My Cuckold Journey

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by desertsub » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:33 pm

Welcome back Turbo! Damn that was a hot post!

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by larryt » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:16 pm

turbo55 wrote: I remember the thoughts and feelings going about my business thinking of my wife. Every time I would look over to the passenger seat of the car, every time I would walk into the kitchen, whenever I went to bed, there was an emptiness. I would for a fraction of a second think “Wait where is Leah?” Then remember “Oh she's with Len! What's she doing? What are they doing? Is she walking with him? Talking to him? Holding his hand? Kissing him? Are they in public? Did they go somewhere for a quick romp? Is she having an amazing erotic orgasm right now? Is she calling out his name over and over telling him to pound her harder?” Then when your logical sense takes over you think for only a split second “Is he taking her away from you? Are they looking into each other's eyes and telling each other that they love each other? Are they planning to leave you behind?” Then you snap back into your life; notice your heart's beating fast and your member is throbbing and know it's time to get back to whatever it was you were doing before the wave of lust and sexual fantasy flooded over you. Aaahhh it's that flood of emotions I would say I miss the most… that light headed almost nauseous just came off a roller coaster feeling.
Vivid and authentic descriptions of emotions like this are to be treasured.

Glad to have you back, Turbo.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by ericfeb12 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:10 pm

What a wonderful chapter in the tale. I think your account of events is superb. Please keep it up.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by turbo55 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:57 pm

3rd Act Leah Part 31 - Conversations

I keep writing about the shiny times. The times that 99% of Literotica is about. The carnal savage sexual times but there were tons of far less hot times. That is to say we had likely a dozen hours of talking about sex for every one of our insane encounters.

If you don't want to read of our conversations around sex, what we each wanted, and what we felt our future looked like together I encourage you to move on to the next chapter, no hurt feelings. I like to think of our conversations as the meat and potatoes of our cuck life and the insane times with a third partner as the desserts. Sometimes you need to eat real food to appreciate the desserts.

I know I've mentioned it before but our best conversations were while driving to her parents place. Our daughter always slept and it allowed us the time to open up as well as forced us to work through any fights because we couldn't leave the conversation as we were stuck in a car.

In saying that we discussed sex a lot in general. I mean likely an unhealthy amount of time. Much more time than let's say talking about money, our dreams, our goals, or even our daughter. It became almost a go to if we had 10 minutes. Why? Me. 100% me. I would be cold and distant talking about anything else. I was in a fog. If Leah wanted to talk about something her friend said or that our daughter wasn't potty trained I dismissed it and gave one word answers. Not all the time but especially if I felt my needs weren't being met first. I'm sure some of you relate especially if you enjoy porn and fantasy over real life like I did (and to a much lesser extent still do). I loved living in fantasyland. Don't get me wrong, I loved my life outside of this fantasy but it was like I wanted to tell the world about how much better it was with this drug I was on. Like I had a pair of magic tinted glasses that if people just tried them on, they too would see how much more amazing the world was.

Anyways, there will be some of you who get it 100%, some who choose to live in denial, and some who will have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not here to judge anyone but myself. I was hooked and sick.

We would just be settling in the car for the drive and:

Leah: So I hope you and my dad have a good time building his deck, it's so nice that you offered.

Me: Yup

Leah: My mom was a real bitch to you last time, do you think it's going to be awkward?

Me: It doesn't matter.

Leah: What does it mean it doesn't matter?

Me: Honey, I need to focus on the road.

After 5 minutes of silence she gets out a book…

Me: How is it going with you and Len? Man do I love that you guys are messing around…

Leah putting down her book for a minute: Yeah it's good. It's exciting and I love how it adds to our amazing marriage.

Me: Oh yeah it definitely does. I couldn't imagine how I could be any more lucky than to have an amazing wife who gets me and fulfills me like you do.

Leah: Is there anything other than the fact that I sleep with your friends that you love about me?

Me: Of course

30 seconds of silence

Leah: Like?

Me: Huh? Sorry I was thinking of how hot last weekend was.

Leah notching up the frustration: Seriously? You're an ass. What do you like about me besides the sex? Am I at least a good mother?

Me obviously backtracking : Of course you are a good mother. You're the best. I love all of you and so does our daughter you know that.

This carries on back and forth for 5 minutes until finally…

Leah: I love you too, so you are really ok with Len and I? I don't ever have to worry about you leaving me?

Me: Are you kidding? It should be me who is worried but let's not even talk like that… speaking of Len, how's that going? Are you still enjoying it?

Leah: Yeah, it's a lot of fun, he really treats me good you know?

Me: Oh yeah I know. It's so hot hearing you guys and I love what it's done between you and I. I love wanting and craving you so badly but not having you all to myself…

Leah: But you know deep down you could have me right? You know I would gladly have sex with you anytime… I'm yours.

I kind of always got frustrated over comments like that. I would actually have a dark thought like “Fucking cunt, why can't she just stick to the script? She knows what I wanted to hear.” I couldn't see how sick these thoughts were. We were driving down the hiway with our daughter in the back seat and I was so caught up just wanting to live in the fantasy world. Leah wanted to put up a barrier between the fantasy world and our life, our marriage. All I wanted was the world where she only wanted big cocks and I couldn't fulfil her. Where she degrades me and denies me, where another guy fulfills her and sex with me was not only not required but wasn't an option because she only wanted him. I wanted to live in the pages of Penthouse Letters. Looking back it's crazy how I got what I wanted and so much more.

Me speaking as innocent and pleading as possible: Oh honey, just play the game with me… please?

Sometimes she would get pissed which would only mean I would have to take my time and approach it from a different angle. All the while manipulating the conversation to come back around to what I wanted, what I craved. Sexy cuckold talk. But sometimes depending on her mood, how our daughter was doing and how horny she was she would give in…

Leah smiling her wicked grin: Game? Oh babe there's no game. Len is all I want, all I crave, all I dream about… what girl wouldn't prefer a real cock over your nub?

She would say that as a way to tease, then follow up with: “Is that what you need to hear?”

Me, obviously almost ready to cum in my pants: Oh yeah! There it is… oh honey that's the talk I love. That's what I crave. I love that you know me and get me like you do. We are a match made in heaven. I can't imagine being with anyone else. That just turns all my controls on, you make me feel alive!

Leah looking into my eyes kind of sexy like: You like that?

Me: Oh yeah, fuck you turn me on.

This would usually be her turning point. Where we would both slide down the tunnel of our fetish world and leave the real one behind.

Me: Talk to me baby…

That was our code word in our relationship. When I said “talk to me” or she might say “do you want me to talk to you?” It always meant “I'm fucking horny, let's talk about sex and get each other off…”. In the beginning we would have amazing sex, a year in, I would give her oral then finish myself, then came mutual masterbation, and later only I would masturbate. This was by this point 90% of the time through watching each other masturbate (yes even though I wasn't supposed to watch her cum, half the excitement was because we were doing “the forbidden”).

Back to: Talk to me baby…

Leah: Last weekend was amazing… he made me cum so hard… I made him sleep in the wet spot…

Me: Holy shit honey, I would love to sleep in your wet spot.

Leah: How could you? You would need to turn me on enough to make me squirt like I do when I'm with him. When you and I have sex the only wet spot is from the end of your nub.

