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The preamble:

A number of years ago now, shortly after I graduated from university, I took a job in another city while my new wife stayed behind in Montreal to finish her degree. We got together as often as we could, but there were a few times a month went by with nothing more than phone calls every few days to keep us in contact. It was tough time for both of us. Fairly soon in her school year, I felt there was something different about her. I couldn't put my finger on it, and did ask her about it, but she told me she was just under a lot of pressure preparing her final recital (she’s a musician) as well as getting ready to begin auditioning for orchestras after graduation.

At Christmas (we did manage a week together), we tried to make up for lost time in bed, and it was then I noticed that her lovemaking seemed different, too. Previously, she had never really liked riding me. Now she wanted to do it all the time. The other change was that she was orgasming much more easily, even while we were fucking (that had been a very rare occurrence up until then). Of course I asked her about it--directly. Was she seeing someone else? She swore up and down that she wasn't. I believed her--sort of.

Of course you know the truth: she had been seeing someone. A year passed and we were now living in the same city and happily settled. From time to time I'd ask about the change that had come over her during the year we spent pretty well living apart. Eventually Jennifer confessed that she had been involved with someone and that it was completely all over, finished. In fact, she’d heard from friends that the guy she'd been with had recently gotten remarried.

I had a lot of trouble dealing with the situation at first, but eventually realized she'd obviously chosen me over him. From the first, it was very hard for her to discuss any of what happened. Jen can be a very private person. In fact, she refused give me any details about her affair for nearly a year, not even how long it had gone on. I didn't even know the guy's name. I finally convinced her that for us to move forward, the elephant in the room needed to be cleared away. I needed to know all. Not knowing anything other than it had happened was killing me. She very reluctantly agreed to open up, but she couldn't bring herself to talk about it directly. The solution was for her to tell me what had happened by writing it out. I would then read it when she wasn't around and we'd talk about it later.

The night I read what you’re about to read, and after we’d discussed it, we wound up fucking like animals, probably our best night ever to that point. It was obvious it turned us both on to talk about her times with her lover, Marc (whom I never did meet). It still makes very hot reading (she wrote several more "chapters" as time went on).

We don’t share. She’s not a hotwife, but she did take an amazing 8-month sexual journey that has left a deep mark on both of us. I wandered on to this site a few months ago and thought people here might appreciate this for what it is. Jen writes very well, and her descriptions are both sensual, erotic and very exciting. She and Marc were obviously amazing together and I envy him. I guess because of the nature of their relationship, she was much more open and free with him than she was with me at the time (and still somewhat is to this day). In other words, she really let herself go and tested the boundaries of her sexuality. I continue to reap the benefits of that when Jen is in the mood!

A brief description of her at the time (sorry, at this point photos are completely verboten): Jennifer was (and is) 5-5, around 115 pounds, with long, copper-red hair, and while her breasts aren’t large, she has a wonderfully tight, muscular body since she was and is a runner. Trust me when I say she can still turn heads at 100 paces. Her face wasn’t traffic-stoppingly beautiful, but people often called her pretty and all my friends thought she was very hot. I can well understand why Marc couldn’t resist her.

So stay tuned for the first part of the story coming shortly.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Welcome to the forum.

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Here's the story my wife, Jennifer, eventually wrote out for me about how her affair with Marc began.

At the time, she was put out that I was "bugging her about what happened." She wanted to forget it and move on. I said I really needed to know, not only the basics of her liaisons but also how she felt about it at the time (more important, actually, for me to understand and accept it). Being the very forthright person she is, Jen let me have it -- right between the eyes as it were. This story holds nothing back (and she obviously remembered events very clearly).I think she wrote it the way she did to shock me out of bothering her further.

And please don't think poorly of her for what happened. She felt HORRIBLE about what had happened and beat herself up emotionally from the time the affair stopped until she confessed it to me well over a year later. Of course I knew something was very wrong and suspected it was something like this, but she'd vowed to herself to NEVER tell me, afraid that not only would I leave her, but also she deeply ashamed of what she'd allowed herself to get into. "It was like I had this uncontrollable alter ego who would just take me over. I couldn't stop her."

Anyway, happily, we soon found out that her escapades turned us both on. To this day, she only has to say something like, "I remember the time Marc and I…" and we're off to the races.

Hope you enjoy this. Jen can write a hot tale when she puts her mind to it!


I watched Marc get to his feet.

After quickly removing his already-opened shirt, he paused and fixed me with his eyes as his hands dropped to the top of his slacks. His gaze steady as if drinking in the sight of me ready for him, he undid the button, lowered the zipper and slid the fabric down his legs. His underwear soon followed. My heart began pounding even harder as I saw his erection for the first time.

I was still partially dressed. Over the past half-hour, he’d untied my brown, wrap-around skirt. It now lay underneath me. The only other article of clothing I’d had on was a favourite green leotard with spaghetti straps and snaps holding it shut at the bottom. This was currently bunched in the middle of my body since Marc had lowered the top part to gain access to my breasts early on. A few minutes ago he’d undone the snaps between my legs and I’d felt his fingers caressing my most intimate places for the first time.

Moving closer, he helped me lie sideways on his sofa. To make room for him, I placed one leg over the low back of the sofa. My other leg was supported by my bare foot on the floor. I remained motionless as Marc positioned himself between my thighs.

“You look so beautiful tonight. I love the fire of your red hair, the way your body moves. Everything about you excites me, Jennifer. I have waited a long time to be able to say that to you.”

He leaned down and we began kissing again, long, deep and increasingly hot. My body began shaking, whether from excitement or fear, I couldn’t tell. The heat of Marc between my legs felt welcome and wonderful and incredibly erotic.

His lips moved to my neck, increasingly exciting me. I shifted a bit underneath him and immediately felt his erection push open my vulva, and then slide up and come to rest right against the opening of my vagina. I was now on the threshold of something I feared, but was also aching for.

“Are you ready for me?” he asked softly near my ear.

I nodded my head and whispered, “Yes.”

Shifting his hands to the sofa arm behind my head, he rose up over me. I felt his hips press forward.

Oh God! Marc was slipping inside me. I could scarcely believe we were actually making love. Lifting my head, I watched as his length disappeared very slowly, stretching out the enjoyment of that initial thrust until his pubic bone was pressing against mine.

Because of his girth, Marc’s erection fitted into me quite snugly, but it felt very, very good. He was only the third person to be there, if you count the dimwit I’d let take my virginity at the end of my first year of university.

The expression on my new lover’s face was a blend of concentration and pleasure. “Is that good for you?”

I nodded. “Oh, yes.”

“Me, as well.”

Marc and I had danced around what we were feeling between us ever since we’d met while teaching at Lac St. Jean, a summer music camp where we’d both been violin instructors. He’s French Canadian and I’m Anglo, and we’d quickly become fast friends. It was a curious friendship, though. He’d recently divorced; I hadn’t been married very long. He was in his mid-forties; I was in my mid-twenties. Part of the attraction on my side was almost adulation. Marc was an established and very accomplished musician, everything I longed to be. Another plus was he decided very early on that we’d only speak French – to help me improve mine further. While there, we’d only kissed once (good sense had prevailed on that occasion), but it had been a warm, passionate one, announcing it was quite likely that someday we might be unable to resist temptation and would become lovers.

Tonight, it had finally happened, after several months of increasing closeness between us. I knew quite well I shouldn’t be doing this, but I just couldn’t hold back any longer. He’d made the first move, leaning over to kiss me as we sat and chatted on his sofa.

It wasn’t a long one, but it was very, very nice. At the time it had sort of surprised me that he’d done it. The other time we’d kissed, I had asked him not to do it again. While I’d loved him doing it (and it was burned into my memory), I knew it wasn’t a good idea to allow it to go to another one. Until tonight, Marc had honored that request.
After kissing me, he’d pulled back with a quizzical look on his face, asking silently, “Was it all right to do that?”

When I didn’t indicate one way or the other, he leaned in again, and after a moment’s hesitation, I eagerly returned his kiss. I’d had only half a glass of wine. Maybe that had loosened my inhibitions slightly, but all during September since I’d returned to school in Montreal and contacted him, I had been thinking more and more about Marc and “possibilities”.

Now, tonight, on the sofa in his flat in Old Montreal, we were consummating a relationship that had actually begun back in July.

We remained motionless, me looking up, probably with a slightly bewildered expression on my face, Marc smiling down warmly, both of us luxuriating in the feeling of finally being intimate, as close as a male and female can be joined physically. He bent down and again kissed me deeply.

“We have waited a long time for this, have we not? he asked.


