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Sorry this has taken so long. First Jenn was busy and then me. Finally she wanted me to change what I wrote to make it read better. I let her do that since she's better at that than I am. She also wrote a lot more of her own, so there is going to be more to come about what happened (is happening) with our good friends. Stay tuned for that.


So, next evening, here I was naked with my good friend’s husband (also naked) in the living room of their cottage. Andy seemed to have been doing fine down at the dock with my husband, but sensing she was a bit uneasy with an audience, I’d gotten out of the water and pulled Ron upstairs — literally. Partway up the to cottage, I reached back and grabbed the man’s substantial cock and gave it a good tug to hurry him along. He didn’t complain.

Once in the living room, we resumed our hot kissing and touching. I didn’t want things to move too far ahead until Rob and Andy joined us. She might still want to call a halt to things. I thought it much less likely that Ron or Rob would.

I had a good opportunity to show Ron a thing or two, so I seized it.

Breaking away from a particularly hot kiss, I asked, “Would you like a demonstration of the joys of a good handjob?”

“I’d like a lot more than that!” he answered with a grin.

Grabbing him by the cock again, I led him over to the sofa. “Sit!” I’ll be right back.”

Rob had packed a small bottle of our favourite lubehercunt, so I retrieved it. Getting on my knees between Ron’s legs, I applied a generous amount to my hands and proceeded to get to work.

Ron really does have a magnificent cock. It’s definitely over eight inches and nicely fat, but the mushroom head is truly amazing. Marc had a big one. Ron’s definitely beats his. He also has the largest set of balls I’d ever seen (not that I’ve seen that many). It certainly turned me on to get to play with all of it.

Being that he was so excited already, I had to be very careful while I jerked him off. He was nearly ready to shoot before I even touched him. Alternating between playing with his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other to just slowly playing with his balls only (to give him a chance to simmer down), I had him frantic to the point where he was begging me to let him finish. At that point, I sank back on my heels.

“Felt good?” I asked.

“You know it did! Please let me finish. Why are you torturing me?”

“Because, Jennifer’s Rule #1 is: a long slow, delayed buildup will give you a far more intense orgasm.”

“I know that!”

“Let me ask you a question. When you make love to Andy, do you bring her along really slowly, enticing that sexy woman out of her shell, or do you just slam through to the end?”

“I make sure she always has an orgasm.”

“Not the same thing, Ronald, not the same at all. If you do to her what I’ve been doing to you, I guarantee you’ll have a wild woman on your hands. Toy with her, tease her and you’ll be sure to please her. Robby calls me Slowhand, and believe me, he’s not talking about my skills on the guitar!”

Ron laughed and the tension was broken. “All right. Andrea mentioned that you were pretty experienced. I guess you are. How did that happen?”

“A lady never kisses and tells.”

Throughout this exchange, I was lazily caressing Ron’s balls with my left hand and holding the bottom of his shaft with my right. I certainly had him primed and it would be untrue to say that I wasn’t getting turned on by the sight of his magnificent erection. Andy was a very lucky girl. My guess was he never got her excited enough to be ready for something of its size, and then he didn’t ease it in gently, the way he needed to. Consequently, she’d tense up in anticipation of being hurt and things would just get more difficult. Ron didn’t strike me as the teasing type — and he really needed to be with someone shy and unsure like Andy. If her vagina was too shallow for him, that was another matter, but one easily dealt with by a little coaching about specific positions. From her embarrassed hints since we’d started talking, I had the idea there was quite a passionate woman hiding deep inside her. The way she played cello was a good indicator in itself. Yes, very passionate. My husband and I just had to coax that side of her out of hiding and then teach Ron how to feed it.

On the personal side, I just wanted to climb on his lap and sink down on that thing throbbing between his legs.

My vamping continued until finally the cottage’s screen door opened and Andy and Robby walked in. She was flushed but wrapped in a towel. Had they done the dirty down at the dock after Ron and I had left them alone?

I glanced at Andy’s face and didn’t see anything to cause alarm, just intense interest.

“Do you ever jerk your husband off?” I asked her, as I began moving my hands again.

“Sometimes,” she answered.

“Not often enough,” Ron said simultaneously.

“Come on over, Andy, and I’ll show you what I’m doing.”

“How hard can it be?” she said as she knelt next to me.

Now that she was close, I could see how flushed her face and upper chest were, sure signs she was very aroused. I could also smell her a bit, and for some reason, that turned me on, too.

“I’ve got a few secrets Marc showed me, and they drive a man wild — right, Robby?”

He’d sat down in a chair across from us, sporting a very nice erection, as well. I felt like sitting on it, too.

Over the next ten minutes or so, I showed my friend how to drive a man right to the brink of ejaculation and draw him back. I also passed on the emergency trick of pinching the base of his cock in case you miscalculated.

“Do you want to try it and then put Ron out of his misery?” I asked.

Ron said, “Yes, please! Somebody do it – or I will.”

I playfully slapped at his hand.

“No, sir! You do that, and neither of us will play with you anymore tonight.”

He sat back with a sigh and shut his eyes.

Andy whispered to me. “You do it. I want to watch and learn.”

I brought her husband to the brink once more, then dropped the stimulation down again. By now he was shaking and raising his hips, thrusting to try and get more contact. Boy, was he ready to let loose!

“When was the last time you two got it on?” I whispered to her.

“Let’s see… Six days ago.”

“That long? He’s going to go off like a rocket.”

I again began to ramp him up, gently massaging his balls while I ran a hand up and down his shaft. Every now and then I ran it up and swirled it over that magnificent mushroom on its end. He gasped and thrusted every single time I did that.

Finally I switched both hands to his shaft and indicated Andy should use one of her hands on her husband’s balls. I used one hand to pump his shaft and with the other concentrated on his cock’s head. Ron was gasping, groaning, and his whole body was shaking.

“I’ve never seen him so turned on,” Andy whispered in my ear.

Ron orgasmed seconds later. I was watching for his balls to pull up against his groin, so I wouldn’t be covering the head with my hand when he blew.

Ron came with a roar that was so primal it nearly made me cum. Rope after rope of semen flew everywhere. I’d never seen anyone cum so much. It was a shame to waste it, really. I would have loved for it to be happening up inside me. Robby was also watching, obviously turned on. The way his erection looked, he was pretty ready, too.

“Want to try it on my husband?” I asked Andy as Ron settled back to earth.

“I should clean up this mess. It’s everywhere!”

“I’ll do that. So? Robby?”

Andy got up. “I’ll come to the kitchen with you to show you where the rags are.”

I didn’t believe that for a moment. Once out there, I found out what she really wanted.

“I’ve been thinking all day about Robby doing oral on me. Do you think—“

I gave her a tight hug. “Anything you want, my dear. Just name it.”

“You’re such an amazing friend,” she said quietly with her head on my shoulder.

The towel had fallen off, and I realized that for the first time in my life I was hugging a naked female.

“But I don’t want him to do it in front of Ron. It would be too…embarrassing. Is that okay?”

“We should ask Ron if it’s okay to continue. Think you’d like to go off into your room and I’ll take your husband into mine? I want you to know that I will definitely make love to him tonight, though. I want to feel that monster inside me! Is that okay?”

Andy gave me a mighty squeeze. “It’s the least I can do. Knock yourself out!”

“I’ll let you have my husband, too, if you want to go that far.”

“I am so turned on right now, anything could happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I stood back. “Okay, let’s go tell the boys how lucky they’re going to get!”

As I fully expected, both of the men were still onboard.

I went over to Ron and asked him directly, “You do realize what this means, don’t you? In all likelihood your wife is going to be making love to someone else tonight. Can you handle that? Please speak up now if you can’t.”

Ron looked at Andy. “You want to make love to him?”

She blushed again, God bless her. “Maybe.”

“Well, then.” Ron sighed. “Moment of truth. Yes. This is what I’ve wanted. I know Rob will be good to her. I’d like to keep going, no harm, no foul.”

“I don’t want to do anything in front of you, though, Ron,” Andy said. “It would be too…distracting. Is that okay?”

He nodded. “So who gets what bedroom?”

I grabbed his hand (although I wanted to grab his cock). “Andy and Robby get your room. Come with me.”

I think Andy would have been more comfortable being in another building, but side by side bedrooms were the best we could manage.

Once the door had shut, Ron stepped up and kissed me again.

