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“Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” …(Megan, Part 8)

The continuation of a shy wife story by:

Bertram W. Bronson

Part 8… {{{My darling little hot-wife is tipped onto her back}}}

Strange how a thing like this comes to be…

How it begins as just a young couple’s bedtime fantasy, from time-to-time, a little pillow-talk while cuddled in the dark sanctuary of their marriage bed, just flirting with the imaginary thrill until the day comes when they let it happen… the day some handsome young guy is chosen to tumble his darling wife down onto their bed, that breathless moment when he tosses her skirt up and slides her panties out from under her behind.

Blushing hotly, she turns her pretty head and looks up into her husband's nervous eyes. She looks so lovely in the soft light from their bed lamps, her cheeks are warmly flushed, her lovely hair is spread across the pillow and for the first time, he’s watching another man sliding his young wife's panties over the tips of her lifted toes, he’s watching as her bare feet settle back down onto the bed sheet. His pretty wife is lying in the middle of their marriage bed, the hemline of her rumpled skirt is resting an inch above her belly button and the smooth skin of her ass is bare against the white sheet.

His adorable wife is literally trembling with excitement, her white panties are lying on the bed sheet next to her bare hips, they’re turned inside-out with the dampened crotch panel right before her husband's anxious eyes. He reaches out with an unsteady hand, his fingers inching across the sheet, shaky fingertips curling into the bunched-up clump of soft cotton; his fingers tighten, compressing his wife's panties within his tight fist. He can feel himself starting to tremble, the warmth of her skin is still lingering in the soft cotton and his eyes seem drawn back to her bare belly. Time seems to have stopped as he sits there, spellbound and staring at the juncture of her long legs, his eyes lingering on the crease of his wife's vagina showing through a thin triangle of curly hairs.

The room is so quiet, just his wife's ever quickening breath; just the click of a belt buckle from the other side of the bed… the soft click is quickly followed by a tiny rasping sound. It’s the sound of a sliding zipper reaching her husband's ears… the sound of another man unzipping and getting a rapidly stiffening penis out of his pants…

Eyes bright with excitement, his wife begins to lift her knees and slide her heels toward her bare bottom. The young husband can barely breath as her knees begin to drift apart, one bent knee slanting aside, then the other, making room for another man between her thighs… and his world suddenly shatters into little pieces… all the fractured particles tumbling like dice from the cup of chance.

****** ******

Well, more than we might think, these things do happen, and on that warm summer evening, the frivolous cup of chance dropped exactly the right man into our marriage… dropped him wet and dripping right in the middle of our path…

It was when that handsome young Australian guy lifted his lean muscular body out of the swimming pool… when he stood before my wife's eyes, nearly naked, water dripping from the end of his long swaying penis and I saw the excitement in Megan’s eyes, saw the color rising on her cheeks and felt her fingers tightening on my hand…

“Ohhh my…” she gasped… “I didn't know a penis could be so long.”

Well at that moment, I suppose a weaker, less confident husband might have denied that roll of the dice, quickly stepping away from the upwelling of curiosity and intrigue, maybe taken his naïve young wife onto a safer path, one not so littered with temptation… but that was not to be.

That said, a couple of tremulous hours later, that’s where I found myself, next to my naked wife on a rumpled bed sheet; trying to pick up the scattered pieces of my emotions… all the while staring at the muscular-toned stomach of a handsome young athlete pressing tightly against my wife's bare ass. She was up on her knees, her blushing face pressed into a pillow, gasping for breath, her back up-curved to lift her ass… and my eyes were fixed on his hips as he leaned back and began sliding the length of a long slippery cock from between the cheeks of her buttocks.

Megan’s orgasm had been strong, her quivering belly muscles tightening around the head of a deeply imbedded penis, crying out while little spastic ripples of sensation washed up into her stomach. Lance had gripped her hips, holding the swollen head of his penis deep into the pit of her belly, letting her strong orgasm take its convulsive trip up through her quaking innards. As my wife's sobbing cries began to weaken, he turned to me, watching my anxious eyes while slowly easing a still rigid penis from the warm clasp of her vagina.

It was a taunting withdrawal, deliberately slow and smooth, allowing me stare into the narrow space between my wife's ass-cheeks, transfixed at the sight of wet pubic hairs and pink inner vaginal flesh clinging so wetly and so tightly around the white stem of his cock.

I felt a rippling shiver up my spine as I watched the first inch of his cock sliding out from between the cheeks of my wife's bare ass, then the mucus inner-lining of her vagina gliding along its tubular length… inch after slippery inch of the thick white stem sliding slowly out through her fleshy pink membranes until the big penis-head reached her snug opening. Then the unsettling sight of my wife's rim of tight pink skin stretching, peeling back over the big purplish knob… until finally releasing a thickly swollen cock-head…

Suddenly released from the slippery warmth of my wife's snug vagina, the lengthy penis bounced upward, stiffly bobbing up-and-down near the cheeks of her ass. It was wet, the full length of it glistening with my wife's viscous fluids and still angling stiffly upward from his groin. Weak and breathless, she’d toppled over while my eyes remained locked onto the rigidity of his wet penis… he hadn’t ‘released’ his sperm into my wife’s vagina and I felt the squirmy thrill, yet the anguish of knowing…‘that’ was still to come.

With the head of his penis finally out of Megan’s belly, she lay there on her side, totally naked, struggling for breath, a glaze of wetness showing between her upper thighs as, one leg at a time, she drew her weakened knees up toward her bare breasts. Curled up in a fetal position, my exhausted wife was wet between her buttocks, just the narrow end of her pink seam and a feathery strip of pubic hairs showing between her clasped ass-cheeks, but clearly, the gliding in-and-out of a stiffened cock had smeared and darkened the light-brown curls with sticky traces of vaginal fluids.

Megan’s long blonde hair was tangled, loose strands lying across pretty face, her cheeks flaming hot, perspiration glistening along her hairline, “Ohhh I can't believe it…” she moaned. “Ohhh I can't believe that really happened.”

For the moment it was over, but it had happened… my wife's first time with another man, her first orgasm on a stranger’s cock and while trying to slow the thrumming of my pulse, I slipped one of the fluffy goose-down pillows under Megan’s head and began smoothing the tangles out of her hair… looking down at my wife's pretty face, at blue eyes, teary and a little glazed.

