Bull pushing for alone!

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by Mgcouplemn » Tue Jun 27, 2023 11:37 am

I was going to tell you to dump him, if the Bull wants a woman he can go find one. As far as we are concerned is that what is called a bull is just a toy for us to play with. If the toy doesn't work for us we throw it and get a new one.
Wife and husband share it all together. Husband enjoys masturbating while watching the wife having sex with other men. Wife enjoys watching her husband stroking his cock while he is watching her being fucked.

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by OFLOW » Thu Jun 29, 2023 11:49 am

Sorry might be an unpopular opinion but did you maybe not just exaggerate a bit … plus you acknowledged yourself it may be insecurity

I mean I’m sure all of us have said things in the head of the moment, that we didn’t mean….me and my HW have fun solely with strangers, on our vacations outside the country.

However more than once while having sex I told her how hot I would find it she fucked my best friend…
It’s nothing I would ever do or let happen in reality but just during sex when you get heated up you say things you know are “wrong” or things you don’t mean

Maybe he was just super horny, aroused, etc and imagined being alone with a woman like here…. You’ve said yourself she’s a submissive milf, I think every 28 y/o would imagine spending some time alone.

Fully understandable if you want to call it off however you said you both actually like him so keep in mind maybe he didn’t mean to disrespect you. Just my 2 ct

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by LetsGetItStarted » Sat Aug 19, 2023 11:46 pm

The end of this story. Well that was the end with that Bull. Really didn’t make it awkward and just redirected so was what it was. Over shared about having fun with 2 girls and bull turned to a brick. Maybe we see him again but bro will probably need to earn it.

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by PANTIES » Sun Aug 20, 2023 6:25 am

My wife is always alone with her new lover. She wouldn’t want any other way. I’m good with it, he’s a long time friend who has wanted to get in her panties and finally did July 2022. The two of them go away for several nights.


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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by CaliLondon » Wed Aug 23, 2023 1:44 am

The one rule we have in stone is that we only play together. That said, we got a stonemason to add, "We only play together while being in the same house." As time goes on, I prefer to give them 30 minutes or longer by themselves in the living room which has a baby monitor camera so I can follow along from my study.

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by mrdnrm » Tue Aug 29, 2023 2:52 am

Rules we make are designed to first protect the marriage and ourselves both physically and mentally. Other rules are most often made for other reasons, like us my wife has two personal rules no swallowing or anal with another man. Those things are reserved for me, and me only. Remember he is a guest and only a guest in your marital sexual play time, unless you have entered the world of "Poly".

I have only left my wife alone with a guy twice, once in a hotel room we had for 5 days and 4 nights with this guy, whereas I went out for food and supplies (LOL) but we had been seeing him for nearly four years at the time. The second guy we had been seeing for about two years, whereas I stayed in the master bedroom room and the two of them had the guest bedroom for the night, yes I had a full video and sound security camera in the room.

We have had several guys that just wanted her exclusively for a night or weekend. We always said no and if they pushed it we disengaged with all contact from them. Most guy we have been with are sex partners and most we have become friends with over time. Some of them my wife has had feelings for, be we never have forgotten we are the primary and it's our love for each locked into each other forever, secured by our marriage which we value and treasure. When you have been married for 35 plus years you breathe each other and most often never have to speak to finish the biggest task together. Sounds corny but it doesn't matter who she fucks and how good he made her feel, she is always with me and saves me the cream pie after the guy has left.
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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by LetsGetItStarted » Wed Sep 06, 2023 9:36 pm

wow… everyone here made great points. In the end… we moved on to someone else (actually 3 new bulls since this even happened). I don’t know that we are actually looking for exclusivity so they come and go and come back around, toss someone else in, get your quarterly STD tests, rinse and repeat. There are a lot of people out there so we should all get what we want and be winning.

This was just that first ripple and with experience there will be more. But it was worth it.

Oddly enough no one is ever as good as the first time anyway (this guy wasn’t our first). But we learn from each other and are better at maintaining some boundaries while pushing others.

I’ve learned there may be someday when her being alone will be the thrill, but our terms!

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Re: Bull pushing for alone!

Unread post by 2inUPMichigan » Fri Sep 08, 2023 10:03 pm

Great update!
You are absolutely correct! No one that you invite into your sex life should be making the rules, he should be willing to follow your stated boundaries or walk away. Your terms, always 👍 He does not call the shots.

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