“I so want this, my darling Jennifer.”

We lay down on the bed and quickly got things started. Ron was like a stallion that constantly needed calming. With his equipment, he sort of was a stallion. I needed to show him how much better slow loving is. I wanted to savor him and for him to savor me. Eventually, I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs invitingly. He started to move immediately as if he planned on stuffing that salami into me. I had other ideas.

“Could I sit on your face?” I asked sweetly.

“You really want that?”

“Oh yes! It’s one of my most favorite things in life.”

“Andy would never ask to do that.”

“Do you ever just decide to suck her off?”

“Not really.”

“Well, you should. It’s one of the most lovely things you can do for a lady. If nothing else, it will make her much more receptive to what is to come after.” Even though I felt like laughing I kept a straight face. The boy had to learn a few things. “Start at my lips and move down my body slowly and with lots more kisses, tongue and hands. Make me ache for that first lick between my legs.”

Thus began Ron’s training. He was a quick study and took direction well.

And his cock was everything I’d hoped for and more.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, Andy and I switched back to our proper beds. Speaking for myself, Ron had enjoyed me twice, first time with me riding him (three orgasms before he flooded me), and the second time from behind and him on top (three more orgasms and a small squirt). His cock drove me insane. He needed to learn how to pace himself and tease to please, but that night, I didn’t mind the battering ram treatment. It’s actually what I needed — although I didn’t tell him that.

Nobody stirred until well after nine.


Watching my wife, Jennifer, using her hands on Ron’s big cock was incredible to watch. I was standing there with my left arm around Andy’s waist, and she was fairly vibrating, quite amazing. Her face and upper body were flushed and she was breathing through her mouth. Now I could definitely smell her arousal. It was more pungent than Jenn’s, more musky, and ultra feminine. When I reached over and removed the towel wrapped around her, she didn’t even notice.

Fully nude and seen in good light, this woman was indeed beautiful by any definition. Aroused as she was made Andrea even more beautiful. My erection was suddenly harder than ever. What I really wanted to do was get her on the sofa with my head between her legs. Right now, though, it was important for her to watch the master at work.

After Jenn invited Andy in for a closer look and some pointers, I basically became a spare wheel so I sat down across from the action and took the scene in. It wasn’t all that bad. I had two beautiful upturned bottoms to look at! You’ve already heard about what happened next.

When we split up for the night, I was a bit bummed out. One thing I was looking forward to was watching Jenn take Ron’s cock for the first time, but this night was mostly about Andy — and I was the lucky one who was going to get her.

As I shut the door to their bedroom, she just stood there, obviously nervous again.

Andy: It feels like the first time I was ever naked in front of someone of the opposite sex.

Me: Me, too, sort of. I’ve watched Jenn in action a couple of times, participated once, and she made some videos for me of her with another guy, but I haven’t been with another woman in over twenty-two years. I hope I remember how to do this!

Andy: (smiling — the effect I was after) Where would you like me?

I stepped into her, pulling her against me and covered her face and neck with kisses, the hottest I could manage. She ramped up quickly and again treated me to those full-lip kisses that were unlike anything I’d ever experienced. On a scale of 1-10, Andy’s kisses were at least an 15. (I hope that’s not being disloyal to my amazing wife, but Andy started out with an advantage in the lip department. It’s just a physical thing. Jenn does amazingly with her slightly thinner lips.) As I cupped Andy’s buns and pulled her into me, she began hunching her hips, pushing her groin into my erection that was trapped between us. It felt amazing and boy, was she turned on!

Andy: (breathing heavily again) “Will you do oral on me, Rob? I really want that.”

Me: Your wish is my command. (corny, I know, but she smiled)

They have a king-size bed in their room, so I just threw the covers off and helped her lie down on her back in the middle. She spread her legs for me rather brazenly, I thought.

Andy’s pussy is beautiful. Jenn has a full camel toe but small and delicate inner lips that just poke out when she’s fully aroused. Andy has thin outer lips but they pouted open to reveal her lovely, large inner lips. At the top, I could see her clit just peeking out. It looked like it might be larger than Jenn’s when fully engorged.

Me: (kneeling between her legs) It’s beautiful, Andy. I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life.

Andy: That is so lovely, but my God, is it also embarrassing!

For the nearly an hour I enjoyed eating this extraordinary woman, teasing her to the point where she was nearly frantic for an orgasm — just the way Jenn had taught me drives her (and me) insane. First of all it took me a good ten minutes to work my way down from Andy’s face and neck. Her nipples are not as long as Jenn’s but they’re fat and, I discovered, very sensitive. At the moment, she couldn’t take it too rough. I encouraged her to tell me anytime I did something she particularly liked — and also what she disliked.

In the next room I could hear Jenn orgasm loudly. Since I hadn’t heard the bed rocking very much, Ron had either brought her off with his fingers or his mouth. Knowing my wife, it was probably the latter.

Andy: (softly) She’s so much better at this than I am.

Me: Jenn was a lot like you at one time. Her lover in university changed her into who she is now. I have Marc to thank for it.

Andy: (putting her hands in on each side of my head) She wasn’t exaggerating. You really do understand.

Me: When you have a lover as lusty as Jenn, you thank whoever is responsible every time you get them in bed.

I went back to work. Andy’s juices also tasted more pungent than Jenn’s, but not in an unpleasant way. There wasn’t as much lubrication as I expected, though. Clearly she needed more arousing. I accomplished that by doing pretty well everything but go where she wanted me to. Within several minutes, I was rewarded with a squirming, moaning woman without touching her pleasure points all that much. I brought one hand up in order to also use a finger or two to stimulate the opening of her vagina.

Andy: Oh! That’s so nice.

By now she was getting good and moist, so as I continued to lick around her clit, I gently worked a couple of fingers inside her.

Andy: Oh my God, Robby, that feels amazing. What’s that you’re touching?

Me: Your G-spot.

She indeed had a rather prominent one and either it was naturally large or she was that turned on.

I continued to stimulate her inside and out and used her breathing and moans, plus the thrusting movements of her hips to gauge how close she was. Not wanting to over-stimulate her, I only teased her close once more. All it took for her to climax were a half-dozen swipes of my tongue directly on her clit and a bit more pressure with my fingers rubbing her G-spot.

I’m used to a woman who thrashes around, moans, screams, speaks in tongues and generally goes nuts when she cums. Andy, again, was completely different. With a gasp, she went stiff and shook, raising her butt off the bed. No noise. Just her breath held and her pussy spasming tightly around my fingers. I didn’t get a squirt, either, and I’d been hoping for one.

After about ten seconds, she collapsed on the bed a lay there, eyes shut and with a stupid grin on her face. I moved up next to her, lying on my side.

Andy: (opening her eyes to look at me) You’ve made me cross-eyed!

Me: Sorry.

Andy: Don’t be. That. Was. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Me: I loved doing it.

Andy: I could tell. Oh my God, when you slid your fingers inside me, I couldn’t believe how good it felt!

Me: We’ll teach Ron how to do it.

Andy: Didn’t Jenn tell you he doesn’t like, you know, doing oral?

Me: When she gets through with him, he will. I guarantee it. He just needs a bit of teaching up.

She grabbed my head and pulled it down for some more kissing. Partway along, her left hand snaked down to my cock which was still hard and throbbing.

Andy: I want this inside me. Right now!

Me: How would you like me to take you?

Andy: From on top, you know, missionary. And I want to be taken! My husband can’t thrust very hard because it hurts me. You can.

I slipped over between Andy’s legs, rubbed my cock up and down her slit a few times (well, okay, it was more than a few, and I was up more than down because I wanted her to be as aroused as possible). She got a bit impatient, slapped away my hand and lined my cock up herself. I pushed forward and slid all the way in quite easily, but she wasn’t as loose as I expected her to be.

Andy: Oh that is so nice! You fit just right! Just stay there for a moment while I enjoy the sensation.

A good idea. I was already pretty close to cumming because next door we could both hear the slapping of two bodies together, set to the music of Jenn’s very loud moans. Sounded like she was getting it good from Ron, lucky sod.

Andy: Is Jenn always that noisy?

Me: Before Marc, she was quiet as a church mouse.

Andy: Interesting. (looking up and smiling) You may fuck me now.

It was really tough holding back. In a short time, Andy had her legs curled around my thighs and was thrusting back lustily.