“I tried to resist your temptation, but tonight you just looked too beautiful for me to remain at a distance any longer.”

“I couldn’t resist, either.”

“Are you glad this is happening?”

“Yes, Marc. You feel so good inside me, so hard.”

We kissed again, our tongues dancing together. This man knew how to kiss!

Marc pulled out almost to the end of his erection. Then his left hand slipped down between us, and after moistening his fingers in my lubricating fluids, he began gently caressing me at the top of my slit, teasingly coaxing my arousal even further. I gasped and moaned when he allowed a finger to finally brush over my clitoris. His hot kisses rained down on my lips, face, and neck.

That’s when he began to move, withdrawing slowly, then thrusting in quick and hard. His hand, caught between us, helped further stimulate me every time we crashed together.

For many minutes he made love to me like that. Marc had wonderful staying power. I moved my hands up behind me to the sofa’s arm so I could better resist his thrusts and increase our enjoyment.

He smiled again. “I knew you would be a responsive lover, Jennifer. I could see it in the way you move, the way you touch my arm when we talk, in your eyes, but especially in the way you make music.”

He took a deep, contented breath as he continued thrusting. After several glorious minutes of feeling his manhood sliding into and out of me, Marc stopped and pulled out.
“What’s wrong? I asked, alarmed that he was stopping.

“Nothing, ma chère.”

Rising to his knees, he slid his hands under my rear end, lifting my lower body to the level of his erection. I used my legs to help support my weight.

Once again, he slid into me, this time very quickly, causing a sharp intake of my breath. His hands felt wonderful as they held and caressed my buns. Shifting them slightly, he tilted my pelvis up. The result was he could penetrate more deeply. Once again his pubic bone began bumping my clitoris whenever our bodies came together and my arousal rose even more. We were making love in earnest now, moving together more fluidly. I pushed forward every time our bodies met, taking as active a part as I could since my hips were higher than my upper body. The room was silent except for sighs and moans and the slap of our bodies coming together.

Marc was a very passionate lover. There was deep ardor in his movements and he was obviously very experienced. My husband, Rob, was an “enthusiastic” lover. He adored my naked body, couldn’t get enough of making love to me, but our unions were generally too short for me to enjoy them to the maximum. Oh, he did make certain I always had an orgasm, but he was a sprinter in the act of love. Marc was a long-distance runner.

This experience was very different. I marveled how this man could keep going. It gave me time to savor every aspect of what we were doing together: how interesting it felt to have an someone else’s penis inside me, how his hands holding my bottom excited me, his hot kisses, everything was just so different than what I was used to. Marc’s thrusting body seemed tireless.

Eventually, though, my legs began to tire. Perhaps sensing this, Marc’s pace quickened. He knew I was on the pill so it was safe to ejaculate inside me. Earlier, he’d offered to use a condom anyway, but I’d refused. I wanted to feel him, his skin to my skin.

“I am going to finish soon,” he said.

“I want you to finish inside me.” I had to feel from this man that deeply erotic pulsing that I loved so much.

I could feel his penis swelling to even greater hardness, something that always excites me a lot and I let out a low groan.

Marc thrust into me forcefully about a half dozen more times before I felt his penis swell to its maximum. As he drove himself forward one last time, I felt it pulse deep inside me, filling me with proof of his passion. We remained joined tightly for several more seconds before he gently lowered my rear end to the sofa, causing his softening erection to fall out of me. Fluids slid down between my legs onto the sofa cushion. I looked at what was hanging between his legs, coated with evidence of our union. It excited me to know that I’d been made love to at long last by this man whom I admired so much.

Marc was slightly out of breath. We stared at each other, silently assessing what had just taken place.

“Jennifer, you are good?” he asked gently.

“Yes, Marc, I’m fine. I’m very fine.”

“You have not had an orgasm yet, though, and that must be remedied.”

Offering me a hand, he helped me sit up and we wound up side-by-side as we’d started the evening. Marc pulled my bunched up leotard over my head, and we immediately began kissing again.

“I was very close before,” I told him between kisses, “when you were making love to me.”

I threw my right leg over his left, opening myself up. He took the hint immediately and his right hand moved from the nipple of my left breast, sliding down the outside of my body to my waist, and then over to the apex of my legs. Underneath my right leg, I could feel his penis begin to harden again.

Turned partially so we were almost facing each other, Marc’s hand began to play in my garden. I was still very wet from our first round of lovemaking so he had lots of lubrication to use. The arm he slipped behind me felt wonderful, especially when he moved it forward, taking my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and started tugging on it gently.

“Marc,” I moaned, “that feels so incredible.”

“Mmm… I love sucking your nipples very much.” With that, my new lover bent over and took my right nipple into his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue around it in the most erotic way imaginable.

I threaded my fingers through his hair, holding him where he was because what he was doing to my body felt so incredible. Down between my legs, he was stroking inside my vulva almost lazily, occasionally dipping his fingers inside me, and even less occasionally rubbing alongside my clitoris. Though my arousal was increasing, it was frustratingly slow.

My body began to move almost by itself. Every time Marc’s fingers got close to my clitoris, my hips would thrust downward, eager for his fingers to make contact with that sensitive place. Two times he brought me so close to orgasm I was on the very brink, panting and moaning. And two times his hand moved away to cup my entire genital area, frustratingly denying my release. Between these time, we’d kiss as I cooled off and one hand would cup a breast while the other would stroke my inner thighs.
“Dearest Jennifer,” he breathed into my ear. “You excite me very much. Can you feel it?”

I wiggled my leg against his lap and felt his now-hard erection twitch. Grinning, I asked, “Does that answer your question?” then gave him my lustiest kiss – con brio!

His right hand started stroking my genitals lightly again and by this time I was growing increasingly frustrated at not achieving an orgasm by means of his fingers.
Slowly and patiently he brought me upwards until I was writhing around under his gentle onslaught. My moans and sighs filled the room even as his mouth covered mine with hot kisses.

I was close, oh so close, standing higher than ever at that sweet precipice.

“Marc,” I groaned, “if you don’t let me orgasm this time, I’m going to go crazy. I want to finish!”

He pulled back and looked at me. “You are ready?” he asked sweetly, a hint of amusement around his lips.

“I am way past ready. Don’t torture me anymore!”

“By doing this, I am only increasing the enjoyment of your eventual release.”

“But you’ve got me nearly squirming off the sofa!”

Now his smile was broad. “Precisely.”

We went back to kissing, and he was tugging and twisting my left nipple harder now as he used his arm to pull me tightly against him. His lips went back to my other nipple and sucked hard.

My body, out of my control now, began to twitch and I threw my legs open even farther to give Marc complete access. Now he was using two fingers to trace the inside of my lips, occasionally sliding then inside me and then wiggling them across the top of my vagina. It all felt heavenly and I couldn’t control my hips which began to thrust at whatever contact he deigned to give me. I was completely under his spell.

Over and over I was moaning, “Oh Marc, oh Marc…” as he continued his exquisite torture.

His mouth was near my ear again. “Do you want to finish, my love?” he asked.

“Oh yes, dear God. Please let me finish!”

“Do you like it when I do this?” His fingers began sliding up and down my slit, but without contact with my aching clitoris.

“No! I want you to touch me.”

“Where, dearest Jennifer?”

“You know where.”

“You must tell me.”

“On the spot that makes me hottest!”

“Like this?” His two fingers lightly caressed my clitoris and then moved away.

“Marc, if you don’t make me orgasm right now, there’s going to be a serious problem!”

His lips found my neck again and as he nibbled and sucked on it, he finally began to touch me in earnest. It took barely a minute more for my excitement to crest. My body and mind went totally out of control as an exquisite orgasm ripped through me, making me writhe on Marc’s lap until he had to slide his left arm down to my waist to hold me in place.

He had known just what to do, teasing me until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and then backing off, kissing my neck and holding me tight until my body was once again ready for more. I lay there panting as I relived what I had just experienced.

Marc let me come down from my sexual high, kissing my neck, the top of my chest and nuzzling my right ear with his lips. I remember the first thing that crossed my addled mind was a deep feeling of contentment – and I was having trouble focusing my eyes.



“I want to take you again. Watching your orgasm has made me very excited.”

“Marc, you can do anything to me you want.”

“I want to have you from the behind this time.”

“Anything,” I said dreamily.

“Get up and kneel on the sofa facing the back.”

I did as he asked. Draping my arms over the back of the sofa, I arched my back, raising my ass provocatively, so my lover would have easy access.
He moved forward, still standing. His hands traced the curves of my buttocks and his fingertips grazed my lower back sensuously. Suddenly his lips were up near my shoulders as he pressed against me. “I love your derriere, dearest Jennifer.”

