' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 6)

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' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 6)

Unread post by Bertram W Bronson » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:55 pm

“Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 6)

The continuation of a shy wife story by:

Bertram W. Bronson

Part 6… {{{A lovely bare-bottomed wife is hoisted up onto her knees}}}

My mouth had gone dry, trying to swallow the lump in my throat, I could barely mumble. “He won't Meg… he won't come in your mouth…”

Crouched on my knees at the side of the bed, heart thumping, my eyes were staring at the up-thrusting length of a saliva-smeared penis… seeing my wife's fingers curled around the thick base, the curvature of her dainty little finger resting against the sack of his testicles.

There was a breathy sigh, then my wife's hand tightening… her thumb and four slender fingers squeezing more firmly around him, pressing the skin downward… fully exposing the pinkish bare penis-head. I could see the shaft stiffening under the clasp of her warm fingers… the shapely head, swelling tighter and glistening in the soft lamplight.

Slowly my wife began to stroke it… stroking another man’s cock while looking into my eyes, her married fingers slowly gliding up-and-down its long slippery length. I could see the glint of saliva on her soft warm lips and the periwinkle blue of Megan’s eyes as she peered at me through lowered lashes. “Ohh Bobby,” she whined… “I feel so… so slutty doing this… and with you watching.”

In a mesmerizing stupor, unable to draw my eyes away, I squatted next to the bed, watching my wife lowering her blushing face, trailing ends of her long blonde hair again settling against his bare stomach, I saw her moist pink tongue flick across her lower lip and graze the head of his penis. Lance the felt warmth of her breath flowing over the bare head, the flitting touch of her moist tongue, he arched his back, straining upward, striving to lift the swollen head of his penis against my wife's lips.

With her slightly parted lips barely touching head of his penis she spoke softly, tantalizingly, her voice just a breathy whisper… “You… you really want this Bobby… even if he comes in my mouth?”

Trembling with uncertainty I could only groan, a sound that welled up from some spot deep in my innards.

“Do you care if he does Bobby” Her eyes lifted, staring at me, whispering soft, “Do you care if he comes in my mouth?”


I wanted him to cumm in my wife's mouth… but a heartbeat later I didn’t want him to… my mind was a vacillating swirl of squirmy feeling, but I found my hand easing onto the back of my wife's neck, my fingers sliding under her soft silky hair, pressing against her warm skin, a gentle squeeze of assurance, and her lips parted… and I could feel her resistance ebbing as I guided my wife's warm mouth back down toward the pulsing head of his cock… her lips touched, they formed a little wet circle around the end of his penis, very lightly, I pressed against the back of her neck, her warm lips slipped over it… then closed around the fattened head, gently I drew her mouth down onto his cock, her soft suckling pulls drawing it along the flat of her tongue… deeper into her mouth.

Shaken by what I had done, I eased my hand from the back of my wife's neck and now, with our faces less than a foot apart, she continued sucking his penis… sliding the swollen pinkish head along the curvature of her tongue, pulling it deep into her warm mouth, then lifting her head, the clinging circle of her lips sliding back along the circumference of a tautly swollen penis… and she did it slowly; watching my eyes, pausing from time-to-time with her wet lips not quite touching the wetly glistening head, from time-to-time, a taunting little thread of female saliva stretched from the head of his penis to my wife's lower lip…

She paused, lifting her pretty face and trying to tuck her long blonde hair behind her ears. My wife's tongue flicked across her lower lip, “It feels so big in my mouth,” she whispered… “The head of it feels big and so smooth and warm…”

“Uh-huh, but don't stop… a little more,” I mumbled.

Hot and blushing Megan lowered her head, a moment later, and from barely inches away I could hear the whispery soft, suckling sounds of oral sex, so close I could see the tiny freckles on her pert little nose and thin strands of blonde hair escaping from behind her ears and falling back down against his stomach. With my nerves coiled like a tight steel spring, I continued watching my wife suckling his penis, her lashes fluttering, ocean blue eyes closing, only to suddenly blink open again and continue staring into my eyes.

Megan’s hand... her left hand, was gripped around the stiffness of his long saliva wet cock and as I kneeled by her side, her right hand reached out to me, her warm fingers searching for mine. Her fingers linked with mine and we held hands, a tight gripping bond of love. And all the while her lovely blonde head was lifting in a slow up-and-down movement, we held hands, staring at each other… seeing the love in each other’s eyes.

Toying with my wife's fingers, I watched her breasts gently shifting as she bobbed her head; I watched her eyes, watched her pink lips gliding along the white skin of his cock. For a moment, she lifted her mouth, the pinkish head of his cock still an inch away from her lips, “Do you still love me… Bobby, do you still love me?”

