Hello from Holland,

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Hello from Holland,

Unread post by redhotcouple » Mon Aug 21, 2023 12:24 pm

Hi, we are a couple from Holland: I'm M and she is D. We are from a town near Amsterdam and really, really new in this world. I'm 46 she is 42, but looks like 32. Sorry for my not so perfect grammar and spelling btw. Our sexlife has always been great except for the part after the birth of our youngest. It took some time for our frequency to be back on our normal level. We have a pretty high sexdrive but would say that if my wife does not have sex in 2 days she gets a bit grumpy ;) and usually after her period she is extremely horny and can have sex for hours. Quite independently without knowing we had the fantasy of having multiple sex partners for her. It came out when we had sex and she was asking me to call her a slut and a whore, after which I replied If she would like some other cocks in her pretty pink pussy because this is what whores and sluts do: to which she replied yes, fuck yes! During the course of a couple of weeks we discussed the matter more in depth, this feeling of honesty was exhilarating. Backstory: once a month she goes out with her best friend, and during our talks about the matter she admitted that sometimes she grinds her pussy on another mans leg and has her neck kissed. This totally turned me on, we had mad sex afterwards. So we are exploring this new world and in a month's time this really brought us closer, even made a profile on a well known swingers website. We had some nice exciting sexting with a guy, I look forward to sharing some of our adventures with you all if you find them interesting. FYI: we are not into cuckolding, I do not wish to be humiliated, I just want others to enjoy my incredibly sexy and horny wife while I watch :D

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Re: Hello from Holland,

Unread post by afagehi7 » Mon Aug 21, 2023 12:45 pm

Welcome to OHW red-hot. Sounds like you struck gold here. It seems like you both are on the same page and are in for a ride. Hopefully you can share some pics in the future.

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Re: Hello from Holland,

Unread post by philxxo » Sat Sep 02, 2023 2:36 pm

Welcome and good luck to you. It sounds like you are off to a great start. Sound very exciting. I am jealous you had it so easy. I think the increased honesty between husband an wife in this lifestyle is one of the best parts. Share some pics if you can, I bet your wife is beautiful!

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Re: Hello from Holland,

Unread post by whosbeensleeping » Sat Sep 02, 2023 6:21 pm

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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