Second near miss

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Second near miss

Unread post by Stokedhubby » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:59 pm

My wife and I have been married a very long time. She has known of my desire to share her or for her to have sex with others since maybe 6 months into our relationship. We did have one FMF after about 1 year of dating and that was supposed to be a reciprocal agreement: she was supposed to have another FMF with the other girl and her boyfriend. That is another story however. This story is about the second time we nearly had a threesome and this was very nearly a MFM.

Some background, she is one year younger than I and she followed me to a college a couple of hours from home. I only attended one semester and then stopped attending. This was during the second semester when she was away at school and I was down for a weekend visit. We were going to attend a department party for the college job she had through the school. I had already been telling her she should fuck around with some people while she was down there. I also told her that if there was anyone that interested her while I was with her, she should let me know and I would love to be with her when she did that fucking around. She knew I was serious, but just shrugged me off and said that it wasnt going to happen...oh, and that I was a pervert. The party was mostly college staff and professors, but there were a handful of college students that worked in the department in attendance too. During the party, the hostess' husband was very friendly to my girlfriend Kim (now my wife) and I couldn't help but notice. The hostess was the senior administrative assistant and she was only about ten years older than us, so maybe very early 30's. Her husband was an artist and was really chatting Kim up. When he went away for a bit to get Kim another drink, I asked Kim if she could tell how into her he was. She said I was just horny from no sex for a week. She might have been right, but I was certain he was into her. At one point, our hostess even came over and said something about Kim monopolizing her husband all night and introduced her / us to a former student who was now working on his Masters degree. I dont remember his name, but we will go with Tim.

Tim was a little shorter than me, but from what I can remember he was a good looking guy just a few years older than us. He had a warm personality and was quick to smile, and to make others smile. I thought it was a little odd, and a little exciting to think that my girlfriend's boss acted jealous and introduced another man in her husband's place. Kim was once again getting checked out by yet another guy though so I found it exciting. I was loving it knowing that I was going to get to have her when we left this party. Kim was wearing a denim mini skirt and some top that accentuated her very perky tits. Kim is 5" 3" weighed about 135lbs, and had the most awesome 36C tits with the best nipples ever. This party was in the winter and her nipples still showed up when she was wearing a sweater. Anyway, I was trying to give Kim some space and mingle with others where I could still watch the courtship that was taking place. Kim thinks the best of everyone and told me Tim was just a nice guy and that he had no interest in her. I begged to differ and had a few minutes to talk and tease her.

I asked her if we weren't dating, would she be interested in him? She acknowledged that he was definitely her type and yes, she probably would be interested in him. I asked her if she was horny since she hadn't had sex in a week either. She gave me a deep kiss and assured me that she was and she couldn't wait to get me back to the room to fuck my brains out. I then asked her if I wasn't with her this weekend, would she consider fucking Tim if he offered. She was teasing me and said yes as we kissed deeply. Tim came back about then and our public display of affection made him uncomfortable. We had another drink and the party was beginning to break up with many people leaving. The host came back to our small circle, once again checking Kim out and asked Tim if the party was going to continue on anyplace else. Tim said he could have a few people to his apartment, but he was up for one more drink. He then looked at Kim and asked her if she wanted to come to his place for a last drink and to listen to music. She asked about me and Tim said I could come along too, after all, it was just a drink and music. He then asked the host if he wanted to come but the hostess came and stopped that discussion. Mr Host was going nowhere. We stayed a few more minutes, enough for the hostess to come back to say goodbyes and ask Kim if she was going to Tim's apartment with him. She said we were. Hostess had such an odd look on her face and looked me right in the eyes. I don't know if she knew what was up, but it was both humiliating and exiting. We agreed to follow Tim and we were off to his apartment.

On the ride over, I asked Kim what she thought Tim was expecting. She said she just thought he was stressed from classes and enjoyed the company. Of course I told her she was expecting to fuck my very hot girlfriend or at least get a blowjob. We talked briefly about her boss finding a man for Kim and the look that she gave me right before we left. Kim noticed the look, but wasnt sure why her boss had that expression. I explained that she knew that Tim was picking you up for a fuck and she could tell that I knew about it and was ok with it. Kim was starting to believe me.

