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Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

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You can read this story as stand alone, or as Book 4 of the Faithful Wife Falls From Grace series. This story is about a young wife/mother and her husband. They were in the lifestyle before and it didn’t end well. But they managed to survive it and stay together. Now, they’ve started a family, and for the last 3 years their lives have been focused on their daughter. But the urges and passions in people don’t just go away. This story is about love and family, about temptation, about fantasies and desire, about weakness and sin, and about whether people can learn from their past mistakes.

Faithful Wife - Book 4

Chapter 1

[This story starts about 3 years after the end of Faithful Wife’s Fall From Grace - Book 3]

We dropped off Anna at pre-school and decided to treat ourselves to a little alone time, before I had to catch the train to work. I’d be late to work, but it’d be nice to spend a few moments with my wife.

The Starbucks was crowded. I told Jen I’d save the lone open table before it was snatched up, so she got into line to order. It was better for Jen to order. My order was always simple, a grande coffee of the day, black. Jen’s order was complicated and often changed depending on their seasonal offerings, and I’d gotten it wrong more than a few times. So in our marriage, that’s how we did it. Jen ordered the coffee while I saved the table.

I watched Jen as she waited in line. She looked like a mom. No makeup, loose blouse, yoga pants and flats. She was wearing her blonde hair shorter nowadays, so it barely touched her shoulders. As usual, she wore it in a ponytail, with loose strands falling over her pretty face.

Jen was like all the other stay-at-home moms in the Starbucks. But she wasn’t either. While she wouldn’t pass as a 20 year old anymore, her face was still youthful, and she was still gorgeous. I noticed men checking her out as she waited in line. Jen seemed oblivious, as her face was in her phone, smiling as she connected with friends and family on social media.

A younger 20-something man checked out Jen’s ass, and he wasn’t the only one. Even after giving birth to our daughter Anna, my wife still had an amazing ass and her legs were to die for. She looked awesome in the black yoga pants, even though in today’s world they were standard garb for harried moms all over the country.

Jen glanced at me, and she saw me looking at her. I must have been looking at her intently, like I wanted to talk to her, so she gave me a questioning look, as if saying “what’s up?” We were too far away to talk, so she texted me.

TinyDancer: do u want something else

Hunka: no just black cotd

TinyDancer: r u ok

Hunka: looking at your ass

TinyDancer: bad boy <smiley face>

I watched as Jen ordered our coffees. She smiled and chatted with the barista. It seemed like she knew him, which wouldn’t be a surprise since this Starbucks was just a few miles from our house and she came here all the time. The barista seemed to be pleased that Jen was giving him attention. And Jen, for her part, was making eye contact and curling a loose strand of blonde hair around her finger. Were they flirting? It looked like it.

When Jen arrived with our coffees we talked about Anna. Even though we were alone and this was “adult” time, we couldn’t help talking about our daughter. That’s how it was being parents. Our entire focus was our daughter. She was a little over 2 and had just started pre-school. She was young for pre-school, I know, but Anna was a precocious child and we felt she was ready for it. After just a short time with her, the teachers at the pre-school agreed.

“So you were looking at my ass?” Jen said, a grin at me.

“You’ve got a nice ass,” I said grinning back. We were whispering so the people next to us couldn’t hear.

“Maybe you’ll do something about that tonight,” Jen said.

“Maybe I will,” I said back. We had sex about once a week. It was hard finding the time and the energy. Jen was 24/7 with Anna, and I worked long hours, especially once you counted my train commutes back and forth to New York City.

“You really do look good,” I said, reaching over and squeezing her hand. With Anna in preschool now, Jen had mornings and afternoons open. She’d joined a gym and went most days. She was naturally petite and slim, but as a 24/7 mom it was hard keeping her body toned. The regular workouts were working though. She was firming and toning her body, and it was really noticeable.

“It feels good to be getting my body back,” Jen said. I knew what she meant. 9 months of pregnancy, and then 6 more of breast feeding. It was a strain on a woman’s body, even though Jen loved being a mother.

“Well you’re sure doing that,” I told her with a mischievous grin. “Those guys over there were checking out your ass.”

“Ha ha. Oh they were?” Jen said with a laugh. She snuck a look at them, then looked back at me and laughed again.

“Did you notice them checking you out?” I asked.

“No,” she said honestly. “But I do sometimes.”

“You don’t tell me,” I said.

“Sometimes I forget,” Jen said a shrug. “Running around with Anna, I feel like my attention span is 5 minutes.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Well, sure, every girl likes it, it’s an ego boost,” Jen said. “If you’re asking, does it turn me on, not really. It’s hard feeling sexy with throw up on your shoulder.”

I grinned at what she said. Every parent knows the feeling of your toddler gurgling on your shoulder as you hold her.

“Also I didn’t know if you’re into it anymore,” she said, eyeing me. “You never talk about it.”

It was true. We rarely talked about that time in our lives when Jen had sex with other men (one man in particular, Scott Stafford). Even though the 55 tattoo under her left breast was a constant reminder. But we rarely talked about it.

“I guess life happens,” I said.

“Yeah,” Jen agreed. “Anna happens.” We smiled at each other and held hands. Smiling into my eyes, she said “We really have a good life, don’t we?”

“We really do,” I said. “I love you baby.”

“I love you too baby,” Jen said back. And we leaned over the table and kissed. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, or a sexual kiss. It was of a husband and wife in love.


We lived in Montclair, New Jersey. We had a two story house with a side garage, and a brick patio and shed in the backyard. We even had a pool, with grass growing up to the edge (rather than being surrounded by a concrete patio).

We loved our house. I was the King and Jen my Queen, and the house was my castle. And we loved living in Montclair. We picked the community over other places like Caldwell and Westwood because of its international flair. Within a mile of our house, we could eat at an Ethiopian restaurant, check out Native American art or take in a French film. There were kid-friendly places like parks and playgrounds, miles of running and biking paths, and pottery places and craft stores. It was great to have all that so close by, so we could do family things with Anna.

When you’re a parent, you go to a lot of birthday parties. You meet other parents and their kids, and for kids, birthdays are a BIG DEAL. So pretty soon you’re going to a birthday party (or two) every weekend. You get to know all the magicians and clowns in the area. On this Saturday, we were at Blake and Stephanie’s house. They have 2 kids, 3 and 5. They’re a little older than us. It was their 3 year old’s birthday.

To be honest, I didn’t like Blake. He was an IT sales guy, and did well on a couple IPOs. Because of that, they had the biggest house in the neighborhood. But that’s not why I didn’t like him. He’s one of those guys in high school, who gets on the football team not because he wants to play, but because he wants to wear the jersey to school on Fridays to impress girls. He’s more fluff than substance. Also, who names their kid Blake? It sounded like a preppy doctor name on a tacky TV sitcom.

Blake didn’t like me either. I still appeared on CNN sometimes, so my semi-celebrity status irked him. Whatever. My attitude was, deal with it.

Jen saw though him too, but she enjoyed his company. She liked his funny stories about working with big companies like eBay, Amazon and Google. She knew I didn’t like him. I think she was amused that I didn’t like Blake. I was pretty laid back, so for me, not liking someone was out of character. Jen thought it was funny.

Stephanie (Blake’s wife) was different.. We both liked her, and she was one of Jen’s best friends in the neighborhood. I liked Stephanie because she was quiet and shy, like me. I thought she was really sweet. She was pretty too. I have to admit, Blake was a good looking man. They made an attractive couple.

I watched Jen talk with the other wives, standing in a circle. The husbands hovered behind the girls, in an outer circle. I noticed that most of the husbands stole glances at Jen. At her face. Her tits. Her ass and legs.

I couldn’t blame them. God she was beautiful. She had really blossomed. Part of it was motherhood. Jen adored Anna. She loved being a mother. That showed. She was happy all the time. And people liked to be around people who were happy.

Part of it was her body. Pregnancy and breast feeding had subtlety changed her body. She had more curves now. She would never be voluptuous, like Allie. That wasn’t Jen. She was defined by words like petite, leggy, toned, firm and perky. Still, she was a little softer in her hips and ass, and her breasts were a little bigger. The subtle changes were amazing. She wasn’t a girl anymore. She was a woman. A gorgeous, super sexy woman.

Jen glanced at me, and she saw me looking at her. It was like the other day at Starbucks. I must’ve been looking so intense at her, she thought something was wrong. We were separated by a room of people, and she was involved in a conversation with her girlfriends, so like before she texted me.

TinyDancer: what

Hunka: what what

TinyDancer: you keep looking at me

Hunka: not you your tits.

TinyDancer: omg lol

Hunka: I can see your bra straps thru that blouse

TinyDancer: omg you pervert stop staring at me

Hunka: why

TinyDancer: youre freaking me out

Hunka: lets go

TinyDancer: why

Hunka: I wanna fuck you

TinyDancer: !!!

TinyDancer: dont move!!! ill get anna

We were home within 15 minutes. Luckily it was time for Anna’s nap so we had time for some adult fun. I took advantage of that time. I fucked my wife. First I ate her out and gave her a toe curling orgasm. Then I fucked her. I fucked her hard. I was so desperate to fuck her that I only took off her jeans and panties, leaving her still dressed from the waist up. Jen came again as I pounded her pussy. Then I came too, shooting a massive load of my seed into her. Thank god she was on the pill or we might’ve been parents again in 9 months. We were thinking about having another one, but hadn’t decided yet.