For a young, inexperienced wife, it had been a lengthy and vigorous experience, his strong hips slapping against her bare ass, his cock sliding into her at an upward angle, the bulbous head punching deep into her innards… all happening as I sat there in a groggy stupor, listening to her cries, watching her ass bouncing and her long strawberry blonde hair swaying side-to-side.

Now, still gasping for breath, she twined her fingers with mine and her lips were trembling as she tried to speak. “Is it over… ohh Bobby, did he…?”

But he didn't… and so it was far from over. Lance had drawn back and allowed my wife to topple, but he was still squatted on his knees next to her, and with a glistening, fluid-smeared erection, so it was like we had paused in the ‘eye of the storm,’ sharing one of the pillows and just letting Megan catch a few shaky breaths.

Still recovering from the blinding swirl of her own orgasm, she seemed dazed, her eyes trying to focus on mine. “Is he going to do it some more?” she gasped.

“Uh-huh, he didn't… didn't cum yet.”

“Ohhh, I want him to… in me,” she panted.

She reached up, her slender fingers still slightly trembling as she brushed a lock of golden hair from her hot cheek. Inches away, her moist blue eyes were staring back at me from across the pillow and I felt her sweaty fingers returning to clutch my hand. My wife had just had another man’s stiffly erected cock in her belly and I found myself toying with her wedding band, whispering that I still loved her as the deeply emotional moments passed.

Gradualy Megan’s breathing slowed, her eyes began to refocus and I felt the fingers grasping my hand begin to relax. She was regaining some composure, lying on her side between us, her pretty face toward me, the slope of her back and her lovely bare ass toward Lance… toward the still swollen head of his wet penis and after a while I heard more soft whispers…

“Bobby… darling, would you like me to turn over now, turn onto my back for Lance… so he can finish?”

“You want to,” I responded… “Do you want to roll over and spread your legs for him?”

“Mmm-hum… you loved seeing it before, didn’t you… when I was up on my knees with my behind in the air?” Along with a slight rubbing and squeezing of her thighs together, Megan was readying herself to continue, beginning to shift her hips, murmuring softly, those limpid big blue eyes looking into mine, one slender index finger starting to draw teasing little warm circles around the palm of my right hand, her soft voice, a little uncertain…

“Are you okay Bobby… okay with what just happened, what he did to me?”

I was okay, but barely… it had gone on for almost an hour, my nervous hands helping to hold Megan’s hips in place while he plumbed the depth of her squirming belly with the swollen head of a long slippery cock. The image was still so fresh in my mind… his stomach smacking against my wife's up-turned ass, my hands growing sweaty as her initial squeals quickly turned into breathy groans.

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled… “I'm okay, kinda stressed, but I'm okay.”

Then her voice, still a little breathy… “It was nice for me Bobby, feeling your hands on my hips… knowing it was my own husband holding my behind up and watching what was happening. Ohh I love you Bobby… more than ever.”

She pressed my hand against her parted lips. Along with Megan, I felt the excitement rising again, felt the warm tip of my wife's wet tongue sliding through her lips and suddenly touching my palm, still drawing teasing circles, but now with the pointy tip of her wet tongue… her warm tongue swiping a tiny saliva wet circle around and around against my skin and I could feel the shivers running up my arm… then her warm lips brushing teasingly against my palm, and Meg whispering softly…

“Bobby, was it exciting for you, watching Lance fuck me… seeing my behind up and his long penis sliding in-and-out of me?”

Caught up in the growing excitement, my normally prim and proper wife was allowing the ‘fuck’ word to slip through her pretty lips, so strange to hear it in her breathy voice, yet the raw word was so utterly descriptive of what had just taken place between her legs… it hadn’t been love-making, simply the sensual fucking of a young ‘married virgin’… the ongoing act taking place right before her husband's eyes.

“Darling, do you want me to turn over… and let him fuck me some more? You loved it didn't you, watching Lance fuck me?”

Megan was whispering so sensually, so tauntingly, I could feel her warm breath against my skin, her wet tongue trailing teasingly up across my palm, her lips against the tip of my index finger… teasing my fingertip with little flicks of her tongue… awaiting my response while staring at me with those misty blue eyes, staring as if she could peer into the conflicting jumble of my mind…

“Uh-huh,” I finally responded… “Watching it… seeing you up on your knees was… well, in a strange way, very very exciting.”

Megan’s warm mouth slipped from the tip of my finger, she licked her lower lip, her pretty mouth forming the next question, “Bobby… his penis is pressing against my behind, do you want to see him ‘do it’ to me some more… get on top of me this time… between my legs and fuck me?”

Whispered in her soft ‘little girl’ voice, the fractured query induced an instant flood of fresh raw images, sending them swirling into my mind… picturing the intimacy of Lance on top of my wife this time, her knees wide apart, feet up over his back, her toes clenching… his testicles plopping against her bare ass… plopping again-and-again into the little ooze of wetness that I knew would be trickling down between her cheeks.

“I want Lance to get between my legs,” she murmured… “Bobby, is that okay… Bobby…?”

“Uh-huh, I’d like to see him on top… between your knees.” I managed to get the words out, but my voice was strained, struggling with that never-ending twitch of jealousy that was wiggling in-and-out between surges of wild excitement. The last hour had already left me struggling with my emotions and I barely managed to maintain a semblance of coherence.

About to turn onto her back for Lance, still flushed and hot, she never seemed more precious. Looking at my wife with loving eyes, seeing her lying naked on the rumpled bed sheet, lying on her side with her recently used vagina wetly squeezed between her thighs. She’d barely had time to catch a breath and I looked down at her pretty face, at disheveled curls of blonde hair lying against her warm cheek, silky blonde strands spreading like thin veins of gold across an alabaster white pillow.

And he'd already had my precious wife; during the last hour he fucked her till her head was spinning. I'd watched Meg with her curvy ass hiked up in the air, taking the thrusting of his cock and I felt the residue of that stressful emotion still crawling around in the pit of my stomach… my mind was struggling… let him fuck her again, let him cum in her, but ‘no’ I thought, she’s the mother of my child… enough is enough and I should snatch her away… take her home… take her back to our own bed and curl up in each other’s arms, maybe she’ll feel a need to cry herself to sleep.

