Las Vegas Advice on possible Masseur

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Las Vegas Advice on possible Masseur

Unread post by Newbiesuk2023 » Tue Aug 01, 2023 8:46 am

Hey , just looking for any recommendations on Masseurs that can visit room in Vegas . Wanting to look at this for my wife but would prefer to have first hand advice. Dont want to use massage exchange sites , rather hire an actual legit guy. Sensual on bed massage . Also , what would be the best vegas bar for wife and i to go to for her to flirt etc. Going in September. Any advice greatly appreciated 👍

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Re: Las Vegas Advice on possible Masseur

Unread post by SilverStag » Wed Aug 02, 2023 1:34 pm

Good luck. No legit MT is going to risk their license to do that (the Vice Squad does do setups on the "on-call MT's). Especially putting that info out for all to see. You may find a legit MT that will do it, but it would be a discussion had during the massage, not as a preliminary. My advice though is to make sure your wife is on-board before you look for someone to do it. I have met couples to provide a sensual massage, only to find out that the idea was unknown to the got ugly between the hubby and she...I let myself out.

As far as where to flirt...most anywhere works.

In spite of the reputation, Vegas is pretty much like any other city in this regard.

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Re: Las Vegas Advice on possible Masseur

Unread post by rgold » Fri Aug 11, 2023 6:15 am

Check out reddit user u/LASVEGASMASSAGE4F

I've seen a lot of good reviews from real redditors and OF content creators.

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Re: Las Vegas Advice on possible Masseur

Unread post by BT2 » Wed Aug 16, 2023 4:05 pm

SilverStag is right. No legitimate masseur is going to risk his license over an hour of "touchy feely". And if you book a regular massage you will be disappointed. I agree with the advice to find out what your wife is up for. For example, she may agree to a tantric massage where her limits are strictly adhered to. That way, she has the option during the massage, if she so desires, to motion to have her breasts and pussy fondled. On the other hand she may limit herself to a massage, period. Check out tantric massages and body rubs. Then call and ask. A lone, private practitioner is a better option than a studio for what you are looking for.

Both my wife and I have had tantric massages from private practitioners. My wife has had three tantric masseurs, and all involved sexual touching. The third tantric masseuse she has seen for several years now and each visit involves intercourse. I have had three tantric massages and one body rub. In each of the tantric massages the woman was naked and one offered a happy ending (orgasm). None permitted touching any sexual part of their body. I had a bodyrub as well, and anything goes.

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