Is this the start or the end?

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:03 am

As I wrote I was surprised by her 'no list'. I couldn't figure out where it came from. But decided to chalk it up.

I generally pay the bills on or about the 10th of the month. I use Quicken. It's loaded on her laptop which is a Win 10 machine as my computers are all XP, yes XP, I have 'upgrade-itis'. Anyway I needed to look at Intuit's website as they announced a new mandatory version by April. So afte some website visits I needed to go to an earlier visited site so I used the browser history, low and behold there was the answer. Visits to a few cuckold & hotwife sites as well as Urban Dictionary and hotwife blogs. She's been a busy surfer. Fortunately none of the three I post on. I now know where she got the vocabulary.

On Sunday 2/10 I asked her how she thinks she's doing. Her response wasn't very positive. She said she doesn't see any improvement and the need for OT was essential. I agreed on the OT but did see improvement as a result of PT & ST. I reminded her of the frog in water story. She said I might be right, that maybe she can't see the forest for the trees. I asked about her PGAD. She said it hasn't gone away nor abated in any way and masturbation several times a day is getting old. I asked if she thought she might want to consider the medical options. She said no, but there is the option of more men.

Let me say here and now if you didn't get it before. The more men she has sex with the happier I am, the more men she has sex the happier she is. Which means we're on the same page. She is not very descriminate on who she has sex with, and I'm OK with that. She prefers bareback by a wide margin and I'm OK with that as well, even considering the risks. She doesn't want a connection with any guy, nor do I. We're both OK with a regular if it fits the 'no-connection' scenario. Nether of us care about race, body type or age (she's gotten over the close to her sons age thing). She doesn't like big cock, and I don't care, big or small, it's her choice. She's OK with our house (after getting over that as well) ad I'm OK in our martial bed. Neither of us are into humiliation. And we agree I must be involved in every encounter is some manner. To repeat we're truly on the same page with all of it. The only issues seems to be activity after such a serious medical event and during therapy lest the benefits be negated.

I then asked HWR how she feels after a session. She said good, real good, orgasm is so liberating, so ethereal, so physical, so primal. I laughed. Her aphasia means she can't always parse a question properly. She wasn't happy at my response. I told her I meant medically and apologized for my outburst of laughter that it wasn't meant to be hurtful. She said besides being tired she's OK. nothing hurts afterwards and she doesn't feel any kind of negative after affects. Then asked if I think she/we can pick up the pace. I reminded her life isn't a race we all get to the finish line no matter what. She said something she's said before "so many men - so little time." We laughed together.

That would have been a good point for us to fuck. BUT. My occasional ED makes it frustrating for us both, Not getting hard enough to get in her and try without success is emotionally debilitating for us both, so we really don't try anymore, except after another guy has been in her. Blowjobs would work but she doesn't like soft dick in her mouth. If you don't suffer from ED you need to understand not getting an erection doesn't stop masturbation, orgasm or ejaculation. So we masturbated together, we both had orgasms, I had one, she had several.

Tuesday 2/13 about 2:00pm HWR called me and told me that the guy from last week called her and asked if he could stop by on his way home from work about 3:30. Of course I told he yes and that I'd try and be there as soon as I could. Unfortunately I couldn't make it home before he was done probably passing him on the road. But I did get sloppy seconds, the only way I seem to be able to get in her.

I added my cum to his after her orgasm. She said that was number 5. I gave her a towel which she tucked between her legs and she fell asleep. I woke her shortly thereafter asking if she wanted dinner or sleep she chose sleep.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by tosaintsfan » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:16 pm

Very interesting post. Although I agree with others who express opinions regarding communication, it is a very hot read and well told.

I can identify with her background as my wife while not quite as proficient as your wife had a great deal of experience before me. And like her has several medical issues that necessitate lots of medicine. And like you I suffer from ED.

Your wife's recent issue are far more serious then Marla's and I really hope that she recovers and continues to cuck and fuck, as at our age we might as well enjoy whatever we can..