“So what’s up with you?” Jen asked. Her head was on my chest and she was absentmindedly stroking my chest.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. You’re acting weird.”

I couldn’t help laughing. I was acting weird? After all the crazy things we’d done, she thought I was acting weird?

Jen read my thoughts. “That was a long time ago Mike,” she said softly.

She was right. It was 3 years ago. It seemed like a lifetime.

“You’re really something, you know?” I said, caressing down her back to her ass. “I was looking at you, and it reminded me how beautiful you are. I get caught up being dad. And I think that has to be my first priority. But I’m husband too. And I want to tell you that you’re really something. I’m sorry if I don’t tell you that enough.”

Jen got up on her elbow and looked at me. She said, “I love you more because you’re dad first. I want Anna to be your first priority. She’s our baby.”

“You’re my baby too,” I told her. I looked her up and down. “God you’re so hot,” I gushed. My cock was coming to life again.

Jen laughed, both at my words and my stiffening cock that was poking her thigh. “What’s with you today?” she said with the laugh still in her voice. “You know, I’m your wife. You don’t have to sweet talk me to get into my pants.” She laughed again, like she was making fun of me. But I could tell she was pleased with the attention. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. I quickly got fully hard again.

I grinned at her. Then I got serious. “Do you ever miss it?” I asked.

Jen knew I was talking about the game. That’s what we called it. The time in our marriage when she dated and fucked other men. “No,” she said immediately. Then after a moment, she said, “No, that’s not true. I miss the way you obsessed over me.”

What she said made me concerned. “Am I taking you for granted?” I asked, a concerned look on my face.

“No,” Jen said, giving me a reassuring smile and affectionately scratching my beard under my chin. “But Anna happens, right? I wouldn’t change a thing … but it cuts down on romantic time.”

“Yeah …,” I said, my voice trailing off. “You know the other day at Starbucks? When those guys were checking out your ass?”

“Yes,” Jen said with a laugh. “So?”

“You said you notice sometimes,” I said. “Men checking you out. How often does it happen?”

Jen looked at me, as if studying me. “So you’re still into it?” she asked. “You never talk about it.”

“Well, like you said, Anna happens,” I said. “But yeah, I’m still into it. I look at the pictures and videos sometimes.”

Jen’s eyes went wide. “Are you serious?” she asked, astonished. Then she realized the meaning of my words. I had just admitted I looked at pictures and videos of her fucking other men (mostly Scott). “God Mike … why didn’t you tell me?” she asked, astonishment in her voice. “Do you beat off?”

“That sometimes happens,” I said with a laugh. Now I was embarrassed. In truth, looking at the pictures and videos always resulted in beating off. That was the whole point of it.

“You should have told me,” she said. She squeezed my hard cock. “We could’ve had fun together.”

“They wouldn’t embarrass you?” I asked.

“Why would they embarrass me?” she asked. “I was there.”

I chuckled. But “embarrass” wasn’t really the word I meant. Trying again, I said “I mean … they wouldn’t upset you?”

Jen looked at me and was silent for a moment. She understood what I was saying now. Those times – the game – they’d been hot. Scorching hot. But they’d been a lot of pain too. We ended up divorcing, and barely got back together again. If we hadn’t got back together, where would we be now? Without each other? Without Anna?

“Do they upset you?” Jen asked softly.

I hesitated, trying to think how to answer. How to express what I was feeling. Finally I said “It’s like, when it’s just me, I can just focus on the sex. A pretty girl getting fucked, who just happens to look like my wife. I mean, I know it’s you of course, and that makes it all hotter. But I can separate the sex from emotions. But if we watch it together, I don’t think I’ll be able to compartmentalize like that. So I guess that’s why I haven’t asked you to watch with me.”

“But you understand how that makes me feel, right?” Jen asked. Her voice wasn’t harsh. She wasn’t mad. She was just trying to make me understand how she felt. “It’s like you have a secret life, a secret sex life, without me. It’s not like watching porn on the internet. I don’t care if you do that. But this is me in those videos. We lived that together.”

“Yeah, I get it …,” I said, my voice trailing off.

“What?” Jen asked. When I didn’t answer, she pressed “What Mike? Tell me what you’re thinking.”

I hesitated, then said “… I just … I just don’t want you to see yourself with Scott.”

Scott. I said it. His name. We never said his name. It was like Voldemort. We never said his name. We never talked about him. Even after 3 years it was still too painful for me.

“I get it,” Jen said softly. She done terrible things with Scott. Terrible to me. Over time, she realized how horrible she’d been to me. I was the man she loved, her soul mate, and she’d treated me like shit. All to be with another man. Scott. The pain wasn’t just mine. It was Jen’s too. So that’s why we never talked about Scott.

“Let’s talk about something else,” Jen suggested.

“Ok,” I said, relieved to be changing the subject. “You never answered my question. How often do you notice men checking you out?”

Jen laughed. She was still slowly stroking me. I was still hard, and I hadn’t soften when we talked about Scott. I’m sure Jen noticed, and I was happy she didn’t mention it.

“Do you really want to talk about this?” Jen asked, a smile on her pretty face.

I grinned at her coyness. I was pretty sure she was open to talking about it, but she was going to make me work a little for it.

Jen always kept a glass of ice water next to bed, because often she woke up thirsty. I reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the glass from last night. I took a sip and handed it to her. “Truth serum,” I told her. It was our thing. It started after we were back together but still trying to reconnect, and now it was a part of our culture. If you drank truth serum, you had to tell the truth, you couldn’t spin or pivot, you had to answer the question directly and tell the whole truth. But the rule was, you only asked if you were prepared to hear the answer.

Jen smiled. She was wary but intrigued. “Alright Mike,” she said. She took a sip of the water. “Go ahead, ask your questions.”

“How often do you notice guys checking you out?” I said, repeating my original question again.

“You mean today?”

I gawked at her. It happened ever day? Jen giggled at my reaction.

“Okay, yeah, today,” I said.

“Once,” Jen said. Then she corrected herself. “No, twice. The first time in the grocery store. This guy –about our age– he asked me how to pick ripe cherries. I mean, really? Ripe cherries?” She laughed. Then as almost an after-thought, she said, “And at the party I caught Blake looking down my blouse.”

I was smiling about the cherry guy when Jen said Blake’s name. My gut turned over when she said his name. That preppy asshole Blake looked down my wife’s blouse?! “He looked down your blouse?!” I said angrily.

I focused on Jen’s blouse (she still had it on). It was off-white, collared and loose, and buttoned down the front. It had a V that hinted at cleavage without revealing cleavage. But since it was loose, and with the V, if Jen bent over you’d be able to see down to her belly button. I imagined Blake getting that view of my wife. He would’ve seen her sweet breasts in her bra. I hated the idea – but my cock loved it. I was so hard it hurt.

“What are you thinking?” Jen asked, a sly smile on her pretty face. “Do you wish I did this?” she teasingly said as she undid the top button. Now a glimpse of her bra came into view. One more button and it would be easy to see. I knew that bra. It was white and made of delicate lace. It was unlined so it captured the natural shape of her small perfect breasts. Also, the lace was so sheer you could easily make out the dark of her aureoles surrounding her pencil eraser-sized nipples.

“Jen no,” I said, reaching over and re-buttoning her blouse. Which was a strange thing to do since she was naked from the waist down. “What did you do when you caught him?” I asked her.

“You’re really into this,” Jen said. She still had that sly smile on her pretty face. And she still had her hand around my shaft, stroking me.

“Tell me,” I urgently demanded.

“He talked first,” Jen told me. “He said nice blouse. I laughed and said I’ll tell Mike you approve. Then he laughed and that was it.”

“That was it?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jen said. She eyed me with a knowing grin, and said “Disappointed?”

“You laughed when you caught him looking?” I said with a frown. “You didn’t slap his face?”

“Mike baby … he didn’t touch me. All he did was look. That happens all the time.”

Jen’s words rang through my head – “all the time.” Guys checked out my wife all the time. This wasn’t a surprise. I knew they did. But over the last 3 years, including 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth, and then figuring out how to be parents, I’d forgotten. It had been easy to forget with the 12 hour work days and then getting home and being dad to Anna. I stopped thinking about Jen’s day. Her normal day. Of getting checked out and hit on constantly by men.

“Have you ever …,” I began. I found it hard to speak, because my voice was hoarse from excitement. I took a drink from Jen’s water glass. Then I asked “When was the last time someone hit on you? Did more than look?”

“Do you really want to know?” Jen asked, that sly look on her face again. She was teasing me, and enjoying it.

“Yes!” I hissed, my heart pounding in my chest.

“At the gym this week, Cam asked me out,” Jen said. “For a drink.”

My insides shifted as Jen told me this. “Who’s Cam?” I asked.

“A guy I work out with,” Jen told me.

“You work out with guys?” I asked incredulously. I practically shouted, and Jen put her hand on my chest, her fingers spread out wide to calm me down.

