M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

I truly thank the great Xleglover for the fiction he has produced, for the inspiration he has given me and the room he has allowed me to play in his universe.
lilford1965 wrote:[snip] Perhaps one of the members of this particular forum would consider penning a few paragraphs on the "Mike & Jen " theme and entertain us with a continuance [snip] Perhaps Mike and Jen could become Mark and Janine or Jane . Personally , I openly hope you'll both respond to my suggestion .
You mention no names, but I tend to rush in where others fear to tread. This is not a continuance of FWFFG but a continuance of “Rogue Sum” where I branched off from X’s story. This is something I actually pitched to X some time ago but he politely demurred. He didn’t say so, but this deviates into something that’s clearly not…his kink.

Dramatis personae:

Matthew (Matt) Adams. Mathematician. Works for a boutique investment firm who have created a computer program to manage money on the markets. Has been struggling with a fetish about watching his wife have sex with other men.

Julia (Jules, "Jewels" to Matt, Julie or “Hoolia” for...someone to come) Adams (nee Jackson). Matt’s wife. Works in an advertising firm. Was pushed into extramarital sex by Matt. Fell in love with her lover or “boyfriend”.

Steven Spears. Julia’s boss and “boyfriend”. Pretty boy and player, who has surprised himself in how serious he feels about Jules.

Melissa Rougier. Engineering Project Manager. Started working with Matt who perhaps has developed deep feeling s for her. (No name change, because she is MY creation.)

This takes place in Toronto, Canada—another large, international financial center. Just to be different. I have been in both NY and Toronto.

This story would occur almost immediately after M+J in “Rogue Sum”: http://ourhotwives.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=46429

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the read and the ideas. You know who you are.

Apologies in advance. I am close to swamped and I soon will be traveling. No idea how often I may post, and I think this is launching slightly early as it’s not as fully planned out as I’d like.

Part 1 -- Pulling Back
It was Sunday. Julia stared at the tablet’s screen. She had initially felt a moment of guilt turning it on but now she felt the bottom had dropped out of her life. In a fit of anger somehow triggered by recent Matt’s absence, she had thrown a confused Steve out of the apartment. Marching into the spare room—where Matt had last slept in the apartment, instead of in the master bedroom—she had told herself she was going to clean up. In moving things around, she encountered Matt’s tablet and after a moment’s hesitation, turned it on and swiped in his password. Skimming the Facebook screen that was presented, she lit upon something from “Ultra Latino”, a radio program Matt had suddenly found interesting after starting to work with that nerdy bitch. The same woman he had stayed with the last few nights “to be closer to work”. She read the entry again and her eyes got moist.

“There’s a big difference between:

"Who we love,

"who we settle for

"and who we’re meant for.”

Jules loved Matt, right? They had met at university. He had helped her with some of her courses and got her back on track, after nearly failing out. Even more, he had also rescued her, at great physical cost, from a rape. They had married and started a life together. He was quiet and plain but brilliant and on the verge of great success. He was her rock. Right?

Jules then thought of Steve. Encouraged by Matt, she had started a purely sexual relationship with Steve—that gorgeous, charismatic star at work. She had marveled at his physique. All of it: His six pack, his V and…his cock. She had never seen anything so supple, yet so powerful and, yes, so exquisitely beautiful as Steve’s cock. But later there had been so much more, and eventually the relationship had become more than sex. It had also become so complicated for her to acknowledge. She loved Steve, right?

Did she settle for Matt? What a horrible suggestion? Was she meant for Matt? He’d been distant lately. Was she meant for Steve? Where the hell did THAT thought come from? She shook her head to clear it.

Returning her attention to the tablet, after another hesitation she hit ‘back’ on the browser. Her eyes widened. Matt must have been pleasuring himself and she instantly felt guilty that she hadn’t been there or been enough for her husband. It was a screen filled with a movie search. From a porn site. She looked over the results, then looked up and stared out the nearby window. No matter who she was “meant for” or who she would “settle for”, SHE would be the one to make that choice. At that moment, Julia Adams silently vowed to win back her husband’s attention. To do that, she’d make his life into one of these movies.
Matt Adams dropped into his chair at the office, kicking the shredder underneath. With amusement, he remembered Friday, when he had pretended to Melissa that a piece of paper represented the current state of his marriage. He had shredded it in front of her.

Mel would normally be in the cube beside him but she had taken a phone call as they prepared to leave her apartment. She had glanced at Matt and waved him off silently mouthing, “Meet you at work.” He logged onto his machine and scanned his mail to find something Mel must have sent him late Friday. Seeing the subject, he quickly opened the message:

From: Mel
To: Matt
Subject: Marriage
Text: Marriage is like playing cards. At first all you need is a couple of hearts and a diamond. But in the end, all you wish you had was a club and a spade.

He chuckled, then frowned. He thought of his marriage. Julia Jackson was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had been way out of his league. But somehow, she had fallen for him and they had married. It had been a dream. Then, somehow, he had sensed that over time the blazing light that she originally was, had dimmed. Venus had wilted and become…a housewife. Sure, she was still the most beautiful creature in the world, but she wasn’t herself. There must be something she craved…something that he wasn’t supplying.

At some point, he had decided that his “Jewels” needed to reignite. She needed to play in her own league. He was turned on by the idea of watching her brought to the heights of pleasure which she deserved, and which he thought he must be incapable of bringing her. So he had suggested their “game”. Suggested she should look around and follow where desire would take her. He was looking for icing on their cake.

Matt remembered a quote he had read from some Tumblr he had begun to haunt. “Just because she constantly craves sex with another does not mean that she doesn’t consider you her soul mate, or love you with all her heart. It just means that is not enough.”

Then she had gotten in deep with Steve. Too deep. It had to have been someone like Steve, didn’t it? Some chiselled extrovert who exuded such smarmy confidence. At first Matt forced himself to remember it was icing. He remembered another quote: “It’s NOT the cake itself. The cake is mutual kindness and respect, shared values, shared interest. You know, Love.” And it WAS icing, delicious icing, until the cake was burned.

The moment his Jewels looked at that self-congratulating, too-perfect over-grown man-child and said, “I Love You” was the moment Matt’s heart broke… and his penis erupted. What a sick fuck, he thought. Then Mel arrived. That’s when Matt had understood the real condition of his marriage…which he had demonstrated with the shredder. That was only Friday. Three days ago and he hadn’t been home in almost a week.
Life was going to intervene.
The wiry man with the white-stubble beard steered his bicycle past the sign with the wheelchair that said, “Please respect” and stopped on the planks surrounded by sand. There was a motorized wheelchair beside him containing a male relic from the 1960s, with some loud player blaring appropriately-aged music. The wiry man suddenly looked annoyed and fished a phone from his belt. He glanced at the screen which read, “Control Freak”, and answered.

“Princess! To what do I owe the honor?...I’m at Sugar Beach to check out the young local ‘talent’. Sure, it’s Monday morning, but there are some fine stuffed bikinis for these old eyes. Yeah, sorry about the noise. Why do you ask?….Shit…I am so sorry to hear that. What’s your plan?...Uh-huh… Is there anything I can do? …Fuck. Walked into that one, didn’t I? You DO realize what you’re asking....No, of course I will. How long will you be gone?...I see. Well, if you take longer I’ll try to fob them off on one of my ex-students. Anything else I can possibly do for you?...What do you mean ‘you want me to behave’? Are you planning to go back there or something?...Oh…Hmm…Email me the details, you must be pressed for time….Of course…I’ll be thinking of you. And please, for fuck’s sake, take care of yourself too.”

The man stood there in silence, breathing in the sweet smell from the sugar boat being unloaded across the pier. He punched at this phone. “Georgine? It’s Michaelis….From next door...Oui, ça va. Or at least I was until a minute ago. Georgine, can you start walking Bernini during the day again for me?...Tomorrow, but I will confirm…Merci Madame.” Then he made another call and set up an appointment for the afternoon.

Since he was suddenly robbed of a lot of his time, the man decided not to immediately turn around and cycle home as was his plan. He decided to cycle further along. Along Queen’s Quay, where someone he would soon meet for the first time, was moving in. Maybe he’d go past Ontario Place, and all the way to the Humber Bridge. He chuckled as he anticipated the smells and sounds as he passed “The Ex”, one of North America’s largest fairs, which signaled the end of summer. Squinting at the nearby office towers he looked to see where his appointment was. Turning, he took one last, longing look at the bodies spread out on the tiny beach.

Then out loud he said, “Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.”

“Shit,” said the relic beside him, over the cacophonous music. “You in the Mafia?”

“Worse,” replied the man. “Project management. And now I think I'm supposed to be a sex therapist too.”
Matt had just returned from a lonely food-court lunch, noticing Mel still hadn’t arrived, when his phone beeped. It was a text from Mel which read, “Call me from a private place.” He frowned, then walked into the empty board room, closed the door and phoned her.

“Hey,” she answered.

“Hey. What’s up?”

He heard a sniffle. “It’s Mom and Grandma.” They were in British Columbia, over 3,000 kilometers or over 2,000 miles away. Her Dad had passed away some time ago and her sister had two young children even further away in Nova Scotia. “They were in a car accident…”

“Oh, no…”

“Grandma’s fine, but Mom’s leg is fractured. She’ll be okay, but she’s been the one taking Grandma out grocery shopping and to her medical appointments. I’ve gotta go out there and take care of them both for a bit.”

“How long will Mom be out of commission?” He hated how he sounded.

“About six weeks, but after that I think we’ll take some time and get Grandma moved into care of some sort. We can’t keep putting so much pressure on Mom. I have no idea how long this is going to take. Grandma’s not going to like it.”

Matt sat, empty.

“When are you flying out?”

“Tomorrow morning. I’m packing right now. I’ll keep you in the loop about how things are going. Oh, I’ve suggested to Mr. Jacobs that Michaelis take over as PM on AME. I guess they’re going to talk about it this afternoon. ” AME was the “Algorithmic Market Execution” system that Mel and Matt, with a team of others, had just implemented to great success. As a consequence, Matt and Mel had been told they were in for hefty bonuses come October. Mel had previously made mention of Michaelis as her project management teacher. More than a teacher. He was a good friend. “Makes sure he sees all my notes.”

There was a long pause.

“Bye, Matt….I…I…”

“Talk to you soon, Mel.” He paused. “I sure will miss you. Maybe we can Skype or FaceTime or something? Next week?”

“Sure….bye, Matt…”
It was dark when Matt got to the apartment he shared with his wife…and too often her boyfriend. Feeling hollow, he couldn’t think of anything else to do than surf in bed. He hesitated by his and Jewel’s bedroom door, then walked in, grabbed some things, walked to the spare room and closed the door.

At some point he woke and was confused. There was a body beside him in the bed in the spare room. His head cleared and he saw it was Jewels on her side with her back to him. Then he noticed the strap on her shoulder. A red night gown. No, it was THE red night gown. The one he hadn’t seen in quite some time and was usually an obvious signal that he was supposed to do something. Sliding quietly out of bed, he padded down to the bathroom, relieved himself, then padded to the master bedroom. It was completely abandoned and the bed was made. For a moment he stood there wandering if it meant something. Returning to the spare room, he carefully slid back into the bed, then pulled close and spooned with his wife. She gave a long sigh. He touched her long blond hair. He imagined her blue eyes. Then, he put his arm around her and his hand naturally alighted on the lace over her breast, quickly making him hard. Taking his hand back, he aligned his erection into the crack of the woman’s buttocks, then put his hand back over her breast…and began playing with an instantly-erect nipple. After a while, he slowly pulled the strap down and began kissing.

It was like old times...and he wondered why.
“Some days when I'm far away
“In a lonely room in a cold seclusion
“Some nights when I'm wound so tight
“There is no release, there is no solution
“In hell there's a big hotel
“Where the bar just closed and the windows never opened
“No phone so you can't call home
“And the TV works, but the clicker is broken
“But in the darkness I see your light turned on
“You know my weakness, you know how I respond to

“Blonde over blue
“Your hands are cold, your eyes are fire
“Blonde over blue
“They shine as though you're burning inside
“One word from you is all I need to be inspired
“Blonde over blue
“I need your inspiration tonight”
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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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This is an odd thing to say, but it feels like Matt is going to cheat on Mel at the end. I like Mel, and Matt really needs to revisit that shredder again.

I know Matt is still technically married to Jules, but the master bedroom belongs to Steven. As Mike in another story would say, "I can only take so much."

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Thanks for sharing your story.... look forward to more.

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Nice start to part 2...looking forward to where it goes. Hope Mike is researching plane ticket prices to BC soon...
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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Part 2--French Twist
Matt woke then lifted and twisted his head, trying to see the time.

“You have an hour,” said a familiar voice.

He relaxed down into the bed and turned the other way. A blue eye under blond hair was regarding him from a pillow, inches away.

“Hi,” said the same voice. “Who are you again?”

A jumble of thoughts entered Matt’s brain which he carefully sorted through. Last night. The last week. Last Sunday night. Trying to walk a fine line between humor and bitterness he answered his wife with, “Remember? I’m the guest in the spare room.”

The eye frowned.

“But, the other room is yours too,” said Julia. “It’s my room. And your room. Why were you here?”

“I…needed some space. And needed to be felt welcome.”

Julia lifted her head off the pillow and both eyes focused on Matt. She was lovely, he thought. First thing in the morning, all natural. Momentarily overwhelmed, he caressed her flawless cheek with the back of the fingers of one hand.

“What can I do to entice you back to your own room, Mister? Of course, you’re welcome. Don’t I always make sure you get some attention? Haven’t we been playing your game? Wasn’t Steven your idea?”

Matt was silent. It was true.

She persisted, “What fantasies can I fulfill for my one-and-only husband?” A hand slid under the bed sheet and found his cock. “Tell me. I know you so well. You like to watch. Admit it. Tell me.”

He rolled to his back. “Yes, I like to watch. I like to watch…you.”

“So? Haven’t you been able to watch?”

“Jewels, stop. I like to watch you having sex with hot guys. I even found it hot watching you make love. What I don’t find hot is losing you to a man you love. When will this end? Where will this end? I want it over.”

“Matt, you pushed me into this. Yes, I started to have feelings for Steve but you even wanted that…You have to wait it out as I sort it all out. You have to give me time.”

“I’m your husband Jewels!”

“Yes, but that means I’m not your fucking cell phone!” They were quiet.

“Baby, I have feelings. But I want to make you happy too. Tell me. I know you’d love to watch me with another girl.” True, he had drunkenly one night early on admitted to a fantasy of Julia with her best friend. “And…I know you think pregnancy risk is hot.” How the fuck did she know that?

Matt thought for a moment. “What about you? Is worshiping old Stevie’s horse dick all you want?”

Ignoring the jab, she thought for a moment. “I like to see and feel power. Not my power, I’d like to be overcome. Like in a rape.”

There was a silence.

“I saved you from a rape once. Did that feel like a fantasy…or a nightmare?”

“But I knew those horrible men. That was a different kind of hurt.” She considered what she was going to say. “I like to see two guys too.”

“Fuck! No way!”

“But you want to see me with another girl. How is that different?”

“It’s different in that I don’t like it.”

“But you expect me to like it with another girl?”

They were silent for a while until she lifted her head then moved over until her face was directly over his. She smiled, “We have half an hour. “ Her hand started to move. “I wonder, how can we put that to good use?”

“Let’s brush our teeth first.”

Later, dressing in their room, Jules looked at the page again. She had been so taken by that quote, she had written it out and put it into her top drawer. Going forward, she would occasionally ‘rediscover it’ and think it over anew. It made her more determined about her vow.

It was just after lunch and Matt was alone, sitting on a toilet, in a washroom five floors up from where he worked. On his phone was a picture of a naked, long-haired blond boldly looking at the camera while her hand was wrapped around an enormous cock. The picture had a caption which read:

“I love you
“I married you
“I belong to you
“But when he's inside me, none of that matters”

Matt was hard. It had become a pattern that Matt would get NSFW messages/texts/emails from his wife. He’d gone on a hunt one day, traveling the elevator to see what washrooms were…”convenient” so he could read—and occasionally “react”—to them in complete privacy.

Two days earlier, Matt had met the replacement Project Manager suggested by Melissa. Old man Jacobs had immediately approved, and Matt took a liking to Michaelis Thanis almost as quickly. During their introductory meeting, “Mick” has suggested that AME be renamed to something more interesting—a move some of the sales people had already suggested.

“Why not name it after some Greek god?” Mick has asked. “AME sounds like: Ready! Aim! Fire! Which kinda gives off the wrong signal, especially when ‘execution’ is part of the acronym. How about Plutus, the Greek god of wealth? Or what is my personal favorite suggestion, Hermes. Wasn’t he the god of trade…and of thieves? Let’s call it HERMES. Isn’t that fitting?”

Jacobs eyes twinkled and he said, “Ahh…perhaps we’ll work on that a little more. Now, are we ready for T-plus-two next week?” It was a big change industry-wide to make settlement (each side getting the securities they’d bought, or the money in exchange for what they’d sold) in two days, instead of the three that had been the norm for over a decade. Electronics made everything faster…and everybody less patient.

“Looks like Melissa had everything planned out and I’m just ticking off the boxes,” Mick replied.

“Excellent,” Jacobs replied. He pulled out a couple of envelopes. “I have a few extra tickets for a large charity fund-raiser Thursday afternoon. There will be a lot of wealthy patrons there and I thought we’d make sure we had an…improved profile for people who...ah…need our services. Matt, you can bring your pretty wife. Michaelis, I’m afraid that means only one ticket for you. Please dress the part, gentlemen. I think that article in CONNECT magazine might get us some attention.”

Later, before Matt could tell Julia about the event and invite her, she told him that she had already been invited! The advertising company she worked for was sending her and her boss, Steven, to the get-together to network as well. Matt cynically, silently observed that the firm was sending its best eye-candy of both sexes.

“There will be BILLIONAIREs there!” Jules squealed. As a result, Matt later gave Mick the extra ticket.

“Oh! Thank you very much,” the older man thanked him. Mick then cryptically added, “I think I know just who to bring...”


At their desks, Mick had asked Matt about the CONNECT article. “Yeah, they came in a few months ago and wanted to ask me about AME. I insisted that I bring Mel into the conversation because she was the technology architect as well as the PM. At minimum I made sure they spelled her name right. They were looking for some angle, trying to stir up some controversy about competing automated trading systems. Algorithms—what I use, in particular newsflow algorithms—vs artificial neural nets, also known as A-N-Ns. That’s what ‘Market Strategies’ uses. They’ve been at much longer.“

“I told them”, Matt continued, “That there’s a zillion probabilistic techniques (for example, look for the words Bayes or Markov) and a zillion kinds of reinforcement learning that has nothing to do with ANNs. My Master’s thesis was on artificial reasoning—a.k.a. ‘good old fashioned AI’. There are many things that correspond to classic AI—path-planning and intelligent control-systems , semantic-web technologies that are pretty important to question-answering by Google, Siri/WolframAlpha, and so on. This includes the original version of IBM Watson that blew everyone away in 2011. Also, AI really includes large subsets cryptography—writing and solving codes— plus the field of advanced numerical methods—which is essential in making weather predictions possible. Sometimes it seems the only boundary is the engineering school versus the way in the math…”

He stopped and looked at Mick, who was stone-faced. “Wow,” said the grey-bearded man, “I can see you’re really into it. So much so that, ‘I think you need a girlfriend, mate.’”

Matt grinned. “Sure. The CONNECT writer also tried to stir it up claiming some other trader figured AME nicked him for $2.4 million in a trade that was executed 19 seconds BEFORE the rumor came out that Exxon was going to buy that particular company.”

“Was AME on the other side of that trade?”

“AME did speculate on that stock, but I doubt it was that particular trade. We’re not going to be able to get the most out of reading the news feeds until our next release. After that, AME will read the business news more thoroughly than you or I do, and then make trades based on that. Right now, a lot of the trading is based on patterns within the markets. We’ll make a major leap by making reading the news a lot better.”

Mick looked at his screen then said, “That’s next week’s release, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll have to be available on the weekend in case something goes wrong putting it in. We had major problems with AME last time…but THAT problem has gone away.”

“I read Melissa’s notes about ‘Alan’. Is that the ‘problem’ that’s gone away?”


“Was he prosecuted?”

“I heard he mysteriously disappeared—could have been abducted or shot, or maybe he’s free looking for something else to steal for the Russian banks. I’ll bet THAT’s the truth of the matter.”

That was the day Matt got his first erotic message from Julia. It was a link to a video of a woman, wearing a conspicuous wedding ring, while being royally fucked by a ring-less, large, muscular man. She alternated from passionately kissing the man, clawing the sheets, and lovingly caressing the man’s head and muscular back. After they’d both climaxed, she’d cried. The movie was captioned, “When There Is A Deep Connection, The Pleasure Is Amazing!!!” It was hot, but Matt couldn’t help thinking that he and Julia hadn’t spent much time kissing recently. He suspected that the real purpose of getting the movie was to market Steven.


Wednesday night was takeout dinner: two orders of sushi from Shinobu—which Matt hated—plus one order from Burger Shack. Steven and Matt sat on the couch with Jules between them, watching while the Jays, once again, had a late-inning implosion. Bored with the game, Julia left and shortly afterwards returned in a blue satin top and boxers. She caught Matt’s eye and slowly, never losing eye contact, walked passed him, took Steven’s beer out of his hand, took a long swig, and slowly sat down on Steven’s lap. Matt observed to himself that Julia hated beer. Steven continued watching the game.

“I think they need to admit the problems with team and trade Donaldson for prospects,” Steven said looking at Matt.

Julia took another long pull of Steven’s beer, put the bottle down, then reached over and turned Steven’s face to hers. Breaking eye contact with Matt, she looked deep into the large man’s eyes, leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and ever so slowly traced Steven’s lips. Then she leaned back, turned her head to Matt, looking right into his eyes. Without turning her gaze, she put one arm around Steven and slowly brought the other hand to his chest. Without looking away from Matt, she slowly, one-by-one, unfastened the buttons on the front of Steven’s shirt. When she couldn’t undo anymore, continuing to look at Matt, she slid the hand into the shirt and slowly caressed the well-muscled chest within. All this time, Steven looked at Julia’s profile. He began to breathe deeply.

“Keep that up and I won’t be able to concentrate on the game,” said Steven to the side of Julia’s face.

“That’s the idea,” she replied without turning.

Her hand continued to move in the shirt.

“You asked for it.” Steven slid one arm under Julia’s knees and another under her armpits. Then he effortlessly stood up while holding the petite woman. She reached her hand out to Matt. Steven carried Matt’s wife to the master bedroom while the woman pulled her husband in tow.

Once in the bedroom, Steven put Julia gently on the bed then started to pull off his shirt and the rest of his clothes. The woman looked at her husband and patted the bed beside her. Matt sat down and Julia began undressing him. When both men were naked, the woman looked at her husband beside her, leaned into him and whispered in his ear. “Get me ready.”

Matt removed Julia’s outfit. She leaned back on her elbows, spread her legs, looked at Matt and again whispered, “Well. Get me ready.” Her husband slid forward, bent his head down and started kissing around her lower lips. Slowly, deliberately, gently, he kissed, licked and nibbled. As if French kissing, he put his mouth over her, slipped his tongue into the savory space and moved it around. He was rewarded with a moan. Looking up, he locked eyes with her again. Now she was slowly manipulating the thick meat hanging, and slowly rising, between the legs of the large man kneeling on the bed.

“Am I ready?” She breathed to her husband.

He shook his head and continued the slow, gentle action on his wife’s pussy. After some minutes, he looked up again. Now Steven was holding Julia’s head in his hands having turned it toward him and was looking deeply into her. He moved in and they began a slow, burning kiss. Impatiently, Julia’s other hand—the one not stroking Steven—slid onto the back of Matt’s head and pulled it in. He got the message and the husband went back to kissing one set of lips, as the lover kissed the other.

Matt’s jaw was beginning to ache when he heard a sound and looked up into Julia’s eyes.

“Okay,” she gasped. Then she moved and got onto all fours facing Matt. “Kneel there on the floor,” she said. Matt complied and she moved forward until she rubbed noses with him. “Kiss me.” Again, he complied. She grunted into his mouth as, Matt assumed, her lover penetrated her from behind. With further motion, she moaned. Breaking the kiss she looked straight at Matt and whispered, “Isn’t it hot giving me a cuckold kiss, like your movies, as my strong lover takes me from behind? You, watching the pleasure on my face.” And she returned to the kiss. Eventually Steven’s thrusting was so strong and urgent that it was difficult to kiss. “Stand up and give me my favorite cock,” she gasped. Matt again complied and soon Steven’s thrusting was moving Julia’s mouth forward and back on Matt’s cock.

Eventually Julia couldn’t keep Matt in her mouth anymore while she panted and gasped. She closed her eyes. Matt watched as she seemed to go deep inside as her passion was building. The sound of slapping balls was loud in the room as the woman opened her eyes and whispered, “Play with my clit, Baby. Please…” Matt tried to reach under his wife. Not being able to see, he touched he bigger man’s cock and pulled back. Steven was pulling harder and moving faster, clearly approaching a climax. The slapping sound ceased as the man’s large balls were pulled up into his body. When Steven finally violently pulled Julia back into him and held her, while grunting, her eyes flew open.

“Kiss me!” She practically yelled at Matt. Almost falling over in his speed to obey, Matt locked lips with his wife. She brought up one hand and pulled him to her, invading his mouth with her tongue while her lover slowly finished pumping his fluids into her from behind. Steven then slowly pulled out and dropped, exhausted to the bed, watching husband and wife.

Julia pulled slightly away and whispered, “Please finish me baby. Please…I have to cum. Please…use your mouth.” She lay on her side, and as her husband started to creep past her, she grabbed his dick and opened her legs suggesting a “sixty-nine” position. Spurred on by the feel of the mouth once again on his cock, Matt eagerly pushed his head between his wife’s legs. After a moment he found his target and moved his face in to pleasure his wife’s pussy. But before his lips reached the apex of her lips, his nose encountered a wet substance. As if electrified, Matt instantly pulled back.

Julia paused sucking long enough to beg, “Please, Baby. Please.”

Matt moved his mouth to start kissing above, around and on the landing strip of hair that was between the woman’s legs. He reached in his hand to massage her clit. With his face away from the slickness that was left by the lover, Matt’s dick recovered and shortly afterwards, man and wife came almost simultaneously.

The next day, Julia’s NSFW message was a picture of a large, muscular man’s naked back. Almost hidden, was a woman clinging to him. She was seen only by her arms and legs wrapped around the man, and by the top of her head, which was clearly angled in a kiss. The caption to the picture read: “I’m not sure why, but seeing my wife being “Taken” by another man makes me fall in love with her all over again!” Matt erased the message, feeling no need to retreat to the washroom upstairs.


Thursday afternoon, Matt couldn’t help some feelings of satisfaction as many heads turned to look at the woman walking into the ballroom at his side—his wife. The room had obviously been deliberately chosen. Instead of being in the best hotel in the city, or even I the most expensive hotel in the city, it was in the iconic Royal York. Matt scanned the room, spotted Mick and steered Jules in that direction. With some surprise, he noted the woman beside Mick. She was tall, had wild straw-colored hair and her attire was perhaps a little revealing (?) for the situation.

“Hi Mick. May I present my wife, Julia. Jules, this is Michaelis, who is replacing the Project Manager for AME.” They shook hands.
Mick turned to the woman beside him, “Tequila, this is Matthew Adams, the math genius on my current project. Matt, Julia, this is Tequila DeeKupps.”

Matt’s jaw dropped and Julia gave a good-natured giggle as she held out her hand. “Pleasure,” she said.

There was a short strained silence before Mick made a show of looking around the room then said loudly, in an odd voice, “My, my, social X-Rays and Lemon Tarts.”

Tequila giggled, then in a voice that surprised Matt with its commanding tone, “Your W.C. Fields impression never ceases to plumb the depths of mediocrity.” Then she leaned toward the other two and conspiratorially said, “Do you know what he’s talking about?” When they shook their heads, she explained, “It’s from a Tom Wolfe book.”