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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:59 am

"proficient" interesting selection of words.

Given a large enough sampling there are many people with the same characteristics.

Thanks for your well wishes and I hope Marla is keeping you as satisfied as mine is me.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:47 am

Wednesday 2/13 about 2pm I get a call from HWR again asking if the new guy can stop by after work. It'll be the same time as yesterday. As usual I say OK and that I'll try to be there before he leaves. She is a bit blasé about it responding with a 'whatever'.

I got home just as he had just finished and she was licking him clean "Hey man you just missed me fucking your ole' lady", I was kinda surprised he said that, secretly it was a turn-on, I have no idea why as it wasn't the most respectful thing to say, but on the other hand it wasn't disrespectful either. I watched as her licking turned into sucking and he responded appropriately getting another hard-on. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to get in on the action. I told him not this time (knowing that this is the second time and it would most likely be his last). I stripped and rubbed my growing cock as she sucked him. She was holding his ball sac in one hand and his butt with the other. He put his hands on her head and started to gently move it back and forth on his dick. She stopped, withdrew his cock and said she doesn't need any help. She returned to his cock and he only held his hands there without helping. In a few more minutes he started thrusting into her mouth, albeit gently. Then he let out a huge grunt and filled her mouth with cum, his second orgasm. He withdrew and plopped down on the bed. She now had cum oozing from her pussy and mouth. He was trying to catch his breathe, in-between gasps he said you suck as well as you fuck. I couldn't hold back anymore and shot my meager load in my hand. I staggered to the bed and fed it to her. All she said was mmm mmm good.

He got up from the bed, grabbed his clothes and said thanks. He dressed and left.

I got her a towel which she tucked between her legs as she nodded off. I got up, dressed and started dinner.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:06 am

It' been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. I generally make sparse notes just enough to be a refresher when I write the details.

On 2/26 I went into the hospital for a routine prostate procedure know as TURP (Transurethral resection of the prostate). It was to be an overnight stay with 3-4 days of convalescence. Instead it turned into a 3 night stay and 7 days of convalescence, including a foley catheter.

When I finally got pen to paper my sparse notes rang no bell for me to expand on. So here is what I wrote:

Wednesday 2/13 same new guy repeat on way home from work call him Mr Commuter

Friday 2/15 Mr Commuter on way home from work

Saturday 2/16 bartender before his shift began

Monday 2/18 midday new guy from bartender big, hairy, nice demeanor, self-conscious with me present -long time to get it up (26)

Tuesday 2/19 Mr commuter on way home from work

Wednesday 2/20 Mr commuter on way home from work

Thursday 2/21 Morning friend of Mr Commuter - performed great - she likes him a lot - she said good technique very hard cock - she wants a repeat (27)

Friday 2/22 bartender before work

Sunday 2/24 double header from the bartender (morning Hispanic uncut - she didn't like him at all) other guy a diminutive guy - small cock but great stamina - likes being watched (28 & 29)

Tuesday 2/26 procedure

Friday 3/1 discharge

Tuesday 3/5 foley removed

Friday 3/8 I'm finally OK - though no sex of any kind for several weeks - even suppression of erection - Mr Commuter on way home from work then bartender before his shift began

Looks like she now has 2 regulars, the bartender and Mr commuter. I'm concerned about a connection to Mr commuter, she assures me there isn't any, it's strictly sexual.

I expect to get back to documentation more and better details as I have in the past. I'm pleased she took a hiatus during my medical issue.

Her medical condition is improving and her advancing pace of sex is working out just fine. Her major issues is exhaustion after sex. 29 different men and counting, many repeats. She has become a fuck machine, and we both love it. Of course the PGAD is helping to fuel her insatiable appetite and her daily masturbation hasn't abated one iota.

Saturday 3/9 I stopped by the health care faculty to settle up the bill on HWR's stay there. I bumped into her Speech Therapy evaluator. I apologized for being so short and unsympathetic with her the last we spoke. She was a bit skeptical at my sincerity. I assure her I was being sincere and I was open to chat with her anytime she wanted. She took me up on the offer and suggested we meet over coffee later in he week and chat.