I wiggled it against him. “I’m glad. I want to feel you inside me again, Marc.”

His hands moved my waist and I could feel his erection between my legs, hard as steel and ready to ravage me again.

“Put me into you, Jennifer. Put me at your opening.”

I did as he asked, and he immediately thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt. I moaned loudly as again his manhood filled me up completely, deeper inside me than he had been the first time. Marc’s penis was slightly bigger around than my husband’s and maybe a little longer, but inside me this way, he felt huge.

“Take me, Marc! I want to feel your penis swell and pulse inside me again.”

His hands gripped my waist as he began to pull me back into him as he stood on the floor behind me. This time I was aware that he was using my body for his pleasure, and if anything, that turned me on more than ever. Over and over and over, his onslaught continued as he made my most secret place his.

We were grunting and moaning with the force of our coupling, telling each other how much we were loving it. Both of us desired the same thing: his release. Marc began saying how much he loved my ass, the curve of my back, my long red hair. “You are so beautiful, dear Jennifer.”

I was panting and thrusting back forcefully, totally out of control and wanting to give my lover as much pleasure as he was giving me.

“Jennifer, you feel so good around my cock.”

“Oh God! You feel so good, too. I love having you inside me.”

Harder and harder he thrust into me, and I could tell he was close. Both of us were gasping and moaning as he used his hands on my waist to pull me into him. I loved how his penis felt from this angle and turned up my ass to allow him to push even deeper into me.

“Oh…Jennifer…. I cannot hold back. I am going to fill you again.”

“Yes, Marc, yes! I want you to do that.”

Three more hard thrusts and he held my ass against his groin. I felt him swell and pulse very deep inside me. I was nowhere near orgasming myself, but I loved the way he felt and was turned on by it by making this man orgasm.

After he finished, he stayed tightly against me, panting. Now and then he’d bump at me but I could feel his erection was subsiding. When he finally stepped back, I cupped my hand over my genitals and got off the sofa. As I stood, he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close and kissing me again.

“That was wonderful.”

I kissed his cheek. “I really enjoyed it, too.” As I headed off to the bathroom, I asked over my shoulder, “Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“Whatever you would like, my dear.”

Under the hot water, cleaning myself, my brain began to clear. I had just been made love to (most throughly!) by a man I admired for so many reasons. I felt completely and totally ravaged. And while I knew I had allowed myself to do something I should not have, I also had to be honest and say that I’d thoroughly enjoyed making love to Marc.
After drying myself, I dressed and went out to the living room. Marc was wearing a robe (obviously still naked under it), sipping a glass of wine, a contented look on his face.

“All clean?” he asked.

“Yes, Marc.”

He fixed me with his eyes. “Any regrets?”

I thought about that for several moments, then answered, “No.”

“Would you like me to cook that steak for you now?”

“No. I think I’d like to go home.”

“I will drive you.”

He got dressed quickly and we went down to his car. The ride was mostly silent, but every time we stopped for a light, his hand slipped over my knee or stroked my cheek.
Pulling up in front of the door to my building in the student ghetto, I started to get out, but Marc’s hand on my upper arm stopped me.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” he asked. “We took a large step tonight.”

I’d told him quite a bit about my husband, and Marc knew what my feelings were and that I would be heavily conflicted about what had just taken place. But Marc also had a bit of an amoral streak. I knew he liked the company of women. I knew there had been someone between our summer kiss and what had happened tonight. He was also nearly the same age as my father, with daughters nearly my age. All of these things I knew ahead of time. Up until tonight, I had been able to hold my feelings in check, other than that one fateful kiss in Lac Saint Jean.

I looked back at Marc and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He turned his head and our lips met. The kiss deepened and strengthened and I felt him reach for me.

“No, Marc. That’s enough for one night. I have to go now.”

As I got out of his car, he leaned over, looking up at me. “When can I see you again?”

I shrugged. “I have some things to do tomorrow and there’s a concert on Monday evening.”

“Shall we say Tuesday?”

I nodded. “That would work.”

“Fine. Tuesday at 7:30. I will be finished teaching by then. We can go out for dinner.”

“Dinner would be nice."

“But not too much.”

I knew from that comment he expected to have me again. My heart immediately leapt. He’d been so silent on the drive over, I thought I’d displeased him in some way.
“Tuesday, then,” I repeated.

“Yes. I cannot wait.”

Walking up the two flights of stairs to my one-bedroom apartment, my thoughts were very muddled. What had happened was something I had not expected.

I had taken a lover.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Incredible first part of the story - can't wait to read the rest! Please...

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I didn't tell Jen I was going to post this. In fact, I hadn't gotten around to telling her about this site. Then she calmed down, read the story again -- and wanted to tighten up a few sentences! She thought it was kind of hot that people were looking at her story. You could have knocked me down with a feather. She also spent about 2 hours looking over the site.

Wonder what that means?

I, or should I now say we, will post the second one after she's looked it over for more errant sentences.

Stay tuned! And she really got off on your kind words, njkitten.


It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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I love the final sentence - "I had taken a lover" - so much summed up in those five simple words...

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njkittenkeeper wrote:
I love the final sentence - "I had taken a lover" - so much summed up in those five simple words...

That was a real shocker for me. She was so matter of fact about it. But that's the way Jen is about so many things. She says it like it is -- most of the time. The exception quite often is in the sex department where sometimes she'll hint around for a long time before coming out and telling me what it is she wants, or at least wants to tell me. Believe me, I really had to drag from her the information about her affair with Marc. I was certain SOMETHING had happened in Montreal but she swore up and down nothing had. When she finally came clean, it was such a huge relief for her, and I felt so bad that she'd taken on that burden.

What convinced her to come clean was me overhearing two electricians we had in the house discussing how hot she looked and how much they'd love to fuck her. When I told her the thought of that gave me a huge hard-on, she was very surprised and it started a train of thought in her head that took a few weeks to sort through and to decide I would be able to handle her confession. Funny thing was (suspecting what I did and thinking about that possibility over the year since we'd been able to live together again) I had decided that if she HAD done something in Montreal, as long as this sort of thing (going behind my back) didn't happen again, that I would be fine with it.

Silly girl. I understand it completely. I had done some mild fooling around, as well while we were apart, and had already told her right after the two things happened. She almost told me then, but she was still seeing Marc and knew she would have to stop and wasn't ready to do that yet. The longer her silence went on, the harder it became to confess -- especially after her numerous denials.

Relationships, even the successful ones, are never easy.


It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Righteous wrote:
njkittenkeeper wrote:
I love the final sentence - "I had taken a lover" - so much summed up in those five simple words...

She almost told me then, but she was still seeing Marc and knew she would have to stop and wasn't ready to do that yet. The longer her silence went on, the harder it became to confess -- especially after her numerous denials.

Relationships, even the successful ones, are never easy.


Rob, thanks to you and Jennifer for sharing so far. Your ending quote is spot on. Do you mind if I ask how old the two of you are now? Only because you open with "a long while ago".

Question to those following this story though. What is the difference between a lover, a fuck buddy or a friend with benefits? I'm not a hotwife (I don't think) though I have had a couple of affairs that my husband doesn't know about and if he did he would certainly not be a cuck either. Looking forward to Jennifer's edits and continuing story.

Hi, I'm here to read the stories and real-life experiences. I'm not seeking a bull, a cyber friend or a fb.


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outlanderwench wrote:
Rob, thanks to you and Jennifer for sharing so far. Your ending quote is spot on. Do you mind if I ask how old the two of you are now? Only because you open with "a long while ago".


It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Righteous wrote:

Thank you. Much closer to my age (just north of 50) than I would have thought. Again, looking forward to the continuing story!

Hi, I'm here to read the stories and real-life experiences. I'm not seeking a bull, a cyber friend or a fb.


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This story was rewritten a few times by Jen when she realized how much I was getting off on the details of her affair with Marc. At first it was much softer, more a he did this and I did that retelling of events. The rewrites added a lot more detail to what she was feeling and the emotional turmoil she was going through. It was often very hard on me to read these (since she always gave me these to read when she wasn't around -- embarrassed, I guess) as she got more truthful in her commentary. But she knew she was turning me on and when we were next together, our lovemaking would be very intense as I asked her questions. From my side, I guess I was trying to reclaim her, and from her side, it allowed her to relive it all with much less guilt. All in all, it was probably the best therapy for us as a couple.

So here's part two of her story -- or should I say part deux? And as I said earlier, the woman knows how to tell a story...