“Yes,” Mick took over. “Look around and you’ll see the women on the arms of the upper class fall into two distinct categories.” As Matt and Julia started to look around he continued, “If the woman looks like she is of the same vintage as the robber-baron, the poor dear looks like she’s starved herself and has spent a good sum of his fortune trying to keep things in place. She looks like some walking skeleton that we can virtually look through: she’s a social X-Ray. The other category looks like he’s brought his blond daughter—and they’re always blond—who’s left half her clothes at home but brought all of her makeup. Wife number 2, 3, or whatever is usually a Lemon Tart.”

Tequila shook her head and said, “That’s so sexist. Look over there.” ‘There’ indicated an older woman in conservative dress with an obviously much-younger man, both immaculately groomed and expensively dressed. “How would you describe the companion of THAT millionaire?”

“The Cougar’s latest kill? Look, the field guides haven’t been updated with the latest sightings.”

“Speaking of sightings,” said Matt. “I can see David Tomlinson and Frank Stronacher. Julia did say there’d be billionaires here.”

“I often marvel at the difference between those two,” said Mick. “I twice saw David’s dad eating alone in a cheap food court. His wife cut his hair. Lord Tomlinson of Sleeff was a real Lord, too. David interned at the first investment place I worked. He was just like the rest of us, except for the fact he’d fly off to London, England, on the weekends to buy art. Stronacher, on the other hand, can't go anywhere without security and he spends more time acting like king of the world. And I bet David could buy and sell Frank without even noticing.”

Tequila sniffed the air in an exaggerated fashion saying, “I smell Chardonnay.” Then she walked off saying over her shoulder to Mick, “I’ll bring you a glass of redwhatever—Italian, if possible.”

“Could you pleeease bring me mine before you’ve finished your third?”

He turned to Matt and Julia, who were clearly not sure how to react. “She’s actually a respected writer with WOW magazine.”

“Wasn’t that the one with the classified adds that teenagers read for titillation?” asked Matt.

Mick nodded. “It’s now one of those local publications that keep getting awards. That was the same trick used by channel 79 years ago when they ran the ‘Baby Blue Movie’ to entice cable subscribers to watch silly smut. I suspect you’ve noticed her appearance.” The two nodded. “It’s a trap. Ever hear of the ‘SlutWalk’?”

Matt shook his head, but Julia nodded explaining, “They’re marches against rape and blaming the victim where women dress deliberately in their sluttiest clothes. They make the point that women should be able to wear whatever they want without judgement. Wasn’t it because of some cop who said that to avoid rape, women shouldn’t dress like sluts?”

“That’s right,” replied Mick. “It was actually a Toronto cop, too. And now there are walks all over the place, including the States. Well, Tequila does that all the time, just waiting for some idiot to make a comment.”

“That isn’t her real name, is it?” wondered Matt.

Mick chuckled. “What? You don’t know German names?” Then he asked, “What do you think she’s referring to?”

“Don’t answer,” Julia told her husband, “Because men never know the size, anyway. If that wasn’t her real name she would more-correctly be called ‘Double-eff-cups’.”

“I’ll have to suggest that,” chuckled Mick. “But I suspect there's some irony involved. Ah, libations!” A waiter came by with drinks. Matt took a beer, Mick a red wine and Julia a white. “I see Tequila’s gotten lost,” said Mick. “Once we were out on safari. She forgot her corkscrew and she was forced to live off food and water for days.”

Matt asked, “How long have you known her?”

“I think it’s close to three years.”

Julia noticed the man’s wedding ring. “How long have you been married?”

Mick looked at his left hand. “Actually, my wife died just before I met Tequila and taking off the ring has never really occurred to me. She and I have separately been through a lot and we’re…supporting each other. Hell, I want her to find someone her own age to have a long happy life with…as long as I approve of the bastard.”

That’s when they first made eye contact. Julia was looking right into a pair of dark eyes that didn’t blink or look away. Julia turned away then said, “Oh, there’s Wendy Freaman. We did some work for her. She’s in Bell Media.” Then she walked in the opposite direction of the eyes. But she continued to feel as if she was being watched…by the woman.

A short, bald man in thick glasses walked up to Mick and extended his hand. “Mr. Thanis. How on earth did they let you in?”

“Shhh,” Mick replied shaking hands. “They think I’m actually doing legit business for Cooper-Hatch.”

“Really? I’m now at the national pension plan. We’re looking for new ways to put money to work and I wanted to talk to them.”

“Here you go,” said Mick, indicating Matt. “Matthew Adams here is the mathematician who built the new Cooper-Hatch algorithmic trading platform. He was written up in CONNECT magazine. Matt, this is Jesse Patterson.”

“Sorry,” said Matt looking back at the other two men. “I was distracted, expecting his drool to land in her cleavage.” The other two men turned to where he was nodding to see Frank Stronacher, with a foolish grin, leaning into Tequila DeeKupps, clearly having trouble deciding which pair of things to look at, while she was talking to him.

“Ah, boys and girls,” said Mick in his bad Fields impression. “Oh,” suddenly remembering something, “Could you hang onto my cheap French plonk while I rescue poor Frank? Melissa did ask me to behave myself.” With that, he handed his glass to Matt and walked away. Glancing back, he chuckled. Two men, four hands, three wine glasses, trying to exchange contact information. Life is for simple pleasures.

Matt did his best to discuss AME with Jesse. Then he did it with another money manager, then another, as a parade started to line up to see him—all, unbeknownst to Matt, as a result of Mick circulating through the room. But Matt was always watching and aware of the whereabouts of Jules.

Then he spotted her. She was a tall, dark-haired, obviously very-fit woman effortlessly moving through the room. A word came to Matt: Lioness. No doubt, she was at the top of this food chain and moved through the room as if she owned it. Matt thought she was magnificent. The black cocktail dress allowed him to see how firm and well-shaped her entire body was. Muscles weren’t too lean, to look man-ish. Her chest was full and round. There was no question that she was female, but a female of singular confidence and physical prowess.

A tall man, who had an air of familiarity with her, walked up and talked with her for a short while. Then, as Matt watched, Wendy Freaman approached her as if looking for an audience. After a serious conversation, Freaman pointed somewhere, walked away, then returned with…Jules! There was some shaking of hands and then the two women were left alone and became the brilliant center of a revolving planetary system. The two most beautiful women in the room, and possibly any room anywhere, became the focus of the rich and powerful. Jules and this woman started talking. They became more animated together. Then one after another, power couples of men with social X-rays or Lemon Tarts, or cougars with kills would approach. Jules was in her element. Animated. Laughing. Beautiful. With the confident Lioness beside her. Matt was puzzled at one point as the woman pulled something from her tiny clutch, then swept Jules hair up and pinned it in place. The hands may have lingered a bit longer than expected on his wife’s neck and shoulders. Jules laughed with a touch of embarrassment over the rather intimate action. Then, Steven showed up. First there was a handshake. Then, for Matt, there was a hint of over-familiarity between Steven and Jules: An arm over a shoulder; then some hand-holding. But with another handshake, Steven was clearly dismissed and not at all pleased. He made sure to give Jules a kiss on the lips as he left. Then Jules glanced about the room. She spotted Matt, waved, and gestured him over. He crossed the room.

“Hi Baby,” said his wife, “This is Adrianna Charlès. Adrianna, this is my husband, Matt.”

Matt felt the power and presence of the tall, dark-haired woman and held out his hand, “Pleased to meet you.”

Enchanté,” she replied. Then in a flawless, North American accent she said, “Julia has been telling me all about you. Don’t worry, it’s all good. I’m new here in Toronto and was looking for someone…” She gestured around the room. “Shall we say—more my age? Julia’s come up with all sorts of ways for me to engage with the city.”

Julia, clearly excited, jumped in. “I’ve offered to take Adrianna to our gym as a guest, and Saturday we’re going to take a ride on the Queen streetcar. It’s a lovely ride and nicely shows off the city. I thought you wouldn’t mind, since you’re going to that big antique show. Christie, isn’t it?”

Mike was supposed to go with Mel, who was now in BC.

“Actually, my ride’s cancelled, but I might be able to find another. That’s a famous streetcar ride I’ve always wanted to actually do. What brings you to Hog Town?”

The woman frowned. “Ah, you mean The Big Smoke?” They all laughed. “Actually,” she faked sharing some conspiracy, “I’m here because my Father’s is shifting some of his business to Canada. My brother has been here for a while, and I’m supposed to setup a branch of our charitable trust here as well.”

“Matt’s with Cooper-Hatch developing important investment systems,” gushed Julia.

“So you were telling me,” replied the French woman. “My father will want to talk to you about…what is it? AME? He’s waiting for it to be ready for, how do you say, ‘prime time’?”

“Sure,” said Matt. “We’re making improvements all the time. A big one is going in next weekend and he might be interested to hear about it then.”

“Oh,” said Julia. “You’re going to have to be on call?”

“That’s unfortunate,” said Adrianna. “We’ve got a cottage for that weekend and I was looking for some shall-we-say age-appropriate company.”

“A cottage!” gushed Jules. “As long as Matt can drive back in an emergency, we could go. That would be lovely!” She looked at Matt, “Wouldn’t it?”

“Oh,” said Adrianna. “I’m not sure about all the details, but they tell me we have to take a plane. Do they take planes to cottages?”

“It might be a float plane going in to a lake. Depends on where the cottage is,” said Matt. It came to him that it might be a perfect way to keep Jules occupied and away from Steven, if work called him in. “Would it be alright for just Jules to go? How would you feel about that?” He looked at both women.

“Is that okay?” Jules asked Matt. He nodded.

“Is there an airport on the island? I think they said we fly out of there. I’d love to have your company. We’ll go up late Friday afternoon and be back Sunday after noon. How does that sound?” The Adams both enthusiastically agreed. “They say to bring warm clothes. I think there’s a boat. We have plenty of time to work out details.”

When the Adams moved away, the tall man, who was hovering around, approached Adrianna. She looked at him and said, “Can you invite Alexandre and Eddy to the cottage next Saturday night? Just Saturday.”

He calmly regarded her, then in French asked, “Qu'est-ce que tu fais? [What are you up to?]”

Regarde la,” was the reply. “C'est évident. [Look at her. It’s obvious.]”
"She cuts you hard, she cuts you deep,
"She's got so much skill
"She's so fascinating that you're still there waiting
"When she comes back for the kill
"You've been slashed in the face
"You've been left there to bleed
"You want to run away
"But you know you're gonna stay
"'Cause she gives you what you need
"Then she says she wants affection
"While she searches for the vein
"She's so good with her stiletto
"You don't really mind the pain"
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To make up with Matt after he leaves her to stay with Mel, Julia lets Matt kiss her while her bull fucks her? It makes me wonder where Matts head is. Matt told Mel his marriage was in the shredder just a few days ago, but he's now ok with Steven still in the picture? I didn't see which bed Matt slept in, but I'm guessing it still wasn't the master.

If Matt's ok being Julia's subby hubby, he needs to end it with Mel.
FreshStart wrote:First there was a handshake. Then, for Matt, there was a hint of over-familiarity between Steven and Jules: An arm over a shoulder; then some hand-holding. But with another handshake, Steven was clearly dismissed and not at all pleased. He made sure to give Jules a kiss on the lips as he left.
It's one thing to be 2nd fiddle at home, but your wife holding hands and kissing another man around your colleagues is a shit thing to do. I hope Matt's pissed and lets Jules know it.

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FRESHSTART----Brilliant ! Excuse the French please , fucking brilliant ! Thanks FRESHSTART , for all your time and effort . Oh God man , you have the " plume au natural ! " Please , please keep it up , that is if you have the time . It's too easy for the likes of myself to urge gifted people to continue . It's easy for me to read , but very time consuming for the author --------

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Part 3a – Planes, Streetcars and Motorcycles

Streetcars and Motorcycles

The Adams left the charity fund-raiser at the same time as Mick and Tequila. They walked two-by-two down one of the curved staircases to the enormous lobby of the Royal York.

“My Uncle,” declared Tequila looking around, “Was Reeve of Burk’s Falls for a while and came here for some meeting. He claimed the entire town would fit into this lobby.”

Matt was beside Mick. “I was wondering if you’d be up to going to the Christie Antique Show Saturday. My ride has skipped out on me.”

“Ah, off to BC? It’s been a while, but sure. Two wheels?” Matt nodded. “You have a helmet?”

“I always borrowed one from,” his eyes shifted to Julia’s back, “…my ride.”

“No problem. That’s easier as I can mic it up before we go. You live at Yonge and Eg?” Matt nodded again. “You mind meeting me at Union Station? That way we get going faster and stay off the 401.” Mick wanted to avoid one of the world’s busiest highways on motorcycle. “Say 8?”


Julia who half-heard the conversation put her fingers in her ears. “I always hate it when he’s on a motorcycle.”
The Adams caught the Yonge subway home. It was the start of Thursday rush hour and with no seats available, they were standing face to face. Matt tried to keep his voice down.

“I wasn’t too happy with Steven clawing you in public,” he said.

“It wasn’t ‘clawing’. What’s the issue? After we got caught at work, I had to tell them we were having ‘issues’. They know him as my boyfriend.”

“My work friends don’t.”

She put a finger to his lips. “Shh. It wasn’t a big deal and besides, what was I supposed to do? He was doing it and he’s my boss.”

“Sexual harassment, Jules.”

“No it’s not. It’s consensual and even if it wasn’t, if I said anything I’d be blackballed in the industry. Rights or no rights.”

“I have to work with these people…”

“Okay, okay. Point taken.” The train had stopped for a while at a station and she started thumbing her phone. She looked up at him as the train started to move. “Since we’re off early because of the charity thing, and I’m going to the gym tomorrow night with Adrianna, I’m going out for a little while. I’ll bring in a late dinner.” The train stopped again, now at Bloor Street. She kissed her husband on the lips, said, “Bye baby.” Then squeezed herself through the crowd and was gone.

He knew where she was going: Upstairs to the Bloor train, then west…to Steven. But after dinner she did make it up to him.
The next day, Matthew received a NSFW posting from Julia. It was a picture of a woman on a bed with her head thrown right back, eyes squeezed closed with mouth open. A very muscular man was between her legs. The caption was:
“You make love to her,
“He fucks her brains out,
“Can't she have both?”
One night later, Julia met Adrianna at the Central Y and took her to the main desk where she was set up to have a MyFitness orientation set. “See you in a bit,” said Jules, waving her fingers at the tall French woman then she wandered up the open, center staircase that rose the entire height of the building, to the second floor Conditioning Room A. Slipping in ear buds, she then concentrated on a rotation through the various machines.

She was sweating and bobbing her head on one of the recumbent exercycles when a hand appeared out of nowhere and picked up her smart phone. Startled, she stopped pedaling and turned to the intruder. It was Adrianna.

“Oooh, Bruce Springsteen,” said the tall woman. “You like him, huh?”

Jules pulled out the bud on that side and replied, “Absolutely! I think he’s awesome! He’s coming to Toronto! At the end of the month he’ll be performing at the Invictus games!”

The tall woman moved closer to Jules. Much closer. She gently lifted Jules’ hair up and tied it. Then her fingers softly ran down Jules’ neck. She moved even closer. Jules could actually feel the heat of the other woman.

“So, are you going to see him?” asked the other woman. She continued to move closer to Julia, who could smell something sweet.

“Aah, no. It’s really hard to get tickets with the ‘bots’ scooping so many up. There’s no way I could get any tickets when they’re released and after that, they mark them up to make your eyes water.” Julia could now feel the breath of the other woman on her cheek. The skin was flawless, the dark eye became so close, that it was all Julia could see. Julia’s heart began to hammer in her chest and her breathing quickened.

“What if I could get tickets?” said the other woman. “Would you like to go?”

Julia was becoming beyond flustered. She could feel her face going red. She almost whispered, “That would be awesome, but you can’t get tickets…” She began to play with a rogue strand of her tied-up hair.

“What if I could get tickets?” The voice was now low and Jules could feel it on the side of her face. The voice became a whisper, with the full lips almost brushing the ear. “We could go on a date. Would you like that?”

“…yes...” breathed the shorter woman. “…I’d like that…”

“You’d like to go on a date? If I get them, would you do something for me?”

Jules had no idea where to look or how to react. She was beyond flustered. “…yes…what?...what could I do?”

The tall woman eased away from Julia. “We can talk about it tomorrow.” Now, suddenly, in a normal conversational tone she asked, “Aren’t we going on some sort of trolley ride tomorrow? When did you want to go? Where do you want to meet?”

Acting almost like a fish released into the water, Julia slumped. “Yes.” She took a moment to recover. “The Queen Street Streetcar. It’s world famous. You’re living down at Harbourfront, aren’t you? Where? Maybe can walk up from there, then go all the way east to the water plant and ride the way rest. We can hop on and hop off to do shopping and lunch. We can visit the Eaton Centre, Sack’s across the road and Queen West.”

“Sounds like a lovely time. I’m at…I think it’s called Harbourfront Centre? The terminal building?”

“Oh, those places are gorgeous! Are you on the south side overlooking the water?”

“My favorite part is the terrace that overlooks the harbor. My father is renting it from the owner otherwise I wouldn’t bother with something so expensive.” She tapped the screen in front of Jules. “Looks like you still have 10 minutes to go.” Then she walked away.

It took Julia a few more minutes to regain composure.
That was the moment Matt was looking at his tablet’s screen with some dismay. He’d never seen Melissa look so tired. There were bags under her eyes and she was pale. “Hey,” he said. “How are things?”

“Hey. Well,” the tired face replied, “Mom’s home and actually, she’s not bad. I put a bench in the shower and a seat on the toilet and we got a walker, so she can get back-and-forth all by herself. She needs help dressing. Grandma’s gone home, but that means I hafta pick her up to come here, then take her back home. Things really are getting better believe it or not.”

“Do you need me to come out and help?”

She smiled. He always loved to see her smile. It changed her whole face and he was constantly mesmerized by it.

“Aw, that’s sweet. But, Chrissie’s here for a short while, so that’s a help. I’ll be fine. Mom’s first checkup is in a couple of weeks. We’ll see how things are, then.” Chrissie was the sister from the far side of the continent.

He regarded her for a moment, wanting, no, needing something. “You visited there when you were kids, right?” he asked.

She nodded. “We’d come every summer for a few years.”

“What do you remember the best?”

She was quiet for a moment. “We went to the tip of Vancouver Island a couple of times to a place called Telegraph Cove. I think the population is like 14. It was wonderful to take a boat out and look for killer whales with all the trees and mountains in the background. We saw a humpback whale once, too. But mostly, I remember going to a beach. My mind says Jericho Beach or Kitsilano. Maybe it was someplace between the two, but there were all sorts of wild bunnies. We’d take some food and wonder up this path, to feed them. As kids, it was absolutely amazing. Now Grandma can’t walk to go there anymore.” Her eyes were moist. His attempt to cheer her wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped.

After they’d signed off, Matt sat there quietly. Where was he going? What was he doing? He’d fallen for the woman who was so different from his wife in so many ways. But she had made it clear that she wasn’t a fling. She was a ‘full meal deal’ girl. He had made a show to her of explaining how his marriage was over, but then, after staying with her and sleeping on the couch for less than a week, she’d gone a 5 hour flight away. His wife, meantime, seemed to be doing her best to pull him back. His gorgeous wife. The woman he’d pledged his life to. The woman who’d indulged his kinky fantasy and was now entangled with her boss.

That pretty-boy fuck-head.

What the shit was he supposed to do?

Out of nowhere, he had a thought that one day he’d take Mel to see the bunnies in Kitsilano.
Saturday morning, Matt was outside Union Station when the red and lime green motorcycle arrived. The spare frame and flat top couldn’t have been more different from Mel’s red-wrapped streamlined, upright machine. The gas tank read, “Moto Guzzi.” Mick handed him a helmet and the two were off.

“Mel didn’t have these microphones,” Matt said appreciatively. “It was tough to hear her and she wouldn’t turn around unless we were stopped.”

They had settled down and the passing landscape turned from concrete to green. Since he could, Matt felt like he needed to have a conversation.

“So, if you don’t mind my asking, how’d you meet Tequila?”

There was a soft chuckle in Matt’s helmet. “Well, my wife had recently passed away and I was feeling rather lonely so I went down to Moss Park looking for some comfort. I circled a few times and the one hooker who stood out for me was…and if you tell this joke in front of her, she’ll have me singing soprano.” They both chuckled. “No, the first part is the same, but to get out of my comfort zone I took a Thai cooking class at the Big Carrot. She was another student and we somehow started this impromptu comedy routine that had everyone in stitches for the 4 nights of the course. The rest, as they say, is history. We really are, just friends. How about you? Where’d you meet the stunning Ms. Julia?”

Matt told Mick of the story, including saving her from the attempted rape, and soon they were at the Christie Conservation Area.
When the streetcar arrived, Jules handed Adrianna something that looked like a credit card.

“It’s a transit day pass,” she explained. “We can jump on and off whenever we like.”

“Aw, thank you so much. I’ll buy lunch! There was a large setup of tents and tables outside my building and along Queens Quay this morning. Do you have any idea what that was about?”

Julia thought. “Word On The Street, I think. It’s supposed to be a celebration of reading. There will be a lot of authors and publishers there. “After a pause she said, “I wonder if my favorite author will have a book out: Mike Crosse Jambe-Amourex.”

They got on the big red streetcar and moved as far back as they could. As soon as they were settled, Adrianna got out a hair tie and did up the long, soft blond hair. Fingers softly rubbed the back of Jules neck.

“Why do you always do that?” asked Jules. She looked at the lush, black mane that stropped at the other woman’s shoulders.

“I told you, to show off your beautiful swan neck and your pretty face.”

They had much the same introductory conversation as Mick and Matt. Then, Jules wanted to know what her companion did to look so fit.

“I’m the athlete in the family,” was the reply. “I did some martial arts when I was younger, but concentrated on track-and-field in school. I’m interested in seeing some of the Invictus games after you mentioned it. And you? Those great, toned legs aren’t from sitting around.”

Jules blushed. Why? “I try to keep in shape at the gym. When I was little I took dance and gymnastics.” Then with pride, “I actually won a ribbon at the rec centre for my floor routine.”

That seemed to trigger something in Adrianna. She pulled out her phone, swiped a bit and showed her companion the screen.

“You got them!” squealed Julia. It was the Bruce Springsteen tickets. “How?”

“Shh. Family connections,” feigning conspiracy. “Now I know what the payment for the tickets is.” Jules looked quizzical. “I want you to try out an activity with me which is like your gymnastics, and it’s also to music. It’s like circus performing.”

“Oh, I love the Cirque du Soleil! Have you seen them? They just opened a new show in the Portlands and Matt’s not interested in going…” And so the conversation went.
Mick was looking at a bunch of glass objects like lightbulbs at one of the Christie vendor’s tables.

“Aren’t those vacuum tubes?” asked Matt over his shoulder.

“Yeah. The first computer had something like 18,000 of them. I remember, our old TV had them and once in a while my father had to get them replaced when they burned out. You didn’t always know which one, so he had to take them to a store and test ‘em to see which ones were blown, then buy the replacements. Imagine going to a store and testing 18,000 tubes.” He chuckled, and then picked up what looked like a tiny hat, with three wires sticking out. "They were replaced by these: Transistors. The greatest invention of the 20th century. They’ve shrunk since and been put onto microchips. You’ve probably got the equivalent of 5 billion transistors in your phone. Just imagine going to the store…” They both laughed.

Matt wondered over to one both with a lot of maps, and started thumbing through them. The sudden loud “SLAP!” on Matt’s shoulder startled both of them and they turned to a very tall man with glasses and a short, greying beard. Matt smiled, the man lifted a clear envelope with a piece of paper inside and Matt squinted at it.

“Where’s your wife?” asked the man.

“She’s in BC on a family matter. Is that really number 1!?”

“Oh, yeah. Saved it just for her. You can check on eBay if you want, but I can let her have it for… two hundred.”

“Number 1! 1957! Where’d you get it?”

“That’s my secret.” He put on a wide grin. “If she’s not here, then I just covered you for your anniversary present.”

“I don’t have much cash, so…credit?”


“One-fifty cash,” said Mick.

“Hey!” yelled Matt. They both turned to the older man.

“One-seventy-five, final offer. But I should be looking after my good customers. Who are you?” smiled the man.

“Done. I’m the brother-in-law,” said Mick, holding out his hand. He looked at Matt, “I figure you’re good for it.” They all laughed.

When Mick and Matt walked away, the older man turned and asked, “So what the fuck was that all about? Julia isn’t in BC, it’s Melissa’s that’s in BC.” He looked at the object through the envelope. “You’re paying one hundred and seventy-five bucks for a CHUM chart!? The listing of the week’s hits on an old pimply-teen radio station?” He thought for a moment, “Is that still going?”

Matt shrugged. “You know, it’s one of those situations. Mel deals with him a lot and he assumed we were married. It’s now beyond embarrassing to say anything. And the charts are something she inherited off an uncle and, you know her, she’s determined to complete the set. Normally she spends 8 bucks at most, but I know this is the price of this one. Very rare. It’s the very first from May whatever, 1957. Good condition. When I researched it, there is apparently something on iHeartradio that uses the same name. I just want to give her something to cheer her up…” He spotted something. “And I won’t do that.” He pointed.

“Barbies?” exclaimed Mick, looking at another dealer's table. “She’s into girlie Barbies? No!”

“That’s mostly why we come to the shows. She really is a big kid at heart.”

The women had made it to the Queen Street West shopping area. Julia noted that it wasn’t what it used to be as chain stores had started to move in and displace the gritty, more interesting shops. Still, there was plenty to see and shop. They’d already done the Eaton Centre, which looked nice, but malls in big cities can all be the same. Sack’s across the road from it had been available to Adrianna in New York. They had already been to Common Sort in Riverside, where the funky action seemed to be moving. By the time they hit Durumi, things were interesting again.

In one store, Jules had spotted a beautiful short kimono-style cover. There were various colors so they held each up against Jules until they reached the red one.

“That’s yours,” Adrianna said definitively. Jules loved the butterflies and the feel. It was short. And sexy. Adrianna had found one in blue that was more her height.

“This is mine,” she declared. Jules looked at the price.

“Maybe we’ll come back to this,” she said, hiding her disappointment.

They reached Tryst, and wandered around looking at the sexy under things. Lacy things. Suggestive things. Things called Lickstarter, with pictures on panty crotches, and Hanky Panky. Jules stopped when she saw Blush Heart’s Desire and had an idea.

“I’m going to pick some things up here,” she said.

“Sure, I’ll be right back,” replied Adrianna, walking out the door. There was a palpable change in the store staff when the commanding brunette left. But, because they were clearly together, they gave Julia their full attention.

By the time they handed Julia the bag, Adrianna was back, also with a bag. She pulled a corner out to show Julia. It was the blue kimono. “Lovely!” squealed Julia, trying not to be jealous.

“Keeping up with your shopping has made me hungry,” the tall woman said. “Where am I buying lunch?”

“Well,” said the petite blond in mock concentration. “To do the full experience, there is no discussion. We have to go to the Queen Mother!”

Before finishing up for the day, Julia popped into a flower shop for a moment, and came out empty handed.

The motorcycle hadn’t been long on the road when Matt brought the subject up. “I usually pay for lunch, since Mel pays for gas. We usually do Tim Horton’s.”

“The one at Clappison’s Corners? Why don’t you buy me a coffee? I need the jolt. Then we can head back to my place. I’ve got fixins for tramezzino and I’ve gotta walk Bernini.”

“Love to. What’s with all the Italian stuff?

“When we got married, my wife and I went to Rome. She fell completely in love and we became obsessed with all things Italian.”

“So Thai cooking was a big deal.”


When they reached the Beach neighborhood, Matt said, “Any chance we can stop at a wine store?”

He was in and out in no time and five minutes later they entered a house that was facing green space, beyond which was a board walk and then the lake that looked like an ocean. As soon as they entered the house, Mick brought Matt to a basket on the floor containing a shaggy blond ball.

“Sit, Bernini,” said Mick. Nothing happened. “Stand, Bernini.” Same result. “Lie down, Bernini.”

“I was waiting for that one. It seems to work.”

Mick grinned. Then he put a small harness on the floor. “Bernini! Andiamo!” The ball popped up, waddled to the harness and more-or-less stood on it so all Mick had to do was fasten it up on the little dog’s back.

