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Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:49 pm 

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My tale begins about three years ago, when several friends came down to stay at my getaway place on the coast for a weekend of fun, and we went on my boat for an offshore fishing trip. On board was Michael, who I consider my best friend, Jason and Betsy who are married, and Jason’s adopted brother Mikey on board for the trip.
It was a good day on the water, we had fun and we brought home lots of fish. As is my custom, I cooked up an excellent dinner with the fresh catch, and we settled into the chairs under the moonlight and started drinking hard. Their beers, my bourbon.

Betsy was struggling with her weight back then, and while I had met her before, she revealed that she had recently lost about 20 pounds, but had just recently found out she was pregnant with her second child. This new one coming about 7 years after her beautiful daughter was born. At age 30, she’s okay with that because she wanted a bigger family. Weight wise, she was about 60 pounds heavier than ideal.

So a year or so later, Michael and Betsy come down for a lazy weekend, while Jason has to work. Michael loves to fish off my dock and caught lots of catfish that night, released, plus redfish and trout that we kept and made into meals. Betsy and me sat up on the dock while Michael fished. We’re under the stars on a perfect fall night, and talked about everything going on in our lives. She had her parents taking care of the new baby and her cute little girl for the weekend, and her job is going great and the new house is great. Betsy was sitting right next to me and everybody is in a great mood, but much of the conversation was about my own failing marriage, and how my first wife was seemingly no longer interested in anything I had to offer. I let Betsy know that while I am sad about the turn to a cold and dying relationship after so many years, I was a bit indifferent about that. The moment ends with a peck on the cheek as goodnight.

Another weekend at the coast several months later had Jason and Betsy, plus both children down to visit and have some beach and boating fun and a weekend away from the city. Highlights were the young girl running my golf cart all over the island, through the mud and off the roads, although she was about 7 years too young to drive it legally. My own wife was invited but declined to come down, said the she had too much to do in Houston that weekend.

A few months later, Jason and Betsy want to borrow the property to have a nice getaway vacation at the coast for her folks before her parents moved back to Ohio, so I let them have my key to the place. They stayed from Wednesday afternoon, and I joined them on Friday evening after working hard all week. I was still living with my wife in Houston but came down after my week was done. We all had a nice time with dinner and drinks and some good conversation on Friday night, before they all left on Saturday.

One weekend last fall, Michael and me are talking about my recent separation and pending divorce from my wife Sue Ellen, and Michael tells me that Betsy has started to turn into a hotwife; She’s lost most of the extra pounds, she’s reading porn, a new love glow in her face, and slipping away nights and sometimes afternoons with the new guy. She’s started seeing Jose, a Mexican-born immigrant, a married father of four, who works with Jason in construction and renovation, this is a guy she’s known for many years. She hadn’t been getting all the loving she should from Jason and this new bull has started to provide her lots of lengthy and satisfying lovemaking. Supposedly, Jose is a very good lover, fucks her for hours, and leaves her very fulfilled. She’s looking great and continuing to lose weight. Michael tells me that he knows Betsy really likes me, and I told him, yeah but, I was trying to keep it together with my own wife, until the wheels fall off that 29 year marriage.

So I open a line of communication by emailing and texting Betsy several times each week, let her know that I can and will talk about anything, give her a guys’ take on marital or extracurricular activity. She’s mostly warm and receptive, and starts sexting me back. Tells me on one phone call me that Jose can make love to her for two hours straight, but almost never comes quickly or easily. He calls her Puta and other derogatory slang, and has hinted that he wants her to be the mother of his next child. Her new IUD prevents that from ever happening but he fucks her so good, despite treating her so badly and the language problem, where she often does not understand his Spanish and his accent. I tell her that if he’s loving that long, he’s probably got some underlying health difficulty, and is probably being driven by some primal urge to propagate before this problem kills him. She concedes that I might be right, as he’s been getting all lovey-dovey, despite her clear instructions not to.