Sunday morning 3/10 the bartender called HWR to stop by for a quickie. She surprised me by saying no, that she needed to recuperate after a very trying 2 weeks. Though I couldn't hear the entire conversation I gathered that she decided on a hiatus until later in the week.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:21 am

Monday 3/11 Mr Commuter called and asked if he stop by. It was a change of pace as he wanted to stop in the AM. I couldn't hear both sides of the conversation but could gather from what I heard "No tomorrow is not good". "No Wednesday either." "Yes I want to, I enjoyed fucking you." "Sorry Thursday is out, but maybe Friday." "What time?" " That's kinda early." "Good, let me check with hubby, hold on." She then asked me if it was OK if he came by in the morning. As usual I said OK. "OK it's set, about 5:00am Friday. I'll make sure the door is unlocked, just come on in, you know where the bedroom is. By the way can you get in touch with your friend from last week?" "Only an acquaintance?, please try. I liked him. OK see you Friday." The conversation was over.

I start doing the monthly bills, her computer. The shit that I am I can't resist looking at the history. There hasn't been any hotwife type of searches or website visits since the prior month. Whew, still safe. I'd never be able to adequately explain my chronology of her sex life.

Tuesday 3/12 The bartender asked if he could stop by Friday before his shift about 7:00pm. She told him yes then asked me. I was a little miffed that she asked me afterwards but let it slide. I told her I was unhappy, she apologized but said since I always say yes she thought it would be OK. I told her not to assume anything.


Wednesday 3/13 I get a text from Gayle. ... z4m7og9r_C ... anXt2OF3GB

HWR tells me her favorite cousin Mark will be visiting next month for a few weeks. He just finished chemo for cancer and needed some away time. I like Mark, he's a nice guy. He's gay, which is OK by me, to each his or her own.

I tell her OK but it might put a crimp in our sex life. She asks why. DUH! She says he knows that she's a whore. I asked if she told him about our lifestyle. She rhetorically asked: you don't think my brother was the only family I was fucking way back when, do you? I ask her if she's; planning on doing him again while he's here. She says no, he was bi then but now only gay. Then she adds, but there is you.

Something I have learned in this lifestyle, things happen real fast

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by afagehi7 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:46 pm

I am in the Savannah area. Can we meet up?

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:18 am

I would love to, but she won't let me set anything up. I setup her 1st after that she doesn't want and refuses my help with anger.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by afagehi7 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:37 pm

I should have been more clear. Not necessarily meet up for sex. I'd like to meet some real people in the lifestyle to learn more about it. Maybe your wife can give me some perspective into my wife

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:14 am

She doesn't know I cronolog any of our life on-line. I don't see how I can do that without tipping my hand.
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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by afagehi7 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:06 pm

I'd be happy just to meet with you do get your perspective.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:47 am

Friday 3/15

I wake up to mild shaking of the bed and HWR's moaning. We have a foam
mattress so it doesn't really transmit movement. I look at the clock,
5:15am. I look over to my right, to her side of the bed. Her legs are
wrapped around his legs, he's prone on top of her, he's propped up on his
arms she has her arms around his neck and they have a deep lip lock going
on. I have a pang of jealousy, I can't seem to get over the kissing thing,
no matter how hard I try, no matter over it I think I am, it lingers.

Anyway he's pumping away, driving his cock in and out of her. I missed his
first penetration of her, one of my favorite things to see. I reach over to
her and she knows I'm awake, she breaks off the kissing and apologizes for
waking me. She starts moaning up a storm, apparently she was stifling it to
allow me to continue to sleep. He says good morning, not missing a beat.
Like so many other hotwife scenario's it's surreal. Another man is fucking
my wife in my bed next to me while I've been asleep, then greets me as his
cock is buried deep in her pussy.

