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Where I'm at

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2024 10:40 pm
by huntrrr
I am in a committed relationship with a great woman now for almost 5 years after being married for almost 29 years. She is an amazing woman with a great work ethic, smart, caring, conservative, yet sexually can be liberal, and simply beautiful. We met on a dating site and hit it off immediately and connected sexually which was new to me as that was one of the issues in my long time marriage. Long story short, our pillow talk really began to take off soon after, at first she was a little resistant to the idea of bringing in other people into our relationship. I didn't push but kept building on the idea only in the bedroom yet the subject always remained one of her favorite role plays and subjects of fantasy.

We began regularly using toys in our lovemaking and eventually began calling one of her favorite dildos her "boyfriend." She sometimes would ask if she could make a phone call to her boyfriend over. I would soon take over the dialogue and make up a fantasy of her teasing him as we watched a sporting event. She loved the idea of walking around the house in skimpy clothing while my friend (boyfriend) was around and teasing "him".

I would entertain her by telling her his every move as she laid back and enjoyed being seduced by this new "person" in our bedroom. I would make her close her eyes and I would dictate his every move. I would tell her the he was watching me as I would suck on her breasts and touch her bald pussy. She eventually began to respond by parting her legs to give our "guest" a better view. I would tell her how beautiful her just shaved pussy looked and how I could see him shifting his pants as she teased him. She eventually began to really show him everything, parting her long legs and bringing them up to her chest revealing her parted lips. Then, she surprised me one day by reaching down, parting her lips and asking me if he looked like he liked how she looked. I immediately reached over and grabbed her "boyfriend" and told her to open up for him. She had turned him on so much, that he couldn't stand it any more. I placed the member at the entrance of her womanhood and slowly pressed the head up against her. She responded by gyrating her hips and moaning loudly. I slowly pushed the member into her body and told her how beautiful she looked . I told her how beautiful her pussy lips parted and accepted his cock into her beautiful bald pussy. She asked me if I was okay with all this and asked me if I liked watching her. I responded that I thought it was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen.

I kept slowly pumping it and out of her adding lube as necessary. I kept describing what I was witnessing and describing how i believed he was getting close to cumming. I asked her where did she want him to cum, but she just bit her lip clamped her eyes shut almost concentrating in her mind the thought. I kept asking her as I pumped the phallus faster and deeper. On about the 6th time of asking her "where do you want him to cum?" she finally blurted out "In my pussy, I want him to cum in my pussy." I immediately mounted her and took "his" place. I hooked her legs with my arms, spreading her open and I watched my hard cock sink into her. I pushed deep into her pussy and rapidly picked up the pace. I kept asking her where she wanted his cum until she literally screamed out "let him cum in my pussy, i need his sperm inside of my pussy." That threw me over the edge until i grunted "He's cumming."

With a long drawn out "Oooooooh" i witnessed her having a long drawn out orgasm at the same time that I pumped my sperm inside of her. I collapsed on top of her, too exhausted to move and basked in the feelings of an incredible orgasm. To my surprise, she even continued a little as i dismounted her, asking me what it looks like. She reached down and parted her lips, with her legs still spread in the air. I commented on how beautiful her hairless pussy looks reaching down and lightly playing with the wetness.

Re: Where I'm at

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2024 6:50 am
by philxxo
Sounds like you are on the path with a woman who will soon hotwife for you. This is a great start. I try the same things with my wife, but she is not as receptive in her playing along with it. Sometimes she gets a bit mad and says she is not going to fuck anyone else. Keep us posted with your progress.

Re: Where I'm at

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2024 2:07 pm
by huntrrr
It's a slow process for us. She is slowing gaining trust to be open with me, I don't want to push too hard and ruin any progress. I'm not even sure it would ever go that far. Even if it doesn't, I'm happy fantasizing about it all and her even just being open to the idea and engaging in conversation. I call that a win for most of my needs.

Re: Where I'm at

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 2:45 am
by WhateverWhen
Thanks for sharing this huntrrr - it's exactly these sorts of experiences being shared that's helping me (and I'm sure many others wannabes!) with ways to start to bring up and live out the fantasy with our wives.

Re: Where I'm at

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 7:52 pm
by aztd
Your story gave this old a boner

Re: Where I'm at

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 8:54 pm
by CuriousHusband91941
Sexy role play.
Really neat way to do it.
Thanks for sharing.