How much he loved the woman in the magazine

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How much he loved the woman in the magazine

Unread post by Mr Stag » Sun May 14, 2023 8:09 am

I was once asked what was our weirdest or most perverted encounter with other men. Some were too brief or interrupted; others were just okay, but none went too far into kink; thus no golden showers or pain. One episode, however, definitely counts as weird.

We had moved to a new city in a new state. We knew almost no one, certainly no possible bedroom partners for her. The hot local entertainment paper came out once a week and was free. It was filled with reviews of local restaurants, movies, plays, and local events. The paper included an interesting personals section, as one sub-group was titled something like "Other Interests." Here is were kinky sex personal sometimes appeared. We placed an ad there. They weren’t cheap, as we wrote long ads. The ad basically stated that we were a loving couple who wanted to hear only from MEN who had an interesting sexual fantasies that they longed to come true.

Well, we usually got at least three good replies out of such an ad. But this time only one guy responded, and he had a strange request: he was married and he lusted after some porn queen, about which his wife neither understood nor approved. He wanted to look at pictures of his object of lust, while fucking or being sucked by some other woman, obviously not his wife. We were both intrigued and a bit desperate, so we made arrangements to invite him over.

He was in his mid-forties and looked like a construction worker, muscled with a bit of a pot belly. He brought a well-worn Penthouse or Hustler magazine with a spread of the porn goddess. Not my type in the least: bottle-blonde, with big fake tits and oddly plastic looking face, like a Pamela Anderson on drugs. After some chit chat and finishing our drinks, my wife uttered our code word for her approval and got up to visit the bathroom, where she stripped naked. He and I talked while she was gone and he told me that his wife had enough of is obsession and had thrown the magazine away, but that he had rescued it from the garbage can, so he now hides it in his truck. (I was super glad my wife hadn't heard about the garbage can.)

My wife soon returned completely naked, not even in heels. He seemed stunned. He quickly recovered and his eyes scanned her exposed flesh and he nodded approvingly. She did look stunning, not yet 30, slender, with long flowing red hair and matching pubic hair, trimmed in the shape of a heart. She stood in front of him and slowly turned around twice, a a brief pause held when her ass faced him. She then held out her hands and he grasped them and stood. He quickly got naked. his cock looked quite serviceably, cut and sturdy looking, surrounded by a big halo of graying pubic hair. All that he was left wearing was his white socks. He sat down again on our sofa and picked up the magazine, which he eyed intently.

Yes, the fucking magazine.

His eyes were glued to the pictures of the plastic blonde, not the real naked redhead with real breasts and a real pussy standing in front of him. My wife kneeled down in between is strong legs and began sucking his enlarging cock, more fat than long. After a little over four or five minutes of her tender kisses and caresses' and licks all over his cock, he told her to stop, his hand gently pushing her head away from his stiff cock, proclaiming that he would blow his load if she continued. I could see his hard cock and I noted that we were about the same in girth, but my cock was easily two to three inches longer. To be honest, his cock was about perfect for her, as I sometimes hit bottom on her; besides, she prized stiffness over size and his cock looked painfully stiff.

I took advantage of the pause to lay a thick blanket on the carpet. They got on top of it and she lay on her back with her legs open. He briefly licked my wife's pussy, his eyes tightly closed. He raised his head and looked as if he was done, but then he apparently had a change of mind, as he went back to licking her. Soon enough, he mounted my wife, his thick cock jamming into her in one push. Her eyes went big, her mouth opened. He was stroking in and out of her slowly, while looking at the open magazine he placed far above her head. I offer to hold the magazine for him and he shot me a big beautiful smile and said, “That would be fantastic, thanks buddy.”

There I am holding and turning pages in his magazine, as he is muttering the porn babe's name, while grinding his naked cock into my wife. My wife was just looking at me with a puzzled look on her face. He stops, catches his breath and asks me if he can fuck my wife doggy style. We say sure and they reposition and I rest his precious magazine on her back on top of his T-shirt, holding it in place, as he managed to build up into savage fuck-pounding that lasted about three minutes, clutching her hips, and shooting his load in her, while moaning out the name of his porn goddess.

We all relax afterwards and he thanks my wife profusely, but not me, which pissed me off a tad. He talks freely now about his wife and his love for this porn woman with my wife. I liked seeing how wet his cock was, just bathed in cum, and I was sniffing up all the sexual aroma they had created. At the same time, I am a bit bent out of shape, so I tell my wife that I need some release after watching their fucking. She assumed that I wanted a blow job, but I took off all my clothes and made a point to let him see how much bigger my cock was than his, as I didn't want him to think I was a pathetic cuck husband.

I mounted her on the blanket. I told her to keep talking to our friend about the porn starlet. Suddenly, I am no longer mad or jealous and I start asking him questions, while fucking my wife. He absentmindedly played with his soft cock, as he talked to us. He told me that I was super lucky to have such an understanding wife. Finally, he paid her some compliments on her sexy body. After I orgasmed, I asked him if he wanted to take over fucking her, but he declined and asked if she could blow him instead.

She got in between his muscled legs and started sucking the life back into his cock. He was actually looking at her this time and running his fingers in her hair, watching his cock disappear into her mouth. But as soon as his cock got really stiff, he picked up his magazine and fell into his trance. This time, it took a long time, almost ten minutes, before he finally came in my wife's mouth. After he left, I told her, “Well, that was certainly something different, but I would never want to do that again.”

Her reply amazed me, as she said, “I don’t know; I think it was kind of sweet how much he loved the woman in the magazine. Too bad I don't own a blonde wig.”

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