But it was so hard to snatch her away, so easy to just smother my guilt and snuggle my face closer to hers on the pillow, closer to her pert little nose, the seconds fleeing by as I relished the feeling of those tangled locks of soft golden hair against my cheek… until finally seeing Megan’s long dark lashes lowering, her eyes closing, just awaiting the moment when she rolls over and spreads her legs for Lance, the moment he eases down between my wife's knees and slides his cock into her again, but she dropped my hand, her soft warm fingertips trailing up along my arm, her fingers tightening against the back of my neck…

“Bobby, kiss me ‘first’… show me that you still love me.”

I felt the warm flush of heat, the anticipation of kissing my wife, lingering with the kiss, knowing when our lips parted, she would be turning onto her back… and then I felt her warm fingers pulling our faces together, our trembling lips touching… the tip of my wife's tongue flicking across her lower lip and touching mine. We kissed warmly; sensually… our first deep, lingering kiss in the minutes after another man’s stiff erection had so vigorously taken her married virginity.

It was hungry kiss, as if to express our married love and temporarily reclaim each other, her lips were warm, almost feverously warm… my wife's warm pointy tongue, the same little pink tongue that had just licked and suckled the bare head of another man’s penis was now touching mine… so strangely erotic, to feel her saliva wet tongue rubbing against mine… the same way it had slithered so warmly over and around the naked head of another man’s stiffly erected penis.

Gradually, her fingers loosened against the back of my neck, our kiss reluctantly halting, our faces easing apart just enough to focus on each other’s eyes, both knowing what was to happen in the next few minutes.

Spooned around my wife's hips with a still rigid penis close to her bare behind, Lance was waiting, allowing us a few precious moments of personal contact before rolling my wife onto her back. It was a brief hiatus; the ‘eye of the storm’ was quickly passing.

From across the pillow Megan’s aqua-blue eyes were staring at me, silence, not a word spoken, but as my hand rested on her warm leg, I was so aware of what lay pinched between my wife's closed thighs, the uneasy feeling of knowing the mucus inner-lining of her vagina was already stretched and loosened from the numerous, belly-deep penetrations of his bulbous-headed cock, that her softened slit was still an oozing crease of slippery wetness… so aware of the ease and smoothness of another penetration, his hips between her thighs, one long smooth push sliding the big cock-head through the clingy-soft lining of my wife's vagina… deep into her quivering belly again… fucking my wife again… fucking her again with that long, bone-hard cock…

“Bobby,” she whispered, “I'm ready to ‘do it’ some more…”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Megan’s voice mingled with the images in my swirling mind, I blinked, pulling myself together, realizing I was still gazing stupidly into her eyes. Alongside the slope of my wife's back, Lance was resting up on his elbow. Hearing my wife's breathy whisper he leaned over, brushed his lips across the top of Megan’s blonde head and kissed her cheek… then he moved, easing his hips away from Megan’s buttocks, deliberately making space on the wrinkled bed sheet to roll my wife onto her back. At the touch of his hand on her hip, her head lifted, turning, her eyes fastening on the rigid thickness of his cock. “Ohhh Bobby, he’s got such a nice long penis… I need to feel it in me again.”

She dropped her head back down onto the pillow and from the corner of my eye I could see his up-angling cock and his strong fingers gripping my wife's hip bone… preparing to roll her over onto her back between us… preparing to fuck her again while I sat watching her pretty head toss and her feet bounce.

Instantly my pulse quickened, again feeling the fresh surge of excitement and the twisty little tug of anxiety. “You've rested enough?” I needlessly responded, just gaining another moment to ready myself.

“Ohhh yes… yes, but darling, open your pants so I can hold you.”

While Megan’s eyes stared into mine, I felt her arm coming down between our bodies, my wife's fingers loosening my belt buckle, nimble fingers on my zipper, “push your pants down,” she whispered. I felt her fingers brushing over the lump of my penis as she skillfully lowered my zipper. “Bobby, slide your pants down… I want to hold your penis while Lance… while he’s…”

Her soft voice trailed off, leaving my mind to grasp unspoken words while her fingertips were easing through the open zipper, my wife's familiar fingers feeling through my underwear, her fingertips pressing against the length of my stiffened penis.

“While he’s fucking you?” I whispered, picturing it happening.

…picturing him between her legs, his cock sliding into her.

…picturing them kissing, fucking, her feet bouncing.

…feeling the pulse-quickening tingle of excitement.

“Mmm-hum,” she murmured…“while he’s doing it to me with his bare penis… and I’m holding yours in my hand.”

“Meg, this time he’ll come in you,” my voice a little strained, more pictures, more thoughts of Lance cumming in my wife, his cock pulsing in the pit her warm belly.

But from the very moment I took my wife's hand and led her toward Bert’s guest cottage, I knew that would likely happen, that I would likely be taking her home with another man’s sperm in her loins, but now as the moment neared, fear, and a wisp of jealousy was wiggling its way into my stomach, thoughts of his cock… his long naked pulsing cock… the thick head of it in the pit of my young wife's fertile belly. I was murmuring close to her ear…

“Meg, do you want me to ask Lance not to come in you… do you?”

“Please don't… I think it will be all right,” she whispered… Silence, a long moment of silence, then; “Ohh Bobby please don't, I want to feel him in me, his penis in me… way deep in me when he comes.”

Still I felt the creepy feeling, so intensely different then when we fantasized in bed and I thought of asking Lance to ‘release’ outside of my wife's vagina…picturing him at the very last moment, leaning back on his knees and reluctantly withdrawing his stiff penis from the slippery warm clasp of my wife's vagina… picturing it pulsing in his hand, wet and stiffly up-pointing, his sperm spurting across the mound of her pubic hairs… spastic spurts of creamy sperm landing on the skin of my wife's bare stomach, little puddles of sperm pooling around her belly button, the final whitish dribbles landing on the tangle of my wife's dark-blonde pubic hairs.