They didn’t spend long in the green space across the road for the dog to finish. Mick nodded in one direction, “The single most effective method of birth control: Socks and Birkenstocks.” While Mick cleaned up after Bernini, Matt watched a gaggle of fit girls jog by. He was clearly admiring the view. Something caught his eye and he turned to another man, clearly enjoying himself as well. They grinned knowingly at each other.

“Yoga pants,” declared the man. “The most important invention of the twentieth century.” Matt looked confused for a moment.

Returning to the house, the two men put together sandwiches on triangular bread and grilled them up in the kitchen.

“I brought this,” said Matt handing over a brown bag. Mick pulled out the bottle.

“Prosecco, eh? You do realize that she is arguably the world’s expert on champagne?” he said, referring to Mel. “I’m the opposite. I have a wine for each food and a different kind of glass for each wine. I’m anal about wine, she’s anal about everything else so she makes it easy on herself with the wine. Would you like this, or a beer or a glass of red? ”

“Whatever you’re having.”

They took the food, their glasses, a bottle of red and a bottle of white up through the house and sat on a balcony above the front porch overlooking the view to the lake. There was shade and a good view. The quiet was amazing for Matt. It was the same city that had the noise, constant construction and crushing population of Yonge and Eglinton.”

“You forgot the special glasses for the white,” teased Matt.

“That’s for you to make friends with.”

They weren’t out for long when they heard noises on the balcony on the neighboring house. The two buildings were virtually touching.

“Bonjour, Georgine!” called Mick. “Tu veux un verre de vin? [would you like a glass of wine]”

“Oui!” came the reply. And in a thick French accent, “I’ll get a glass. I broke zee other one.”

In short time, an old woman with a shaved head poked her face around the screen and waved a small tumbler of colored glass.

“Georgine, this is Matthew. He’s a friend of Melissa’s. Matt, do the honors?” And he handed over the white wine.

As Matt poured, the woman looked at him. “You know Melissa? So special. She is a beautiful girl, who can do anything a boy can do.”

“That’s all true,” said Matt.

She looked at him. “Are you married, Matthew?”

Caught by surprise, Matt was flustered a bit before he replied, “Yes. Yes, I am.”

She had closely watched his reply. “Happily married?” she asked. Matt turned red.

For a second time that day, there was a slap on Matt’s back.

“Georgine!” said Mick. “Matthew’s lunch is getting cold!”

Ah, oui. Merci. Cin cin!” she said, raising her glass and bustling into the house.

À la vôtre, [to your health]” called Mick. He turned to Matt, “She’s all by herself and we have this little ritual where, if she catches me with wine, she gets some. Simple pleasures.”

Matt’s phone buzzed. He checked it to find a message from Jules, “Remember, I’m out tonight.” He didn’t and was pissed. The phone buzzed again. “Adrianna has a private box available to the Jays game tomorrow. Wanna go?”

Jose Bautista’s last game as a Blue Jay at Rogers Centre! Of course he did!

Matt got home well before dark. He walked to the corner of the rented condo and looked out. The sun was setting behind the large building across the road. Lights were coming on below. There was lots of activity. He didn’t feel like being part of it and ordered a pizza and phoned the concierge to advise it was coming. That’s when he noticed the flowers in water on the table. He walked over and looked at the attached card, “Happy anniversary. S.” He thought he recognized the hand writing, but couldn’t remember seeing anything written by Steven before.

Before the pizza arrived his phone buzzed. It was a WhatsApp picture from Jules of a selfie by a woman pulling her dress up showing long legs in white stockings or pantyhose. The caption was, “Owned by another man, your wife never looked so hot.” He wasn’t feeling it and put the phone down. The pizza arrived and he settled down to eat and watch the game.

His phone buzzed again. This time the picture was another selfie of presumably, the same woman from the back with her dress hiked all the way up to mid waist. She was wearing white stockings, garter belt, panties and bustier. It made Matt think of a bride. The caption was: “I am giving him something special tonight. It will be his first time. Since he is so big, it’s like my first time. It’s like he’s taking my virginity again. It is like a wedding night. Do you like my bridal outfit?” With a shock, Matt realized that the woman was Julia. She was giving Steven her ass.

“Uh uh uh uh oh ooh
“why'd you have to go-oh
“away from home
“me love.

“I feel like I'm drowning in the ocean
“somebody come and take me away

“Why you leave me, wuh why you leave me
“baby tell me beh baby tell me
“why you leave me, wuh why you leave me

“Uh uh uh uh oh ooh
“why'd you have to go-oh
“away from home
“me love.”
Part 3b – Planes, Streetcars and Motorcycles
In the morning, Matt woke up and tried to get his bearings. He remembered pulling down the cooking rum and…now he was in the spare room. Jules was beside him. She stirred with his movement and turned to face her husband. He couldn’t help but wonder at the beauty of the woman. No matter what time of day, no matter what she was wearing or doing. What a creature. She smiled at him.

“I have something special for you,” she teased. Ever so slowly the sheet that covered her started sliding down. Sever so slowly, the sheet revealed…a white bra strap…white bustier…white garter belt…white panties…white garters…the incredible sexy gap below the panties...and the tops of white stockings. “He’ll be mad,” she said. “But it will be our little secret. My husband thought this was all for him on our wedding night. But I want to give it to you.”

Matt was hard. Very hard.

Staying on her front, she took her husband’s pillow, lifted her waist, slid the pillow under her hips and wiggled her ass back-and-forth. “It wants a real man,” she whispered. “Are you a real man?” Her hand slid over, into his boxers and wrapped around him. “Hmm. Feels like it.” Her head turned and with her other hand she reached for a tube. “Here, get me ready.”

Matt couldn’t resist. He pulled the panties down and lay on his wife. The warmth and softness of her body added to the strain in his cock. He took the tube and was soon sliding into a tight warmth. It was much tighter than her well-used cunt. He couldn’t believe how good it felt and he rode the woman’s behind for as long as he possibly could.

Later, as he lay exhausted, it occurred to him: Why wasn’t she loose?

By noon, as they got ready to go to the ballgame, Matt noticed he’d missed a message the night before. It was another couple of perfect, naked bodies wrapped into each other. The caption read: “My husband is everything. Other men are foreplay.” He snorted.

It was a perfect day for a ballgame. Summer had been a big disappointment but the end of September was as hot as most Toronto July or August days. The dome roof was rolled back and the box was amazing. Later in the game, some of the sold-out crowd had to retreat up the aisles to escape the unseasonal heat. The box also had easy access to a bar, as well as an air conditioned area; it also had Matt’s one-and-only Jewels and the breathtaking Adrianna. But it also had Steven. Matt had somehow missed that memo. The seating arrangement kept changing somehow so that Jules was always between the other two, and Matt was always on the outside.
It was pleasant, as Adrianna kept asking reasonable questions. And it was exciting as Jose Bautista had a standing ovation every time he was at bat, then doffed his cap and left for a replacement fielder after one out in the bottom of the ninth. As a surprise bonus, the home team won the game.

Steven roared himself hoarse. “He’s been shit most of this year, but he’s one of the best all time!”

After the game, the quartet threaded its way through the crush and then to escape it, they walked up to Queen Street.

“We can go to Jack Aster’s at Dundas Square,” suggested Steven.

They were walking past City Hall and the concrete chess boards. Adrianna stopped to admire the setup. Matt walked over to her to explain, “The tables are permanently here and chess hustlers will play any body or rent out the board and their pieces.” Steven was watching—remembering his treatment at the charity event. He walked over.

“Do you play?” he asked the tall woman. She shrugged. “Wanna play?” Her eyes bored into his.


Matt paid the owner while the two sat down and started to set up. Jules hung at Steven’s shoulder. Was it for support? Was it to watch Adrianna?

“Queen takes her own color,” the Frenchwoman said.

“What?” Steven asked, looking confused.

“You’ve setup your queen on the wrong square,” said Matt. “They actually face each other.”

“Oh, sure, sure,” said the man as he quickly changed pieces around.

The game did not last long. When, on her second move, the woman pulled out her queen, Matt smelled a “Scholar’s mate.” And when the end came, Steven sat and stared at the board. Julia was silent, bent down and kissed his cheek. Inwardly he said to himself, “That’s two, bitch.”

On Monday, Matt’s NSFW message had the familiar-looking couple with the caption, “If your man can love you, and love your pleasure, wherever you need to find it, never let him go.” He immediately erased it.

Later in the day, he turned his chair in Mick’s direction to look at the man sitting at his cubicle. The same cubicle Mel had worked at not so long ago.

“Julia's away Friday night and Saturday night. Are you up for doing something?”

“Sure,” said the other man, turning. “Saturday, why don't you come down to the Beach? If we have to come into work, it’s pretty quick.” Matt nodded. “We’ve got: a classic dive in Captain Jack the regulars—including ex-pornstars, ex-athletes and Neil Young's brother—call it 'the hole.' There’s a vegan place in Castro’s Lounge; cheap food at the Fill Station—just don’t show up the wrong night if you’re a chick; a Firkin pub, just like all the rest of the chain; the historically-designated Whitlock’s; the cute-named Lion on the Beach with the cheapest burger special this side of Micky D’s; and Salty Dog, which is a classic sports bar with a better class of folks than Jack’s. Pick one.”

“Salty Dog.” No hesitation.

“Good choice. Come and get me and we’ll head over whenever you want. We can watch…whatever game.”

It was dark when Jules got home that night. She’d “worked late”, then spent some extra time with Steven. He had really been in a mood lately. Julia couldn’t do anything right at work and when she was with him, he was hard to be around. The condo felt empty. She couldn’t remember what Matt was up to. Maybe she’d forgotten to tell him about what she was doing tonight and he’d gone out in a huff. Pulling her pumps off, she unzipped her skirt and walked into the bedroom fiddling with her bracelet.

Suddenly, she let out a loud screech as she was lifted and dumped face-down on the bed with a body landing on top of her. “No!” she tried to yell, but the weight constricted her chest.

“Shut the fuck up, cunt,” said a muffled voice at her ear. “No, is not a word you say to me.”

She was pinned down and couldn’t breathe. “Please don’t hurt me,” she grunted as best as she could.

“Don’t get mouthy, bitch,” said the voice, which somehow seemed familiar. The weight lifted off her, her unzipped skirt was roughly pulled up as far as possible and her panties were practically ripped off. Well, actually, they twice got caught and were clumsily pulled down her legs…then sort of peeled off her feet.

“You’re just a piece of fuckmeat to me,” said Matt. “And you’re not the only one.”

She was somehow flipped over…with her help. The man, wearing a balaclava, unzipped his pants fell on her and rammed his stiff rod into her. No, he didn’t, that was the intention. He tried to push his flaccid penis into her. That’s when Julia started to giggle. He fumbled a couple of times and tried to use his fingers to push the offending member up, into her moist cunt. With zero luck.

That’s when Julia started laughing. And couldn’t stop. Her laughing filled the room. Matt stood up, feeling humiliated that he was being laughed at for not being able to perform in a manly fashion.

Julia sensed his feeling, stood up, and pulled the balaclava up until only his mouth was showing. She gently kissed her husband. “I’m not laughing at you for not being hard. If you were such a man that could rape someone, I wouldn’t be able to love you like I do.” She kissed him again and pulled the face covering back down. Then she slowly slid to her knees.

“Now, let’s see if we can give you a head start, as it were, and try again.” She took him into her mouth.
The next evening, Julia and Adrianna walked into a seedy looking old warehouse. The entrance was clearly makeshift with a half-assed paint job and bare concrete floors. Julia wasn’t sure about this. But then they walked through another door to find soaring ceilings with ribbons hanging on rings all the way down, and people milling around in tight clothing. Almost all were women.

“Welcome back! Again!” said a beefy woman covered in tattoos with piercings in her eyebrows, nose and ears. “You’re becoming a regular. Hi, I’m Barb,” she said to Julia.

The room was setup for aerial silks, a type of circus performance where the performer is high above and controls themself by tying up in ribbons that hang all the way to floor. Julia had come to pay off her bet on the Springsteen tickets.

“So, you want to watch for a bit? Try something out? Just tell me, honey.”

Julia opted to watch first, as Adrianna went over to a set of silks with a partner to watch her, and began climbing two stories up. Jules couldn’t watch. But she did watch one pair in rehearsal. They played music and with the two at various heights, they would let go with their hands, as they were supported by the ribbons on their legs, or tumbled down until the ribbons stopped them, or soared together way above. Julia thought it was lovely. Someone demonstrated for her one of the more spectacular moves, the flat split roll-up. Julian couldn’t help but think of Cirque-du-Soleil.

“I want to try,” she told Barb.

With Barb on one side and Adrianna on the other they showed her how to climb. “Gonna hafta work on the upper body just a bit, Honey,” said Barb.

After a while, it was clear Julia was better than average. “You must have been in gymnastics." She did get tangled up twice and as she laughed, they showed her how to count and how to ensure things weren't too tight.

She was getting tired, but Adrianna wanted to try a duet move. She climbed above Julia on the same ribbons, tangled up her legs and hung upside down, arms dangling.
“She’s the base, you’re the flyer. Go up and hang onto her, Honey,” Barb prompted.

Julia pulled herself higher, wrapped the ribbons around her as she was told, and looked up at Adrianna. Then down. She froze.

“It’s okay, Honey. The ribbons have you. Try to reach your friend.”

Julia looked up. Adrianna was smiling at her with arms outstretched. “Come,” she said. Julia managed to put one arm up and hold the other woman’s arm as she was instructed. But she couldn’t let go of the ribbon with the other hand.

“Trust me,” said Adrianna. Julia felt the strength of the woman above her flow down. She let go of the ribbon and grabbed the other arm. “Now shake off the ribbons.” She did. She was flying two stories up just holding Adrianna. She felt the rush. Owning it, she bent one knee and stretched the other leg full behind her to really look like some flying sprite. There was whooping and clapping from far below. It was amazing.

When they were down, Barb said to the two. “That was great. I have a simple routine for Halloween to the theme from “Dead Silence”. You two could be a puppet and puppet master. What do you think?” She didn’t really need to ask.

Matt said goodbye to Jules Friday morning and told her to have a nice time. Jules met Adrianna at the Hospital for Sick Children late in the afternoon. Adrianna hung in the back ground and made sure to stay out of the reporters’ pictures, but she had been responsible for bringing cancer-stricken children from war-torn areas to the hospital for treatment. Jules watched with moist eyes as the tall woman glided effortlessly, yet purposefully through the room, like some magnificent creature gliding through water.

Before they left, the tall man from the charity event appeared.

“Hoolia, may I introduce my brother, Normand. Normand, this is Julia Adams. Her husband is responsible for AME, that investment thing that Papa is interested in.” They exchanged pleasantries.

“’Hoolia’?” asked Normand.

“Of course,” his sister replied. “How else do you pronounce the name in Spanish?”

“But I’m not Spanish,” giggled Julia.


Normand frowned.

Afterwards, a car took them to the Island airport and they did indeed board a float plane. The trees were well into their fall colors around the lake when the plane touched down into the water of an area some call “The Hamptons of the North”. It taxied up to a house that took Julia’s breath away. The “cottage” was a huge three story wall of glass toward the lake. Lights were on so she could see the open expanse of the rooms, as well as the tasteful way the outside and inside blended together. The Adam’s condo would have been one small corner of one floor.

Once into the house, Julia was introduced to an older, very elegant couple. What she didn’t notice was the surprise each had on meeting her, which they quickly hid. The woman was taller than the man. She was Adrianna with short white hair and wrinkles that, if possible, made her even more distinguished. She was lovely and dressed and groomed to absolute perfection. The man was slightly stooped and moved slowly, but he had an active intelligence to his face that Julia found amusingly mischievous. They were the parents of Adrianna and Normand: Normand senior, the head of the large French firm and his wife Adelise. There was also a good-looking, tall, dark man, perhaps in his mid-forties, who hung back until he was introduced as Jamie.

They had dinner together in the soaring dining space. Jamie brought over the food and Julia thought she was in a six-star restaurant, if there was such a thing.

“My apologies,” said Jamie with a slight accent as he sat down beside Julia, across from Adelise and Adrianna. “I could only work with the ingredients I could find.” The two Normands were at opposite ends of the table.

The dinner conversation was pleasant. “Are you into sports at all,” asked the older Normand of Julia. Adrianna rolled her eyes. “You’re quite the trim young lady.”

“I don’t have much time now, but I was into dance and gymnastics when I was a kid.”

“Do you know about Ada?” he asked. Then he continued not waiting for a reply, “She was into Taekwondo when she was younger and gave it up.”

“The electronic scoring changed it as a sport and took the life out of it. It was really quite stupid to watch,” interjected his daughter.

“Then she concentrated on the heptathlon. Do you know what that is? She has to run short and long,” his head went back and forth then counted on his fingers. “Jump high, jump hurdles, throw a ball and throw a spear. Do you know, she was almost in la Jeaux de la fancophonie? And the woman who went wasn’t even French!” Julia looked puzzled.

“Olympic type competition for French-speaking countries,” Adrianna again interjected. “And no, I didn’t almost make it. And Antoinette Nana Djimou is an amazing athlete and you don’t have to be born in France to be French.” The old man shrugged.

“Where is Sela?” asked Adelise. The younger Normand looked at Julia.

“My wife is an obstetrician at Mount Sinai Hospital,” he explained. He turned to his mother, “She is on call Maman.”

“But you took time out of your busy schedule to see your mother. How sweet,” the older woman kissed in her son’s direction. She looked at Julia, “Nommy is also at Mount Sinai doing,” she waved her hands, “Some research.”

“Genetics and reproduction. At the moment I’m working on the egg membrane and how it prepares itself for fertilization. We are all ready for human trials.”

“I wish you could do something for Sela’s fertilization,” sniffed the mother. Adrianna again rolled her eyes.

“Where are you from?” Normand senior asked Julia.

“Halfway between here and Toronto on Lake Simcoe. A place called Barrie. After I went to school, my folks moved to Kingston.” Frowns all around. “It’s at the start of the Saint Lawrence River? Thousand Islands?” The frowns cleared.

“How are you spending our money?” the old man asked his daughter.

“Hoolia was with us when we greeted the poor children at the Children’s Hospital,” she replied. There were frowns again when they heard “Hoolia”.

“You know,” started Julia, “There was a park near us that vandals had pretty much destroyed. A family trust stepped in and, without big advertising of their name, had it rebuilt. I think there’s a lot of underprivileged schools that would just love to have some money for school instruments, outings, a number of things.” She trailed off as she looked around at the family staring at her.

“Would you like to help me?” asked Adrianna.

“Oh, yes!”

“I apologize that you ended up in a family conversation,” twinkled the older man to Julia.

“This is nothing,” she replied. “You should be around my mother’s family at Christmas.” They all laughed.

Adrianna looked at Julia and said, “Canoe canoe a canoe?”

Momentarily confused, Julia then smiled, “Sort of. Canoe?”

“I don’t know if I can—I want to find out if I can tomorrow.”

Julia and Adrianna helped Jamie clear up, then the two women donned light jackets and wandered outside. Away from the house, Jules looked up. She was awestruck. An arm went around her shoulder and her hand was pulled around a waist.

“What do you see?” asked Jules companion.

“Stars. Where we live now, we see maybe two stars and the moon. It’s incredible. I miss it so much.”

She turned to the tall woman. “Ada?”

“Family name.” Julia felt a squeeze on her shoulder. “Call me Ada, Hoolia. It sounds so nice when you say it.”

Julia snuggled into Ada. “I like Hoolia.”

Matt was in bed with his tablet when he started getting message from Jules.

“Wow!” Was the first, with a picture of a huge glass mansion with sloped roof, surrounded by trees.

“The cottage is on Lake Rosseau!” said the second.

“The neighbors are Cindy Crawford, Doug Gilmore, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell!”

“Tom Hanks has been spotted around here!”

Then, after a pause, another one of those pictures arrived. No, it was different. The pose was similar, but it was Julia and Steven. The caption was, “Share her. Watch her. Love her.”

He turned the machine off and rolled over.

“Whump!” went the pillow as it landed on Julia’s head.

“Get out of bed, girl!” Ada demanded. “You’ve got to say goodbye to Maman and Papa and I’m not missing this morning for anything.” Julia groaned as Ada went back to her room, but she reluctantly complied.

After seeing the parents off and having breakfast, the two women were quietly paddling around the lake, Julia in front. She loved the quiet and the wildlife. They’d seen deer, heron and a bear. The leaves were well into their color change, with orange and red highlights in the green. It was so different from Yonge and Eglinton. But this was not her current life.

“Sooooooo,” said Ada behind her. “Who’s Stevennnnnnnnnn?”

Julia half turned, “Oh, he’s my boss.”


“Okay, he’s…he's….”

“C’monnnn. Spill. Tell me. Is he your lover?”

Julia sighed. “Wellllll, I call him my boyfriend. I know you French have this concept of ‘lover’, but…”

Ada pulled the oar out of the water. “I have an oar and I am prepared to use it. Stupid French movies are just about as realistic as Hollywood. I hate that cutesy stuff.” The oar went back into the water. “I know what I just said, but do you know that Jamie is Maman’s lover?”


“I was quite mad at her at first. She justified it by saying that it took pressure off Papa and will let him live longer. She came up with this stuff about ‘ethical nonmonogamy’. I’m better with it now. She makes sure Papa is never embarrassed, there is always complete respect. And no one truly knows about it. I must admit, she and Jamie really are devoted to each other.”

“He’s so much younger than she is!”

“Not THAT much. Have you heard about our president? His wife was his high school teacher. And Maman and Papa seem to be still devoted to each other too. It seems to work. I just don’t like what it says about Papa.”

“What about you? Is there anyone special?”

There was a loud sigh. “Not since my fiancé died.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” said Julia. “How long did you go with him?”

“Her. Four years. It was over a year ago.”

“Oh, so you’re…”

“I hate labels. I had one steady boyfriend in your equivalent to high school. Then…I outgrew him. I had another man off and on until we finished school. My family expected I would marry him. But I outgrew him too. After that, I met Valery.” There was a choking sound and Julia turned around. “Sorry. I’m fine. It’s just so horrible. She was back in Spain…and…and…she was raped. I…I…tried to get back but before I could…she…she…she………she took her own life. I wasn’t there for her.” Julia sat not knowing what to say. “Maman and Papa loved her as much as I did.” They sat drifting for a moment. “We have to live not knowing what tomorrow will bring.”

They returned to the cottage for lunch and there was a surprise waiting for Julia. The parents and Jamie had been replaced by two men who looked like they had stepped out of GQ. One was introduced as Alexandre. He was a PHD student working under Normand. The other, Eddy, was his friend. Lunch was good, but nothing like Jamie’s dinner and breakfast. They had a quick dip in the cold lake and Eddy suggested they go water skiing. He had his boating operator’s license. Julia was exhausted by day’s end. She had great fun taking turns with skiing. Alexandre and Eddy looked like experts and Ada was not far behind. Julia couldn’t help but laugh as she kept wiping out. The two women, in their bikinis, got a lot of attention, and horn-soundings, from other boats.

Hours later, everyone rested back at the cottage, then Eddy started dinner. Julia asked if she could help, but when she was shooed away, she announced she’d take a shower. When she got out, there on the bed was the beautiful, red mini-kimono from Queen Street. She held it up to her body just as Ada entered the room, drying her hair and wearing the blue kimono.

“I’m just wearing this,” Ada declared.

“Ada, it’s beautiful! You shouldn’t have.”

The tall woman looked at her. “Not as beautiful as you.” She leaned down and gave Jules a peck on the cheek, then pinned up her hair. “Dinner time!”

Mick and Matt had settled in at the sport’s bar—both men carefully seating themselves so they could watch the games on the screens without looking rude by turning away. They ordered and Matt, after weighing the idea, told Matt the same story he had told Mel. He described his current marriage like it was a friend’s marriage. He told about encouraging the wife to have sex outside the marriage. How it was a turn on to watch. How some of the humiliation was a turn on. And then, how things had changed when the wife had only one partner outside the marriage and then came the bill chill, when she claimed she had fallen in love with her boyfriend.

Then he added the part after that. How the friend had found feelings for a co-worker but she’d moved away. Sort of. She was very far away with no current schedule for return. He said the friend had no idea what to do.

“Well,” said Mick. “Quite a story. Don’t know if I can help because the little bits of psychology I know are all related to motivation, communication and learning. But, I can muse. First off, I wonder if your friend is suffering under something called ‘Equity theory’. If liking the humiliation has worn off, maybe he just wants some sort of equal treatment? Not sure he can say much about spousal rights as he kinda gave those up voluntarily.

“My deepest background is in B.F. Skinner. My professor was a direct student of Skinner and he certainly brain-washed the lot of us. I have to teach a bit about Skinner and I always emphasize what others get wrong: punishment doesn’t work. If it looks like someone is going to be punished, they concentrate solely on avoiding the punishment. Not the other stuff around it. Does it look like your buddy has been avoiding things?”

“Yes,” said Matt immediately. A prime example was sleeping in the spare room.

“And if someone is already being punished, what they want to do above everything is escape the punishment, not correct their behaviour. That escape, if it can’t be physical, can be mental. Has your buddy mentally escaped from the marriage or has he tried physically?”

Matt thought about it. “I can certainly see some of that.” But not enough, he thought.

Matt asked himself, did he want to escape? The answer didn’t come back a definitive ‘no’.

Dinner was very nice and the women, again, did the cleanup. When that was all away, they gathered in the large, beautiful sitting area, Julia and Ada in their mini-kimonos. Normand disappeared for a moment and then returned with a wooden box. He opened it and extracted four joints.

“Do you mind?” he asked Julia.

“Not at all,” she replied. “You know we’ll be able to buy this in the local wine store this time next year?”

“Yes,” he said in a disgusted voice, “At ten dollars a gram. And it will likely be junk. Have you been to Amsterdam? They have stores with this in glass jars stacked in shelves. I’m sorry, I’m tired. I’ll leave you to it. Goodnight.” And he left with the box.

There were two women making out at the bar and Matt kept stealing glances over.

“Barsexuals,” said Mick.


“Yes, women who make out just to get attention from men. Gets me hot. Until recently I thought it was just me.”

“It’s interesting,” said Matt. “I read a survey recently about what porn people watch. The top two categories, in order, for women, were lesbian, then gay male. They were down at numbers 6 and 7 for men.”

“I’ll fight for any man’s rights to love whomever he wants, but…personally…ick,” the older man replied. “I wonder if women’s interest in the lesbian thing has gone up over time. You know, how women’s bodies have been used in advertising for so long? Objectified? It must somehow sink in. I’ll bet the porn thing is more about sensual sex versus grunt and blow.”

Just then, a very curvy woman in a short dress touched Mick’s shoulder on the way by. He looked up and said, “Heh-hey! Lailey! How are you?”

Matt watched her go. Her makeup was lovely and the dress accentuated a killer figure. Not super model material like Julia, but closer to the wonderful curves of Mel. He caught himself.

“Nice, eh?” asked Mick. Matt nodded. Mick leaned forward and whispered, “Do you know, she’s a gal with a little something extra?”

Matt was stunned. “No!”

Mick settled back and wagged a finger at Matt, “Now I only know this because we were both at a drunken neighborhood pool party and just got a quick glance by accident.” He leaned forward again. “She’s hung like she could inseminate fucking cows.” He settled back again. “Bigger than me, and not to insult you, but I’ll bet, bigger than you.”

Matt couldn’t help but watch the absolutely-feminine, gorgeous woman move around the room. With an eye on Lailey, he lifted his beer for a sip.

“You know,” chuckled Mick, “We could have all the sexual bases covered right here in this room, if you and I just started making out.”

Beer came out of Matt’s nose. “SCORE!” roared Mick.

Wine and smoke had been going on for a while. Julia had begun to feel that liquid, slow flow of time. She hadn’t noticed that Ada had touched very little. Julia noticed Alexandre and Eddy move closer. Then their faces came together. She had to focus. They were making out. A tongue slipped into the other’s mouth. Julia began to feel warm.

Ada leaned over to her with lips pursed almost touching her friend. Julia opened her mouth, and as Ada exhaled the heady smoke, Julia sucked it in. Ada did not move back. Julia looked over again and one very sculpted male chest was bare, and was being caressed. A nipple was sucked. She looked back and Ada was ready again. Julia opened her mouth and breathed in. When Ada didn’t move back, Julia couldn’t resist. She moved her head a tiny bit forward and the lips touched. The jolt was electric. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into the moist warmth and moved it around the silken interior.