I stopped and started a lot to keep from cumming, then deciding that changing positions might help me last longer, I got Andy to her knees, swung behind and slipped into her again and she soon came again.

Andy: Oh! Oh! Oh! That feels so good!

Jenn would have screamed it out. Andy said it almost conversationally. Like I’ve been saying: very different women.

After I came in her, she ducked into the ensuite bathroom to clean up, then came back and cuddled against me as we listened to Ron and Jenn going at it for a long time.

Andy: She’s like the Energizer bunny!

Me: An apt description. The woman likes her sex. Your husband is in for the ride of his life.

Andy: Don’t you ever get jealous?

Me: Sometimes. But I keep it to myself. It used to be a lot worse when the thing with Marc first came out. Every time she went out, it always crossed my mind that she might be meeting someone. I couldn’t completely trust her for a long time, but eventually, because Jenn is just such a genuine and special kind of person, I realized that the sex thing was just part of who she was. She came clean and assured me over and over that nothing like that would ever happen again. When I admitted there was something about her affair that really turned me on, it was very hot and we both got off on it — me on the stories she wrote out, and her by teasing me. In the end, we used what Marc taught Jenn to our own advantage. After him, she knew exactly what turned her crank and showed me how to do it. Our sex life went into hyperdrive until our kids put a bit of a cramp in our style but our sex life has generally been excellent.

I got the feeling Andy was uncomfortable about something.

Me: Penny for your thoughts.

Andy: (more silence for another minute or two) I was so shocked when Jenn and I began talking and she offered me you. Do you think that was because she wanted to try Ron?

Me: Does that bother you?

Andy: A bit.

Me: There was a some of that, I’m sure. Marc her lover had a pretty large cock and, well, I’m not that big.

Andy: You’re a lovely size!

Me: Thanks, but I’m not in Marc’s class. Jenn has also had another lover recently who was long, but not much fatter than me. So, I think she’s curious about Ron, but at the heart of the matter, she really wanted to help you out. Trust me on that! And, of course, she needed me to help.

Andy: (more silence, then…) Was it hard for you to decide?

Me: About what?

Andy: Whether or not to make love with me. You’ve never flirted with me or anything like Ron and Jenn sometimes do. There was no indication you…desired me.

Me: (wrapping my arms around her and rolling onto my back with her now on top) Oh, Andy, you sweet girl. It wasn’t hard at all! You are a very desirable woman, and lovely in bed. (I dropped my hands down and grabbed a double handful of her wonderful ass)

Andy: (smiling) But I’m not as good as your wife in bed.

Me: But you will be. I can tell.

Andy: I’m so envious of her.

Me: You have no reason to be. (I pulled her head down for another lovely kiss)

That’s when we started in on round 2. I ate her to another fine orgasm (a bit louder than the first time, too) and then took her again, this time with her riding me, but I had to coax her to experiment in her movements to find out what felt best. It was like when Jenn and I were first together. She was too embarrassed to say much at all. Andy needed to learn that it was okay to explore her sexuality, that, more or less, anything goes in the bedroom.

I woke up the next morning to find Jenn next to me and was momentarily disappointed that it wasn’t Andy. A nice morning screw would have been a great way to finish our first time together.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
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Amazing experiences! Thanks for sharing your story and the careful write-up!

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Don't be discouraged by the lack of comments … I think a lot of people (like me) are hanging on every word of this incredibly erotic, wonderful story, just waiting for it to catch up with reality.

Also: it's wonderful to be reading the parallel stories of Jenn's early experiences with Marc at the same time that we're getting to learn about the impact of that time on your lives so many years later. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

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You are such a lucky man! Thanks for sharing!

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Love this whole story!... Exciting for you guys. Lots of great experiences.

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Here's a bit more, all Jenn's writing. Hope you enjoy it. This is mostly talk, talk, talk. The final portion which brings us up to date will be all action.



I knew Robby was awake by the way his breathing changed. I rolled over against him, throwing one leg over his and kissed his shoulder.

“Have fun last night?” I asked.

“You certainly sounded like you were,” he countered.

“I most certainly was, but answer my question, please. Did Andy have a good time? Did you?”

“Yes. We both did. It was…interesting to be with someone else after so many years — for both of us.”

“Did you eat her? I know she wanted that, but I was worried she would be too shy to ask.”

“She asked all right. So, yes. I made her cum twice with my mouth.”

“And you did a good job?”

“I did her the way I do you.”

“Then I’m sure you did a mind-blowing job.”

Robby smiled. “Andy seemed to like it.”

“Did she let you make love to her?”


I looked at Robby for a moment. “Did you enjoy being with her?”

His expression was pensive. “Yes. A lot more than I thought I would.”

“What’s she like as a lover?”

“Very restrained, unlike someone I know. She needs help letting go. Andy’s a lot like you were, you know, before Marc.” Then he smiled again. “So what’s Ron like?”

We were cuddling face to face and I felt Robby’s cock swelling against my leg. I was still a bit sore from the previous evening with Mr. Big Dick, but determined to get him off, so I pushed him onto his back and mounted him, trapping his erection between us. Sitting up, I began rubbing him back and forth on my slit. He was at full erection immediately. As we often have done in the past, we carried on our conversation while leisurely enjoying the sensations my movements created.

“Ron was just what I expected: enthusiastic, but with little idea how to really pleasure a woman. He thinks it’s all about having a big cock. I tried to show him that it’s not — but I did eventually let him get a bit carried away, truth be told. That felt amazing.”

“So you liked it? It sure sounded that way through the walls.”

“He has a very nice cock. At first, I could barely take it all, but soon solved that by getting him to just hold still and let me do the thrusting. He can’t go for very long, though, and I think that’s going to be a problem for Andy. I’ll bet it takes her a while to get good and warmed up. Until I learned that getting aroused was okay, it took me a long time, too.”

“I remember.”

“I’m going to need to talk to her this morning — alone. Think you can get Ron out of here for a couple of hours?”

“Sure. I’ll tell him I have to pick up something in town. Actually, I do. We promised to make dinner tonight, remember?”

I nodded. “Okay, just don’t get something heavy. Today, we’re going to have to change things up a bit.”

“In what way?”

“We need to do this in the same room, and I need to show them both some things. That’s why I need to talk to Andy alone. I have an idea it’s going to be a hard sell.”

Robby stroked my hair, his expression unreadable. “Did you get Ron to eat you last night?”

“I sat on his face and told him he wasn’t getting his dick inside me until I came a few times. Then I told him to lie still and let me do my thing. I was very aggressive and talked to him a lot. You know, the usual thing.”

“Did he enjoy it?”

I smiled at the memory. Ron’s cock had been like a steel rod the whole time. Since he has a rather long and pointy nose, I enjoyed myself a lot, too.

“I think so,” I answered. “Andy’s up and in the kitchen. We should get up, too. It’s going to be a busy day.”

But I made sure I rubbed my pussy on my husband enough so that he came all over his stomach.


I got the guys out of the house pretty quickly. I had to fend off Ron a bit. Andy and Robby seemed a bit awkward with each other, no overt closeness. Nothing was said about what happened the previous night.

Pouring second cups of coffee, Andy and I went out on the deck. It was looking like the day was going to be excellent. We sat at opposite ends of the wicker sofa, looking out over the lake.

I eventually opened up the conversation. “A lot happened last night—“

“Yeah,” she interrupted, but flashed a small grin.

“Did you enjoy it?”

She nodded thoughtfully. “Yes. Yes, I did. You were right. Robby tried so hard to please me — and reassure me.” She smiled. “You have a wonderful husband.”

I nodded in turn. “Don’t I know it! Anything else you’d like to say or know?”

She sat quietly for a long minute. Boats were starting to come out on the water as a weekend day on the lake cranked up.

“How can I be like you?” she said all in a rush. “I heard you last night. I think the whole lake might have. I could never do that — or say things like that.”

“Neither could I at one point. I was Miss Mouse, believe it or not. When Robby and I made love, I couldn’t even bring myself to tell him when I liked something he did. I had to even be talked into switching positions. I’d been taught that everything but missionary was bad, and that it was a wife’s duty to let her husband take her now and then to “relieve his needs”. Imagine that!”

