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Unread post by armyguyot1 » Wed Dec 16, 2020 8:37 pm

It has been brought to my attention that some "some husband" contacted one of our members to see if his wife had to provide proof that she was who she said by photo.
It's a standard policy to gain a title as a "verified hotwife" that She must have her own username on the board. If she'd like to become a verified hotwife to gain access to the ladies forum I will give her an assignment that is completely reasonable as a photo assignment, no nudity or anything is in the assignment. The photo is required to be a full frontal photo with face optional. You must prove you are who you say you are on this board to me to be a verified hotwife. That photo has to be sent to my personal email as I can't manipulate it from the sight and repost it in the LL. You also need to turn your camera down as we don't havre a lot of room on the site and it won't take large files.

In the past we have had photoshopped pictures and that is not advised as that man is always banned.

Also most board members know that the title verified hotwife means they did prove in fact that they are who they say they are and are more apt to want to talk with them instead of some, who we know we have, men posing as women.

When the ladies PM me I will tell them what ever happens to come to mind at the time for them to do.
When a man PMs me wanting to know how his wife can get access to the ladies forum he will get this answer. She must become verified.

If you are new, and have never posted then you will not see the PM button. Make 5 posts and when they are approved your account will be cleared and you can then PM.

Also if your husband does not have his own account, he needs one as he is not allowed to use yours. Ladies, you must PM me from your account and not your husbands.
The wife needs a minimum of 10 posts of her own to be considered and that's a minimum to meet the requirement. 10 thank yous and hellos is probably not going to get you there.

We have, as of 12/5/20, over 700 members of the ladies section.

Sorry but this is locked as I do not want long post to it.

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