' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

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' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

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“Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

The continuation of a shy wife story by:

Bertram W. Bronson

Part 4… {{{Ohhh Bobby, will you still love me… after?}}}

Eyes boring intently into mine, Lance had pressed the key against my sweaty palm. “Get your wife stretched out on the bed,” he whispered … “and lock the door, I’ve got another key.”

My pulse leaped and I felt something welling up in my throat. There was a moment, a fractional moment in time when I could have just handed back the key, but somehow a line had been crossed… there would be no turning back and I stood there, weak-kneed, staring across the patio at my innocent wife.

As we shook hands, the little piece of brass metal was like a hot coal burning against the palm of my hand, my grip was weak and sweaty, his strong and controlling. Feeling like I'd just invited the world to tumbled down around my head, I stood, my fingers closing around the key, watching his strong back as he wandered off into the main house, I supposed, somewhere to shower and dress, but I knew… from some vantage point he'd be watching the guest house… watching the lighting behind the second floor balcony.

I was an emotional mess of swirling thoughts; I'd just agreed to let another man fuck my wife… well, at least try to. My hands were trembling; I thought of just tossing the damn key into the pool, quickly getting my wife out of her wet undies and taking her home, naked under her blouse and skirt.

But my other choice was utterly intriguing… let Megan shower over in the guest house, just linger up there on the second floor until Lance wanders over and locks the door behind him. I thought of how I would slide to one side of the bed… making room for him to ease onto the bed with us and try to fuck my shy wife. She’s intrigued with this ruggedly handsome guy, maybe my sweet married virgin will ‘give in’… maybe she’ll roll onto her back for this guy… maybe she won’t.

But, ohhh my god, what a strangely exciting choice it would be, to linger and let him do my wife, to be looking down at Megan’s pretty face and watch him settling between her open knees… to be staring down into the misty blue of her eyes at the moment his cock slides in… seeing her eyes roll… hearing that quick burst of breath.

The imagery… it welled up like a tsunami wave, flooding into my mind… images of his long cock… in the pool, my wife giggling, squirming, his floating cock brushing against her bare legs… pinned against the pool wall, her arms grasping his back… kissing… his cock sandwiched between their bellies, up between her thighs… the head of it up against the crotch of her panties.

Slowly, the tsunami wave receded, leaving me light-headed and with a strange trickle of excitement creeping down into my bowels, I slipped the door key into my pocket and strolled back to where Meg was sitting, hair still damp and tangled, a second towel draped over her shoulders. The hot California summer was nearing its end, a late evening flow of cooler air was drifting inland from Pacific, sending little vaporous feathers of steam rising from the pool’s warm, but now placid surface and Meg was starting to shiver, her pink nipples puckering up again the wet bra.

“Bobby, I'm getting a chill… let’s go home,” she whimpered.

I stood there, wavering, looking down at my wife's pert little up-turned nose, at the tiny scattering of freckles on top of a milk-and-honey complexion, then before I could change my mind, I clasped her hand and lifted my little darling to her feet. Her shoes, her clothing tucked under my arm, I quick-stepped my bare-footed wife across the patio.

“Bobby, where are we going?” she whined. Her long blonde hair hung stringy and wet around her shoulders, one hand grasping mine, the other clutching a damp towel, her bare feet going pitter-patter against tiles. “I want to go home… and I need to pee,” she sniveled.

“Honey, over in the trees there’s a bungalow, like a guest cottage where you can have a warm shower and get into dry clothes.”


The guest house loomed up in front of us, a little glimmer of light on the lower floor. My eyes glanced at the upper floor; above the balcony it was dark, seemingly unoccupied. High up on the very peak of the tile roof something was perched… its head rotating side-to-side, its tufted ears silhouetted against the night sky. It fell, plummeting down over our heads, its wings spread, gliding silently as only an owl can, gray and ghost-like, floating down between the rows of orange trees.

My city-bred wife flinched. Ohh my god,” she gasped. “It’s so spooky up here in these dark hills.” Megan stood there shivering… “Bobby… ohhh let’s go back home,” she whined.

With an eerie feeling I pressed my fingers against the handle of the glass sliding door. It rolled aside, smoothly, easily, I paused listening. We stepped in, seemingly into an extravagantly furnished living area, a wet bar, an entertainment center, the flow of excitement was pulling at me, drawing me deeper into the semi-dark dwelling, but the arousal was tinged with a strange feeling of anxiety and foreboding.