“When I did manage to say something, I talked like a freaking doctor. It was “my vagina” not “my pussy”. Robby had a “penis”, not a “cock”, not even an “erect penis”. Talk about prissy! And then Marc happened…and, well, he freed me. It was not an easy process. If I hadn’t been on my own in Montreal, it would have never happened. I just had too much alone time on my hands and gravitated to Marc. If Marc was a different kind of person, it wouldn’t have happened, either. He didn’t pursue me. He let me come to him on my own.”

“I wish something like that had happened to me, Jenn. I really do. When Ron brought up swinging, I freaked out, as you know. I was so scared he would leave me because I wasn’t good enough. Then after a few months I found it began to sound intriguing, so I did a ton of reading about it, books, the internet. A lot of what I found was disgusting, way over the top. But there were a few accounts that made it seem like there might be something good there — for both of us. Then, on the way to that gig last January, you told me a bit about yourself, what you did.”

“I remember. I was worried that I revealed way to much and shocked you.”

Andy shook her head and laughed. “You did, but you also made me very horny. I couldn’t get the bit that you told me out of my head. I wanted to ask you a lot more, but the opportunity never arose — until you came up on Thursday. Then I just sort of blurted it out.”

“Are you happy you did?”

I got two big nods of her head. “Would you tell me more about you and Marc?”

“I can do better than that. Let me get my laptop. I wrote out an account of the whole thing, start to finish. It’s on there. It helped Robby and me work through the whole issue. It helped a lot.”

“You wrote it out?”

“Yeah. Robby asked me to tell him everything that happened, and heaven knows, I owed him that, but I just couldn’t do it verbally, so I came up with the idea of writing it out, sort of like a book. When I saw how much it turned him on, it turned me on, too, and for years we used it in the bedroom to spice things up. I watched as he first read it, so that if I saw something bothered him, I wouldn’t write about that anymore. Actually, recently, I’ve been working on it some more, and well, there were a few things I’d kept back from him.”

“Like what?”

“Like Marc sort of talked me into trying multiple partners.”

Andy’s eyes got big. “What do you mean?”

I took a deep breath. I knew my secret was safe in her hands. “At first, it was a game. He’d tie me up and blindfold me and play that there was someone in the room. I freaked, of course. Then the idea began to turn me on. End result, I told him I was willing to try it.”

“Wow! How many times?”

“Not that many, maybe a half-dozen, but one time, it involved several men. My little dodge was to always be blindfolded so I wouldn’t know for sure. It helped me feel less perverted and, well, guilty.”

“That’s…amazing. I could never do anything like that.”

“That’s what I always thought. But then…things change. Still, I don’t think I’d do something like that now.”

“I can’t wait to read about it.”

“I’ll go get the computer.”

Andy sat out on the deck with her eyes glued to my laptop until the boys returned two hours later. I enjoyed myself with some uninterrupted practising.

While we got lunch ready, I asked her, “So what did you think?”

She took a deep breath then let it out. “You got up to some pretty outrageous things. And you seemed to like it.”

“To the point where I couldn’t stop. Yeah. It was wild. It was as if Marc switched something on inside me. I was so lucky. I came that close to screwing up everything in my life,” I ended, holding my fingers a centimeter apart, then raised my eyebrows.

“What?” Andy asked.

“Did it turn you on to read it?”

“A little… No, a lot. It turned me on a lot.”

“Want to continue?”

“With what?”

“Widening your horizons and teaching your husband how to love you properly.”

She’d been very quiet since handing me back my laptop, but she answered immediately.

“Yes. Very much.”

“Then let’s start after lunch. Okay?”

“Right after lunch? I thought maybe I could be alone with your husband again. You know…”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. This is ultimately about you and Ron, not you and Robby, and me and Ron.”

“What are we going to do?”

“All of us are going to get into a little bit of naughtiness in the living room.”

“You mean in front of each other?” She looked more than a bit uneasy.

“Sure.” I took both of her hands. “You’ll love it. I promise. And my original statement still stands: anytime anyone, especially you, wants to stop, we stop. Okay?”

She looked doubtful. “I guess so.”

“Think about it while we eat lunch. We’re not doing anything unless you’re convinced you want to try it.”

After lunch, while the boys took the dishes from the deck back into the house, I looked pointedly at Andy and raised my eyebrows. “So?”

“And I can stop whenever I want?”

“Yes. This is going to be a teaching session.”

She took a big gulp of wine. “Okay.” Another swallow. “I’m just feeling a little uncertain, that’s all.”

“Relax. I’ll look out for you.”

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Awesome story. Really appreciate you relating it all to us!
Looking forward to next installment!! :) :up:

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Thanks. Always appreciated. Hopefully, the next update will come soon.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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OHW Addict

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I've allowed this thread to get away from me. This is the most wonderful thread!
I'm not even completely thru your last post and............ Rick Astly's "Cry For Help" is ACTUALLY playing on my playlist right now! True.
Now onto Korn unplugged, with the music.... not now, turn it down......

I wanted to say I've cried a little bit from some of the things that come from you two's fingers. :-)
You're training Andy and Ron (also yourselves in the process in a "finer?" way.) to be compatible lovers to each other and having hot sex in the meantime yourselves.
Ugh. Can't relay the feelings
Wonderful, just wonderful! :-)
Babble stopped.

AHA! You are willing to help others! Helping others to get the best out of their life.
Thank you! I have to go back and read it all again. bbllbbllbbbllbbblllbbllbbl babbble stopped

Yes, I believe I'm losing my mind.

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Oooh … delicious teaser about upcoming revelations in the "Between Jennifer and Marc" thread!

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vicg wrote:
Oooh … delicious teaser about upcoming revelations in the "Between Jennifer and Marc" thread!

That was unintentional, but I guess you're correct. Jenn has edited a good bit of that part of her relationship with Marc, but is not sure she wants to share it with anyone. We'll have to wait until the final decision comes down. I'm not pushing her either way. It's entirely her choice since it's about her.

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Boy oh boy if my wife doesn't sound like Andy. I was she had a Jen in her life, or our life :)

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I have been enthralled with reading both perspectives. Thank you to the both of you for sharing. I look forward to the next installment!

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Righteous wrote:
Jenn has edited a good bit of that part of her relationship with Marc, but is not sure she wants to share it with anyone. We'll have to wait until the final decision comes down. I'm not pushing her either way. It's entirely her choice since it's about her.

If she doesn't want to share it, I'll die of a broken heart!

I completely agree that it's her choice. But please make sure she knows that she's the most amazing wife ever, and a lot of readers think so! Yes, she feels bad about what happened with Marc, and I get that … but I'm much more impressed with what she did with it, turning it into a positive thing for the two of you (and now your friends as well)!

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Looking forward to the next installment of the Jenn and Marc story!

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Sorry this is late. Jenn has wanted to read it through once more before I post it. This is almost all in her words and she heavily edited my contribution, too. (Gone are the script-like dialogue sections which she thought stupid. :o ) Pooling our resources, as it were, allowed us to get the details pretty close to what actually took place, what was said and how it was said, so we feel this is very close to what happened.

This was certainly the hottest afternoon of my life. And just to finish the account off, we split up again that night and I got to enjoy Andy again -- although we were both pretty worn out by then. I don't know how they did it, but Jenn and Ron made love at least three more times and fell asleep with him still inside her! Next morning, I awoke with Andrea sucking me off. Wow!


While Ron and I were out that morning of course the previous night came up. I was looking out the side window of his SUV while we drove to a nearby town that had a bit supermarket.

“Your wife is a real wild woman,” he said, drawing me away from my own thoughts. “You’re a very lucky man.”

“I know.”

“Do you mind me asking how she became such an amazing lover? Andy is such a little mouse in bed.”

I felt like saying while she was somewhat shy and uncertain, I wouldn’t have described her as a mouse.

Instead I turned to look at him. “What has Jenn told you?”

“Nothing really, except that she made it pretty clear she didn’t think I knew what I was doing.”

“She actually said that?”

“Not in so many words, but she kept telling me what to do.”

“Telling you what to do — or telling you what she liked?”

Ron was quiet for a moment. “I see what you’re getting at.”

“Jenn knows what she likes, believe me, and she knows just how to get it.”

“Does she do that to you? I’ve never been in bed with someone who’s so, well, forceful.”

“She used to — before I learned. And yes, Jenn does like sex very much and she’s very adept.”

“But how did she learn all that? I’ve tried to get books or videos about sex for Andy to look at and learn from, and she always shot me down. Then all of a sudden, she wants to swap after giving me months of grief about it. Women! You know?”