But I could also see the desire in Meg’s eyes, that primal female instinct to feel the ejaculation of a deeply inserted penis… the orgasmic thrill of it throbbing and pulsing its sperm into the pit of her belly.

As if to enhance the scary feeling, in recent weeks we’d talked of another baby… the thought, already lurking in my mind, suddenly leaped into prominence. How careful was Megan being with her birth-control? Considering another baby… maybe less concerned, maybe getting a little careless?

But she was still staring up at me with bright blue eyes and breathing excitedly through parted lips, “Bobby, it will be all right… and I want to… darling, I want to…”

Such a common feeling, that inbred fear of another man’s sperm, and small as the risk might be, still the possibility was wiggling its way into my squirmy guts… and the moment loomed, floating toward me like a gathering cloud… picturing the stiffly erected reproductive organ of this virile young man connected with my wife's warm wet vagina, the pulsing bare head of his penis sliding in-and-out through the slippery clasp of her vagina, pressing deep and suddenly releasing into the pit of my young wife's belly.

The flickering image danced about in my mind… another man fucking my fertile young wife, the quickening tempo his hips, hunching his long stiff cock deep into her, his strong hands cupped under her buttocks, holding her tightly against his groin, his cum spurting… several pulsing spurts of fertile sperm and semen washing over her cervix, the whitish ooze of fresh ejaculate and female fluids trickling down between the cheeks of my wife's bare ass. I felt a loosening of my bowels as the mental picture intensified, raw images of semen dampened pubic hairs, loosened pink flesh and a wet spot darkening the bed sheet under her squirming buttocks.

But while I squirmed with anxiety, down between our bodies, my wife's eager fingers were inside my zipper, feeling through my underwear for my penis, my wife feeling some crazy need hold my penis while Lance fucked her to a mutual completion.

Excitement smothering the fear, I struggled with one hand to get my pants partway down to my knees, my painfully erected penis thrusting up over the waist of my underwear, feeling my wife's warm fingers quickly closing over me, my spine arching, pressing against the clasp of her fingers, feeling the skin slide and head of my bare penis graze my wife's warm leg… but at that moment, I felt Lance starting to roll her away from me, her fingers loosening around me, Lance’s hand on her hip, smoothly and decisively, easing my wife over onto her back… her bent knees went loose, the one nearest to him slightly lower… the head of his stiff, up-pointing cock close to her leg.

Watching with my pants down around my knees… my exposed penis stiffly upright, I was clenching my fists… waiting for another man to roll between my wife's legs with a stiffly erected cock… waiting to see Lance come down between her spread knees and slide it into her belly…

Staring at Lance’s stiff cock, I was hearing his husky voice, whispering to my wife with that ‘bottom of the world’ accent, “Meg, ease your hips over a bit,”

Mind in a swirl, I was at a loss for a moment, until realizing, he'd rolled my wife onto her back, but her hips had settled far outside the circle of light. For a moment, equally puzzled, she lay there looking up at him. “Meg slide over,” he insisted, “slide over and turn your feet toward the lamplight… so your husband will be able to see under your hips…”

Excitement glittered in my wife's eyes, thoughts of fucking with another man while I gazed into the space beneath her hips… the rosy color rising on her cheeks as she pressed her heels against the mattress and up-hunched her hips, a couple of little up-hunching swivels to the side, shyly moving her hips a bit back toward the center of the bed. She paused, not quite centered in the lighting, her bright eyes flashing back-and-forth between us.

Impulsively, he grasped the underside of Megan’s knees, clasping them together with his strong hands, lifting and dragging my wife's hips back toward the middle of the bed until the three overhead lights centered perfectly on the tops of her lifted knees… and I felt the shivery excitement, thoughts of my wife spreading her knees sending little prickles all through me.

And with her knees up and her toes in the air, the sweet little seam of Megan’s vagina was again on display before the eyes of another man, his eyes seeming to linger on the narrow space between her buttocks… on the dainty dimple of my wife's exposed anus… less than an inch above, the long split of her wet vulva glistened under a thin screen of light brown pubic hairs.

When he paused, one arm under Megan’s bent knees, his eyes staring down, I felt the prickles of excitement swirling and bunching into a single lump in my stomach… and he was slanting her legs a bit to one side, his right hand reaching down, cupping and smoothing over the soft skin of her bare ass, his eyes locking on the gluey warm crease where his thrusting cock had so recently been, the pink seam now snuggly closed between the cheeks of her buttocks, but still, a two inch long slice of glistening pink… the fringe of thin hairs matted, and still fluid smeared from very recent sex.

My eyes shifted to his palm resting on Megan’s bare buttock, the ball of his thumb settling onto one side of my wife's vulva, lightly pressing aside… parting thin hairs, exposing her clitoris and a wider slice of pink… both of us watching the inner skin peeling apart and a little drool of vaginal fluid leaking down onto her perineum.

“My god,” Lance muttered… His eyes were staring at the snug opening, at the thin ooze of crystalline fluid, watching it slowly trickling down across the narrow strip of hairless skin... watching the little trickle merging with the sheen of moisture already glistening on Megan’s little anal dimple. “Bob your darling wife is such a wet little girl… does she wet like this for you?”

He moved his thumb, I was numb, just watching the slice of pink narrow again, Megan’s thin folds snuggling closed again… but the taunting exposure of my wife was making my skin crawl. Then he slipped his arm from under Megan’s knees. Quickly she lowered her feet, her heels coming down against the bed sheet, her knees still pressed together. I shook my head, trying to clear my mind of the picture of my wife's wet vagina… but it seemed to be still floating behind my eyelids, fluid smeared pubic curls and the long crease of pink that I'd seen so wetly stretched around the circumference of his slippery cock.

I must have let out a shudder of breath, because his head quickly turned… looking at me, always gauging my reaction, watching me staring down at my wife's knees, seeing her lying in that consummate ‘wife-on-her-back’ position for marital intercourse, her dimpled knees now centered so perfectly in the soft glow of pinkish light. Then his voice, the sound of it piercing through the whirl of my thoughts…

“Bob, have you ever fucked your wife with her ass up on a pillow?”

“Uh… uh, I don't think so…”

“Bob, how would you like to see that happen?”

“Well… yeah, I guess so… if she wants to.”