By this point we would both have fallen in the trance of lust. Leah would start rubbing the outside of her pants or reach under her dress and just push on her clit and I would start squeezing my penis over my pants.

I'm having difficulty writing this because these encounters happened frequently and so my memory remembers the hundreds of different ways the directions the conversation would go from here. I suppose I need to try and focus on a single (mishmashed) memory.

Me: Is Len the best sex you ever had?

Leah: I think so. I've had so many men honey, literally hundreds… and I've been in so many different scenarios… I mean having a girl suck my nipples and kiss me while another girl licks my pussy while a guy is taking my pussy from behind was pretty amazing…

Me (usually already knowing): Ohh when was that? Was that your Wolfy days??

Leah (getting more dreamy): Yeeaahh…

Me: Oh wow, did you cum so hard with them doing all that??

Leah: Yeaah… that was sooo hot. The sex was so good with him but mostly because it was usually so fucking insane… he was well built and had a nice cock but was… just… fucking… you know? He was selfish and that was hot sometimes…

Me: Hotter than Len?

Leah: Oh no… just different… like the furthest thing from making love. I just think of Wolfy when I'm remembering some of my most intense, carnal fucking I've ever received. Len… Lens totally different… don't get me wrong, that man can fuck, but he is often gentle. With Wolfy I would never ask for anything because he didn't care what I wanted. He wanted what he wanted and he took it from me. That was hot and that's what I wanted and needed from him. Len never takes anything, he makes me BEG for it. Len is gentle and kind and loving right up until I can't take it anymore and I'm pleading with him to fuck me. Then wow! He takes me like no other. See? Just different… how can I compare them?

Me: Can you compare me?

Leah: Ha! Honey you bring so much to the plate. You're a good husband, a great dad, and I love cuddling with you but… sorry… in reality I can't compare making love to you with those two... It's nothing personal… it's like if you spent a day in batting practice with a Major League Baseball team then at the end of the day asked the coach to directly compare you to the rest of the team. What could he say? I mean you wouldn't have anywhere near the right muscles or skills to even allow a comparison. If the coach didn't laugh, he would probably just feel pity… but you know he would likely say the same thing I do… you have heart and you keep trying, and that's endearing… and I guess I would add you have your tongue (chuckling). You will always have that magnificent tongue, by far the best I've ever had…

Me (usually with my penis now out at full attention, not pulling it because I would cum immediately but rather just rubbing it): Holy crap that's hot…

Leah: Yeah, I've had a lot of amazing sex…

Me: Using my penis to fuck you, would you say I'm in the top 50% of all the guys you've had?

Leah (looking like I said something stupid): Oh honey… I hope you're not serious… first off you have yet to fuck me.. You need to last more than a couple pumps to fuck someone, second you have a very very small penis, I mean look at that thing… (she would put her hand around it completely covering it)... I know they say a handful is enough but not when it comes to cocks! But in saying that you're far from the smallest I've had, small guys in the past could still manage to do quite a lot with what they were blessed with… but… then you cum so so fast… and don't get me wrong I've had those guys too. They would get me so hot then stick a nice size cock in me and just move it around slowly filling me right up… sometimes I would give myself a little rub but I always got myself off… with you it's like a double whammy… you don't fill me and you are an absolute champ in cumming quickly. Most of the times I barely get warmed up and you're done. Sorry honey, but if you want honesty… well… I've had some really selfish assholes too, every girl gets a few of those. Guys that you're drunk and they bend you over, pump a couple of times, then force you to turn around so they can shoot all over your face and in your hair. Those are the worst assholes, you're definitely better than those jerks because I can see you really and truly care. Like the coach would say “kid you've heart…” (chuckling again)... so honey you're not the best but you certainly aren't the worst. If I had to give you a number solely based on your ability to make love to me I would say… you're in the 15th percentile. 85% of guys who I've made love to have pleasured me better. I can’t really give you a score on fucking though… you have yet to do it… and honey even if you could ever go long enough to call it fucking, you would be one sorry ass fucker… A joke really… you could start your own club… “Pathetic Fuckers Club” and you would be the founder and president! Remember though… add in your tongue as a complete package and you're an honour student… (laughing)

In the beginning she would say this stuff hesitantly and I could she was lying to me to tell me what I craved to hear. By the time we were married a year or two she was all in on humiliating my penis and love making skills. In fact by the end I could tell she got off on it too. It was something that became a part of our core dynamic and both turned us on… Was it truth by the end, I really to this day don't know… I do know I've never had another person tell me I was THAT bad. In fact my wife now tells me I'm BY FAR the best she's ever had in all departments and I believe her. With Leah it just became who we were… and maybe by the end she even believed it, I don't know. Hindsight, pretty fucked up that I managed to convince my wife that I was a horrible lover…

Me: So what's next for you and you're amazing lover?

Leah: Sex, fucking, and making love!

Me: What would you say if I told you I didn't want you to have sex with him anymore?

Again her answer in the beginning to her answer by the end we're worlds apart. In the beginning she would say that she would stop immediately because our marriage was number one. By the end… well that's the final chapter. But at this point however, in the peak of lust…

Leah: Would you ever want me to stop?

Me: Let's say I did…

Leah: Then I would probably stop but think you were playing one of your games and would want me to continue to fuck him behind your back.

Me: Holy shit honey, that would be the absolute hottest.

Leah: See? I know you…

Me: Has Len made any other requests?

Leah: No not really since I had my blow up at both of you…

Me (trying to steer away): I love loving you and knowing he loves you too. I don't understand what's wrong with having 2 people love the same person…

Leah: Yeah, it's amazing… I love both of you but in totally different ways, you know? I love you because your my primary, the one I share my heart with, the one I want to grow old with, but with Len I love the way he makes me feel, I love him like a very dear friend who I can turn to to satisfy my carnal desires. I really am coming around to having a boyfriend and a husband…

Me: So what can I hope for in our future?

Leah: We will have to see… probably much more of Len.

Me: Yeah of course but have you given anymore thought to taking things a little further.

This was always a kind of fork in the road. Either she was into where I was going with it, in which case she would get wild and start fingering herself deeply or it would turn her off and she would take her hand away from her bits and I would backpeddle like crazy. Taking our conversations to this level was tricky and was all about timing and how the stars aligned. Over time I got very good at knowing when I could or when I couldn't push things further and knock down a few of her boundaries… for the sake of this story, let's go with a green light…

Leah (pushing a finger deep and moaning a little): What do you mean further?

Me: Well with denial… maybe watching him… maybe he gets to go to your forbidden zone…

Leah: Oh he's going to my forbidden zone honey. I don't know when but it's going to happen. It might only be once because it's going to rip me apart but I promised he will take me there and he will.

Me: Oh fuck, that's hot. I want your ass so bad but even more I want that to be one of my absolute no go ever zones, ok?

Leah: That goes without saying honey… I wish I could at least start with you to get warmed up but I don't want a pansy in my ass. I would be afraid you would make fucking my ass into a gay thing… my ass has a reserved sign on it for men. And that mans going to be Len honey…

Me: Thank you for denying me pleasure for my birthday…

Leah: Anytime honey, it's the least I could do…

Me: I don't want to push you but I crave denial. I want to be cut off and only serve you in other ways…

Leah: Careful what you wish for, Len is definitely all the man I need… fuck that man takes me like a REAL MAN should!

