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Site Funding

Unread post by allengt » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:38 am

I have been informed by one of our supporters that he has received questions about funding for this site. He was asked:
I tried linking to the paypal account cited, and it didn't connect. We are happy to contribute because we value this site, but I guess I'm always a little skeptical of requests for donations. I'm wondering, if not through donations, how is the site funded? We don't get advertisements. How much does something like this cost to keep going? ( This paragraph added my Armyguyot1)

His answer:
The site is funded solely by donations. That keeps things simple and allows the mods to simply kick out assholes! Dave (Inigo) started the site with his own money. As it got bigger the cost went up and he asked for help.The options were dues, ads, or donations. The forum selected donations. There used to be one ad, for an adult toy site, but I just checked and it is gone.

My Input:
When Inigo started this site the cost was about $12 per month and he funded that himself. At the same time I started a site to post videos and that cost me $12 per month which I funded for two years until the host sold out.

This site got so big that we had trouble with utilization and the only answer was to move to a dedicated server. That meant that instead of paying only a small fee for a shared server we had to pay the whole cost. That cost started out at about $90 per month and then Inigo, or now me, cannot afford that monthly bill.

The members were polled and replied that they would make donations to fund this site. Inigo also had made a deal with an adult toys site to advertise for them for putting a link on this site. That was tied to his paypal account and he has cut that link.

Currently there are only about 1% of the total membership making donations to keep this site going but that is the only way it can keep going is by donations.

If you check the member since date you will see that Inigo and I registered the same day, day one of this forum.

The cost of the site has changed and is now 45 dollars per month. I have paid it and now paid it ahead. I created a money pool on Pay Pal called OHWs fund. You can contribute to that. We are starting to get donations and I thank you for that. I committed to Allen to keep the site going and will continue to do that. I have funded it to begin with but the member seem to be very generous in contributing and not only does that make me feel good from a monetary standpoint. It also makes me feel that you believe it's worth saving. It's quite time consuming but better organization will help organize the time. We are getting new members at a phenomenal rate and hopefully some of them will see fit to contribute something also. Best case is that Allen gets well and comes back. In the mean time we will do the best we can. The flag function is now working due to Chris's hard work and please use it. Use it freely. We the mods can't read it all and you have to let us know of inappropriate behavior. We can't stop what we don't know about and please let us know. We are especially hard on personal attacks. It is not spelled out cuz if we don't think it's appropriate we are going to hammer it and not explain why. We are quite open minded but pretty damn harsh when the lines is crossed.

There really is no format. We have always only asked for what a person felt comfortable with giving. Some make a larger donation and then wait until request is made again due to funds running low and others make smaller but more often donations. It is really up to you.
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Re: Site Funding

Unread post by armyguyot1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:54 am

I have started a fund site on Pay Pal for donations. It is site fund. The procedure is make a donation and let me know you have done it. I will give you sponsor status
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