Two days later near the appointed time, Marc called to suggest we get a quick bite to eat then go over to his place. That was fine with me since my one-room apartment had no furniture except a table and chairs in the tiny kitchen and a mattress on the floor. Considering what we were going to be up to, I also really didn’t want him coming over. That sort of thing had disaster written all over it.

I’d spent the two days running between being wracked with guilt over what I’d allowed to happen and extreme horniness over how wonderful it had been. Everything about being with Marc was so incredibly wrong. I had no business doing it. I was a horrible person. Five minutes later I was wanting to masturbate furiously remembering how incredible it felt when he slid into me that first time.

What I really needed was time to get my head on straight. In order to be ready to graduate, I was practising each day as many hours as I could. It certainly didn’t help that I had all these thoughts swirling through my head. But I had to keep going, had to get my life back under control, and I had no idea how to do it. Fortunately, during that time, I didn’t have to talk to Rob. Somehow I had to work things out before we next spoke, or worse yet, I had to see him face-to-face.

So that Tuesday evening, I waited for him down on the street and it was not many minutes later that he arrived. I was pretty on edge. The other day had been a surprise when things began happening. Yes, I could have stopped it, but I hadn’t wanted to. Tonight was something completely different. Tonight, I knew what was going to happen. I was both excited and very apprehensive.

We grabbed a quick meal and talked about our days while we ate, then left for his place. I felt more reassured and comfortable. I think Marc detected my apprehension. Sitting on his sofa, he inquired how I was feeling about what had happened between us.

“I’m okay, I guess.”

“No regrets?”

“No,” I lied.

“I have been able to think of nothing but you the past two days. I want you to know how much I enjoyed our lovemaking.”

I smiled. “I’ve thought about little else, too. It’s been very difficult to concentrate on practicing.”

“Would you like to make love again?”

“Yes. I would like that very much.”

We were all over each other immediately, now much more familiar and easy our second time around. Marc wasted no time reaching for my breasts through the fabric of my blouse. Since I didn’t wear bras in those days, he had no trouble with access. My hand went to his pants where I was greeted by a nicely hardening erection.

We only groped and kissed for a short time before he suggested moving to his bedroom. The bed was made and the room quite organized and clean, unlike the usual state of my apartment. Marc was a tidy man, not what you would expect from someone newly living on his own. It passed through my mind that he might have cleaned up everything before coming to get me to make an impression.

We removed our clothes quickly, and moments later we were lying on the bed, enjoying a full-body naked embrace – our first. It felt heavenly.

That night was the first time Marc ate me, giving me a wonderful, writhing orgasm with his tongue.

His technique was wonderful. He instinctively knew just where I needed to be licked, how hard, when. His tonguing constantly changed, hard to soft, starting gently and then increasing in force as I neared my release.

“Oh Marc, oh God… That feels so good.”

He looked up. “I’m glad. I am loving doing this for you.” He immediately got back to work.

My hips were thrusting at him insistently, trying to get slightly harder contact. His hands were over my hips, holding my lips open. I felt his fingers move as he exposed my clitoris more. Now his tongue widened and he was licking me slowly, occasionally dipping down towards my opening for more juices.

“I love the way you taste, darling Jennifer.”

Spoken in French, Marc’s words sounded deliciously erotic and decedent, making me even more aroused — if that was possible.

I could barely keep my body still. Lying on my back with my legs over my lover’s shoulders wasn’t enough, so I spread them wider on either side of him. He hummed his approval into my genitals.

Soon, I could feel it building, an orgasm I knew would be very intense. His tongue had me moaning uncontrollably and writhing.

And then he stopped. I had been incredibly horny for the previous two days and knowing that I’d be seeing him again soon, I’d held off playing with myself. Consequently, I was in no mood to be teased.

“Marc, don’t do this to me again,” I said, grabbing his head. “Please.”

He looked up and nodded, then went back to work. Of course things had died down a bit, but as he focused more on my clitoris, putting the flat of his tongue on it and moving slowly and lightly, my arousal quickly went through the roof again. I’m certain his neighbours could hear what was going on. I just couldn’t keep myself quiet.

When my orgasm started, Marc immediately stopped moving his tongue. Holding it tightly against my clit, he let my writhing body supply all the movement.

My climax was shattering. He had to grab my hips to keep contact with me. My whole body just went wild (he said later he thought I would levitate right off the bed). Eventually I had to push his head away. Marc stayed down between my legs softly kissing my pubic hair as pleasant little aftershocks washed through my body
“Oh, Marc, that was so, so good,” I sighed when I could finally focus my eyes again.

He smiled up at me. “I’m glad. I adore your taste and fragrance.”

When I felt ready, I opened my legs even further and pulled back my knees to give him better access to my vagina.

Marc immediately took the hint and slid up my body, lustily kissing and nibbling flesh along the way. Each nipple got a long, hard suck, then he moved to my upper chest and neck. After kissing me hard, he used one hand to support himself and the other to slide his erection up and down my open slit a few times, moistening the tip, and also beginning to ramp up my arousal again. A few times he went higher, right over my clit, causing tremors to shoot through my body.

“Please make love to me now, Marc. I’m ready.”

He lined himself up and started pushing into me. This time it didn’t feel strange in the slightest. It was my lover’s erection and I knew the pleasure it was going to give me. Lying more on top of me this time, Marc and I kissed as he used his just the motion of his hips to thrust relentlessly into and out of me. He had his hands on my shoulders to hold me in place against his thrusting and I shifted my hands to his rear end to urge him on. Moving to my neck, his kisses took on a more forceful quality, nipping me occasionally.

“Please no hickies. I have no way to explain them. Everyone at school knows I’m married and my husband isn’t around.”

“Mmmm,” he whispered, sucking on my earlobe. “You could always wear a turtleneck. Can’t I mark my woman?”

The pleasure from his driving cock left me no room to think. “No. I’m sorry.” I knew I’d disappointed him, but, well, it just wasn’t me. “Marc, I think you’re marking me right now, even if people can’t see where it is. In fact, it’s the most intimate way possible for you to mark me.”

He stopped thrusting and rose up to look down at me, seemingly taken a bit aback by what I’d said.

“You constantly surprise me.”

“I’m glad. This whole thing has been a huge surprise to me.”

“A good surprise.”

I surprised myself when I answered, “Oh yes, Marc. I love being with you.”

Where had that come from?

“And I you.” He kissed me again. I never tired of them, so hot and so…masculine and confident. “I want you to tighten your inner muscles for me. I need you to grip me. Oh, that is good, Jennifer. That’s very good.”

He began to move again, then, frustratingly, stopped.

“Put your legs over my shoulders. I want to be as deep in you as I can be.”

Marc anchored himself by holding my arms just above the elbows, pinning me to his bed and began to thrust very hard, driving toward his orgasm.

Good God! He felt so good inside me. I gripped him as tightly as I could, causing him to emit a low moan. We were both sweating now from the fury of our coupling. Tonight we were moving together better, too, as each figured out how to make our bodies fit together.

This position was very good for me, and when Marc shifted his hips so he was thrusting into me from a lower angle, it felt even better as his erection rubbed against other places in my vagina more vigorously.

I loved the feeling of being thoroughly made love to by this man. He was dominating me, however gently, and it turned me on a lot. I liked someone telling me what he wanted, giving him pleasure and receiving more pleasure in return. What we did was up to him and I could deny him nothing. I felt completely out of control and that was as much of a rush as having his erection inside me.

After several minutes and countless moans and sighs from each of us, Marc announced, “I am going to finish soon, dear Jennifer.”

“Oh yes. I love to feel you release inside me.”

“I love filling you. Grip me as tightly as you can.”

I did and was soon rewarded with feeling him swell and stiffen even more. Marc let out a loud groan and drove his cock into me very hard. I came as I felt it pulsing over and over.

We stayed joined for several minutes. I would occasionally playful squeeze his softening erection with my inner muscles. Marc smiled but was breathing hard and his face was sweaty. I used my hands to wipe it away.

He sighed. “That was very, very nice.”

“I love the way you make love to me.” I levered myself up and kissed him lustily, then said into his ear, “Next time we make love, I want to ride you.”

He looked over at the clock. “It’s already late. Time for me to get you home, my dear.”

We took a quick shower together (lots of touching but no sex) and dressed. As I wiggled into my jeans, he was looking at me with a distinctly lustful expression. I felt myself blush and my pulse quickened.

“Your derriere looks wonderful in those. You have a very fine one indeed.”

I was about to say, “You sound just like Rick”, but stopped myself. That thought must have shown on my face.

“Still no regrets?”