I felt the emotion tug at my heart, tears starting to well up in my eyes. My hand squeezed hers in a tight grip. “Sweetheart, of course I still love you,” I murmured.

Slowly she lowered her mouth again, sliding her lips back over the head of his cock and I could hear Lance’s breath quickening and I thought of him ‘releasing’ into my wife's warm mouth, of the pulsing head of his penis against her tongue, ejaculating… imagining the half dozen creamy white spurts splashing against my wife's suckling tongue.

Shivering with nervous excitement, I remained kneeling on the padded step of the dais, watching my wife sucking the swollen head of another man’s penis, her warm lips circled around the white skin of his wetly glistening cock… visualizing the pinkish head in her mouth, but still it was an agony… an agony all mixed into an emotional muddle right in the pit of my stomach.

And I could see the ridge of his stomach muscles tightening and I could hear little wet sounds, like the soft slurpy sound of a baby girl suckling her thumb. Soon, very soon, frantic with need, I reached down… fumbling, unzipping my pants, my penis was painfully stiff, but then I saw my wife's warm glistening lips lifting away from the head of his penis… then her soft whisper….

“Bobby,” she whimpered… “Ohhh Bobby, he’s going to come if I don't stop…”

“Meg… sweetheart, would you like to let Lance cum in your mouth?”

“Uh-huh, I think so, but not if you’re going to… to let him fuck me?”

“Do you want him to, is that what you want?” I mumbled.

“Mmmm, I really want to… if you'll still love me… after.”

“Sweetheart, I'll always love you.”

“Bobby, it’s awfully thick,” she whispered, “and very long, but I want to… to feel it in me, way deep in my belly.”

With a blushing face, her misty blues eyes were staring into mine, her dainty fingers still clasped around the base of his saliva wet cock; it was slightly up-curved, the swollen pulsing head standing well above the grip of my wife's slender fingers. I could see her wedding ring, the glimmering rim of gold pressing against the slippery skin of his wet cock and one of the crawlies began to kick his booted toe against the lining of my stomach.

“Oh darling, I didn't think I could ever really do it,” she whispered, “but now I want to see what it feels like to… to fuck with another man, like we talk in bed.”

We were both trapped in a sensual web of excitement, both whispering words we’d never quite spoken before. “Ohh Bobby, I want to fuck with a strong young man, a man like Lance, with a really big long stiff cock,” she murmured, “even just one time darling… just one time.”

As if in answer to our soft whispers, Lance reached down, his muscular arms lifting my wife and turning her onto her back. She lay in front of him, blushing like a new bride, the silk robe tangled around her hips, thin pink panties still covering her loins. Then I heard him say…

“It’s time Bob… let’s get your wife naked.”

On weakened knees, I moved back around to the other side of the bed and helped my wife sit up and wiggle out of her robe, nearly naked now, breasts bare, only the thin pink panties covered her loins. I tipped my wife onto her back and reached for the waist of her panties, about to side the panties from under her buttocks, Lance grasped my wrist.

“Bob, do you want to see this up close… really up close?”

“Uh-huh,” I practically moaned.

“Then let’s put Megan up on her knees… get her ass up in the air.”

As if she were but a weightless rag-doll, he grasped my wife's hips, in a single sweep; he rolled her over and hoisted Meg up onto her knees. Quickly his hands slid from her hips, down the outside of her thighs, grasping her legs and sliding her knees into the very center of the bed.

She’d plopped face-down, Megan’s long shimmering blonde hair spilling over her pretty face… my wife's naked breasts and one blushing cheek pressing against the bed sheet, her sweetly rounded ass in the air, the puffy crotch of her thin panties very visible between her lifted buttocks. Startled, a bit frightened to suddenly find herself up on her knees, I heard the breath rush out of her.

“Ohhh Bobby,” she whined… “Ohhh ohhhh…”

Spellbound, I could only watch as he reached down and brushed my wife's silky hair from her hot cheek, his strong, but gentle fingers barely grazing her skin and I saw the shiver run up her back. “Meg, little sweetheart, don't be frightened,” he whispered. “Your husband's going to stay right here, he'll be here, right with you.”

As he whispered comforting words, Lance was up on his knees behind my wife, staring at her up-turned ass, at the puffy crotch of her thin panties snuggled between her cheeks. A trio of overhead light beams slanted perfectly into the area between her buttocks, little wispy hairs along the crotch of her panties, beautifully highlighted by the pinkish beams of light His hands began to roam over Megan’s up-lifted buttocks, sliding up-and-down the slant of her naked back, cupping her ass-cheeks, a little squeeze, then his hands again sliding down her back… reaching under, cupping her bare breasts… her lashes fluttering, her eyes slowly closing.