Me: Oh fuck is that hot!

By this point she's rubbing her clit with a flush face and chest. Most times she would take her top off (yup even while we were driving down the interstate) and she would run her nipples. Seeing her this horny would just ramp me up that much further.

Me: I want to watch him take your ass in your wedding dress

Leah: Oh fuck yeah, what else?

Me: I want you to let everyone know how much you love fucking him and how your husband can't satisfy you…

Leah: Oh fuck! Yes! I'm sure Carmen already has!!! Fuck fuck yeahhh oh Doug sometimes this shit is so fucking hot! I want everyone to know that you're pathetic and I'm Lens. I'm all Lens… he can do whatever he wants with your wife! I want to take him into our room and fuck him when all our friends are over and moan so loud!

Me: Oh fuck Leah, that's so fucking hot! Wouldn't it be hot if he moved in? He could fuck you all the time! And everyone would know what's going on…

Leah: Fucking yes! Do you think he would? Do you think he would move in? And when I'm pregnant he could just keep fucking me in all my holes? I would never need you! You could just stay in the kitchen like the little bitch you are in your panties and apron! He would be the man of our house!

Me (getting my ideas from porn): Maybe we can buy me a dildo for my ass? And the only pleasure I get is to fuck myself in the ass with a dildo…

Leah (just holding off from cumming; this was always the exact point I could push boundaries and she went with it. Right when she was cumming): Fuck yeah! Do that! But your little ass a fuck toy you big gay fucker! I bet you would love that! Fuck your ass and cum all over your chest! Fuck fuck fuck

Me: Would you cut me off?

Leah: You would never see this pussy again, why would you want to? You would be a faggot???

And right about here, we would both have a roaring orgasm…

She would buck her hips at the air and I would squirt a huge load all over myself. I remember a few times I shot all over my face sitting up, some in my hair and even in my mouth… like I've said before, when I'm crazy horny I shoot tons. If and when this did happen we would both look at each other and laugh like crazy. We would get the tissue and clean up and that was like the line in the sand. We wouldn't speak of it again. We would just become super cuddly and loving to each other and she might say “For the record, that was all talk, you're all the man I've ever wanted and ever will want… I love you and only you…”

Truth?, or was she only convincing herself?

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by yr6vtec » Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:44 pm

Wow. Hot af fucking him while all your friends over.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by desertsub » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:56 am

That was a great post Turbo! You are right, the insight to how your mind was working at that time and how you manipulated your conversations with Leah is an important part of this story and I thank you for taking the time to write all of that out!

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by larryt » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:52 pm

I think this post does a good job of capturing your level of obsession, and how you basically programmed the two of you to continue upping the ante.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by AlmostDoneIt » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:23 am

I really like your story. Please keep going.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by SamWarrens » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:37 pm

Turbo; Please keep this hot story running right upto and for a time after your wife and you split. Painful as it must be for you to relive it is both instructional and fucking hot!
Don't stop.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings!
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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by wingman » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:30 pm

After u finish, wouldn't it be fun to back up to a time just before things went south. Then tell us a version that's how you wanted things to progress.
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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by OOAA » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:19 am

What a super hot thrilling exciting chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by JeffBingham » Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:22 am

turbo55 wrote:Before I get started I really was going to never write again but a very well worded and well thought out pm from JeffBingHam made me reconsider.

I don’t know how much I can write or how often I will post but I will see where the wind blows.

Aw, shucks. Thanks Turbo.

On a very serious note, I honestly feel that stories like yours that are compelling and well written, really can make a difference. I've said on these forums many times, no cuckold thinks his wife will EVER leave him. Until she does just that. By writing in such detail, you increase the chances that some poor soul heading for disaster may see himself in your story with enough time and willpower left to save his marriage.

Thanks for the time and energy you put into this endeavor.


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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by turbo55 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:17 am

3rd Act Leah Part 32 - The Supper

And down the drain of insanity we go, where we will stop only I know…

Remember when I said there were stories that were easier to remember and stories harder to remember? This one was fairly cornerstone so it’s fairly easy to remember, I hope you enjoy...

The following Friday I came home to my wife who was in the kitchen working her buns off. The house looked great and she was dressed in her hot white dress. She looked hot with her hair up and was zipping around when I walked in. She stopped for a brief moment, came to me, gave me a quick peck and kept going…

I asked her what all the hub bub was about…

“Len is coming and I think Carmen might pop by later tonight, she’s in town again…” she replied

I asked “Anyone else coming that you have heard of?”

“I don’t think so” she said

I asked when Len would be by and she said in about an hour…

I asked “Do you think you guys might do a little fun tonight? Or should you and I have a quicky before he gets here?”

I was joking more than anything and she could see that…

She responded “I’m hoping for a lot more than a little fun tonight with Len and no you and I aren’t even getting close to each other, you aren’t ruining my plans… go change our daughter, I’m almost done here and I want to have a quick chat with you before Len gets here”

I did what she asked as usual now and within 10 minutes we sat at the table looking at each other. I wasn’t sure where this was going…

Leah: So I wanted to have a quick chat about this game we are playing…

Me: What’s wrong, aren’t you enjoying it?

Leah: Oh yes, very much, nothing is wrong… I’m just hoping on discussing the game with you when we aren’t hyped up to 100 and saying all the shit our brains say when we’re only horny…

Me: Ok…

I really didn’t know where this was going and was a little confused…

Leah: I’ve really been having fun with Len, exploring him and I and this whole game. I like how hot it makes you and in turn how hot it is for all three of us. I’m finding if I just go with the flow all three of us are getting everything we want… know what I mean?

Me: Yeah…
Leah: I admit, Len is a great fuck and I have thought about him and I fucking all day but I keep finding it’s super hot because I’m being the “bad” wife… you know?... I mean it makes it super hot that I want Len… I want him and I… well I want you too but… I love knowing that you are super hard thinking about me but can’t have me… I guess I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I really think this game has added just a huge amount of excitement and passion to our marriage… I guess I’m sorry I’ve been so tough to bring around on some of it… I’m sorry I’ve lost it on you so many times… I’m sorry I didn’t just trust you… I love you… thank you so much for being just the most perfect husband any guy can be...

I was startled to say the least… where was she going with this?

Me: Uhh I forgive you and you’re welcome???

Leah (laughing a little): I know right? Who would have seen this coming?... so now I just want to make sure we stay good… I want to make sure we have 100% communication… I want to make sure whatever we do we decide to do as a couple… know what I mean?

Me (still hesitant): Yeah… for sure… is everything ok?

Leah: Are you kidding, yes, yes honey, that’s the point everything is great but I want to make sure it stays that way…

Me: Ok…

Leah: So are you getting everything out of this that you want?

Me: Yeah, it’s been super great… I love thinking about you two…

Leah: I know right? It’s so hot… I keep thinking about all the stuff we keep talking about… I love to fantasize about all of it… I was thinking today about when we discussed me and you having sex until you got me pregnant and then my pussy would be Len’s… that was so hot… but is it realistic? And what does cutting you off look like? And I don’t know...

