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Welcome to the landing pad for the Your Hot Wives Forum.

What will you find here? Well...

Hot Wife Forum: This forum is a place to discuss the so-called "Hot Wife Lifestyle." For those not familiar, it is an offshoot of "swinging" in which the female gets to play around but the male remains more or less monogamous.
Cuckold Forum: This forum is a place to discuss the so-called "Cuckold Lifestyle." For those not familiar with this, it is basically the Hot Wife Lifestyle combined with the Femdom Lifestyle.
Hot Spots Forum: Looking for the hottest bar in Las Vegas, New York, etc.? This section of the forums is all about discussing the hottest (however you define "hottest") places around.
Personals: Exactly what it sounds like. (members only)
The Hotties: Like posting pics of your Hot Wife? This is the place for that. (members only)
Forum Feedback: How many adult forums do you know of that actively seek out comment on how to improve the site
Stag/Vixen forum for those who share but are not into humiliation
Wannabe forum for those with the fantasies seeking help for fulfillment
BDSM forum for those with a little different kink of their sexual play

We are a friendly yet guarded group and welcome any friendly participation


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