Lance leaned forward, grasping my wife's hips and pressing his face between the cheeks of her up-turned ass, nuzzling deeper, rubbing his lips and nose side-to-side in the fragrant crevice between her buttocks. Megan whimpered, squirming her hips, but he gripped her tightly, holding her in place and I heard muffled snorting sounds as he struggled to draw a ragged breath through the warm fabric of her panty crotch. “Ohh my… ohhh my…” she whined, shifting her hips and tossing her head. He lifted his handsome face, turning toward me, exhaling and murmuring under his breath, “the sweet scent of an angel,” he mumbled…“and my god, what a lovely round ass.”


Barely a couple of hours had passed since he’d pressed that door key against the palm of my hand. At the moment my fingers had closed around that key, I’d felt the wash of excitement and my nerves had tightened, but never in my wildest speculation, did I understand the utter eroticism of surrendering my wife's innocence… the anguish… the gut-wrenching excitement of watching it happening, feeling my heart pounding… my stomach tightening in anticipation.

And now I couldn’t take my eyes off the stiffness of his up-thrusting cock, seeing the bare head of it bobbing up-and-down so close the crease of my wife's panty-clad buttocks. When his fingers continued grazing over her buttocks and down between her thighs, I heard a little muffled sigh and saw Megan shifting her knees, spreading her thighs a bit, tipping her ass a little higher, exposing stray wispy hairs and the little mound in the crotch of her panties. With the thumb of his left hand resting against the indent of my wife's anal button, his four fingers eased down between her thighs, cupping over the panty covered mound of her genitalia… his thumb pressing firmly, his fingers feeling and pressing upward against the folds of her vulva, lifting her ass higher. There was another more pronounced sigh and I noticed an almost imperceptible side-to-side shifting of her buttocks.

“Bob, your pretty wife's still a little scared, but she’s wetting through the crotch of her panties… she’s going to love this Bob… hear the way she’s breathing, her breath panting and those squeaky little whimpers.”

“Uh-huh,” I managed to mumble as I gazed, totally entranced at the sight his thumb pressing between the cheeks of my wife's heart-shaped ass, his fingers cupped under the thin satin crotch of her panties. With my wife's oozing genitalia resting on the cupped fingers of his hand, Lance turned his head, indicating with a nod for me to follow his eyes into the nearby shadows…

“Bob, see that big chair over there?”

I followed his eyes toward the shadowy outline of a big comfortable arm chair, strategically placed toward the foot of the bed. The middle of the bed lay in a circular pool of warm pink lighting, my wife's up-slanting spine and the crotch of her panties lay in the very center of the lighted pool. My mind instantly focused on the circle of light, how it gradually diminished until it faded into feathery gray shadow right at the edge of the chair. I felt a little shudder, obviously a comfortable chair for a husband to sit near the bottom of the bed, his toes just outside the lighted circle, his pants unzipped, eye-level with his wife's buttocks… watching the movement of her hips, stroking himself in rhythm with her bouncing feet.

“Uh-huh, I see the chair,” I mumbled with a strained voice.

“Would you like to move over to the chair,” he whispered, “sit in the shadows, unzip your pants and watch me fuck your wife? You could drag the chair right up to the side of the bed… and see it happen… up-close.”

The time was drawing near; everything seeming to be closing around me. Struck mute, eyes staring at the nearby chair, images of his cock sliding into my wife floating through my mind, my stomach churning, my guts twisting into knots, his voice sounding far way…
“Or do you really want to stay on the bed and play a ‘hands-on’ part in it?”

“Uh, hands-on…?”

“Yeah… might be more exciting for you to be ‘hands-on,’ slide your fingers under the waist of your wife's panties and pull them down for another guy… stay with her on the bed and watch it happen, you could press your lips against your wife's hot cheek and feel her head bouncing.”

He was speaking softly, but I heard Meg’s quickening breath and a series of little scary whimpers, but with her spine up-curved, she held her ass high… seemingly in willingness for me to slide her pink panties down to her knees. His eyes shifted from my wife's panty-clad buttocks, looking at me, waiting.

“Go ahead Bob, pull the chair up close to the bed and watch… or reach out and ease your wife's pants down off her lovely backside.”