A few weeks later in early December, Jason and me are down for the weekend, and I hear half of a phone call, where Betsy is telling Jason about her hotwife night the night before. After Jason and Betsy talk, Jason tells me Jose took her to the adult theater and they are getting down in the group room, smelling poop and old sweaty sex because the theater isn’t nearly clean enough, uncomfortably warm, and then creeps approach in the darkness and try to join in but Betsy freaks out with the strangers. Jose pushes her toward the mini-movies part of the establishment, but they stop short of engaging in any strange dicks or glory hole action. Betsy tells Jose to get her out of there when he is about to push her into a group sex session, because she’s got a big problem about sex with strangers. Those two leave the theater and go to a hotel, fuck one-on-one for a few hours and Jose drops her back at her house sometime before sun-up. Jason tells me that I should step up and get some hot loving from his wife. Tells me Betsy likes me, wants me and has apparently said so. He tells me that Betsy would definitely appreciate my length, girth and good manners. Hmmmm. I tell Jason that I will.'

Two weeks later, they invite me up for their Christmas party at their home, which is about two hours drive and 110 miles away from where I’m living. Had an excellent dinner and watched the kids open presents, including several presents that I bought for the kids and for the two adults. There were special oils, new dildos and butt plugs, a powerful massager in my gift bag for them, and they gave me a gift too, a birdhouse for the coastal house. Throw out a cot with an air mattress in the formal dining room for me. The following morning, Mikey, Betsy and I go to work out in the neighborhood gym, and she’s looking really good with the weight loss and aerobics training. She caught me looking, but smiled warmly in return to my admiring glances. I told her that her workouts have really paid off. I spent a second night at their home, watching movies and playing with the kids new toys, slipped off to the cot way late but overnight - no incubus.

A week later, Jason and Betsy go to the New Year’s party where Michael and his fiance were living. My wife, Sue Ellen is there as well because the fiance is my wife’s’ hairdresser. Betsy tells me in the following days this felt so weird and uncomfortable, knowing that someday, she’s going to be loving me and this mean woman was there at the party, not rude or cold, just quiet, drinking heavily, and never engaging in group chat or any fun. A real stick in the mud.

Talking with Michael weeks later; around the time of the New Year’s party but a different night, Betsy, Jason and Michael all go out for dinner and get drunk together. Then they head back to Jason and Betsy’s house and have a hot MFM threesome in the big, beautiful master bedroom. Michael said that they had lots of fun, but Jayson was more into watching and snapping photos of the hotwife and bull action that Michael and Betsy were creating.

The sexting between Betsy and me got more intense in February and March, and Betsy is calling me a couple times a week to talk about their broken relationship and other advice. Sends me nudes and I send her some of me. Early April, Betsy and Jason start fighting and go into trial separation; actually she threw him out and unbeknownst to him - probably for good. I let Jason know soon after that I would not be able to provide room and board, nor would I want to, my place at the coast is way too small for the two of us. Jason moves in with Michael at his new rental, who has now been thrown out of the place he was living, the condo shared with the fiance hairdresser.

So April comes and Betsy tells me she wants to make lots of changes in many parts of her life, starting with the house, buys the new flooring, and I let her know that I could easily install flooring like that and also make her very happy sexually. She says that sounds like exactly what she needs, so we set a date for me to arrive, stay there and work on her new floors, arriving a week later. I let her know that the flooring would probably take four days to install and I could work on that all day, fuck her all night, do the things that she wanted to experience, such as edging, deep throating, anal penetration, restraints, and get these important changes done in her home and her heart. She says that sounds great, and also during my visit, thinking about going out to nearby dinner spot for some tasty margaritas and salsa dancing at least one night while I’m up there. I let her know that I would bring some nice clothes for going out, and really look forward to taking her out on a date. She tells me she’s looking forward to this and has waited far too long.

So I arrive with hopes high and in a great mood, a full Levitra in me to ensure mutual satisfaction when we get down, and a SUV full of tools. However the old flooring is not ready for me to start right away, they haven’t finished cutting up and hauling away the nasty 25 year old carpeting and pad. With Mikey helping on the flooring and her kids in school or away at daycare, I make great headway during the daytime and evening hours. Significant progress made every day. Had to curtail my work around 9 or 10 each night when the others went off to bed. For sleeping arrangements, she gives me her beautiful master while she slides into her daughter’s twin bed. No Incubus arrived. Day after day we have several chances alone or while the kids are napping, but she’s not taking the opportunity, not grabbing a few minutes with me alone in private despite having numerous chances to do so, or she is just too tired with the crazy hours she works.