“Hush Mike,” she said. “You’ll wake Anna.”

“Okay, yeah, sorry,” I said in a much lower voice.

“What I mean is, sometimes Cam spots me,” Jen said. “You know, when I’m lifting?”

I nodded slowly. Jen had done a lot of research to pick a gym. She finally decided on a gym in Verona, the next town over. It had all she wanted. Number 1, she wanted yoga and dance classes. Number 2, she wanted to get back into swimming and the gym had an Olympic size pool. Number 3, she wanted free weights to work on her core. She preferred free weights over machines because they gave her the better work out. That’s how Jen was. She was competitive and liked to push and challenge herself.

“So what’d you say?” I asked.

“I said sure,” Jen said. “We got a drink, and then I went to his place and fucked him.”

“What?!” I yelled, leaping up out of the bed.

Jen laughed. My shout and her laughing did wake up Anna. Anna was always grouchy after her nap. She started screaming. As we say, Anna happens.

“I’m just teasing,” Jen told me, the laughter still in her voice. She got out of bed and hurriedly dressed. I did too, both of us turning into mom and dad again. “Nothing happened. I’ll tell you later. To be continued?”

“To be continued” was part of our culture too. Jen said it that weekend of Allie’s wedding, when we both wanted to get back together, but were so confused and hurt we didn’t know how. Sometimes we say it like now, when we’re in the middle of a conversation and Anna happens. Other times, we’re having an argument and we need to go to our own separate corners to cool off. One of us says it – “to be continued?” – it means while we might be upset at the moment, we still love each other, and we’ll work it out later.

“To be continued,” I agreed. My heart was still racing but I was calmer, knowing she had been just teasing and nothing actually happened. We shared a quick hug and kiss, then we ran to get Anna.

The rest of the day was family time with Anna. We crayoned, played with foam alphabet letters, and read books. I bounced Anna on my knee, while I sang to her. Actually it wasn’t really singing. It was just saying words that rhymed with her name, sung to whatever tune was in my head at the time. Anna, chana, nana, danna, branna, ghana, vana, grana, manna …. You get the idea. Most were not real words, but Anna didn’t care. She loved this game, and always squealed and clapped when we played it. That’s how she got her nickname too. Anna banana.

Afterwards Jen gave me a big hug. “You’re such a great dad,” she gushed. I was all smiles, making both my girls so happy.

As Jen read books to Anna, my thoughts drifted to our conversation. Jen had talked about my secret sex life of looking at the old pictures and videos of her with Scott (and some other men), and chastised me for not telling her. But she had a secret life too. Men checking out her ass and looking down her blouse. Men hitting on her. Men asking her out for drinks. Asking her out! And she never told me. Not even once, she never told me this was happening.

It all disturbed me. But it got me hot too. The angst I used to feel came back. The cuckold angst. It felt delicious. Exhilarating. I was so fucking hard.

I heard Jen call out to me, and it broke me from my reverie. She still had Anna in her lap, with the picture book open in front of them. “What?” I asked.

“I said your name 3 times,” Jen said. “What are you thinking about?”

But she gave me that sly smile, because she knew what I was thinking about. “Pay attention Michael,” she said, sharply saying “Michael.” Since getting re-married, she had taken to calling me “Michael” when she was annoyed or mad at me. I think because I used to have a Madam (who got me girls to fuck) who called me Michael, and by calling me Michael when she was pissed at me, it was like she was punishing me for ever having a Madam. Jen never said that, but it’s what I suspected.

As she began reading to Anna again, she reached to her blouse and unbuttoned the top button. Her lacy bra came into view. It reminded me of the view Blake got, and my stomach got queasy again. As Jen turned the page of the book, she glanced at me. Seeing my reaction, she smiled. She was enjoying this!

Dinner involved team work. We tagged teamed, with me cooking and Jen playing with Anna, or the other way around. Then getting Anna to eat dinner. That was a chore as Anna was a picky eater. After dinner we washed dishes, again tag teaming. Then came Anna’s bath. Putting her PJs on. Reading books in her bed. Then saying prayers. Finally putting Anna down to sleep. Maybe doing a load of wash and putting her toys away, and tidying up our house.

Whew. By then we were exhausted. Now you can see why we were lucky to have sex once a week.

Tonight though was different. I wasn’t tired. I was excited to continue our conversation from earlier. I was relieved to see Jen also was wide awake. She seemed as interested in our conversation as me.

“So what happened with Cam?” I asked her. “Did he really ask you out?”

“I drank truth serum Mike, I had to tell the truth,” Jen reminded me.

“So then what happened?” I asked.

“You have to remember, I take off my rings when I work out,” Jen said.

“I didn’t know that,” I said.

“I don’t want to chip the stones on the equipment.”

“Okay,” I said. That made sense.

“So, Cam asked me out, and I told him I was married,” Jen said.

“He didn’t know?” I asked, astonished.

“Mike how would he know?” Jen said. “I worked out with him. I barely know him. It’s not like when I meet someone I say, hello, I’m Jen Andrews, I’m married so don’t hit on me.”

“Well maybe you should at least wear your wedding ring when you’re working out,” I said with exasperation. Her wedding ring was a simple gold band, it didn’t have any stones.

“You’re really jealous about this, aren’t you?” Jen said. She had a big smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling. She was enjoying this!

“Jen! A man asked you out on a date!”

“Mike baby calm down,” Jen said worriedly. I was shouting again and she didn’t want to wake Anna. “It’s no big deal. It happens all the time.”

I gawked at her. It happens all the time. Men ask my wife out on dates all the time.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I said. I managed to keep my voice lower this time.

“I told you. My attention span is 5 minutes. I forget most times,” Jen said. She looked down. She saw my erection tenting my pants. She smiled and cupped my erection, squeezing it. “And I didn’t realize you were still into it.”

“Have you ever been tempted?” I asked.

“Tempted how?”

“Stop fucking with me!”

Jen laughed. “Never,” she said.

“Are the men attractive?”

“Oh, Cam is hot,” Jen said.

I stared at her, processing her words. My wife just called another man hot. It made me feel the way I used to feel, when she called Scott hot. Jealousy. Insecurity. Anxiety. All those familiar emotions hit me, churning in my gut. But it felt so delicious too! “But you’ve never been tempted?” I asked again.

“Never,” Jen said again.

“Do you flirt back?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” Jen said with a shrug. She saw my eyes go wide and laughed. “It’s nothing Mike. It’s just a game.” Then she quickly corrected herself. “Not THAT game. Just harmless fun.”

In a low hoarse voice, I asked “Do you flirt with Blake?”

Jen smiled at me. She didn’t answer for long moments. Finally she said “Sometimes.”

I felt myself explode inside! I roughly threw Jen onto the bed and tore off her clothes. I got my cock out and rammed into her. I fucked her rough! Hard! I was a madman, possessed! Jen grabbed my shoulders and yelled “That’s it Mike! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

We were making so much noise it’s a miracle we didn’t wake up Anna. I made Jen cum. She cried out as her orgasm hit, her back arching and head rolling back, and her nails dug into my back. I followed soon after her. I grunted into her ear, pounding her pussy as I exploded inside her.

Afterwards I fell onto my back. We were both panting. Jen recovered first. She rolled towards me and put her hand on my chest, as if wanting to check if I was okay after our conversation. I said “I don’t like Blake.”

“I know you don’t,” Jen said softly, stroking my chest in a reassuring way. “Mike baby, it’s just harmless flirting. You know, we’re at a party or something, he comes up and he says something stupid. It’s more joking that flirting.”

“And you flirt back?” I snapped at her.

“Oh my god, you’re so jealous,” Jen said with a laugh.

I frowned at her. “You’re enjoying this,” I said.

“Yes I am,” Jen said, grinning at me. She kissed me. “I like it when you’re like this. I’ve missed it.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like I’m your entire world,” she said.

“You are my entire world,” I said. “You and Anna.”

Jen’s smile grew. She kissed me and said “Good. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

The next morning was a regular Monday morning. I showered and dressed for work. Jen got up before me, getting Anna breakfast and ready for pre-school. When I came downstairs, I saw she was dressed for the gym. That was her routine nowadays, dropping Anna off at pre-school and then working out at the gym.

I paused on the stairs, giving her a long look. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore black tights, a bra top that crisscrossed in the back, and cross training Nikes. The bra top was slim and ended at her hips, completely exposing her tight ass and long toned legs. And the crisscrossing in the back showed a lot of skin. I’d seen her dressed this way a million times. But now I really looked at her. God she was stunning! Even dressed for the gym she was drop dead beautiful! No wonder she got hit on all the time.

How had I missed it? Especially given our history. But I guess we had become so domesticated. Going through 9 months of pregnancy, the anxiousness of being new parents, trying to keep up with an active, precocious toddler … the times when Jen dated and slept with other men seemed so far away. But now those memories and feelings were coming rushing back to me.

“You better hurry baby, you’ll miss your train,” Jen said to me as I came down the stairs.

“Yeah I …,” I began. Then I grabbed her arms and pulled her to me.

“What?” she said, looking at me.

