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My name is Scott and I'm here to tell you about my hotgirlfriend Maria, she's 25, brunette with brown eyes, curvy body, everything a guy could ask for. but before I start talking about the night she had sex with another guy, I have to start at the beginning of my cuckolding fetish. Everything is 100% true but she doesn't know I am posting this so I'm taking some liberty with names, dates, etc.

Unlike some fetishes/phases I've had in the past, I remember the exact night my interest for this lifestyle started. During the winter holidays one of my ex-girlfriends was visiting, Rebecca. We're on good terms and meet up and reconnect when she comes home. Conversations would usually be pleasant, sometimes she'd flatter me by saying I looked good and admittedly it'd make me feel all warm and fuzzy, seeing and reconnecting with a very attractive girl even if she was my ex. But this time something was different.

We usually go out for coffee but this time I invited her over my apartment. None of my roommates were home but I was just thinking we could make tea in the kitchen and catch up. I put on a nice shirt but when she came over it was evident Rebecca was the better looking one. I hadn't seen her in 6 months so It kind forgot caught me off guard. She was all dressed up because she was planning on going to a party afterwards, She greeted me with a warm smile and a hug. I think I'm alright looking but Rebecca is definitely a catch for me. She's half Turkish half Egyptian and has beautiful dark skin and brown eyes.

After catching up a bit, Rebecca came into the kitchen and I offered her some tea. She seemed really enthusiastic over the idea but I realize now she was nervous over what she was about to tell me. We started catching up a little bit, talked about her trip home so far. She mentioned she ran into a few of my friends at a bar one night. Jack and Andy. I remember responding with a "oh really" but not really thinking much of it. Then Rebecca looks at me with a nervous/embarrassed look and adds " and I may have hooked up with Andy...."

I must of looked at her with the most shocked and embarrassed face, I know it's cliche but it's like she just stabbed me with a knife in the gut.

"we didn't have sex though........" She added, reassuringly but I was still shocked by what she just told me.

"You didn't have sex as in other stuff besides just making out happened?" I asked

"Yeeeeahh..." she said, nodding her head, still embarrassed but also faintly smiling as well.

It was a relief to hear they didn't have sex (at the time) because even though Rebecca and I dated for 8 months we never had intercourse. Now a friend of mine had gone as far with Rebecca as I had. Acting on impulse, I then asked

"was it good?"

"Yeeeeah hahahha...." Rebecca said even louder, nervously trying to laugh it off while smiling even more now.

I must of had a look of terror on my face cause then she looked at me all sympathetically and gave me a hug, but I wasn't doing any good. If anything making it worse. I was clearly shocked, embarrassed and angry but I managed to get the story from her. Rebecca initially ran into Jack at the bar and Jack started hitting on her. He's done this before and she's always just shook it off. but at some point Andy started talking to her. I've kind of always known that Rebecca's had a thing for him. Andy was very drunk but he started hitting on Rebecca and it was working. "Your friend has game" she added at some point. Eventually Rebecca and Andy start making out at the bar. Since hearing this story I often wonder what it would've been like to helplessly watch Rebecca be seduced from across the bar. At some point Rebecca decides to leave the bar and give her other friend a drive home (because she was sober). However, as she's leaving, Jack and Andy run into her and Andy asks for a ride home as well. Rebecca offered Jack a ride home as well but he declined (playing wingman). so Rebecca left the bar with Andy.
She was kind of fuzzy with the details at this point, but some point after dropping her other friend home Rebecca pulled over somewhere remote and decided she wanted him. She didn't tell me exactly what happened, (leaving a lot to the imagination) but it sounds like she got down on her knees and blew him. although he was too drunk to keep it up, at which point Rebecca made it "all about her". As she told me this she had this smug look on her face like she knew I was in agony but didn't regret hooking up with my friend in the slightest. She also hinted that he dominated her, referring to him as "bossy".

One of the hottest parts of the night was afterwards, when things had finally calmed down a bit she was like

"I kind of want to say something..."

after that I had to know but it took I while,

"I don't know if I should..." I don't know if she meant to be teasing me but she was. finally she said it. she simply wanted to reiterate that

"it was goooood...."

to which I could only just groan.

Even though I felt a little bummed at the time, I now find the idea of my friend, Andy dominating Rebecca really hot. I've also fantasized about her coming over and telling me that they did have sex, something Rebecca and I never did while dating. Imaging her being stripped down to nothing, naked in his bed, her dark legs wrapped around his white body, the look of pleasure on her face as his white cock slides in and out of her brown pussy. I wanted this to happen so badly that fast forward 6 months later I straight up told her that I was okay with them hooking up and having sex. but alas she shut it down.

hope you enjoyed the story of my awakening to this lifestyle, more to come


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Welcome to the forum.

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woo, writing is fun.

I was a bit bummed about Andy and Rebecca hooking up but I eventually got over it. Andy and Rebecca didn't start dating or anything, and Andy apologized to me in his own way after I was giving him a bit of the cold shoulder. But I realized I was being stupid, like I said it's for the best that Rebecca and I aren't together and really I resigned my right to care who she hooks up with a long time ago (for context: we broke up like 5 years before Andy and Rebecca hooked up). I also eventually appreciated Rebecca telling me about it all afterwards. Not just because it of what awakened inside me but because it isn't an easy thing to do, and I feel like most people in the same situation would just kept it secret.