She tells him to make her cum again that his cock feels so good. He picks up
his pace and she orgasms again. I try desperately to keep my excitement
under control, no erection or orgasm, doctors orders. She takes my hand and
puts in on her breast I pinch her nipple and she moans with excitement and
says more. I pinch it a bit harder and she tells him to "fuck me harder and
faster." He does as told as she pulls him down for more kissing. I pinch her
nipple a bit harder and she orgasms. She can't hold it in and yells during
the entire duration, he says he's cumming as well. I know it's her 3rd
orgasm as she almost loses consciousness. When he's done unloading he pulls
out and dismounts. She's purring disappointment as he pulls out. I can see
his cock is dripping wet in the dim light of the bathroom as it glistens.

He wipes himself off and starts to dress. He thanks us both and tells us how
great it was. She asks him about his acquaintance, he says he's trying but
the guy isn't the easiest to get hold of. She tells him to please try. He
says he has other friends, she says maybe some other time that she wants to
fuck him again. He says he'll keep trying as he heads out the door. She
pulls me close to her. She gets an after fuck cuddle, just not with the guy
that just fucked her. I try a bold step. I disembrace myself and slide down
on the bed between her legs. She reminds me of the doctors orders. I tell
her I know. I start kissing and licking her neck, then breasts sucking on
her now very sensitive post orgasm nipples. She moans with excitement, I
work my way down to her abdomen then start to dive into her dripping pussy.
She grabs my head, stops me and asks "are you sure?". I say yes, she
releases my head and I go for it. Licking and suckling her swollen clit and
tonguing her labia, lapping up as much of his cum as I can. By now she has
her legs over my shoulders telling me how great it feels, that she's gonna
cum again if I keep it up. I don't stop as she has another orgasm, the
contractions help to expel the cum that he deposited deep in her magic cunt.

I gently lick her very sensitive clit and labia. She holds my head telling
me how great that was, that she wanted me to do that but didn't know how to
ask. I change positions back to cuddle position and tell her it's simple,
just tell me, "lick my cunt clean." I warn her that it's a non-starter with
the bartender so don't even think of asking. I have a semi-erection. She
feels it and squeezes it hard, telling me that should get rid of that. She's
right the discomfort makes me flaccid.

This was a first for us, except. In the past I've done cleanup but not with
her and I did cleanup of myself with her once maybe twice. But I'm not new
to a mouthful of cum.

She went back to sleep I got up to start my day.

About 1:00pm we have a text exchange. ... VW7bi7UggM ... Arq0rWE2H2 ... 4kZ9j85KsP

I got home about 3:30. His car was in the driveway so I knew what was
happening. Again I missed 1st penetration.

When I got near the bedroom I heard them load and clear. What I saw was her
riding him. Her hands on his chest, his hands working her tits and nipples.
I said nothing but positioned myself so she could see me. She reached a hand
up and told me to kiss her. I did so with great pleasure. My kiss triggered
an orgasm for her, causing her to ride him harder and faster as she almost
sucked my tongue from my head. He threw his hips into her and said he was
cumming. We were still kissing as they orgasmed together. A soon as he was
done she rolled off of him and positioned herself to keep his cum in her.

He got off the bed and dressed. He thanked us and left. She told me to get
ready for dessert, "lick my cunt clean." I told her I wasn't into the mood
for that right now. She said OK to please get her a towel. As I went for it
she told me she was disappointed, that it was special this morning and she
really really enjoyed it and thought it might become a regular part of our
sex life. I told her special means not-regular, once it becomes a regular
thing the special disappears. Reluctantly she agreed.

She said she needed a nap so she'd be ready for the bartender later. But she
needed to cum one more time, so she used her Magic Wand and in less that 2
minutes she was having an orgasm which worked Mr. Commuters cum into a
froth. I gave her the towel, she put Big John aside and nodded of.

About 7:00 the bartender rang the door bell. I let him in, he said hi, and I
followed him to the bedroom. She has just awakened. He stripped and threw
back the covers, Of course she was laying there naked. He said good, you're
ready I only have time for maybe twice. She spread her legs as he got on the
bed. I decided to try something new and I left the bedroom shutting the door
behind me.