At nights we talk alone, and about the third night she tells me a tale from several weeks before, that between Jose and her, while they frequently get together for weekly or more frequent fucking for fun, Jose is recently pushing her to have a same-room sex involving his own wife, Jason, Betsy and Jose. Those four formulate a plan to get drunk, head to a hotel and get separate beds in a twin room, and the agreed upon plan was to have Jose and Betsy in one bed, while Jason and Jose’s wife could fuck in the other, some same room swap and watching the other couple. However, Jason buys a King room with just one bed, and they all go into this scene somewhat eagerly but with much increased trepidation, because Betsy has no feelings at all for the other wife, and is very quickly running out of patience and kindness for Jason, and wishing that Jose would respect her needs and make her expressed preference known to all and acted upon. However, while this is going on he’s treating Betsy badly, like a hired streetwalker, saying all kinds of insensitive remarks about “his slut, his Puta.” Betsy said couldn’t be certain if Jason and the other wife had been together previously, but those two eagerly made love and seemed very happy. Betsy was getting down with Jose, but sometime after getting fully penetrated, here’s Jose physically pushing the two wives together, while Jason is sitting back watching with a huge grin on his face. Betsy tells me she didn’t enjoy that at all, has no bisexual urges, and only participated with the other wife in a 69 and fingering to put on a show for the boys. I tell her, that’s pretty hot but also very sad, because you didn’t get what you wanted and those guys took advantage of her drunken state and unwillingness to demand better. This happened just a few days before she threw Jason out of the house.

She also tells me that after the school semester ends in May, she’s going to drive the two kids up to Ohio, where they will spend much of the summer with the grandparents, and she could return to a quiet and pretty home for a pleasant summer. She makes me a promise that we will definitely get together sometime in June when things are more sane. Tells me also that the young boy was an unplanned pregnancy, the result of make-up sex after a huge fight with Jason, where they had been at odds over the ways they are moving in different directions; Betsy wanted a better life by moving to the city, closer to her work place and good schools rather than staying in a broken down, unheated trailer rental on a dairy farm, and Jason drinking beers all of his free hours and sleeping wherever he passes out. But Jason took the opportunity of a disagreement to brutally fuck her before she could prepare herself with birth control.

The four day flooring installation project takes far longer than ideal, twice as long in fact. I was her guest and highly skilled worker for eight lonely nights. On the next to last night up there, I let Betsy know that I have to get back to my life, my own problems and my ordeals involving the divorce. On day nine, the second Friday, I go shopping at Lowe’s while she’s out at work, purchase many things needed for her home, such as replacements for burned out light bulbs, the night lights she needs for the kitchen and hallways, a great new faucet for her new bathroom, a garden hose for out back where there was none, the toilet bolts so that she can once again enjoy a two-bathroom house. I install each of those, and she gets home early because the little boy is sick with hoof and mouth, and kid gets kicked out of daycare until the doctor clears his return. In the last hour there, we get another chance to kiss, get me naked with her, or suck me off, but she turns away.

I head home rather sad about being deceived by the significant departure from her earlier invitation and rejected sexually throughout my time invested. We had earlier agreed upon a plan for my hard work, together with our hot loving, and while I kept my end of the bargain without pushing her or forcing any overt sexuality, she decided (but did not tell) she was not ready to do all of that with me. Five days after returning to my home, the little voice in my head (the big one) gets the best of me, so I mail her an invoice: four days of my labor as per the original time estimate (not the nine days I was on-site) plus the full retail cost for my expenditures at the hardware store.

In a moment of weakness about 10 days after sending the invoice, I text her and ask how she’s liking her all new place? Replies that she’s liking it a lot, it’s looking great, but now her dad is having heart attack trouble with an emergency bypass, she’s super-worried about him surviving this event and that sucks, but also cannot believe that I sent her an invoice, knowing she is over extended, Jason is being no help at all supporting her or his two children, and she cannot pay.

I reply that I would have gladly done all the work for free as per the earlier plan, but when she transformed our relationship from a potential and eager lover into a contractor, I sent her the bill, just like a contractor would.

There has been no subsequent reply, no calls or texts. I miss that. Not sure if she’s going to see me this summer. All communications have gone silent. That thousand dollars would really come in handy.

Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:32 pm 

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I wanted to add this story is entirely true, except the names have been changed. The flooring ordeal happened at the middle of April 2018 and now I am thinking of filing a "Mechanics Lien" on the house, so that someday I will get paid.

But what I really wanted was to get laid, and thinking back, what she had said she wanted too. But when the opportunity was real and right there, she backed away, turned cold.

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