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How long do posts last here?
  • Personals last for 90 days
  • Misc last for 90 days
  • Feedback lasts for 30 days
  • All other non-administrative posts last 180 days
Why don't you allow nekked pics anywhere but the Hotties section?
First and foremost this site is intended to be a place where those in the lifestyle can TALK. By "talk" I mean compare notes, concerns, and experiences. In other words, this site is primarily intended as a support site of sorts. Will there be erotica and hot stories? Yes, but that's not my primary mission. What's this got to do with pics? Well, if TALKING is my primary mission, then I want to encourage TALKING. Pics do not encourage talking.

I sent a PM to somebody and it's stuck in my outbox. Something's wrong with the forum. Will you fix it?
No, I will not fix it because nothing is wrong. PMs are not email. They work differently. Suffice to say that your PM will sit in your outbox until your recipient actually reads it (at which point it goes to your sent box). Thus, in theory you can have PMs sitting in your outbox for months (and I have!)... but that doesn't mean that the forum isn't working right.

Do you have an RSS feed?
No, sorry.

I see references to "Verified Hot Wives" and/or a women's only section. How do I get access to that?
The "Verified Hot Wives" are those who have access to the women's only section. You get access by contacting Armyguyot1 and asking for a photographic assignment that you must complete (don't worry, no nudity or faces required). Note too that the lady must have her own account: It's women only, not couples only.

I want to delete my account. How do I do that?
Just walk away. Inactive accounts are periodically purged. If you've got a pressing need to have your account purged (employers found it or something)? Fine, talk to me. But if you're just tidying up loose ends? Again, just walk away. I will tidy up the loose ends in time without you saying a word.

Do you sell your distribution list or anything underhanded like that?
Absolutely not. I am a charter member of the Spammers Should Be Shot Like Dogs club. I do not collect email addresses, compile statistics, or anything else that spammers and the like would be interested in.

Come on... You've got to pay the bills here somehow. Are you telling me that the cost of the bandwidth comes totally out of your pocket?
For two years that was indeed the case but in August of 2007 we hit a critical point in this forum's growth. Our bandwidth requirements were such that I could no longer afford to pay for it all out of my own pocket. Since that time I've been paying some myself, and other users have been donating money to the cause. No person is required to donate, mind you. This is NOT a pay site. I've also accepted very limited advertising but it barely makes a dent. In any event, the point is that nobody's getting rich here but neither is anybody getting scammed.

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