Megan was wide-eyed, her eyes sparkling, “Yes… ohhh yes.”

“Bob how would you like to slip a special pillow under Megan’s hips… lift her hind-end? Then when she’s ‘ass-up’ with her knees apart you'll have a close-up view between her buttocks... like what’s gonna be happening there.”

Taunting me… making me squirm, but Meg was bright-eyed, nodding her head and I couldn't stop my own eyes from flashing toward the rumpled bed pillows, there were four big pillows, one had tumbled onto the floor and three were still scattered around the wide bed.

Suddenly I realized one was different and oddly configured… it lay near one corner of the bed and just outside the circle of light, a smaller contoured cushion … cleverly molded to the shape and curvature of a woman’s buttocks, in the curved center it had a thick cotton pad with a replaceable… or washable cover.

“Something those crazy Danes manufacture, Bert saw one in Copenhagen… he had a couple shipped from a specialty shop,” he explained.

Meg was drawing deeper breaths, her eyes flashing eagerly toward the pillow, “Ohhh I'd like to do it with a big pillow under my behind… ohh I might just faint away.”

Her voice was quivery, probably imagining the feeling of having a pillow under her ass, the feeling of being fucked into a state of delirium and passing out with the head of a man’s long cock in the pit of her quivering belly… then coming back to her senses and wanting more.

The realization was settling in… envisioning a nervous young husband, squatted near the foot of the bed… his young wife's hips and knees hiked-up on a special cushion, everything between her buttocks on display and his anxious eyes drawn to the underside of another man’s testicular sack, his staring eyes lingering on the length of a long slippery cock sliding in-and-out between the cheeks of his wife's bare ass… she’s being fucked to a frenzy and his eyes are watching his wife's ass swivel and squirm and the creamy little trickle of vaginal fluids seeping down onto the washable pillow cover.

I felt the squirmy feeling… just the thought of watching my own wife being fucked with the necessity of a ‘washable’ pad under her hips sent a little prickle of scary anticipation up my spine.

Sprawled on her back between us, Megan was looking up at me. She was watching my eyes glancing from the pillow, and then staring down at the tips of her toes, at the tops of her clasped knees… my mind envisioning my own pretty wife tipped high onto her back, her bare ass hoisted up on a pillow, taking the deep thrusting of a stiff lengthy cock. From some distant place in my swirling mind I could hear sound of wailing cries… creaking bed springs and the sound of his testicles plopping against her lifted buttocks.

Unbidden, my arm stretched across the bed for the pillow, my fingers gripping a leather strap on the narrow side of the pillow and I began dragging it toward the lighted center of the wide bed… toward my wife's hips. It was surprisingly heavy and I felt the rapidly growing tingle of excitement… my fingers were suddenly gripping not an ordinary bed pillow, but an especially designed “wife fucking pillow” and I was about to slip it under my own wife's bare ass…

Waiting and listening to every word, Meg was squirming with excitement. “Darling, do it, slip it under me… let’s do it that way, with my butt up,” she gasped, her toes wiggling, her eyes bright with excitement as I moved the special pillow closer to her hips… “Bobby slide it under my behind… and I'll hold my knees up high so you can see his penis go in me.”

Something about being naked and having her hips up was exciting Meg… the realization that I would have an unimpeded view of his cock was turning her on. It was a deeply buried side of her I'd never seen.

Quickly Meg pressed the bottoms of her feet against mattress, knees clasped, her back arching, eagerly up-hunching her pubic bone and lifting her buttocks so I could slip the pillow under her hips. I seemed frozen, just clutching the leather strap with nervous fingers… the image still spinning through my mind… my naked wife with her ass up on the pillow… his cock sliding into her… sliding out, the long length of it coated with a glistening sheen of my wife's vaginal fluids.

“Bobby, slip it under me… hurry,” she gasped. My eyes were on the curve of her naked belly, just the notch of her cunt showing through the dark-blonde wedge of curly hair. Lance was watching, his cock stiff, his eyes on my wife's bare belly and I could feel the scary excitement crawling deeper into my stomach as my shaky hands eased the ‘fuck-my-wife’ pillow under her hips.

The smooth warm skin of Megan’s bare ass brushed against my fingers as she settled her hips down into the center of the contoured cushion… the tapering back of it was lower, matching the curve of my wife's spine, the front higher, lifting her ass five or six inches above the bed sheet. Aligning the pillow under my wife's hips, my eyes strayed toward the up-curving length of Lance’s cock. All of this going through my head as I watched Meg’s warm ass settling onto the pillow, squirming her hips a bit, wiggling her bare ass into the contours of the soft cotton pad.

I sat back, squatting on my heels, my thoughts conflicting as I looked down at my wife, her curvy ass up-lifted and cupped so perfectly into position to fuck for another man, my eyes flashing back-and-forth from her pretty face to her slightly loosened knees.

“Darling,” she teased, “is there something you want Lance to see… something down between my knees?”

There was nothing between my wife's knees he hadn’t already seen, but struck mute, I simply nodded my head, swallowing hard, my eyes never leaving the tops of her bent knees, wondering what had become of my shy wife, wondering why exposing herself had suddenly become such a thrill.

Where is that timid Catholic girl, I wondered, the shy girl who fastened the top button of her blouse and blushed in the presence of other men if a bra strap slipped off one shoulder?

Suddenly that same girl was looking up into my eyes, hot-faced and naked, wiggling her pearly toes and tipping her left knee to one side, two light beams slanting in against the smooth skin of her inner thigh, little tuffs of pubic hair barely visible, the hidden crease of her vulva, still lower down in the shadow between her thighs, “Bobby, do you want to see more… do you want to see where Lance put his penis… what his big penis did to me… down there?”

I was speechless, staring down at her other knee, feeling the quick rush of anticipation and from the corner of my eye I noticed Lance quickly leaning closer… watching my wife's right knee tipping to the side, all three pinkish lamp beams now washing the shadow from between her legs… and Lance watching intently as my wife widened the space between her knees.

Meg’s big blue eyes flashed toward Lance as she up-slanted her pubic bone and slowly drew her bent knees back toward her bare breasts, her wide-open eyes glistening from the excitement of exposing herself, exposing her petite anal button and the loosened slit of her cunt, “Ohhh Bobby, “she gasped, “Ohhh this is so exciting.”

