Subject Does Not Exist or has been removed

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Subject Does Not Exist or has been removed

Unread post by Happyjohnson » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:34 am

On going into Notifications and selecting one that I want to follow, on trying to access some of them and more recently, a lot more of late, since the upgrade I think, the message is received "The subject does not exist or has been removed" !

If the subject does not exist, how is it that there are replies to that subject and or if it has been removed, should it not automatically be removed from the Notifications list?

I find it very frustrating picking up on a topic I anticipate being of interest to me to get that message!

Does that subject not exist and never has or has it been removed or is it just because I am on the underside of the world and my computer has a glitch?

Thanks a lot in anticipation.


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