However, for the 12 hours after Rebecca told me about Andy I was still feeling down, but that didn't keep me from jerking off that night. It ended up being surprisingly intense, I came so much faster than I had thinking about anything else. Admittedly afterwards I felt bummed out. Again the next morning I jerked off right away, once again, really hot and intense but I also remember being kind of confused about it. Why did something that stung so much also force its way into my thoughts while I jerked off.

As a straight dude, I can still tell Andy is a handsome guy. It's not surprising that he's had some really attractive girlfriends/hook ups etc. Something about the fact that he hooked up with Rebecca, while sloppy drunk, and not even working for it really jabbed at my ego. Even though it's for the better that Rebecca and I aren't together, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to hook up with her again...(what guy wouldn't...) Before the night she came over I would've guessed that if anyone would be hooking up with Rebecca it'd be me. Sometimes when we'd meet and catch up the conversation would turn flirty and we'd talk about when we use to date, memorable moments, etc. It's not like I was only meeting up with her for the chance to hook up with her again but it was definitely somewhere in the back in my mind (hey I'm a guy).

However, she shot that idea down instantly. This is a really central part of what turned me on in such an agonizing way, I didn't get to reclaim Rebecca. I may have gotten my fair share of pity hugs, only Andy got to see her tits and pussy while she was back in town, no question about that. This really touched on my submissive side but in a way that was unfamiliar to me then.

While I was no longer sad they hooked up I was still really turned on. I pictured Rebecca with Andy's dick deep in her mouth, Andy's mouth and fingers buried deep in Rebecca's pussy and even though It didn't happen, I thought about Rebecca letting Andy fuck her, something I never got to do. I also thought about her choice of words when she said he was being "bossy". Did he command her to strip for him? Did he make her moan his name when she came? and I was fairly convinced that she did cum at least once because of how she referred to it as "good".

For a solid two weeks I thought about it. I eventually did some research and found online communities on reddit and ourhotwives. When I first started, I thought I was just finding things to jerk off to. It took about a year before I started to realize that I would eventually want this in some way in my real life. The only question is how much would I let happen. I tried to hook Rebecca and Andy back up. About 6 months after they hooked up Rebecca and I were catching up on the phone and I told her I really didn't care if she hooked up with him again or even took it further (yes I actually said that). But she wasn't really feeling it, Andy was a one time thing for her. I eventually gave up on Andy and Rebecca but my interest in cuckolding/hotwifing remained.

It wouldn't be for another couple years that I'd meet the love of my life, Maria, and another couple years before she'd go into our spare bedroom with a guy and come out as my first ever hotgirlfriend.

More on her (and him) later....


Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:03 am 

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Hello, I am back for more!

Maria and I met a couple years after my "cuckold awakening" with Rebecca. Although I was initially obsessed with getting Rebecca and Andy back together, my priorities soon changed once Maria and I started dating. In hindsight Rebecca and Andy would never be able to give me anything as close as good as what Maria currently does, and you'll know why in a sec.

Maria is without a doubt the love of my life. I've never connected with someone on an emotional level as much as I have with her. She's Venezuelan but educated in Britain so she has a slight British accent. I know everyone says this about their girlfriend/wife but whenever we go out, I notice guys checking Maria out. This is extremely integral to what turns me on about sharing Maria. She's desirable. She's the type of girl you see and can't help but wonder what she looks like naked, or what it'd be like to strip her clothes off. I'll post a photo once I permission from the boss.

With all this sex appeal, it follows suit that she is a true lover of sex. She gives AMAZING head. Honestly, I've never gotten better blowjobs from anybody else. She knows exactly what to do. Even before the sharing, we explored and experimented all kinds of things in the bedroom and grew more comfortable with each other sexually. We did some anal play, light bondage bdsm, sexy photoshoots, etc. But I was still too scared to share my cuckolding fetish with her. To be honest, I think I was just scared to lose her. and I still think it was for the best, waiting a bit before sharing your deepest darkest fetish...especially if it involves another man fucking your girlfriend.

However, after the first two years, Maria had to take a workterm in another province so it meant distance for us for four months. Something about not being able to see Maria that much made me miss her (obviously) but something about missing her made me fantasize about her hooking up with someone (more than I already did). While she was away, I made a point not to jerk off to porn that often but instead just see where my mind went when I started beating off. Every. single. time. it was some fantasy involving Maria hooking up with someone. Maria in her classy work clothes, getting on her knees for some guy and deep throating his cock. For some reason, a reoccurring fantasy was imagining Maria going down on someone but I can only watch from behind at a distance . It's as if only being able to see her head bob up and down on a guy makes it hotter when your brain connects the dots on whats happening. Weird right? may not be explaining it the best. Of course, another fantasy I had was Maria and Andy running into each other a bar in her new province and Maria giving him a ride home...the rest is history.