Ada broke off the kiss and looked over at the men. Julia turned and an enormous cock was out and a head was slowly bobbing up and down the slick shaft. Julia turned back to Ada with open mouth. This time the tongue was slipped into her mouth and she slowly sucked it in and out like it was a tiny version of the cock across the room. Tongues took turns, mouths kept exploring.

Ada broke off again and looked over. Julia saw two beautiful sculpted bodies. One turned over and the other lay on top. She was fascinated by the clench and release of the perfect buttocks. They were fucking.

She turned to Ada, who stood up. “Trust me,” she heard. She lifted her arms and was lifted up. She had her arms around Ada’s neck, her legs around Ada’s waist and was being supported under her buttocks. Unable to resist, she started a liquid kiss as she was floated through the house to be softly spread upon a bed. She watched as a finger slid under the knot in her kimono and as the finger rose, the belt split like aerial silk ribbons then landed softly on the bed. Now two fingers touched the lapels of her wrap and slid down her body, revealing its beauty.

“Oh, girls,” moaned Ada. “You’re lovelier than I imagined.” Warm wetness visited Julia’s nipples one, then the other, then back again. When the mouth moved off, a finger would glide in the slick that was left behind. Julia was euphoric.

Soft kisses traced down her flat stomach. She reflexively parted her thighs. “Have you heard of an Australian kiss?” said a voice in a dream.

“A French kiss down under,” replied Julia with a giggle. Then she felt one. She moaned. The kiss continued and expanded its sphere slowly, gently. It would catch her clit from time-to-time and the jolt was beyond electric. Julia had no concept of time. Years could have passed. She didn’t know. Didn’t care.

“Do you know what a Full Irish is?” asked the voice.

Julia smiled, “No idea.” And she didn’t care.

Two fingers were inserted into her. They began, as the tongue continued to swirl, to alternate between rubbing up behind her pubic bone, then spin and rubbing down toward her back. She couldn’t believe how such a wonderful thing got better. Then there was a pause, a sucking sound, and something wet was pressed against her anus. She flinched slightly and the object entered. With tongue in one place, two fingers in another, and another finger in a third, her floating rose off into the stratosphere.

When Julia finally came down, she looked down to see the beautiful face looking up. “What have you done to me?” she asked the face.

“Less than you deserve,” came the reply.

Ada gently separated Jules’s lower lips and rubbed the top of her tongue up-and-down the clit. This time, Julia could at least recognize the orgasm and realize there was only one. It came fast and was still wonderful beyond belief.

Later in the night, Julia was on top of Ada with her head next to the soft breasts. She looked up, and glints in the dark eyes were looking down. “What can I do for you?” asked Julia.

Ada gave a soft chuckle, “Don’t move.” Her hands went under Jules and separated the lips beneath. Then Ada softly pushed down on Jules as she moved her pelvis up and down. Jules could feel a warm slick on her flat stomach and held still. Then she sucked the finger and thumb on one hand and reached to play with a nipple. When Ada came, she groaned and clutched at her lover. Julia smiled and relaxed. There is satisfaction and power in the feeling that you get, knowing you can make someone cum.

When Julia woke up, there was a bright stripe of light down the curtains. She slid out of bed, padded across the room, grabbed one curtain and slowly walked it back to the wall, slowly revealing the bright scene. Then she did the other side and walked back to stand in the middle of the enormous window. And drank it in. All of it: the colors of the trees, the color of the sky, the warmth of the light, the reflection off the flat water. After some minutes she turned and Ada was looking at her.

“Beautiful,” said Julia.

“Much better view from where I am,” was the reply.

Julia padded back to the bed, slid in and onto the other woman’s body. Head on chest.

“Julia, normal people get up, have breakfast, have a life.” Julia shook her head vigorously. “I’ll make you a deal. We get up, have breakfast, we can come back for a cuddle before we have to get ready to leave.” More vigorous head shaking. “You will!” And Ada quickly sat up, moved the sheet and smacked Julia’s soft behind. They could hear the screech in the kitchen.

After breakfast, they returned to the room and slipped off the kimonos. Julia climbed onto the bed as Ada fiddled with something at the wall socket.

“Lay back,” Julia was ordered. Ada straddled Jules’s groin and put an object between them. “Now, the trick is, bottom girl controls where this goes and top girl adjusts accordingly.” There was a buzzing sound. Julia took hold of the handle and moved in around until her head snapped back, her eyes snapped closed and she groaned, “Ooooooh, goddddddddddddd...."

Later, as they stripped the bed, Julia mused on a saying she’d read back in school. “Burn the boat.” Rowers burned the boat after a winning performance. Explorers burned the boat so there was no retreat. She wondered which one this was.

As Ada showered, Julia found Alexandre. She gave him her phone and he punched into it. She’d waited until Ada was in the shower, so she wouldn’t misunderstand what she was doing.
Matt was in the living room when the door opened. Jules was first with hands full, followed by Ada. Running over to her husband, Jules flung her arms around him and gave him a long kiss.

“Hey, Baby,” she said in a sultry voice. “Ada helped me bring up food from Grazie: Baked goat cheese salad, Allessandra with spicy sausage and Basta with shrimp. I figured it was a winner since you like Italian so much these days.”

Matt had to take it all in. Then he asked, “Is Ada staying for dinner?”

“No,” said the tall woman. “I have to get home and get some rest, and you two haven’t seen each other all weekend. How was the implementation?”

“Perfectly uneventful. What did you two do?”

“Ate oysters and searched for pearls,” winked Ada. Matt looked confused.

“We canoedled!” said Jules. Matt still looked confused.

Ada turned to go and an object, much like a microphone fell out of her bag. Jules’s hand flew to her face and she gave an embarrassed giggle.

Without missing a beat, the woman picked up the object, pointed it at Matt, and said, “Hitachi Magic Wand: the greatest invention of the twentieth century.”

The following evening, Julia was going to be late, so Matt contacted Mel. He had the CHUM chart beside him. They chatted for a while, things were improving with Mom, then out of the blue Mel said, “I have to tell you something." She smiled. “I’m going on a date tomorrow night. My Mom, my sister and Grandma all insist that I go out with this guy who’s a son of a friend of Mom. He’s apparently a lawyer, and…”

Matt couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the conversation. The CHUM chart stayed in its place.

When he closed out the conversation, there were two NSFW messages waiting from Jules. The first was of two women in lingerie: one with her back to the camera entering a room where the second one, out-of-focus was sitting. The caption was: “There is more than one way to cuckold a husband.”

The second again had a woman standing in lingerie with her back to the camera. Another woman was sitting, facing the camera, holding the panties of the first as if to pull them down. The expression of the second woman was challenging, powerful. The caption was: “Women can be bulls too.”

Part of an old children’s song came to Matt:

“There were four in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over."

“So they all rolled over and one fell out…”
“She's a cool, blonde scheming bitch
“I want her so much I feel sick
“The girl can't help it, she really can't help it now

“Who’s that gal? What’s she doin’ with her?
“It’s that girl, and she’s screwing with her,
“Can’t you feel the sex and sweat?
“She’ll make you cream your jeans
“So you won’t forget!”
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This story is getting complex but very hot! keep it rolling!
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Part 4: Does the thought count?
From: Michaelis Thanis
To: Matt Adams
Bcc: Melissa Rougier

Subject: Extovert

Text: Question; how can you tell a Computer Scientist is an Extrovert? Answer; because he looks at YOUR shoes instead of his own.
It was the moment Matthew Adam’s gut started acting up.

The short, balding man Matt had met at the charity event through Michaelis, had visited the office. Jesse Patterson was a force in the pension plan, which was one of the largest investors in the world. Jesse had read about the trading program Matt had designed, AME, or Algorithmic Market Execution (Michaelis preferred calling it HERMES after the Greek god of trade…and thieves), and was looking to see if he was comfortable using it for some part of the pension plan’s billions. It was a moment one dreamed of.

Matt had brought the team together, including Mick, to demonstrate the system to the short man. Everything had started out very well.

“There’s a rumor on the street,” Jesse said, “That during last week’s market meltdown, AME is the party that made over two hundred million bucks.”

“We’re not at liberty to say,” twinkled Mick. They had made less, but that information wasn’t public knowledge.

Then Jesse leaned back with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well, that’s very interesting. Your program is betting against Dominion Heavy Industries. Needless to say, that’s a staple of our portfolio.” He paused. “That’s a pretty gutsy move.” He paused again then straightened up in this chair. “So gutsy that I think I’m going to wait and see what you do with that position before I commit to investing with you.”

Matt didn’t hear the rest of the conversation as Mick joked and soothed the other man, then helped him make a polite exit. Everyone started a loud chatter, except Matt. He stared at the screen which showed the current positions held by AME and his mind flew down corridors of decisions. Why was that trade made? AME had sold DHI short—selling it without owning it, so AME had to borrow a large amount of the stock to do it. It was a highly leveraged move which, if unsuccessful, was going to cost millions. The cost of that loan was ticking up every single day.

Mick returned, and slid into the chair beside Matt. “We used to call that a ‘widow-maker’ trade,” he said. “Traders would lose money for years betting against the Japanese economy. I doubt anyone has ever bet against DHI. I’ve been living off their dividends for years and I haven’t heard anything to suggest they won’t continue their steady growth. Any ideas why that happened?”

Matt kept staring ahead and didn’t look at Mick when he answered, “I have to check further.”

“Can we back it out?”

Asok, one of the other team members spoke up, “Of course we do have ways to back out of positions, but I think we’d want to test this to make sure AME just won’t do it again. That trade was done for a reason and if that reason is still there, that trade will just come back.”

Sure enough, when they backed out the position in the test version of AME, the program immediately made the same trade again. AME looked like it deliberately wanted to lose money. The pension plan, arguably the largest investor in the country, was not going to invest in AME. Other investors would catch wind of it and would remove their money. AME wouldn’t be Matt’s path to success…and a house…and a family. His gut started to ache.
Bon!” the elder Frenchman exclaimed as he ended the family conference call. A wave of deep contentment washed over him as he pushed away from the desk and smiled at his darling wife.

“The news couldn’t have been better,” he said to her. “You finally have your long awaited wish!” He noticed the glow that had already started to shine from her.

“As if you didn’t want to be a grand-père", the elegant woman replied. “I can’t believe it will also involve, Ada.” Their daughter, Ada, had been on the phone as their son, Normand, had announced a plan to finally bring a blessed grandchild into the world! The old man was immensely grateful that the years of tension and disappointment, when Normand’s wife had proved incapable of having children, were now behind them. There was a path.

Normand Senior reached over and took his wife’s hand. A stirring below his waist started an inner smile that was a lot larger than the one on his face. He made a decision and he didn’t become the business man that he was by not acting on the instant.

“Ma Cheri,” he started. Then decided actions spoke louder and standing up, grasped both of the woman’s hands and lifted her with him. She melted into him instinctively and felt the same stirring. Her head snapped up in surprise. Beaming up at her husband, she whispered, “Shall we retire?”

In the large bedroom, they took their time to undress, allowing Normand to admire his wife’s body. She was a marvel at her age and would have turned heads looking like this even if she had been 20 years younger. The woman grasped the man’s erection, which was harder than it had been in some considerable time, and kissed her husband in a fashion that said, “Give me everything.” Then she whispered to him.

Dulcissime, totam tibi subdo me.” It was from one of his favorite pieces of music and meant, “Sweetest one! Ah! I give myself to you totally!”

The kisses and sighing and gentle caresses eventually floated to the bed where the man expertly, slowly yet deliberately stroked, teased, tongued and tickled his wife’s most intimate places. He was beaming into her loving face when he detected the problem. Trying to avoid disappointing the woman, he moved his lower body away from her and continued his delicate strategy of pleasure. Eventually the woman moved from wondrous anticipation to impatience and her hand moved to grasp the object of her desire.

Her eyes flew open and she looked at her love with some pain. She was disappointed for him. Not her.

Ma chérie souffre d'un immense chagrin d'amour,” she whispered. [My darling suffers from an immense heartache.] And a tear welled in the corner of an eye.

He never would have imagined it happening to him and it had become a slow, steady torture. Knowing his family history, he had been fastidious all his life in looking after himself. But genes are genes and his ability to pleasure his wife—and feel that pleasure himself—had waned with the health of his heart. Now, the very medication he was taking to stay alive also prevented him from taking anything else for matters of the bedroom.

But a thought entered his mind. It was a fleeting fantasy years ago, started by a chance glimpse of his wife-to-be kissing a friend. It was many years ago. It was an idea that had grown to an unmentioned, unexplored fantasy in his youth. Forgotten for years, the fantasy was now fresh again in his mind. The idea grew and with it, grew something else.

Ma chérie!” exclaimed Adelise as she felt the swelling in her hand.

“Go. Bring Jamie,” breathed Normand into her ear.

She frowned. “No, sweetest. I don’t think he would like that,” she replied.

“Go. It will not be like that.”

She paused, her eyes searching her husband’s face. Seeing something, she smiled.

“Go,” he repeated.

As graceful as the dancer she had been, she slid from the bed, downed a robe and left.

Normand lay there smiling. His erection had grown as he relived the moment Adelise, not knowing Normand was just entering the room, had leaned forward and touched her lips to those of his closest friend. She had never done it before. She had never done it again. Now, since he had lovingly insisted that she find the pleasure he could not give her, he knew she was doing more than kissing another man. Adelise and Jamie had been ever so discrete. The idea had now started to arouse him. He was surprised. After all, he was the ever so successful man! Over the years he had shoved so many weaklings out of his way. Lesser men. Lesser in all ways. But now…

Eventually, the door opened and very quietly, Adelise returned…pulling the tall, dark, younger man into the room with her. They had been some time, so some amount of “negotiation” had obviously occurred.

Normand pulled back the covers beside him. Adelise, glanced back at Jamie, dropped her robe revealing her toned, trim female form and slid onto the bed. The covers were replaced and as Normand moved over his wife, he looked back and nodded to the corner of the bed.

Asseyez mon ami,” he said. [Sit, my friend.]

Warily the handsome young man barely placed his buttocks on the bed.

Surprised, Normand could feel he was once again not quite “up” to sliding into his wife. He moved his mouth close to his wife’s ear—the one away from her lover.

“Hold his hand,” he said. Immediately, just the idea had pulsed into his loins. The woman smiled, looked over to the other man and held out her hand. He could not resist the overture.

Normand was now hard and inside Adelise. He moved slowly and deliberately, savoring the feeling.

“Kiss his hand,” Normand whispered as he thought ahead. Adelise pulled Jamie’s hand to her mouth. This made Jamie lean forward toward the coupled couple.

Normand had been lost in the liquid heaven of moving inside his wife for some moments when he then whispered, “Kiss him.”
Adelise immediately released Jamie’s hand and moved hers to the back of the man’s head, then gently pulled him forward. With a sideways glance, the man complied, leaning forward until his lips touched those of his lover.

“Make love to his mouth.”

Mouths opened. Tongues explored. Beautiful, wet noises filled the room. Normand was harder than he had been in years and was keeping up a deliberate rhythm. The old man felt like a stallion. He was breathing heavily and his heart was racing. Then the ultimate thought came to him.

“Tell him.”

Adelise stopped the liquid kisses and turned to her husband. Her eyebrows arched in question.

“Tell him,” was repeated.

She moved her mouth close to her husband’s ear. She understood. She now played her part.

In her husband’s ear she whispered, “Je t'aime tellement mon amour.” [I love you so much, my love.]

The wife then turned toward her lover. She pulled him close again. Looking deep into the man’s eyes and touching his face she said in a breathy voice, “Je t’aime.” The lover’s eyes went wide. He again quickly glanced at the husband, but knowingly looked back to the woman and smiled. “Je t’aime,” he replied.

It was too much for Normand. He arched his back, he thrust his cock as deeply into his wife’s cunt as he ever had and spilled his seed as deep as possible. He gasped and his heart thumped within his chest as if he was a marathon runner crossing the finish. He completely collapsed onto the woman like some rag man. It took a few moments for him to recover enough to pull off and with effort, he rolled over. The wife wrapped his cock in a cloth and looked down at her husband in concern. With a weak smile, he said, “Go. Find you pleasure.” She didn’t budge. He reached up and caressed her cheek as he looked deep into her eyes and said, “I will be here.” He smiled. Then he closed his eyes. From far away, he felt movement on the bed, heard some rustling and then heard the quiet click of the door. He was spent. Floating, he lost all awareness.

As the pattern of sleep goes, sometime later Normand became aroused again. This time another memory surfaced. There was a night when the same friend who kissed Adelise, his best friend, was at the house for a long night of Remy and reminiscing. The friend, as is occasionally required, excused himself. Normand’s fogged mind did not notice the inordinate length of time his friend was away. It was much later that he learned from Adelise that the friend has paid a visit to her bedroom.

“It was quite comical,” his wife told him. “As you men get, he was melancholic and unsteady. He made comment how his last kiss had made the room very chilly.”

Nothing had happened, but much later Normand had imagined the friend lying on the bed, being comforted by his wife, which would lead to other things …

With a start the man awoke. The room was cold and quiet. He donned a robe and stood uncertain of what to do. He padded to the window and glanced out at the lights and traffic that pointed the way to the huge tower beyond. He padded out into the hall where a shaft of light pointed to a door at the end, perhaps to some similar landmark. Without hesitation and with the confidence only Normand Charlès could possess, he moved down the hall, to the door and looked in.

Adelise was naked on her back on the bed. Normand drank in the perfection of her toned, dancer body. Her face was exquisite as she was clearly in a world beyond pleasure. Her head rocked back into the bed with a steady rhythm. A rhythm supplied by the naked Jaime as his chiseled, younger body slowly pumped, his ass cheeks clenching and unclenching with the thrusts into the woman prone underneath him.

Normand once again could feel a stirring in his groin. With a sense beyond the norm, the woman felt the presence of her husband in the darkness of the hall, turned her head toward him and pursed her lips into a kiss. Then she mouthed, “Je t’aime,” before her head snapped back with another, stronger thrust. She moaned. Then she lifted her lips to those of the man above her. On contact, he rammed his hips forward and held still as he groaned into his lover’s mouth.

Normand was transfixed. Then a thought occurred to him. What if his wife had just been ‘made with child’ at that moment? Of course it was impossible at her age. But what if this had happened years earlier? She was a strong-willed woman, an intensely passionate woman. What if she had found and chosen another man with whom she would want a child? Could Normand have stopped her? Of course not. His thoughts surprised him as he came to the realization that of how much he would give to make his wife happy—to have her look so fulfilled, so complete. The thought made the stirring in his groin almost painful. Reluctantly, he pulled his gaze away from the bed, and he padded back to his room.

The old man slipped between cool sheets and lay for a moment. Everything was fine. The future was taken care of. His wife. A grandchild. Then he thought back to Ada’s guest at the cottage. What a beautiful, blond woman she was. Julia. He was most pleased that she was part of the plan.

Then the old man closed his eyes.
“Is HERMES showing complexity beyond its programming?” Mick mused out loud to the AME team. “Is this like that program that plays the game Go? It beat the snot out of the human champion by suddenly discovering something new. Don’t they even remember the number of the move it made when it ‘defined the future’? At the time everyone thought it had made a mistake. Is HERMES doing that? ”

“It was move 37 of the second game and AME. It was a one-in-ten-thousand move and the human later won his only game by playing another one-in-ten-thousand move. But AME isn’t like AlphaGo at all,” said the woman with the sweet brown face—the face belied the strength in her voice. “We don’t have the same three parts as that program--AME isn’t a neural net, it’s an algorithm.” Sreenithi was a good architect, but she wasn’t Melissa. Mick caught himself. We need Mel. We need her badly, he thought.

Matt had been staring ahead. Mick noted he had been doing that a lot. But this line of conversation had hit a nerve with him.

“We don’t do things by brute force like a neural net, but we do it smart,” said Matt. “Something like AlphaGo has a policy network to look for moves, a value network to pick the most promising ones, and a tree search to look into the future to see what a move will eventually produce. At times they were looking 90 moves ahead. AME has an algorithm to do the first two. As it’s been trading and watching the market, it’s been building up a memory and learning what works.” He paused and shared what had been bothering him. “Maybe Micks’s right. Maybe AME’s learned that a win doesn’t have to be huge. A win is a win, even if it’s small.”

“But,” Mick replied, “Small wins costs US too much money each time. Do you have the costs properly factored in? Didn’t early versions of AlphaGo get confused? Maybe HERMES is confused that a small win isn’t really a loss. The interest on the loan alone is going to…”

“Of course we have the costs properly factored,” snorted Nithi.

“Well,” said Mick, “Maybe you have made an amazing breakthrough.” Then his eyes twinkled and he gave a puckish smile. “But writing bug-free code would be the greatest breakthrough in history.”

Matt’s gut was ready to explode.
An hour later, Matt sat on a toilet, in a washroom five floors up from where he worked. Doubled over, he had barely registered there was a message on his phone. Noticing that he was feeling better, Matt sat up and saw he’d received a picture from his wife, Julia. With zero enthusiasm, Matt studied the out-of-focus couple clearly having vigorous sex in the background. In the foreground sat a naked man with his back to the couple and his head in his hands. There was a caption which read: “I get off on being hurt. Not physically, but when my wife fucks other men it HURTS. Every. Single. Time. As another bare cock slides into her, within me there is a torture so delicious it makes me want to cum. I can’t deny my need for the heartbreak—for the pain. No other couple could possibly excite each other like we do.” Feeling empty, Matt erased the picture. He was confused about AME. He was confused about his relationship with beautiful wife, Jewels. He was confused about…Mel. He missed Mel. The thought surprised him and the ache in his gut returned.

Just then, the phone buzzed again and Matt read, “Lunch?” It included a picture of Saint Lawrence Market. Julia, Jules, his “Jewels”, had made enough time to come all that way for lunch. Something was up.

Not long afterward, Matt and his wife were sitting beside a fountain that was surrounded by and covered with life-size statues of dogs spitting water into the fountain. Matt was always amused when anybody spotted the lone stone cat, which sat imperiously within spectacle. The couple were finishing up two of the famous Italian sandwiches from the basement of the nearby market, while doing what people usually do in such situations: people watching.

Another couple approached the fountain. The man was clearly smartly dressed for a finance job, and the woman was wearing clothes you’d call, comfortable. She was pushing an empty stroller as the man laughed and chased a little child around, over, and in one instance, under the still dogs.

Matt looked over at Julia to see her reaction. He caught himself admiring his wife. She could be a model, he always told himself. And she was dressed to impress. She was showing lots of leg, shaped nicely by her high heels. What a contrast between her and the mother of the other couple.

As if sensing her husband’s thoughts, Jules turned to Matt.

“They’re cute, aren’t they?” she asked, nodding at the couple. Then she got serious, “I know that’s what we said we’d do. But...” She paused and looked back at the couple. Obviously, she carefully considered her words before looking again at her husband to continue. “Do we have to be just like them? Don’t you think we have a more…exciting life?” She fully turned to Matt. “Do we really have to become just like them?” She reached out, took her husband’s hand and smiled. “Wouldn’t it be fun to see their reaction to what we do? They’d be scandalized! Wonder what THEIR wedding night was like? Ha! Other people just don’t have our amazing life.”

Matt quietly and carefully considered his words too. “It’s hard growing up,” he said. He squeezed her hand. “But you know we’ve always wanted a family. It’s who we are. It’s…” Jules interrupted him.

“Yes, it’s who you are. But, Baby, I know you don’t really want some boring soccer Mom!” There was a wet speck in the corner of one eye, and she finished the sentence with a small sniffle. “You don’t want some frumpy woman in track pants who smells of onions and poopy diapers. Do you? Do you really want a life of early morning day care runs, planning who does the pickup and nothing but early nights and Netflix? Is that what you really want?”

Matt lifted the soft, manicured hand and gently shook and squeezed it. “Shh. It’s not like that. It’s about a shift in priorities, and it’s not permanent. Life goes through phases.” And his gut began to ache again.

His wife looked very deeply into his eyes, squeezed his hand back and replied, “Then we’d better pack a lot into our lives while we can.”
Later that night a very tired looking woman peered from a screen as an older man grinned back at her and said, “Hey Princess, how’s my favorite control freak?”

“Do you want an honest answer, or a polite answer?”

“That’s answer enough. I know you have everything under control and everyone well looked after. Want I also want is for YOU to look after YOU too. Think of this as a teachable moment. Your Mom should be looking after Grandma and you weren’t supposed to be the “sandwich generation” until a few years from now. Then you’ll have a kid living at home looking for a job after finishing the Master’s degree and considering going for a PhD because prospects are the pits. It will be the same time that your mother will permanently be the invalid she is temporarily now PLUS she’ll be as batty as your Grandma’s become. You’ll likely have to visit Mom’s old fogies’ home on a daily basis because they’re complaining how she’s harassing all the old men and she’ll complain to you about how they just can’t perform for her. You mistake what she says for a famous landmark when she grumbles about how quickly the “Viagra Falls”. Then fast-forward years later and it’s YOU who can’t keep track of your meds. Meanwhile the kids sneak into your home on a nightly basis, move all the furniture around and steal your baking sheets.”

By now the woman was smiling.

“Wait a minute,” she interrupted. “What about when I’m moving the furniture around on YOU?”

“Not a chance. My kids want that pleasure all to themselves. Anyway, I’ll train Bernini the fifth to not let you in.”

“The fifth?! You’re not looking after yourself enough to last THAT long. All that Scotch will take its toll. I’m betting you croak after adopting Bernini the second.”

“Not true. All that preservative will ensure I outlive YOU. Enough. I actually have a point to this conversation: I need a micromanager and I think it will be good for you. You need to exercise that amazing, active brain in that beautiful head. I’ve sent something securely to you. Have a look to make sure you know what it is.”

There was a long pause.

“Ohmygod! What do want me to do?”

“I need you to get into the weeds. HERMES looks confused or brilliant and it’s scaring the customers. There is a short position that I’ve highlighted which is giving Matt ulcers…when Super Crotch isn’t.”


“His wife. And when I said I want you to get into the weeds, that’s not true. I want you to look at the fungus-living-off-the-parasite-that’s-infected-the insect-that’s-eating-the-roots under the weeds.”

“What am I looking for?”

“Well, let me tell you a story. There once was an author who described computers as “smart-stupids”. As he had a crab explain in a book, computers are very useful because they are so flexible, but they are smart-stupids because they have the potential to be either smart or stupid—depending on how skillfully they are instructed. Look over what I sent. Look at the rules; look at that position; look at the news feed; look at that day’s market feed. I’m asking you to look for something stupid—probably Really Stupid.”

“Mick, you shouldn’t be sending me this.”

“Relax. You’re technically still an employee and they wouldn’t want this story to get out.”

“But if they find out about this security breach, sure they’ll keep it quiet but you’ll never work on Bay Street again.”

The woman was rewarded with the Cheshire Cat grin that she enjoyed so much—mostly for what it communicated.

“See? You agree. There is absolutely zero downside for me!”
The pounding music had long ago started an equal pounding in Matt’s head. Jules had dragged him out to Coda late that night, one of her favorite clubs. ‘Late’ is meant relatively, as the place usually doesn’t pick up steam until after midnight, then goes to 5am. As always, it was dark, there were LED lights on the ceiling, pumping beats, energetic people and solid vibes to dance to. It was just as Jules wanted. On another night they had even gotten in when one of Jules’ co-workers, whose wallet had been stolen, was let in with them by the security manager from a picture of the ID and ticket on a phone. Coda certainly has a rep for superior customer service.

Matt had wondered how they got away without Steven, but Jules mentioned he was playing in an out-of-town hockey game and, for once, she didn’t have to go and watch. Matt didn’t catch the explanation of why she was excused but didn’t care, they were out on their own and it was like old times. Matt couldn’t help but pull back and just watch. That’s what he did: watch. Jules was pure sex and energy. When she paused and came back to him for her drink, a few times she was distracted…no, she was mesmerized with a couple of guys getting close. It wasn’t one of those clubs, but was known as ‘tolerant’ so the guys didn’t take it too far. But still, it was having a visible effect on her.

Julia leaned heavily into her husband and breathed, “Aren’t they hot?” Then she was gone again.