I walked over and kissed him. “No. Just the occasional thoughts that are a bit hard to deal with. Don’t worry.”

It was then I began to realize I was becoming addicted to making love to Marc. He could do anything he wanted with me. And I think he realized that.

He drove me home, and this time I had my hand on his whenever it was on his Alpha Romeo’s gearshift. We didn’t say much, but it felt much better than it had the previous time we’d been together. This time I knew he’d enjoyed himself as much as I had.

There was a spot across the street from my building, and he pulled in.

“I’d like to see your apartment. May I come up?”

I frantically thought about whether it was neat or not. I’d done my laundry the previous evening which meant there wouldn’t be dirty undies about and I’d washed the dishes while wait for him to call that evening.

“Sure. Just don’t expect much.”

We went up the two flights of stairs with me in the lead. I knew that was on purpose because there was room for us both side by side. He wanted to look at my ass, so I gave it a bit more wiggle than necessary.

I unlocked the door, opened it and flipped on the overhead light. We took off our coats and I put them over one of the kitchen chairs. I was about to turn around and ask if he wanted some coffee when he pressed his body against mine, wrapping his arms around me and kissing the back of my neck.

“I must have you again, Jennifer.”

His hands were cupping my breasts and I could feel my nipples stiffening. “Right now?”

“Yes. Right now.”

This time, I let Marc undress me, and it was a very sensuous experience. Kisses rained down on my face and neck as he undid the buttons of my shirt and slid it from my shoulders. Leaning over, he licked and kissed my breasts. Each nipple got a good suck. Little jolts of electricity shot down to my groin with each suck and I could feel myself getting very wet again.

Then he knelt in front of me, undoing the button of my jeans, dropping the zipper and sliding them and my rather damp panties over my hips and partway down my legs. Leaning in, he took a deep sniff and planted a kiss on my pubic hair.

“I love the way you smell, Jennifer.”

My sneakers were untied and removed one at a time with me steadying myself on his shoulders. He then slipped my jeans and panties the rest of the way off, and I was left with only my white socks.

“Let’s leave those on,” he said. “You look delightful like that.”

“Good. It’s always freezing in here.”

I turned off the overhead light and turned on the small one next to my mattress, then I lay back and watched him undress. Marc was quick and precise in his movements and soon he, too, was naked. His erection stood out, proud and stiff, and very, very hard – and just for me.

“I want to take you from behind so I can watch myself sliding into you and enjoy your perfect derriere while we make love.”

“You want me on my hands and knees?” I asked as I got into position. “Like this?”

I smiled at him over my shoulder as he seemed to drink in the sight of my naked behind. Marc’s erection was now so hard it was bobbing with each rapid beat of his heart. It was a heady experience and huge turn-on for me to excite my lover this much.

“Come down to me,” I said and wiggled my rear end enticingly. I wanted him so badly now.

He got into position behind me. I dropped to my elbows and turned my rear end up so he would have easier access. His hands were all over my back tracing over the muscles with his fingernails lightly and further exciting me. Of course my rear end got more than its share of attention as he traced every curve. Finally, he put his hands on my hips and I could feel his erection slide between my legs.

I was a little high, so I moved my legs apart, lowering myself. Taking him in my hand, I put Marc’s penis to the opening of my vagina, rubbed it around in my juices to moisten the head. Once I removed my hand, he began to push.

I loved the feeling every time his penis entered me. But right now, because of the position in which we were making love, he felt both fatter and longer.

“I can’t get our lovemaking out of my mind, Jennifer. Every time I close me eyes I can see you naked in front of me. The curve of your buttocks, your breasts, the way you flush when you get sexually excited, the way you sigh when I touch and kiss you. You have me completely intoxicated with your beauty. Tonight, as we came up your stairs and your derriere was in front of me, I began to get hard. You have that effect on me, Jennifer. When I am that way, I want to take you like this.”

He was all the way inside me now. Drawing back until I could feel just the head of his penis at my very opening, he stopped then drove into me so hard, I let out an involuntary, “Uh!”

Our coupling was almost frenzied as he thrust into me over and over and over. I did the tightening thing inside me and was rewarded by a deep moan from Marc. When I tilted my hips upward, he groaned out, “Oh, that’s very nice,” so I stayed there. I wanted so much to please him.

His erection was rubbing that place on the roof of my vagina again and it was feeling very good. Since Marc had already cum that evening and had the control to go a long time anyway (even when really aroused as he was now), the feeling in my vagina had time to grow. I was moaning and sighing as I got more and more turned on.

I moved my right hand back to touch myself. In this position, my clitoris is very exposed and I was surprised by how hard she was.

When he realized what I was doing, Marc groaned and began thrusting even harder. He was now holding my waist and I was pushing myself back onto him as much as he was pounding into me. My arousal was growing.

“I am going to cum very soon, Marc,” I panted. “Oh God, you feel so hard and strong inside me!”

“I will wait for you, Jennifer. Tell me when it’s going to happen.”


By now his thrusts had almost stopped as he let me take over, impaling myself on him again and again while he was a motionless pillar. My senses were going wild and I could feel a large orgasm building.

“Marc, oh Marc, you feel so good,” I gasped. “You turn me on so much, I can’t believe it. All I’ve been able to think about the past two days is your cock and how it feels inside me. I adore how you make love to me. Oh, God! Marc, I’m going to cum,”

My body suddenly got very hot and that place inside my vagina was throbbing and even hotter. Marc’s hands tightened around my hips and I could feel his erection sliding in even deeper if that was possible. I welcomed all of him and was now past talking as my orgasm began taking control of my body. He was thrusting again because I was incapable of it, but also pulling me back against him, too. His hard shaft inside of me felt like a steel pole as it swelled even bigger. My body shook again as I felt a final swell and then the pulsing of his penis over and over as he came inside me for the second time that evening. We finally stopped moving and he held my ass tightly against his groin.

It had been almost violent, each of us searching for release, needing it badly even though we'd already made love earlier.

Marc’s hands came off my hips and I fell on my side in a daze. I had never been made love to like that.

As he dressed to go home (though I really wanted him to stay, spooning against me until I fell asleep), I knew he was looking at me. Was I making him hard all over again? I didn’t move even though I knew his semen leaking from me would make a big wet spot in the middle of my bed. I simply could not move.

Marc, fully dressed, knelt beside me and kissed between my shoulder blades. “A bientot, Jen. I hope that you will sleep well tonight. This was a most wonderful evening. I will call you.”

And then he was gone.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Excellent *edits* ;) Thank you for sharing!

Hi, I'm here to read the stories and real-life experiences. I'm not seeking a bull, a cyber friend or a fb.


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njkittenkeeper wrote:

I had the same reaction when I first read this version. As I said, I think Jen was a little perturbed by my constantly asking of questions about what she had been thinking, how she liked it (or didn't), basically asking for her "inner conversation" about the affair. Being a redhead it was probably a matter of, "Okay, you asked for it!"

The rest of her "chapters" in this saga were written in the same manner. I certainly understood EVERYTHING by the time she got finished! Along the way, though, this honesty helped us move past her indiscretion, in fact, to begin to use it to our own sexual ends. She found she got off on writing these no-holds-barred accounts of being with Marc, and I certainly got off on reading them -- still do.

The occasion retold here is what really sealed the deal for her with Marc, and led to her not being able to stop seeing him, even though she realized how dangerous the situation could be to our marriage. He really rocked her world that night. Before that coupling in her apartment, Jen had never orgasmed just from the action of a cock in her pussy. Marc's skill as a lover really was quite amazing. She learned a lot from him -- and passed it on to me. It made a huge difference in our sex life. It also got her more open to experimentation, since Marc was very inventive. The things they got up to...


It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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This is a well written story and of particular interest to me. Lynne and I were high school sweethearts and even lived together in undergrad. I got into professional school while she finished her degree. Then the next year she was accepted too, only in another city. So we had a long distance relationship for three years until she ended up in a classmates bed just before graduation...

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It is a very good storyline, and her edits certainly made a difference. Though I admit it's very similar to a storyline in one of the recent Best of Women's Erotica edited by Violet Blue. Will you be sharing the rest of the story with Jen's edits?

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shelby83 wrote:
It is a very good storyline, and her edits certainly made a difference. Though I admit it's very similar to a storyline in one of the recent Best of Women's Erotica edited by Violet Blue. Will you be sharing the rest of the story with Jen's edits?

I don't think you're quite getting it. My wife wrote this account of her affair completely. As for the story you say it's similar to, her account was written 20 years ago. I'm only sharing it now. Any similarity to something else is purely coincidental. You have piqued my interest, though. Which story is it in this collection?