A few minutes later my cell rings. She says where are you. I tell her I'm
trying something different, to have a good time I'd see her when she's done.

About a half hour later the bartender emerges with a big smile on his face.
He says "thanks, she's a great piece of ass. See ya soon."

I head to the bedroom. We forgot to put down the pad so she used the Mr
Commuter cum towel. She's laying there spread eagle breathing heavy with cum
pouring from her magic cunt and cum in her now matted slight pubic hairs.
There's cum dripping from her tits and her mouth and cum in her hair.

I asked how it was, she said as usual great, she had several orgasms. He
came in her pussy then she blew him and he came in her mouth and she
swallowed what she could, then he jerked off on her shooting onto her tits,
pubes, face and hair.

I went to get the towel from her, said to leave it she was enjoy the cum
bath. She asked what it was all about me staying out of the room. I told her
we'd talk tomorrow. She said OK and that she was hungry. that was my cue to
put on my toque.

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:24 am

Saturday morning or should I say afternoon she awoke late after a Friday full of fucking.

HWR: "Good morning."

ME: "Good morning. How are you feeling this morning?"

HWR: "Well fucked, but horny, damn PGAD"

ME: "Good to hear. Hope I'm giving you enough freedom to satisfy your needs and wants."

HWR: "Yeah, pretty much."

ME: "Is there anything more I can do?"

HER: "Maybe, I need to give it some thought. Right now I want to know what all that privacy thing was about last night."

ME: "It was an experiment for me, for us. But you need to be open about it."

HWR: "OK go for it."

ME "I was testing myself."

HWR: "Did you pass."

ME: "I got a C+ to B-."

HWR: "That's not too good. And me?"

ME: "It really wasn't about you it was about me but you were certainly a component."

HWR: "OK fill me in."

ME: "I wanted to test my jealousy, my feelings, my openness. I've watched you and him have sex many times now, some I participated some I watched. I was OK with it, the jealousy. I am jealous of him, his ability to cum so much and to stay hard, but that's not my concern. But I'm not jealous when you two are having sex. But yesterday when he was with you without me that was different, and I was extremely jealous."

HWR: "What about when I had sex with other guys?"

ME: "It's not about him, it's about the situation. This is hard for me to put into words. You're my wife, and when a another man has his dick in you and I'm there it's about us, WE are involved in a sexual act, a sexual situation.. Key word is WE. Whether I'm participating or spectating. When you are with another guy and I'm not there, I can imagine you are having a bad experience and therefore justify away some jealousy, though not all. Key word here is YOU. It doesn't involve me, that's difficult."

HWR: "OK, I'm not quite there yet but I'm getting close."

ME: "Last night I was in another room, I couldn't imagine anything other than you having sex WITHOUT me. I was excluded, to me it's humiliation. And that's unacceptable."

HWR: "Yes but it was self imposed."

ME: "Yes it was, and I needed to do the test."

HWR: "OK, keep going."

ME: "When you're alone with another guy without me and I'm not there it is also humiliation but much different. I can rationalize it as a situation where I wasn't available, but in another room it completely different."

HWR: "Let sum it up if I can in my words.

1 you're OK with me having sex without another guy if you're in the room with us.
2 you're NOT OK with me having sex without another guy if you're there but not in the room with us.
3 You're not sure if your OK with me having sex with another guy if you're not there.
Does that pretty much sum it up? That kinda matches my research."

ME: "What research?"

I knows she did but played stupid.

HWR: "I did some searching on line just to see where we are with this lifestyle."

ME: "And?"

HWR: "There's a lot more couple engaged in hotwifing than I could have ever imagined."

ME: "Do you have ore research to do?"

HWR: "Not that I can see. I pretty much found out what I wanted."

ME: "Excellent, yes you got it, even the not sure part. Glad you did your won research and not rely on me."