She tucked her heels back, toes up-pointing, heels pressing against her bare bottom, the slit of her pink cunt inches from his eyes. He'd seen it all before, the secret places between the cheeks of my wife's behind, the moist crease of her cunt in all its blonde fringed glory, but I head him draw a breath and felt my pulse leap.

Stunned into silence, we watched Meagan’s head lean back, her eyes closing as she lay before us, long legs sprawled and utterly exposed… my wife's pink-nippled breasts, her bare belly rising and falling with every gaspy breath, the raw thrill rushing through all three of us.

And he'd positioned my wife's hips so perfectly in the slanting light from the recessed ceiling lamps… from each side of the bed, narrow pinkish beams centered exactly on the middle of her stomach, radiating outward from the center of her belly-button, spreading a soft glow across the pink nipples of her breasts… it spread downward across her lower stomach, casting a reddish tint onto the tips of her blondish pubic hairs. A little further out, but still above the foot of the bed, a third beam of light angled more steeply, slanting downward, its narrow beam seeming to center precisely between the spread cheeks of my wife's buttocks.

Uplifted onto the pillow, the view between my wife's ass cheeks was overwhelming, and centered in a pool of pinkish light; the sordid evidence of very recent sex was well defined and unbelievably stimulating and I could feel myself trapped in a tight grip of arousal.

No longer a ‘married virgin,’ the recent thrusting of a long slippery cock had left compelling traces that were so clear, so wetly evident that even a husband not witnessing the act, would have still known it happened.

Megan’s vulva, normally a semi-snug crease under a screen of generally dry curly hair was now well loosened, its thin inner petals, gluey and pinkly-parted. There were indications of vaginal lubricant well down into the crease of her buttocks, the shiny fluid having seeped downward and out into the roots of matted and tangled pubic hairs… And then, as I stared in profound awe, next to my head came Lance’s murmuring voice…

“My god, I don't think I've ever seen a lovelier woman, one more… more utterly beautiful in her sensuality.”

We were sitting back on our heels, one of us on each side of Megan’s knees, and he was looking down between my wife's open thighs, I was trembling, he was tense, his bone-hard cock up-lifted between his legs, his eyes drifting from the muff of curls on her pubic bone to the dusting of thin hair in the crease of her groin, the thin blonde fuzz, smeared with glandular secretions and glued to her white skin.

“An angel sent from heaven to taunt mankind,” he muttered, and I felt the bed shift, Lance moving, leaning forward, his eyes now fixed on Megan’s pretty face, her face hotly flushed, her eyes tightly closed. His arm eased between Meg’s spread thighs, his left palm settling on the middle of her bare belly. As the weight of his warm palm settled against her stomach, Meg drew a quick breath, her lashes fluttered, but her eyes stayed tightly closed as his fingers began sliding upward along her smooth warm skin, his fingertips barely brushing across the nipple of her left breast… the nipple firmed, tightening into a little pink pucker under the feathery touch.

Meg shivered; her head rolled gently side-to-side as his palm smoothed back downward across her belly button, stopping with the palm of his hand resting on her lower stomach, the tip of his little finger in the curly ridge of her pubic hairs. I watched his wrist bend, the flat of his palm pressing firmly, an alternating pressure just above her pubic arch. Megan’s breath quickened, her stomach muscles tightening, and then relaxing, her warm bare belly moving under the weight of his palm with every excited breath.

He leaned over Megan, his cock angling stiffly out from his groin. “Meg,” he whispered, “Is our tired little darling ready to try out the Danish pillow… see what it does to the insides of your sweet little belly?”

At the sound of his husky voice, her dark lashes fluttered, big blue eyes blinking open, “Ohh yes, yes, hurry, I want to feel your penis in my belly.” Megan’s head turned, her eyes fastening on the big purplish head of his cock, “Ohhh Lance, put it in meeee…”

I sat there, nearly in a state of paralysis, hearing my wife's breathy pleas, mesmerized by the view between her buttocks, my eyes glazing over, the suffusion of pink light gradually diminishing as it spread outward to the edges of the wide bed… beyond, the corners of room lay in shadow, way above my head, I could hear the owl, returned to his high perch above the roof, his lonely call again floating out into the dark night.

I felt a little shiver, like I'd been cast into a twilight-zone, any moment about to wake up in my own bed, my sweet shy Megan asleep at my side. But there was that moment, that recognition of stark reality, managing to pull my eyes away from the salacious sight of fluid smeared flesh and wetly tangled hairs, I reached out my hand and gently grasped my wife's left ankle, slightly straightening her leg, lowering the knee closest to Lance… an invitation for Lance to ease over and settle between her thighs.

I drew a deep breath and held it as Lance eased his hips over my wife’s lowered knee, the fluid smooth movement of a young athlete, settling on his knees between my wife's spread legs, the head of his stiffly up-pointing cock brushing down across the tips of her pubic hairs and disappearing somewhere between the cheeks of her buttocks. Quickly she lifted the lowered knee; instinctively aligning it with her other knee… like a woman in the middle of her marriage bed, positioning her legs and hips to fuck for her husband.

My precious Megan… now the perfect picture of an adorable young wife on her back with her knees apart. The adorable creature up-tilting her pubic bone and shyly presenting the pink crease of her cunt to another man. A hot flush on her pretty cheeks, she’s looking lovingly up into her husband's eyes while slowly drawing her heels back toward her bare bottom.

But it was not a husband between my Megan’s legs… it was a handsome young Australian athlete who was settling between her knees… and cupping his right hand under the smoothness of an ass-cheek.

When his stiffly erected cock disappeared between my wife's thighs, I suddenly felt her hand on the back of my neck, her warm fingers urgently pulling my face back down close to hers on the pillow… “Kiss me,” she whispered… “Quickly Bobby, kiss me while his penis is sliding into me…”

We kissed, while unseen, but so vivid in my mind… the head of his cock in the crease of her buttocks, the swollen head probing for the pink slit of her cunt and I could feel her urgent fingers, her nails sharp against the skin on the back of my neck… her breath panting… her breath warm against my face… her lips against mine… her tongue slipping into my mouth. Suddenly she up-slanted her hips and groaned, her breath bursting against my lips…

“It’s going in, ohhh darling it’s going in meee… ohhh god it’s going in...”

