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Ascending Lauren

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This thread is being started simply to share with this forum a fictional account of a couple from Iowa who were looking for a change and get more than they bargained for. To be completely transparent, these chapters have been posted in another literary forum under the same moniker, however, at the behest of my wonderful companion and wife of over three decades (along with some most special friends), I am posting it here as well. They feel these musings might be better appreciated here than on the other site, where the poison is palpable. I tend to agree, but your feedback will bear those presumptions out.

Although fictional, the narratives do have a basis of situational truth, an amalgamation of real-life experiences between my better half and me, and our friends. There is much embellishment, to be sure, but I am not trying to be accurate in any way. You'll never know what is fact and what is fiction unless you were there. But it doesn't really matter now, does it? In fact, the only reason I've written any of this down is that it gets my wife incredibly hot. When she and her friends are horny, good things happen. I write and then reap all sorts of rewards. 'nough said.

First chapter is below. If there is a positive response, I'll continue posting. Otherwise, it's all good, I'll just continue to write privately and won't be offended. I'm not a very good writer, nor do I want to be. I'm doing just enough to get my dick wet.

Thank you.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18.


The morning sunlight streamed through the small breaks in the window blinds, casting a golden luster about the small bedroom. Corey Miller blinked several times before opening his heavy eyelids to a room that was unfamiliar. He tensed, slightly confused, as his eyes fell upon the shapely woman asleep next to him. He immediately relaxed, seeing it was Lauren Olivia, his wife of 28 years. No need to worry, they were in her new Miami apartment. The clock on the nightstand dimly displayed eight o’clock Saturday morning. Good, no need to wake her yet.

Sitting up in the oversized bed, the 61-year-old noticed two things. First, the sheets had somehow been kicked off during the night, the whites now crumpled on the floor. Second, a raging hardon protruded from the flaps of his boxers. The Florida mid-summer heat was already warming the atmosphere, so missing covers weren't an issue. In addition, their absence allowed him full view of his wife's body lying on her side. He admired her toned legs, curvy hips, and soft shoulders. The thin white cotton tank-top did nothing to hide her small 30b-cup breasts, the darker areolae and nipples clearly visible. Even after decades of marriage Lauren could still get his motor running. A classic 1980s beauty, she could have easily been cast in an MTV music video back in the day. The big hair of that era had been gradually replaced over time with more professional looks. Now at 48, Lauren preferred to wear her jet-black locks totally straight, cascading just below those delicious breasts, and in back, ending in a V at her shoulder blades. When she combed her bangs straight down to just above her sultry eyes, she was very seductive, although she herself didn't realize it. His wife's hair styles were always tasteful, with just enough coloring to keep it black as night and hide the silver that had begun making its appearance. Corey was very proud at how she had kept herself in shape with frequent visits to the gym, Pilates, and lots of power walking. The effort had clearly paid off, as casual acquaintances often guessed her age as early 30s. Her fitness was in stark contrast to his own, with his slightly pudgy middle and the unfortunate relaxation of his salty-haired pectorals. Not yet a "fat slob", but he definitely was experiencing a mature spread.

Corey reached over and began lightly tracing his fingers from her shoulder, over her breasts, through the valley of her side, before resting atop those small and inviting hips. There was no way to ignore the morning wood he was sprouting. He desperately wanted to make love to her. Yet, Lauren needed to sleep. She was starting a new job soon and was exhausted, having spent the last four days moving into this Miami high rise. As he gazed upon his wife's body, contemplating the next move, her phone chirped, seemingly mocking any ideas swirling around in his head. It was a text from one of their daughters. The raven-haired beauty slid to the edge of the bed and snatched the phone from the nightstand. "It's Lilly," she announced groggily, "just wants to know your flight out tomorrow." Lauren fired back a quick reply and stood slowly, yawning and shaking off the sleep. She smiled at Corey as she made her way to the bathroom, scratching her small frame and backside. Yes, even in the morning, she was the consummate vixen.

His flight! Corey's own smile turned to a frown and his erection quickly disappeared. Just one more day and he would be leaving his wife alone in a huge city to fend for herself. He sighed. It was no surprise; there was never any doubt this day would come. They had arranged it thoroughly. A plan hatched together a month ago when Lauren received a job offer from a national fiberglass distributor looking for an experienced office manager in Miami. Fiberglass was used heavily in the construction of boats and ships, and Florida had plenty of those. It was an executive position and the opportunity had come at a perfect time, since both had long been looking to leave Des Moines for greener - and warmer - pastures. Simply tired of cold, snowy winters, the couple had entertained the idea of moving for several years. They were not getting any younger and both wanted to live the rest of their lives somewhere a bit livelier. Now that their two daughters were grown with good careers and living in other states, neither had permanent ties to their current community.