There will be more, but as also stated, she wants to look things over before I post them. I'd like to do the whole thing at once, but that ain't gonna happen because she's really busy at the moment.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Jen couldn't sleep last night, so she came downstairs and looked one more time at what you're about to read. I notice that she put in a small note in one spot. Bear in mind these stories were written about 20 years ago, back when we were 25. She has a lot of pride and doesn't want to look foolish, I guess.

Anyway, this story when I first read it really turned me on a lot. It's not my absolute favorite account of the things she did, but it's right up there, guess because she really took command. I can only imagine what she would have looked like naked in Marc's studio. She was and is a very striking female, not big in the breast department but with a very tight body, legs for days and an ass to die for. Then there's her red bush…

After looking this over last night, she came back to bed and fucked the living shit out of me.

On with chapter 3!


The next time I saw Marc was very special for me.

It had been nearly a week since we’d been together. Try as we might, we couldn’t seem to find a mutual time that worked. We did speak on the phone several times and a couple of times the conversation got pretty hot, with Marc starting it. The second time he told me he was naked and masturbating – which turned me on incredibly. I wound up getting naked, too, and we came together. For some reason, afterwards I felt far more guilty doing that then actually have him make love to me. I spent a lot of time trying to figure that one out.

I’d also spoken to Rob twice during those six days. The first time had been really surreal because I hadn’t been expecting his call and he caught me just as I’d taken off my clothes to masturbate — and think about someone else. I immediately felt incredible guilty, but at least here it was more reasonable to feel that way. It also hardened my resolve to never have Marc in my apartment for any reason — especially messing around. What if Rob were to show up unannounced?

Anyway, the time apart from Marc gave me more perspective about what was happening in my life. There was a large part of me that wanted to break the whole thing off, knowing how wrong it was, bury it deep, and pretend it had never happened.

On the other hand, sex with Marc was jaw-droppingly fantastic. The fact that I’d managed to orgasm while we were screwing without stimulating myself still had me amazed. I’d never gotten close to that with Rob. Yes, Marc’s penis was a bit longer, but not by that much. Rob was nearly seven inches (we measured one time) and Marc was maybe a half-inch or possibly a bit more longer. He was rather fatter, though, and I think that made all the difference. And of course (probably from being older) he could go a lot longer than Rob. So to the fact that I was being incredibly “naughty” made me extra excited.

It all boiled down to this: I should not have been doing this, but I loved doing this. I lost a lot of sleep over trying to decide what I should do. I was still firmly in love with Rob. I felt Marc was just a delightful friend with whom I enjoyed sharing my body. If he got to be anything more, well, then I’d have to break it off. But right then, I was really into the whole situation. This sophisticated man — and great musician — wanted to be with me. That was heady stuff. (Through the perspective you only get from years of experience, I know now how silly and naive that last comment sounds! — Jen)

Anyway, I was getting very frustrated not being able to connect up with Marc. So on the sixth day since our second tryst, I decided to take matters into my own hands. For some reason, I was also feeling very dominating. I enjoyed this third get-together tremendously, mainly because I called the shots.

That evening, I planned to be waiting outside his studio at the Conservatoire as his final student left. He was a little surprised but also very pleased to see me. I noticed that he looked down the hall and quickly invited me in. He did have students my age — and younger.

“Marc, I’ve been frustrated and horny all day,” I said as I pushed my body up against him and we kissed con brio.

He seemed momentarily confused, then light dawned in his eyes. “What? Here?”

I nodded then went over to the door and locked it.

The studio had very little in the way of furniture. There was a desk, a couple of armless chairs, music stands, some shelves of music and that was about it.

Since I’d snuck up on him, Marc was a bit at a loss. I was wearing my usual outfit of jeans and running shoes, but because that day was a bit colder (it was October and we were in Montreal, after all), I had on my favorite green and blue striped pullover sweater and, of course, a jacket. I shucked that off first and let it drop to the floor as I fixed my lover with my eyes.

The jeans were my tightest pair and I hadn’t bothered with panties because I thought it might give Marc an additional kick. He watched silently as I slipped off my runners and socks, pulled the sweater over my head (no bra, as usual), then went over to the mirror on the wall to straighten out my hair using my fingers.

Tonight was about teasing him, since he’d teased me unmercifully during our first two times together. I was going to show him that two could play this game!

Keeping my back to him, I undid the snap on my jeans, pulled down the zipper, and began to shimmy them down my legs, making sure I wiggled my rear end a fair bit. When I was completely naked, I turned to face him and was rewarded by seeing a very nice bulge in his slacks.

I laced my hands behind my head and turned for him so he could view my entire body some more. Being naked in Marc’s studio with him still completely dressed, displaying myself so brazenly was an incredible turn-on for me. I felt completely out of control and I found I loved it. A caretaker could have come in to clean. A student might have forgotten something and would knock on the door. There was no place for me to hide. It all made me very, very excited. I also knew what I had planned for him and that had me nearly shaking with lust.

“You are truly breathtaking, Jennifer,” Marc said in a husky voice as he burned holes into me with his eyes.

He started to unbutton his shirt. I stopped him.

“No. That’s for me to do. There are some ground rules tonight,” I told him as I took over unbuttoning his shirt. “I’m going to open your pants and drop them to your knees.” I was punctuating my words by kissing his chest now and using both hands to massage his erection. “You’re going to sit on that chair.” I pointed to the one by his desk. “You are not allowed to touch me at all. Tonight this all about your erection and me riding it.”

I put my hands on both sides of his head, and pulled his face down to mine. He got my lustiest kiss with lots of forceful tongue. I wanted him so badly right then, it was frightening.

Turning his head, I stuck my tongue in his ear, then pulled it back and whispered, “Now let me pull down those pants. I’m going to ride your cock until you shoot deep inside me.”

Standing naked in Marc’s violin studio watching him sit on the chair, pants down and his erection standing tall and proud, my heart felt as if it was going to pound its way out of my chest. I could tell I’d turned him on a lot by what I was doing and that made my arousal that much greater.

I climbed on facing him, straddling his lap, and hovering over his penis. “Now remember, the deal is your hands remain at your sides at all times or I will stop, get dressed and leave. There is to be no contact with me other than your cock in my pussy. Like this…”

I grabbed his erection and sank down on him. Being so turned on, his erection slid all the way into me with no trouble, settling in just right.

“Oh that is so nice,” I said, treating him to a little wiggle, then I immediately rose off him.

Marc groaned and reached for my waist. I slapped his hands away.

“I told you: no touching.”

A few more times I slithered down his length and then immediately up and off.

“Mon Dieu, you feel good inside me, Marc. I could do this all night.” He groaned again and I just giggled. “You have to learn that it’s not nice to tease a redhead. We bite back.”

One thing I should explain is that Marc would only speak French with me. His English was excellent, but he wanted to help me with my French. At Lac St. Jean, I’d had to teach in French and while my French was pretty good, it wasn’t quite up to the task. That was one of the main things that brought us together.

So everything we talked about was said in French. Of course I didn’t know a lot of sex-oriented vocabulary and Marc helped me out there, too. It was very liberating, speaking in French made me feel as if I was someone else, and that also helped me put some distance between what I believed in my heart and what I was doing with Marc.

Rob and I had made love like this a few times, but the naughtiness of what I was doing with Marc that night, plus his greater girth made this all feel incredibly fine. I rose up and dropped a few more times, getting his shaft well lubricated and then explored this new position with him by moving my hips.

I found if I moved my hips foreword when I had him all the way inside me, he would rub that wonderful spot in the top front of my vagina, so I started adding that tilting motion each time I slipped him completely inside me. My breasts passed by his lips each time I rose or dropped. In order to tease him further, I arched my back so that one of my very stiff nipples would drag over his face, depending on which way I turned my torso. He began trying to snag them in his mouth as they passed so I pulled completely off him again – not that I really wanted to. This was feeling way too good. (I found out reading later I was rubbing his erection on my G-spot.)

Judging by how hard he was, I could tell that Marc was very excited by what we were doing, too. Bending down, I stopped thrusting and kissed him with lots of tongue and again his arms started to come up to hold me.

“Ah, ah! No touching aloud.”

He exasperatedly muttered something that sounded like “sacrifice”, but I could tell I was pleasing him.

“No touching anything unless I give you permission.”

“You are driving me crazy!”

I slid him into me again, stopped at the bottom and looked at him. “Good!”

That brushing nipple contact eventually began to take its erotic toll on me, too, so I finally stopped with my left nipple over his mouth and my lover wasted no time sucking it into his mouth so hard it caused me to gasp in delicious surprise. I again had to push his hands away.