His cock was sliding into my wife, and the shivery thrill was rippling through both of us. Quickly I leaned back, just enough to peer down at my wife's pretty face, watching her eyes as a mere tightening of his muscular back eased his cock deeper, sliding it unrestrained and smoothly into the wet warmth of her inner body.

She grunted as the swollen cock-head neared the pit of her belly, her dark lashes fluttering, those deep blue eyes staring up at me as the spreading flesh of her cunt adjusted to the shape and form of a long, slightly up-curving cock… instantly, another grunt, one coming from deep in her throat. Then her toes clenching as a long wailing cry burst through her lips, her lovely blonde head beginning to toss, her eyes rolling back and slowly closing… and the realization once again settling over me, the bulbous head of his cock was again fully imbedded into the warmth of Megan’s loins… the long up-curving length of it immersed in the liquidly warm squeeze of my wife's genitalia.

“Ohhh my god,” she moaned… “It feels so big… the head of it feels so big… ohhh so big in me.”

My eyes shifted from Megan’s face, looking down across her bare breasts, at the tops of her knees, at up-pointed toes and his hips settled between my wife's thighs, his strong stomach pressed against her up-slanting pubic bone… he lifted, then settled back with his spine curved, hunching downward, pressing a last fractional inch of his cock into my wife. Lowering my face, I brushed my lips across her warm cheek, feeling her head jolt, hearing another quick burst of breath. “Is it in Meg… all the way in?” I had to know, had to feel the crazy excitement of having her tell me… tell me with her hot breath panting again my face.

"Ohhh yes… ohhh yes, it’s all the way in me… and it feels so big in there… so thick and long.”

Then it began, Lance taking Megan for the second time… the smooth slow thrusts of a deeply imbedded cock, the bed beginning to creak… my wife's head beginning to bounce… gently at first, then faster, her hot cheek brushing back-and-forth across my lips.

“Ohhh darling,” she whimpered… “His penis is in so deep… ohhh Bobby, I love the feeling of it sliding in-and-out of me… the feeling of it going so deep in my belly… ohh Bobby, I'm so wet down there...”

It drifted up around my face, the sweaty scent of fucking, the slight, squishy sound of a sliding penis, the sound of wet loins and bare stomachs coming together… it was barely audible over the sound of her breathing against my face, but Megan’s grunts and the little smacking sounds were so utterly reveling.

“Do you like it sweetheart?” I murmured against her hot cheek… “Do you like fucking another man while we kiss and whisper?” She turned her face, her head bouncing, her warm breath against my ear…

“Yes… ohhh god, yes, yes… it’s so exciting to… to fuck like this… ohh I don't want it to stop…”

And it was so much more intimate then when she was up on her knees. My stomach was still tied in knots, but now I could look down at Megan’s pretty face, could gaze down at the excitement in her eyes, I could see her parted lips and feel her breath bursting against my face, her voice trembling, whispering the ‘fuck’ word as we shared those sensual and never to be forgotten moments.

Our heads were close together on the pillow… like a young wife holding her husband's hand in a sweaty grip, her big blue eyes staring up into her husband's eyes while being fucked by another man… another man’s cock sliding smoothly in-and-out of through the salmon pink flesh of her cunt… again-and-again, the swollen head of his long slippery cock vigorously punching deep into her married belly… and she’s whimpering and wailing, frantically grasping her husband's hand… it’s an ongoing, deep thrusting fuck… and she’s gasping for breath, her shape nails cutting into his skin…

And so it went on, our hoarse whispers mixing and merging with her cries and grunting gasps of breath… from time-to-time, trying to kiss while her head was bouncing from the impact of his thrusting cock. Holding my wife, hearing her grunting, while knowing she was so intimately linked to another man, their genitalia joined in a warm, fluid clasp of fleshy mucus skin, feeling her hips undulating, taking the full length of his cock… her muffled grunts telling me the head of his cock was reaching deep into the pit of her belly. It was the most perfect expression of married trust and love, beyond anything we could ever have imagined.

From time-to-time he paused, kneeling up between my wife's legs, the length of his cock still pressing deep into the clasping warmth of her vagina, but letting Meg catch her breath… letting us have a moment to kiss and whisper, only to start again, my wife's head rocking, our kiss breaking, our faces moving apart to stare into each other’s eyes…. my wife fucking another man, undulating her hips while I look lovingly down into the misty blue of her eyes… the thrill, the sharing of emotion, simply unparalleled… and most of all, the intimacy of sharing soft whispers between her gasps of breath…

“I love you Bobby and I love doing it like this, doing it with us together…”

“It’s better for me too… being close like this, feeling your breath, your hips moving.”

“You like that Bobby, knowing Lance has his penis in me… he’s fucking me and you can feel my hips moving?”

“Meg, it’s like I always imagined it would be.”

“Ohhh yes, I love the feeling of him inside me and it’s so intimate, so thrilling to fuck like this… fucking with Lance while we’re kissing and holding hands.”

Holding my wife's hand, resting my lips against her warm cheek, I closed my eyes, squeezed them tightly closed, settling deeper into a twilight-light zone, nothing around me now but swirling darkness and sensation, my world spiraling down to the just the center of a wrinkled bed sheet, the sensory cortex of my brain aware of every scent, sound and touch… and I'm feeling the rhythmic movement of the woman I love being fucked by another man… the head of a warm, live, slippery cock is moving about in the pit of my wife's belly and I can feel her hip pressing against my leg, her hips twisting and squirming, I can hear her ragged breathing and the faint sound of wet flesh and rubbing pubic hairs, her sweaty fingers squeezing my hand, her hot cheek brushing against my lips… and the murmurs, the soft, mindless, ongoing murmurs…

“Do you love me Bobby… can you still love me while I'm fucking with someone else… while my hips are moving and… and his cock is in me… ohhh god… ohhhh…”

Megan’s pretty face is turned to me… mumbling breathlessly, her head bouncing, tossing side-to-side and sending tickling strands of blonde hair brushing against my neck, swirling locks of long blonde hair settling over my face like a warm silken net… I'm breathing through the warm silken locks of my wife's hair, feeling her parted lips against mine… the dream-like swirl of darkness growing deeper, nothing but the undulating rhythm of my wife fucking with another man, her head bobbing, her pointy tongue slipping in-and-out between my lips in perfect tempo with the thrusting of a long, slippery, fluid-smeared cock.