When we got to the apartment, Tim busied himself with straightening his living room up. There was very little to do, but he obviously wasnt expecting company. Kim and I sat on the couch while he went to the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks. As soon as we had our drinks, Tim was in his bedroom making the bed and straightening up in there. Now, it was even more obvious that he was definitely planning or at least hoping to fuck Kim. I was whispering to Kim the whole time he was gone and she believed me for sure now. I was reaching under her skirt feeling her wetness through her panties and even slipped a finger into her pussy while he was out of the room. She was drenched! She got up and went into the bathroom before he came back into the living room. When he did come in, he had changed into some gym shorts and it appeared he was about half hard. He sat down in the recliner on the other side of the room as we made small talk while Kim was in the bathroom. She came out and I thought I saw hard nipples, but I didnt make my stare too obvious.

I had my arm around Kim and I was playing with her hair, ear, and neck, lightly brushing and then touching her shoulder. I have no recollection of what we were talking about, but eventually, the discussion turned to sex. We were all getting pretty drunk by this time and I really dont remember all the conversation. I do remember kissing Kim deeply and her leaning in to kiss me very deeply. Tim once again got up and went to his bedroom and said he would be right back. As soon as he rounded the corner, Kim reached under her skirt and brought two soaked fingers to my mouth. I greedily sucked all of her juice off and asked her what that was about. She took my right hand and shoved it under her skirt and pulled my left hand down to her sweater covering her tits. I realized then that she had taken her bra and panties off and put them into her purse. I asked her if she was ready to be shared. She just kissed me deeply again.

That is when Tim came back into the room. He went back to his chair across the room and asked if he was interrupting anything. It was obvious that he was very hard as he sat down. I dont remember what I said, but it was something about Kim's awesome blowjobs. There was some blushing by Kim, some hardon adjusting for both Tim and I and then after some more talk, I remember Kim sliding off of the couch and crawling across the small living room towards Tim. Now the view that Tim would have seen was a slightly drunk, horny, braless coed coming right for his dick. The view that I saw was her ass and puss completely bare AND WET under her skirt that had ridden up when she slid off the couch. She crawled all the way to between his legs......and pulled her skirt down...and stopped. She had both hands on his knees and he was leaned back ready for whatever came next, and she stopped! I do not know why, but she stopped. She said she was ready to go home. I asked her if she was sure and Tim quickly offered a place to crash, but nope, she was ready to go home.

We made our awkward goodbyes and went out to my car. She had my dick in her mouth before we were out of the drive and I fingered her to several orgasms on the way to the room. I was asking her if she believed me about Tim's intentions yet and she only moaned while my cock was in her mouth. We went inside and I was fucking her as soon as the door was shut. I didnt need to take any bottoms off and groped her tits from behind while I fucked her. I pulled her top off and finished more quickly than I would like to admit. She still had her skirt on around her waist now and turned to face me. We kissed very deeply as my cock softened. She asked if I enjoyed that little show and I assured her that I enjoyed it very much.

We talked about it several times after that and she really had no reason of why she stopped, but she did. Her boss asked her on the following Monday if everything went well after the party. I think she believed that Kim had slept with Tim and was hinting for details. I found it extremely exciting that someone thought Kim was fucking another man with my consent / knowledge. I have forgotten some of the details of that night, but I have not forgotten the feeling of pure lust from Kim and my overwhelming desire to share her.

If you have read this far, sorry it was so long. Every bit of it was true and very tame by standards on this site, but very arousing to me. I get a charge out of people knowing how sexy Kim is so feel free to hit me up with your thoughts. I will share comments with her later this week. Take a peek at Kim some 20 years later in the Hotties section and leave any positive comment. I ask for positive because negative would make it much harder to get new pics ;)

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