“You’re stunning, you know that?” I gushed, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

Jen smiled at me. “Compliments,” she said, grinning at me. “I like compliments.”

Then I pulled her to me and kissed her. Really kissed her, open mouth and with tongue. Jen seemed to hesitate a moment, as if from surprise, then she kissed me back, melting into me. When we finally parted we were both gasping.

“Wow,” Jen said, her eyes wide as she looked at me. “Wow.”

“To be continued,” I said, grinning at her and squeezing her hand.

“Definitely to be continued,” Jen said, grinning too and squeezing my hand back.

“Have fun working out with Cam today,” I said with an excited sparkle in my eyes.

“Ha ha. I’ll do that,” Jen said grinning at me. Then she tilted head her, as if studying me. “I love you Mike,” she said.

“I love you too baby,” I said, kissing her. Then I hugged and kissed Anna, and ran to my car to catch my train to NYC.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by ExiledSage » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:13 pm

Great to see we are continuing. Yesterday I was missing what had become a usual weekend fix. I wondered if you'd be back with this or something new. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by FreshStart » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:26 pm

For some reason I already did a bit of research:
X at the end of FWFFG wrote:~~~ The End ~~~
X at the end of FWFFG2 wrote:~~~~~ The End -- Faithful Wife’s Fall From Grace Book 2 ~~~~~
X at the end of FWFFG3 wrote:~~~~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~~~
What does it mean? My best guess is that my cost/benefit ratio on certain things is outta whack (looking too deep into things that have no actual meaning).

OR that you threw the foxhounds in the hunting pack off the scent... especially with a Sunday drop.

SURPRISE! Pauline (Jen), who you thought was safe, fell out of Harry's (Mike's) arms and onto the track as the huge locomotive, "The Flying Snottsman" (with an engine that has enormous, manly "Cams"), is roaring down onto her helpless, prone form!

Who wants to be a boring soccer Mom with a picket fence anyway?

To be episode!
FreshStart in an edit wrote: "What is grace? Grace is undeserved favor or kindness."

Well. It seems that in the title of this book, "Grace" has fallen out of "Favor" with X and we are now just reading about a "Faithful Wife". :lol:

Too much airtime spent by us on something of no import, X? ;)
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"Dare to be stupid!
"Dare to be stupid!"
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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by veub » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:29 pm

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by Bethany » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:43 pm

I knew it. It just had to be. Love it!

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by lilford1965 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:54 am

XLEG , thank you for choosing to continue with the Mike & Jen chronicles . Like I've previously commented , you do all this in your own time and don't charge as much as a penny . To me , your the best author writing in this genre by far . Of course , you'll always get the detractors . The thing regarding them is why do they even read your stories ? ? Or is it a case of " Me thinks perhaps that they complaineth too much ! " Keep it up --------please .

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by OZCPL » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:04 am

Thanks X for continuing this story, if ever one deserved to be continued this is it and only you could do it mate.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by Stifler » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:01 am

Thanks X for sharing your stories. The Jen&Mike Chronicles are highly addictive and I am looking forward to this one!

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by aguy4pleasure » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:23 am

Looking forward to this ride. The first Chapter and I see the plot moving toward the trainer (I'm guessing the next man to enjoy Jen) and then the neighbor. Looks like an interesting ride :)

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by BIGMARKS » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:44 pm

I like the fact that Anna is his real daughter

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by Jimjam » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:45 pm

Jen and Mike are certainly lovey dovey, but they’ve never addressed the huge elephant in the room - Scott. They don’t even speak his name? Wow! It’s too early to tell where this is going, but Jen certainly sounds faithful here. The story so far has a vibe somewhere between Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and HFMG.

I hope Xleg uses this story to bring out some of the pain points in stories 1, 2 & 3. I’d like to know what Scott said to get Jen to go with him to Europe. Also, if she ever told Mike the true story about selecting the pink cage, and the laugh she and Scott had.

FWFFG 3 ended on a high note. A happy Coca-cola girl and a smart Mentos guy in love. What could go wrong?

Great writing Xleg!

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by ambershere » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:49 pm

Blake and Cam will be banging Jen soon..YOU just know it........Blake will give all the angst Mike wants and gets off on and for kicks Blake is good friends with Scott (OH NOOOOOOOO)...Cam will no doubt be super well hung and thick... well gang this is it and a way we goooooooooooo

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by RugbyRaizo1991 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:19 pm

xleglover wrote:You can read this story as stand alone, or as Book 4 of the Faithful Wife Falls From Grace series. This story is about a young wife/mother and her husband. They were in the lifestyle before and it didn’t end well. But they managed to survive it and stay together. Now, they’ve started a family, and for the last 3 years their lives have been focused on their daughter. But the urges and passions in people don’t just go away. This story is about love and family, about temptation, about fantasies and desire, about weakness and sin, and about whether people can learn from their past mistakes.

^^^^ Urges and Passions, Love and Family fantasies and desires, weakness and sin and whether or not people can learn from their past mistakes... I love the way book 3 ended and I thought was going to be it and back to tinydancer but no I guess not.

I can already see where this is going slowly they will get back into the lifestyle and of course someone takes it too far and with Mike not liking Blake I can see at some point he will go from harmless flirting to something more aggravating of the course of this series. Because at some point their cuckolding relationships always go wrong... ALWAYS.

But my Mike and Jen Fatigue ain't set in yet so Ima give this a read and see where it goes. In that opening alone you can already sense the up and downs and in learning from past mistakes does their past come back up..... WELP we will see .

Last thing X the story Tiny dancer...what's gonna happen to that and Anna and Peter or Sabbatical. I'm glad Anna is his actual daughter in this one and I hope Peter is actually going to b his child in the other series if you ever pick it back up

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by OZCPL » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:50 pm

BIGMARKS wrote:I like the fact that Anna is his real daughter

Post subject: Re: Faithful Wife’s Fall From Grace Book 3 by xleglover
PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:36 pm
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Wow, do I have a suspicious mind.
About a month after her week long business trip with Scott she tells Mike she is already off the pill, but when. She would know by now, if Scott got her pregnant during their latest trip. If so it would be time to try to convince Mike it is his. A person so given to lying, like Jen, would find it difficult to change so completely so quickly.

That was a lovely end to the story though.

Post subject: Re: Faithful Wife’s Fall From Grace Book 3 by xleglover
PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:57 am
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I think that X is very accomplished and he gave us the ending that we liked including me but while anything is possible, including that ending, I think it is most unlikely that it is the start of a fairy tale family life for Mike and Jen.

Would Doctor Phil agree that Jen would stop lying and put her slut feelings away. No I dont think so. I wonder what the girls on this site would think of that.

I think there is big scope for a sequel to this great story as the sexy couple navigate the pitfalls of taking care of a baby and satisfying their hunger for erotic lust. Would also be interesting to know if the baby comes a few weeks early.

I can see slikpapa that, like me, you dont necessarily believe everything you are told.


I dont think Big X has made it definite yet, who is Anna's paternal father.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by ejsathome » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:12 am

X, thanks for coming back to us with Book 4, but I wasn't worried. I believe that your urge to write is as strong as our urge to read. Looking forward to new adventures.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by slikpapa13 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:56 pm

I agree that who Anna’s sperm donor was is an open question. Theses characters have never learned anything from their past bad experiences so why would anyone think they would here? Can you say end of LAW/beginning of C&R (without the flashbacks) Redux? Verb said it succinctly, “Lather, rinse, repeat”.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by Captain6 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:43 pm

Does anyone else sense we are about relive a dream? I won’t get into the conspiracy theories as the break was truly clean, honorable, and the best we could have asked for.

My fear is we will relive groundhog day. If you recall, Jen started out as faithful in FWFFG. So hoping we don’t have that but only with child.

I was hoping to conclude Tiny Dancer or at least jump to Anna and Peter or Sabbatical.

Just seems like Blake is the new Scott so vice scotty it will be blakely, lol. Cam is the new Joey.... just no previous relationship to Mike, but young and you catch my drift.

To steal a line “Lather, rinse, repeat “

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by imanonone » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:12 am

I like this version. Mike is able to get Jen to have an orgasm with intercourse alone unlike the other stories and he seems to last longer. Also, no emphasis on Mike's inadequate equipment. I hope this keeps up.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by KyGrappler80 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:27 am

great start!

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by xleglover » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:25 pm

Chapter 2

Allie visited the next weekend. Her marriage from Tony had lasted only a year. It seemed she wasn’t happy with domestication. She was too much a free spirit. She wanted to be Allie Oh-La-La. She said she never wanted to marry again. Two tries were enough. She wanted to be out there, playing the field. Serial monogamy, she called it. So after her divorce, she moved to LA. She opened her own marketing firm. Now she partied with movie stars and movie wannabees. She was having the time of her life.

Jen and Allie hadn’t seen each other in almost a year. Allie couldn’t get enough of Anna. Allie was Anna’s godmother and there was already a special bond growing between the two.

But Allie also wanted to party. She was single again and craving NYC’s nightlife. She was bringing Jen along of course, as her wingman. Jen was excited to go. Since moving to Montclair, we rarely went into the City. Well, I went every day, to work. But Jen’s life was confined to the burbs. She loved our community and the slower, family life of the suburbs, but I could tell she was excited to spend an evening partying with her BFF.

