The Rules Please Read One serious thing on the site.

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The Rules Please Read One serious thing on the site.

Unread post by allengt » Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:32 am

When Inigo deleted all the rules and partly reconstructed them I have a record of them and am posting them here. Nothing will be changing that Inigo has put in place except these rules cover what he left out.

The Rules

1) Various portions of this forum are dedicated to different topics (these should be self-explanatory). If a post is not on topic it may be moved to a more appropriate section of the forum, edited, or deleted without warning.

2) Serious discussion and debate are fine. Personal attacks are not. Posts that contain personal attacks or inflammatory language (this includes racist crap), or are mean or disrespectful, may be edited or deleted without warning. Disagreement is fine. If you see someone walking over a cliff, tell them but in a reasonable way. When they acknowledge your warning drop it or answer their questions but don't badger them. We have to assume they are adults or are old enough to be.

2.1) Thou shalt not call out another user for well written fiction presented as fact. At the very best it is rude. If you don’t believe a “true story” is true just move on to the next thread or keep your trap shut. Yes, I appreciate a true “true story” as much as the next guy, but so much of this lifestyle is unbelievable to the common man that it is ridiculous for any of us to make grand pronouncements about the writings of another. Such pronouncements interfere with the flow of thoughts around here and may make newbies hesitant to post. Result? I’ve fucking had it with this BS. I *will* be looking to make an example out of somebody. Get it?
If you absolutely have proof that a thread is fake then flag that post and provide admin your proof so they can check it out.

2.5) If you wish to comment on or debate forum rules, policies, and/or request clarification of a moderator’s ruling, do so in the feedback section or via private message. Do not do so in the other forum areas. DO NOT DO IT IN THE FORUM AREAS. If you are a sponsor we will allow a little more latitude in the sponsors thread but the basic rules still apply.

3) Spam shall not be posted in this forum. We realize that this forum does not exist in a vacuum and there are other sites. The occasional reference to another site is not going to upset us. But if your contributions to the forum may be summed up “LIVE NUDE GIRLS” you can expect to be banned.

4) All material posted shall be owned by the poster. This means no posting of stories/pics/etc. that you “found on the net.” If you don’t own the rights to it, don’t post it. If it absolutely must be shared with the community, post a short description and a link to the original content.

4.1) Photos: When it comes to people (and not toys, etc.) members are only allowed to post photos of themselves and, with the permission of the person in the photograph, their spouses or partners. Any photos which are not specifically covered by this rule can be edited or deleted by mods who deem them unacceptable.

5) Signatures will NOT include graphics or other items that make them visually large on the screen. As a guideline, if you can’t do it in a few lines of text you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

6) Accounts shall not be shared (exception for spouses and those in a committed relationship). I will shut down any account that I find out has been compromised. In other words, don’t post your userid/password to the internet for all your buddies on [insert website] to use.

6.5) Accounts shall also be active. If you register but never activate your account, or if you activate but do not log in for 2 or more months at a time, do expect that your account will be deleted. You are free to reregister, I just don’t feel like maintaining a database full of dead weight.

7) This is a 100% privately funded forum. There is no paid advertising, membership fees, or any other form of income. That means I don’t have to worry about keeping the customers happy because strictly speaking, there are no customers. My point? Even if you follow the letter of every rule, if you act like an asshole? You’re gone. I’m a dictator, but I like to think I’m a benevolent dictator. Show some compassion and respect your fellow users and we should all get along.

8) No stalking. If your behavior makes others extremely uneasy, be prepared to find your account locked or deleted.

9) The use of multiple accounts for the purpose of trolling, or other deception, is against the rules. If you are caught posting from multiple user accounts, you will be given the option of posting from one of them. If you continue to use multiple accounts, all accounts will be banned.

10) DO NOT use PM's to attack other members or staff. All PM attacks (direct harassment) should be reported and will not be tolerated.

Supplemental Comments

I have forbidden the posting of “hottie” pics in parts of the forum other than the Hotties, US Personals, and International Personals sections. I gather this causes some users some heartburn so I’ll take the time to explain why: I desire the emphasis for the “non-hottie” sections of the forum to be discussion of the lifestyle and surrounding issues. I fear if pictures are permitted then the board will become little more than a RedCouds knock-off (and a bad one at that). This is not meant as an insult to RC. I just have a different goal than they do.

Still, I realize that pictures are fun and with this in mind I have created a place for them: The Hotties section. If posting your pictures in the hotties area is too much of an inconvenience for you, may I suggest that you spend more time at RedClouds.

All that said… What about the “other” pictures? You know, maybe a picture of your favorite toy (not in use) within the context of a “what’s your favorite toy” thread? I have no problems with that. The board is unlikely to be flooded with 40 dildo pictures followed by 4000 “nice dildo!” comments from others. The same can not be said for pics of nice boobs.


A few comments on non-fiction vs. fantasy: Many fantasies are posted around this site as if they are fact. And that’s fine. Why? Because if hotwifing has taught me one thing it’s that truth is often stranger than fiction. In other words, some of those fantasy stories may in fact be true! I know I’ve certainly been accused of posting bullshit when I was being totally honest. The point being that it’s difficult if not impossible to differentiate good fiction from true life. Result? I’m not even going to try. To do so means that invariably some bad -- but completely honest -- writers will be vilified for their efforts. I don’t think anybody wants that to happen. So…. If you see some writings that are being presented as truth but you think are bullshit? Feel free to discretely ask around, but don’t make a public spectacle of it. Capiche?


A word or two on non-active users. Since I don’t sell email lists or anything like that I have no interest in maintaining bloated databases full of users who never contribute to this community. If you don’t contribute to the community I’m not saying I *will* delete your account, but you shouldn’t be surprised if I do. After all, you’ve done nothing for me, why should I do anything for you?


If you are having problems with your account and are emailing me for help? You’d better email me from the account you registered with. If the registered email address is and you’re emailing me from, you will get no assistance from the management. There’s a reason why we require registration.

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