“Oh I do.”

“So tell me Jennifer’s background. I’ll bet she had a lot of lovers when she was younger.”

I knew what he was thinking. Not that Jenn had lots of lovers when she was younger, but whether she still fooled around on the side.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

“I feel a little awkward. I mean this whole situation is awkward — after what happened last night. I couldn’t believe Andy agreed to it. Bet Jennifer talked her into it.”

“No, it was Andy who brought the subject up.”


We drove for a few more minutes before I said, “You and Andy need to learn how to communicate better.”

Ron bristled. “Andy and I communicate just fine. We talk all the time.”

“Well, considering what we got up to last night, what did you say this morning when you woke up?”

“Not much. Andy kissed me and said, ‘Thank you,’ and got out of bed to take a shower.”

“That’s sort of what I mean, Ron. You both made love to other people last night. That hasn’t happened before and it’s a huge step. I made love to your woman. Surely that should warrant something being said.”

“Well, I had your woman, too, several times, as a matter of fact.”

“Trust me, Ron. Jenn and I talk about this stuff all the time, and we talk it over very thoroughly. You can’t open up your marriage to others and not do that. It’s nuts.”

We pulled into the supermarket parking lot. Ron and I separated while I shopped for the dinner ingredients. Meeting back at the car, we loaded up silently.

About five minutes into the return trip, Ron glanced at me for a moment, then looked back at the road. “Could I ask what you and Andy did together last night?”

“Sure. What do you want to know?”

“Everything. How many times did you make love?

“Twice. And I licked her to two orgasms.”

“Did she enjoy the experience?”

“I think that’s something you need to ask her. From my vantage point, she certainly seemed to.”

“How, um, active was she?”

“Well, I know she felt awkward and she’s pretty shy, but once she got into it…”

Pause, then he said, “She thinks I’m too big for her.”

“Are you? You should know.”

“She says I hurt her, and she is very tight, but it’s the length more than the breadth for her, I think.”

“You could be right. What I saw last night was a very healthy length.”

“Jennifer took me in with no problem last night — if it’s not too in-your-face to be that blunt. I don’t mean any offense.”

“None taken. Pussies come in all different sizes. What about earlier lovers?”

“My first girlfriend couldn’t, but we were both virgins. Most of the others were only too happy to have me inside them, ecstatic, actually.”

“You need to talk this out with Andy. Only she—“

“You don’t understand!” he interrupted. “She’ll hardly talk about sex! She never initiates anything, and everything I suggest doing, she nixes.”

“I think you may find that’s going to change. You need to tell her how you feel, honestly and without anger. She needs to do the same. It’s something I think that has to be learned. Jennifer and I had to learn how to be honest with each other. We had so many miscommunications about sex, and it took a long time to trust each other enough to be completely honest. It’s difficult, but believe me, it’s really worthwhile in the end.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I know I’m right.”

The rest of our drive back to the cottage was spent in silence.


After lunch I sat everyone down in the living room (completely dressed). Ron and Andy were on the sofa and Robby and I had seats in the chairs across from them. Since everyone was staring at me, I guessed it was up to me to kick things off.

“Is everyone cool about what happened last night?” They all nodded, but looked terribly serious. “Relax. This is supposed to be enjoyable, right?”

“Ron, did you enjoy being with me?”

“You know I did, honey.”

“Andy, did you enjoy being with my husband?”

She grinned shyly and nodded.

“Anyone want to say anything?”

The three of them looked at each other, then Ron winked at me. He certainly thought himself the alpha dog. Little did he know…

Since no one said anything, I looked at Andy. “What are you thinking?”


“Sorry. That won’t wash. I know there’s something going through your head right now. I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to promise me that you’ll answer it.”

Andy looked a bit like a deer caught in headlights. “What kind of question?”

“An easy one to answer, I promise.”

“Well…okay, I guess.”

“If Ron and you were going to get down and dirty right now, what would you want him to do to you?”

She took a deep breath before answering. “I’d want him to lick me…you know, down there.”

I turned to Ron. “And what would you like?”

He didn’t hesitate. “I’d like to see my wife getting really sexually excited, going nuts with lust. That thought turns me on like nothing else.”

“Would you be willing to lick her?”

“Sure. If that’s what she wants.”

Turning back to Andy, I just raised my eyebrows.

“I would like that, Ron,” she answered in a soft voice as her hand reached for his.

“Next question, Ron. Did you like it when I sat on your face last night? Be truthful. That’s what we’re all doing here”

“At first, no. But then as you got into it, I did.”

I knew that to be a bit of a falsehood, because his cock had been like stone throughout the process. I know, because I’d had my hand wrapped around it the whole time.

I asked, “Would you like to try that, Andy?

“What, here? In front of you guys?”

“Sure. We’re going to coach you both. There’s a bit of technique involved, you know.”

“I don’t know if I could do that.”

“How can we help you, then? If it would make you more comfortable, I’ll get naked, too.”

Without waiting for an answer, I stood up and peeled down my jeans and panties and stepped out of my sandals. My T-shirt followed (I wasn’t wearing a bra). Stretching my hands up to the ceiling to stretch, I looked at my nervous friend.

“Your turn.”

Ron had his eyes glued on me until Andy stood up. I pulled her to the centre of the room, whispering quickly in her ear, “Do it slowly. Make your husband want you.”

She did great. Judging by the state of his crotch, she made my husband want her, too.

Slowly undoing her jeans, Andy wiggled them down over her hips after slipping out of her sandals. (Her panties were not very stylish, so I knew a shopping expedition would be in order.) Before removing those, though, she unbuttoned her shirt, then removed it. Her bra followed. Then she surprised me.

“Ron, I’d like you to remove my panties.”

She stood her ground and he came over, kneeling in front of his wife. His shorts were tented rather obscenely. He slid her panties down and Andy stepped out of them.

Standing with her legs slightly spread, she softly said, “I want you to kiss it.”

Wow! I thought. You go, girl!

Ron did as she asked with no hesitation. His tongue stayed in his mouth, but it was a very long kiss.

“You’re very excited, Andy,” he said softly.

“I really want this.” Then she looked at me. “What should I do?”

“Ask your husband to lie on the floor with his head near the sofa.”

Ron started to move without her saying anything.

“No, Ron. She needs to ask you.”

Andy again looked really nervous.

“My dear Andrea, how can you expect your husband to know what you want if you don’t tell him?”

“I… It’s very embarrassing.”

“You need to tell him.”

She took a deep breath. I could see she was shaking a bit. “Ron, lie on the floor with your head near the sofa.” Then she turned to me. “Why not on our bed?”

“We could do that if you’d like.”

“Why near the sofa?”

“Because you’re going to be able to hold on to it if you’d like that. It might make it easier for you to move.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Maybe I should show you. Would that be okay?”

“Yes, please.”

I quickly got Ron to lie down with his head about a foot from the sofa. Straddling it, I lowered myself down. By this point, I was rather wet. It surprised me how much coaching them like this was turning me on.

Ron knew what to do. Wetting his lips, he let me begin sliding myself over his mouth, bumping my clitoris against the barrier of his nose.

“See what I’m doing, Andy? Let me tell you, this feels incredible. Just go with the flow. Angle your hips to get the contact you like and the pressure you want. And communicate! Tell your husband what’s feeling good and what isn’t.” I lifted up a bit. “Will that turn you on, Ron?”

Andy giggled. “It’s pretty obvious it does.”

I got up. “Your turn. Tell your husband what you’re going to do.”

“Why? He knows.”

“Tell him. It’s important. It will turn him on.”

“Ron, I’m…I’m going to sit down on your face.”

“Be more specific.”

She looked at me helplessly. I nodded my head to encourage her.

“Tell me, Andy,” Ron said.

“I want to ride your face,” she said softly.

“Until when?” I prompted.

“Until… I’m going to do it until I finish.”

“Finish? Finish what?”

I think my pushing was beginning to piss her off. Good. She needed to have more attitude.

“Until I finish cumming. I want to cum on your face!”

I clapped and Robby (the forgotten one) joined in.

“Brava, Andy! Now get to work!”

Andy went right over, straddled her husband’s head and lowered herself down.

“You squatted. Can I rest on my knees?”

“Do what pleases you.”

She readjusted her body, but hesitated. “Just lower myself onto his face?”


“But won’t he have trouble breathing?”

“Relax. Just do what feels good.”

