New Chat Room

New Chat Room
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New Chat Room

Unread post by allengt » Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:37 am

Hi Everyone,

With the permission and support of your fearless admin allengt, I have the pleasuring of announcing a brand new chatroom for all the cuckolds, hotwives, bulls, stags, hotwife husbands, vixens, wannabes, etc. here at OHW to use.

This is a FREE easy-to-use online chatroom where you can not only chat with tons of other like-minded individuals in the cuckold and hotwife communities, but also one where you can post pictures of your wife or girlfriend to show them off to the room. (It’s very mobile friendly as well :-) )

This chatroom is different from the other that OHW has been linking to and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it! You can instantly login as a guest or register as a member (which takes no more than about 15-20 seconds) and immediately begin using the chatroom. The chat community there is extremely active, so much so that we’re going to be adding in more “sub-rooms” in the near future so things don’t get “too crowded”.

To visit or join, just click the below link:

After you read the rules on the above page, just click the continue button you’ll see, and you’ll be taken right to the login page.

You can also access the chatroom through the “Our Hotwives Chat” link on the main forum page.

If you have any questions (I’m the owner of the chat), don’t hesitate to let me know either here or right in the chatroom.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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