To that end, Lauren had peppered online job boards across the country with her resume. As a long-time office manager for a large paper product manufacturing company in suburban Des Moines, she felt her experience might be noticed by a firm in a more exciting and tepid locale. As for Corey, he had been a construction project manager for over 35 years, working with various companies that specialized in building hospitals and medical facilities. He was quite successful and had earned a great reputation in the industry. Good industrial project managers were in high demand in most large cities, so he was not concerned with finding work wherever they decided to move.

Lauren was genuinely surprised when fiberglass distributor Rekrap Industries responded to her application mere days later. After all, she had just been testing the waters. They were conducting interviews for an executive level office manager to oversee their Miami office, plus a few boat dealerships they also owned. The couple discussed the opportunity that evening. It was not a hard sell. Although the cost of living in South Florida, especially Miami, was astronomically more expensive than Iowa, they felt the new executive position, along with what Corey could earn as a seasoned construction manager, would more than offset the increase in expenses. Plus, it was warm and they both loved the ocean; what more could they ask for? After a methodical evaluation of the offer, the couple decided Lauren should go for it.

A quick round trip to the company headquarters in downtown Miami for an interview proved fruitful. Only a few days later Rekrap reached out with an extraordinary offer. In addition to being given the responsibility for running their offices throughout the area, Lauren's salary would increase substantially, and she would be given numerous executive privileges. The downside was the company expected her to join their executive training within three weeks of acceptance. That would mean finding an apartment quickly in the Miami area. Not an easy feat. Then there was Corey's job. He could not just suddenly quit the project he was on. Although not particularly worried about landing a job in Florida - he knew people in the industry there that would hire him on reputation alone - the very reason he enjoyed such a great name in the business was that he was a stoically committed project manager who saw every job through, no matter how difficult. Leaving a hospital project during its last phase would not bode well for that reputation nor future employment. No, Corey would have to remain behind until the project completed. The mechanics of the plan had seemed so very straightforward, until that very moment when the emotional impact of an imminent separation became all too real.

Lauren appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. Corey looked back at her glumly, and she knew right away what he was fraught about. "It's only for a few months you know, just until you have the medical center built. Then you'll be right back here," she said confidently.

Corey leaned back against the headboard. "You're right, I knew it was coming, but with leaving tomorrow, it seems so much more...real now." Lauren looked at her husband sympathetically, knowing he had mixed emotions about leaving. She shared those emotions as well but realized her state of mind was in a totally different place. Starting a new adventure, in a new city and with a new job, Lauren was not only excited for herself, but what it would mean eventually for their future together. And yet she knew Corey's immediate life held the monotony of the old one and facing the next five to six months alone at that. It was not exactly the exciting adventure unfolding for her.

Lauren began brushing her teeth, then stopped. "I think after a week of moving into this apartment, we've done as much decorating as we can do. How about we spend your last night in Miami celebrating what will become our new life together?" Corey's face brightened. She could always make him feel better. He smiled and nodded. His heart wanted so badly to stay with his wife, change the plans, rearrange the arrangements. But his head knew better. The plans they had made were solid. And after all, he could visit anytime he wanted. As he was trying to convince himself he was doing the right thing, Lauren disappeared back into the bathroom. "And to show me your appreciation for taking you out tonight, YOU can take me shopping this afternoon for work clothes!" she called out to him, closing the door behind her. Moments later the shower water began flowing. All hopes of enticing his wife into a quickie were now dashed.

Who was he kidding? The days of morning romps were long gone, in fact, nighttime romps were far and few between these days as well. Ever since Lauren experienced early menopause a few years ago, her interest in sex dropped off significantly. Although they still made love once a month when the mood was right, he suspected her spirit wasn't into it anymore. In fact, he could not remember the last time she had been the initiator. Thankfully, alcohol substantially increased her enthusiasm for fooling around, so there was hope. Even then, they had to deal with the loss of natural lubrication. Lauren never said anything, but he could tell that without the use of artificial lube she had discomfort. It was for these reasons he never pressured her into having sex and would only initiate it when he thought she would be receptive. Sex was still important to Corey, but not as important as his wife's health or happiness.