It was during this four month period that I eventually let it slip to Maria that the idea of her hooking up with another guy turned me on. Some combination of horniness and talking a lot on Facebook chat made it easier to confess. (yes I confessed my deepest darkest secret...on fb chat...) I told her that this was just a fantasy and not something I wanted her to try, but I was knew I was kind of lying to myself. She was surprised but took it really well. I can't describe how relieved I was. I remember thinking "I fucking love this girl" it was a high and a rush. Although at the time she did say that she didn't think she could do it because she'd feel guilty. Totally understandable. I was just happy to get the idea out there and off my chest and the fact that she didn't flip out was such a victory. When she got back from her work term I made a point not to bring it up again for a while. Didn't wanna see obsessed But then again, almost every time we had sex I thought about her with another guy. When she was on top I thought about her riding someone else, when she blew me I imagined how much some other guy would love to get head like this. Whenever I'd see how strip out of her work clothes, I'd imagine this is what some lucky guy would get to see if we went through with this fantasy. I kept pretty quiet about it until one night we both came home pretty typsy.

We started hooking up, she kissed me passionately because for Maria, drinking alcohol is like drinking pure aphrodisiac. I decided to use this to my advantage. I played with her tits and she loved it. she reciprocated by taking my dick out of my pants and started stroking. I then started rubbing her clit and thats when she started to moan. I asked if there was anything she wanted to try that we haven't tried yet (sexually that is). We've had loads of conversations like this and it wasn't unusual that we'd talk about it while hooking up. Sometimes hormones are the best truth serum but since then I had been good to not bring up cuckolding/sharing.

She said she wanted to try a few more positions like the ones we looked at online one day. Not really the answer i was looking for lol but she then asked me if there was anything I wanted to try that we hadn't tried already. At this point I was lying down on the bed and she was working her hand on my cock. I stopped rubbing her clit when she got in a better position to give me a handjob.

in my horny drunken state I again told her I found the idea of her hooking up with someone else really hot

she didn't say anything but kept stroking my cock. there were a few more moments of silence, my heart was pounding, I was nervous as hell but at the same time felt this closeness to Maria that I felt safe telling her this. I decided to push it a little further

"it really turns me on and I'm not really sure why" I said, although I had a better idea as to why than I let on.

"Yeah?" She said, still stroking me
"Yeah" was the only response I could think of in that state. It was hard to read how she was taking this but she kept giving me a handjob which I interpreted as a good sign. I'm pretty sure she wanted to say something like "I'd feel guilty", "wouldn't you get jealous?", but she didn't wanna kill the mood. Even if I hadn't converted her yet she was still willing to give me this fantasy and just continued stroking me. and I didnt wanna kill the mood by pushing the subject so I just let her. I closed my eyes and imagined Maria taking a guy home from a bar and jerking him off.

A few more moments past and I got closer to cumming and then she said something which I was not expecting.

"I kinda had a feeling you liked that"

I let out an audible moan, I don't think she meant to be sexy by saying it but holy shit. Something about the cold, confident delivery of how she said it was such a turn on at the time. Thinking back to it, it may seem obvious she had a feeling I liked it because I had told her on facebook chat a couple weeks ago, but the way she said it seemed to imply that she had a feeling I was a cuckold even before that.

I decided not to say anything more and just sit back and let my orgasm speak for itself. But she must of noticed that what she just said turned me on and since Maria is the best girl in the world she decided to finish me off in her mouth. I didn't last much longer. I came so hard thinking about my classy girlfriend swallowing her imaginary guy's load.

Afterwards I just lay down breathing in the after shock of the orgasm she just gave me. Maria cuddled up next to me assuming we were finished for the night (I admit we usually would be) but before she could say anything I took off her pants and went down on her. We didn't talk any more about what I just confessed for the second time. In fact, we didn't talk at all when I went down on her. If she wanted to fantasize about another guy I wanted to let her. She came pretty intensely after about 15 minutes.

I cuddled up next to her and we went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I decided I owed her a bit of an explanation.

more on that later


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Great writing and great story! Keep going!

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I can't wait to hear more about Maria.

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Nice story

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The next morning Maria and I had a very important conversation. It contained a lot of questions and attempted answers.

I started by going on a spiel that she's is the love of my life and I don't want us to break up. ever. (she's heard all of this before so I'm sure she was waiting for me to get to the point). I said I loved our sex life and she was amazing in bed. I also explained that I had no interest in hooking up with other girls. I then tried to explain that even though we have an amazing emotional/physical connection her sexuality still exists outside of me and that's just a fact of life. Some people like to think that their SO goes sterile when their not around but that's just not true. While she may only be sleeping with me at this point, it's possible for her to at least want to fuck someone else. For most people that idea makes them too jealous, that their significant others can be sexually attracted to someone other than themselves. but for me it still hurts and it also turns me on. Someone could satisfy Maria just as much as me or better and there's nothing I can do to change that.

she seemed to get that but still wasn't sure why it turned me on

I tried to explain that it all has to do with wanting to feel submissive. The same way some people get turned on when their tied up because it makes them feel vulnerable. If you're tied up, you can't move and you're left at the mercy of whoever. For some, this loss of control is exhilarating. You could argue that as the dominant species, we get a kick out of giving up some of our control or letting someone take that control away from us because it's so unfamiliar to us. Cuckolding is similar. The same way people give up their control of being able to move when they're tied up, I wanted to give up control of Maria's sexuality. If Maria suddenly decided yes, she wants to fuck other men, I would feel vulnerable because I'm suddenly not the only sexually viable candidate for her. That vulnerability and powerlessness is what turns me on. Since I love Maria so much, our sexual relationship is very important to my ego. However, allowing her to experience someone else diminishes the role I play in her sex life which irks my ego in a powerful but arousing way.