“His cock is going in so deep… ohhh darling, his cock is so stiff and long… ohhhhhh, I can feel the big end of it way deep in my stomach… ohhh god, don't let him stop…”

I was locked in that dream-like stance, just hovering there with my eyes closed, pressing against my wife, listening to the sensual sound of human sex, her soft whimpers and breathy moans, just feeling her breath against my face, and feeling the bed shifting, feeling her tongue, the rhythm of her hips. It went on, minute after minute, our heads together on the pillow, the scent of arousal rising from their bodies, drifting upward from the gluey clasp of their merged loins… the tangy scent of vaginal secretions, the scent of a deep thrusting, fluid smeared cock, the scent of wetly tangled pubic hairs and sweaty wet bellies… all blending together into the vaporous fragrance of warm slippery fucking.

And it was swirling around me, that amorphous fragrance of my young wife being fucked by another man and I felt her hand wiggling down between our bodies, her fingers coiling around my painfully stiff penis… her breathy voice warm again my face... “It makes you hard doesn’t it,” she gasped… “Holding me like this… kissing me while Lance fucks me?”

My wife's warm fingers squeezed around me… clasping my stiff penis in her warm sweaty hand… lightly stroking my penis while Lance’s long cock continued sliding smoothly in-and-out of her warm slippery cunt. “He’s got a nice cock Bobby… it feels longer and so much thicker,” she gasped, her breath warm against my ear.

I could feel her next to me, the rhythmic undulation of her hips, the bed moving, her mumbling breath panting warmly against the side of my neck. “Darling, is this what you wanted to see… your wife with another man, her bare ass up on a pillow and another man between her knees, his long cock in your wife's belly?”

I could feel the tension of an orgasm growing in my lower stomach… feeling my wife's warm sweaty hand on my erected penis… stroking me… jerking me off while fucking with another man… the fingers of her right hand coiled around my penis… his cock in her belly, mine in her hand… jerking me off in rhythm with her bouncing head… and the taunting whispers. “I can feel it in there Bobby… his cock in my belly… the head of it is swollen up real big… ohh god… I love the feeling of it Bobby… the feeling of being fucked by another man…”

My eyes remained closed, letting the crazy sensation swirl through my mind… feeling my wife on her back next to me, she’s right in the middle of an ongoing, very sensual fuck… her hand, her warm fingers are coiled around my penis… jerking me off while he fucks her… her fingers sliding the skin up and down my bone-hard penis, faster and faster… it rose from somewhere at the end of my spine… that warm, burning, tingling sensation… the burning feeling running up the length of my penis… the spontaneous bursting of cum, spurting across my wife's wrist… splashing against her hip.

Exhausted I could barely move, just laid there in the swirl of sensation… feeling my wife's fingers loosening around my spent penis… my sperm spattered across the bed sheet, the whirlpool of sensation gradually slowing, but the bed was still moving under me… my wife still whimpering and moaning… the sound of his hips smacking against her loins… the slight, but very squishy sound of fucking… his slippery wet cock still sliding in-and-out of my wife…

Then, for a moment or two, the bed stopped moving… and over the sound of their breathing, his voice mumbling something to me. Suddenly I felt it, his hand reaching between our faces, the edge of his hand barely grazing the side of my head. My eyes blinked open, in my blurry vision, his fingers were gently settling on my wife's chin… he was up on his knees between her sprawled legs, looking down at my wife’s pretty face, moving her head, his strong, but gentle fingers turning her face toward him.

His eyes shifted to me, looking down at me, at me on the bed next to my wife, his eyes taking note of my pants pulled down around my knees, glancing at my exposed penis, at my spurts of cum that had spattered in little dribbles across the white bed sheet.

And his next few words sent a shiver through me…

“Move away a bit Bob… Let me have your wife to myself now.”

I swallowed hard feeling the tension running through me as he continued in that husky voice, his head turning and looking down at my wife's pretty face.

“It’s my turn Bob, my turn to look down into Megan’s big blue eyes, but you can sit on the side of the bed and watch her head bounce...”


Continued in part 9… {{{Waiting while he finishes with my wife}}}


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When a married woman offers the precious gift of her body to another man, he must give something in return, not diamonds or jewles... but a treasured memory, one that will live in the secret corners of her mind forever.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:18 am 

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Bert: Thanks so much for continuing this great story and all the work you put into it. Your ability to sustain suspense and tease the audience is the best I've seen anywhere in adult literature.

Look forward to future chapters and again thanks for all the work.


Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:57 am 
OHW Addict

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Great addition to an already intense story ...now the wait for the next chapter..suspense is good and always look forward to your writings

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:50 am 

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OMG, Bert, Each chapter gets more erotic. Very well written..I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. Really looking forward to the next chapter...

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:34 am 
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I haven't read the earlier chapters,yet, but THAT was AWESOME!!!!!!!

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:38 pm 

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Thank you Bert, I told Barb there was another installment from you & she said, "Ohhhh, GOOD." LoL! it is in the printer now, I'll let you guess what tonight's bedtime story is gonna be.

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:21 pm 
OHW Addict

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As excellent as always! Now looking forward to Part 9!


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Unread postPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:14 pm 

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It's really worth the waiting!
Many thanks

Unread postPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:38 pm 

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I'm also looking forward to part 9!

Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:39 pm 
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Bravo, Bert. Another masterpiece - and masturbation piece!

It's SO great to read a story in which the wife fucks around but never stops loving her husband. Rare, and great.

Keep it up (pun intended)


Cuckold Paul

Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:32 am 
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You are about the best erotic writer I have ever read.

Thank you for posting,


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Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:06 pm 

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Wow. This is such a great story-- maybe your best. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to craft such a well written, captivating page-turner. My fingers are crossed that the next chapter is coming soon!


Unread postPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:50 pm 

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