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She f54 has decided, she wants to cuck me m49. Finding FWB's in Belgium(Noth France, South Nederlands). Help?

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2024 9:03 am
by Drakebelg
Decision made. Wow. I'm super happy. I didn't push her at all. She absolutely wants to cuck me.

If anyone from the area knows a good swingers forum or best app, let me know. North of France and the south of the Netherlands is also good.

I am a dedicated, caged, submissive lover, and husband/father who has PE. I can make love to her pretty good, but she misses getting fucked hard and long by someone dominant and hung (I am 7”x5.5”). She experienced this with two men before me (25 years ago) and would love to have it again. She's also looking forward to being dominant towards me in a more active way. Denial, BDSM, humiliation..... 😲. I am feeling relieved and so happy but with obviously nervous butterflies.

These were probably her main points that we found understanding about today. I am a submissive lover and quite beta IRL. I got a bronze medal (3rd place) as fastest cummer she’s ever had out of 20 men. My PE frustrates her, but because I am submissive AND she will fuck other guys, it's less annoying, even a turnon for her. Before me she had 2 amazing, hung, dominant lovers that were sex only and she really misses that a lot. I often mentioned how ridiculous my PE is and how I can’t fuck her like she needs and she was always agreeing……LOL. She wants to dominate me in bed and take it to bdsm. She might go meeting up with men in other cities so she can get a weekend away. She is looking for a good dominant fuck, not for romance but an attraction and connection yes. From now on I am in 24/7 chastity.

The search begins:
-We are considering a swingers club in another city, but she is not sure.
-We will go to an erotic expo that includes a swingers club. A further away city in November or a nearer city in March.
-Considering FEELD
-Hotel bars, but we are currently tight on money so we can't do expensive hotels.
-Currently looking for good Belgian/Dutch swingers hotwife forums.
-Her work and hobbies have mostly women, so nothing much there.
-Other options?

Still a lot to be discussed and agreed, but it is already an amazing feeling to be so open and to see her confidence increasing.

Re: She f54 has decided, she wants to cuck me m49. Finding FWB's in Belgium(Noth France, South Nederlands). Help?

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2024 12:27 pm
by Seekingmore12
I am pretty sure we have some members here in your area, at least with here the men “ should “ know how to navigate the situation as a enhancement to your marriage vs a random.

I would suggest you post in the personals area