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Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:06 am 
Hello all
we are a married couple living in the UK.
We have been married for over 14 years and we are very happy together.
Our sex life has always been good and satisfying for us both.
Luckily (for us both)we both share a fetish for sex in nylon, tights(UK) pantyhose.

Right from the beginning of our relationship, we soon discovered that we could be fairly open and honest about our sexual past and fantasy's. We soon started watching hardcore porn together. I was always fascinated and incredibly aroused as my wife masturbated in her tights in front of me, as we watched the porn films together.

One particular night, my wife was feeling a little more horny than her usual self and she was in a chatty mood. (she normally takes some persuading to talk freely about her own sexual desires)
before we had started doing anything rude in bed, she laughingly told me that she masturbates a lot when she is alone.

This news aroused me instantly, she confessed that certain films made her very horny, so i suggested that she put one of her favourite film on.
First she put her tights on and prepared her powerful vibrator, she soon put a film on and slipped into bed next to me.

We kissed and cuddled at first as the film played. I asked if this part of the film was the bit that turned her on? She whispered “no” Her her mood had changed, she was no longer in a laughing / giggling mood, she looked me deep in the eyes with a slightly worried look on her face.

She was obviously very turned on but also very nervous about showing me what she masturbates about on her own. She flicked through the chapters with the remote without saying a word. then she put the remote down and slid down in the bed. I whispered “is this it?” and she nodded yes.

She lay dead still with her eyes fixed on the TV screen.
I watched the film as i was aware that my wife was so still in the bed. God alone knows what she was thinking as i watched a the film that makes her masturbate alone.
I thought how brave she was to show me inside her secret world.

After ten minuets or so i cuddled up to her and gave her a passionate kiss.
As we kissed and cuddled she opened her legs and pressed her nylon covered leg against my hard cock.
Then i said “why did you not tell me that you like big black cock?”

she shrugged her shoulders with a slightly embarrass look on her face.
I kissed her again and whispered “its OK, its a turn on” then i said
“show me how much black cock turns you on”

we kissed heavily as she plunged both her hands between her legs. I kicked the covers down the bed to witness her fingers thrashing around as she rubbed her tights hard against her wet pussy. Her hips were grinding and her buttocks were clenching as she tried to satisfy her aching pussy.

We kissed hard as i felt her lifting her ass off the bed as a massive orgasm ripped through her body.
She lay panting and gasping as she recovered from her orgasm.
I whispered “you sexy fucker, don't stop” she grabbed her small but very powerful vibrator and pressed it onto her nylon covered clit.
I rammed my hand under her ass and pressed my fingers over her nylon covered cunt.
Her tights were soaking wet and hot from her juice. I held the inner thigh of her leg and started humping her nylon covered leg like a dog.

She cried out as several orgasms hit her body time and time again.
Eventually i grabbed my cock and aimed it at her as my load blew up her leg and onto her belly and tits.

We rested for a while and then we quietly chatted about her thing for black cock.
It turned out that she had felt this way for a while but just did not want to tell me. in case it upset me.
I re assured her that it did not upset me and in fact i loved it. As she admitted to masturbating over black cocks for some time, my dick got hard and i pealed her wet tights down just enough to push my cock in her sopping wet and very hot cunt.

As i started fucking her quite hard i said
“Do you want a black cock in your pussy?”
she started masturbating as i fucked her and whispered “yes”

my heart pounded as she said yes.
Her answer made me fuck her even harder.

I said “ do you want a big black cock filling your pussy?” again she whimpered “yes”
i had lost control by now and i was ranting things like.

“i want to see you fucking a big black cock”
“fucking your cunt hard”
“stretching you pussy”
“fucking you hard”

she was panting
“oh fuck yes”
“yes black cock fucking me”

then we both cum very very hard at the same time.
We rested and fell asleep.

That was how i first discovered that my sexy wife wanted black cock.
There is plenty more to come on this thread, i will post on here as i write them out.

I have a good memory and sexy photos to remind me exactly of the things we have done.
Keep your eye out if interracial sex and pantyhose is your thing.

You can mail us direct on

when my wife became aroused at certain men in the porn films and that soon got us talking about fucking other people.

Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:25 am 
Great story... looking forward to reading part 2!

Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:44 am 
We spent several months Wanking and talking about the possibilities of my wife actually meeting another man for sex. In the end we decided that we should give it a go. We searched on the internet time and time again, but with no luck.

In the end we found a swingers site, so we joined and set up a profile. after hundreds of stupid e mails and crap photos from other people, we finally found a young bloke that lived not to far from us, so we set a date to meet at our house.

On the night, my wife seemed a little strange, she was a bit jittery and kept asking me what clothes she should wear. I can remember giving her a kiss and cuddle as i said that she can wear anything she feels comfortable in. after all she always looks good.