It wasn't fair to blame all of Lauren's disinterest in sex on post-menopausal conditions. For the last several years his stamina had also decreased considerably. He once could last for at least an hour without coming, then be ready for seconds and sometimes thirds. In fact, it was this prowess that helped win her away from the college boys she was dating when they met. He was 31 and she 20 when they met at a wedding reception. A year later, his maturity and, as Corey liked to think, experience in the bedroom, helped land a ring on Lauren's finger. That was all a distant memory now. These days, once he slipped into his wife, they both knew he was only good for 10 minutes. Repeats? Forget about it. Corey blamed not only his age but his physique as well. Too many doughnuts in the construction trailers, and the stress of managing large projects had contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle, despite Lauren's vigilance in cooking healthy meals. Thankfully, several years ago she had picked up a very large vibrator at a lingerie show, which they nicknamed the Chairman of the Board, after a character in one of the erotic tales he was fond of telling whenever they did make love. The couple now leaned heavily on the Chairman and that storytelling to bring Lauren to orgasm.

Corey made his way over to the bedroom's large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking downtown Miami. Marveling at the view from the 23rd floor of the high-rise, Corey was thankful Rekrap Industries was able to locate such a primo spot in the downtown area on such short notice. The company kept a few apartments on retainer for use by out-of-town executives and potential clients, which the HR department leveraged to snap up this one-bedroom rental for Lauren. It was small and the price was more than the couple wanted to pay, but it was only a temporary living arrangement until they could scope out some houses in the suburbs. With Lauren able to walk to the office only a couple blocks away, there was also no need for her to have the expenses of a vehicle, which remained garaged back in Iowa. It all was falling into place as they planned, yet he could not help feeling apprehensive about the whole thing. Corey took a deep breath and sauntered towards the bathroom to get ready for the big shopping day.


There was no question Lauren loved to shop. Besides her family, it was her favorite way to spend time. The new position called for an extensive wardrobe upgrade and she intended on taking full advantage of her increased income. It was therefore no surprise when she dragged Corey into every clothing shop in the downtown district. He played the doting husband, dutifully sitting outside one dressing room after another in dreadfully oversized chairs and sofas. He didn't mind much. His reward was being able to watch Lauren parade around the sitting areas, modeling various pieces of clothing for him in front of the large mirrors. She looked hot, her toned body making even the most conservative clothing look sexy.

It didn't take Corey long to notice he wasn't her only admirer. From time to time, another husband or boyfriend would invariably walk over and plop down in a nearby chair as their significant other browsed through the myriad of clothing. They would pretend to be noodling with their phones when women came out to whirl in front of the mirrors, but Corey knew better. All guys are perverts, Corey sniggered to himself. At one store, Lauren was the only one trying on clothes, and to his amazement, there were several men whose tired feet just happened to coincide with Lauren prancing out of the dressing room in various states of dress. She seemed oblivious to their presence - she knew not the vixen she was - but Corey noticed. Apparently, these men figured they could get a free runway walk. And why not? His chest swelled with pride, knowing that his wife still turned heads. He also felt a bit peculiar because it triggered thoughts of a fantasy he had long harbored, one that involved watching Lauren make love to another man - or woman. The gender didn't really matter. It was hard to explain these thoughts, which were chiefly about witnessing her experiencing human intimacy at its zenith. It is difficult to see raw emotions develop in someone up close, so Corey felt the only way to really see that explosive build up is to allow it to unfold in front of one's eyes. Such is the appeal of porn, he reasoned; this type of thrill comes from watching the emotions of the participants develop to a crescendo of orgasms, not the actual participation itself.

It was only a fantasy, and Corey knew it would never happen. Hell, he was barely getting any himself. Yet, there was no harm in indulging this bit of delusion. After all, it provided him with spank bank material, and when they did happen to hook up, Lauren seemed to enjoy the titillation from the threesome scenarios he whispered in her ear. The idea itself obviously did not disgust her, having orgasmed time and time again to those tales.

As much as Corey enjoyed watching his wife being watched, he was thankful when Lauren finally announced she now had enough outfits to get her through the next few months. Grateful for the day-long shopping spree to be over, he pulled out his phone and summoned a taxi.


Lauren laid in the tub of hot water, lazily gliding the scrubbing mitts over her arms. The oils in the water provided a hint of blooming flowers and she was determined to enjoy every minute of it. With the new job starting on Monday, she knew it would be a while before she'd have time to indulge herself like this again. Plus, Lauren wanted to be soft and smell good for Corey. He was surely anticipating making love tonight. She looked over her body. Not bad for late forties, she thought. Buttocks still tight and small firm breasts had resisted much of the sagging some women her age were experiencing. She was doubly proud of her flat tummy, toned arms and muscled legs. More than once she had been mistaken for her daughter's sister. Well, except for those damn varicose veins in her calves which were starting to become more pronounced.