Explaining this to Maria wasn't easy. Even though we're so close and she's pretty sex-positive, I could tell she was a bit taken back by the idea. Sometimes she'd frown after I'd make a point about something or give me a confused look. To be fair. Her boyfriend was detailing the reasons why he gets aroused over the idea of fooling around with other guys. I knew it was a lot to take it so I tried to avoid sounding like I was trying to pitch the lifestyle to her. I just wanted her to understand how I could love her so much but also get aroused by the idea of her being intimate with other guys. but she must of known that I wanted to try it, you don't take 20-30 minutes explaining a fetish just to fill the silence.

She told me how I'm right to say that her sexuality exists outside of me and its a fact of life but that doesn't mean she wants to act on it. She said she's happy with our sex life and doesn't really feel the need for another man in her bed. She also reminded me that fantasizing about something was one thing and reality was something else. I may think I want her to hook up with another guy but what if I get really bummed out? You may remember that's how I felt about Rebecca and Andy. It was definitely a good point on her end. I couldn't say at the time what it's like for your girlfriend to actually fuck somebody else. At that point, I only jerked off to to the idea online. What if I feel really sad afterwards? It's not something you can take back.

Maria was always the cautious one out of the two of us so it didn't surprise me when she responded this way. I didn't really expect her to jump for joy over the idea But like the first time we talked about it on Facebook chat, it just felt good to have it out there. Even if she wasn't sold on the idea I felt so relieved being able to tell her this intimate fantasy I had and she was still respectful of it. It was a great conversation to have but we eventually had to go about our day.

I felt really lucky to have Maria in this moment but it turns out I'm even luckier than that.


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Awesome!! I love these POV experiences on this forum..

Please continue

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Just got back from the gym on my day off and it looks like it's time for an update. Writing my story was slow at first but it's proved to be addictive. It's interesting how the details flood back to you when actually have to write them down. Although I admit I'm not sure how much is too much in terms of detail without sounding like I'm dragging on.


Even after confessing a second time and talking about it thoroughly the next day, I was still careful not to push the idea of hotwifing/cuckolding with Maria. I did this for a number of reasons.

1. I wanted to seem in control of my desires. I didn't wanna seem so obsessed with the idea of this lifestyle that I had to bring it up constantly. Even if constantly thinking about Maria being slutty with someone else, I was careful not to reveal too much to her.

2. Since I had already put the idea in her mind, I wanted to see how it would resonate with Maria. She made it clear she didn't plan on acting on it but if she always had it in the back of her mind, maybe one day she met someone else and just give in. That’s a lot of guy’s hotwife dream. Throw the idea of hotwifing out there, to have it initially turned down, then the idea festers in her mind until she wants to try it just as much as me.

3. She already proved that she would entertain the fantasy when she gave me a handjob/blowjob after my tipsy confession. I figured that was enough to work with for the time being.

So, I waited. It's interesting to note, there were subtle differences in how we interacted with each other after I told her about my fantasies. We played this game where I'd see a guy and get Maria to rate him out of 10 in terms of attractiveness. She'd get me to do the same about girls, but I was almost always the instigator. This was interesting because it gave me a sense of her type. Some guys that I thought she'd be into would get a mediocre score, while others scored higher. One thing I started to realize is that Maria likes taller guys. It struck me as odd that I didn't realize this before. but I suspect it may have been because Maria was being sensitive towards me. At 5,8/5,9 I'm definitely not a tall guy. I'm not short, but I'm not tall. So If I asked her what her type was, she may have avoided outright saying that she likes tall guys. The fact that she was being more honest now, even if it was through some silly game, felt like progress.

Another moment that sticks out was the day she was talking about a colleague. She was saying how much better at his job he was than the guy he replaced. Since I make stupid jokes I said "well If you like him so much why don't you bang him?"
to which she replied
"I would but you would enjoy it too much"

Woah. She threw that right back in my face. It was a sexy thing for her to say but we just laughed it off. Also, spoilers, she's never slept with that guy, apparently, he’s kind of ugly.

As manipulative as it sounds, I usually waited until after we had a few drinks before bringing up anything related to hotwifing/cuckolding. Like I've said before and will probably say again. Drinking. Makes. Maria. Horny. Every single time. So if we were to ever try anything new and exciting this is the time to bring it up. I remember we had a couple glasses of wine and after fooling around on the couch for a little, we decided to continue in the bedroom. We had most of our clothes off at this point and I started rubbing her clit outside her underwear. She was reeeeally into it. She tried to reciprocate by giving me head, but I actually stopped her. I wanted this to be all about her for now. Pretty soon later Maria had an intense orgasm, and almost instantly got me to lie down. It was my turn. She slipped off my underwear and deep throating me immediately. Maria does this sometimes, other times she can be a complete tease but right then she was blowing me with an intensity that I still don't often get to see. But before she could do it for long I got the courage to ask her something.