She paused

Leah: And well I am enjoying you and I having sex and I just wanted to make sure we are still on the same page… I mean are you sure if I ever get pregnant that we should stop having sex?

Me: Well… I… ummm….

I wasn’t sure where she was coming from… was she feeling insecure and wanting me to tell her that was all fantasy and that I really just wanted the two of us or was she sincerely asking what I wanted in the game??? Was this a trap???

Leah could see right through this…

Leah: Honey, this isn’t a trap… I seriously just want all the cards on the table… what does your sober mind want? I’m done not trusting you, I want to open up and try stuff, in truth I’m a little horny today thinking about Len and well… what should we do?? What does this little fantasy game of ours really look like??? Whats the ground rules for real?

Me (feeling a little more safe): Well… I guess there’s no real rules, we go with where the wind blows, if it seems like fun we can try it, if it doesn’t work we don’t have to do it again, you know?

Leah: Yeah I get that but what does your heart want?

Secretly I was already thinking with my cock, this talk was turning something inside of me on red hot…

Me: You know…

Leah: Maybe I do, but I want you to tell me while I’m wide open to your thoughts…

Me: I love knowing you are getting ALL of your sexual needs met by a guy with a bigger cock… I love it when you deny me… I love it when you prefer him… you know?

Leah (kind of getting dreamy): Yeah…

Me: But the thing you don’t pick up on honey is I crave it to be reality… I know you’ve played the game until now and that’s hot but I could always tell that wasn’t what you felt in your heart… I want you… I crave you to actually want Len… to be satisfied by Len… to treat me as your… your…. I don’t know beta? Second? I want you to put me to work cleaning… I want you to order me around… I want to be your pet… I want… I don’t know… I want you to… degrade? No not… well… kind of… I mean I guess if you like were always aware that I have a small penis and don’t satisfy you… if you loved me everyday but went to another man to make love…

Leah: Like you want me to be a bitch?

Me: No no no…. I guess sometimes but I don’t know, I don’t want a bitchy wife, I want a wife who… plays the game well… I want…

Leah: Ok I need some specifics… like do you want to be able to see me naked? Do you want to eat my pussy? Do you still want to make love sometimes? Like what do you want?

Me: That’s just it Leah. Its hot when I say “I want you to deny me sex” then you do but it would be just so much hotter if you just said “I talked to Len and we decided…” you know what I mean? I mean I don’t want to always have to tell you what to deny me… just do what you want… get the pleasure you want…. And if it means denial for me at times that would blow my mind…

Leah: Ok, yeah… I think I get that… but what if we go too far? I don’t want you to be hurt or hate me…

Me: I would love you all the more! Let me put it this way… you are not going far enough unless I’m begging you for weeks to stop… I’m saying make me want you so bad that I’m vibrating… I want to serve you and be at your beck and call and I want it to the point of discomfort…

Leah: Ok… I’m getting it I think…

She paused

Leah: So total denial? Nothing? Like I guess I just want to…

She trailed off not know what to ask…

Me: Well not total I guess, I like to still see you, I like to smell you, I like to taste you, I like… I like it all but I guess… I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t want you to forget about me… keep me in suspense as to when I might get a little… if it will really never happen again and I will never see you naked again that’s not a marriage that sounds fun… I want you… and I want you to still give me a little of this and a little of that but… you know… make me work for it… make it special…

Leah: I get that… withhold from you but never let you give up hope…

Me: Exactly!

Leah: And… well do you have any expectations?

Me (thinking seriously): Well not exactly… well I want to hear about it… I don’t want you going behind my back… and… well I really really enjoy cleanup after you’re done… and well I wouldn’t mind grooming you before he gets here… you know? Stuff like that I’m not expecting per say but I am really hopeful for…

Leah: Oh that would be amazing… I would love you to shave my pussy for Len… have you down there so close yet so far… but you couldn’t lick it or touch me especially when he was coming over, he wouldn’t like that…

She was starting to talk sexy talk and I was getting very turned on…

Leah: Man am I glad I asked you all this… it totally got me horny, I’m dripping and not wearing panties…

Me: Can I see?

Leah (laughing): Fuck no, this isn’t your pussy

Me (also laughing): Now you’re getting it honey! Fuck I’m hard…

Leah: Lets see…

I was surprised but stood and took my hard penis out of the fly on my pants… it was so hot doing this while she was clothed and on her command…

She reached forward and using an open hand slapped it hard…

She mockingly said “Put that little thing away little boy, you’re in the presence of a lady” then laughed and said “No joke you seriously have a small package, don’t ever show anyone especially through your fly like that, it’s embarrassing… I guess it was hot because it was so hard but not in the least tempting, especially when I think about what momma is waiting for… settle your nub down, it’s not seeing any action tonight but my pussy is! I was thinking today that you should set up the baby monitor under the head of our bed… then you can listen… :”

I was beside myself with lust, had that just happened?

Me: You think Len would be mad if he found out about the baby monitor?

Leah: Fuck him, this is our game, now go set it up… I want you listening and wanking your weiner tonight when we fuck… tonight’s going to be insane, I can just feel it…

Me: Your wish is my command my highness!

I quickly went and got the transmitting side of the baby monitor and carefully put it under the bed and plugged it in… I still remember the thing… it was white with a green stripe on it and was from Fisher Price… The receiver was a hand held little thing that looked like a walky talky… we had discussed many times upgrading to a video one but they were still new back then and crazy expensive (if I remember correctly they were around $400 which was insane for us…)

I went back to the kitchen and Leah said “Hey honey, Len will be here any minute, I don’t know why but I want you to go put your panties on… they don’t turn me on but theres something about you wearing them that… I don’t know… makes me more horney for Len??? If that makes any sense…

“Yeah of course” I said running to get them on.

About 5 minutes later Len walked in the front door… Leah heard the door open, ripped around the corner and jumped up on him kissing him…

“Hey beautiful” She said “Fuck I missed you”

Len kissed her back not paying any attention to me “I missed you too, fuck you are one hot piece of ass”

I felt a little like I was intruding so I ducked back into the kitchen but listened intently while holding my breath…

They were heavy kissing and I could hear Leah moaning. I was imagining he found what he was looking for under her short dress…

Len: Want to go and get a quicky in before supper?

Leah: Nope, just wait wild man, I have a feeling you are going thank me for making you wait…

They went on kissing and fondling for another couple of minutes and I didn’t move… in truth I didn’t know what to do… what would happen if I made a move? All I knew was my cock was throbbing so hard and I was sweating a little…

They both walked in the dining room holding hands. Leah had put 2 candles on the table. On on end of the table was a single place setting, on the other head of the table was 2 chairs sitting at a 45 to one another. Obviously I was to sit at the single and they would sit holding hands and being close for my enjoyment.

Leah sat him down and said “Wait a sec lover, I made something special for you”

She looked at me and said “Oh you sit too, I will serve my two men tonight…”

She went to the oven, while she was getting the food she said “Tonight is special, Len Doug and I were just talking about our little arrangement and I don’t know... I just feel way better about it… for the first time I think we are really both on the same page you know? I love both of you so much!