Andy’s genitals contacted her husband’s face. As I’d showed Ron the night before, he was basically there in a “supporting role”. Tongue swipes were definitely called for, but he needed to take his cue from his wife’s movements, sighs and the words she spoke to him.

In order to expedite matters, I took off Ron’s runners, socks and shorts. He hadn’t put on any underwear that morning. (And man, his erection looked inviting!)

I sat down next to them. Andy was moving a bit, but it was restrained. She needed help.

“How does that feel, Andy?”

She looked at me and grinned. “Pretty darn good!”

“Ron, you okay under there?”

We got a muffled, “Um hmm.”

“Andy, just go with what you want to do. This all about your enjoyment.”

“I understand.”

“What’s Ron doing?”

“He has his tongue up inside me,” she gasped, then shuddered. A mini orgasm?

“And you like that?”

“Oh yes!”

“Then tell him.”

“Ron, I like what you’re doing.”

“Be more specific. Be naughty. Let it all hang out, girl.”

“Ron, I love your tongue inside my pussy like that. Mmmm. If feels so good!”

That seemed to loosen her up a bit, and she began rocking a bit more. Ron’s cock was completely hard. I reached out and gave it a good tug, eliciting a muffled groan.

“I think your husband would like you to play with his cock,” I told Andy.

She reached back and grabbed it.

“Do it firmly. Guys like that. Pull on it a bit.”

Andy was getting the hang of things. Her face and upper chest were very flushed and there was a nice sheen of sweat on her skin.

“Do you like playing with your nipples?” I asked. “Does that turn you on?”

“Um, yes.”

“Then do it!”

I sat and watched as things progressed. Andy was now moaning as she rubbed herself on her husband.

“Use his nose. Bump your clit against it.”

“Oh! My God that’s nice.”

“Are you getting close?”

“I am now! Ron, lick me. Lick my pussy!”

Her head was now back, spine arched, eyes closed, totally into what she was feeling. Every time she rocked her hips forward, she pulled on Ron’s cock. I kept an eye on his ball sack to see if he was getting close.

Andy went off about two minutes later in a spectacular orgasm.

The way she came was completely foreign to me. Her body went stiff and she breathed in sharply as she began to shake. It was amazing to see how quiet she stayed but I had no doubt her release was very powerful. I looked over at Robby and grinned. He’d removed his clothes and was stroking his own very nice erection.

Andy rolled off Ron, coming to rest with her back sort of propped against the sofa, a grin plastered on her face. Ron’s face was soaked but there was also a big smile on it. He pulled his wife down and gave her a lusty kiss.

“I’ve never loved you so much,” he said, then realized his face was covered with her juices. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I should have wiped my face first.”

She laughed. “It’s just me, silly. I don’t mind at all.” And to prove it, she licked his chin.

To give them some time to collect themselves, I went over to Robby, and facing him, sat right down on his lovely cock.

“That was so hot,” he breathed into my ear.

“I know. That was a success. Don’t you agree?”

“You’re amazing, you know that?”

I kissed my husband. “I’m just trying to show them what I know.”

“Hey, you two,” Ron said loudly, “get a room!”

I looked over my shoulder and stuck out my tongue.

We moved together leisurely for a few minutes, in no rush to get anywhere. I kept glancing back at Andy, who seemed to have recovered and was looking at us intently.

It was time. So I got off Robby and went to them.

“You look as if you want something, Andy.”

She blushed, but said forthrightly. “I want my husband to make love to me.”

I knew what the subtext was. She wanted to do it with him, but receive the same intense pleasure she just enjoyed on his face.

“Do you ever ride him?”

“We’ve done it occasionally. Why?”

“That’s the best position to control the depth of his penetration. If you do the work, he can’t go in too far now, can he?”

“I guess not.”

“Ron, you have to promise to stay still.”

“I will.” He’d become very pliant.

“Okay then, Andy, climb aboard, but to get yourself hot again, I want you to press Ron’s cock between your bodies. Then you can slide up and back on it. Trust me. If feels great with that fatty he’s got.”

Andy did what I said. Still really moist, she slid back and forth easily. Having done the same thing with Ron the previous evening, I knew exactly what she was feeling.

“You’re going to make me go off, Andy, if you keep doing that,” he told her. "God, it feels great!”

“Okay, Andy. Stop sliding. Let him catch his breath. This is all about teasing yourselves. You don’t want this to be a mad dash for the nearest orgasm. ‘Tease to please’ is my motto.”

Ron told her twice more when to stop. In between they exchanged lusty kisses.

“Are you ready to take him into you now?” I asked.

“I think so.”

“She’s very wet,” Ron added.

“Okay, then, Andy, slide forward until you can feel him at the mouth of your vagina.”

“He’s there.”

“Now push back on him. You want just the head of his cock to pop inside you. I think that’s one of the reasons he feels uncomfortable. The head of his cock is very wide.”

Her eyes got big and I knew he was in. How had they managed to stay married all these years if she had this much trouble with his cock? They must really love each other.

“He’s in.”

“Stay relaxed. Just soak in what it feels like. How full you are. Revel in it. That cock loves your pussy more than you can imagine.”

“What do I do now?”

“Kiss your husband and tell him how much you love him.”

I went back to Robby and sat on his lap but didn’t let him slip inside me. The next few minutes needed my undivided attention.

“Ready for more?” I asked after a couple of minutes.

“Okay. Rock your hips back and forth a bit. Let Ron slide in slowly and naturally. If it starts to hurt, stop and wait.”

Andy bit her lip and moved gingerly. Ron was as good as his word and lay still, but he did have his hands on his wife’s hips.

Over the next few minutes, Andy slid tiny bits of her husband’s erection inside her.

At one point I said in Robby’s ear, “I’ll bet she can take a good deal of him, but she’s just freaked out by his size.”

Robby whispered back, “If you don’t mind me saying it, Andy is gorgeous when she’s sexually excited. I love that faraway expression she gets.”

“Watch it, mister,” I warned him playfully. “I’ve got my eye on you.”

“Relax, gorgeous, you’re still the best fuck ever. I may be married but I’m not blind.”

I didn’t think Andy would get as much in as she did before Ron bottomed out. I knew how gorgeously stuffed she felt about now.

“Good?” I called across the room.

Andy just nodded.

“Keep it slow — and feeling good,” I added.

She nodded again.

I leaned back into Robby and he put his hands on my breasts with each nipple between two fingers so he could squeeze them gently (something I adore). I could feel his erection poking into my bottom, so I decided, What the hell, rose up a bit and encunted him. He was obviously as turned on as I was by what we were witnessing.

“So tight,” Andy mumbled, lost in her own little world.

“You feel amazing, love,” Ron said from underneath her.

So as not to distract them, I spoke softly into Robby’s ear.

“I don’t know how deep her pussy is, but I think most of the discomfort Andy has felt with Ron is due to her not being really wet and ready for him when he entered her. Now she expects it to feel uncomfortable — so it is. She tightens up in apprehension. Not a good thing. When I had Paul after I’d pumped up his cock, I sort of went through the same thing. Hopefully, my little plan is going to work.”

“I think she’s gotten more into her in the last couple of strokes,” Robby whispered.

“You’re right.” Then I said louder, “How’s it feeling?”

They both said, “Really tight!” then laughed.

Andy looked at us for the first time in several minutes.

“Every time it…you know, starts to hurt, I just stop and tell myself to relax — like you told me. It seems to be working.”

“Slow and easy, Andy, dear. This isn’t a race or a competition. You may not be able to get him all in there. If that’s the case, it’s physiological, not some sort of shortcoming you have. Ron, what do you think?”

“I think it feels fucking fantastic! I’m just trying not to squirt.”

Andy leaned down and kissed his nose. “I appreciate that, honey.”

“I just want it to feel good for you.”

“It does, believe me, it does.”

Robby said to me, “It’s hard to believe they went on for so many years like this.”

“They didn’t talk, really talk honestly. It took us awhile, didn’t it?”

He squeezed my nipples. “Oh, but it was so worth it.”

In response, I rose and sank on him once, squeezing his cock for all I was worth.

In the next five minutes, Andy slowly worked all but about 2 inches of Ron’s cock inside her.

“I think I’m ready to go faster now,” Andy said.

“Then do it,” I told her. “Do whatever feels good.”

“I’m very close to cumming.”

