First time poster (Virgin once again..) from Az

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First time poster (Virgin once again..) from Az

Unread post by Dixon » Wed Jul 19, 2023 12:44 pm

This is my first post to this forum, I am excited to be here and to read and discover all your stories and pathways to hotwifing.

I/we are fairly early in this process in that I am very open about my feeling about it with my wife, and how it turns me on for some reason.. but she isn’t 100% on board. She thinks it’s a mental subconscious state that I have that somehow it’s because I don’t believe I satisfy her (which she boundlessly tries to console me that I do, thus the 20-30 orgasms she has when we have sex..) I have tried to tell her I don’t that that is entirely true ( I do admit part of my fantasy is watching her and seeing the expression of true fulfillment, sometimes because it’s with more than one “bull” at a time, or because I’m invited to join.. it’s NOT about being humiliated or put down for me, but also not because I don’t think I’m not good enough.. if anything.. it’s because I think I like the challenge of “the rut” to end up on top, or Alpha.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I’m great full I found it to learn from you all and see if my experiences are simulate to yours.

BTW… I’m 59, wide is 49. And we are in Arizona, where it’s so damn hot in the summer.. you HAVE to take your clothes off!!

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