That was it, that was the first time she openly admitted to both of us that she loved Len but it was said so nonchalantly that she just kept going…

So in the spirit of the special occasion…

She walked over to Len’s plate with a huge steak and a smaller steak for herself… it was a special meal because steak was expensive and she knew Len and I loved a big juicy steak…

Then she went back to the stove and got the potatoes and the vegetables… then she went back to the oven and… plopped on my plate a peanut butter and jam sandwich cut into four!!

I looked at her and she was smiling… “What’s wrong” she asked “Isn’t this exactly what you wanted? I made another steak but I thought Len might like another… Are you satisfied with your boy sandwich or would you rather have a steak like a man?”

She was saying this in a clearly seductive way, in a “game on honey” tone of voice…

I told her “It’s exactly what I was hoping for, I’m just very thankful you made me anything…”

“That’s what I thought” she said smirking while going and sitting next to Len

Len didn’t say anything just started eating his steak...

I was on overdrive… I have no idea why this turned me on like it did… I know many of you might read this and say “Fuck this, anybody disrespecting me in my own home…” and I get this reaction… but it wasn’t like that… this was Leah’s way of saying “I love you so much, I’m trying to think outside the box to give you what I want which is in turn what I want… I hope you like my gift…”

We sat eating our supper, mine was gone in under a minute and to this day was probably the best PB&J I’ve ever eaten :)

I sat patiently waiting for Len and Leah to finish their plates…

Leah turned to me “Honey, can you get him a beer please?”

I immediately got up and got him a beer opening it before handing it to him.

“Thanks buddy” Len said

I sat back down…

Leah was almost done her meal when she said “Well now is as good a time as any… I have some news”

I had no idea what she was talking about in the moment but hindsight it should have been very obvious.

Leah reached under the napkin that was bunched up on her side of the table and pulled out 2 pregnancy tests handing one to each of us…

Silence in the room…

She said “I haven’t had my period, it’s about 5 days late so today I went and bought a test and well… it showed positive so I ran back uptown and bought another to make 100% sure and well… as you can see it’s positive too… the back of them say if it shows negative then you might still be pregnant but if it shows positive it’s 99.9% sure that you’re pregnant… so??? Isn’t this nuts? One of you is going to be a father!”

My jaw just about hit the floor…

“But… but I don’t understand, we just started trying… you just… you just went off your pills…” I said

She was very chipper and positive saying “I know right? I couldn’t believe it either but it’s true… one of you is very potent… so? Len are you going to say anything?”

Len said “But… well… now what? I… I said I didn’t want to get you pregnant…”

Leah turned to Len and gently said “I know honey but when you put your thingy in me and make it spurt while it’s my special baby making time, this is what can happen…”

Len said “But it could be Dougs right?

He was white as a ghost…

Leah said “Len stop freaking out, this is what we discussed… either way it’s Doug’s baby… and if it comes out with red hair like your family then… well we just say there must be red hair in the family somewhere… I mean fuck… what else are we going to do? We fucked around, we liked the game, and now this is what we got when we rolled the dice!

Leah was going from chipper and happy to concerned and maybe on her way to pissed… I saw this and jumped up going to her and hugging her…

“Honey I’m so excited, I will love our baby no matter what! I love you! You make my dreams come true! I can’t wait!” I said while embracing her
“That’s a little more like it” She laughed saying

Len stood up and held her saying “Congratulations you guys! I’m so excited too, I guess I’m just a little more nervous… I wasn’t thinking at all about becoming a dad yet…”

He came around the table, I thought to shake my hand then went right past it in for a huge hug. He hugged me for a second and said “I just don’t want to ever get between you guys, you’re both such amazing parents and Doug you’ve always been such an awesome friend, congratulations buddy!”

We all shed a little bit of a tear and sat back down…

We didn’t know what to say so Leah broke the ice…

“You know what that means Dougy? I’m all Len’s now…” Leah said with a wry smile

My heart jumped clear out of my chest… I almost puked… It all came together… she wanted to know before she told us what to do with the sex between her and I… and I said denial…

She could see the effect on me and laughed…

She turned to Len and asked “So lover? What should we do now? Want to go watch tv? Maybe go for a walk? Play a board game?”

She was obviously playing games.

Len looked at her and slowly moved his head in a back and forth motion…

“Well what would you like to do then?” She asked him

“You know what” he said slowly with a look of almost rape in his eyes

Leah turned to me with lusty eyes and said “Honey would it be ok if...”

I put up my hand a little and meekly said “Honey…”

Len interrupted me and said in a commanding voice “That’s not how this works now… Doug clean the kitchen while I go pound your wife!” then as an afterthought “Your pregnant wife”

They both stood up and Len reached under her dress obviously slipping his fingers into her…

“Fuck are you wet!” Len said

“Wet for you honey” Leah said while stroking him over his pants “Fuck are you hard!”

I could clearly make out his cock with her hand stroking it, it went up and to the left following his waistline…

“Hard for you” Len said back

Then he pulled her by the hand down the hall and to our (their) bedroom…

Just before closing the door Leah said “If Carmen shows up…” I could tell she didn’t know how to finish that thought then said “I don’t care, whatever…” and closed the door and I could hear the ‘click’ of the lock…

I stood there for a minute looking at the table with the dishes. I was on cloud nine, this evening couldn’t have turned out better… then within seconds I was running for the baby monitor receiver.

I turned it on and could instantly hear them full on making out but I couldn’t hear them well without cranking up the volume and didn’t want to crank the volume for fear of them hearing themselves from the kitchen but I lucked out huge. The top of the receiver had a headphone jack right beside the volume knob. I ran over to the computer desk thinking “My headphones better be where I left them or someone’s going to die” and sure enough they were there. I put them on my ears, plugged in and cranked it. It was amazing and felt like I was in the room.

I stood there listening to their making out for a minute then put on my red apron to get busy. There was a pocket in the front of the apron and I put the receiver in there and continued on with my chores while listening to my wife getting fucked in our room all the while my penis was hard as a rock. Absolute cuckold heaven (or at least it was for me).

I could only make out their moaning and kissing when I could hear them start talking. They were quiet and likely I wouldn’t be able to hear them through the door but the baby monitor was at the head of the bed and could pick them up no issue.

Leah: Put it in me… I want to feel you… I missed you so much…

Len: I want to watch you rub your pussy…

Leah: No I want you in me already… make me cum…

Leah was almost whining and Len was being cool and I could tell was intentionally teasing her into a frenzy… I could tell Len was getting his way…

Leah: Well then let me watch you stroke that amazing cock of yours

I could hear them moaning…

Len: Fuck does that turn me on what you told Doug… that he’s cut off… that you’re all mine now…

Leah: You like that? Well big boy, what are you going to do with me now that I’m yours?

Len: Oh I’m going to fuck you so good and I’m cumming so hard in you… I missed that… I fucking hated that Doug was cumming in you...

Leah: Doug and I talked quite a bit before you got here. I think we are much more on the same page now… he wants to know that I belong to you… and I do

Len: Fuck that’s hot

Leah: Oh fuck that feels good

I was picturing that Len was maybe moving his cock up and down her pussy, maybe pushing a little… she was moaning so hard but didn’t sound like she was getting fucked yet...