Ron said, “I’m beginning to get close, too.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Robby asked.

They both laughed again and it sounded happy and relaxed. This was working!

It struck me then that I’d never been in the same room with two other people fucking. It was a huge turn-on watching them move together in the joyous dance of love.

“Tilt your hips so he’s rubbing the good places inside you, Andy.”

She did that and her eyebrows shot up. “Oh! That is good!”

“See? As you move forward and he pulls out, tilt your hips up. He’ll hit your G-spot really nicely that way.”

She tried it a few times, then looked at me. “I don’t get it.”

I made a decision. “Here, I’ll show you.”

I wanted to show her using her husband’s cock, but didn’t think that was a good idea, so I directed Robby to lie on the floor next to Ron. I mounted him quickly and showed her what I meant. Robby groaned as I started to work him.

“See? Like this.”

Andy caught on quickly and we rode together, side by side.

“You’re so wet, Andy. I’ve never felt you wet like this,” Ron told her.

The poor guy looked like he was trying so hard not to cum. Dropping my eyes down, I realized Robby was having the same problem (and he’s got very good control now). I was getting pretty close, too.

There was no fairy tale ending. Ron didn’t make it and flooded his wife too soon. I could tell she was a bit disappointed. I had a nice orgasm before Robby filled me.

After we girls got cleaned up, we sat around with glasses of wine and chatted, still naked. It was comfortable and friendly and there was no awkwardness.

Andy, over her disappointment, peppered me with questions about different positions and penetration depth. I could see that Ron was over the moon about his wife’s sudden interest in sex. He put his arm around her, pulled her tight against him and lazily stroked her side as we talked. Eventually, he was toying with her left breast and nipple. It was easy to see what he had in mind.

“But how do we make sure Ron doesn’t accidentally go too deep? Making love to him the way I just did was nice, but harder thrusting might have been nice, too. I like it when he gets excited like that.”

“I love it when a man ‘takes me’,” I told her. “There’s something really erotic about that.”

Both men’s cocks were showing signs of life. I had a naughty thought.

“There are tons of positions you can try. Lying on your sides with behind you can work nicely because you can move your body to allow the depth of penetration you want. Until Ron figures out how much of him you can take and you get really relaxed and comfortable with his size, there are some positions that I wouldn’t suggest — in case he gets carried away.”

“Like what?”

Boy, she really didn’t know much. I’d have to get this girl a few books and point her in some directions on the Internet.

“Missionary or doggy. I think I’d have trouble taking Ron in all the way in doggy, especially if I tilted my hips down to allow maximum penetration.”

“I’d love to try that,” Ron said. “I’ll bet you could take it all, Jenn. You’re a champ.”

We let that comment lie on the floor between us. I certainly was game, and to be completely honest, I felt I could handle it. The situation was a bit awkward, though.

Andy took a big sip of her wine, then shrugged and said, “Go for it. I can certainly let you borrow my husband for a demonstration.”

I looked at Robby. He had a shit-eating grin on his face as fully I expected he would. Game on!

Not wanting to get carpet burn if we got a bit vigorous, I asked them to get up so we could use the sofa. Andy went over to sit next to Robby.

My husband’s cock was purple at the end, it was so erect. His mouth was slightly open. I knew he was looking forward to watching this and I was planning on giving him a great show. He’d been waiting far too long to see me live and uninhibited. With Paul, I’d held back, acutely aware of his presence and afraid to show too much or blurt out something that might hurt him. After Paul, we’d talked long and hard (!) and he’d convinced me he’d be fine whatever happened or was said.

Ron was getting nice and hard, but I helped him along with my hands and mouth wanting him completely hard before he slipped his cock into me. It didn’t take long.

I moved into position on all fours sideways so Robby would have a perfect view. Ron knelt behind me.

“You are so wet, Jenn,” he sort of mumbled as he felt my slit for the first time.

He was right, I could feel some moisture sliding down one leg.

“Just take it slowly at first, okay?”

Ron moistened himself by sliding up and down my slit, then positioned himself at my opening. I put my head down, waiting for the first push. It took three tries before the head went in.

Even though I’d been with him the night before, it still felt pretty darn tight. It was more the bulbous head of his cock than the shaft.

We both worked at getting more of him inside, me pushing back and him pushing forward gently. It didn’t take too long for him to be halfway inside, and my arousal was already at full throttle. Glancing over at the other two, their expressions were of rapt attention. Robby had his right hand on his cock and Andy was toying with one of her nipples.

“Are you ready?” Ron asked.

“Uh ha. Just follow my lead.”

“Whatever you want.”

He began thrusting slowly and fairly gently, knowing from the previous evening what I liked. Fast learner! I began to moan as more and more cock slid inside. He was already past where Robby could reach and I still hadn’t felt his pelvis touch my ass.

Ohhhh… So nice,” I told him. “Your cock feels so nice.”

“I love the way your pussy grips me.”

“Like this?”

And I squeezed him hard (not difficult considering his girth), eliciting a low groan.

“Your going to make me cum if you keep doing that.”

I relaxed around him and dropped back down on my elbows.

“You can do it harder now.”

Ron was slowly sliding almost all the way out before pushing in harder and faster. I felt more of him entering me with each thrust, but I like best the feeling of his cock’s head brushing over my G-spot. Angling my hips a bit better increased the pressure there and I could feel the crest of my first orgasm approaching.

“Harder, Ron.”

He obliged, gripping my hips more tightly for extra leverage. Then I felt (and heard) his pelvis slap against my bum, sending little electric shocks right through my body. I concentrated on staying relaxed because it was hurting a bit when he bottomed out in me (but in a good way). It was amazing how full I felt.

About a dozen strokes further on I was almost there.

“I’m going to cum, Ron. I’m going to cum all over your cock!” (I hoped Robby would get off on that comment. He’s said often the idea of hearing that makes him very hot.)

Ron seemed to have found a second gear. I’d been afraid he’d cum too soon.

I began to get sloppy wet and warm in my groin, then, there it was as I erupted in a spectacular orgasm. I could barely stay on my knees. Ron’s thrusting slowed down so he could hold on to me. To tell the truth, I don’t remember much of what happened, except I could feel liquid running down both legs.

Ron stopped moving. “Wow!” was all he said.

When he withdrew from me, I sort of fell over and lay there, a stupid grin on my face. Holy crap! That was a strong one.

Ron left the room to get a towel to clean up the mess I’d made on the sofa (fortunately leather). When I got my eyes uncrossed, I was greeted by Andy sitting across Robby’s lap. Her left arm was down behind her back gripping his erection and he was sucking on one of her breasts while playing between her legs with his right hand.

I propped myself up on my elbows. “Hey you two! Get a room, will ya?”

They both laughed.

“Amazing floor show they have here,” Robby quipped. “Very affecting.”

Ron came back with the towel. His bobbing erection was as hard as ever. Poor man. Time to give him some relief!

“Do you mind if I continue, Andy?” I asked.

“Knock yourself out.”

She began kissing Robby again while we wiped up the mess on the sofa. I lay back down on it sideways and opened my legs invitingly.

“I want you inside me, Ron. Finish inside me.”

He grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.”

Ron mounted me quickly and since I was so wet and open now, he slid right in to the hilt. The sofa was wide so I could spread my legs pretty far apart. Ron was up on his arms thrusting hard and fast and it felt fantastic!

I looked over at Robby, knowing he’d be watching. He’s told me that he often thinks about me being taken this way when he’s masturbating: some stud up on his arms and him watching us from above my head so he can see the cock plunging in and out of me.

He could stand it no longer, whispered something in Andy’s ear and she got off his lap. Then he came over and stood at the end of the sofa watching. I looked up and smiled, mouthing I love you. Andy was partially behind him, one hand on his shoulder and the other around his throbbing cock. Both their gazes were between my legs.

I put my head up to look. Ron’s cock was sliding in and out of me in nice long, slowish strokes that felt amazing. On the out-stroke my inner lips clung to his cock in the way Robby had talked about and knowing I was finally giving him the show he wanted so much turned me on even more.

“Are you getting close?” I asked Ron.

He was working hard to give me his best. I was holding onto his waist to make sure he didn’t go in too hard and bottom out but, like real lovers, we were moving well together for the first time. Christ, it felt good! I began encouraging Ron to thrust harder, not holding anything back or self-censoring in the slightest. Even though I felt amazingly full, the pain had vanished as we lubricated more and my vagina had stretched out to its limit.