We were rapidly running out of time so i went downstairs whilst she finished getting ready.
The bloke turned up a bit early and we sat downstairs chatting and having a coffee.
He was a nice good looking white bloke and he was very friendly.

When my wife came down to us. She was wearing a very short skirt, stockings and a sexy tight top without a bra. We all sat around chatting for ages until the talk slowly got around to swinging and so on.

My wife is surprisingly shy when it comes to talking about her sexual desires and i can remember looking at her as the bloke suddenly asked her,
“how long have you wanted another man's cock?”

she said “well er, Mmm, i don't know really”
i smiled to myself as she was sat there lost for words.
I did notice that her nipples had suddenly gone rock hard and they were pressing against her tight top.

He turned towards her and moved closer as he said
“ do you want both of us to fuck you or do you just want me?”
his hand slipped onto her stocking leg as she said
“well er, i don't know, i have not thought about it”

i laughed and jokingly said “ you lying sod, you have been Wanking about this for months”
we all laughed and he said to her “ have you?” she just laughed.
He pulled her close and started kissing her.

It was an amazing sight to see my wife on our settee, kissing this bloke.
Her top was almost instantly lifted off and he started sucking her hard nipples.
I was kneeling in front of them and my wife looked me in the eye as she felt his hand slipping up her skirt.

Her eyes rolled back as his fingers found her pussy.
She opened her legs and i could see he had pulled her knickers to one side and he had a finger inside her. She slid down the settee as they kissed heavily and he finger fucked her pussy.

She wiggled about as he pulled her pants down, her pants landed right in front of me,
i could see that they were very wet. Suddenly we were all ripping our clothes off.

I crawled to her side and kissed her as he aimed his hard cock at her pussy.
I will never forget my wife clinging onto my body and kissing me heavily as she felt another man's cock entering her pussy.
We kissed heavily and i could feel her body being pushed as he started pumping his cock inside her.

I moved away for a short while so that i could see my wife taking another man's cock, right in front of me. It is one of many sights that is burned into my memory for ever.
Her breathing was in perfect rhythm of his cock thrusting inside her.

Her nylon clad legs were open wide and held high and there was a the distinctive slapping sound of two bodies colliding as he pushed every bit of his cock inside my sexy wife.
We both took turns in fucking my wife, until the point of her holding two spent cocks in her hands and a feeling of a well fucked, spunk filled pussy.

That was how it all started for us.
We did meet another man some months later and it was also a truly memorable experience.

But what has this got to do with the thread title, you may ask?
(wife , tights, black cock)
well, this is how it all started. We had only ever kept out tights fetish to ourselves and i had not had any luck finding the right black man as yet.
Things all changed when i received an e mail from a good looking black man that had a fetish for nylon.

That story is my next posting.

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:33 am 
Great story and looking forward to part 3.

I am sure I am not alone in saying we would like to see some of the many pics you have of your gorgeous wife with some of her lovers.

Thank you both for sharing and please continue

Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:51 pm 
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This is a hot story. I love how your wife gradually admitted to liking BB cocks and the way that you handled it, getting her into it slowly but surely.

Please continue the story. You have my attention.

Tinkerbell is dying! Clap your hands if you believe in fairies.

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:23 am 
As i mentioned in my last posting, I received an e mail from a good looking black guy that had a fetish for tights / nylon. He sent me a few e mails over some time, and he often mentioned tights and how he would love to meet my wife when she wore them.

The only problem was that my wife and I had never thought about or fetish for tights with other people, we had only ever had nylon sex together.

The thought of seeing this black guy seducing my wife in tights was incredible, somehow i had to see if my wife would wear tights for the meeting, rather than stockings.

As far as my wife was concerned, she thought it was just a kink that only we shared. She did not think other people were into nylon like us.

My wife had also told me that the thought of meeting a total stranger for sex, was quite exiting for her.
So about a week before the planned meeting I mentioned to my wife that i was not going to say anything about the man i had chosen for her.

I also slipped into the conversation that i would love to see her wearing tights and no knickers for the meeting.
Her initial reaction to my request for tights was not that good, I can remember her glum look as she said that she thought wearing tights would spoil the night.
She thought that the tights would get in the way and turn the bloke off!

Little did she know that the total opposite would happen but i had to keep it secret so that i did not spoil her idea of meeting a bloke that she new nothing about.

Later on in the week, i tried again.
But again, as soon as i mentioned her wearing tights, she grumbled at me again.
She was insistent that her wearing tights on the night would spoil it and we would not have as much fun as we had the last two times.

When it got to the night she was meeting him, she was in the bedroom getting ready.
She looked at me and said
“Do you really want me to wear tights tonight?”