"Can you do something for me?"
"Okay" she said with a smile. Dick in hand.
"Can you talk dirty to me?" I asked
"Okay" she said, without losing her smile, (we've done this before so it was nothing new). She started to jerk me off but I spoke up again
"Except um.." I started
"Yeah?" She said, attentive, putting the handjob on pause.
"Can you…” I was nervous, I couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to ask. I had my eyes closed at this point, I couldn't stand to face her but thankfully, Maria knew what to do.

"Yeah?" She said seductively and started to stroke me again, "What do you want me to do?"
“Can you…” I started. I regretted bringing it up. I went quiet again. I just wanted her to finish me off until…
“Tell me.” She said with just enough authority in her voice.
“Can you talk about another guy?”
She didn’t stop stroking. She simply repeated my request back at me
“You want me to talk about another guy?” She had a curious and mischievous tone in her voice.
“Yeah” I said, breathing heavily.

There was a moment of silence while she continued stroking. What she did next was less dirty talk and more inquisition but for me it still served the same purpose.

“You get turned on when you think about me and another guy?”
“Do you jerk off to me and other guys?”
“What do you picture me doing?”
“Giving head”
“You get turned on thinking about me giving head to someone else?”
“Do you want me to give someone else head?”
but all I could muster out was

A few more moments passed and then she asked me this.

“Do you think about me sleeping with someone else?”
I was so turned on at this point, I wasn’t going to last much longer. Maria escalated this in a way that I didn’t expect but to be fair it was a logical question. If oral sex turned me on, what about sex sex? I didn’t speak at all. I just let out a moan and wanted my pleasure to speak for itself. But she didn’t let me off the hook that easy
“Do you think about me sleeping with someone else?” She repeated her question.
“….some-Yeah” I was so close. She quickened her pace
“Yeah?” she said, confirming what I just told her.
“Yeah” I said.

Just like the first night we talked about this, Maria then put me in her mouth to finish me off. She was done talking. She had all the information she needed.

Afterwards, we cuddled but I didn’t want to go to sleep. I told her how hot and sexy she was and how that handjob/blowjob was the hottest ever. She was happy with my praise. We talked a little longer. She told me how she looked up some things online and learned more about the hotwifing/cuckold lifestyle. One thing to note is that all throughout her education, Maria got good grades. It didn’t surprise me she did her research. Maria said that the community was a lot bigger than she expected. And while she is kinky, this lifestyle went under her radar until now. I think discovering the community gave her a bit more appreciation for my fantasies. Initially it just seemed like some weird kink her boyfriend had but lo and behold, here’s this entire world of people that actually do this.
She then asked me if she actually would want to hook up with someone else. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to answer this. I said it’s not like I wanted her to go out and find a guy tomorrow but with enough communication and in the right situation, it would be a huge turn on for me and even something that could bring us closer together.
She then said when I initially brought it up, it felt like I was trying to push her away. To illustrate, Maria asked me to imagine what it’d be like if she told me she was okay with me sleeping with other girls. I admit one could assume that she was apathetic towards my fidelity and therefore apathetic towards our relationship. She said after me explaining it more and discovering the community, she realized I wasn’t apathetic, but still made it clear she wasn’t ready to do anything and wanted to keep it to fantasy. I understood that. You readers may remember that shortly after discovering this fetish, I didn’t wanna practice in my real life. It took me a while to come around to the idea of actually doing it so I understood it could take a while for Maria.

Either way I was happy with the progress we were making. I really felt like this was bringing us closer together even if we just kept it fantasy for now....


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Great writing! Looking forward to the next step!

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I agree...great writing. Isn't it so exciting to realize our nature, fantasize about it, have a woman that will culture it....and OMG when she does it

The ever evolving sexual aspect of our life together:


My desirers for my wife & ME...Pics & captions that will make Cucks WANT to CUM tumblr: https://usinnc.tumblr.com/

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Ha ha, as all of us guys know, it's difficulty to discuss anything when your dick is about to explode. When my wife strokes me slowly like Maria was stroking you, I'll agree to anything!

shouldbestudyin wrote:
Hello, I am back for more!

"Yeah?" She said, still stroking me
"Yeah" was the only response I could think of in that state.

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Very well written, I hope to read more

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Thanks for sharing!

Hopeful Cuck To A Shy Wife.

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I’ve really enjoyed writing my life story so far. I don’t wanna spoil much about what Maria and I are up to at the present date, but rest assured, we’re still going strong.

At this point, the primary way of talking about my fantasies was during dirty talk. Dirty talk was fun and everything but sometimes she’d just repeat back to me what I just said. For example, let’s say we’re having sex, this is how some of it would go.

“I think about you giving head to another guy”
“You think about me giving head to another guy?”

