Soft bisexuality may be getting my wife interested

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Soft bisexuality may be getting my wife interested

Unread post by greyman21_2001 » Wed May 15, 2024 8:56 am

I [38M] have had a hotwife fetish for a long time, probably a decade.

I have introduced my wife to it through erotica and buying lifelike toys and naming them. She is great at role play, great at saying the right things but has never been overly turned on by it. Its been clear that the fetish is mine and she participates to be supportive of me.

Last night we played our usual thing where she uses a dildo and we mutually masturbate and I go down on her while she plays.

The twist last night was that she asked me to lick her toy to get it ready for her. She enjoyed that I paused and thought about it before hand and that she was pushing my boundaries the same way my fetish pushes hers. So I did what I was asked to do I licked it for her and it turned her on. Not something abhorrent for me but not something that does much for me EXCEPT that it turned her on. She seemed confused that it did something for her.

She then explained that, while shes never been interested in having a 3rd involved, that having a third that was interested in both of us was interesting to her in this moment. It made it feel more like we were participating in the fantasy together and I wasn't putting something on her. She stopped while she was enjoying herself with her toy and said "imagine he is in me right now and he reaches down and starts stroking you" then asked me to add something and I mentioned that my tongue has some incidental contact while I go down on her during her play. When she finished she asked me to lick her cum off the toy.

Has anyone had there wife move into the lifestyle this way? What would be the best way for me to support her interest so it becomes a reality. At the end of it she said that she likes that shes turning "my" thing into "her" thing.

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Re: Soft bisexuality may be getting my wife interested

Unread post by philxxo » Wed May 15, 2024 11:07 am

This will be an interesting thread to follow. I am a wannabe also, it's been less than a year that I shared my fantasy with wife though. I am sort of bisexual as well which I also told her. Most women are turned off by the thought of men with men. Unfortunately my wife is also. I think if your wife is turned on by man to man contact that could be a winning strategy for you if you were willing to do a bit of it.

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