I Gave her a kiss and cuddle as she still grumbled away about it.
I had to think fast, so i said that it would be nice to see it just once to satisfy my own nylon fetish.
With those words, she said “well OK but just this once for you”

She carried on getting ready and she occasionally dropped funny comments about wearing tights.
She was not upset about it, it was more like funny, joking comments but i could tell that she would rather wear her usual stockings.

I was dying to tell her that the bloke was into tights, but i kept my mouth shut so that i did not spoil anything.

So as she was getting ready upstairs, I wend downstairs and sorted out the camcorder.
The camcorder was my wife's other surprise of the night.
She had no idea that i planned to film the night, she also had no idea that the bloke was into tights / Nylon.
And her final surprise was that the bloke was black!

When my wife came down, she sat on the settee with a glass of wine in her hand and said
“Err what are you doing with the camcorder?”
I smiled and said “never you mind”
Just as she was about to speak again i stopped her and said.
“Err, i thought you did not want to know any details about tonight?”
She laughed and had a sip of her wine and said “Oh, OK i will shut up then”

I just had time to admire my wife as she sat sipping her wine dressed in a short tight Lycra skirt,
tights and no knickers and a tight shiny top with a zip down the front and no bra.
She also wore very high stilettos.

Then there was the knock at the door !

 Post subject: You write very well...
Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 3:00 pm 

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your description of the first time had me feeling like I there watching it!
Look forward to the next installment. Hope we get to see a picture of her sometime.

Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:48 pm 
I answered the door and let him in.
He was dressed very smart and he was very polite.
I showed him into the living room to meet my wife.

I can still remember my wife's face as she saw this good looking black guy walking in to introduce himself. She looked at me with a pleasantly surprised but stunned look, as she realized her fantasy was going to become reality.

He lent over and gave her a kiss on the lips and then promptly sat himself down next to her.
We all had a glass of wine and we sat chatting for a while.
It was really good to see my wife smiling and chatting away,quite bubbly and happy.
I nipped to the toilet and when i returned i sat on the floor a bit of a distance away from them. I had deliberately positioned myself so that i would be able to look right up my wife's skirt.

I noticed that he kept looking at her legs as she moved around on the settee.
She occasional crossed her legs as she chatted and then she would move to get her wine and so on. She was not deliberately teasing him, but the poor sod was so aware of her legs moving, it must have been sending him potty.

Time was ticking on and we were having such a laugh, i thought we would end up chatting all night. The guy had got a noticeable bulge in his trousers so i thought i had better try to get things moving.
I mucked about with the camcorder a bit until my wife said
“what are you doing with that thing?”

I just pointed it at them and laughed as i said
“Well I'm ready, what about you two?”
We all laughed and then it went suddenly quiet.

I flicked the switch on and started filming.
He lent over and started kissing my wife.
He put one arm around the back of her neck as they kissed.
My wife sank down the settee a little as they kissed each other heavily.

I saw his hand rubbing her tits and then unzipping her top.
Her top fell open as his black hand explored her milky white firm breasts.
Her legs had slightly opened and i caught the occasional flash up her skirt.

He slid himself down so that he could suck her very erect nipples.
I could see my wife's face over his shoulders as she enjoyed her nipples being sucked, but she looked me directly in the eyes with a bit of a disappointed look as she felt his hand stroking her leg.

Her disappointed look was a reference to her tights,
She knew that he would soon discover that she was wearing tights and not stockings.
As far as she was aware, her tights would spoil the night.
I can imagine what she must have been thinking at the time.

Imagine wanting to have a black cock for as long as she had, and then thinking that your husband had spoilt her first night with a black man because he wanted her to wear tights instead of sexy stockings!
The night was going to be a bit of a disappointment, in her eyes.

He stopped sucking her tits and he lent himself up enough so that he could admire my wife.
She was still just about in the sitting position. But she had slid down the settee quite a bit.
His hand gently slid up and down her legs, he swapped legs every time he got to her knee.
He gently opened her legs a tiny bit every time he swapped his hand to the other leg.
His hand always stopped at the bottom of her skirt, just about the point of where a long pair of stockings would be ending.

Her pussy was now coming into my view as her legs got further and further apart.
Her hips were starting to gently rock in a fucking motion as she watched his big black hand sliding up and down her legs.

Her legs were now quite wide apart and her tight skirt was digging into the sides of her legs.
I could clearly see her pussy pressed hard against her tights and there were smears of her juice on her gusset as she continued rocking her hips.

From where there heads were, they could not see her pussy yet as her skirt was still blocking there view. My cock was straining to get out and it was almost painful for me but i kept the camcorder pointing at them. I did not want to miss a moment.

Suddenly her skirt gave up its grip on her legs and shot up to a bunch like a tight belt.
Her bald pussy trapped behind her damp tights was now in full view of us all.

She looked at her pussy encased in nylon.
Then she looked at me.
Then she looked at his face as he looked at her stunning pussy.
She briefly looked at me again as she felt his big black fingers slipping onto her damp gusset.