Moving slowly toward the rear, following a softly lighted hallway… other guests had used the rooms and baths on the lower floor… wet towels draped across bathroom countertops and I couldn't help but notice pairs of wet panties on the tile floor… panties likely dropped by wives while in the presence of other men.

We wandered past an empty room with a couple of wrinkled beds, as we moved toward another slightly open door; a vertical glimmer of soft lighting flowed through an inch wide crack, we could hear a creaking sound and whimpering moans. Unable to resist the temptation, I pressed lightly against the wooden panel, on oiled hinges the door eased open, silently, maybe three or four more inches, the sounds becoming clearer… tiny slapping noises and female cries. I felt Megan moving up behind me, one hand on my waist, up on her tip-toes, peering over my shoulder, her wet bra cold against my back, her breath warm and grazing across the side of my neck.

Peering in, we saw the contrast of an auburn head bouncing on a crisp white pillow… it was the pretty news reporter girl, flat on her naked back, feet in the air, her toes clenched and Bert up on his knees between her spread legs, vigorously pumping a long stiff cock into her. I heard my wife draw a quick breath, felt its warm exhalation flowing back against my skin. Feet lifted over his back, we could see the glimmer of fluid between her ass-cheeks, the glistening sheen of Bert’s long cock sliding in-and-out through a tangle of wet auburn pussy hairs. The beautiful girl’s young husband was at her side, a hand under his wife's bouncing buttocks, his fingers cupped around the curve of one lovely ass cheek, his other hand, lovingly clutching her fingers.

Spellbound, we watched the undulation of her buttocks as she turned her pretty head aside, panting, hot and breathy, offering her warmly parted lips to her husband… resting on one elbow, he leaned down on the creaking bed, holding his wife's hand, trying to kiss her as her head bobbed up-and-down on the pillow… a memorable moment in their marriage, another man’s erected penis sliding in-and-out of her up-turned loins, her lush auburn hair fanned across the white pillow, her head bouncing, their breath mingling, their lips intermittently touching, we could hear the young couple murmuring and whispering their love for each other as they tried to kiss.

Megan pulled me away from the door, her nervous fingers grabbing and tugging at my hand. “Ohh Bobby,” she gasped, “we shouldn't be watching such a… a private thing. Ohh my god, maybe we should go home… right now.”

Another turning point, another opportunity to gather my sanity and hurry home, but I held tight to Megan’s clutching fingers and we moved quietly toward the rear of the first floor. The whimpering cries of the auburn-haired wife gradually receded as we tip-toed up an ornately crafted spiral staircase leading to an exclusive upper landing. Meg stood there shivering as I fumbled nervously with the key. Easing the door open, I could see the room in shadow, faint starlight drifting down through an overhead skylight. Reaching into the darkness, I fumbled along the wall for a light switch… instantly an electric sensor flooded the room in a soft pink glow… the corners lay in semi-shadow, in the center of the room, a wide bed lay bathed in a soft pinkish hue.

We stepped in, there was a key-bolt lock on the private door and with a little squirmy feeling in my stomach, I closed the solid wood door… and locked it!

As I turned back I heard Megan gasp, “Ohhh my god, it’s… it’s utterly magnificent.” The word didn’t begin to describe the upper story of the guest house… a high, open beam, vaulted ceiling, plush to the extreme, one entire wall of glass looking out across the shimmering lights of the San Fernando Valley. Against the far wall was the centerpiece of the room… on a two-step raised dais, a wide custom-built bed faced out to the glass wall. With Megan following, I took a step toward the bed, the omnipresent picture hovering in my mind… of my naked wife on her back, knees up and apart… his cock sliding into her… vigorously fucking her with a long glistening cock. Ohhh my god, I mused, do I have the strength to let this happen… do I have the will to take my innocent wife home before it’s too late?

While indecision rampaged through my mind, in the luxurious bath, I watched Meg slipping out of her wet bra, then her soggy cotton panties landing on the tile floor with wet plop. My naked wife's usually glossy blonde hair still hung down around her shoulders in wet stringy clumps, all traces of make-up washed from the natural beauty of her pretty face, but my god, as I thought of giving Lance a chance to have her… she never looked more adorable… more desirable… more utterly fuck-able.

