Getting Banned IP message when logging on???

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Getting Banned IP message when logging on???

Unread post by allengt » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:29 pm

If you get a message that says your IP has been permantently banned it is not your fault. It is usually because some hacker has spoofed your IP and tried to get into our server. The IP is caught by the firewall and banned. I need you to PM me the IP so that I can check it out. Go to with the PC or IPhone that you were using and tell me what IP is in the Lookup IP Address box. PM that information to me and I can check it out. It is not always that your IP was caught by our server but it is also possible that it was tried to be used on someother site and it is then caught and recorded by Our server checks all IPs against and will also tell you it is banned. Either way I can either clear it or tell you what to do to get it cleared if it is not in our firewall.
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