Rocking back and forth with my hips now provided some very interesting feelings for both of us so we continued making love like this for another few minutes, with Marc switching nipples occasionally. I was so aroused that they stuck out incredibly far.

It was time to start riding him more actively again. I began to rise and fall rhythmically, and this time I let Marc more actively drive his erection up every time I was on my way down. The combination felt marvelous as I ground myself down onto him. I couldn’t resist and put my right hand down between my legs to find my clitoris.

Dividing my attention between moving and rubbing was proving difficult so I rose up over him a bit and stayed there. Without a word being exchanged (just some loud moans from me), Marc began thrusting into me very vigorously as he held my waist with his hands.

While this had started out with me controlling our lovemaking completely, everything was changed now. I could do nothing but moan now as he drove his erection up into me. He felt as hard as a steel bar. My God he felt good!

By masturbating while he made love to me, I was getting very close to an orgasm and from the way my body was responding, it was going to be a good one. Marc’s breathing was ragged from exertion and he was mumbling “mon dieu” almost like a chant.

“I am going to finish soon,” I told him.

“As am I.”

“Please let me go first. I want to feel you thrusting into me when I orgasm. Oh God, Marc, I’m so close!”

When it hit me, my orgasm was nearly overwhelming. I moaned out very loudly and it only occurred to me later when I was dressing that anyone passing by in the hall would have known instantly what was going on behind Marc’s door.

He had his hands tight on either side of my waist, holding me in position or I probably would have fallen to the floor. My trembling legs would not have held me up. As my crisis began to fade, Marc pulled me down onto him, once, twice, three times and then I felt him pulsing inside me at least six times as he let out a huge groan of his own.

I collapsed against my lover as he enfolded me in his arms. Both of us were completely out of breath and I was sweating. We stayed like that for several minutes. His hands felt wonderful as they caressed my back.

Marc stopped kissing my neck to say, “Jennifer, you are going to kill me, but I will die with a smile on my lips. That was very wonderful. Thank you.”

I pulled away, put my hands on both sides of his head again and looked deeply into his eyes. A couple of tears slid down my cheeks. Beyond words for the moment, I just leaned in and kissed him very hard indeed.

On the drive back to my apartment, I felt completely drained from our lovemaking, but content. Marc’s right hand was on my thigh whenever it wasn’t needed on the gear shift. Partway home, I put my hand directly onto his penis which immediately began to twitch and swell.

“You want more tonight, my little rabbit?” he asked.

I shook my head. “It’s just one last little tease to help you remember our evening as you drive home.”

He pulled up at my building’s door. “When can we meet again, darling Jennifer?”

“I’ll call you.” I reached out and touched his cheek. “But it will be soon.”

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Since people here know a lot more about this sort of stuff than I do, based on how she's responded about me starting to post her accounts (she has been ridiculously horny), do you think there's any chance my wife might be interested in doing something like this again? There have been a few "situations" she and I have gotten into over the intervening years that lead me to think she might. I certainly don't want her to have an affair I don't know anything about. It took me a long time to internally reconcile what she'd done in Montreal (and how close she'd come to leaving) after she finally confessed, and even though it turned me on and still does, it also bothered me -- a lot.

Should I encourage her to spread her...err...wings, like many of you women on this site do, or should I let her come to that conclusion on her own (if that's the direction she's going)? I've asked her why the recent upswing in her sex drive, and she says it's due to people on here reading about her. I've said she should join up, too, but I don't think she will. She's way too shy and private. We'll see, though, she's certainly surprised me many times in the past!

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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2 Bit Whore

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Great story I am hoping for more.

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You should have a.conversation but not before you work through whether you can truly reconcile and enjoy the reality from the fantasy. Take a look at some of the posts from SmilingHusband and Samanthasman and responses. A lot to consider BEFORE the transition happens. Good luck.

Hi, I'm here to read the stories and real-life experiences. I'm not seeking a bull, a cyber friend or a fb.


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outlanderwench wrote:
You should have a.conversation but not before you work through whether you can truly reconcile and enjoy the reality from the fantasy. Take a look at some of the posts from SmilingHusband and Samanthasman and responses. A lot to consider BEFORE the transition happens. Good luck.

At this point, I'm quite comfortable with it. And as I intimated, a few things have happened since. For instance, about 10 years ago, Jennifer and my best friend from high school (now, very sadly, deceased) spent a passionate evening when we were visiting him. It started up with all three of us when we all got naked on a dare. Her standing there in front of my friend had both males very hard. She was kissing him and I was playing with her breasts.

She called a stop to it, saying she couldn't do this. We all went to bed, disappointed. After about a half hour of her tossing and turning, I asked her what was wrong. She wouldn't tell me.

"Do you need me to relieve your tension? I asked.

"It's not that!"

"What is it then?"

"I want Bob!"

"You could have had him. You were the one who said stop."

She sighed. "You don't understand."

"What don't I understand?"

"I want him but I don't want you there. I just couldn't do that, not at this point."

I thought that over for a minute.

"Jen, tell me honestly, if I wasn't here, would you fuck him?"

She didn't hesitate. "Yes, absolutely. I'm burning up for him."

"Then it's simple. Get out of bed and go upstairs to his room." (We were on the sofa bed on his sun porch.)

"Are you sure?" she asked, rolling over. "I mean, are you absolutely sure?"

My cock was as hard as it has ever been, but I was still thinking clearly. "Go upstairs and have fun. Bob certainly needs some of what you've got. He was telling me how horny he's been with no woman for at least three years. You also know he can't take his eyes off your luscious ass. Give him a thrill."

"You're sure?"

"Positive." I threw back the covers. "Now go before you over-think this."

"And you'll stay down here. It would be too weird to have you watching."

"I promise I'll stay down here. But I will be listening," I added as I kissed Jen's nose. (Bob had sort of a loft bedroom in the attic of his house. The stairs went right up into the open bedroom.)

She went, and it wasn't long before I could hear the sounds of passion after much mumbled conversation, punctuated by silence where they were kissing. I did go to the bottom of the stairs, though, so I could hear better. Pretty soon I heard Jen gasp. Bob was between her legs and his cock was sliding inside of her. Their first coupling was fast (he came very quickly), but soon they were at it again and this time it went on much longer. Jen told me later that she had only been able to cum when he took her on all fours and she could play with herself, but she did have a very nice orgasm.

I went to bed and surprisingly fell asleep quickly. Next morning, she came down early and crawled into bed with me.

She said, "Bob's a little freaked out."

"I can imagine. You told him it was all right with me?"

"I made out that from your standpoint it was a mercy fuck."

"So how was it?"

She was silent for a moment. "Okay." More silence. "Not as good as you."

There were three more occasions where Jen let Bob have her. Once more before we left. (I'd gone out shopping for a dinner I'd be making and was gone about an hour.) Then twice more a few years later, but at our house. She felt comfortable enough to let me watch the last time and then I joined in.

I can tell more about these occasions if anyone has interest in hearing them. But suffice it to say, I had no problem with her letting her hair down once again.

But thanks for your comment!

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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You have clearly enjoyed a rich and satisfying life together. Lovely for both of you! Thanks for sharing.

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wow is all I can say.. carry on young man

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This is one of my wife's most amazing stories. Once she'd shown it to me, I understood so much more about what she'd been going through.

I went to visit her in Montreal about a week after this particular thing happened. I know now she staged things so I wouldn't be suspicious, but she gave me a full blow job and swallowed, and of course, I was suspicious. She had a ready story and went on about how curious she was about what it would be like (she'd been talking to a friend, she said, who'd told her to give it a try). Anyway, I wasn't about to complain too much because she was very good at it! When she owned up to her "misdeeds" that bit of subterfuge was one thing she felt particularly ashamed of.

Also, her next story (after this one) was the most eye-opening of all, since I would have never suspected that she would have been into something like this at all. After everything that happened in Montreal was out in the open, it became one of our most enjoyable things to do when we made love. More on that very soon!


My period arrived right on schedule the day after my visit to Marc’s studio and I was also very busy with practising for a new music concert I was involved in so I couldn’t see him for three more days. We arranged to go out for dinner and then back to his place (it was a Friday), but frustratingly, my period was dragging on. I told him it didn’t look good for afterwards, so he suggested we pick up take-out Chinese (his flat was very near Chinatown) and go back to his place to play duets.

Having our meal alone in his apartment gave us a chance to talk a bit about what was going on, something we hadn’t really done. I certainly wouldn’t have talked about this in a restaurant!