HWR: "Are your getting ready to tell me you want to stop this or slow down?"

ME: "No, not at this point."

HWR: "That's not very convincing."

ME: "Absolutely not!"

HWR: "But there's a rider, not a this point."

ME: "Only because we don't know what the future will bring. Do you want to stop?"

HWR: "Absolutely not."

ME: "What if asked you to stop?"

HWR: "Let's not go there, we're on the same page let's stay there."

ME: "The main thrust (we chuckled at my choice of words) is that it's a WE thing not a YOU thing. And no, I don't want you to slow down, Actually I'd be ok if your picked up your pace."

HWR: "Mixed signals."

ME: "How?"

HWR: "For example, you tell me to keep it slow, I can't drive trapping me, you have a difficult schedule and aren't always available to be there."

ME: "I see what you mean. I hadn't realized any of that."

HWR: "Now for a pointed question, are you enjoying it."

ME: "Absolutely."

HWR: "What do you like about me being a whore wife, a hotwife?"

ME: "Do you really need the details?"

HWR: "Yes I do."

ME: "Everything. I love to see a new dick slide into you, I love to see you orgasm, I love to see cum dripping from you, I love that I can now fuck you even if it's sloppy seconds. I love how much you love it. I am love that you're getting the sexual satisfaction that you need that I can no longer provide."

HWR: "All good answers. All the things I love as well. The excitement of a new man, how his cock looks, how it feels, how it tastes. Then when he enters me, another human actually inside of my body is incredible, his warmth against my body, in my body. Then to feel his warm breath on y neck on my abdomen, my pussy. His body, any part rubbing my overly sensitive clit, him forcing a willing orgasm from me. His tongue entwined with mine. Then to feel his cum, his seed, in or on my body is well, the icing in the cake. Then when he's done, my reliving the wonderment of what just happened and thinking of the next time, wether him or someone else, anyone else. I just love sex and everything about it. But you know I'm 66 now I'm no spring chicken and it's just matter of time when I can't do it and men won't want an old whore. So I want to make the most of it as long as I can."

ME: "We know that."

HWR: "Simply put, I need more men."

ME: "I've tried to set you up, you refused."

HWR: "It makes me angry when you try to do that. I don't want your help finding a fuck buddy!"

ME: "That's crazy."

HWR: "Yeah maybe it is, but it is what it is. I'll let anyone pimp me out but you, as my husband you don't get that privilege."

ME: "That's fucked up."

HWR: "So be it."

ME:" "Guess I gotta live with it."

HWR: "Yes you do,. This entire conversation is making me hornier than I already am."

ME: "Sorry I can't."

HWR: "No problem I have Big John."

ME: "Guess the PGAD hasn't abated yet."

HWR: "No it hasn't. I'm gonna tell Gayle I'm ready, and I think I'm ready for the group thing from the bartender. Also I'm thinking of fun scenarios with Mark when he gets here."

ME: "You said you weren't going to do him."

HWR: "Yes I did say that. The last time I fucked him was maybe 45 years ago, a very long time. But I didn't say you weren't going to do him, now did I?"

ME: "No you didn't. Alright I think we're done talking. Now you know why I stayed out o the room and we both know my feelings. But U don't know yours."

HWR: "Simple, I used to not like you being there. Now I NEED you there. I love to perform for you, to be a cumslut for you. You watching another guy, a stranger fuck your wife while you watch has become beyond exciting, I can almost get off just by the thought of it. I will always include you and I will do my best not to assume anything and a the least check with you in advance."

ME: "OK."

HWR: "I'm gonna play, come watch me."

We stopped talking and went into the bedroom and she used her favorite dildo and Big John to several orgasms.

To all those hotwife husbands out there reading this. I find this to be a very emotional roller coaster. How do you feel?

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Re: Is this the start or the end?

Unread post by 2wheel » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:18 pm

It's 9:10 now, dropped of HWR at Gayle's about 8:30 for a night of fun. As I write this she probably has a new guy deep in her magic pussy.

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