“Oh God, Ron, your cock feels so incredible. I love it! Give it to me! I want every inch of your cock. Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!”

I gave a quick glance back, and both Robby and Andy were mesmerized. Her hand was still on his erection but just holding it now. His face had a look of total concentration.

“I’m getting close, Jennifer, really close. Where do you want me to cum?”

This was the deal closer for Robby. I knew exactly what he wanted to hear me say.

“I want it inside me. Give me all of it. But only have it in halfway, Ron. We want to see your cock pump it into me.”

His cock began to swell more and felt like a steel bar inside me, a lovely, warm, soft thing with steel at its core.

“Here it comes, Jennifer. I’m going to cum inside you.”

“Do it! Do it! Do it.”

He plunged deeply into me once more and then withdrew halfway. His cock swelled to its limit and began to pulse. With my head up I could see his cock and balls throbbing rhythmically as he emptied himself into my pussy. Ron was gasping and moaning. Very erotic!

Robby could see it, too, and in answer I felt something hot hit my shoulder: his own semen.

“Oh my God,” he said low and dreamily as if to himself, caught up in his own moment of passion.

When Ron’s orgasm was through, he pulled out and stood up. Even though he’d made love to Andy just a short time ago and me the night before (two orgasms’ worth), he’d still cum a lot (a big set of balls has its advantages) and I could feel semen running down the crack of my ass.

“Damn!” I said laughing. “We’ve messed up the sofa again!”

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Sorry for the length, by the way. I really wanted the account to be detailed and Jenn went a little overboard! ;)

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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dpsmith56 wrote:
What an amazing recount of the happenings. Truly erotic and mesmerizing, a terrific read !!!!! Are you guys planning on getting together again? Or is Andy happy to just have her man being more attentive to her needs?

Both, actually. We been together once more since then and we're going up to their cottage in two week's time to "enjoy the fall colours", if you know what I mean...

As for Andy and Ron, they are like two teenagers at the moment and both learning the ropes very quickly. The whole problem pivoted around not communicating. Once that door was beaten down (as well as Andrea getting more comfortable with her sexual self), the floodgates opened. My wife is amazing the way she handled everything.

Glad you enjoyed it!

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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I'm enjoying this account completely! Helping others is such a great deed. Sex? Even MORE so.
Thank you for taking the time to write it out you two!

Actually, very eye opening about hangups. As we all have some.
I wish my wife would read this account or experience this, just like litlgi said on page 7. My S is your Andy.

Yes, I believe I'm losing my mind.

Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:27 pm 
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This is the hottest story on OHW in the past several months at least. And that's against some strong competition!

Two words that should rarely be used when discussing human behavior are 'always' and 'never'!

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:41 am 
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I'm loving it and can't wait for an update!.. oh, and there's a small matter of the Jenn and Marc saga ;)

More, please!


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Thanks for the very kind words. I showed Jennifer what's been said, and she says thank you, too!

I'd love to get her on the board under her own name, but I don't think that's going to happen. But then she HAS been known to change her mind!

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Wonderful and amazing.

And please don't stop now! There are at least four reasons I love this story and want to hear more:

  • I've always loved stories with a new, shy hotwife just discovering and opening her sexuality, and Andy's story hits all of those buttons (even if she's exploring that with her husband as much or more than with you). It's fun thinking about what will happen! Will she become a full-blown hotwife on her own? Or will she and Ron have so much fun together now that he doesn't need to share her anymore? Either way, it's a hot and rewarding story.
  • Jenn's skillful, bold teaching shows just how open and in touch with her own sexuality (and yours!) she is, and there's nothing more erotic than a sexy, beautiful woman who knows what she wants and is proud of it.
  • Hearing about Jenn with Ron (especially in the presence of you and Andy) is a fantastic hotwife story in its own right.
  • It's fun getting to see you have fun! I sense that for you (and Jenn) it's still mostly about her with others, more than you getting to play ... but even thought I like the typical "wife plays, husband is faithful" stories, it's refreshing to occasionally see a husband getting to enjoy some new pussy with his hotwife's loving approval.

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vicg wrote:
Wonderful and amazing.

And please don't stop now! There are at least four reasons I love this story and want to hear more:

  • I've always loved stories with a new, shy hotwife just discovering and opening her sexuality, and Andy's story hits all of those buttons (even if she's exploring that with her husband as much or more than with you). It's fun thinking about what will happen! Will she become a full-blown hotwife on her own? Or will she and Ron have so much fun together now that he doesn't need to share her anymore? Either way, it's a hot and rewarding story.
  • Jenn's skillful, bold teaching shows just how open and in touch with her own sexuality (and yours!) she is, and there's nothing more erotic than a sexy, beautiful woman who knows what she wants and is proud of it.
  • Hearing about Jenn with Ron (especially in the presence of you and Andy) is a fantastic hotwife story in its own right.
  • It's fun getting to see you have fun! I sense that for you (and Jenn) it's still mostly about her with others, more than you getting to play ... but even thought I like the typical "wife plays, husband is faithful" stories, it's refreshing to occasionally see a husband getting to enjoy some new pussy with his hotwife's loving approval.


The whole thing with our friends, and specifically with Andrea, was completely unexpected for me. For one thing, I didn't know that Jennifer had previously talked with her friend about their sex lives. It's not that she didn't want me to know, but Andy asked her not to. The stars just aligned right that weekend and things happened. I was very anxious as to whether we were going down a stupid road and would lose our friends. I should have trusted Jenn's instincts.

Truth be told, I've always thought Andy was a beautiful woman (and moreso since she's lost weight and gotten her body more tone (though I'd never seen much of it until that weekend since she normally dresses fairly modestly), but I never really thought about her sexually -- if you know what I mean. You know the rest of the story now, and I am really glad that it happened, but in the initial stages, I was certainly as anxious as Andy was. Ron and Jenn were a different story...

I don't know where Andy and Ron are headed. Right now, they're enjoying what they're discovering together. We've gotten together once since and will again in a couple of weeks. Jenn and I have talked about the whole situation endlessly. (I loved the fact that she got comfortable enough to "perform" in front of me and she's definitely gotten over her hang-up about that.) I think we'll occasionally get together (sexually) with Andy and Ron, but it won't be a huge part of any of our lives. Andy's said she loves fucking with me because I can go nuts (as does she) with no fear that my cock will hurt her. She and Ron still have to be somewhat aware of the depth of penetration and that sort of inhibits them. Jenn adores Ron's cock, but finds him a tad "superior" at times as if having a big cock makes him special or something. She's made it her goal to cut him down to size (to which she always giggles) so that he gets over this. He still hasn't come to the realization that fantastic loving is more a matter of giving than receiving. When both partners focus on giving pleasure, the results can be stupendous.

I certainly lucked out in the wife department!

As for watching Jenn that first time with Ron, it will be one of my most lasting and powerful memories. It was just too awesome to describe (so I let her do it!). One thing she neglected to mention (and only found out afterward on the drive to pick up our kids the next morning) was that I came without any stimulation. Andy was merely holding the base of my cock at the time. It surprised me. Andy got off majorly (and surprisingly to her) watching her husband's cock pumping sperm into my wife's pussy. When we split up that evening, she talked about it a lot and actually asked me to do the same thing to her so she could watch. A few weeks ago, Andy and Jenn got together at our place and Jenn showed her the video with Paul. Andy wound up having to masturbate on the spot. She's definitely coming (cumming?) along nicely.

Finally, I've found I love being with Andy. She is becoming a lot more fun and relaxed in bed and she is so different from Jennifer. But for me, though, a great deal of the pleasure still is watching and hearing Jennifer in all her sexual glory. When I make love to her, I'm so focused on other details that it's impossible to "step back" and just enjoy experience her as she enjoys herself. We have made videos and everything, but actually watching it from an aspect of non-involvement is an awesome experience for me. I'm certainly not going to go out hunting for other women to bed -- if that's what you meant. Being with Andy every so often will certainly do it for me.

Thanks for the lovely comments. I showed them to Jennifer and she also says thanks (it's funny how she gets all self-conscious and embarrassed when someone says how amazing she is). I'm still after her to get on this board on her own. We'll see. With her, I never say never...

It's true what they say about redheads…
The recounting of my wife's university affair: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28088
And what has happened more recently: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30613

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Great update. Thanks for checking in!

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