Len: Oh fuck I like this Leah… I’ve been looking forward to it for so long… to have you to myself… does Doug get it? I mean does he understand? Does he get that you are off limits? I don’t want his cum in my girl anymore…

He was getting more commanding…

Len: Who’s pussy is this?

Leah(still whining and pleading): Yours baby…

Len: Say it Leah; I need to hear you tell me that this pussy is mine...

Leah: This pussy is only yours Len

Len: And can Doug cum in my pussy?

Leah: No

Len: No what? Say it!

Leah: Doug can’t cum in this pussy anymore because it’s your pussy… you can have this pussy anytime because it’s yours, all yours

Len: That’s right, fuck yeah, and can Doug Fuck you?

Leah: No

Len: Say it

Leah: Doug can’t fuck me anymore, I don’t want his little penis, I only want your cock, I want your cock so bad I think about it all the time, fuck me Len, give me what I need!

Len: Oh fuck yeah, you’ve been good, here you go you horny little pregnant cheating wife…

Leah: Oh yeah baby, make me your pregnant little slut!

Then I could hear the obvious sounds of him pushing into her and hear groaning almost cumming…

Leah: Oh fuck yeah, fuck your little pregnant cunt Len and fill me with your cum

Len: Fuck yeah

The pace quickened and within 20 seconds I could hear her start to gasp for air… she was cumming and cumming hard… I could then hear it both from my headphones and even over the headphones… Leah was calling out loud “Ohhhh yes yes yes, fuck fuck fuck, oh yes Len, give it to me! You going to keep fucking this pussy until I have your baby??”

Len: Fuck yeah, I’m going to love fucking you when your belly swells up… you gonna still take all this cock??

I was so fucking hard but was just trying to cleanup quickly so I was done when they came out but my penis was begging for attention so I started rubbing it over my pants… it wasn’t going to take much and I was cumming in my pants...

Just then I heard a voice loud enough that I could hear it over the headphones… “Enjoying yourself?!”

It startled the fuck out of me, I turned and there was Carmen with a shit eating grin on her face, I hadn’t heard her come in over the headphones…

“I knocked” she said

I threw the headphones off and threw them on the kitchen counter. We could both hear the passionate moans coming from them because they were still cranked up. I stammered and like an idiot unplugged the headphones and with the receiver cranked suddenly the kitchen was filled with the sounds of Len and Leah fucking…

I reached and turned off the receiver looking at Carmen with huge eyes and a red face of embarrassment.

She started laughing “I’m guessing Leah and Len are enjoying themselves?”

We could both still hear the sounds coming from our bedroom. There was no way to turn those down. They weren’t loud but it was clear people were having some insane sex in there.

“Ummm yeah” I said not sure what else I could possibly say

“That’s good... breath Doug, you know I know everything” she said

Fuck I couldn’t stand her, she just grated on me, the pompous attitude…

“I know” I said “I wasn’t expecting you”

She came back with “That’s funny, Leah knew I was coming, she didn’t mention it?”

“Well yeah, well…” I stammered

She laughed again and walked over to me. “Boy they sure seem to be going to town in there hey?” she said

“Yeah” I said backing up against the counter.

She reached for my pants and grabbed my crotch, just for an absolute half second and said “And that makes your little thing so hard hey?”

“Fuck off Carmen” I said pushing her away

She laughed again and said “Hey, who am I to judge… I’m getting a little horny just hearing her moans myself, Len must be an incredible lover! What are you up to standing in the kitchen in an apron?”

I was completely speechless… I couldn’t imagine what all this looked like.

“I… I… I was cleaning up after supper I guess” I said

“Well let me give you a hand with this” she said

I wanted to tell her to fuck off, to get the fuck out actually, I was still beyond embarrassed and emasculated but I thought “fuck it” and went with it. We went about cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen all the while my brain was flooded with thoughts and emotions...

Carmen asked “So a baby monitor hey? That’s pretty smart… do they know you are listening in you peeping tom?”

I was frustrated, embarrassed, and angry now but knew I had to play it cool… Carmen would most certainly be such an evil cunt as to ruin this for me.

“Yeah, well, it was actually Leah’s idea but no, Len doesn’t know and well we would really appreciate it if you kept it on the down low from him” I said a little pleadingly

“Aren’t you the one who said I would go around telling the whole town? Do you trust me with this secret?” She asked obviously referring to my comments when I first found out that Leah told her about our game.

“I told you I was sorry about that, god, can’t you let that go?” I asked

“Yeah, I’m just bugging you” She said

We kept cleaning and she walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up the baby monitor. I watched her and she slowly turned it on very low volume, I was shocked and I didn’t know how I felt about it. It felt like she was invading our privacy somehow…

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Just tuning in to the show, there’s no reason we can’t listen together until they are done is there? Don’t you like listening?” she asked

I could hear Leah moaning, yes, yes I definitely wanted to hear…

“Well… yeah… I like to hear it but why do you? That’s your friend in there…” I said

“Doug, I’ve likely heard that girl have sex more than you have over the years, I’ve never been that into sex, too much work, but I have definitely rubbed myself off listening to her a hundred times” she said laughing

I was thinking that the truth was that Carmen was not hot, or at least I didn’t think she was, that likely had more to do with why she was never really into sex… I thought it but didn’t say it… the woman was nuts.

She handed me the baby monitor and said “Sit, listen, I will fix us some drinks and join you”

I was listening to Leah saying “Fuck yes, yes, yes, oooohhhh yes” and cumming over and over and looked up to see Carmen getting ice and pouring us a drink. What an insanely fucked up situation I was in and yes it was awkward… I mean it didn’t seem too awkward for Carmen but for me it was crazy…

Carmen sat down and handed me my drink… we sat there silently listening… she asked “You have an issue if I rub myself a little? She is really turning me on!”

I said a little surprised “Go for it…”

Just as she was reaching into her shorts we could hear them talking a little…

Len: Oh fuck yeah, I’m going to cum!

Leah: Fill me with your cum!

Carmen looked up and directly into my eyes… “What the fuck, is she back on the pill, or?”

Len (obviously cumming): Ohhh yeah I’m filling your hot little pussy!

Leah (starting to cum herself): Yeah cum into my married pregnant pussy!!

Carmen jumped up “She’s pregnant??? Holy fuck!!!” Then after 2 seconds she realized the real question and said “Who’s is it???!!!”

She practically screamed it and Len and Leah went completely silent on the baby monitor…

I grabbed the monitor and turned it off and threw it in the nearest drawer, less than a minute later Leah came out in her house robe. Carmen ran to her and gave her a huge hug…

Carmen asked “Who’s is it?? Whos the father???”

Leah laughed a little and said “It’s Doug’s silly…”

Carmen said “But I thought Len came in you a bunch of times when you were ovulating???”

Leah just kept laughing and said “Oh Carmen I love you but you are such a worry wart… it’s Doug’s baby… I know for sure… don’t fret girl, I know what I’m doing…”

Carmen seemed to eye her up for a few seconds then just decided to go with it. She said “From the sounds I was hearing coming from your room, you definitely know what you’re doing girl… I’m so fucking jealous, you have the best of all worlds…”

“I know, right?” Leah blurted back

Len was dressed again and came out and walked into the living room. He was quiet and I was guessing a little embarrassed/pissed that Carmen and I could hear them fucking… he didn’t know about the baby monitor and it didn’t come up.