I watched Anna as the girls got ready for their night out. My eyes opened wide when Allie walked down the stairs. She looked great with her long, reddish-brown hair brushed out, black dress and high heels. “You look great Allie,” I told her. It was the truth. I’d known her since college. She was beautiful then, and was still beautiful.

“Wait til you see your wife,” Allie said, grinning at me. She went to play with Anna while I waited for Jen to appear.

A moment later Jen walked down the stairs. My mouth opened wide. Jen was stunning! Her blonde hair had become wavier since becoming a mother. Maybe because she didn’t have as much time to brush it out. Tonight though she had straightened it. The straight hair gave her a chic, sophisticated look. And it made her hair longer. Normally her hair barely touched her shoulders (she had a practical “mom-bob”). But straightened, it went past her shoulders.

To go along with the chic look, Jen’s makeup was heavier than normal. And her lips. She had naturally full, pouty lips, but with the glossy red lipstick, it was hard not to stare at her lips. She looked so gorgeous!

But it was what she was wearing that really threw me for a loop. Like Allie, she was wearing a “little back dress.” But Jen’s dress was practically scandalous. It hugged her curves, and ended high up her knees. I couldn’t remember the last time Jen had showed so much leg.

Then I did remember. It was back before Anna. When we were playing the game. When she was in a heavy relationship with Scott. This was the kind of dress Jen wore for Scott all the time.

Jen gave me a cautious look as I stared at the way she was dressed. “Too much?” she asked me. “I’m sorry. Allie made me wear it. I’ll go change.”

Jen turned to go back upstairs to change but I grabbed her hand. “I think you look fantastic,” I told her. “I doubt you’ll have to buy any drinks tonight,” I joked.

“Well …,” Jen said. She was looking at me, like trying to see into my head.

I looked down at her feet. It wasn’t just the tiny black dress, she was also wearing high heels. 4 inch stiletto high heels. When was the last time she wore high heels?

As if reading my thoughts, she grinned at me and said “Can’t actually run after Anna in high heels.”

I grinned back at her. “Think you can still walk in them, after so long?” I joked.

“Oh I think so,” Jen said, a sly smile on her pretty face. “Dance in them too.”

I looked at her. She was planning on dancing. With men. For a moment I imagined Jen in a club. With her pretty face and tight sexy body, and in that dress, she’d be very popular with men around her all night. Hungry men. Wanting a piece of the pretty blonde chick. The married girl, super hot and out for a night of fun without her husband.

“I want you to have fun tonight,” I whispered to her, my voice low so Allie couldn’t hear. “You’re a single girl tonight. Enjoy yourself.”

Jen tilted her head at me and gave me a curious grin. “Single girl huh?” she said. “I’m just going to be Allie’s wingman.”

“You think she’s planning to get laid tonight?” I asked with a grin.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Jen said with a laugh.

I thought of asking “Are you planning to get laid too?” But I didn’t. It was too soon for that. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ask. If I wanted to push us back in that direction.

“I’ll be thinking about you tonight,” I told her, smiling into her eyes.

“Good. That’s how it should be,” Jen said. She was all smiles, clearly pleased. Then she leaned close and whispered into my ear, “Maybe I’ll do something worth thinking about.”

My heart stopped and my stomach rolled over. Jen giggled seeing my face. She squeezed my hand, and then went over to see Anna.

We took pictures with my phone. Jen with Allie. And then Jen with me. In the high heels, she was almost my height. She turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. That’s the picture that Allie took.

Their uBer arrived, and I was left to take care of a very active pre-schooler. The next 2 hours were devoted completely to Anna. I didn’t have a moment to think about anything else.

With Anna down, I was finally able to think about Jen. The first thing I did was check my phone. There were texts from my wife.

TinyDancer: omg this is so good. wish you were here to try it

Under the text was a picture of some pasta dish. It DID look good. A lot better than the left over pizza I had for dinner.

TinyDancer: one drink and im tipsy, so out of practice

There was another picture. A selfie of Jen. Her eyes were blurry and her cheeks flushed. I knew that look. She was definitely tipsy. But she looked happy. She was having fun. I was glad. Being a devoted, 24/7 stay at home mom, she deserved a fun night out.

So far the texts were completely innocent. Just a wife giving her husband updates on her girls’ night out. Then a new text arrived and my pulse quickened.

TinyDancer: going to a club to dance

I texted back.

Hunka: have fun

TinyDancer: i will. wish you were here

I wished I was there too. But did I really? The excitement I was feeling … the agony of waiting while my wife was partying without me … it was so delicious! I had missed it!

There were no texts for over an hour. Then a new one came in.

TinyDancer: having so much fun!

Hunka: dancing?

TinyDancer: yes

Hunka: with men?

TinyDancer: lol who else?

Hunka: allie

TinyDancer: her too!

Hunka: sexy!

TinyDancer: pervert lol <smiley face>

Hunka: Hot men?

TinyDancer: <smiley face>

I stared at her non-answer. I waited for her to elaborate but there was nothing. For the next 3 hours there was nothing.

I couldn’t sleep. When the clock approached 1AM I started getting worried. 1AM? We were never out at 1AM. But that was now. Back when we were playing the game, 1AM was early for Jen. Most nights she stayed over at Scott’s place. To fuck him all night long. Then fuck him again in the morning, before finally returning home to me.

My heart quickened thinking about those times. I remembered Jen finally getting home, exhausted, carrying her high heels in her hand and looking freshly fucked. I remembered making love to her after. She always smelled like Scott after being with him. His masculine smell on her body, her cologne in her hair. Sometimes she had hickeys on her neck. Sometimes marks on her breasts. And her pussy … after being with Scott she was always sore, her pussy lips puffy and red. And she was always loose. And wet. My smaller cock would slip into her with no resistance, and it was like my dick was swimming in a pool of his sperm.

I clenched my eyes shut. Those times had been incredibly hot. But so much pain too. She spent a lot of time with Scott. Whenever she wasn’t with me, it felt like I was missing a part of me. Like missing my right hand. Or more like missing my heart. It hurt when she was gone. And then there was that time she lived with Scott in Michigan. I hardly saw her at all. That was the worst time of my life. That is, until we divorced. That was much worse.

Then Jen opened our bedroom door and she was standing there. I’d been so caught up in my thoughts I didn’t hear her come into the house.

I bolted up from the bed and rushed to her. I pulled her into my arms. She felt good. She smelled good. I smelled her perfume, and the vanilla-strawberry scent of her shampoo. I also detected “bar smells” – beer and smoke. But I didn’t smell another man on her. Was I relieved? Or disappointed?

“Have fun?” I asked her.

“So much fun,” she said to me, a tired smile on her pretty face. She was tired and tipsy. I helped her undress. As I unzipped her dress, she reached down and rubbed my cock. I was hard. I’d been hard all night.

“Is this for me?” she said huskily. I looked at her face. She had a major cum face on. I kissed her hard, open mouth, my tongue exploring her. She kissed me back. We stumbled onto the bed.

I got Jen’s dress off, then her bra and panties. “Leave the heels on, okay?” I told her. She nodded to me, pulling me to kiss her again. It had been a long time since I fucked Jen with high heels on.

I’d been ready for bed so I was only wearing boxers. She pushed them down my legs and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I moved down her body, kissing and fondling her breasts and nipples. Then her sexy flat stomach. Then I was at her pussy. Jen had a bush now. She trimmed it. But not regularly. It was hard being a sex goddess when you were the mother of an active 2 year old.

I didn’t care about the hair. Her pussy was still as sexy to me as ever. I kinda liked it too. It proved she was a natural blonde.

I went down on her. She was so wet! I excitedly lapped it all up, thinking about how she got so wet. I’m good at eating pussy, and I worked all my magic on her. Soon she was clutching at the sheets. As she came she was about to scream, so I clamped my hand over her mouth. The last thing I wanted was for Anna to wake up.

Jen panted as she came down from her orgasm. “You’re so fucking good at that,” she said between pants. Then suddenly she was on top of me. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my thighs. The smooth stiff leather of her high heels pressed against my thighs. She guided my cock into her.

Then she fucked me. She fucked me hard, her pouty lips parted and her eyes closed. She was fantasizing about something. About someone. She rubbed her clit against my pubic bone, and then she added her hand to the mix, rapidly flicking her fingers over her clit. Jen came again, lurching over towards me as her orgasm hit.

Somehow I hadn’t cum yet. I don’t know how I lasted that long. Maybe because I wanted her to tell me something about tonight.

I rolled Jen onto her back, so now we were doing missionary. I fucked her slow. Jen’s legs were over mine and I felt the stilettos of her high heels dig into my calves. I loved feeling that!

“I’m almost there,” I told her, my voice strained.

Jen kissed me. “Cum baby,” she urged me.

“Tell me something about tonight,” I said. “Did you dance with lots of men?”

“Oh yeah, lots. It was so much fun.”

“Were you bad?”

“Not too bad,” Jen said with a giggle.

“So you WERE bad?”

“Well ….”

“What?” I said. “Tell me.”