After a while it was clear she had picked up a favorite. They looked good together. Matt didn’t know him and this was getting intensely hot for him as he got to watch his amazing wife and the man she was with—who wasn’t Steven. She disappeared for a short while and Matt’s phone buzzed. On it was a picture of a beautiful woman in lingerie lying on a bed. An accompanying caption read, “You’re more of a man being confident to share me. You know that no-one, no matter what, can take your place.” He couldn’t help but think of Steven and snort, but she was obviously asking a question. He spotted her again, with the same man who was clearly her type. She disappeared once again, and once again Matt’s phone buzzed. This time it was a picture of a naked woman, who was getting ploughed from behind by a huge cock. The caption was, “There is no powerful aphrodisiac than a little competition. And your wife sure loves it!” When she finally came back to her husband, pulling her partner by the hand, Jules’ slightly down-turned face and pouty lips silently repeated the question. The pounding of the room, was now a pounding in his veins—and it had nothing to do with the music or the drink.

Leaning into her he said as privately you can, when there is no way to whisper, “Shall we get a room at the Sheraton?” It was the most famous of the hotels close by.

“Ooh, yes,” came the reply. Matt wanted to be safe and it was such an amazing evening he thought, “Hang the expense.”

Once in the hotel room, it was as hot a session as Matt could remember. Jules had done a slow, sexy tease for both her new paramour and her husband. Then, she had concentrated completely on her new conquest. “I saw, I conquered, I came,” Matt thought with a smile. They followed the typical sequence of starting with oral to get charged up. Jules was the initial recipient and before she came, she stopped and sucked on the large member between the man’s legs.

She looked at Matt at one point, removed the long shaft from her mouth and pumped it while she said to her husband, “It’s a really nice one, isn’t it?”

Then she moved up the man’s body and paused to suck on his nipples. Matt knew it was a deliberate salting of his wounds. It was a trick she’d picked up with Steven and later used it to great effect on Matt. Here, the intimate, special act was being done on a handsome stranger. Matt felt his pulse in his temples. Jules then sat on the man’s lap while she stroked up and down his thick tat-sleeved arms and gave him long, tongue-action kisses. Matt’s breathing was even more labored and he remembered the line, “Watching them kiss is even harder than watching her suck his cock.” Then that huge dick penetrated Jules as Matt was consumed with lust and misgivings. A stranger was having the ultimate intimacy with Matt’s wife and she looked like she had never had sex before. The action of his wife and her conqueror/conquest quickly had him sweating and beating himself off. He tried to edge, but the intensity pushed him over the cliff well before he wanted. With the sudden release he could really appreciate the situation. With a shock he realized: Jules wasn’t going to cum. Everything was just as she needed and wanted, but it was clear to her husband that there were issues and at the end she was only going through the motions. The conquest didn’t notice at all. One young man was going to long remember a night with an incredibly hot chick. It was like old times…but the way she reacted, wasn’t.

Later, once alone in the huge bed, man and wife were consumed with each other. Jules, clearly unsatisfied and hot, rubbed her declivities to a shattering conclusion on her husband’s face, and then collapsed. She didn’t take long to recover and the two coupled and spooned off-and-on until morning.

At first light, Matt could finally ask, “Something was wrong last night. You were so into him, but later, I could see you weren’t enjoying it as much and didn’t cum. What was about?”

Sheepishly his wife replied, “It was exciting, but in the end, there was just no connection. I need to feel a connection.”
“But we used to do this and you really enjoyed it.”

She brightened, “Did you enjoy it? It was really for you. I could tell you were so hot about it.” Her sheepishness then turned to shyness and she said, “Now, can I have my turn? Can I have something?”
The next evening, Matt was shocked as he looked at the tired image of Mel on his screen. He had the time to himself to make the call to the west coast since Jules had said she’d be late…with Steven.

“Things OK?” he asked Mel with some alarm.

“The hardware holding Mom’s leg together broke when we were out walking,” she replied, clearly holding back tears. “They’re going to operate again to replace the hardware and try something new to try to make the bone heal. They say they’re fast-tracking her, so it will be done in two weeks. One of the emergency doctors is concerned and wants to figure out why a woman Mom’s age can’t grow bone.”

“God…I can’t imagine. Anything I can do?”

She gave a brave smile, “Thanks, just you asking that question helps. Besides, I hear you’ve got plenty of problems of your own.”
“Did Mick say something?”

“Yeah, he called a few days ago and happened to mentioned something about a questionable trade.”

“Questionable is putting it lightly.”

“How’re things at home?”

Matt stiffened. “Oh, you know. Nothing’s really changed. Except I think she has another playmate.” Quickly changing subjects, Matt asked, “Hey! How was that date?” He wanted to know…and he didn’t want to know. It depended on the answer.

“Ugh. He showed up in a penis car and it was downhill from there. Poor schmuck, I met his sister who’s great, and I’ve been spending time with her. Oh! I got a call from one of Bill’s old friends!” She really lit up with this news. Bill had been the man she would have married, if they hadn’t been so different in their goals for having a family. Conspiratorially she continued, “Blair was Bill’s best friend and I think he would have made a play for me, if hadn’t been for Bill. It’s pure coincidence that he’s turned up in Vancouver. We’re going out this weekend.”

“That’s great you can spend some time for yourself.”

“Yeah, Mom insisted I go and said she’d be fine for an evening. One of her friends is going to sit in with her.”

If it was possible, Matt’s gut hurt even more and he didn’t hear the condo door being softly closed. But he also hadn’t heard it open before that either. Out in the hall, someone made a phone call.
A little earlier, Steven Spears had decided he’d been patient enough. Julia, the woman he’d told he loved, had been jerking him around. She’d been spending more time with her cucky-boi husband. Sure, Batty Matty was nice enough. And, yeah, he’d had that article written in CONNECT about his work. Sure, geeks can have their time, but shit, what kind of MAN lets someone else fuck his wife? And oh what a fuck she was too. A beauty like that deserved the right kind of man. That’s why he’d taken her to see his family. Mom and Dad were even more in love with her than he was. And sure, it must be love he felt. He might have made a mistake taking it out on her and criticizing the job she did and putting extra work pressure on her. But, she needed to learn.

“Julia!” he called out the office door. It was a bit past normal quitting time but he knew she’d still be there.

She came in and he told her to close and lock the door.

“Do I really have time for this?” she asked, clearly annoyed. “You want that presentation by the weekend.”

“Let’s work on something else together,” he said with a wolfish grin. This was right out of something he’d read on line. Then he repeated, “Lock the door!”

She complied then he said, “Come. Sit here.” He pulled away from the desk and indicated his lap. At first she gave a resigned sigh, but then she couldn’t help give a mischievous giggle.

“Let’s say,” Steven said, “We’re working on a team-building activity. Managers need to make sure they build and manage their team properly.”

When Jules tried to sit on his lap sideways, he firmly turned her so she was in his lap and they were both facing the desk. The big monitor had been moved aside and scattered on the desk’s surface were a number of…puzzle pieces?

“I want you to put the puzzle together for me.”

“Okay,” clearly confused. “What is it?”

He reached to one side and put the box lid in front of her. It looked like a children’s picture of a fox in a green field.

“This shouldn’t be hard,” the woman giggled.

“Just wait,” the man replied. Then he reached under her short skirt and grabbed both sides of her pantyhose—which made him frown—and her panties. He always wanted her in stockings. The garments were slowly pulled down the woman’s legs. She giggled, kicked off her shoes, and helped pull the underwear completely off.

“Get started,” Steven growled. With a smirk, Jules complied, as people always do, on the outside border of the puzzle. Just before she completed the outline, she felt two hands move under her skirt and to her crotch. Work on the puzzle momentarily paused. As she started again, the hands moved with purpose between her legs.

It wasn’t a very challenging puzzle for an adult, but the distraction started to gain more and more of her attention. The gorgeous man, the one she had begun to feel should have virtually equal time and privilege to her body as her husband, knew how to pleasure her—in fact, knew how to pleasure her more than her husband did. One finger had teased at the entrance to her folds, while another gently circled around the nub at their apex. In no time the fingers were slick.

Once the border was done, she stared to bring all of the fox-color pieces together and to put the animal together. She worked at that fairly quickly until the one invading finger became two fingers and the circling finger started a direct tickle. She sharply took a breath. After a short while she somewhat adjusted to the new stimulation.

Once the fox was complete, the green field began to be filled in. That’s when the fingers withdrew. The woman gave a soft whimper. She was lifted slightly and there was some unbuckling and unzipping and some wrenching under her bum. Knowingly, she giggled. Then she felt a warm firmness, like four fingers glued together slide up between her thighs.

“The puzzle,” was growled in her ear. She went back to trying to figure out the green pieces, but below her conscious brain, the ancient, animal portion that couldn’t be controlled, was starting to make her hips move. They rocked and lifted and she wiggled. Once she had succeeded in getting her folds to touch and kiss the warm firmness, she began a slow, rhythmic rise-and-fall. It was slow, and it was almost imperceptible. The green pieces were slowly coming together, but they seemed to be getting smaller and more complex. It was harder to see them and to move them around.

Then she was lifted up and with a sigh she sank down and she felt that familiar fullness in her body. Forgetting the puzzle, she began a longer-stroke rise-and-fall. She was lost in a familiar, euphoric haze with her head thrown back, when she heard again, “The puzzle!”

That brought her back to the work in front of her. The pieces looked a bit bigger and simpler again and they were easier to move. As quickly as she could, with her body aching to make love to the cock that filled her, she worked on the green field, then the bits of blue sky. As she was finishing, she heard a growl behind her and Jules was lifted up and slammed down on top of the puzzle on the desk. The man invading her most intimate parts stood up and began a forceful pumping.

Then a surprising thing happened. Jules mind became detached from her body. She looked at the puzzle close up. The untamed fox, completed earlier from the rest of the pieces, was sitting alone above the rest of the picture on the desk. It struck her how the figure seemed imbued with a certain power…and how female it looked. It was a figure of feminine power, enormous power—and not masculine at all. Then she suddenly and unwillingly thought of another mixture of power and femininity: Ada. With an odd feeling of wonder, she reached out as she was being pushed forward-and-back by the pumping man. Picking up the completed fox, she slid it into the open green space. The powerful femininity of the animal penetrated the open, inviting space of green-colored nature on the puzzle. That thought pushed her body over the edge and she spasmed and pulsed and gripped the warm invader in her body.

Gasping for a moment, she looked again at her surroundings…and remembered the presentation that was still due by the weekend. Shit! She didn’t have time for this. She looked over her shoulder at the man still pounding into her. It was becoming uncomfortable and she was now impatient for this to end.

“Can you finish?” she flatly asked.

That’s when the man behind her slammed full into her body and she felt the flood of life-starting force flow deep within her.

The two people panted, joined for a number of minutes sprawled on the desk. Under Steven, Jules looked at the part of completed puzzle she could see—it was too close to see it all—and it came to her: “That was purely a physical reaction. And it wouldn’t have happened without....” And she willed herself away from completing the thought. But looking at the man over her shoulder who was smiling down, she knew something had changed.
Some days later Matt was heading to the kitchen island in their rented-condo to eat with his wife when he paused. He hadn’t noticed it before but carelessly-dumped on the couch was a shrink-wrap framed picture with an attached note. He carefully peeled the tape holding the note off the plastic and read, “To J, A token of the Great Work we do together. Love, S”

The picture looked sort of like a child’s drawing of an untamed fox in a green meadow. Looking closer, Matt saw all the lines and realized that the picture was actually a put-together puzzle. Frowning, he walked over to the kitchen and slid onto a stool at the island. Julia was just finishing prep on a fast meal and there were two glasses of white wine sitting there. One was mostly empty.

“What’s with the puzzle?” Matt said to his wife’s back. She stiffened noticeably.

“Oh,” she replied without turning, “That’s a reminder of something Steven and I did together. He’s been reading up on ways to increase individual concentration and to build up the team.”

Matt snorted. “How much more of a team does he have to be with you?” He immediately regretted it. His wife turned around, put down two plates, scooped up the near-empty wine glass, drained it, and then refilled it from the almost-empty bottle.

“Please don’t start,” she said, then took a sip of wine, sat down across from her husband and gently reached over and took his hand. “You know that you’re my husband and no one will replace you. We started with Steven together and at your urging, I…” She paused. “…I got so close to him. He’s special to me.” She gazed hard, yet affectionately into her husband’s eyes and squeezed his hand. Then she looked down, grabbed a fork and began to eat as she nonchalantly said, “I love both of the men in my life.” Then she looked up at Matt again, “I’ve got something special planned for later.”

Matt tried not to snort and referring to Steven asked, “Does it include someone else?”

His wife paused mid-meal. She sweetly smiled, and replied, “As a matter of fact it does.” As she positively twinkled she said, “And it requires getting naked.”

Dinner was a quiet affair and Matt was sure Julia was watching the clock. Partway through the meal, she opened another bottle of white to refill her glass; Matt’s was still mostly full. Once they’d cleaned up, Julia disappeared to the shower and Matt picked through the news media. Sometime later, she reappeared and Matt was surprised. His wife was dressed in a diaphanous cloud of wispy pink material. As the light played on it and through it, her body was simultaneously outlined and revealed. The effect on Matt was immediate as his dick became instantaneously rigid.

“Wow! Where’d you get the amazing body, you incredible outfit?”

Jules giggled and replied, “Let’s say Ada had a hand in it.”

“IN it?”

“In it, on it, and let’s leave it at that.” She slid into her husband’s lap and started kissing his lips. It didn’t take long before Matt was beyond kissing and stood up. “Are you suggesting something Mister?”

“Nope. I’m demanding!” He laughed and pulled her toward the bedroom. Once there, Julia had him stand by the bed and slowly undressed him. She took time to nibble and suck each part of her man that she uncovered. Then they stood by the bed and made out while Matt, if possible, got himself hotter by caressing his wife’s body through the gauzy material while she worked a hand between his legs.

Matt was almost beyond the point of no return when Jule’s phone went off. She peeled herself from her man, reached over and checked it, then leaned into him and whispered into his mouth, “I’ll be right back. You lay on the bed, Baby.” Matt immediately fell backwards and sprawled onto the bedspread.

Jules was out of the room very briefly and when she returned, she walked to the side of the bed away from the door and crooked her finger to gesture Matt toward her. With a hand either side of her husband’s face, the woman pulled and turned until he was front-down on the bed with his face crotch-high to his wife. Kneeling down, Jules continued to hold Matt’s head and kissed him deeply.

Then she whispered, “Would you like to see me with someone?” Matt nodded.

“Would you like to see me with a woman?” Matt vigorously nodded again with a groan.

“Would it be hot to see her kiss me?” Then she kissed him and he groaned into her mouth.

“How about seeing her eat me?” She stood up and presented the triangle between her legs, covered in the wispy material, to her husband. She was so close, he could smell her sent. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing her hips, pulling her forward and burying his face in the amazing body.

Matt then felt weight descend behind him on the bed.

Jules then whispered, “Then, would you do something for me?”

She pulled her sex away from Matt and kneeled in front of him again. In a voice that softly breathed on his face she repeated, “Would you do something HOT for me?”

Matt felt the weight shift on the bed and felt the warmth of skin touching his. The weight and warmth moved onto his back and pressed against him.

That’s when he felt something warm and rigid line up with the crack of his ass.

He pulled his head away from Jules and looked over his shoulder. Originally wanting to see a woman, but now expecting to see Steven, he was shocked to see a man he’d never seen before. Looking back at Julia he almost shouted, “No!”

His wife pulled back as if slapped, “But you want to see me with another woman.”

“Jules, stop, this isn’t me.”

She put her face to his again, kissed him then with a little-girl pout she said, “Don’t you want to make it hot for me too, Baby? You watch me get fucked all the time. It would be so hot to see you get fucked too. It’s like he’s the real man here. He’s strong and such a stud that we both submit to him. Watching his strong ass muscles flexing while…”

Matt struggled against the weight on his back. “No, I can’t do this. Julia, this isn’t something I can…” And he was lost for words.
Julia’s pout vanished as she pulled back and seethed through her bare teeth, “But YOU want ME to do something like this for you!”

Then completely losing her composure, she pulled back and slapped her husband loudly across the face.

Matt was far more shocked by the noise than hurt. The weight suddenly came off him and a man said in a foreign accent, “Julia, he did say ‘no’. This isn’t right. No is no.”

Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Jules jumped to her feet and put her hands to her mouth. She was horrified that she’d hit her husband. Then she turned and ran to the bathroom. Matt paused, looked at the other man, grabbed something to cover himself and ran after her.

“Jules!” He knocked on the door. “Jules!” he repeated not knowing what to say.

The door flew open and Julia had pulled on the clothes she’d obviously taken off before her shower. She no longer had that wild look in her face. In fact, she looked disturbingly calm. Reaching up, she soothed the red side of Matt’s face.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. It must have been the wine.” Then her eyes suddenly went hard again. “See you later.” Then she pushed past to the front door.

Bewildered, Matt asked, “Where are you going?”

“Sorry, Baby. This got me feeling so… I need some…help.” And she left. He knew where she was going.

Matt peeked into the bedroom to see the man now in his boxers, sitting on the side of the bed. The man stood up. He was tall, clearly very fit and well-muscled. Holding out his hand he walked over to Matt and said in a French accent, “Hello. I’m Alexandre. Julia and I met through Adrianna—I work with Adrianna’s brother, Normand. Look, I want to apologize. I was under the impression that you were into what she had in mind. And that alpha-dog, uber-male shit just makes my blood boil. I completely agree that masculine men are sexy, but people aren’t wile animals. We’ve also learned a thing or two called ‘culture’.”

Matt awkwardly shook the proffered hand.

Alexandre looked Matt up-and-down and continued, “However, if you would like to try something, I am certainly interested. A warm body is a warm body after all. Or that’s how I look at it. The hidden homophobia gets me too especially the use of 'gay' as a slur. And there's the hypocrisy. Who's the 'gay' one? The guy getting it from either end or the guy turned on enough to cum in another guy? If you’d like, I can…use my mouth on you. No obligation on your part and I will guarantee you’ll like it.”

Matt, was beyond awkward. “Uh…no thanks.” He looked down. In the pause, he desperately tried to think of something else to say. Eventually, he shrugged and said, “Can I get you a coffee or something?”
The knock on Steve Spear’s door was as loud as it was unexpected. When he opened the door, Julia Adams flew at him, plastered her body to his and began to ravage his mouth with hers. He lifted the woman and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him. Closing the door, he walked her to the bedroom, dropped her onto the bed and immediately pulled his t-shirt over his head.
“No idea what got into you, Sweetheart,” he said. “But you came to the right place.”

In no time his ripped and naked was on top of the still-clothed woman. He knew her body so well that even fully clothed he had her panting and ready for him in no time. As he slid his hand into her sopping panties he asked, “Did you like my present?”

Julia was panting as she gripped his iron member, and she remembered. She remembered the office. She remembered the fucking. She remembered the puzzle. And she remembered the fox. Her mind paused. Then she remembered the presentation she worked her ass off for. It was the one Steven still wasn’t happy with and she needed to get it finished by the day after tomorrow.
For Julia, everything stopped. She looked at the man on top of her. Her juices dried up.

“Ow!” she said. “No.” The fingers were now hurting her. “Ouch….no…something…something’s not right. Stop. Stop. Just. Stop!”
She managed to wriggle away from the man as she pulled his hand out of her clothes. With her other hand, she touched a finger to his lips.

“Shh,” she said. “Shh. Let’s just do you, Baby.”

Minutes later, the man’s penis exploded in the woman’s mouth. Almost instantly she was up and into the bathroom. Not long after, she came out and briskly walked to the front door.

Steven jumped up yelling, “Whoa!” Ignoring his nakedness, he ran down the hall after Julia to the door with his dick comically bobbing like some blind-man’s cane. “Where are you going?”

Julia paused. She looked at herself in the mirror beside the door. Reaching into her bag for a tie, she pulled her hair up and fixed it in place. Then she turned to him and said, “I’m going to find someone who can actually give me what I need!”

The door-slammed loudly, rattling down the hall.
Text: “You home?”

There was a pause.

Answer: “No wll be in 20”

Text: “Cn I cm ovr?”

The immediate answer was: “Of course”
The knock on Adrianna Charlès door was expected. However when she opened the door she didn’t expect the way Julia Adams flew at her, plastered their bodies together began to ravage her mouth. She lifted the smaller woman, who instinctively wrapped her legs around Adrianna. Closing the door, the tall French woman pulled slightly away.

“Someone’s been a bad girl,” Ada said. Then, she managed to flip the smaller woman over her shoulder and with a free hand smacked the ass.

“Ow!” screeched Jules.

Ada yelled, “I’ll give you more of that!”

Soon Ada was sitting on the couch with Jules over her lap, bare ass up.

Smack! Was the sound of hand-to-ass.

“Ow! Aduuaaaah!!!”


The French woman calmly asked, “What have you been up to?”

With no reply there was another smack. Then like an ironic slow clap, there was slow slap after slow slap.

Jules, grabbed a throw-cushion and bit down on a corner. As her behind warmed, Julia was surprised that something else warmed up and began to get wet.

The slapping stopped momentarily and Julia heard, “Now, you’ve done it!” There was another loud SMACK! But then, the hand started a soothing, circular motion on the reddening buttocks. The moisture began to flow from the damp region even more quickly.
Then the hand moved and the fingers slid between the crack and into the wet region.

Jules groaned.

The fingers then began a rhythmic in-and-out, very slow. After a while, they retreated. Julia groaned in disappointment, but the fingers slid across the wet opening right through soft folds. Julia now groaned in appreciation.

The fingers continue a slow dance for some time. They altered entering and circling the wet folds with a brush or a tickle on a hard nub. Sometimes there was one finger, which made a circular motion inside Jules and concentrated on a section of one wall. Sometimes there were many fingers giving a completely different, full feeling. Then the outside slide-and-circle on the nub would happen again.

In a fog of bliss, Jules lost all track of time. Her entire universe had collapsed down to the warm folds between her thighs and the pure pleasure that sped and dumped euphoric chemical signals into her brain. She had never felt anything like it before. There was nothing else in all of existence except Ada’s fingers giving a smoldering-volcanic ecstasy to Julia’s cunt.

Julia had no idea how long it went on. She couldn’t count orgasms because she had no idea where she herself began or whether orgasms actually started or if they did, where they ended—or if they truly stopped. Space and infinity spread out before her.
Eventually, she came to, face down on the couch over Ada’s lap. The pillow under Julia’s face was soaked in dribble. A hand was soothingly circling her buttocks.

Pulling herself off, she twisted slightly to look at the beauty who had just sent Jules on a journey to who-knows-where. Eventually, Jules got off Ada and unsteadily kneeled in front of the other woman.

Jules hoarsely whispered, “What have you done to me?”

She was rewarded with the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen. “Less than you deserve,” came the answer.

Jules reached up and touched the side of the beautiful face. Then a thought came to her.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered in awe.

The face came right up to Jules’ and beamed.

“Very well, but remember, it’s just like push ups,” said Ada. She moved even closer to Jules and as she gently rubbed their noses together, said, “It only counts if your nose touches.”

Jules felt Ada lift up and then she was soon cradled in the other woman’s arms.

“I think this is appropriate,” Ada beamed at Jules. “Since we’re consummating our relationship, I will carry you over the threshold.”

Jules leaned back and spread out her arms as she drifted on a cloud, being carried through the door of the bedroom. She had a contentment she couldn’t remember. With a giggle, a thought went through her mind: she was going to start off with an Australian kiss. The evening spread out from there like a smooth, warm sea under a full moon. Jules wanted it to never end.

But, all things must end. As she waited for Ada to come out of the bathroom, Jules looked around the expansive condo. Wondering what belonged to Ada and what was rented, her eyes stopped on a picture on the piano. It pulled her like a magnet and she walked over and picked it up. She stared at it for minutes.

Julia was still looking at the photograph when she felt an arm go around her right waist. A hand then gently grasped the left side of the picture frame. Jules let that side go and slid her arm around Ada’s left waist and the two women were joined at the hip, holding the picture together.

Jules turned and look up at the other woman’s profile. A tear was sliding down the cheek. With palpable heartache, Jules turned back to the picture and leaned her head on her lover’s shoulder. Her lover leaned her head back on Jules.
Matt was waiting for Jules in the condo, curled up in a ball on the bed with his gut feeling like it was ready to explode. He had gone for coffee with Alexandre to the foreign chain store around the corner. They had got to know each other and Matt had dropped his guard with Alexandre’s questions and had explained a bit about Steven.

Later, on the bed, Matt’s mind had been consumed by the AME trade. Then he envisioned a Go game board. On the 19-by-19 grid he imagined he was playing white. His white pieces were good things. AME was going to bring him enough money to get out of the condo, buy a house and start a family. Jules was another white piece. She was the out-of-his-league beauty who had married him. They were to start a family and she was leading him on a sexual-mystery-tour. Then, another piece was…Mel: a beauty of a completely different sort who connected with him on untold levels…and would make an amazing mother.

As the pressure in his gut began building to the exploding point, Matt then saw the black pieces on the Go board. In Go, you win by capturing territory and surrounding your opponent. The white was completely surrounded by black pieces which outnumbered his by at least ten-to-one. Old man Jacobs had told him how the widow-maker trade was so bad for business and a solution was required STAT! That put the AME piece in jeopardy. Steven and Julia were in love and she didn’t want to grow up. That put the Jules piece in jeopardy. Mel was thousands of miles away and trapped looking after aging relatives. Matt was ready for the next phase in his life. But.

He was losing everywhere on the board. He was losing everywhere in his life.

And the worst was yet to come.
“Sometimes you get what you want
“Sometimes you get what you don't
“Sometimes you get nothing at all

“You shot your love through my defenses
“And left me wide open
“Feels like my feet can't touch the ground (the ground)
“That's what you've done to me

“I'm a rocket to the sun
“I'm a heartbeat on the run
“That's what you've
“What you've done to me
“I'm a bullet
“I can fly
“When you kiss me
“I could die
“That's what you've
“What you've done to me (Done to me... to me...)”

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by Jimjam » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:51 am

Great writing FreshStart! Excellent chapter. There’s so much happening here, I went back and reread the series.

In the last few chapters, I thought Jules was realizing she almost lost Matt and was trying to redeem herself. This chapter seemed like one step forward, two steps back for their relationship.

I can’t wait to see if Ada brings Jules and Matt closer, or if Ada pulls them apart. I do hope Steven gets dumped in the trash.

Jules’ texts/captions to Matt are hot, and I’m surprised Matt isn’t getting off on them. Maybe he’s looking for action on Jules part, not just words.

And then there’s Mel. Matt obviously loves Jules, but is he happy? He needs to figure things out soon, or it’ll be too late.

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by Suchen Zucker » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:54 am

Love it FreshStart! Nice creative story. Please keep it going.

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by FreshStart » Tue May 01, 2018 7:06 pm

Fresh slid out of the booth of "Joe and Aggie's Cafe" in Holbrook AZ. It was the same booth in a picture the owner had shown him. The one with Pixar's John Lasseter drawing one of the cartoons--now hanging on the wall behind the cash--which were drawn to thank Joe and Aggie for being the inspiration for the characters Stanley and Lizzie in the movie "Cars".

Steve Gallardo, the current owner and son of the two late founders, intercepted Fresh at the door.

"Remember what I said," he beamed. "Check out our railway station, where they shipped out Geronimo, and the old 'Bucket of Blood' saloon across the road. The wall has a sign explaining the name. You already saw the 'Wig Wam Motel' from "Cars", right?"

Fresh nodded back.

"Great. Here, have a bumper sticker." He then looked at Fresh's attire and chuckled. "OK, so put one on your helmet. Here have an extra for your car!"

Fresh thanked the friendly man and paused for a moment. He was holding yellow stickers. But he relaxed when he saw they only had the name and contact info of the cafe in red lettering. Once outside, Fresh mounted the big burgundy Honda, ran through the "k-n-i-f-e" starting sequence and smoothly pulled away.

It was only later in the day when he was rearranging things that he noticed the folded yellow paper between the bumper stickers.

He sighed and read:

"Sorry took so long to read thru.

"Loved alot about the story like bossman calling Jules "super crotch".

"Liked the way the frenchie went about fulfilling his husbandly duties. Really liked the puzzle fuck. That was pretty creative.

