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Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:03 pm 

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A couple of days ago my wife sucked my cock and jacked me off while I read the below to her. I read it because when I try to just talk, I get anxious and it’s hard for me to talk and at the same time
- experience my wife
- experience the words and concepts and images evoked by the words
- process the photos of her having sex with me and of course in my mind, she’s having sex with someone else and there are hard cocks and cum-dripping cunts superimposed on her photos

What I was reading from …

You are so beautiful, from the first time I saw you ever – in high school to the first time I saw you nude to the last time I saw you nude - You know I was always amazed at how good you looked nude. I look at you now – and you are beautiful
- It is unbearably sexy to me thinking about you doing things with another man that you’ve never done with me – thinking about watching you do these things OR talking about you doing them OR fantasizing about you doing them OR thinking about you having done them in fantasy or reality. It is SO SEXY thinking about you undressing for Jim – Ooooh yeah, you’re wearing lacy white lingerie. Reaching up to unhook your bra – “Are you sure?” I can barely speak, “Please, yes.” I watch you bare your beautiful breasts and I look at Jim and he’s looking at your soft, white breasts and I see his Cock lifting into his full erection for you. “Oh, your beautiful breasts. Ohhh, your beautiful breasts.”
- Imagining Jim touching your breasts, feeling, fondling your beautiful soft breasts – your nipples – goddam, it feels good – the image of his hands on your naked breasts, so beautiful
- Oh honey, who wouldn’t be a SLUT for HIM – this virile, well-hung Alpha Male
I pull your panties down for Jim
I slip your panties off for him to see your sex
I pull your panties down for Jim to see your sweet secret place
I pull your panties down for Jim to see your sweet hot pussy
I kiss your soft inner thighs
I kiss your sex right before you give it to Jim
I make love to your sex –

- Oh, your sweet Sex – I’m making love to your sweet secret place and
- Now embracing you, making love with you as this Big-Dick Stud takes you, hearing your gasping moan feeling his hard penis pushing into your hot slippery vagina and I’m embracing you as your Stud fucks you – you’re pushing your wet tongue into my mouth in time with his PENIS thrusting into your body. FUCK MY WIFE YOU BIG-DICK STUD – Oh, I love you! I Love You! Watching another MAN fuck you, my beloved wife, better than I ever have or ever will –
- Fuck my wife you Big Dick Stud, fuck my woman, you seducing Bastard – Fuck my Hot Pussy wife you goddam FUCKER – you Bull, you Stallion – Fuck my wife you goddam Fucker you – Oh my beautiful wife – Fuck my wife you dominating Fucker! Watching you screw your brains out with your Stud lover. He’s giving it to you smooth and strong, the best sex you’ve ever had and
- you, you little slut, you’re giving him a good ride, clinging to him, squirming underneath him – you’re going to Come! Now he speeds up... Fuck my wife! He tenses... spasms... pumps the final thrust even deeper and …
- Hearing his shout of Sexual Triumph as he thrusts home to fountain his Semen into you and YOU’RE crying out your ecstasy into my mouth feeling his Pumping Cock Spurting his Sperm into your body , I Love You!
- NOW, Now it’s time to make love with your wife – after you’ve watched another Man fuck the woman you love, it’s time to make love with – kiss your sweet little wife’s Spermy Pussy – make love to your wife’s used, Cock-stretched, Cum-filled Pussy.

I hear the Man’s exultant shouts of Sexual Triumph as he ejaculates hot fountains of his CUM into the center of your sex ecstasy. And now it’s my turn – my turn to make love to your sweet used pussy – to lick Jim’s Sperm from your sex – I’m sucking another Man’s Sperm from your cock-stretched Vagina. Oh god I love you.

Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:37 pm 

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.......and no comments for this guy? Sorry I missed this story. Hope you are still lurking.

Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:20 pm 

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wow, that IS good. I'd definitely love to

Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:04 pm 

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My wife fingers herself whenever I read hot stories to her. She likes that more tan watching hot porn. I love watching porn with her more though - both of us nude and aroused, fingering, stroking, all as foreplay to our fucking in a few minutes.


Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:13 pm 
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Dunno about others, but in my book this above sounds like "Good Reads"

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