“The club was fun,” Jen said. “We got an uBer home, but Allie wanted to party more. So we stopped at another bar. Champions I think. In Verona. Mike, we ran into Cam!”

“Cam?” I asked. “The guy from your gym?”

“Yes, the guy I work out with,” Jen said.

“What happened? He flirt with you?”

“Mike …,” Jen began. “Cam tried to kiss me.”

I grunted and lurched as I came.


When I woke up the sun was shining through the window. I bolted up as my head cleared. Anna! Where was Anna?!

I threw on some clothes. I ran to her room. Not there. Then I hurried downstairs. I stopped, seeing Anna watching TV and humming along to her favorite character, Elmo. She was okay. My panic subsided.

Then I heard voices. It was Jen and Allie, sipping coffee. I was surprised they were up so early, after dancing all night. I was about to join them when I heard Allie say “Cam.” The lust filled conversation with Jen came back to me. I quietly sat on the stairs, listening.

Allie: “You’re right, Cam is a hottie. How’s he in bed?”

Jen: “How would I know?”

Allie: “Come on. I know you know something.”

Jen (smiling and whispering conspiratorially): “Erin says he’s freaking incredible.”

Allie: “Erin?”

Jen: “We do yoga together.”

Allie: “So they’re a thing?”

Jen (with a shrug): “More like a fling. She’s married. I’ve met her husband. Tom. He’s nice.”

Allie (grinning): “I’m thinking about seeing him tonight.”

Jen: “Cam? Where? The bar?”

Allie: “Where else? Yes, his bar.”

Jen (pursing her lips): “This is your last night. We’re going to Anna’s favorite restaurant.”

Allie: “I know. I mean after.”

Jen: “I thought we’d hang out. It’s your last night.”

Allie (with a knowing grin): “You don’t want me to see your Cam.”

Jen (with a frown): “He’s not my anything. I don’t care if you see him. I’m just saying it’s your last night.”

Anna called for Allie, ending their conversation. I crept back upstairs. My dick was hard. I waited, thinking of possible free agent pitchers and outfielders for the Mets, trying to get my erection to go down. Finally I went downstairs. “Dada!” Anna squealed, squirming from Allie’s grasp and running to me.

“The dead awakens,” Allie joked with a smirk at me.

“Hey sleepyhead,” Jen said, smiling at me. I was holding Anna. She leaned into me, hugging both of us. She kissed me, and then Anna.

“You’re up early,” I said. “I thought you’d be hungover after last night.”

“My stomach’s a little queasy but I’m okay,” Jen said. She kissed me again. “I let you sleep in cause you’re such a good guy.”

“So Cam’s freaking incredible in bed,” I whispered, a sly smile on my face. I emphasized “freaking” to let her know I’d heard what she said.

Jen hesitated like I caught her being bad. Then she saw the smile on my face. “How much did you hear?” she whispered back.

“Some,” I whispered. She saw the excitement on my face.

“Allie, can you watch Anna for a minute?” she said calling over her shoulder as she tugged me upstairs to our bedroom.

“Sure,” Allie said. “Come here Anna banana.”

“Aunty Allie!” Anna squealed, toddling over to her godmother.

In our bedroom, Jen stripped off her pajamas. I took a moment to look at her. Working out was really making a difference with her body. Her slim arms and long, lovely legs were more toned. Her stomach was flat and taut. Her ass tight. But motherhood had given her more curves. Her hips and ass were softer. Her breasts were a little bigger, although still perky with upturned nipples (and they still qualified as “tiny tits”). The result was, my wife was sexier and more desirable now than ever before.

“Are you coming?” Jen asked, holding her hand out to me. “We don’t have much time.”

I took off my clothes and got into bed with her. “We went to a new club. Mehanata,” she told me, continuing her story from last night. “I think that’s how they pronounce it. It’s Bulgarian and has a gypsy vibe. I guess that’s the thing now because it was packed. It’s got a wicked vodka ice room. There was a huge line in the front but Allie has a client who knows someone, so we got on the list and went to the front.”

I nodded impatiently. These details were interesting – the kind a loving wife would tell her husband after a girls’s night out -- but not the spicy details I wanted to hear. “Tell me what happened,” I said impatiently.

Jen giggled. “We found space at the bar. Guys came up to Allie and flirted. I was her wingman so I flirted too.

“Maybe the other way around,” I suggested. Allie was pretty, but Jen was prettier. I’m biased of course. And I admit it probably depends on whether you prefer blonde and leggy versus brunette and curvy.

“Maybe,” Jen admitted. “But I had these on.” She held up her left hand showing her wedding and engagement rings.

Jen was playing coy. She knew as well as me that men – especially men that attracted her -- saw a wedding ring as a challenge, not a deterrent. We both learned that before, while playing our game.

“So what happened?”

“Honestly, nothing happened,” Jen said. “It was fun, but too crowded. I couldn’t breathe. One guy I danced with, we went into the ice room. That’s where they have their special vodkas. He saw I was cold so he put his arm around me.”

I imagined my wife in that tiny black dress, with a man’s arm around her.

“Were you attracted to him?” I asked.

“Well … he was older,” Jen said. “He had salt and pepper hair. Slicked back. And he had a beard.” As she said that she scratched my beard under my chin. “He was kinda hot.” Then she added “He asked for my number.”

My eyes went wide. “Did you give it to him?” I asked excitedly.

“No Mike,” Jen said with a laugh.

I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed.

“So later Cam tried to kiss you?”

“Yes,” Jen said, her laugh turning into flushed cheeks.

“You just happened to go to his bar?” I asked dubiously.

“I swear to god Mike I didn’t know,” Jen swore. “I knew he bartended, but there are a kazillion bars. We were literally passing a random bar and Allie told the uBer driver to stop. It was a sports bar. Champions. I’d never noticed it. I was shocked when I saw Cam.”

“But pleased to,” I said, grinning at her.

“Well …,” Jen said, grinning back.

“So what happened?”

“His bar wasn’t too crowded,” Jen said. “A guy started flirting with Allie. So I talked to Cam.”

“Talked or flirted?” I asked, still grinning at her.

“Yes,” Jen said grinning back at me. “It was different in the bar instead of the gym. In the gym we’re 2 people working out. But in a bar it’s a guy and girl talking. You’re know?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding my head. I understood. The main point of a gym was to exercise. In a bar, the whole point was meeting other people.

“But Allie wants to hook up with Cam tonight,” I said.

“You heard that?” Jen asked. When I nodded, she said “Can’t blame her. Cam’s a lot hotter than Brian.”


“The guy she danced with last night,” Jen told me. “Brian’s cute, but Cam’s gorgeous.”

I was breathing hard. It was hard getting re-accustomed to my wife talking about other men with such interest and enthusiasm. For the last 3 years she rarely talked about other men, much less describing them as cute, gorgeous and hot.

Jen seemed to read my thoughts. “Are you sure this isn’t bothering you?” she asked, a look of concern on her face.

“I’m good,” I assured her. Yes it was bothering me. But in a good way. “Then what happened?”

“Cam told me he thinks I have nice legs,” Jen said with a grin.

“What else did he say?”

“He said I have nice hair,” Jen said. “And he liked my dress.”

“He’s use to seeing you with your hair up and in workout clothes,” I said. “Sweaty after working out.”

“Yes,” Jen said.

“But now he sees you with your hair down, make up and a tiny dress,” I said.

Jen nodded her pretty head.

“You were showing a lot of leg?” I asked.

“It was impossible not to in that dress,” Jen said. “I was sitting on a bar stool.”

I slowly nodded. I imagined my wife with her legs crossed, the black skirt hiked up, showing off her long lovely legs. “Did he touch you?” I asked, my heart pounding. “Did he touch your legs?”

“He might’ve put his hand on my knee,” Jen said teasingly. “You know, when we were talking.”

“Did he keep his hand on your knee?”

“Mike I wouldn’t let him do that,” Jen said seriously. “I pushed his hand away. I told him I’m not on the market.”

Jen’s words took me aback. “That’s what you said, not on the market?”

“Yes, why?”

“You should’ve said you’re OFF the market,” I told her.

“There’s a difference?” Jen said looking confused.

“Yes! ‘Off the market’ means you’re with someone. It means you have a serious boyfriend, a husband. ‘Not on the market’ is too vague. Maybe you’re with someone, or maybe you aren’t, or maybe you are but not serious. They’re fundamentally different.”

“Okay,” Jen said. She was looking at me like I was crazy. With a confused smile, she said “You know, you’re the king of mixed signals. You’ve always been that way.”

I knew she was right. I wanted something to happen, yet I didn’t want anything to happen. In a low voice, I said “I’m just saying, you need to understand the difference between off the market and not on the market. They’re as different as black and white.”

“Oooookay. Got it for next time,” Jen said, tapping her head and grinning at me. The way she was grinning at me, I felt foolish.

“So …,” I said, prompting to hear more.

“So, when he tried to kiss me …,” Jen said, continuing her story.

“Yes,” I said, the tone of my voice telling her this is what I wanted to hear.

“One of his beers went out. Allie was dancing. So Cam asked me if I wanted to keep him company while he changed in a new keg downstairs.”