I tried to break the ice and asked him “Want a beer?”

“Yup” he said

I went and got him one, taking off my apron and joining him in our living room.

Leah and I always sat in the love seat. Me on the left, her on the right and Len always sat on the sofa on the left… after years it was just kind of engrained…

Leah walked in the living room and sat in her spot next to me, then turned to me and said “Doug, switch spots with Len”

Len and I looked at her and silence was in the room…

I started to get up and Len followed… we slowly switched while Carmen just watched. Len sat next to Leah and she put her hand on his lap…

Carmen said “Wow... that’s... something…”

She was obviously lost for words as were we all. This was kind of a huge thing…

Then Leah spoke up “Doug, you will sit there from now on or on the floor, Len you will sit next to me no matter who comes over… this is your spot now”

Nobody said anything…

“Ok?” she asked

“Yeah” I said

“Totally” Len said

“Wow” Carmen said, “Did I miss something?”

“Not really, we are trying some different dynamics. The deal was always that Doug could cum in me until I was pregnant, then I would belong to Len… I’m pregnant now… I’m still married to Doug and am never going to leave him but I get my physical needs met from Len, so it makes sense he sits next to me so we can cuddle or hold each other… I just want Lens touch, you know?” she said

Carmen turned to me slowly then asked “You ok with this Doug?”

Leah said “Carmen, it’s not really your business, and yes Doug is more than ok with this, aren’t you honey?”

“Yeah” I said

There was a minute of silence then Leah said “Doug, go fix us all another round, get our daughter into bed, then bring us some snacks… after you are done that and if you do a good job you can go to bed early and let us catch up… I won’t be joining you tonight but you can play with your little guy if you need… I want you sleeping by 9:30 though ok?”

I was embarrassed and so turned on. To be humiliated in front of Carmen like this...

Hesitantly I just said “Umm… yeah… ok…” I stood up then looked back and said “But… I… I… thought I could hang out with you guys for a bit…”

“No” she said “You’re making everything awkward, just go to bed ok? Be my pet and do as I ask please…”

“Ok” I said walking slowly to the kitchen

A minute later Leah walked into the kitchen.. She walked up to me and gave me a huge deep wet kiss and grabbed my balls… she asked “Are you liking this? Is this more like what you were looking for? I’m really trying honey…”

I was started, I mean I really thought she almost started to be sick of me or something but it was all the game??? I mean I told her I wanted this and I told her I wanted it to be “for real” but what the fuck? This seemed insane… but it’s what I asked for… exactly what I asked for… if I started telling her she was taking it too far already would she be mad? Probably… I could see her losing her shit and saying “Fuck this game, you’re never fucking happy!!” and stomping off… I didn’t want that… but on the other hand I didn’t want this… to be fucking humiliated and treated like a kid in my own house!!! So many emotions but the one emotion that was constant was my pulsing hard cock… I couldn’t get my head away from the fact that she said I could play with myself when I was done my chores…. All I had to do was finish my chores and I could play and cum and it would feel like such sweet relief!!!

So many fucked up conflicting emotions!

I just told her “Honey you fulfill all my dreams and are the most amazing wife, enjoy yourself tonight…”

She smiled ear to ear and said “Oh thank goodness, I thought I had really hurt you… I never want that, I’m doing this for us honey…”

With that she kissed me again and this time whacked me in the balls with her fingertips, like a light slap, not super hard but hard enough… I just about came but my face was likely one of shock…

“Like that?” she asked quietly

I didn’t know what to think… I had never experienced getting hit in the balls while insanely horny… it was both amazing and horrible at the same time…. I said “Yeah… yeah… I think I did, but not all the time… I think I just about came…”

“Oh good” she said “Len said you would like that”

With that she went back to the living room and I stood there trying to straighten my thoughts… what the fuck was happening???

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by larryt » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:50 pm

Wow. Writing that must have taken some time -- but the result was worth it, in my opinion.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by turbo55 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:34 am

larryt wrote:Wow. Writing that must have taken some time -- but the result was worth it, in my opinion.
Sorry, that one may have been too long. I was thinking of breaking it into two when I was writing it but couldn't find a good break as it happened all in one night.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though...

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by SamWarrens » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:29 am

And there is more? I hope!
Great minds may think alike, but fools seldom differ.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by larryt » Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:49 pm

I don't think it was too long. I just appreciated the effort that went into writing it.
turbo55 wrote:
larryt wrote:Wow. Writing that must have taken some time -- but the result was worth it, in my opinion.
Sorry, that one may have been too long. I was thinking of breaking it into two when I was writing it but couldn't find a good break as it happened all in one night.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though...

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

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turbo55 wrote:
larryt wrote:Wow. Writing that must have taken some time -- but the result was worth it, in my opinion.
Sorry, that one may have been too long. I was thinking of breaking it into two when I was writing it but couldn't find a good break as it happened all in one night.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though...

NOOO, Super thanks for this amazing chapter!!!! Is purely fantactic!!!


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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by turbo55 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:01 pm

3rd Act Leah Part 33 - Walking… or... A Shitty Story ;)

Just a short memory that I'm surprised I didn't already share.

At one point Len was over, I had gone to bed and I woke in the middle of the night to Leah's very obvious moans. I quietly got out of bed (the spare room) and quietly slunk over to the door slowly opening it. The spare room door was tricky because it opened directly between the kitchen and living room which were divided by a wall with half the kitchen on one side of the wall and the tv in the living room on the other side of the wall making the wall a kind of island you can walk around. Opening the door gave you a direct line of sight into both sides which was good but it also meant the door was in line of sight to half the house and the chances of getting caught were high.

I opened it an inch and could see only a couple of lamps on. Very low lighting. I was on my hands and knees thinking it would be less noticeable (looking back it likely didn't help). I couldn't see them but I could hear both of them. They were obviously on the other side of the kitchen/living room “island”. There was nothing there but a patch of maybe 8’of linoleum.

I was curious so came out of the room and closed the door not knowing which way to circle the island. They could start walking either way, into the kitchen or into the living room.

I took a chance and slowly silently crept through the living room. I could see them fairly quickly and could see I made a good choice. He was laying on the lino and she was riding him. Why not on the rug in the living room or even in their bedroom I have no idea and never did ask.

She was riding him and they were making out hard and luckily my angle meant I was directly behind them getting a glorious look at his cock going in and out of her and since they were both facing the other way I was a little safe.

I came up close to them and sat there on the floor for a minute just mesmerized. My penis was hard and was dripping already. I knew better than to even breathe on it. I might get into it more but I was becoming more and more premature in my cumming throughout our relationship. I was having more orgasms within seconds of any touch.

I was watching them and Leah was slowly riding him up and down moaning a deep guttural groan. They weren't talking just passionately kissing with their tongues. Since I had a lamp right behind me it was quite a sight.

My heart was beating so fast I felt like I might throw up.