A little chilled, she squatted to pee; arms crossed under her bare breasts… the mirror reflecting puckered pink nipples and a little goose flesh on her arms and stomach. It was suddenly a strange feeling, listening to the little tinkle of her pee while gazing down at my wife's smooth bare belly, at the wedge of damp pubic curls peeking from between her clenched thighs and thinking what might happen in the next hour… the head another man’s cock… pressing through that tangle of curls… sliding into her belly… Ohh god, I almost gasped aloud.


While Megan showered, I called her sister on my cell phone… “Sis, we’d like to stay the night with friends, would you mind keeping the baby overnight?”

That settled, I played with the switch panels on the headboard of the bed, a series of switches for music and sound volume, one switch sent a drapery sliding almost soundlessly across the wide window wall, another for lighting. I pressed the center switch on the lighting panel… suddenly, from high above three sides of the bed, soft pinkish light beams spot-lighted the very center of the bed and all other lighting automatically dimmed, leaving the nearby chairs and the corners of the room in shadowy darkness. I pressed again, the spot-lights flicking out, returning the bed to an invitingly soft warm glow.

My mind registered the devious design of the room, the adjustable pinkish beams of light, how they could be turned on-and-off, the slanting beams set to narrow and merge in the exact middle of the bed… and what might be viewing chairs, strategically placed in the shadows. It might have seemed spooky, but we were in the home of a friend and the door was locked; only Lance would be joining us.

Still, I struggled to calm my nerves, walking from one side to the other, I stood on the bottom step of the dais and opened the wide bed, a custom bed, big enough for three… my god, easily big enough for four. Fingers clasping the crisp white top sheet, I paused, wondering how many lovely young wives had made love with other men on this very bed, their young husbands at their sides, or sitting in the shadows with their pants un-zipped… I wondered how many young married couples had swapped spouses on this bed, fucking side-by-side, their heads turned, staring into each other’s eyes, their arms outstretched, their sweaty fingers twined. It rippled through me, the perverse excitement of preparing this same bed for the seduction of my own innocent wife, finally drawing down the white sheet, folding the light weight summer bedding across the bottom of the bed.

With the bed open, a tangible aura of lovemaking seemed to hover in the air, the soft lighting and vases of fresh cut flowers sitting on matching marble end-tables. Not so strangely, I could feel a warm pulsing in my groin… feel the start of an erection as I stood for a long moment, listening to the sound of the shower, staring down at the very center of a crisp white sheet, right where Megan’s bare buttocks would be… right where another man was very likely going to fuck my innocent wife. My eyes staring somewhat spellbound at the wavering image of my wife on her back… the pink spot-lighting sending shimmering gold highlights through her long flaxen hair… I could see the blurry image of his hips between her spread thighs… thrusting with a long stiff slippery cock… my wife's knees were bent, fluids glistening in the crack of her ass, her toes bouncing over his back.

The very thought of my wife getting laid in the middle of that bed sent shivers up my spine, but like a programed robot, I perused our host’s wine cooler. Uncorking a fine California wine, I set three crystal goblets on one of the bedside tables. Feeling a little like a burglar I rummaged through the closets, a large walk-in maid’s closet filled with bed linens and supplies, then a smaller one with a selection of leather sandals and guest robes… some fuzzy soft cotton, some expensive satin, multiple colors and all new, many still in their Rodeo Drive boutique wrappers.

While my wife’s plain white cotton panties lay in a soggy pile on the bathroom tiles, I picked out a pair of thin pink satin panties and a matching robe. It was with unsteady hands, that I spread them out on the bed… on the white sheet right next to Megan’s blouse and skirt.

Then I stood there, nerves tight, listening to the shower, unable to keep my eyes from staring down at the open bed and wondering if Megan would let it happen, wondering if I could just sit at her side and watch another man fuck her. Thinking I might panic as he kneeled between her legs… panic at the sight of my wife presenting herself with up-turned loins and bent back knees… panic at the sight of his stiffly erected cock, the head, tautly swollen… so ready… so eager to slide into my wife.

The waiting, the uncertainty of the next few hours was gnawing at my stomach and there was no stopping the images swirling through my head. I sat on the bed, one hand resting on the white sheet, my eyes flicking back-and-forth to the closed bathroom door… one after another, my thumping heart sent the images pulsing through my brain… a knobby cock-head probing into my wife's thin pubic hairs as I gaze down into her deep blue eyes… a nervous flutter of lashes as the thickly swollen head finds the warm opening into her moist vagina, a fractional moment later… her deep throated grunt, the breath bursting out of her…

And it would be the anguish of knowing the moment… yes, it would be the gut-tightening awareness, the excitement and the anguish of living those two or three seconds… the two or three seconds it would take for the bare head of his long pulsing cock to breach my wife's moist pink opening… and slide so smoothly into the pit of her belly.