I looked at her. “So you went with him?” I asked.

“I did.”

“But you knew he’d try something.”


“So why’d you go?”

“Well …,” she began. “I guess I was wondering if he was really attracted to me. He’s way younger, 25 I think, and totally hot. He could have any girl he wanted. So why me? I’m older, I’m married, I’m a mom.”

“You wanted to see if he’d make a pass at you,” I said, completing her thought.

“Well, also, I didn’t have a good story for you yet,” Jen said with a mischievous grin at me.

“So you did it for me?” I asked.

“Honestly, that was a big part of it,” Jen said. “And I was curious. So anyways, I watched him change the keg. It was really impressive Mike. He lifted the new keg – I can’t imagine how much it weighed – he picked it up like it was nothing. Then when he was done I started back up the stairs. But he grabbed my wrist. He pushed me against the wall. Then he kissed me.”

“Last night you said he TRIED to kiss you,” I said.

“Well … he kissed me,” Jen told me.

“Is that all?”

“He grabbed my ass,” Jen admitted.

“Did you kiss him back?” I excitedly asked.

“Yes,” Jen admitted with an impish smile. “A little. Then I pushed him away. I told him it was a mistake.”

“So he stopped?”

“He tried to kiss me again,” Jen said. “But I stopped him. I told him again I was married.”

“Then you went back upstairs?”

“We talked a little.”

“About what?”

“He asked about you,” Jen said. “I told him your name is Mike. You work on Wall Street. That I love you. I told him again the kiss was a mistake.”

I stared at her. Last night, my wife kissed another man. “How was it?” I asked. It was hard to talk because my throat was dry. “When he kissed you.”

“It was … nice,” Jen said. “He can really kiss.”

This whole time while she told me the story, we were on our sides, naked, looking at each other. I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her. “I need you,” I told her.

“I figured as much,” Jen said with a giggle.

I got between her legs. She reached between us and guided me into her. She groaned as I entered her. “Oh god Mike’s you’re so freaking hard!” she moaned.

“I won’t last long,” I warned as I moved in and out.

Jen’s hand darted between our bodies. “Just give me a minute,” she said, closing her eyes. As I moved in and out of her pussy, she rapidly rubbed her clit. Her eyes were closed. I knew she was fantasizing about Cam. The knowledge she was fantasizing about another man while I fucked her inflamed me. It pushed me closer to the edge.

Jen sensed I was close. “Just a minute Mike,” she pleaded with a desperate, whispered voice. “I’m almost there.”

Somehow I managed to hold off. With her eyes still closed, Jen parted her lips and slowly rolled her head back, softly moaning as she came. Then I let myself go. I rammed into her hard, once, twice, and on the third time I came, shooting my cum into her.

Afterwards we hurriedly dressed. There was only so long we could leave Anna with Allie. As we were about to go downstairs, I grabbed Jen’s wrist and pushed her against the wall. “So you’re keeping Cam for yourself?” I asked her.

Jen gave me a crooked grin. “You wish,” she said with a smile in her voice. “He’s not my Cam,” she said, repeating what she told Allie before.

“Then why are you cock-blocking Allie?” I asked, grinning at her.

“I’m not --,” Jen began, looking shocked. Then her shock turned into a smile and she laughed.

Later Jen told Allie it was fine if she wanted to go see Cam after dinner. They’d have time to catch up tomorrow morning before her flight.

That night in bed, Jen grinned at me and said “So you’re happy I didn’t cock block Allie?”

“You’re not jealous she’s probably gonna have sex with him?” I asked.

“Probably?” Jen said with a laugh. “No Mike, I’m not jealous.” Then she looked at me with a grin and asked, “Do you wish it was me with Cam instead of Allie?”

“Do you wish it was you?” I asked back.

“That’s not how the truth serum works,” Jen said, still grinning at me.

“I haven’t taken any,” I said.

“Ha ha. Okay …,” Jen said, conceding the point. “But do we really need truth serum for this conversation?”

I hesitated, processing her words. I took a moment to look at my beautiful wife. She was wearing the white nighty I bought her. Back when she was with Scott, she wore a silk camisole to bed. When we got back together, it seemed forced for her to go back to wearing my old frat t-shirt. This was especially true since it took baby-steps for us to reconnect again. And also my old t-shirt was getting ratty anyway. So, I bought her a nighty. It was soft cotton and trimmed in lace. It was short, barely reaching her mid-thigh. I bought her a new one each Valentine’s day and she always wore it to bed.

She was wearing it now, and the way she was laying in bed, the hem barely covered her pussy. Her long, fabulous legs were completely on display, and I reached down and put my hand on her exposed thigh. She was more toned now from working out, and I could feel the taut muscles under her soft perfect skin. She was tanned from sitting out by our pool, and I could almost smell the lemon juice she always squeezed into her hair while sunbathing, to lighten her blonde hair.

“Is this where Cam touched you?” I asked.

“Not that high,” Jen said. She moved my hand down until my hand cupped her knee. “Here,” she said.

“You think Cam’s fucking Allie right now?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Jen said. “Probably.”

“So you say Cam’s fit?”

“He is,” Jen said. “More than fit actually.”

“Is he … well endowed?” I asked.

“Well I don’t have personal knowledge,” Jen said with a teasing smile in her voice. “But I think so. Erin says so.”

“The girl you do yoga with,” I said. “Her husband’s Tom. She had an affair with Cam.”

“You heard a lot this morning,” Jen said. With a grin she added “Spying on me?”

I smiled back and nodded. “What’s her story?” I asked.

“I don’t know really,” Jen said. “I don’t know her well. She’s about my age. She stays home too. She’s really pretty. She really loves Tom. She doesn’t talk about him a lot, but when she does, I can tell.”

“But she had an affair with Cam?”

“I heard her talking to another girl,” Jen explained. “She said Cam’s an incredible lover and huge. I guess I’ll know for sure after tonight.”

“Allie will tell you,” I said.

“Of course she will.”

I traced my fingertips up Jen’s inner thigh. The sensation made her shudder. I reached her panties. They were damp. “Are you wet talking about Cam?” I asked her.

Jen smirked, like it was a ridiculous idea. But then she said “The other day, I was lifting on the bench and Cam was spotting me. He was wearing loose shorts and I could see up the leg. He wasn’t wearing underwear so I saw his cock. He looked big.”

“So you do have first hand knowledge,” I said.

“Ha ha. Yeah, sorta,” Jen said with a grin. “He caught me looking. He put the bar on my chest so I couldn’t move. It didn’t hurt, he was holding most of the weight, but I couldn’t move. It was only for a few seconds but I was still looking up his leg. He said ‘you like what you see?’”

“Wow,” I said.

“Yeah, wow,” Jen said back.

“So he’s an aggressive ass. Just your type,” I said. I said it like a joke, but I wasn’t joking. I knew Jen’s type, and Cam sounded like it.

“Ha ha. Well …,” Jen said with a laugh, her voice trailing off.

“He’s constantly flirting with me,” she said. “And he’s always at the gym when I’m there. He knows I work out after dropping off Anna. I think he plans to be there when I’m there.”

I slowly nodded, taking this all in. This was more than a casual flirtation. Cam was targeting my wife. He was working hard to get into her pants.

“You waited a long time to tell me,” I said. I was lightly caressing her inner thigh just below her panties.

“It actually hasn’t been going on that long,” Jen said. “Just a few weeks.”

“That’s a long time,” I said.

“No it isn’t,” Jen insisted.

“If we weren’t talking like we’re talking now,” I said. “Would you have ended up cheating on me?”

“Mike, god no, I swear to god, no,” Jen said immediately. “I was actually about to have a talk with Cam. I mean, flirting’s fun, but he’s crossed the line. I was gonna tell him he had to stop it or else I couldn’t lift with him anymore.” She snuggled up into my arms. “You believe me, right?” she said, looking at me with her big blue doe-like eyes.

Jen had cheated on me in the past. But yes, I believed her. We’d gone through a lot and it took time, but now I trusted her again. “Yes, I believe you baby,” I softly said. I leaned in and kissed her. Jen wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. I could feel tension drain from her body. She was clearly relieved I believed her.

I tugged at her nighty and Jen raised her arms to help me take it off her. Then I laid her onto her back. I cupped her breast, her left breast, the one with the fifty five script tattoo underneath. I gently fondled her. “That feels good baby,” Jen sighed.

“You said you were gonna tell Cam to stop,” I said.

“I probably still am,” Jen said.

“But you haven’t yet?” I asked.

After a moment’s hesitation, she said “I didn’t know you were still into those fantasies. I mean, I get it, they’ll always be a part of you. It’s like that man says on that web site you read, it’s a sexual orientation. But you haven’t talked about it in a long time.”

I took a long time to respond. This was decision time. “I want you to know something,” I said after talking a big breath.


“First, I love you.”

“I love you too baby,” Jen said, and she gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Second,” I began, looking into my wife’s eyes. In a low, excited voice, I said, “I want you to know you have a free pass.”

Jen looked back into my eyes, not responding for a long time. Finally she said “Okay, well, good to know.” She laughed at the end, like she needed the levity to ease the tension. It was a nervous laugh though.