To be fair to Maria, regular sex is always amazing enough and it was still really hot, confessing your fantasies in the heat of the moment. At first there was something so tantalizing about her seductively saying my confessions back in my face. But then I noticed her doing it more and more. On one hand, she may have just not known what to else say but it felt like Maria was only entertaining me. I still appreciated this but I really wanted my fantasies to be her fantasies. I wanted Maria to tap into that her kinky side that I know she has.

Lemme just say this, It’s a hard topic to bring up. Telling your sexy amazing girlfriend, who seems way too good for you, that even though she gives you mind-blowing sex, she needs to up her dirty-talk game. Eventually we were having a conversation over some wine and I somehow brought up that even though sex is amazing, she seems kinda reserved. I made sure she knew I was talking about the dirty talk pertaining to certain ideas.

She replied that while she enjoys the effect it has on me, she still couldn’t get down with the idea of actually going ahead and hooking up with another guy. And while that was fine and we both knew that, it seemed to prevent her from really embracing this fetish beyond some simple dirty talk. She persisted that she would feel too guilty about it and it kind of kept her from really getting in the moment. I told her that was fine and everything and it was really important to me that I wasn’t pushing her to do anything she felt uncomfortable with. Maria said she appreciated that and keeping me happy and sexually satisfied was really important to her. She added she’s willing to broaden her horizons when it comes to satisfying me sexually, and that she’s willing to go further with me than she has any other guy because she loved me so much. That being the case, she reminded me that this is all still very new to her. I said she was right because she was and that I loved her too.

That pretty much wrapped up the conversation. We went to bed that night but didn’t have sex. If we did, I wouldn’t have brought up anything fetish related and actually I didn’t bring it up for a while. I remember being worried that, while the conversation went well, she was getting tired of me bringing it up this lifestyle that she hadn’t expressed much interest in. But in hindsight, all she was saying was “not now”.


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Ever since we had our little talk, I tried not to bring up sharing as dirty talk for a while. I had brought up the idea a couple times now and each time she said was willing to play along but couldn’t really take it further than that. That was okay. Didn’t wanna push anything. As I keep reiterating, a crucial part of this whole thing is the girl actually wanting it.

Even though the dirty walk was on pause, sometimes Maria would say or do something that suggested she was still thinking about it. One time I was scrolling through photos of tattoos on my phone with Maria looking over my shoulder. As we got some pictures of guys with shirts off, she told me to stop scrolling and stared for a while before letting me move on. We’d laugh it off as if it were a joke but I was left wondering later, “is she fucking with me?” lol Then this one day I was at work and she sent me a picture of a shirtless Christian Hemsworth on Instagram. Did she want me to know she was looking at other guys? Did she mean to send it to someone else? I responded to the picture
“Maria’s dream”
and she didn’t reply. Weird..

Finally, about a month after we decided to put the dirty/sharing talk on hold, Maria did something that made me positive she was at least still flirting with the idea. A friend that both Maria and I knew well was hosting a party. Even though we didn’t know a lot of people there we decided we’d go because we knew (let’s call him) Gus.

Anyways, Maria and I split a bottle of wine and then took the train to Gus’. We figured since we weren’t going to know a lot of people we better predrink sufficiently. As soon as I opened the door, I was confronted by a bunch of faces I didn’t recognize. However, as we maneuvered through the party, Maria ran into a guy she knew. The first thing I noticed about this guy is he was a) good looking, and b) a lot taller than me. Maria seemed excited to see him too but I couldn’t tell by their small talk how she knew him. As soon as they started chatting, I pretended not to notice and walk in the other room. I didn’t want Maria to introduce me. Thankfully I ran into someone I knew so I could have an excuse for leaving Maria to talk to that guy. I remember hoping she wasn’t too pissed that I deserted her. After about 25 minutes of doing my own thing, I went back to spy on my girlfriend. She was still talking to the same guy.

For the amateur wanna-be cuckold that I was at the time, it was a pretty intense sight. Their conversation seemed casual but focused. He towered over her and she looked up at him with a flushed look. Half a bottle of wine isn’t much for me but for Maria it’s enough to do some damage. The combination of alcohol, talking to this guy….yep, there was a good chance Maria was turned on right now. I didn’t want to watch for any longer. I went to go and do my own thing again but Maria actually found me not too much later. Being surrounded other people we can’t talk about much. However Maria gave me smug, unimpressed expression which seemed to say “I know you left me alone on purpose you jerk” but before she could say that I asked. 

Having fun?
Are you having fun? She replied

“I’m having a great time!” leaving it unclear whether we were talking about the party or the fact that she was talking to him. 

“You left me all alone!” I did feel kind of bad for this, Maria can be a bit of a socially awkward person so I knew she’d cling to the other person she knew if I left her alone. However, This works in your favour when she only knows a tall handsome guy and you have a cuckold fetish. 

“ You looked like you were well looked after” I said, being cheeky. 

she didn’t confirm nor deny but just looked at me and changed the subject. 

“how much longer do you want to stay?”

The last bus of the night left at 12:57 , an hour and a half from now, so that’s the absolutely longest we could stay. 

“Alright” she says. 