Suddenly, the hiss of running water stopped, my mind clicked back to reality as I heard the metallic click of the shower door… anxious minutes later, the humming sound of a hair dryer. Time seemed to be crawling by, my eyes continued flashing toward the locked door, while in the pit of my stomach; the crawlies commenced a Sousa military march, their booted heels stomping round and round in an ever tightening circle.

But the moment was drawing near and I listened for every sound, the hair dryer finally stopping, a drawer opening, closing… probably standing before the mirror, brushing out her long silky hair, arms uplifted, her lovely up-lifted breasts, bare and swaying ever so gently side-to-side. I thought of Lance, somewhere out in the darkness, waiting to fuck my wife, his eyes watching the window and my hands were unsteady as I poured the cabernet sauvignon into two glasses and set them on the marble night table alongside a third empty glass. And then I waited… sitting on the side of the bed, anxious and tense, I waited.

It seemed an eternity before a beautiful creature stepped out of the bathroom, bare-ass-naked, just a towel around her hips, hair still a little damp, but now golden blonde. My lovely wife hustled toward the bed… her bare breasts jiggling with every quick step. “Bobby where are my clothes… my shoes, I've got to get dressed. Ohhh Bobby, my sister will be frantic!”

“Relax Meg, I called, she’s going to keep the baby overnight.”

“You… you called Sis?”

“Uh-huh, I said friends invited us to sleep over.”

“You mean you want to stay, sleep at Bert’s house tonight, but… but…?”

I reached over, placed a glass of red wine in her hand. “Meg,” I whispered… “Your friend Lance, well, he seems to be a very privileged guy around here, and he… well, he invited us to linger around, maybe stay the night.”

Silence… a long deep silence at the mention of his name. A pair of big blue eyes staring down at the prepared bed, at the blankets turned down, her quick mind instantly grasping the implication. Her eyes blinking, quickly flashing toward the third wineglass and back. “Ohhh my god, Bob, what are you thinking of… are you thinking of letting him…? Ohhh Bobby, I… I couldn't…”

I grasped her towel-covered hips, drawing her closer, whispering close to her ear, “Honey, are you sure? This would be a great opportunity to experiment… to test our feelings… like when we talk in bed about other guys and you get all wiggly and so hot and silly?”

Reminded of her many orgasms on the imaginary penis of another man, my wife flushed, she glanced down at the brass key I'd left next to the three wine glasses. “Ohhh my god, you planned this… you and Lance, and maybe that conniving Bert, you guys had this all planned… didn’t you?”

With the accusation glimmering in her eyes, Megan looked down at the open bed again, at the satin robe and pink panties spread out next to her clothing. “Ohhh Bobby, this was our time to just explore this… this situation and I’d have to get used to such an idea.”

“Honey, I didn't plan it… I really didn’t, but after you played in the pool with Lance, he just thought that… that we might both… well, enjoy a new experience.”

“Ohh Bobby, I’m still naked and he’s going to… to come up here?”

“Uh-huh, he'll join us, but only after we talk… and only if we signal with the bed lamp.”

“Ohhh my god,” she gasped. Starting to shiver again, her eyes flashed toward the night table. With a shaky hand, she placed her un-touched wine down next to Lance’s empty glass, it clunked against the polished marble, tottering, almost tipping over and I suspected what was rushing through her mind… only about an hour ago, his long stiffened-out penis, warm against her skin, its throbbing uplifted head pressing between their squirming bellies. For a moment her eyes seemed fixed on a point over my shoulder. “Bobby,” she softly murmured… “You really want to… to see me do this… see him do that to me?”

Gently, I drew my long-legged wife forward until she was standing between my knees. Her bare breasts were inches from my eyes, pink nipples still slightly puckered, the fingers of her left hand tightly clenched in the damp towel. Slowly, I loosened the damp towel from around her hips, it slid silently to the floor and I pressed my face against the warm skin of her bare belly. She’d dried her lush straw-blonde pubic hairs and I could feel the fluffy tickle against my chin, the delicate fragrance of an exotic shampoo drifting upward from the little nest of curls. Brushing my lips across the little puff of fluffy hairs, I whispered…

“Meg, sweetheart, slip into something and we’ll talk,” but the choice was to be hers… slip into her wrinkled clothing to hurry home… or slip into the pink robe. I slowly dropped my hands from her hips and with a quickening pulse I watched her eyes flashing back-and-forth between her clothing and the satin robe.