A moment to make the choice, I thought of dragging the chair toward the side of the bed, sitting back in the shadows with an erected penis sticking up out of my pants and just watching this handsome young tennis coach fuck my wife, but it welled up in me, the raw anxiety and a crazy mix of excitement at the thought of touching her while it was happening, feeling the quivering of my wife's body and her breath bursting against my cheek while another man pumps a long stiff cock into her.

“I want to stay with my wife… be on the bed … watch you fuck her,” I stammered, mumbling and nearly incoherent.

“Then pull your wife's panties down for me.”

Choice made, hands shaking, I slipped my fingers under the elastic of Megan’s panty waist… the warm bare skin of her up-turned ass brushed across the backs of my knuckles as I began to stretch the pliable elastic band, easing the thin underpants over the twin dimples at the bottom of my wife's up-slanting spine.

His eyes flicked from the twin dimples on her spine, back to the little mound in the moist crotch of my wife's panties. “Do it slowly Bob, relish the thrill of it,” he whispered.”

The thin satin slipped lower, I felt the adrenaline rush, felt my pulse quickening, my hands unsteady. Tugging with nervous fingers, I slowly eased the elastic waist of my wife's panties below the bikini tan line, exposing the upper edge of her ass-crack, exposing whiter skin and a downy trace of peach fuzz on the curve of her buttocks.

In the periphery of my vision, I could see Lance watching as I lowered the elastic waist of my wife's panties, his eyes fixated on the narrow crease between her clenched buttocks… his right hand sliding the skin of his cock up-and-down in anticipation. I could see the head of it, still glistening with my wife's saliva, tautly swollen… so ready to slide into my wife’s snug belly.

“My god… what a sweet curvy ass,” he mumbled under his breath.

Megan whimpered in response, shifting her weight from one knee to the other as I stretched the elastic waistband lower, shamefully exposing my wife's dainty anal button. He reached out brushed a fingertip over the very sensitive little indent… his fingertip lingered on the warm button and my wife gasped, embarrassed, her pretty face a flaming blush and I felt the shame of displaying such a personal part of my wife's anatomy. But I didn’t stop, couldn't stop… heart thumping, Lance watching, I slowly eased my wife's panties down, another inch, then another, exposing the long vertical crease of her vulva, snuggly closed under a screen of thin blondish pubic hairs.

“She’s wetting herself Bob, I can see your wife's pink seam glistening under the hairs.”

I could see it too, my eyes shifting from the shimmer of pink skin to the head of his swollen cock.

Megan felt the smooth satin fabric sliding off her buttocks, the wash of cooler air in crack of her bare bottom and she tensed, trying to hide her hot face in a pillow. I could hear muffled whimpering sounds and I paused with my shaky hands still grasping the waist of my wife's panties, but her up-slanting ass was bare, the panty waist stretched around her upper thighs.

“She’ll be okay Bob, just leave her pants on… but side them down to her knees.”

By the time I got my wife's panties down to her knees, she was shivering and whimpering and I was nearly a total wreck. With her curvy bottom in the air, Meg was gradually drawing her knees under her body and beginning to lift up onto her elbows, but he pressed gently on the back of her neck… keeping one hot cheek against the bed sheet and her back up-curved like the slope of a ski jump.

I could only watch with bated breath as he grasped my wife's hip bones with both hands, hoisting her higher, beginning to spreading her naked buttocks with his thumbs. His eyes were staring between the cheeks of Megan’s buttocks… at the dainty dimple and the snugly closed crease of her cunt and its wispy covering of straw colored pubic hairs.

“Blonde, all blonde… blonde and pink, every gorgeous inch of her,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Ohh my god,” my wife moaned. A hot blush of embarrassment colored Meg’s pretty face and she tightened her buttocks, partially closing off his view.

He moved his thumbs, but his stiffened cock was bobbing up-and-down; the swollen head of it only inches from the crack of my wife's bare ass. I was on my knees at her side, facing down toward her up-slanting back. I inched downward on the bed, getting closer to where I could lean in and see between the cheeks of my wife's bare ass.

With a long pulsing stiff cock, he leaned toward me, again whispering almost under his breath. “Bob, do you want to do something you'll never forget?”

“Uh-huh… what?”

“Bob, grasp your wife's buttocks, with both hands and very slowly spread the cheeks of her ass… and you can watch the head of my prick slide into her.”

Suddenly I could feel the intense flush of heat on the back of my neck. He had my blushing wife up on her knees and I'd lowered my wife's panties for him, but my god… now, “spread the cheeks of her ass apart?”