"So a problem with hermes a problem with Steven and a problem with Mel. Your story becomes more complex and I like it! Dam good story dude!

"Pour yourself a good one! Cheers from here.

'Wondering how jules is going to transition into her new relationship with Steve. And what will happen between the M&M's.

"I discussed this with another buddy and he wrote:
"Went back and reread the whole thing. The dialog in chapter two between Matt and Jules was perfect. He said he wanted her to end it with Steve, and she essentially said no. Then later, Jules brings Steven over and draws Matt back in - priceless.

"I'll be very interested to see where Fresh takes it from here.

"From what I read, Jules is very sure she’s in control, but she doesn’t know about Matt’s feelings for Mel. We now see Steven isn’t an emotional safe haven for Jules, just a booty call."
"Then he gave a suggestion of where you should take the story, but I won't give you that. I know you already have the ending written and you're working on the bridge.

"I assume you'll pick the story back up in a couple weeks when you have a real keyboard and no saddle sores.

"Steven Gallardo's a great guy, isn't he? Since you're doing a "Cars" slash Route 66 thing, remember to stop at the "Rock Cafe" in Stroud. Maybe try the famed Alligator Burger. Dawn Welch, the owner, was the inspiration for Sally Carrera in the movie. In El Reno, you have to have an El Reno fried onion burger. Catch Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo and the funny VW Bug Ranch copy on the other side.

"Safe travels and maybe think about going vegetarian for a while when you're back. You're having too many burgers.

"Take that California trip
"Get your kicks on Route 66
"Get your kicks on Route 66
"And I'll meet you on Route 66
"Get your kicks on Route 66"

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by slikpapa13 » Fri May 11, 2018 2:25 pm

Just caught up on the story, reread all prior chapters. Great stuff, so interesting how the characters are developing. Looking forward to your next chapters.

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by FreshStart » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:47 pm

Part 5: Bull fighting, bulls fighting and mad cow in a Barbie World
Part 5a

[Freshnote: Up until just before I posted this, 5a and 5b were one part. I thought it might be too long to digest and keep your interest, so I have now split it up. The song at the end dates from 1929!]]

Matthew Adams glanced at the Facebook entry from ‘Ultra Latino’, the music program he had gotten into because of Mellissa Rougier. Unbeknownst to him, because of his interest, his wife Julia also checked out the page from time-to-time—and they both read the same entry:

“Sometimes your faith has to be the down payment for your future.”

Matt looked up from his phone as Michaelis Thanis started to talk to him get him ‘present’ and off his phone.

“There was this bullfighter in Spain trying to get a virtuous señorita to run away with him,” Mick was telling Matt an old joke. “She was looking down from her window, refusing to jump out and run away with him.”

“The bull fighter called up,” and in a booming bass voice, Mick continued, “Pretty señorita, just jump! I will catch you and we will runaway to paradise!

“She called back,” then Mick continued in falsetto, “No, no! I’m afraid.

“Jump! I am strong! See, I will catch you with my cape! Yelled back the bullfighter.
“No! No! I am afraid! She wailed.

“Do you trust me? I am the famous bullfighter. I have killed many bulls! Jump and I will catch you with my cape and strong arms! He yelled back.

“All right. She replied, softening. Here I come. I trust you and we will run away together. With that she jumped.

“Of course, at the last second, he yelled, 'Ole' and whipped back the cape!”

Matt’s only reaction was an arched eyebrow.

“Okay,” shrugged Mick. “Let’s think of it as a way to look at our Widower-maker trade challenge.” He was, of course, referring to a trade made by the automated system AME—or HEMES, god of trade and thieves, if you asked Mick—which looked poised to lose the firm both money and reputation. “Maybe we can finesse around it.” Getting to the point of the meeting, he addressed the room. “Where are we with the identification of the problem?” There was general consent that they were no closer to finding it.

“What about a solution?” The answer was the same.

“I got a call from the guy at CPP yesterday,” Mick continued. The Pension Plan was arguably the largest single investor in the world and a contact there, who Mick knew and introduced to Matt, was interested in placing money in AME/HERMES. It would have been a substantial coup. “He’s getting antsy and if we can’t show him something soon he’s going to walk away. I can’t tell you how interested Old Man Jacobs is in this situation.” Jacobs was a senior partner in the company. “I keep telling him that we have the best talent on the street and we have no worries…but we need to show some progress, and soon. Since we’re having trust issues with the system, I was thinking we could put an extra step in to have the trades reviewed by a real body. Then if they’re not approved, HERMES will simply act like the trade fell through.”

That set off a lot of murmuring, some for, some against.

“I think this will give Jacob’s some ammo to get the other partners to back off. Once we have everything solved, we remove that step. I know, there’s going to be some argument about how this will slow HERMES down, but we need to show SOMETHING. This is called ‘stakeholder management’.”

In the end, they agreed it would at least make management content for the present. However, they would continue to try and find out why it happened and how to back it out.

After the meeting, Matt was feeling defeated.

He dragged himself home a little earlier than usual and found the master bathroom door closed. Jules must be getting ready for something. He wandered into the kitchen and curiously picked up a receipt on the island. It was for a card and some flowers.
“Ah, home early,” said Julia, spotting her husband as she walked down the hall. She was in tight workout clothes. Matt remembered it was Jules’ evening to practice silks, a kind of aerial circus performance, with Adrianna Charlès. “I’ll bring something in when I get back.”

Matt waived the receipt and asked, “What’s this?” Julia frowned, took it from him and read it.

“Oh. Thanks, I have to get paid back for this. It was for flowers and a card for Steven’s mother. Her birthday was yesterday and the ‘Work Husband’ is as bad as you are at remembering things like that.” Matt stiffened but not noticing, Julia continued, “It was so cute, he changed the card from, ‘Love, Steven’ to ‘Love, Steven and Jules.’” Then she noticed Matt’s face. “What? I stayed with them at Thanksgiving and a few days between Christmas and New Year. She’s a real sweetie and was concerned I was married and was going to hurt him and it’s not as if our relationship is a secret…”

“’Work Husband?’ What the fuck does that mean?” exploded Matt.

She gave a forced laugh then said, “Seriously? You haven’t heard that phrase before? ‘Work spouse’, is a special relationship where the co-worker understands all about your professional stress—and also knows about your personal worries. They’re a really special friend. I’ve read that it’s become pretty important for us—a generation that's busting our butts at work.”

“And do all of the other ‘work spouses’ have special relationships where they fuck each other?”

Now Jules stiffened. “Well…of course not…”

“Jules, I’m not keen on this casual acceptance using the word ‘husband’, since he’s also your,” he paused, “since he’s also your fucking bull.” He’d chosen the last word carefully and pushed her button.

“You know I hate that word!” she yelled. “You know I hate that! It makes me sound like some goddamed factory-farm cow making the next batch of hamburgers for some fast food dump. Bull’s wham-bam, oh thank you Sir! No. Steven is not a ‘bull’. I make love with him. And I am in love with him.” Matt stepped back as if hit.

Jules softened and reached a hand out to hold her husband’s arm. “Please stop this. I love you and you’re my husband. We have a life contract Mister!” She began rubbing Matt’s arms. “Without your urging and without your support I wouldn’t have started anything with him at all. He’s the type you always expect to love ‘em and leave ‘em. If I hadn’t have met you…” Her voice trailed off.

“If you hadn’t met me, you’d have met him and married him,” Matt said in a flat voice.

“No! Stop! Please. Baby. Just. Stop…twisting things. With you being my loving support, I didn’t care if it would be a short term thing with him. That’s why you’re so much more special to me. You give me a wonderful life and you support me to grow into something very few women have the chance to experience. I am in a wonderful marriage for life and I’ve fallen into the affair of a lifetime. Baby, you are so smart and amazing and you’re going to be successful, and as my mother calls you, you are my Rock of Gibraltar. I am so lucky to have you.” She paused and said more slowly, “And he is so McDreamy and incredible and successful and amazing at work. He just dazzles everybody who encounters him.”

There was a shy pause. “And with that gorgeous cock, he’s an absolute sex machine.” She put her arms around her husband and hugged hard. “I have a life I couldn’t have dreamed of and I must be the envy of every woman on Earth. Thank you so much. I want this to continue, I need this to continue.” She pulled back slightly and looked into his face. “Baby, what can I do for you to make this last? Name it. Just name it.”

The silence stretched on until Jules thought he wouldn’t answer, but he then shook his head and quietly said, “I can’t name anything. I just want to grow up.” He was referring to a conversation about starting a family.

She smiled more broadly into his eyes, then leaned up to kiss his cheek then further to whisper into his ear, “We will baby. We will.” Then it came to her—something she knew Matt wanted. It was something he’d already told her. Could she make it happen?

That night, she thought of something else. It would get Matt’s attention and it would make a statement. She smiled to herself, “and it could be useful in softening up Matt.” Before she dropped her birth control pills into the bathroom waste basket, she looked at them. Oops: she couldn't remember the last time she took one. Oh well, doesn't matter now. Matt spotted them when he dropped in his floss. Now, what's this about?

The next day, Steven Spears was mulling over what had recently been going on with Jules. He’d taken note of that bizarre night when she’d randomly showed up to his place clearly randy for sex but after giving him a blow job she’d just left. She’d been cooling off for him ever since he’d started leaning on her at work. So he’d eased off. But she hadn’t come around. He looked out his office door where she was in clear view at her cubicle. He whistled internally at the long legs, the beautiful long blond hair and the hot way she was absently sucking on a pen as she looked at her screen. Such a babe was clearly only for a stud like him. It was past time to warm her back up. He was in love with her anyway. Right?

Julia caught Steven looking at her. She gave a quick smile and was going to look back at her screen when she followed his eyes as they made a long, slow scan up her legs, up her torso to her face. Looking right into her eyes, he gave his best smile and suggestively bobbed his eyebrows. Jules couldn’t help but smile back.

A minute later, she looked up from the screen as he hovered over her. Bending down close to her ear, he whispered, “I was thinking, there is a hard-working couple who could use an early afternoon off. What do you say, Gorgeous?”

Her initial instinct was to say, “no”. She needed to concentrate more on Matt. But far below, a more basic instinct did a manual override. The handsome face was so close. She quickly glanced around to make sure no one was looking—although it didn’t matter if they were looking, the relationship was an open secret and had a good alibi. With a peck on the handsome lips she whispered back, “You’re on, Mister.”

There are well documented situations of people being overcome by alcohol and slowly overheating in hot tubs. Julia wasn’t about to die, but over the course of the afternoon, the appletinis slowly took their toll…and the temperature was constantly on the rise.
It was getting well into the dinner hour. Oblivious to the passage of time, the petite woman with the pretty face and blue eyes under the long blond hair caught her own reflection in the shiny surface behind the bar. The reflection was slightly distorted, as if she was looking at herself through something. Perhaps she was looking through some plastic cover. Just then, the pounding beat of a new song started to fill the room and she smiled at herself, at the coincidence. That became an unfortunate earworm for what was to pass.

[I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
[Life in plastic, it's fantastic]

The handsome, clearly fit man beside the blonde stroked her hair. He moved closer and keeping eye contact with the blonde, he undid the top fastened button of her blouse. The blonde looked down at the result, looked back at the man and giggled. The man undid the next button. The blond giggled again. Pushing the bounds of propriety, the man undid two more buttons.

[I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
[Life in plastic, it's fantastic
[You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
[Imagination, life is your creation]

The man leaned forward and the couple began to make out. Over the course of the next few minutes, they got hotter and hotter. As if it had been precisely-timed, just before the bartender came over to break them up, the man whispered into the blonde’s ear. She nodded and he helped her get unsteadily to her feet.

[Come on Barbie, let's go party!]

Sound and light swirled around the blonde. She was almost incapable of distinguishing the difference. The fire that had been barely started in the bar began to slowly smolder as the man and woman writhed together. With her background in dance and her current training in aerial silks, it was impossible to miss the petite woman on the dancefloor. Spotting her, the DJ put on the perfect song [shawty = shorty]:

“Somebody call 911!
“Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
“I gotta cool her down
“She won't bring the roof to the ground on the dance floor
“She's fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
“That little shawty's fire burning on the dance floor
“She's fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
“That little shawty's fire burning on the dance floor
“(Fire burning, fire burning)
“That body is a masterpiece
“The order is one in every hundred years
“But ain't no doubt I'm taking it home, oh!
“I'm afraid we'll blow them legs
“Little mama game is about to change”

Music meant nothing to the blonde at this point, but the continuing stream of drinks did. Who knows what was in them? She didn’t care. Then the man’s face came close, his mouth opened and out slid his tongue. On the end was a small pink superman logo. The woman smiled then spread her lips around the proffered tip. She made a show of slowly fellating the protruding offering. The tongue was slowly, sensually withdrawn and there was nothing on it.

If possible, the writhing became more sexual, but the man thought he felt there was a line that wouldn’t be crossed. He was sure the woman was deliberately holding back. This confused him but what he didn’t know was how things had changed. To make fire, 3 elements are required: air, heat and fuel. Somehow the necessary fuel mixture had changed.

Then it happened. Across the floor, the woman spotted a very tall athletic looking brunette with jet black hair. She danced her way over and surprised this new partner with contact. Accepting the situation, the new partner turned, smiled and the two put on a show to much cheering. They rubbed hips, butts and breasts. But when the woman tried to kiss her new partner, there was a gentle, polite rejection. It didn’t matter as the final element was added and the smolder caught, the smoke disappeared and a huge bonfire erupted on the dance floor. The woman turned back to the man and immediately there was a towering inferno. Hands touched. Hips touched. Lips touched and touched more than lips. Hands touched more than hands. Clothing was explored.

At one point the man went to look for fresh drinks and another man moved close to the other side of the blonde. She was a beauty, she was hot and she was giving off signals to arouse any human who liked sex. His big beefy body engulfed her and he matched her move-for-move. They were then surrounded by whoops and whistles.

“Shawty got that super thing
“Hotter than the sun of south in Spain
“Got me soon as I walked through the door, oh!
“My pocket started tickling
“The way she dropped it low that thang
“Got me wanna spend my money on her, her She's fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor

“That little shawty's fire burning on the dance floor
“(Fire burning, fire burning)
“She got that fire in her dance that'll make them fella's run around
“No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more
“She got that fire in her dance that'll make them fella's run around
“Madem, get outta my way, everybody, sing it now, hey!
“No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more
“What a Gwaan?
“Let's go!
“Madem, let's go, hey!
“Somebody call 911!”

The man who had been with her all evening, returned, found the third-party and with a loud bellow—which was barely heard in the din of the club—shoved the interloper away. This show of male strength and protection aroused the blonde even further and she wrapped herself around her champion.

[I'm a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world
[Dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly

[You're my doll, rock'n'roll, feel the glamor in pink
[Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky

[You can touch
[you can play
[if you say "I'm always yours"]

The animal nature of the mating ritual, including the competition, did more and more to the blonde. At one point she slid down the man to her knees and began trying to get into the front of his pants. The alcohol, at least, slowed her down and with some amusement, the man pulled her back up to him where she wrapped her legs around his waist and plastered her mouth to his. Eventually, he started walking her to the exit.

[Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
[I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees

[Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again
[Hit the town, fool around, let's go party

[You can touch
[you can play
[If you say "I'm always yours"]

The music outside the blonde’s head may have stopped, but it continued inside. Somehow the couple made it uptown to the “Mink Mile” and into the building at the corner of Bay and Bloor—where the man lived. At first, the blonde stretched out, then the night stretched out into sweat and climaxes that ran together with no beginning and no end…

[Come on Barbie, let's go party! (Ah ah ah yeah)
[Come on Barbie, let's go party! (Oh ooo oh)
[Come on Barbie, let's go party! (Ah ah ah yeah)
[Come on Barbie, let's go party! (Oh ooo oh)

[Oh, I'm having so much fun!

[Well Barbie, we’re just getting started

[Oh, I love you Ken!]

…until morning.

Matt was getting ready for work, more than disappointed that he hadn’t heard from Jules all night. That was very unusual, but it should be noted, he wasn’t actually worried. Checking his phone once more he found a social media entry. Opening it, he saw a series of pictures of his wife. She started in a bar and continued to a club. Her tits were hardly covered, her eyes were glazed and there was a stupid grin on her lips. In the final picture, she was sprawled out naked on a bed and looked covered in sweat and cum. The caption was “Someone had a good time with the Work Wife!” Matt seethed as he couldn’t decide if the correct text was “Matt’s Wife” or just dropped the word “Work”.

At that moment, Julia Adams opened her eyes. Her head hurt. Her mouth was dry. Her cunt hurt. Her jaw ached. She stank of…she didn’t want to think about it. She lifted her head up to check the time. Oh shit. Falling back, she could hear the shower. They had just enough time to get it together to go back to work. She shook her head. What an idiot. How would she make it up to Matt? Then she remembered her idea from the other day. How would Ada take it? Jules had to try. Wait. Maybe she knew a way to convince Ada. Then she chastised herself for such a cynical move. A moment’s reflection made her realize it was something she really wanted to do anyway. Yes, it would be for her and for Ada. She’d try to do it today. Short term, it would add to Matt’s mood, but it would be on the road to recovery.

After quickly showering, Jules took a moment to put a message together for Matt, as she dressed in some of the clothes she kept at Steven’s. She found a picture, put some text to it then stopped. Chewing the inside of her cheek, she changed the word ‘fuck’ to ‘made love’ and sent it. That made her think of something else and she sent a second.

Just then, arms encircled her from behind and she felt a mouth on her neck. “Hey sexy,” Steven purred into her ear. “Let’s grab something to take in for breakfast.” She nodded. He looked up and she followed his gaze. “This place is starting to look like a dump.”

“Well, it could use some paint,” Julia giggled.

“That works. I want to get it ready to unload. It’s time I had more space—it’s time WE had more space.” Julia said nothing. “You know how I react to the smell of paint. How about I stay with you for a bit, just while the fumes clear?” Julia still said nothing. “It would be awkward coming-and-going all the time. Having my own key would be a good idea.” He took Julia’s silence as consent.

Matt received the first message as he was getting a coffee in the food court. He knew it was NSFW so he went and sat alone in the far corner. By then there were two messages. The first was of a hot, naked couple in the midst of ‘things’ with the text, “She brought her boyfriend home and they made love in front of me...I loved her more than ever.” The second was of a similar couple with the text, “My wife had my permission to fall in love...with her boyfriend.” Matt sighed and immediately erased both. Later in the day two more arrived. Instead of going upstairs to the men’s room, he went back to the food court. The first had a gif of a couple with the woman clearly savouring a slow ‘cow girl’ on the man. It was accompanied by the text, “Watching the video of my wife with him was like getting stabbed through the heart…but I sent her back to his place again that night. And I’ll send her again this weekend…” While the second just had the text, “The joy of angst: It’s that special feeling you get, that you crave, which makes watching them make love so much better than fucking her yourself.”

Matt realized he wasn’t feeling very ‘angsty’.

That evening, Matt was alone in the condo again. This time, Julia had at least explained, with some supporting pictures, that she and Steven were innocently entertaining clients at the last minute. She wasn’t expected to be too late but he was on his own for dinner. Not in the mood for company, Matt had just wandered down and grabbed a sub on Eglinton, then returned home to eat it—unmotivated to do anything. The Stanley Cup teams didn’t interest him and the Blue Jays sucked. He hoped they’d right themselves. After trying to work through the AME trade again, he gave up and started to watch music on Youtube. It was odd that someone so into math had so little background in music, but recently others were getting him interested.

He tried Italian classical, something he’d been exposed to by Mick but he couldn’t concentrate on it. Of course, Youtube recommended Springsteen, but he was too pissed with Jules to watch her favorite singer. He tried Italian pop music, but it sounded like Mel’s latino music and he immediately shut it down too. Then, he tried some of the jazz names Mick had mentioned. Eventually, he came to Postmodern Jukebox. The modern songs played through a vintage filter were fun. Eventually, he played one version of “All About That Bass” with just drums, piano and big string bass. The bass player was a woman who also sang the vocal. There was something about her being so competent, so in control, so sexy. He thought of Mel…but didn’t shut it down.

“Yeah it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
“But I can shake it, shake it like I'm supposed to do
“'Cause I got that boom boom
“that all the boys are chasing
“All the right junk in all the right places

“I see those magazines working on Photoshop
“You know that stuff ain't real
“Come on now, make it stop
“If you got beauty, then raise 'em up
“'Cause every inch of you is perfect
“From the bottom to the top

“My momma she told me don't worry about your size
“She says, boys like a little more booty to hold at night
“You know I won't be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll
“So, if that's what you're into then go ahead
“and move along”

By the time the video was finished, Matt had ‘pinged’ Mel for a video call. Antsy, he fiddled around, made a cup of decaf, checked the baseball score and checked all his mail accounts twice over. Then she responded.

Minutes later, Matt sat transfixed looking at the face on his screen. She didn’t have her glasses on.

“Matt?” said the face. “Helloooo, I asked how the team was.”

“Right,” he jerked to attention. “They’re great.” Then he shrugged. “What about you?”

Her smile weakened, but didn’t disappear. “Things are actually getting better in some ways. Mom’s new hardware is working out and she’s already doing a great deal of exercises. I’m taking her to an aggressive course of physio at the hospital twice a week. We’re looking at getting Granma into a facility in a couple of months. My god, she couldn’t unlock her screen door for me today. Somehow, she couldn’t remember how, even though she’s had that door for like 20 years. It took me 15 minutes to get in. I’m at her place right now. We’re staying with her for a few days to make sure she takes her meds regularly—I looked at the container and she hasn’t touched them for days. I also had to clean up the kitchen and the bathroom. Ugh. With Mom on the mend, we should be able to come over every day.” She paused. “What are you working on?”

“Still working on a problem with a trade. The team keeps asking about you.”

“Sure. I bet Mick has them eating out of his hand.”

“He brought in some high-end code monkey to look things over.”


“Yeah, that’s him, Hesam Jandu.”

“Wow. His name’s in the Linux kernel. Mick is really serious about this. Have you seen them together? It’s actually quite funny. Mick talks about it when teaching communication. Persians move their head up-and-down for ‘no’ and sideways for ‘yes’. That caused confusion at first. Now the two show they’re in synch by moving heads diagonally—up-and-down and side-to-side at the same time.”

“Hesam complimented your work then he made the rules engine more flexible and easier to update. Mick also started Nithi working on project management.”

Mel considered that for a moment then smiled. “Yep, good call.” Then she considered again. “Tuning up the system and training a project manager, I bet he’s working on his exit strategy.”

“Exit strategy! Jacobs won’t let him go. I bet he’s already got the ‘golden handcuffs’ fitted out.”

“Money means nothing anymore to Mick; he’ll just slide his hands out of any golden handcuffs and get away. I know he’s got a trip to India in mind.”

Matt considered the next question carefully, “What about your exit strategy? When are you coming back? You know, the team really want you back.”

“Liar.” Then she got serious. “I’m not sure that I’m coming back.”

Matt was stunned. Without thinking, he blurted out, “Is this about Bill’s friend?”

Bill had been Mel’s fiancé. They had broken up over having a family—Mel wanted one, Bill didn’t. Blair was Bill’s best friend and had recently appeared in Vancouver. Mel said Blair had always had a ‘thing’ for her but had deferred to his friend Bill.

“What on earth made you think that?” Mel asked. “Blair’s a good friend to go out with, but I’m not interested in anything more—no matter how hard he tries…and he’s trying. No, I just don’t think there’s anything to come back to Toronto for.”

“A job?”

“No. I haven’t got it all planned out yet, but there are a few options. There’s a consulting firm in Victoria that does a lot on the US west coast. I was also considering teaching, maybe go to U Vic or even work on something like the patent I did at school—it was on software for the disabled. After dealing with Granma, I have a lot of ideas.” She brightened. “I’ll do the techie stuff and I might even get myself a project manager.”


“Well, let’s just say Tequila has family in Osoyoos and is talking about moving out here.”

“I’m confused. You wouldn’t want Tequila anywhere near a tech project…unless you want her to do sales. Wait. You don’t mean Mick? He told me they’re just friends.”

She smiled. “He is a dear, dear friend and, don’t tell him this, but it’s not very often that he’s wrong. However.” She frowned. “There are times when I just want to smack Mister Thanis upside the head.”

“Could you guys use a mathematician?”

“Maybe. But the work’s out here, Matt. You’re in Hog Town. You’re also married.” [‘Hog Town’ is one of Toronto’s nicknames] Then she started laughing. “Ha! You’re hogtied in Hog Town! Ohmygod, I sound like Mick!”

“Not funny,” said Matt in a flat voice.

Later, Matt crawled onto the bed, doubled up. His gut felt like it would explode. He was still awake when Julia got home and with a quick look at the clock he pulled over the covers before she came into the bedroom. It was surprisingly early.

“Hey, Baby,” she said in a stage whisper. “You still awake?”

Matt didn’t move and feigned a steady breathing. She shrugged, and went out to the kitchen.
“I’m not an Internet Unicorn, Hoolia.” It was after silks practice the next day and Adrianna Charlès and Julia were having coffee before they went their separate ways home.

“Oh my, I didn’t expect you to know that term,” laughed Jules. Then she got serious. “Ada, I’m not asking that. I’m only asking a small favor for Matt to see something. Like lots of guys, it’s a dream turn-on. Please don’t think I’m diminishing what we have.” She reached over and held both of Ada’s hands. “Ada, you’re amazing.” She brought the hands up and put her lips on the knuckles. Ada’s eyes glanced around to see if they were attracting attention. “He is my husband and I’d like to do something special for him. What can I do for you? How can I convince you it’s okay?”

There it was: an opening Adrianna had been working towards. She smiled inwardly as she frowned outwardly. One hand detached from Jules and lifted up to touch the blonde hair. The inward smile grew bigger considering what the blonde had demonstrated with a simple act: Ada would never have to pin Hoolia’s hair up again.

“I’ll think about it,” said Ada. “For you, I’ll think about it.” Then to soften things and show it might happen said, “But he stays clothed, I stay clothed and he doesn’t touch either of us.”

Julia smiled broadly with a wave of appreciation.

She got home later than usual and guessing Matt was still under a lot of pressure and mentally tired, noiselessly slid into the bed beside her husband.

In the morning Matt rolled over toward his wife just before the radio came on. He’d had a dream where he’d been lost in some huge cellar. Finally spotting a woman, he followed her to the light. He reached out to touch the blond hair and immediately sat bolt upright in the bed. The movement woke Julia.

“What’s up?” she asked, stretching and trying to get her bearings.

“Your hair,” said Matt. “Julia, what happened to your hair?”

She slowly sat up and shyly looked at Matt while turning her head back-and-forth.

“You like?”

For the entire time Matt had known Julia, her hair had gone down to her bra strap. It was now a short Pixie cut—but of course, Matt wouldn’t know the name.

“It’s…short. Your hair’s short.”

“Yeeeaaah. Isn’t it cute? Danny has been suggesting forever that I get it short. He says there is so much more he can do with it…” Danny was her hairdresser.

“You didn’t ask me,” Matt was still puzzled, trying to come to grips with his new wife. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it at all.

Jules bridled, “It’s just hair Matt. It also makes it easier for doing silks because I don’t have to put it into a stupid-looking braid every time.” Then her voice got angry. “And the last time I looked in the mirror it was MY hair!”

“You know I like your hair long. You’ve done this for Steven, haven’t you! Did Steven tell you to cut your hair? What’s next, a die job? Maybe a heart tattoo with Steven’s name on your forehead? No! It’s going to be a fucking wedding ring to show you’re the modern Working-Husband-and-Wife!”

Julia became suddenly calm. Throwing off the bed covers, she stood up and looked at her husband.

“I knew this was going to happen. Matt, please do something about your stress.” She touched her head. “This is hair, it has nothing to do with Steven trying to steal me. We always come back to the same discussion: I am your wife. Period. End of story. Please, calm down.” A thought occurred to her and she tried to sooth him. “Why don’t you come to the gym after work? Exercise can really help you.” With that she calmly walked to the bathroom. Matt couldn’t help but admire her from behind.

He sat on the bed shaking his head slowly. There had to be more to this. But maybe she was right. The stress of work had been more than he could ever remember. What he wouldn’t tell her is that the stress outside of work was even greater. Sure, he’d go to the gym. Then he thought of talking to Mick about a bicycle.

