SITE UPGRADE (3/31 update)

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SITE UPGRADE (3/31 update)

Unread post by allengt » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:28 pm

The site upgrade is COMPLETE.

A few highlights of the new upgrade:
  • No more "too many connections" errors and slow board response.
  • The site is now fully mobile-friendly. This required removal of the old style that many of us were used to. I hope everyone can get used to the new style.
  • https access only. The site can no longer be accessed insecurely. All access is always encrypted using SSL. Our SSL certificate is rated "A".
  • Completely new cloud-based infrastructure; auto-scales with demand.
  • New versions of all software, starting with OS on up. New nginx-based stack.
Issues we have recently addressed:
  • A "Rules" link has been added along the header area. New rules have been added, so please read them!
  • "Flagging" now works. Please flag posts you think may be violating the Rules and that should be reviewed by a Moderator
  • The FAQ link along the top now works. In general, we found a configuration issue that should fix a few links & buttons that used to not work.
  • Some users (95 total) were unable to sign in after the upgrade, because the style on their profile was not properly reset. This has been fixed as of 2/11/2019. Anyone continuing to have these issues, please report them. You may need to create a new user account temporarily, in order to report it.
  • Several folks are complaining they can't see various bits of info, such as original poster, number of posts, etc., when viewing the forum on a mobile device. This is normal. Since phones have limited screen size, we have to remove some of the less critical information in order to get it all to "fit". The forum should display perfectly on a laptop or large tablet.
  • The new style doesn't show links you have recently accessed via a slightly different color, and in general has a few differences from the old. This is part of the new style, it's part of change.... sorry we can't really modify the style as it ships directly from the maker of our software and we have a strict "no tinker" policy to keep the site running consistently fast & smooth & secure.
Pending/reported issues we're currently working on:
  • We continue to experience issues with search. Reached out to software vendor for assistance. Note, we will continue to enforce a "no-search" policy when CPU utilization is at > 85% (used to be 75%). You will see a message if that is the case; just try your search again later. Users that are not signed in face a much more restrictive policy (only one non-signed-in search per hour), so please be sure you're signed in. The reason for the restriction on search: Depending on the search query, searching can consume a lot of CPU, which would cause errors & a slow response for everyone else. If we had unlimited $$$ like Google we would just add CPUs, but since this website runs on volunteer sponsors, we just can't do that.
  • There's something wrong with images. Uploading and viewing work fine, but inline thumbnails aren't being created as expected. We have reached out to the software provider and are awaiting answers/solutions.
  • Email deliverability. Very possible emails from OHW are ending up on spam inboxes. If you experience any email deliverability issues consistently, please report.
If you spot any problems not listed here, please post a message on the FEEDBACK forum.
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