't even flinch at it hurting my feelings, it also started my at first hatted to current obsetion of knowing I will never mesure up to her past penetrations. Eventualy we bought our first vibrator together. She picked a 6 inch off the wall and my now starting turnon of her with something bigger in her begane, and I picked a thick 8 incher. She wouldn't truthfuly admit but, I seen her cum a way that was harder and more intense with the toy, so we used it a lot. then one of the first actual evolutions happened to me, I begane to fuck her pussy after using the toy to make her limp, an then she with unfiltered truth from being so worn out from just cumming she sayd "is it in yet". I was crushed and offishaly knew size dose matter for penetration an that I'm easily less pleasurable than larger. I begane to sneek and watch porn with big cocks, and interashal an cuckold were the easiest to find, I started to get mixed feeling about cock superiority and my wife.
We moved into a apartment together, I worked in a resturaunt and she worked in the hospital.

My wife is in all my fantasys, even if I'm not.;)

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:55 pm 
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Story is great, but you need spellchecker and some Grammer edits. Keep working at it. Practice makes perfect.

Great minds may think alike, but fools seldom differ.

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