Later, during the day, Steven walked by Julia’s desk. She was deeply absorbed in some conversation and he overheard, “Yes, the Y right after work. He’s going to come.” She then giggled before continuing, “I can’t remember the last time he worked out. Well, I was thinking that maybe afterwards it might be an opportunity to…” She paused, listening. “Okay, well, another time for that.”

She looked up, startled to see Steven. “Oh, gotta go. Yup, the boss looks like he wants something.” And she hung up.

“What’s that all about?” asked Steven.

Matt and Julia arrived at the ‘Central YMCA’ on Grosvenor together. After changing, Matt waited at the bottom of the great central staircase until Jules was ready. They began the climb together and he peeled off on the first floor to work with the fitness machines. Jules continued up all three storeys and outside to the green roof for her yoga class.

When he figured Jules was finished—and knew HE was finished—Matt slowly walked up to the roof. The work out was tough enough, but then he had to climb two storeys. As he reached the door, he had to work his way against the stream of women—and two men—coming down. He went through the door and walked across the running track to the garden in the center where there was a deck for things like yoga. Jules was there, turning, watching someone. He looked and there was Adrianna, running around the track. With a quick, furtive glance to Jules he looked back and admired the body of the woman. When he first saw her, he’d thought “Lioness”. Watching her now, the name was even more appropriate: tight, supple, ripped, yet absolutely feminine. As Adrianna ran closer to the couple, she showed 3 fingers. “Three more laps?” silently wondered Matt. “Three more minutes?”

Jules turned to him and smiled. The haircut was still jarring—she didn’t look like his wife. Then they heard a loud bang. They turned and the exit door had swung open and out came Steven. He looked around and when Adrianna ran passed, he started on the track behind her.

“What the hell?” whispered Jules. She looked at Matt and rhetorically asked, “What’s HE doing here?”

Adrianna was unaware of Steven. She was on her own pace and it took him more than a lap to catch up with her. He then sprinted, and as he passed her, he clipped her shoulder with his.

The woman stumbled. The man stopped. She walked up to him with hands on hips.

She was so angry she couldn’t speak in English, “T'es rien qu'un petit connard!” [you’re just a little shithead]

From the hockey locker rooms, Steven knew that kind of French and replied, “What’s wrong? Can’t compete with a guy?”

She crossed the space between them and shoved him.

“Heyyy, let’s be civil,” he said, standing his ground. “You wanna race? You should know women can’t compete.”

“Any distance you want, connasse [motherfucker],” she replied.

“The little lady knows some choice words,” he chuckled. Then he glanced around the track. “Here to the door. Jules will start us…Matt will judge the end.” The distance was a little over half the track.

“Steven, this isn’t necessary,” said Matt trying to diffuse things.

“Chicken can’t back out now,” said Adrianna. Jules remembered the cottage conversation and how good an athlete Ada had been—she had been at national level in France in heptathlon—but didn’t know what to say and stood quietly. Jules didn’t want to see Steven humiliated, but…

It was agreed and the race was over before it started. Steven even pulled up before the end.

“Fine!” he roared. “Well, in hockey, you skate for 8 kilometres in a game, carrying 15 pounds of equipment. Bet you can’t go far!”

“Guys, is there really time for this?” asked Matt.

“Hockey,” said Adrianna. “D’accord.” She started nodding. “Upper body strength, hitting people with a stick, very manly,” said as a taunt. “How many push-ups can you do?” She glared at him.

“More than you!” he snorted with a laugh. “Pick a number.”

“Why don’t we go until the first one stops?” the woman replied.

“You’re on. You two watch and make sure,” he pointed to the bewildered Matt and Julia. The latter knew all about Adrianna’s upper-body strength as they were partners doing silks. The taller woman was regularly hanging upside-down while holding and lifting Julia.

At the beginning, Adrianna had difficulty keeping up with the sheer speed. But as the number progressed, Steven began to slow down and the woman locked in, becoming very mechanical and deliberate. The anger of the situation was at complete odds with the serenity of the garden roof. Flowers were attracting insects and even over the dull roar of traffic in the street, with the occasional distant siren, a bird was occasionally heard. A gust of wind cooled the area as dusk was falling.

After a while, Steven was sweating profusely. This was taking more time than he expected and his muscles were quite warm. He looked over. There was a definite sheen on the woman’s skin but she continued to look deliberate and mechanical in her push-ups. Steven began to purposely count the push-ups he was doing in relation to his breathing—he was doing fewer and fewer between each gasp of air. His muscles started to burn. He looked over and there was sweat dripping from the woman’s face but there was still no apparent change in her movements. Steven’s right eye burned as sweat crept in.

The pace slowed and slowed. Steven’s muscles shrieked and eventually he got to the point where he was no longer physically capable of pushing his body back up. His arms buckled and he rolled over onto his back gulping air. When he could raise himself up, the woman was still doing the same metronome-like, slow, mechanical pace of push-ups. Without a stop.

He staggered to his feet and roared. “You cheating bitch!” He stumbled toward Adrianna. With some effort she got to her feet. The swing from the man’s arm was slow, but powerful. The woman ducked just in time and had it glance off her shoulder.

“Steven!” screamed Jules, horrified.

“What are you doing?” yelled Matt as he ran towards the bigger man. Matt had never played hockey and the elbow never crossed his mind, until it hit his face. Caught flush, he staggered back catching his heels on the lip of the yoga deck and went down hard on his back.

“Matt!” yelled Julia as she rushed to her husband. His lip was cut and he was dazed.

Steven was momentarily dazed himself, suddenly aware of what he’d done, and it looked like the fight had gone out of him until the tall French woman laughed. “All I have to do is pull your hockey sweater over your head and I win!” she taunted. The man shuffled toward her with his hands up as if to box.

Taking a different stance the woman waited and when he got close enough she lashed out. There was a loud “Slap!” and the man paused, stung.

“Is that it? Is that the hardest you can hit?” he taunted, and moved forward.

“That was a warning,” replied Adrianna as she peddled back slightly and resumed a deliberate stance. “I will defend myself.”

Jules again remembered the cottage conversation, this time about what Adrianna did, and how good she was, before she went into heptathlon. “Ada, don’t hurt him!” Julia called out, still kneeling beside her prone husband.

Steven glared and he was even further inflamed.

Lumbering forward he was caught by surprise as cat-like, the woman jumped and her foot landed in his lower chest. The wind was knocked out of him and he stumbled backwards barely staying on his feet. If possible he became even further enraged and he ran at the woman. She turned her back and moved away from her opponent, looking over her shoulder. Confident she was running away, he lunged at her.

It was the perfect trap. The wheel kick caught Steven cleanly on the side of the head. If Adrianna had done any practicing over the intervening years, with her strong, long legs there is no doubt it would have been a knockout blow. As it was, it was enough. Steven was spun, his legs went out from under him and he sprawled onto the reddish-brown running-track. He stayed there on hands and knees panting. It took a few breaths for him to realize what happened. It took a few more for him to gather his wits and to find all the connections to move his muscles to slowly come to his feet. Then it took more for him to orient himself and to turn in the correct direction.

By that time Matt was in front of Steven with Jules behind him and in front of Adrianna. The tall woman calmly stood at back with hands on hips; chin up in complete confidence and defiance.

“Whoa! Stop man!” said Matt. “There are cameras up here. We’ll all get tossed at minimum and maybe someone will get charged. Chill.” Then he said almost in a pleading voice, “C’mon man, this is stupid.”

Steve glared at his opponent over Matt’s shoulder and as Matt walked into him to gently guide him away, Steven put a loose headlock on the shorter man to stop him. With the other hand Steven pointed directly at Adrianna and glared. He didn’t say a word. The cars buzzed far below and another siren wailed in the distance. All four people were like statues in the roof garden. Then, Steven released Matt, turned and walked to the door.

Jules loudly released the breath she had been holding and glanced around. Ada was still defiantly glaring at Steven’s back. A magnificent Amazon, thought Jules: strength, beauty, just amazing. Steven was stomping toward the door—a proud man who would be particularly stung that he was bested by a woman. Jules felt bad for her Work Spouse and her lover. She almost ran after him, but then she looked at Matt. He had a split lip, there was some blood dripping and there were a couple of strawberry marks where he’d skinned his elbows. Once again, this man had put himself in harm’s way for a woman—he had been hospitalized after saving Jules from rape at school years ago. She put her arms around her husband, pressed her forehead to him, and sighed, “Oh, Matthew.”

Ada looked at them and smiled. Such a decent man. Hoolia would get her request.
At work the next day, Matt got a message from Jules with a time. “Be home for something special.” He shrugged at looked over at Mick. It was unusual to catch him at his desk.

Matt cleared his throat and said, “I was thinking of getting a bicycle and commuting like you.”

The older man spun his chair. “Trying to save money because you’re not confident we can lick this thing?”

Matt chuckled. “No. It’s for me—I want to get in shape.”

“Okay, but it better not be for your looks. You can’t possibly attract a higher caliber of female, you’re right up there with George Clooney. No, I agree, it will be good for the stress. Speaking of which, you wanna get a couple of wobbly-pops after work? Tequila’s making dinner and I’ve got to pick up some stuff at the market—how about C’est What?” He’d suggested one of Toronto's preeminent purveyors of craft beer, comfort food and live music. Mick looked at his watch, “The snooty waitress should be off by then.”

Of course, it took the second beer to arrive to get to the point. “So how’s your friend?” asked Mick.

Matt arched a brow. “Who?”

“Your friend: the one who pushed his wife to have a boyfriend, then got burned when she fell in love with the guy.”

“Oh,” said Matt, remembering he’d told that story to Mick. “Not so good, I guess. The situation with the boyfriend is just as bad. Whenever my friend brings it up, his wife blames him for it and continues with the relationship. He wants to start a family, but gets worried and turned-on that the baby won’t be his. And he worries about the wife being the best mother.”

“Is your buddy still in touch with his co-worker?”


“The co-worker he found feelings for but she moved away. Does he talk to her? How does he feel about her?”

“Yes, they keep in touch. She still has no schedule about coming back. You know, he thinks she’d make a fabulous mother but he doesn’t know which way to go. He’s stuck. The wife was supposed to be his life-partner, but he doesn’t think she acts like it. And he doesn’t think he can find the strength to let go.”

More beer arrived.

“Can you let go? How would you let go? How could you choose?”

“I need time to travel. But I can’t because…”

“No, you can’t.” said Mick definitively. “Just about anyone else on the team can work remotely. Not you. Everyone, especially the partners, need to see, feel and smell you at any time. You need to be HERE, in all senses of the word.” He took a sip of beer.

“A buddy,” he continued, “recommended his friend’s book on script writing. It’s called, "Get Your Hero Up a Tree". I read something similar about writing. It went: put your main character up a tree, throw rocks at him, and then get him get down gracefully. Looks to me like you’re up a monkey-puzzle tree, Matthew. I can’t help you decide. Your wife looks so young that I would feel like a creepy pedophile if I equated her with the word sex. And Mel. Well, Mel is a very close friend.” He took a long sip of beer, “You want money for a home to start the family, but the computer system you built has a problem: if you don’t solve it, no money. You have to stay and work on it, so you can’t go out to BC to resolve your feelings for Mel. You’re married to a dazzling woman whom you adore but you’re the victim of the classic gotcha: ‘be careful what you wish for’. You think Mel might be a more perfect life-time companion and mother. But she’s not into games and she demands loyalty. Imagine that. So, you have to jump one way or the other. You have to make a choice. Can you and would you be able to walk away from an exciting unconventional life style? Does a family come first? Does it have to? Can a family coexist with that life-style? I have no clue and I don’t want anything to do with it. Is that your tree, Matt?”

The younger man nodded as more beer arrived, “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

“Did I tell you I saw Stephen Fry at the Shaw Festival on the weekend? Yeah, Tequila got free tickets. Free.” He snorted then ticket off his fingers. “Dinner at the Golf Club, a room at the old Moffatt Inn plus a bottle for our ‘after party’ and HER free tickets cost ME almost four hundred bucks. Anyway, Fry sat in a wingback chair and just talked for over 2 hours. He essentially retold Greek mythology for us. What a story teller. At one point, as an aside, he retold the story of Cupid and Psyche. It stuck with me and is a lesson here. Cupid is of course Eros or desire. Psyche is the human mind or soul or spirit. The woman, Psyche, gains immortality when she commits herself to her suitor Cupid (who has mistakenly fallen for her, but let’s not get into that). The story, then shows that fulfillment, immortality, comes from the marriage of both soul and desire.”

He looked at Matt. “Are you stuck trying to fit two pieces together from two different women, Matt? Do you have a commitment problem to your soul? Is your desire currently soulless?”

Matt blinked. “Who paid for the tickets?”

“My kids.”

Mick sat for a moment. “Shit,” he said, shaking his head. “After that, I need another beer.”

“And Tequila’s just a friend?”

Mick scowled. “Yes. I don’t want her dealing with ‘old man’ problems when she’s still in her prime.”

When the final beer arrived, Mick out of the blue said, “I love Preston Sturges movies. Often he has a secondary character he uses as his own voice in the story—the director’s voice. For example, it’s the younger sister in Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, it’s the valet in The Lady Eve and it’s the bus driver in Sullivan’s Travels. In one movie he actually had a character say out loud, ‘if ever a plot needed a twist, this one does’. He was musing out loud while he worked on the script and it ended up being typed into the final version.”

“What would you say right now if you were that character?” asked Matt. The alcohol was making both men sound profound—to themselves. “Tell me, what’s our director thinking?”

“I’d say, ‘Rosebud’—just kidding. I’d say, 'duck! You have more rocks on the way, Matthew!’”

Matt’s phone buzzed. He looked at the message, “Where are you?!” He’d missed the reminder! He was supposed to be home!

“Oh, look at the time,” said Mick. He unsteadily got to his feet. “I’d better get these fixin’s to Tequila. See you tomorrow.” He then paused and looked right into Matt’s eyes and the alcohol said, “Mel is my Princess, she’s special. Consider me the dad she lost many years ago. Tread carefully and remember my shotgun.”

Matt was still unsteady as he entered the condo. It was dark. There was no light coming from the master suite ahead of him, but there was a golden glow coming out of the guestroom around the corner. He peeked in through the crack of the half-open door. Jewels was sitting on the bed, making out with Adrianna. Even before he took in any of the details, his cock jumped to attention. Julia was wearing a man’s shirt, completely unbuttoned, and nothing else. Who’s shirt was that? The golden light was from a series of candles around the room. He became transfixed with his wife’s mouth. It was molded to that of the other woman and it kept moving. She was Frenching a Frenchie. Matt giggled at this “Mickism”. He suddenly remembered that a condom was also known as a ‘frenchie’ for ‘french letter’. His head was spinning.

Then he looked at the “Frenchie” that was involved in the Frenching. It was the first time he could openly appreciate Adrianna in a sexual context. She wore a sports bra. Her breasts were much larger than Jewel’s small, perfect jewels—closer in size to Mel’s voluptuous melons in fact. The woman was super fit and wore tight leggings. One of “the greatest inventions of the twentieth century” indeed, mused Matt as he appreciated the long, toned legs and the curves of the woman’s hips and buttocks.

The women had been caressing each other’s head but now Adrianna’s hand drifted down and started stroking Jules’ thigh. Jules sighed and her hand drifted down and rested on the front of the other woman’s sports bra. He could just detect a slight kneading motion, then the fingers coalesced around what he imagined was a bullet-hard nipple. Matt silently pulled his zipper down and got his hand in and onto an ironwood woody. Adrianna’s hand stopped stroking the thigh and rose up and slid into the opening of Julia’s shirt. Matt’s hand had been there. He knew what the other woman was feeling. He watched the movement of the hand. It was sliding on Jules smooth side. Now it was caressing the lower ribs. Now…oh God…now it was at Jewel’s perfect little jewels. He envisioned a nipple caught between thumb and forefinger. Then he noticed his wife’s tongue as it moved in and out of the other woman’s mouth.

He couldn’t take it and he dropped his pants to gain better purchase on his raging penis.

The sound startled the women. Adrianna frowned and sprang up from the bed.

“We discussed this!” she said.

“Ada! Please wait!”

Matt was shoved aside as the tall woman stalked out of the room.

Matt was bewildered. He looked down and his hard penis was still in his hand. With a comic shuffle because of the pants around his ankles, he moved toward the bed.

“Jewels, that was incredible,” he said.

Julia stiffly got off the bed and warily tried to make her way around her husband. “Ada, wait!” she repeated.

Matt grabbed her hand when she came close and he tried to kiss her. “Matt, no,” she replied. “Ada!” she yelled as she tried to shake off her husband’s hand.

“Oh, Jewels, come on, you’ve got to now,” he placed his wife’s hand on his dick.

“Matt! I said no! Not right now! I didn’t tell you the rules. Ada!!!”

“What rules? Jewels, this is amazing. You’ve just got to now.” He put his dick against his wife. They were now at the foot of the bed and Julia was desperately trying to escape from her husband.

“Matt!!! I said NO! ADA!!!”

A third voice screeched into the room. “She said no, you CONNASSE! NO! MEANS! NO!!!”

As Matt turned toward the sound, a body hurtled at him. The collision pushed him over the end of the bed and he ended up on his back with his calves dangling over the edge. Ada was on top of him. The lioness had downed a prey. He was pinned. He was helpless. He felt a loud SLAP sting his face.

“NO! IS! NON!” screeched Ada. Then she turned her hand over and slapped Matt with the back.



Forehand SLAP!


Backhand WHACK!


After that the words deteriorated into a stream of French which Matt couldn’t follow. The blows continued in a slow rhythm. SLAP!...WHACK!...SLAP! Forehand… backhand…forehand.

Julia was stunned. Her mind couldn’t seem to take in what she was seeing and she was rooted in place. Then things focused. Ada was beautiful. She was strong. Julia was watching a woman thoroughly dominating a man. Jules was instantly turned on. She didn’t understand the words that came out in the lightening-fast stream of French. She’d heard the saying of how beautiful a woman’s back is and now knew what that meant. She admired the muscles moving under the smooth skin, watched the shoulders. She wanted to caress the sexy, strong back, put her lips on those shoulders.

Then she saw her husband’s red face. Then she saw the rage in Ada’s face: the horrible turn of the mouth, the hate…and…immense pain in the eyes. That did it. She remembered…

“Ada!” Jules yelled, as if suddenly waking up. She lunged at the woman beating her husband. “Stop! ADA! Please! Please, STOP! You’re hurting him!” She grabbed the woman’s arms.

The black mane of the lioness snapped around and the raging eyes considered Julia. Then the rage started to melt. The eyes focused on Julia as if Ada was noticing her for the first time. Then Adrianna looked down. Matt’s face was red and he was trying to lift his head up. She had done that. Oh God. No.

Adrianna slid off Matt and slowly backed away from the bed. Her hands went up to her mouth and through the fingers she said, “Mon dieu! I am so sorry. I am so so sorry.” Tears filled her eyes. She looked at Julia. “Oh, Hoolia. This is horrible…this is wrong…” and she pushed past Julia, stumbling into the hall.

“Ada, wait!” Jules yelled yet again. Then she stepped toward the bed and looked at her husband with palpable concern. Matt brought a thumb and forefinger to his nose, gently squeezed and looked at the result: nothing pink. He looked up at his wife.

“Are you okay?” she asked. Matt thought he heard awe in the voice.

“Yeah,” he said earnestly. The beers had somewhat dulled the pain. His ears were ringing, but he didn’t feel bad physically. “It was more noise, I think.”

Then Julia noticed her husband’s raging hard-on—the one obviously she, his wife, had nothing to do with. That hurt. He was turned on by Ada. Ada! HER Ada! How dare… She leaned forward and gave the offending penis an open-handed downward slap. Immediately it pulsed and white fluid shot out and onto her husband’s shirt.

“You’re disgusting!” she yelled. “Ada!” She turned and ran from the room.

About an hour later, Matt was sitting up at the head of the bed, still clothed, with eyes closed as Julia came into the room. She slid onto the bed beside him, took his head in both hands and very gently kissed his lips.

“I am so sorry, Baby,” she said. His eyes opened and he noted the tears in the corners of his wife’s eyes.

“So much for the show,” he joked. “What was THAT all about?”

His wife curled next to him and held him as close as is humanly possible. “I never told you. Her fiancé was raped…”

“In prison or something?”

“No, no, it wasn’t. And Ada wasn’t around to help her…” Hearing the word, ‘her’ Matt’s mouth silently formed an ‘o’. “And her fiancé...alone and distraught…guilty and shamed…she…she…killed herself.”

“Oh, shit…”

“Exactly. Understandably, she’s sensitive about men and…assault. I’m so sorry that I yelled ‘no’ like that. It triggered her. You weren’t being bad, I know. It was annoying and I was trying to get passed you to talk to her.” Jules looked up at her husband. “You have no idea how sorry she is. She couldn’t possibly feel worse.”

Matt squeezed his wife. “It’s okay. No harm, no foul. I hope you can tell her that I understand. Yeah, I was being a drunken asshole, so I sort of deserved it.”

“No, you didn’t. I’ll talk to her again.” She looked at her husband and gently stroked the side of his face. “I’ll get you your treat, if you still want it.”

Matt smiled weakly and shrugged. “Okay.”

“But there are certain rules.”

“So, why did you hit me?”

“Oh. I’m just as sorry about that. It’s just...it’s just that I hated how hard you were from…being with her.”

“Being beaten up is hardly ‘being with her’. Besides it was the show before that really got me going”, he said, trying to convince himself.

She looked at him again and said, “I have no idea how you get turned on by me being with other men, I couldn’t stand it if you did the same to me. I think I understand the girl-girl thing,” She leaned back into him and squeezed him. “But you wanted to see me with other men, so I did it. For you.”

“Hmm, you seem to be really interested in me being with other men,” Matt joked. Then more seriously he said, “I didn’t want to lose you to other men.”

She looked at him again. “Must we do this again? You haven’t lost me.” She settled back against him. “And we’ll work on the other men thing—especially how reluctant you are to suck cock. Funny guy. You just made my point. How is that different from girl-girl?”

“Some girls are as un-enthused by girl-girl as I am of well…” He didn't even want to say it.

“Lucky you then, that I’m not un-enthused, at least by Ada. But that’s okay. Ada is so incredible. Wait until you see our new silks routine—she is so strong holding both of us in the air. I also really admire what she does, running the family charity. She is so beautiful too.” Her voice got wistful, “Such a nice smile.” She started playing with the buttons on Matt’s shirt. “She’s asked me to work with her at the charity. I know it will be a cut in salary, but the work will be so meaningful—much more than advertising. It would mean a cut in the amount of a mortgage we could afford, but Steven says he’s looking for a bigger place. You know, he used to be roommates with his sister and her husband but they moved out and he took the whole place over. He makes so much that if we become roommates with him, we could get an amazing place.”

She looked up to gauge Matt’s reaction but his eyes were closed and his breathing was steady. Disappointed, she cuddled closer.

Matt had played possum to let her run herself out. There was no way he had the energy to tackle any of what she’d said, tonight. After a while he opened his eyes and asked, “Think we should move to our own bed?”
"I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you!
"I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you!
"When you're dead and in your grave
"No more women will you crave
"I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you!

"You asked my wife to wash your clothes, you rascal, you!
"You asked my wife to wash your clothes, you rascal, you!
"You asked my wife to wash your clothes
"And something else, I suppose
"I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you!

"I'll be oh, so glad when you dead, you rascal, you
"I'll be oh, so glad when you dead, you rascal, you
"What's this thing you got
"Makes my wife think you're so hot?
"I'll be glad when you dead, you rascal, you!"
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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Welcome back FreshStart. I was getting worried you may have gotten hit by a bus while looking at a picture of a large penis or something. The story has interesting characters and creative situations. Perhaps a bit highbrow and wordy, but I don't mind and I think that's just you enjoying yourself. I'm liking it, I'm hooked - keep this going, please. From one of my favorite singers;

Why Can't He Be You?
He takes me to the places you and I used to go
He tells me over and over that he loves me so
He gives me love that I never got from you
He loves me too, his love is true
Why can't he be you?

He never fails to call and tell me I'm on his mind
And I'm lucky to have such a guy, I hear it all the time
And he does all the things that you would never do
He loves me too, his love is true
Why can't he be you?

He's not the one who dominates my mind and soul
And I should love him so, 'cause he loves me, I know
But his kisses leave me cold

He sends me flowers, calls on the hour, just to prove his love
And my friends say when he's around, I'm all he speaks of
And he does all the things that you would never do
He loves me too, his love is true
Why can't he be you?

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Great chapter! Well worth the wait.

Who knew there was so much drama in Canuckland?

While I was hoping Matt and Mel would end up together, now I’m not so sure. Matt loves Mel, but is addicted to the cuckold lifestyle and that’s not Mel. Jules appears to care about Matt, but she’s doing things to appease Matt, not please Matt. That’s a theme throughout this story. Though she says she loves him, Jules appears to do the minimum to keep Matt around. I don’t think he’s happy.

I’m glad Steven was humiliated. I can’t believe Jules then brought up moving in with Steven.

Matt’s now officially taken the role of the ‘Welcome Matt’. Come in, wipe your shoes on me, fuck my wife, rough me up....no harm, no foul. He’s now been beaten up by both Steven and Ada. I did like the twist at the end where Jules got pissed when she realized he got off on Ada slapping him around.

Can’t wait to see how this will end.

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

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Part 5: Bull fighting, bulls fighting and mad cow in a Barbie World

5b: "I'll get you in the end, Oh yeah, oh yeah"

[Freshnote: we all know many have been waiting for something like this. I decided to do something about it...]

At work the next day, Matt got an email from Mick.

From: Michaelis Thanis
To: Matt Adams
Subject: Keep your hands to yourself
Text: As the Georgia Satellites sing it:
“I got a little change in my pocket goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling
“Wants to call you on the telephone baby, a-give you a ring
“But each time we talk, I get the same old thing
“Always no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a weddin' ring
“My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
“She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

“B-B-B-baby baby baby why you wan' treat me this way
“You know I'm still your lover boy I still feel the same way
“That's when she told me a story, 'bout free milk and a cow
“And said no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a weddin' vow
“My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
“She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

“Hold it here
“See I wanted her real bad, and I was about to give in
“But that's when she started talking about true love,
“Started talking about sin
“And I said, honey I'll live with you for the rest of my life,
“She said no hug-ee no kiss-ee until you make me your wife-a
“My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
“She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself”

Matt chuckled, swiveled his chair toward Mick and said, “Thanks, Mister Rougier, sir. I’ll have your daughter home by 9.”

That’s when Matt’s phone buzzed. A message from Jules asked, “U @ work?” He answered, “yes” and thought nothing of it. Not long after, his desk phone buzzed. “I’m at reception. Do you have a moment?" Matt was always amazed by the perfect North American accent.

“Absolutely. Be right there,” he replied.

Adrianna looked classy and fabulous in a suit. She gracefully stood up and grabbed Matt’s arm. “Mathew, is there somewhere we can talk?” They found an empty conference room and once the door closed, she asked, “May I hug you?” He nodded and she pulled him into a gentle hug. “What I did was totally unforgivable. I can’t apologize enough.”

Matt pulled back slightly to look at the woman. “Jules told me the story. You have nothing to feel bad about, nothing at all. I was a jerk.”

“Assault wasn’t called for. It’s never called for. And with you…” She shook her head as her hands ran up and down his biceps. “You are such a good man.” She emphasized “such”. “Hoolia told me about how you saved her at school.” Letting Matt go, she fished into a bag and pulled out an envelope. “A peace offering,” she said holding it out to him. He took the envelope. “There is a restaurant on top of one of the big bank towers. It’s on the paper inside this. Take Hoolia and have anything you want—anything on the menu AND anything on the wine list. Wine, spirits as well. The entire meal will be covered. Hoolia said you’re not doing anything tomorrow night so the reservation is for 7. I understand it’s best to time the visit and be there to see sunset.”

Matt chuckled. “I guess I have no say.”

“No, you do not.” She smiled at him, and touched his hand. Then, almost randomly, she blurted, “Matthew, we have to help Hoolia with this Steven sickness.” She looked hard at him, then, she was gone. He opened the envelope and quite surprised, wandered back to his cubicle.