I was about to say more but she stopped me with a finger to my lips. “No more tonight Mike,” she said softly. “We both need to think about this.”

I was disappointed, but relieved too. “Yeah, you’re right,” I said with a nod.

Then Jen pulled me to her. “Now make love to me,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. This time as we made love, Jen kept her eyes open, looking at me, thinking about me instead of another man. Or maybe she was thinking about me wanting her to be with another man. Again.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I reached over to Jen but her spot in the bed was empty. She wasn’t there. Then I heard voices downstairs. Allie was back and Jen was talking to her. I looked at the clock. It was a little passed 3am.

A moment later Jen walked into our bedroom. “How’s Allie?” I asked as she closed the door behind her.

“You’re awake?” she said, surprised. Then as she crawled into bed next to me, she giggled and said, “She looks like she got run over by a bulldozer.”

“Cam’s the bulldozer?” I joked.

Jen laughed. “Allie says he has a porn-star cock. He fucked her three times,” she said excitedly. “He totally worked her over. She looks like a truck hit her. She can barely walk. I’m not kidding Mike. I had to help her walk up the stairs.”

“Ok,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“You know what else?”


“Allie says Cam’s got an amazing tongue,” Jen said, her eyes wide with an excited sparkle. She traced her fingertip over my lips. “Can you imagine? He fucks like a bulldozer … AND he’s amazing at oral.” She shuddered at the thought, and then giggled at her shuddering.

I thought about it. I considered myself good at oral. I WAS good at oral. But what if Cam was better than me? The thought almost made me shudder too.

“I wonder what your pussy would look like after it’s been bulldozed,” I joked.

“Ha ha,” Jen laughed. “Interesting question.”

I reached between Jen’s legs. She was moist. “Talking about Cam get you wet?” I asked with a lustful grin.

Jen smiled lustfully back at me. She put her hands on my shoulders and nudged me down. “Show me you’re better than Cam at oral, baby,” she said. She said it with a smile in her voice, like she was joking, but just the fact that she said it made my hard cock twitch.

I moved down her body and opened her long shapely legs. I went down on her, using all my magic. Soon Jen’s hands were fists as she clutched and pulled at the sheets. Then she was cumming, her head rolling back and her back arching as she came hard on my tongue. “No way Cam’s better than you,” Jen said as she panted, still breathing hard from her orgasm. “You’re freaking awesome at that baby.”

She pulled me up to her. She guided my cock into her. “Come on Mike,” she urged me. With a joking smile in her voice, she said, “Bulldoze your wife.” I fucked her hard, although I don’t think at the level of “bulldozing.” After I came we hugged and laughed.

“I can’t remember when we’ve had so much sex,” Jen said, a big smile on her beautiful face.

“I remember,” I told her. She looked at me, the smile disappearing. It was back before Anna. Before she got pregnant. When we were playing the game, and we were fucking all the time because she was having an affair with another man (Scott). Or more accurately, she was getting fucked all the time by Scott, and I was constantly hot from it even though often I was left to get myself off with my hand.

“Hey, can you take Allie to the airport tomorrow?” Jen asked me.

“Sure,” I said. I assumed me, Jen and Anna would take Allie. “We’ll take her.”

“No, I mean, just you,” Jen said. “I’ll stay here with Anna.” Seeing my questioning look, she explained “Allie said she wants to talk to you.” I looked at Jen for long moments. Then I nodded.


Jen hadn’t been joking. Allie WAS having problems walking, after last night with Cam. Even after a full night’s sleep, she was still walking gingerly, and winced whenever she pressed her thighs together.

Allie gave long goodbyes to Jen and Anna, and then we were off to the airport. It was a short drive so Allie didn’t beat around the bush. “So you’re thinking about sharing Jen again,” she said.

“She told you,” I said.

“Of course she told me,” Allie said, a scoff in her voice. She eyed me and said “Are you sure you want to do this again?”

“You must think I’m crazy,” I lamented.

“You know what? I actually don’t,” Allie said. “I actually envy Jen.”

I gawked at Allie. “You’re kidding?” I said, astonished.

“She’s got you, a great husband and father. A wonderful daughter. A beautiful house,” Allie said. “And the freedom to be with other men. Life doesn’t get much better than that Mike.”

“So you think Jen wants to do it?” I asked.

“I think that depends on you Mike,” Allie said. “You don’t have to worry about Jen cheating on you. She’ll never do anything behind your back again.”

“Okay …,” I said, both relieved and disappointed.

“But I should tell you …,” Allie said. “Last night, when I was with Cam … when he wasn’t fucking me, he was talking about your sweet wife. Asking me about her.” With a grin she said “The boy’s smitten with her.” She looked at me. With a knowing smile she said “This is turning you on.” Then she looked between my legs and saw the tent in my pants. “I guess it is,” she said with a grin.

There was a blanket in the back of the car. I quickly grabbed it and put it over my lap. Allie laughed. It wasn’t a cruel laugh though. More like an amused laugh.

“Anyway, I think you lucked into a good one with Cam,” Allie said. “Believe me, he’ll rock Jen’s world. And you don’t have to worry about him trying to steal her away. He’s only 25. The last thing he wants is something permanent.”

“Okay. Good to know,” I said stiffly. I was still uncomfortable with having an erection with Allie sitting right next to me.

“But Mike …,” Allie said, continuing. “If you decide to play your game again, you have to trust Jen. Trust her. And we’re done with running away, got that? No more running away. If you decide to do it, then own up to it, like a man. Suck it up and take it like a man.”

I winced at Allie’s harsh words. She was certainly back to being the sassy, Allie Oh-La-La I first met in college. “This is your way of being supportive?” I said sarcastically.

Allie laughed. “Mike, when I called you a good husband and father, I meant it,” she said, a grin on her face. “Jen will do anything for you. Just remember that.”

We arrived at the airport. We got out of the car and I helped Allie get her luggage out. Then we hugged. As always, our hug was awkward, but strangely, genuine too. “Call me if you need help. Or just want to talk,” Allie told me. She grinned at me and said “I’ve still got your back bubble boy.”

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by RugbyRaizo1991 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:13 pm

I get the feeling Cam is gonna be the "Ricky" of this series Im not sure how Blake will fit into this and I hope we don't have any Scott appearances. And sureeeee he doesn't want anything permanent now. Thats how it always starts pretty soon he will be falling love with jen and wanting to take her believing he's a better man than mike. few chapters from now Cam and Jen will be going strong and even later begins the game.

I just wonder how long before this falls apart or Jen catches feelings or Came or Blake or whoever. I say that not because of how X writes, but because in all my time reading Mike and Jen NEVER play this game successfully and enjoy it without something happening and someone getting hurt. Just a matter of time now since little things are getting it in motion.

Let's see

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by Mrfixitforyou » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:29 pm

And so it begins again. The first three books lead up this book 4. Here is where we see the fall. Book Five ? who knows maybe its After the Fall

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by OZCPL » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:36 pm

So Allie and Jen have decided how it will work when Mike wants to play. Jen will do anything for her husband, who supports his family, but he must hang in there and not leave her, no matter what she does and no divorce. This could get rough for Mike, rougher than ever before. Sounds like no limits, he has to take whatever his gorgeous hotwife and her big hard lover dish out to him, while he is left holding the baby (so to speak).

Cam is very fit. In reality a man like that could do anything physical to Mike, right in front of his wife, and Mike would be powerless to stop him. Then Cam could take his Jen up to Mikes bedroom where he starts to treat her and her house like his own.

I really don't see how Jen can now be totally confident of having more willpower than she had when she couldnt leave Scotty. As they say Mike may have to be careful what he wishes for. If cam changes his mind and wants Jen permanently, Mike could even lose his daughter whos paternal father has not been proven yet, at least in this story.

If Jen goes with Cam and later wants to leave him, then Cam may decide he would like her as a wife so as to keep her. The gate is then open for anything to happen and for Mike to let himself in for some really heavy and nasty cucking. And just when his little dick looks like it works again.

THANKS X GREAT STORY and well written
By the way, how is Jen getting along with Mikes family, now that she has given them a grand daughter, or so it appears prior to any DNA test.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by worldsapart » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:36 am

Allie is taking on so many roles; she's encouraging Jen while trying to be Mike's support structure. Doesn't feel right for her to tell Mike to "stop running away and be a man" (a call back to when he left/divorced Jen) and then say she's there for him if he needs help. Conflicting objectives. She said if he decides to do it, he needs to own up to it like a man. Another callback to when Mike divorced Jen. As if Jen moving away to live with Scott was something he needed to own up to at the time. Nope nope nope. Then she says "I've got your back." No she doesn't.

She's like the problem and the solution. It doesn't make sense.

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Re: Faithful Wife - Book 4 by xleglover

Unread post by imanonone » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:39 am

With friends like Allie Mike needs no enemies. The drive aloone with Allie was a set up to encourage Mike to allow Jen to sex Cam even though he needs no eincouragement. After Ricky and Scotty and everyone else there is no way Allie could honestly believe Mike should trust Jen. An aside, with Jen and Allie as her most important female role models we know how how Jen and Mike's daughter will view sex and marriage.

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