I then decided to ask about the guy she was talking to, it was clear they knew each other when we walked in.
“so how do you know him?”
She gave me another smug expression. I was trying not to pry or seem jealous but I felt like I could ask at this point. 

“He and I use to work together.” That’s all she said. 

“You can keep talking to him if you want.” I suggested in an overly  easy-going way. 

She started to roll her eyes at me at this point. I had never been so blunt about encouraging her to flirt with other people as I had tonight. I knew I wasn’t being subtle. But I didn’t care. I was drunk

“Do you want me to keep talking to him?” she said, kinda like how she’d ask while stroking my dick. 

But before I could answer her, our friend Gus finds us and comes over to say hello.  Maria knows him pretty well but I consider him more of my friend out of the two of us.  He’s making small-talk, completely unaware of the conversation that was just taking place. Um excuse me dude, I was trying to get my girlfriend to hook up with that guy over there.

However, after some chit chat Gus asked if we wanted to step outside for a joint. This ended up working in my favour, Maria declined but said she didn’t want to keep us from doing it. So without saying anything more, my friend and I went outside for a joint and Maria went back to the tall guy. As we went our separate ways I noticed Gus notice Maria going over to the tall guy. I feel like he wanted to ask something but held his tongue. 

Let me just say that the combination of alcohol, weed and your girlfriend flirting with another guy is intense. As soon as my friend and I stepped out all I could think of was what Maria was doing and couldn’t focus on the conversation with my friend at all. (In hindsight it was kind of shitty to let my fetish life spill over into my social life in a negative way. I think it’s fine to explore new things but never to the extent that I struggle to have a conversation with my friend.). That being said it also didn’t help the nerves when other people came outside and Gus and I got stuck in a conversation with them. I left like it would’ve been rude to peace out mid conversation, even if they were more of Gus’ friends than mine. It was literally about 45 before I could finally step inside. I quickly whipped my shoes off and discovered Maria in the living room playing 2v2 beer pong on a team with the tall guy. 


As innocent as playing beer pong with someone may seem, it really turned me on. She and the tall guy were clearly having fun but in a drunkenly flirty way.  He’d sink and cup and Maria would get really excited and touch his shoulder. I also noticed her sink a cup but she just looked at him with a sexy confident smile. I knew Maria was fairly tipsy and being tipsy for Maria means she is horny. Simple as that. It was also a turn on that Maria and the guy were playing against a couple. I could pretend for a second that it was couple v couple and Maria was his.

I wish that I could say Maria and that guy snuck off for a quickie but the remainder of the night was actually pretty uneventful. Until of course, we got home. Having as much to drink as I did I knew I’d be out of commission so instead I decided to reward Maria for her flirty behaviour. When we got to the bedroom I got her to stand up and I went down on my knees. We had all our clothes on but I slid her pants and underwear down to her feet and started eating her out. I was acting out what I wanted Maria to do to that tall guy, in my own way. I remember she was being louder than usual that night but I never brought up the tall guy or the party. Just put my head between her legs and got to work. She had her hands in my hair as if holding me down there. Afterwards we cuddled and didn’t talk much before going to bed. It was one of those nights we both but just called it a night. 


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Subscribed. This is grade A writing.

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Terrific story, really expertly written. Especially good in capturing the complexity of even simple sounding conversations between people in a relationship. Thanks for writing this up and sharing!

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Great story telling. Please go on!


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nice story!

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Really appreciate all the positive feedback, you keep reading and I’ll keep writing

Reading over my last post, there’s a slight mistake. I say that both Maria and I decided to put the kinky dirty talk (related to cuckolding) on pause. While Maria and I talked about the dirty talk and she more or less said she wasn’t 10/10 into it, that’s when I decided to not bring it up anymore because I didn’t want her to just be entertaining me. We never actively decided to put it on pause, I just decided not to bring it up during sex/handjobs like we were doing before.

Anyways, it’s a minor mistake,

The next morning Maria and I cuddled each other in the afterglow of a really good night. You know those mornings where you feel slightly hungover but it’s totally made up for by the excitement and rush you still feel from the night before? That’s what it was like for me. We both hadn’t said anything about the tall handsome guy or how it related to what we had been talking about recently. We just cuddled each other for now.

At around 9:30am, we went out on our balcony to drink our coffees and smoke a small joint. (Yes we're both kids that still smoke weed) This is a bit of a tradition for Maria and I, each time we’re hungover like this. It was a beautiful morning, made even better by hanging out with my girlfriend in her skimpy pajamas.

“I had fun last night” I said.
“yeah, me too”. She replied.

I then told her about how I got stuck outside with Gus for longer than I was expecting etc, etc etc.
She just told me not to worry about it.

“Yeah, you seemed to be having fun when I got inside” I meant this as a friendly jab, truth be told I wanted her to have fun and more. From anyone else this could sound like a very jealous thing to say, but at this point she knew not to take it like that.
“hahah well yeah, I’m not going to turn down a game of beer pong”, Maria said.
“yeah, you guys made such a great team” I replied with a smile.
She gave me this look like “oh please”

“well my boyfriend was nowhere to be found” She said, “I had to make do with what I had”
“This is true. And I trusted him to show you a good time”
This earned me a slap on the chest, although we were just bantering back and forth. It’s funny that although we mostly only talked about this stuff in the heat of the moment, here we were teasing each other about it. After a few more laughs, I asked about the guy. They worked together one summer a couple years ago.