Matt dropped into his chair. “Wow,” he said out loud to Mick. “Apparently I’m going to dinner at Canoe tomorrow night.”

“Cool. Nice ‘tasting menu’, nice wine list and nice view with impeccable service. They just have to get the revolving floor thing fixed.” He was joking about ‘360’, the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, which definitely had a lower reputation while it had a much higher elevation. “Did I ever tell you about the last time I was at Canoe?”


“I was there with Tequila. We were guests of an absolute jerk from Woods Grundy and his wife. He was using us to expense the whole thing. Well, he was stupid enough to loudly tell Tequila, in the middle of arguably the best restaurant in the city, that it was impossible to embarrass him. What an absolutely incredible show…” He shook his head, and then he wondered aloud, “I have no idea if they still have me blacklisted—or him.” He turned to Matt. “Do you want company?”

Matt’s eyes bugged. “Ah…..”

“Just kidding about the company,” chuckled the older man. “Enjoy.”
The man Matt and Mel knew as ‘Alan’ stepped into the meeting room and closed the door behind him. There was one chair vacant at the table and the large screen at the end of the room had the scowling visage of a very dangerous and powerful man.

“What’s going on with this program?” asked the visage in a thick Russian accent.

Almost as one, the men in the room turned to ‘Alan’, who cleared his throat.

“Starting with our old, stolen pre-production copy of Algorithmic Market Execution, or AME, we built around it a neural net to learn how the production version works by watching it. We’ve been feeding it all the trades that we know AME has been doing. There are three developments.

“First, our program has reached a critical mass and is now suggesting trades on its own. We have been manually executing those trades and it has been steadily making money.

“Second, we now have a direct line to learn all of the AME trades at their source. Something has happened and AME now has its trades approved by a human being. This has given us an opportunity for our paid informant to let us know exactly what AME does—if not quite in real time.

“Third, AME has done a trade that we don’t understand and haven’t given to our system yet. It’s done an illogical trade that is universally-predicted to be a money-loser.”

The scowl on the visage deepened. “What is this trade?”

‘Alan’ glanced around the room before continuing. “It has sold-short a stock that every single analyst is convinced will go up in value. The trade is assumed to be a guaranteed money loser.”

“Why are you bothering me with this?”

‘Alan’ again looked around the room. “We don’t have consensus with what to do and some are appealing to you for guidance.”

“What do you recommend?”

“Do the trade,” said ‘Alan’. A murmur drifted through the room. “It is something AME has done and our program must learn...everything.”

“But, what’s the point of deliberately losing money?” asked one of the men around the desk, also in a Russian accent. “We are building this program to MAKE money. Perhaps AME is in error.”

“We don’t know everything AME is thinking. Our program must learn from AME,” ‘Alan’ replied. “Everything AME has done has beaten the market.” Silently, he said to himself, “So far.”

Everyone turned to the screen and waited. “Make the trade,” boomed the visage. “If it loses money, you will pay.” And the screen went dark.
That evening, Matt was home exactly at the time his wife sent to him. He opened the condo door and, once again, there was darkness in the hall from the master suite. Turning the corner, there was again a golden glow coming from the guestroom. He paused when he could look in through the half-opened door.

The sight was almost biblical. In the golden glow of the candles, Matt saw Jules on the bed on her back. She was completely naked with arms spread. Her skin was golden as a sheen of sweat reflected the glow of the candles. Matt noticed her mouth; open in a huge oval as she was panting for air. Her chest was heaving, which only brought attention to the perky breasts glowing with the slick reflection. Her eyes were clenched shut…because of Adrianna.

The tall, French lioness was on the bed alongside Jules. Adrianna’s left arm was all the way under Julia and the fingers were toying with the petite woman’s left nipple. The black mane of hair almost obscured the face, but Matt could still clearly see the sensuous mouth pulling on the right nipple. Two legging-clad legs were wrapped around the gold-hued right leg. And the right hand was buried at the apex between Julia's legs. Some small, repeating movements explained the look on the face of Matt's wife.

“Oh….shiiiiittttt….Ada,” Jules was gasping. “That’s incredible. Don’t stop. Oh, God, don’t stop.”

It was hypnotic. Matt was unaware of opening his fly and reacting to the scene that threatened to overload his senses. He now knew the rules, but the rules were governed by a higher brain function. The animal instincts wouldn’t be denied.

Matt must have stroked himself harder and at one point hit the door frame, or somehow made some other noise. Adrianna’s hands immediately ceased moving, her mouth released the nipple and she turned her head slightly to look at Matt. Or that’s how it felt, as her black eyes pierced into the shadows of the door. Matt froze.

“Oh, Adaaaaaa. Don’t stop. PULEEZ! Don’t stop!” Julia wailed. Her head lifted off the bed and the look of ecstasy changed to anguish. Julia’s eyes were squeezed shut as she pleaded with the French lioness, “You can’t…oh, please…you can’t just leave me like this. Ada. Ada! Please, Ada. You just can’t do this!!!”

The lioness didn’t move and the black eyes continued to bore in Matt’s direction.

He, soundlessly, pulled back from the door. Once he couldn’t see anything, Jules cried out, “That’s it! Oh god, that’s it. That feeeeelsss soooo gooooooood…..”

Matt tiptoed forward again until he could see the golden cross of his wife on the bed and the woman who was taking her to heaven. He’d learned his lesson and after tiptoeing to the kitchen for a towel, watched until his dick was raw, the towel was sticky and he was spent. It was the the most erotic thing he had seen in his life. Watching Jewels with other men just couldn't compare. In his bed, he still went through cycles of beating himself off as he relived the scene in the guestroom. Eventually, he slept.

At first light, Matt looked over. Julia still wasn’t there. He slid out of bed and tiptoed to the guestroom. The candles had burned out, but a new gold light, sunrise, reflected off the building across the road, illuminating Julia who was alone in the bed. She was on her left side and as Matt slid in beside her and spooned with her, she sleepily murmured, “Ada…just let me sleep a bit. Girl, you’ve worn me out…”

"It's me Jewels. Thank you."

She reached behind, pulled his arm around her and murmured, "Just remember, I am the one you got hot for."
Dinner that night was unforgettable. Matt handed the envelope to the woman at the desk who read the contents, frowned and said, “Will you excuse me a second?” then left. She returned with another woman who beamed at the Adams.

“Good evening! Please, this way.” As she sat them, she asked in a seemingly-casual way, “Are we celebrating anything in particular?”

Matt, coached by Mick replied, “Celebrating a first date, actually.”

“Very nice!” exclaimed the woman. "Enjoy."

“That’s right!” Jules squealed in delight. When the woman was out of earshot Matt said, “Close enough for jazz, anyway.” Julia replied, “But that dive just doesn’t compete with this!” Out came her phone and the inevitably selfies were posted on social media. “This is amazing!”

They were seated at a table against the windows on the west side. The menus had no prices. Matt relaxed and went with it. The food was superb. Using what he’d learned from Mick—and Mel—he ordered what he thought were good choices from the wine list, starting with glasses of sparkling wine. “Excellent choice!” said the waiter each time. It was a cloudless evening and they watched the big orange ball descend to the skyline. They tried to guess at all the places they were viewing. Lights came on and they watched streams of white and red going in various directions.

Towards the end, Matt ordered a Highland Park Scotch for himself and a glass of Riesling Icewine for Julia. That’s when the dessert arrived that he hadn’t ordered, just as Mick had said. There was an oval plate of impeccably-arranged berries and tiny confections, looking like the fruit on the chocolate vine that had been drawn on the plate. And on the plate, arcing over the vine, was artistically written in chocolate, “Happy Anniversary!”

Julia clapped her hands and exclaimed, "Wonderful!" Then she pulled out her phone, which buzzed right after the camera flash. As she answered, Matt wandered off to the men’s room. As he was returning, the woman who sat them intercepted him and smiled, “Mr. Adams, we will not accept a gratuity from you—it has already been taken care of. It has been a pleasure to serve you.”

“Guess what?” Jules beamed at him when he sat down. “Ada says our costumes have arrived. Can we swing over to her place on the way home to see them? You’ll love them! Please, please, please!”

What could he answer? Perhaps the romantic evening could continue at home after a pause.
About the time Jules and Matt were riding the elevator down from Canoe to the PATH (the 'underground city' beneath Toronto), Mick was entering his house after walking Bernini. He gave the little furry creature a biscuit, then trudged upstairs to sit outside. When it got a bit chilly, he went back in, considered his options and went down to the kitchen. He poured a glass of Laphroaig quarter cask, found a comfy chair, dialed a long-distance number and had a long, serious conversation.
While Mick was on the phone, Jules and Matt walked off some of their dinner going to Union Station. From there, they took the Harbourfront Streetcar the short distance to the Queens Quay Terminal Building where Adrianna was staying.

“You,” said Adrianna to Matt, “cannot pass this line.” She smiled and indicated that Matt couldn’t cross into the bedroom area of the condo while the two women were changing into their new costumes. Matt understood Jules’ excitement. These costumes were custom-ordered for a duet the two women were working on for aerial silks. He hadn’t really listened and let Jules bubble on something about a spider and a butterfly. It actually sounded very clever.

After admiring the lights in the harbor and across on the island, Matt turned to survey the room, musing, “This condo must be three-times the size of ours”. He knew from Jules that Adrianna was renting it—or given the use of it by some wealthy connections— until she decided on a permanent residence for herself. Strolling around, he wondered what in the room belonged to her: what here said ‘Adrianna’?

A photograph, sitting on the baby grand piano, seemed to draw him. He walked over and picked it up—a picture of two women, a tall brunette and a short blonde, standing side-by-side with linked arms. The stance hinted at close-connections and even intimacy. Time stopped. It was a picture of Adrianna and Jules. No. He frowned. It couldn’t be. How could Jules’ hair be short in the picture? She’d cut it less than a week ago. Then he noticed that the Adrianna in the picture looked younger. He couldn’t figure it out. Then it hit him just as…

“SURPRISE!” in unison the two women yelled and jumped into the room side-by-side with linked arms. They were dressed in sexy, tight-fitting clothes covered with sparkles, Adrianna in black with faint hairs and Julia in a blush of color—a spider and a butterfly. Matt looked at them, stunned. Thinking he was surprised by their costumes or startled by their actions, the women stood holding each other, laughing. But it wasn’t the costumes, and it wasn’t the ‘boo’ of the surprise that made Matt look like a “deer in the headlights”.

Matt was stunned because he realized he was holding a picture of Adrianna and her late fiancé—and Julia, especially with her newly-cut hair, eerily evoked the dead woman. That’s why Adrianna must have been constantly pinning up Julia’s hair! But now, Julia had cut her hair to match the woman in the photograph—now his petite blonde wife was standing with the tall Frenchwoman looking exactly like the dead fiancé in the photograph. If Matt looked like he was seeing a ghost, in a way, he was.
Some days later, Julia was sitting at her desk examining a key. She was feeling guilty that she’d gone ahead to get the copy made without first discussing it with Matt—she’d have to talk to him about it. Steven was right, he reacted to the smell of paint, so staying with her and Matt made sense and giving him a key cut out the hassle of always letting him in. Even with just the key, the concierge would have to let him up the elevator, which is why that was an elevator fob with the key. Then she considered further. There might be some drama with Matt going back to his insecurities around Steven. How could she…

“Jules.” Steven’s voice made her jump and she slammed the key down on her desk. “Jules, we really need to get those papers on P and G from legal. Run up and pry them loose. I don’t care if they suddenly want to examine the language on all our contracts, we have to get this thing moving.”

Without thinking, she immediately jumped up and briskly walked away.

Steven looked down, noticed the key and fob and curious, picked them up and examined the label. Oh. Cool. She had the spare made and hadn’t told him yet. He pocketed the key and went into his office.

Julia returned with the papers and after giving them to Steven, went back to her desk. The key was gone. She looked on and under her desk and then she got a hunch and went into Steven’s office.

“Did you happen to pick up a key from my desk?”

He didn’t look up from his work, “Yes, thanks for that.” Then he looked up at her and smiled. “I guess we have to do some paint shopping first, huh?” Flustered, she could only nod.

Friday, Matt got a text, “2nite 7PM B home”. What could it possibly be THIS time? He put it aside and concentrated on work. Mick was whistling as he walked around the office: they were about to test a way to back out a trade and reset AME. Matt had no idea how it could NOT work but he still kept working through the process.

At 4, Steven was at Jules’ desk. “I know a hard-working couple who could use a drink. What do you say, Gorgeous?”

Jules looked up and smiled, “Sorry Baby, Matt and I have company tonight—and you have ball hockey.”

“Oh, right. You entertaining anyone I know?”

He saw something in Jules face before she smiled again, “Maybe.”

“And I don’t get an invite?”

He was surprised by how serious she looked. Then she brightened, stood up and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Not your kind of crowd. Think of this as me doing you a favor—and you don’t have to miss ball hockey.”

After work, when Steven got to the Leeside Memorial arena, he found his team standing around outside the door.

“The permit’s been pulled for tonight,” said the goalie.

“Shit,” said Steven, considering the situation. “Well, what say we jump straight to the beers guys?”

“We were only waiting for you!”

Downtown, it was almost 6 when, with a start, Matt checked the time and got up to leave. That’s when Jacobs came by.

“Matthew! I have someone who wants to talk to you.” Then he leaned forward and in a conspiratorial tone said, “Municipal Employees Pension Plan—would be a very nice client. Let’s show him HERMES. This gentleman is going to need a thorough walkthrough.”

Uptown, Steven’s team had only gone as far as the Leeside Pub for beer. After downing quite a few, Steven looked at his watch and wondered—he’d have to go through Yonge and Eglinton to go home…and it might be interesting...

At the Adams’ condo, two women were waiting in the living room. Jules was fidgeting beside Adrianna who testily snapped, “He’s late.”

“It has to be something unexpected at work,” Julia replied.

“I’m not waiting all evening, Hoolia.” Jules knew Ada wasn’t enthusiastic about the situation. “And I’m not going to do this again.”

There was a knock on the door.

“They can go away,” said Julia. The concierge hadn’t phoned up, so it had to be a neighbor. Whatever it was could wait.

A moment later they heard a key in the door and just as planned, they jumped off the couch and got to their places, showing profiles to the hall, with Julia on her knees.

Moments later, Adrianna gasped and Jules glanced over. Steven Spears was looking on, wide eyed, as Adrianna Charlès stood in tights and sports bra as Julia Adams, wearing nothing but an unbuttoned man’s shirt, was kneeling with her mouth around the other woman's strap-on appliance.

“Hole-eee fuuuuck,” Steven slowly said in awe. “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…”

Julia jumped up and as Steven approached, Adrianna warily circled away from him into the kitchen area.

“Steven! You shouldn’t be here!” said Julia.

“Oh, I sure think I should. What’s wrong? Are you missing my lovin’? Fuck, look at the little dick on the French cunt! It’s bigger than Little Matty, but a LOT smaller than this.” With that he dropped his pants to his knees and pulled out his engorged XL man meat and began to pump it.

“Steven, please, this isn’t the time,” whined Julia.

“Shit, it’s always the time and right now for sure. Jeez, you’re playing with toys and not the real thing!” He’d shuffled forward, with pants that had now fallen around his ankles, as Jules backed up. She was now behind the couch and he was at the end. He grabbed her hand.

“Here, start it up. You know what horsepower you’re going to get out of it.” He put Julia’s hand on his cock.

“No, Steven. Please stop.”

“Okay, we’ll just get you revving first.” He put a hand to Jules’ crotch and tried to push his fingers in.

“No, Steven! Stop it! Stop!”

“Relax, you know what I can…”

A third voice roared in the room. “She said no asshole! NO! MEANS! NO!”

Steven turned and the roundhouse slap caught him square on the face. Almost comically, he danced around with his pants and underwear around his ankles, trying to keep his balance. He stopped in front of the end of the couch, facing it, with his back to Adrianna. In frustration, the Frenchwoman shoved the man, who fell over the end of the couch. Like a seesaw his legs came up and the pants caught Adrianna, who swatted and smacked and pulled, and Steven was naked from waist to socks. The woman stepped forward.

Steven was ass-up over the end of the couch, with Adrianna between his legs. The Lioness looked down and the fake cock was lined up right into Steven’s crack.

Julia almost jumped as Steven’s head snapped up, his eyes bulged and he grunted from the white hot bolt that shot into him, “Unh!”

“Pig!” yelled Adrianna. “You need to learn how it feels! You need to understand!” She thrust forward. "How does violation feel?! Je vais pousser dans ton cul, connard!” [I’m going to push in your ass, asshole]

Steven was holding his torso up with his hands, with the tall woman pushing on his shoulders it was all he could do to stay up and with his feet off the floor he was virtually helpless. He grunted again, and then started to grunt in a rhythm that mimicked the thrusts of the Lioness. An unintelligible stream of French filled the room.

Then the feedback loop started. Not understanding the French, not hearing Steven object or seeing him struggle, Jules was in awe. She remembered watching the two men at the cottage—it had turned her on immensely with the raw sex and the gorgeous men. But this; this was incredible. The strong Amazon was dominating a man, and doing it sexually. The woman was in control. Ada was in control. Her Ada. Her Ada was in control and dominating Jules’ Greek god, the manly Steven. Jules became wet and one hand, almost of its own accord moved down, slipped into her moist folds and started to move. The other hand slipped inside the shirt and found a nipple.

Steven, watched Julia’s movements. His very own hot Barbie was masturbating right in front him, which made him hard and he became unaware of the pain and burning. His cock was on the smooth leather of the couch and it was rubbing back-and-forth with the thrusts of the woman behind him. His body was involuntarily getting thoroughly aroused.

The thrusts continued as Steven watched Jules masturbate watching Ada fucking Steven whose dick was moving against the couch. Round and round it went and up and up it flew. Julia’s hand furiously rubbed against her clit while Adrianna ferociously thrust into Steven, which rubbed his engorged cock on the soft skin-temperature leather which felt almost like…

Jules saw a change in Steven’s face. His eyes refocused and he looked directly into her. “Shit,” he said in obvious wonder. “I’m gonna cum…”

Jules plunged her fingers up into herself as a white spray exploded from under Steven onto the cushions of the couch. Julia staggered and almost fell as her orgasm rippled through her. She grasped the back of the couch to stay up and panted as she slowly recovered from the euphoric climax. And as is often the case, things suddenly looked very different after that.

Julia was dismayed by the torrent of violent French coming from her Ada’s lips. Then she saw the snarl…and the tears…and the horrible pain.

“Ada!” she said leaping forward. She grabbed the other woman’s arm. “Ada…Ada…sh…sh…calm down baby. Stop. STOP! ADA! You don't want to do this!” She was shaking the woman’s arm.

Ada looked at Jules as if she was confused as to where she was. “Hoolia!” She looked down. “MON DIEU!” she shrieked. Backing up, there was an almost comical “pop” as she pulled out of the prone man.

Mon Dieu,” she repeated as she staggered and almost fell. She began sobbing and unsteadily turned to the hall. As she passed Matt, she stumbled and grabbed him to stay up. “Merde…merde…” Her chest heaved with her sobbings. She pulled herself up using the man in the hall, and then shoved him against the wall so she could stagger past.

Julia cried out in surprise seeing Matt, who was still in shock after what he saw, and after being banged against the wall. At first he was angry as he looked on at the sex party: Julia was masturbating to the sight of Adrianna pegging a surprisingly-compliant Steven. But when Julia started to break it up and Adrianna, crying, had nearly run him down fleeing the room, he knew something far more serious had happened.

As Jules passed him to follow the distraught woman, she grabbed her husband’s arm, cocked her head in the direction of the couch and quietly said with pleading eyes, “Make sure he gets home? Please?” Matt nodded silently and Jules touched his cheek.

Sometime later, in the back of the car, Matt looked at the man beside him. He looked like Steven, but where was the usual charisma? The confidence? The chutzpah? The man sat pressing his hands between his knees, looking forward with a blank, unchanging stare.

Matt couldn’t stand the silence and wanted to say something, anything. He cleared his throat and asked, “Are you going to press charges?”

At first, he didn’t think the man had heard. Then, with no other movement, the eyes shifted toward him. They regarded him momentarily and then it was as if winter melted into spring. The man spread his legs. In fact, the “man-spreading” was so wide that he touched Matt’s knee, forcing him to move over. The man’s posture completely relaxed, the hands spread out onto the thighs, the head turned, the mouth smiled and Steven Spears said, “What the fuck are you talking about? Do you really think a chick could do that do me if I didn’t let it happen?” He laughed and shook his head.

“Dude,” he continued, “that was putting money in the fuck-ing bank. Did you check out Jules frigging herself?” His chin came up and he faced forward as if addressing a crowd. “Oh, it was perfect. I’m going to have both of those hot chicks. An-y-time I want.” He looked back at Matt and very earnestly said, “I’ll have that French bitch begging…I mean fucking begging for my dick.” He rubbed the front of his pants as if to remind Matt of where a dick was. It looked and sounded like the completely self-confident Steven, but Matt thought he detected something. Matt wasn’t convinced.

Later, once he saw the elevator doors close over Steven’s face, Matt looked around, then seeking some calm began wandering through The Manulife Centre. The Varsity Cinema was busy with Solo, Deadpool2 and the last Avengers movies. He thought about going to the basement to Bay Bloor Radio to check out the high-end electronics. Maybe he’d get a high-end vinyl turntable when he got his bonus. He saw Timothy’s and since they were like Second Cup, he bought a small cup of German Chocolate Cake coffee and walked out the building and onto Bloor Street. Walking the short “low-rent” section of the Mink Mile between Bay and Yonge where the only high-end shops were William Ashley and Holt Renfrew, the cool air helped to clear his head.

When he got to the condo, the hallway was again dark from the master suite. He turned the corner and saw a golden glow from the guestroom. WTF? Surely those two weren’t…

He peeked through the small crack of the door and saw Julia, dressed as he'd left her, kneeling on the bed and holding two hands, which were all he could see of Adrianna. Jules looked like she was crying…no…laughing…no… It was hard to tell. She wiped her cheek with a hand and with a combination laugh and sob said, “Yes! I mean, I do! I mean, I will! Oh, I have no idea how to say it!”

“You’ve said all I need to hear,” said Adrianna’s voice. “You have no idea how happy you’ve made me.”

“Ohmygod, you’ve made ME so happy!” sobbed/laughed Jules. The women hugged. “I love you so much.”

Je t’aime, Hoolia.”

Matt fell back as if pushed. What was this about? Did Jules just agree to marry the woman? Was he getting a divorce? He silently moved down the hall, closed the door on the master suite, got onto the bed, folded an arm over his forehead, and tried to decide what he’d seen—and what he could or would do.

After he’d left the guestroom door, Matt missed what Jules said next. With a laugh she squeezed both of Ada’s hands saying, “I guess I’m going to grow up.” Then a thought occurred to her. “And the timing’s right."
Matt gave Julia a lot of space and a bit of the silent treatment the next day. He was wary; he was waiting to see what happened next. Were they going to have a “talk”? Was he going to get a “Dear Matt” letter? Was he going to be served with divorce papers? When he got to work, he spent more time than usual, three storeys up, doubled up in the men’s room. It was a hell he couldn’t recall.

By midday Matt finally made it back to his desk. He had no idea that right at that moment, Julia was on her back on a bed, looking up at Ada, who was kneeling beside her.

“Are you okay?” asked the Frenchwoman, stroking the blonde hair. Julia nodded. Ada continued, “I can’t believe that the timing of your cycle worked out so perfectly.”

Julia smiled and said, “I can’t believe this is happening.” She touched the other woman’s face and wistfully said, “So beautiful.”

“Oh, no,” replied the black-haired lioness. “You are. And what you are doing is incredibly beautiful.” This was followed by a short peck on the lips.

“I know.”

“Are you ready?” Ada asked with a breathy, seductive voice while tracing Julia's covered, erect nipple with one finger.

“You have no idea…”

Mon Dieu, this is getting me aroused.”

There was movement at the bottom of the bed and both women looked over at the man moving between Julias’ legs. Then the women turned back to each other and started a long kiss. Julia Adams winced and smiled into the kiss as she was penetrated by Adrianna’s brother, Normand Charlès Jr.

“I got those camera flashing
“Action happens everywhere
“But what the hell just happened
“What the hell just happened

“I’m coming closer to my dream,
“I see I’m almost there
“But I can’t even have it
“I can’t, I can’t

“It seems I lost my mind
“Now where the hell do I find that shit
“Inhale, exhale from the pain
“I found a ladder to heaven,
“I climb that shit
“I’m lost in space like a horoscope
“The stars told me if I slip one time,
“That’s it”

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by FreshStart » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:34 pm

As Fresh, almost bent over, walked along the street, he came to the massage clinic he'd occasioned. On a whim, he went in to see if he could catch an appointment. As it turned out, they had a cancellation and he was almost immediately ushered into the calm, darkened room with the vanilla scent. Once his lower back was freed up, he was left to gather himself together. He lay for a few minutes, listening to the soothing music. Steeling himself to the inevitable, he sat up, slid off the table and started to put his clothes on. When he got to his left shoe, he couldn't pull it on. He flipped the shoe over...and a folded yellow sheet fell out. He quickly glanced at it and decided it was short enough to read right away:

"So going on my first military flight..to san diego.

"Very personal business. Not planning to return here..soo a challenge for me..

"Finished reading the story. I think it was awesome! I was worried about it but you kept the story fresh with ada. The plot with hermes is a cool side story to fill in the gaps between lusts. Good job..i see someone wrote its getting complicated...thought that was the idea...lol

"I dont think ill have time to do much reading for awhile..as the saying goes ill be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Total fail means i come back here..so not too bad an end game if it goes that way...

"Anywho shout at ya when i can..

"Be very, very careful,
"Deep Thrust"
"There's a man who leads a life of danger
"To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
"With every move he makes another chance he takes
"Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow

"Secret agent man, secret agent man
"They've given you a number and taken away your name"

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by Suchen Zucker » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:45 pm

So, she's letting Steve stay in their apartment without asking Matt, and getting impregnated by Ada's brother also without asking. Hasn't Matt been wanting to start a family, but Jules was acting like she wasn't ready yet? Nice.
Cmon Fresh - deal the cards already!

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by FreshStart » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:26 pm

Suchen Zucker wrote:So, she's letting Steve stay in their apartment without asking Matt, and getting impregnated by Ada's brother also without asking. Hasn't Matt been wanting to start a family, but Jules was acting like she wasn't ready yet? Nice.
Cmon Fresh - deal the cards already!
I suspect from your comments that you have no idea what the game is...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by Suchen Zucker » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:54 pm

FreshStart wrote:
Suchen Zucker wrote:So, she's letting Steve stay in their apartment without asking Matt, and getting impregnated by Ada's brother also without asking. Hasn't Matt been wanting to start a family, but Jules was acting like she wasn't ready yet? Nice.
Cmon Fresh - deal the cards already!
I suspect from your comments that you have no idea what the game is...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
"And Now, I deal the cards
"I´m on charge of my steps
"I deal the cards, I deal the cards
"I´m on charge of my steps"
lol, could be. I think I'll re-read from start to finish. I don't remember reading the very beginning of this story, it's buried somewhere in one of X's books, right?

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by FreshStart » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:53 pm

Suchen Zucker wrote: lol, could be. I think I'll re-read from start to finish. I don't remember reading the very beginning of this story, it's buried somewhere in one of X's books, right?
Please, read away. "Rogue Sum" is the start and shows where we branch from X. I encourage anyone else to comment here because this page is way too long and it won't go to another page without a total of 25 replies... and this is reply number 22. So close...
"So close to reaching
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"Almost believing
"This one's not pretend"

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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by rh17 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:39 am

Didn’t expect to get a pegging scene here...I think Matt is right, a guy like Steven would never be comfortable with something like that, especially the idea that he liked it. He’s trying to cover in front of Matt, who he looks down on.

Adrianna is a good addition to the story...she seems to care for both Matt and Julia. Even though she beat the crap out of Matt. So what is happening with Julia and her brother...stay tuned to find out. Good to see Fresh has inherited X’s flair for the cliffhanger.
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Re: M+J in “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother” by FreshStart

Unread post by Mrfixitforyou » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:23 pm

Fresh thanks for this great story These players are fresh and give the story a great uplift. MY X withdrawal is being taken care of

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