My god, he might as well have slammed me in the head with a hammer. Talk about a “stimulus to a marriage,” but after a tense moment, I reached down, resting my quivering hands on the cheeks of my wife's warm bare ass. With the fingers of both hands spread over the smooth skin my wife’s curvy buttocks; I paused a moment to catch my breath, not quite able to so outrageously spread her apart for another man. His up-slanting stiff cock was now very close to the crack of my wife's naked ass… his eyes staring down as I began to gently ease her cheeks apart and I could see the dusting of blonde fuzz around the button of her anus, the fuzz growing thicker as her cheeks spread, then a denser growth of pussy hairs as the shadowy space between her cheeks increased.

Megan felt the stretching of her ass cheeks, the brush of air against her private parts and I felt her tense and tighten her buttocks again. I looked down; her blushing face, her right cheek still pressed against the bed sheet, a disarray of long blonde hair nearly covering her eyes, the soft thin hair stirring with her every burst of breath.

After a moment or two, she relaxed a little, she loosened her muscles and up-tipped her bare ass, “Do it Bobby,” she whimpered, “ohhh do it now… I don't care if he sees… everything.”

My throat was dry, I tried to swallow as I slowly pulled one plump ass-cheek a little away from the other… outrageously exposing the petite dimple of my wife's dainty anus… exposing curls of thin pussy hair and just the narrow end of her cunt. She was unbelievably wet… fluids oozing out of the snugly closed pink seam and into the roots of her thin blondish pubic hairs.

“A little more Bob, spread your wife apart for me,” he whispered, “and I'll push the head in slowly… then you can watch the length of it slide into your wife.”

Megan was gasping for breath, with her pink panties still tightly wrapped around her knees; she held her ass up, her smooth back up-slanted, and as the snug slit of her pink cunt came into view, she began to whine. “Ohhh Bobby,” she whimpered… “I want him to fuck me…”

My quivering hands slipping lower between her buttocks, I eased the tips of my fingers into the space between my wife's vulva and the edge of her thighs… and gently, slowly pulled side-to-side, spreading my wife's privates before his eyes, a tiny pinpoint of pink appeared in the very center of her light brown anus, under it, that salacious inch long strip of pink hair-less skin and the vertical crease of her moist warm cunt still snuggly closed… but starting to peel apart… still just a little sliver of glistening pink…

And I could see his eyes staring at the shimmering sliver of pink skin, his rigid cock, fully stiffened, the swollen head, pulsing and so near the crack of my wife's bare ass.

“Ohh my god,” he whispered, “what a lovely little blonde cunt… spread it with your fingers Bob, and we can both watch my cock slide into your wife.”


Continued in part 7… {{{Watching the swollen head of a cock sliding into my wife}}}


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by roadrunner » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:38 pm

Wow! Another great addition to another great story! Thanks!

I know we're all looking forward to the next installment. You can't leave us hanging now! :cool:
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by Scotch98 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:55 am

Wow Indeed, I agree Completely w/ roadrunner....Can't wait for the next chapter...... :up: :up:

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by stevix55 » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:19 am

Are you planning on finishing this story? It's been over a couple of years. Or am I missing somthing?
Really enjoyed it but without and ending, kind of leaves you hanging.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by Bert Bronson » Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:24 pm

stevix55 wrote:Are you planning on finishing this story? It's been over a couple of years. Or am I missing somthing?
Really enjoyed it but without and ending, kind of leaves you hanging.
Hello stevix55,

First let me thank you for your interest in my crazy stories, I welcome all your replies as each comment is a guide to my future efforts.

Now, sorry to say, you are missing a little information:

The “Do My Wife” story series you are currently reading only began a few months ago and considering that each chapter is thousands of words long and considering the time consuming process of writing and dozens of edits, it is moving toward its conclusion. Sorry I don't have the time to do more and do it more quickly, but I'm just an amateur writer, writing only for the entertainment of OHW members and my time has its limitations.

The story to which I ‘think’ you are referring is “Wife Watcher Party.” The concluding chapters of this old story were corrupted by a drive failure and unfortunately its back-up was lost during an office burglary.

I’ve had my computer tech recover bits and pieces of the corrupted files and someday I may try to piece it back together and fill in the gaps from memory, but I’ve had to choose between spending my limited time on file recovery or going on to new story lines.

Thanks, stevix55, for offering me an opportunity to explain.

B. W. B.
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by roadrunner » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:48 pm

I've got a couple of unfinished stories on my hard drive too. It's given me a whole new appreciation for the work of others!

Thanks again!
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 6)

Unread post by tay » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:53 pm


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 6)

Unread post by tay » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:36 pm

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