They kissed heavily as four of his fingers pressed her tights firmly against her pussy.
He slid himself down so that he could suck her tits again.
His fingers rubbed the nylon against her clit as he sucked her tits hard.
Her hips were rocking violently and she forced her pussy against his hand.

He was now kneeling on the floor as my wife had slid so far down the settee.
He scrambled at his trousers and tugged his pants down.
He kicked his clothes off and i saw his big black cock bobbing around as he struggled with his clothes.
My wife had still not seen his cock nor indeed felt it.
His cock was not massive but it was wider and longer than mine.

My wife had slid so far down the settee, that her bum was almost off the edge of it. Her feet were on the floor and her legs were wide apart. As he scrambled with his clothes, i got a good look at my wife's pussy trapped behind her tights.

The rubbing motion of his four fingers had managed to open my wife's pussy lips wide apart and her tights were holding her pussy open. Her juice had soaked the gusset of her tights and her juice continued to smear onto them as her hips kept involuntary rocking.

Finally free of his clothes, he shuffled himself between her legs and placed his hands on her tits.
He kissed her upper stomach and slowly kissed his way down to the waistband of her tights.
As he kissed along the waistband, he slid his hands down and took hold of her tights.
He was groaning “ah yes, oh yes” as he gently pulled her tights up her body so that her tights pressed firmly against her pussy.

He kissed his way to one side and worked his way down the the crease of where her leg and body join.
I moved myself round to get a better view.
My wife was stroking along her hips and down her own legs as he teased and kissed her.
Her hand occasionally ran up his neck and over the back of his head in a attempt to guide his mouth to her pussy.

I could not look through the view finder any longer as i watched my wife thrusting her hips in a fucking motion and her juice oozing onto her soaking wet gusset.
His mouth was only a couple of inches away from her soaking wet pussy.
My wife gave out a cry as her aching pussy felt his mouth press her tights hard against it for the first time.

Her legs instantly lifted in the air and opened as wide as possible.
I could hear him grunting and gasping as he sucked her pussy through her tights.
She grabbed the back of his head and forced his face against her soaking pussy.
Her hips were rocking like crazy as she held his face against her hot pussy.

They were both getting very loud and i did actually start to think that the neighbours must be able to hear them. Her body started to jerk and twitch as a orgasm started to build.
She was panting and crying out as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

I have never seen my wife offering her pussy to anyone, ever like this before.
It was stunning to see her so sexually exited.
Suddenly she burst out with a loud cry as a massive orgasm ripped its way through her body.
She was crying out as her body had spasm after spasm.
She was still twitching and jerking from her orgasm as he lay on top of her body and they kissed very heavily.

Her legs were still high in the air and as he lay on top of her, his cock got trapped against her nylon covered ass and leg. I filmed his cock pressing against her for a moment, i can remember thinking to myself,
“Mmm, its bigger than i first thought it was”
then he lifted himself and rested it against her pussy.

They were now in a fucking position with only her tights stopping any penetration.
They kissed heavily as they started to gently rock as if they were fucking.
This was the first time that my wife had felt his cock against her.
Up until now, she had no idea of its size.

They kissed heavily as there rocking became stronger.
His big black shaft was pressing her tights hard against her pussy.
They started ramming themselves together as if they were fucking hard.
His cock and her pussy were grinding against each other with only her tights between them.

My wife was clinging onto him with her nails digging into his back, as yet another big orgasm hit her body hard. He knelt up and shuffled back and slightly to one side.
I grabbed the small pair of scissors from the side of the settee.

He was kneeling with her left leg between his legs, his hard black cock was pointing at her pussy as it dragged against the side of her knee.
She did not take her eyes off his hard black cock as she slipped a hand inside her tights and held them away from her very wet pussy.

I gently cut a slit in her soaking wet gusset and sneakily ran my fingers against her slippery pussy lips.
As soon as i moved away he shuffled back into position,
my wife cried out as he plunged his cock deep inside her. He held it in her for just a split second before they started fucking.

They instantly started fucking very hard. I could hear there bodies slamming together as they fucked like animals. She was panting out loud
“yes, oh yes, yes,,,,,,,,Oh fuck yes”
or when they kissed i could hear her muffled cries as his body pounded his big hard black cock into my wife.

They only fucked in that position, but they did fuck very hard and fast.
His big black cock made her cum two more times as he rammed every inch of his black meet inside her.
Eventually his body stiffened up and he cried out as he clung onto my wife.
He pumped his hot spunk deep inside her hot pussy.

After a drink and a clean up, he was gone.

Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:31 pm 

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Absolutly AWESOME............Thanks

Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:21 am 
Hot story. Great writing! I think people are missing out by not checking the stories. Hot.

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