The College Friend

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The College Friend

Unread post by Tank Turner » Sun May 14, 2023 1:44 pm

Depending on how my wife talks about him, he was either a college friend, a boyfriend, or a guy she dated. She told me that he was very good looking in college and athletic. He was a child of privilege. He's six years older than my wife. He was a prized attraction among college girls because he was older than most and because of his eccentric personality. He spent more time in college than he should have because he spent more time smoking weed than in classrooms and studying.

There was no doubt in my mind that my wife fucked him while she was in college. So did a lot of her college's coeds.

While I was dating the woman who's now my wife, she told me that guys who smoked a lot of weed had nasty tasting cum. She said it in a manner that implied that she hadn't experienced a weed smoker's nasty tasting cum. She said it in a way that prevented her from lying. She told me years later that her college friend smoked weed every day. Since then, she has told me stuff that indicated that she had a lot of experience swallowing money shots. My wife is a performing artist when she's giving blowjobs.

Her college friend's family arranged an excellent corporate gig for him after he managed to earn a degree with his name printed on it. My wife said she did not believe he was suited for corporate employment.

He and my wife kept in informal communication through the years since she graduated. Both are in their college's alumni association. Their association's Website allows members to exchange private messages. More than 10 years ago, he messaged my wife that he quit his corporate gig and moved to New York to pursue a career in a rock band. My wife has visited with him when her company has sent her to NY. She described him as a bohemian hippie. According to my wife, he is intelligent. He lacks motivation. He hasn't given up marijuana. She said he'd rather get loaded than work. It sounded like his family's money supported him.

My wife does not like business travel. It has become more difficult for her to acclimate to time zones. Her company puts her up at excellent accommodations. She is able to fly first class on her company's money. She never has. She thinks first class is a waste of money on a cross country flight. She'll book nonstop flights if available.

My wife's boss told her that she's going to NY within the next few weeks or immediately after Memorial Day. Her college friend has asked her many times to stay at his apartment that's in Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen suits his personality of a bohemian wannabe rock star. My wife has never accepted his offer. She knew that he wanted to fuck her. She's forcefully assured me that nothing about him gets her excited. She would never fuck him...again if I've guessed right. She has met him at gigs to listen to his band. They talk about their college experiences which is about all they have in common.

My wife wants me to meet her in NY so she can introduce me to him. I have no desire to meet him. My wife has upped the ante by telling me that her friend knows the best strip clubs in Manhattan. I'd rather enjoy my wife's hot & sexy naked body than pay to enter a strip club.

Somewhere in my wife's wanting me to meet her in NY was a hint of sexual euphoria that does not involve her college friend. She's talked about a guy at her company's NY office many times, always in positive contexts. The more I think about it the more I think she has a NY surprise planned for me. I'm coming around to her point of view. I want to ask her if she has a surprise planned for me, but I do not want to ruin her surprise if she has one. I'm confounded because she has committed to never fucking anyone employed at her company. She has broken that rule only once while she was margarita drunk. On the other side, she probably would feel safe breaking that rule with a guy on the other side of the country.

I think I going if only to see if she has a sexual surprise planned for me. And I'd like to listen and watch my wife's college friend and her talking. If he's loaded and she's drinking margaritas, who knows what they'll talk about.

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