Marc was concerned how I was feeling.

I told him “very mixed up”, and explained my conflict between cheating on my husband while enjoying what we were doing so very much. He asked if I wanted to continue. If I didn’t he would understand.

“I do not want to be causing you distress,” he said. “That would not be good for either of us.”

Interestingly, he felt no shame for what he was doing. Marc definitely had an amoral streak where his sex life was concerned. While he hadn’t said much, I knew there had been someone between the summer in Lac St. Jean and when we started seeing each other after I returned to Montreal in the fall. His wife was also divorcing him because he’d played around.

He’d told me about this during the summer during one of those frank conversations that had brought us closer, so I had a good idea about him when we started hanging around together again nearly two months earlier. It had also been clear that he wanted me – right from the beginning. Wisely, he’d played it very cool. If he’d jumped my bones as he told me he’d so badly wanted to do, I would have certainly been scared off. So he’d simply waited until he was certain a single kiss might open the door to so much more.

When he told me that, I simply stopped chewing and stared.

“How did you know I might be encouraged to go for more?” I asked.

“There were lots of little things,” he smiled. “You’d let me take your hand when we walked. You’d touch my arm when we were talking. When I stood closer to you, you didn’t back away at all. That night we first made love, had you thought of that as a possibility?”

I nodded my head. “All the time, since back in the summer, almost as soon as we met.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you act on your feelings?”

I shook my head. “Too dangerous.”

“In what way?”

“I knew if I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.”

“But you started later. Why?”

“That’s something I’ve been asking myself ever since. Part of it was that there wasn’t so much danger of being discovered here. Back at Lac St. Jean, everyone would have known almost immediately.”

“The members of my quartet (Marc was the first violin in a well-known Quebec string quartet that had been in residence at the camp) all thought we were having an affaire de coeur.”

“You’re kidding! You, of course, set them straight.”

Marc smiled and said, “Certainly, but I don’t know if they believed me.” He put his hand under my chin to turn my face up, leaned across that table and kissed my lips. “You are a very beautiful woman and we were together so very much. Take that Sunday we drove into Montreal.”

“But you were only helping me find an apartment to rent for the school year.”

“You know how men are. They were certain we spent the day in my bed.”

“Oh God…”

“Do not worry, little one. They know enough to keep something like that to themselves.”

A light bulb went on in my head. “You didn’t deny that everything had been innocent, did you?”

Marc had the good grace to look embarrassed. “They will not speak of it, I assure you.”

Believe me, it took a lot more of his assurances for me to feel comfortable that this whole thing might become public knowledge.

To deflect my attention, he pulled out his violin, made me get out mine and we spent nearly an hour making beautiful music together. Working next to this consummate professional was absolutely incredible, and Marc was wonderful in not making a thousand corrections, since I’m sure there were a lot of things wrong with what I was playing.

After an hour, I was re-rosining my bow. He put down his violin, turned me around and holding my arms tightly against my sides, kissed me full on the lips.

“Your mouth was becoming too distracting for me,” Marc said by way of explanation. “Do you see how hard you have made me?”

I looked down at his slacks. He definitely had a very nice erection going.

“I’m sorry, Marc. I’m not done with my period yet. Maybe tomorrow?”

But that kiss had lit a fire inside me. I wanted him so much all of a sudden.

So I put down my violin and went over to sit on his sofa. I had an idea for something that would please him very much

“Come to me,” I said as I slouched back on the sofa, my jean-clad legs opened wide.

A huge smile appeared on Marc’s face and he walked across the room to stand between them.

Looking down, he asked with a smirk, “What do you have in mind, my dear?”

Up until this point, Marc had done all the oral on me. I’d kissed the tip of his penis a few times, but I hadn’t really taken him into my mouth. Truth be told, I didn’t often do oral on my husband. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t, it just didn’t happen very often. Frankly, I wasn’t all that keen about it.

Right at that moment, though, I wanted nothing more than to suck Marc off and send him into orbit.

I opened his belt, lowered the zipper and reached in. Mmmm. He was nice and hard.

“Please allow me to remove my pants,” he said.

In a matter of moments, he was naked from the waist down except for his socks. Sitting up, I opened the buttons of his shirt. He slipped it off his shoulders. Being in just his socks looked sort of silly, so he quickly removed those. Now I had this very handsome naked man standing in front of me. My lover, the male who obviously wanted me so much that his penis was swollen and throbbing with each beat of his heart. I wished desperately that my body hadn’t betrayed me. It would have been so lovely to have him kneel between my legs and push that glorious erection deep into me.

But it was also a turn-on for both of us to have him completely naked and me completely clothed.

I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took as much of him inside me as I could. When the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth, I had to withdraw it quickly so I wouldn’t gag.

Reaching up with both hands, I gently cradled his balls in one and grabbed the base of his cock with the other. I studied it as I gently rubbed and stroked him.

Marc’s penis was definitely fatter than my husband’s and I suspected (later confirmed) that this was the main reason he could make me orgasm simply by making love to me, no extra touching involved. I loved the fact that he could do that to me. It made me feel so much more of a woman.

He was also a bit longer. I later measured him in a playful mood and I was right. Marc was 19 centimeters and Rob was 16.5 (that’s 7.5” as opposed to 6.5” for those who don’t know metric).

His shaft was crowned by a nice large head, but most interesting to me was that he was not circumcised. Now was my chance to play with that. Of course, he was so hard that the skin has rolled back, but I could easily slide it up and over with my one hand.

I spent a few minutes teasing him with my two hands before I took him into my mouth again. As I said, I didn’t have all that much experience giving blowjobs, but I was enthusiastic. Marc seemed to especially like my right hand massaging his balls.

I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t want him to fire too soon, so there was a lot of starting and stopping which Marc bore like the trooper he was.

“That is so nice, my love,” he sighed. “Make your tongue flat and caress the underside slowly. Oh yes! Just like that. So good…”

It made me absurdly proud that I was pleasing my lover so much, this man who had far more experience than I in the arts of love.

“Now, take it from your mouth, grab it with both hands firmly and pull. No. Harder than that!”

I stopped and looked up. “That doesn’t hurt?”

“No. You can be rough with my friend. He likes it very much.”

I massaged his length and massaged his balls before trying it again.

“Oh, yes, Jennifer. That is very nice indeed,” he sighed.

I took him back in my mouth and continued to alternate between sucking, using my tongue like he’d asked for, and then tugging and jerking him off as a special treat.

He put his hands on my head as I engulfed him with my mouth again. “I am getting close. How do you want me to finish?”

I’d never let even my husband finish in my mouth. It seemed sort of gross and semen was such a gelatinous consistency, I didn’t want to embarrass myself with this experienced man I admired so much by choking on it — or worse.

Still, I knew what he would like and I was determined not to disappoint him. I didn’t want him to think I was some inexperienced little girl.

“I am getting very close, Jennifer,” he warned.

Indeed he was, as he swelled and got even harder. In answer, I moved my hands to his rear and gripped him hard, making him sway forward, driving his erection farther into my mouth. We quickly fell into a rhythm and I noticed that each time he went a teeny bit deeper. I fought to keep my gag reflex in check. All of a sudden, he slipped right into my throat and out again. A few more times and I could see how easy it was as long as I stayed relaxed.

By this time, he was doing all the moving, basically fucking my face, and that really turned me on.

“Take a deep breath,” Marc said as he pulled out and stopped didn’t drive in right away.

I did as I was told, and in two more strokes, he pushed forward and I felt his penis begin to pulse. I wanted to taste him so I moved back until just the head was in my mouth and was rewarded with three more strong pulses.

Marc tasted less bitter than my husband (though I’d only licked a little bit of him once off my hand to see what it was like), and I found I enjoyed it very much. Determined to take this all the way, I swallowed. It all worked just fine, and again I felt more like a woman, pleasing my lover with my oral skills and not chickening out at the last.

He flopped on the sofa next to me, wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a very passionate kiss with lots of tongue. That surprised me since I thought guys didn’t like to do something like that. It turned me on like crazy.

After a few more kisses, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I suspected, things were still going on down there, so much as a longed to feel Marc inside me, it wouldn’t be possible tonight. I’d made love to Rob once during my period, and really hadn’t liked the mess.

Returning to the living room, I found Marc slouched back, eyes shut, with a silly grin on his face. I sat next to him and cuddled in.

“Did I do okay?” I asked.

“Much more than okay,” he murmured. “That was marvelous.” He cocked an eye open. “But what about you, my dear? Can you play?”

“Not tonight?”

I shook my head sadly. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Suddenly, tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough!

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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