It was one of those moments only a young couple in love can share, it needed no words, just a loving squeeze of married fingers and the mystical magic of eye contact. I watched her indecisive fingers reaching down, picking up her blouse… and dropping it… her fingers grazing across the pink satin robe, her eyes looking into mine as she picked it up.

“Ohhh Bobby, ohh Bobby,” she murmured as I draped the soft satin robe over the shoulders of a naked angel. Megan slipped her arms through and as my nervous fingers tied the sash around her slender waist, we both knew… like so many thousands of couples, we were crossing a magic line, and it seemed so scary on the other side. Silently I mused, before the sun next rises, the swollen head of another man’s long slippery cock will have plumbed the depth of her married belly… his stringy spurts of sperm will have mingled with my wife's fluid warmth… and her next words mimicked my feelings…

“Ohhhh, I'm going to be so scared,” she whimpered.

The pointy pink nipples of shifting breasts pressed so delightfully against the thin satin, with my hands again on her waist I could feel the radiant warmth of her skin… the sweet curve of her bare ass-cheeks under the tips of my nervous fingers… my most precious thing in this world was looking down at me with big blue innocent eyes… is this really happening, I thought, my god, is it really going to happen?

“Honey,” I whispered in a soft loving voice, “slip into the pink panties.”

“Ohhh Bobby, when we whisper in bed about other guys, I say ‘maybe someday,’ but this is all happening so fast. Are we really going to do this? I mean really?”

“Sweetheart, I don't know, but thousands and thousands of young married couples are doing it.” I spoke softly, squeezing her hips, carefully choosing my words… “Wives and young mothers too, they do it with other men at parties; they do it in their homes with friends, even on their marriage beds.”

“You mean they… they invite male friends into their homes,” she gasped. “And the wives, they… they fuck other men on their marriage beds?”

We were staring into each other’s eyes as her words faded into silence and I knew the images were rippling through both our minds, maybe the next time, if there is a next time… doing it on our marriage bed, the very bed where we sleep and make love, my wife fucking another guy with our wedding picture on the dresser, our baby asleep just across the darkened hallway. She’s lying there after it’s over… weak and exhausted, her glazed eyes staring vacantly up at our bedroom ceiling, her bent knees lolling carelessly apart, and I'm sitting at the foot of the bed, trembling, staring down at her wetly matted pubic hairs, at the sperm trickling from the loosened crease of her pink vagina, watching the whitish trickle leaking down the crack of her bare ass and onto our wrinkled bed sheet.

Fists clenched, shaking off the sordid image of the wet spot under her buttocks, I murmured, “Meg, sweetheart… it’s happening around the world, somewhere every day, every hour, a young, pretty house wife is having sex with another guy. Honey, let’s go a little further and see how we feel. Maybe we'll just talk with Lance… maybe not really let it go all the way.”

A little uncertain, my wife tucked a strand of long golden hair behind her ear and reached out, her delicate fingers lifting the satin panties from my hand; she brushed the delicate fabric across her cheek, across her lips. Wondrous big blue eyes were staring at me, “Bobby, you really want to let Lance see me in these thin panties, and touch me?”

“Mmm hmm, like he touched you in the pool. It would be exciting for me Meg, to see him kissing you with your breasts bare, touching you again, but in privacy this time… just the three of us on the bed… you between us…”

“Ohhh my god,” she gasped in that sweet little trembling voice… “You’d let him get on the bed with us… and kiss me, my breasts bare and with only these thin panties on?”

“Mmm, think how exciting it would be to feel his fingers on your breasts, the door would be locked, it would be our naughty secret.”

“But Bobby,” she whined, “it won't stop with kissing. Ohhh Bobby, you know it won't stop with just kissing… he’ll want to take my panties off… he’ll want to… to fuck me,” she whimpered.

That explicit word, spoken in that soft scary tone, the shyness in Meg’s voice… it brought back the memory of my high school sweetheart, and how not so long ago, she became my blushing virgin bride. I thought of the way she whimpered and sobbed her first time, the way she shuddered with her first orgasm on a penis. I remembered the nights that passed before we made love with the bed lamp on bright, the way her face blushed when she first spread her knees and let me look between her legs.