No, they never hooked up

but it sounded like that was mostly because Jake, (didn’t know his name until now) was dating Maria’s friend at the time. Although she did say they were flirty with each other while working. I asked the million dollar question: If you were single would you have hooked up with him at the party? I really thought she’d look me dead in the face and say “yes”. but She hesitant to answer. she said it was complicated because her friend and Jake dated for a while, so she didn’t really want to step on someone’s toes. I said that was fair. I wanted her to say that she would absolutely fuck him and it’s too bad she didn’t get his number. She did reveal a couple interesting details about the night.

1) Maria said Jake asked if she had a boyfriend, and she said yes but “he’s a jerk and left me alone”. and from then there was this unspoken understanding that they would hang out for the night. She also said that ironically, telling Jake she had a boyfriend is when their conversation started to take a flirty tone. She said it wasn’t just because it made it more taboo. She explained that, whereas single-Maria would expect to be flirted with, not-single Maria has to make more initiative.

2) Maria also said when she came and found me, she told Jake she was going to the bathroom and she would be right back. That I wasn’t really expecting. Even though I suggested she go back and keep talking to him when she found me, it was hot that she didn’t wait for permission.

3) And the hottest detail of all, sometime after their beer pong game, Maria left to go to the bathroom for real. When she came back she saw Jake sitting down on the couch and since she was really drunk and they were talking all night, she went over and sat down on his lap for a little while. She said it was the most brazen thing she’s done since we started dating. I was surprised when she told me. Maria said she wanted me to see it but I must have been talking to Gus in another room. She said she would’ve done it for longer but didn’t want give the idea she was actually going to sleep with him. She maintains she wouldn’t have fucked him even with my blessing.

At this point, the joint was long gone and we were both done our coffees. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we ended up back upstairs in the bedroom right after we had this long conversation about the party. It’s also not a coincidence that we had some great sex that morning. I remember turning her around so she couldn’t see my face, I wanted her to picture someone else’s.

I didn’t ask her anymore about Jake for a while. After this whole experience at the party I had this I-was-right-all-along feeling and I felt so smug about it. All the while I was trying to convince her this could be something fun, and something that could bring us closer together and in some minor way, I proved her right. I pushed her to flirt with another guy and she did and liked it. What a victory for someone hoping that someone else fucks their girlfriend.

More on her and him later


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Love this story !

Can't wait to learn more !!

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Yes, loving this story as well.

Thank you for writing it....

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Whats the deal with Jake? Is something that I’d ask myself a couple times over the next few days, weeks, months. Or rather whats Maria’s deal with him? Following my previous “success” at the party, where Maria flirted with a tall attractive guy named Jake, she had been somewhat tight lipped about how she felt about him ever since.

When I asked Maria if she would sleep with him if she were single, she never really gave me a straight answer. I initially thought she just didn’t want to admit to it in front of me but then I wasn’t so sure. She said it was complicated because of her friend who dated him, I thought since she flirted with him all night that there was at least some attraction. Or was she just doing that for me? Maria can be so hard to read sometimes, but thankfully I’m a pretty direct person. One day I finally dropped a question on her that went something like this.

“You mean you flirted with a guy all night, got kinda turned on by the attention but you’re saying you wouldn’t sleep with him if you were single, and if he hadn’t dated your friend?”

Her answer went something like this,

“It’s hard to imagine them not-dating but yeah, pretty much. Jake’s not a bad looking person or anything but that’s just the thing, I only find him physically attractive and that’s kind of where it ends. It was fun to catch up with him because 1) I knew you left me alone on purpose, 2) I had a good bit to drink and 3) Jake’s a fun person to be around at parties but outside of that I know we don’t have much in common. Maybe if I was in first year university I would’ve slept with him just to see what it was like. But now I feel like I already know what it’d be like and that takes out some of the fun of it for me. Plus I know that if Jake and I were to hang outside of a party environment, we’d run out of things to say fast.”

“Fair enough”, I said, happy with the thorough explanation but disappointed that she wasn’t more interested in Jake than she seemed at the party. “well I’m still glad you had fun”.

‘Yes I had a lot of fun” she conceded.

I was hoping we’d get a chance to do it again, set her up with some attractive guy and see if there was more of a connection. Sadly, we were approaching the winter months which meant we were both really busy with our jobs and family time. Truth be told, we didn’t even get a chance to really talk about it that much. Maria also had a conference in the middle of December which took her out of town for a few days. It’s always sad to see her go but I was working so much I knew it’d go by fast. Since we were both so busy with work and family stuff we planned a ski trip just for the two of us. The plan was to celebrate Christmas with our families and then leave the 27th and get back the 30th. My dad’s company has this cabin on a mountain rented out and we managed to swindle it for those dates, (even tho he’s retired!!!! What a steal). It was the first time Maria and I got the place to ourselves and I was really looking forward to it. But little did I know Maria brought a little surprise with her to the cabin.

more on that later


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