I was getting more and more horny and noticed his legs were spread and her ass was right there. Now this next part I wasn't even going to include because i know how far fetched it sounds but I assure you it 100% happened (it’s definitely not something a person would ever forget) I came up slowly and quietly and went between her ass cheeks.

The risk was enormous. If he closed his legs he would kick me and know I was there. If she jolted out of surprise he would know I was there. Either way I'm dead. Len would be beyond mad and would likely leave. Leah would lose her shit if Len left. The consequences were whirling around in my head screaming to me to stop but I just couldn't help myself.

I slowly like a moth driven to a flame put my mouth between her ass cheeks and my tongue on her bud…

She stopped moving and stopped kissing obviously unsure what the hell was going on but I pushed in and started licking… it felt like her pause was minutes long but was probably only 2 to 3 seconds before she started moaning again…

I was in heaven… I was getting away with it… she went back to making out with Len and from my perspective it seemed Len had no idea what was going on and that she had just paused to take a quick break…

I went on licking her and she just sank her pussy down hard on his cock and started gyrating on his pelvis.

I was licking and probing her ass and she was in all her glory moaning and loving what I was doing…

It was so hot… I remember this moment like it was yesterday… her gyrations and hip tilting pushing my tongue deeper…

I was there for maybe 30 full seconds (a very very long time for the risk I was in) and she started shuddering and cumming hard… I kept my tongue in place while she came and to be a part of her cumming was so intense and hot… I felt a wave of dizziness…

Then when she was just at the end of her orgasm she moved up a few inches on his cock and because I was hovering, not actually holding her in anyway I wasn’t ready for it and for the briefest of seconds my tongue went on Lens cock and slid on it for about 2 inches upwards. It was light and brief before she came back down and kept gyrating but my brain exploded… I tasted him, I tasted her, I remember his cock felt hot on my tongue, it was so hot but I felt a real “fight or flight” response. I pulled back knowing that if Len ever had any idea he would go fucking ballistic. Our friendship and everything we had going on would be over instantly. It gives me chills to this day to think of what would happen… my stories would have been over right there, that night…

I sat back again and they resumed fucking not hesitating for a minute… I had to get out of there quick and back to a safe spot…

Here is the gross part… :roll: I’m sorry… I only include this because I find it hilarious :lol: and disgusting :cry: and… well it happened so I am documenting it… In my mouth no joke was something the size of a pea... I didn’t know what it was as I rolled it around my mouth so I bit down and it was unmistakably a peanut… I had eaten a piece of Leah’s shit… NOT MY THING, AND IT WAS GROSS… THIS HAPPENED PEOPLE!! I’m literally laughing as I write this because I can’t believe I finally told someone, I mean who could I ever tell? Leah would have been horrified...

I sat back not sure what to do, I wanted to go wash my mouth out, I wanted a drink of water but I couldn’t make any quick movements so I just swallowed… :???:

Ok back to the hot… after I got over that I slunk back to around the corner to just feeo my penis in my panties still hard and dripping…

Within a couple of minutes Leah looked back nonchalantly and noticed I was gone… she stood up saying her knees were killing her (no doubt on the lino)...

She walked over to the wall facing me and told Len to fuck her against the wall…

He stood up his back facing me and I could see clearly between his legs as he stood his huge cock bobbing around still hard as steel but looking so heavy…
He walked over to her and started kissing her again… she jumped up straddling him and he lowered her onto his cock…

She was holding him tight bouncing on him while looking over his shoulder… I stepped out to allow her to see I was still right there watching…

She was moaning even louder really getting off on getting pounded against the wall while watching me… she looked me right in my eyes and I was about 6 feet away from her… I put my hand in my panties and started squeezing my penis being extremely horny…

She stared at me with fuck me eyes that said “Oh fuck Doug, this feels sooo good, I’m in fucking heaven”

Then she mouthed the words “Cum for me”

I knew instantly what she wanted and started stroking…

She said loudly while still staring at me in the eyes “Oh fuck Len, fuck that cunt that belongs to you and you alone, you feel amazing! Doug could never fuck me like this with his little nub! Oh yes, yes, yes! Fuck that pussy like you own it!”

He started fucking her against the wall for everything he was worth and even he started moaning… he was giving it to her hard and told her “cum for me”... It seemed that's all it took because she was clearly having yet another amazing orgasm and Len just continued to roughly fuck her… they were both so loud by now the neighbors could hear…

I pulled my penis out and started cumming right there, still standing just inside the living room I came right on the rug (that left a crusty spot for quite a while that would always remind me of this time).

Instantly after cumming I went back to hide around the corner as Len and Leah calmed down and continued to kiss and make out… Len of course still hadn’t cum…

Leah turned around facing away from him and said “put it in me”... he did and they were both standing there, him slowly fucking her and she started walking… she walked slowly through the kitchen. In the kitchen she stopped walking and went into the fridge and got a wine cooler and a beer, him still in her grinding his cock deep into her. I circled the “island” slowly to keep watching them… she closed the fridge and she continued walking while fucking and Leah said out of breathe “oh Len... it feels so good walking… while you keep… fucking me…”

They stopped at the dining room table and Len kind of forcefully turned her so she was leaning over the table and she put the drinks on the table and he started to picked up his pace. He was fucking her hard from behind and she was screaming and her legs buckling… after about a minute of this I think Leah was thinking that she had put on enough of a show for me hiding in the shadows and she likely wanted to be laying down again...

She stood again making sure he stayed in her and turned her head kissed him hard making out for about a minute… he was still rocking his hips in and out and it was much more sensual now… more like making love with Len still pushing into her from behind… I could see she was clearly having a tough time staying upright as her legs were turning to rubber. She once again started slowly walking down the hall all the while getting slammed from behind her hips arched to get more of him in her…

She had the drinks in her hand and they continued slowly walking and fuckingdown the hall to their room…

I watched them going while standing in the kitchen with sweat rolling down my forehead…

Leah turned slowly and looked me in the eye and closed the door…

My heart was beating so loud I could hear it in my ears… over my heart I could hear a faint “click” from the door...

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by OOAA » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:42 pm

Amazing episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by hwc » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:33 pm

Love to hear what happened next!

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by lala2323 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:26 am

Yes! Where's the next installment? This is so good.

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by hwc » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:15 pm

Last post was in August, I really do hope you decide it is worth the effort to continue the story Turbo, the story so far has been completely amazing and so very well written too, it would be such a shame if it was just left unfinished...

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by hwc » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:34 pm

". All I wanted was the world where she only wanted big cocks and I couldn't fulfil her. Where she degrades me and denies me, where another guy fulfills her and sex with me was not only not required but wasn't an option because she only wanted him... Looking back it's crazy how I got what I wanted and so much more. "

Looking forward to reading how far things really went!

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Re: My Cuckold Journey

Unread post by hwc » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:52 pm

"As for other comments; yes, Len did end up hanging with my family, yes we were outed to our community big time, and yes the Len being blindfolded while I was in the room thing did indeed happen. There are even things that happened that will likely surprise even this audience (which I know is tough to do). It`s all to come if I can ever get myself to finish this. We have a very long way to go..."

hopefully, we will get to hear more of this superb story! I am really curious about what happened when Len was with Leah while family were around as well. Was it by coincidence, for instance, or by design? How many times did this happen? So exciting!

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