Now, as my long-legged darling, one dainty foot at a time, stepped into my selection of satin panties, I saw the uncertainty in her blue eyes, the warm flush on her pretty face, I watched the satin robe part as she slid the panties up her thighs… bare belly and straw-colored pubic curls disappearing under the soft satin waist band… the curly hairs now just a little puffy mound in the vee shaped crotch.

A few minutes later we stretched out on the wide bed, looking up at the brilliance of a zillion stars through a huge over-head skylight. “Bobby,” she murmured… “You really want to do this, I mean, like we whisper in bed, but really do it… his penis in me?”

“Sweetheart, only if you want to, only if it will be a thrilling experience for you… do you think it might be?”

“Ohhh Bobby, I’m not sure… but in the pool, well I got excited when he…”

“Meg, tell me what happened in the pool… everything.”

“He… he got an erection… it got stiff and long,” she whispered, “under the water, where no one could see, he put my hand on it.”

I could feel the ripple of excitement washing up through my guts… my little sweetheart’s hand, her warm married fingers on the bare skin of another man’s erected cock. “You touched it?” I whispered... "and curled your fingers around his penis?”

“Uh-huh, for just a few moments, but then he pressed it against my bare legs and against my stomach. Ohh Bobby, I just couldn't seem to stop him.” Her voice was weakening, her breath quickening.

“I saw him kissing you, a couple of times. Meg, he tried to fuck you in the pool... didn’t he?”

“Mmm hmm, sort of, he forced my back against the pool wall. He pinned me with his knees and I couldn't get away and he kissed me and when I put my arms around his neck, his penis it… it got very stiff and it went up between my legs and when I tried to push him away he… he…”

“What Meg, what…?”

“He just held me tight and I struggled, but his penis was up between my thighs and it felt… ohhh it felt so…”

“What did it feel like? Meg, tell me.”

“Ohhh Bobby, when I tried to push him away, he moved his legs outside of mine and I… sort of squeezed my thighs around his naked penis. I couldn't help it, it was long and even under the water it felt so thick and so warm against my bare skin and it was pressing up against the crotch of my panties and he started moving his hips and then… then…”

She paused, looking sorrowfully into my eyes and I felt the excitement, the adrenaline pumping through my heart… ohhh my god, I thought, he managed to get it between her legs, he managed to get the head of his cock under the elastic crotch of Meg’s panties… a least the head of it up into her snug vagina, I just knew it… ohh god I just knew it.

The swirling image, their hips hidden under the water… pressing together with a stiff cock between her legs, I remembered his hips dipping lower, his spine arching upward, the seeming innocent movement of his hips, but I remembered the little flat ripples on the surface of the pool, concentric ripples… ripples radiating outward from their squirming hips.

“Ohhh god Meg… what happened? Did he get his penis in?”

“No Bobby, ohh no, almost, but I got scared, I scratched his back with my nails, really really hard and he took his penis out from between my legs, but then I let him… Ohhhh Bobby I’m too ashamed to tell you.”

Meg, it’s all right… sweetheart, it’s all right.”

“Well, I was still pressed against the wall and he was feeling me, down between my legs… I loosened my knees and let him feel me through my panties and he wanted to put his hand inside and I… ohhh I'm so ashamed. I was so excited, something just came over me and I let him pull my panties aside and slide his finger in there…”

“In there?” I could barely breathe out two simple words.

“Uh-huh, under the water, where no one could see, he put my hand on his penis again and he slipped his finger into my vagina and… ohhh Bobby, he kissed me again and I had an orgasm on his finger. It just happened so quickly… my fingers were squeezing his penis and his finger was in there, sliding in-and-out… and I couldn't stop it, I just started to shiver and… ohhh I’m sorry.”

Her head was resting on my shoulder, we were both trembling as I whispered in her ear, “Megan, don't be sorry. So he got his finger into your vagina, but Meg, let’s do the rest of it?

“The… the rest of it?”

“Uh-huh, not just his finger, let Lance put his penis… in there,” I whispered very softly. “Let him fuck you… I want to see you having an orgasm on his penis.”

“And you would be with me,” she gasped…“on the bed with us, watching it?”

I rested my chin against the top of her head, her words morphing into a wavering mental image… an image of sitting at her side, watching his hips settling between her spread knees, watching the swollen head of a long bare cock pressing against the snug crease of her warm moist cunt.

“Uh-huh, on the bed, right next to you,” I mumbled, as the image of a lengthy stiff cock slid deep into her warm belly. “Sweetheart, I can signal Lance with the light switch and let him join us.”

“Ohh Bobby, you won't be sorry if I let him do it, you'll still love me, like before?”

“Sweetheart, like before, I promise.”

Again that soft shy voice, “Darling, he's got a very long penis… won't it be awfully troubling for you to see it… well, in me?”

“The “kinda big” cock-head you saw in the pool?”

“Mmmm,” she blushed.

I squirmed a little… feeling an emotional tug-of-war, thinking of a penis, longer than mine, the thickened head punching into my wife's tight belly… hearing her groan, the inevitable whimpering cries. And somewhere out there Lance was waiting to see the light flash twice and I remembered seeing his limber penis resting against his thigh; I remembered thinking it seemed to reach half-way to his knees. Now I thought of it fully stiffened out… a long stiffened cock sliding into Megan’s snug little cunt, but I couldn't stop myself from whispering in her ear...

Meg, I won't be sorry. I promise… double promise.”

Her eyes were anxiously watching as I reached toward the dimmer switch, quickly she grabbed my wrist, her sharp nails pressing into my skin, “Bobby, you know if you touch that switch, he’s… he’s really going to… to really fuck me with that long penis… and you won't have the will to stop him…”

“Meg, I know, but it will be our secret… a memory to share and whisper about in bed… you can whisper to me in bed… tell me what it felt like, it will be exciting for both of us. And Lance promised, no one will know, not your sister, not our friends and family, no one will ever know it happened.”

“But I'll be all flustered when we pick up the baby, Sis will see my face. She’ll just know something happened to me.”

“Megan… that will be hours and hours from now.”

I paused, letting my words settle into her mind, letting her feel the thrill of doing it with a ruggedly handsome young man, of secretly fucking with a world famous tennis player while I watched. And later, there would be the excitement of re-living it in our bed. “Meg, do you want me to signal with the light, let Lance know we’ve decided?”

Slowly, the fingers grasping my wrist relaxed. “Mmmm…if you really want to, but ohhh my god, when he fucks me… with you watching, I'm going to be so scared and embarrassed.”

With a trembling hand, I dialed the light to full bright, once, then again and then back to a soft pink glow. Then we waited, with my wife's head resting on my shoulder, breathless and trembling we listened for the sound of footsteps on the spiral staircase. A minute later I felt her warm face snuggle against the side of my neck, “Bobby,” she whispered… “I'm… I'm feeling kinda…”

“What Meg?”

“Honey, I'm feeling kinda tingly… and, well, sort ‘a warm and wet… down there…”

Her snug little cunt was wetting itself, the warm fluids welling out into her pubic hairs. I swallowed hard… feeling the excitement coiling in my belly.


Continued in part 5… {{{Ohh Bobby it’s… it’s so embarrassing, doing it with you watching}}}


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Lettuce Tramp
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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by Lettuce Tramp » Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:13 pm

Thanx again Bert, that part of the story worked, (what a surprise) & Barb was waiting for that one to come out of the printer. :mrgreen:

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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by roadrunner » Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:33 pm

I quite agree! Another great installment! I hope we don't have to wait too long for Part 5! :D
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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by Scotch98 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:48 am

Bertram, This is an incredibly sexy Story. It has literally made my heart pound w/ anticipation. Can hardly wait for Part 5.....

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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by mooman » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:54 am

You really capture all the emotions that couples feel as they meet the first or new FB. Very exciting to read.....I will read it to my wife when she comes down for coffee.

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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by rickflst » Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:52 am

Thanks Bart...awesome build up as always...

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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by kt469 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:55 am

Great writing, great story. Hope the rest is forthcoming soon!

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Re: “Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by kixxmn » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:19 am


The setting is very erotic... You have the art of making a husband "wait" down pat...
I can only imagine how many other husbands read your stuff with the vision of their wife in mind...their cock in hand...

Your work makes for great reading... I can tell you it brings back memories of our first time and the rush of emotions again..

love how you post the story in parts...

Leaves me "cumming" back for more... every day i hope for more...

Part 5 should be "hard" to read but i think i can "handle" it...

When do we get more...?

Mr Kixx

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by SjorsenSjimmyNL » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:43 am


The waiting is almost unbearable... It is so erotic and so imaginable. It's like you are there.
Please help us into the next step!

Kind regards, Sjors and Sjimmy

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by andyupnaway » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:54 am

I log on almost daily to see if you have made another post. Believe this is my favorite story as it seems to highlight the mixed feelings experienced by both the husband and wife.

Really enjoy your writing. I "accidentally" left it on my laptop for my wife to read. Although she never let on, she was incredibly turned on later that evening...who knows where this will lead to.

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Bert Bronson
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by Bert Bronson » Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:11 pm

andyupnaway wrote:
I "accidentally" left it on my laptop for my wife to read. Although she never let on, she was incredibly turned on later that evening...who knows where this will lead to.
Well Andy,

Hopefully it will lead to a day when some ‘worthy’ young man finds his way between your wife's open knees… and if that day arrives, your stomach will clench and your heart will pound.

Good luck,
Curious husbands abound, and I wander the world in pursuit of their “married virgins...”
I find so many, pretty ones with eyes of blue and honey colored hair...
Alas, time allows the capture of only so few...

Bert Bronson 2007

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by andyupnaway » Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:58 pm

Bert Bronson wrote:
Well Andy,

Hopefully it will lead to a day when some ‘worthy’ young man finds his way between your wife's open knees… and if that day arrives, your stomach will clench and your heart will pound.

Good luck,
I have very mixed feelings about wanting or trying to make this happen. On the one hand, it would be highly erotic to watch my wife being seduced into having sex with another man. Thus, no interest in having her go off with a lover. I want to be there to watch and participate, even if only to have her when another man has finished.

However, embarking upon this would be a huge step and possible risk. Not sure about the effect it would have on our marriage of 30+ years. I have been faithful to her and have no reason to doubt her fidelity either. This is not something that you can "undo" nor go back to what it was before. I'm not even sure how she would respond to the suggestion.

Saying that, we made a bold move (at least for us) a little over a year ago. We live in central Florida and frequently go to the beach. At my urging, we began going to a nude beach. It was difficult for her at first but ultimately liberating. Like most women, she is very self conscious of her body. Although she is a mature woman in her early 50's, she has not let herself go. She was easily in the top 15% of the other women on the beach. Although she pretends to be non-chalant about checking out other men, invariably she wants to have sex when we get home. (Note - If you go to Playalinda, you may want to casually strike up conversations with middle age couples...who knows where it may lead).

Your writing underscores the tension by both the husband and wife in this situation. I can certainly identify with his emotions but equally enjoy the inner struggle that "Megan" experiences. You describe wonderfully the gradual build up of arousal and lust while feeling shame and guilt over her desires. It doesn't matter that her husband is pushing her forward, at some point she couldn't stop even if she wanted to. The desire has been awakened and it must now run its course.

Looking forward to the next post.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:03 pm

I love all your stories,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a natural, for real feeling. I was just wondering,,,,,,,did you write a story about ten years ago, called "The Dance"? Thanks!

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Bert Bronson
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by Bert Bronson » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:16 pm

tay wrote:I love all your stories,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a natural, for real feeling. I was just wondering,,,,,,,did you write a story about ten years ago, called "The Dance"? Thanks!
Yes Tay, I wrote that story some years ago…

It was (is) a wife watching story and its full title was “Cindy Loves Dancing.” It was posted on the “old” OHW site. This was before Inigo created the current site for us. The “Dancing” story, along with many others, has 'not' been posted on what is now Allengt’s site.

How time flies… for identification, I always refer to Allen’s site as the new site, but actually it’s about 5years old now. If you want to see what I currently have posted here, follow the instruction below. The instruction works the same on the ‘Hotwife Forum’ as well as “The Library.”

Thanks for your interest,
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Curious husbands abound, and I wander the world in pursuit of their “married virgins...”
I find so many, pretty ones with eyes of blue and honey colored hair...
Alas, time allows the capture of only so few...

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:43 pm

Well,,,,,,,,,,,as a "long time" wifewatcher, I think that series is worth a "repost"!!!!! I guess "The Dance" was just one chapter of the series (Cindy Loves Dancing), but I feel it was one of the best stories, concerning this subject, that I had ever read. I had tried to find it again a few years ago but was unsuccessful,,,,,,,,,but I haven't forgotten it. I'm sure the folks on this site would enjoy reading it, even if some have read it before! Glad you enjoy writing, because there are lots of folks who enjoy reading it!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by my hot wife » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:10 pm

Where can I get all 4 parts it has such a natural feeling and brings back memories
Great Story

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:15 pm

Anticipating Part #5!!! ;) ;) ;)

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:42 pm


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:53 pm


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part 4)

Unread post by tay » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:34 pm

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