Those did not seem to matter to Corey. He looked right past any signs of her aging. At 61, he was horny as ever, but unlike his, her libido had diminished quite a bit over the years. Maybe it was the early menopause, maybe to a lesser extent her age, but she just didn't feel the desire for sex the way she used to. And when she did, she needed lube to help pave the way. It wasn't a dislike of sex, on the contrary, when the moment was right, she was all in. But it had been at least five years since she had an orgasm with Corey inside her, and his willingness to initiate sex far exceeded his ability to finish it now; frequently building her up with foreplay, but no longer able to get her off with his penis. She never criticized and didn't blame him. His age, coupled with the weight he had put on over the years, appeared to contribute to his decreased stamina. The age difference in that department was now showing, but Lauren was fully aware of Corey being 13 years her senior when she married him, and she loved him so much it didn’t matter at all. He was 32 when they tied the knot and one of the best lovers she had ever experienced, a talent retained well into his fifties. That's many years of spectacular sex, so she was not about to complain.

To be fair, there were additional reasons the frequency of their love making had decreased over time. Let's face it, as one gets older, the physical part of sex can be a bit daunting. Sometimes masturbation is a simpler, faster and less exhausting form of release. It wasn't uncommon for Lauren to detect Corey quietly stroking his penis in the middle of the night, a tent in the sheets growing and contracting until he finally held his breath in an attempt to conceal his release. There were also times she had walked into his home office late at night when he was watching porn. On those occasions he would always feign watching a sports video or something equally benign. But she knew. A wife always knows. She would never confront or embarrass him. Lauren didn't really care, as long as he still found her attractive.

Truth be told, she wasn't a stranger to artificial pleasure either. Corey was a considerate lover, always making sure she achieved pleasure before himself. Of average length, he never filled her up like some past boyfriends, but he knew how to use what he had, and having him inside her made her feel warm, whole, and most importantly, loved. Her husband was still great at foreplay, but once he penetrated her, she knew he would be done for the night in short order. Indeed, her only orgasms these days came from "the Chairman of the Board", the 10-inch vibrator she had purchased from a friend awhile back. They had named the dildo during some ridiculous role-playing Corey had dreamed up whereas he was the COB at her company, she an office clerk, and they did it in a virtual supply closet. She snickered at the memory, but she had to admit, when the Chairman was on the job, she could easily experience the same wanton lust she had before Corey's stamina decreased. It also helped immensely when he talked dirty and whispered those same type of bizarre stories into her ear. Yes, she still enjoyed making love to her husband, but her orgasms - real, thunderous ones - belonged to the Chairman now.

Lauren climbed out of the bathtub, water cascading off her shoulders and breasts like an erotic waterfall. Toweling off, she opened a drawer and selected a pair of black lace bikini panties, which she stepped into and pulled up tightly around her slim but curvy hips. Lauren smoothed out the thin panty band which rose just above her neatly trimmed v-shaped bush. Next came an off-white strapless bra, a necessity for the pale blue off-shoulder blouse she was going to wear. And finally, she shimmied into a pair of tight white denim skinny jeans; the ones she knew Corey loved. It highlighted her small butt perfectly. Taking one last look in the mirror, Lauren nodded in self-appreciation, switched off the bedroom lamp, and turned her focus towards the evening ahead.


The downtown Miami arts district in which the apartment building was located contained an eclectic menagerie of galleries, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops of all kinds. Their dinner reservation was not until eight o’clock, so the couple walked about, seeking locations of certain necessities such as a pharmacy, dry cleaners, and grocery stores. The amount of sidewalk traffic amazed them, considering most of Des Moines rolled up after dark. "Dress to impress" seemed to be the theme, with many women not at all afraid to show a bit of skin.

The pair was famished by dinner time and indulged themselves with two bottles of fine wine and excellent salmon. Nourished and quite buzzed, Lauren was ready to dance. They began walking hand-in-hand towards the address of a hot spot a few blocks away which Corey had heard offered a spectacular old-school discotheque atmosphere. Turning a corner, they saw no less than 50 people gathered outside the club, corralled by stanchions and bright purple rope. Multi-color neon signs declared the nightspot's name, Club X, and very loud, muffled music was emanating from within the non-de-script urban building. Corey looked at his watch. It was ten-thirty. The line would only get longer. Lauren shrugged, grabbed his hand, and fell behind the other hopefuls. Most were men and women under 30. Few, if any, were over 40. Knowing the doormen were responsible for populating the dance floor with as many "beautiful people" as possible, it seemed to Corey their chances of getting in were slim to none.

After 30 minutes of rocking back and forth on his heels without much movement, Corey was about to suggest they find another place to cut the rug. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, a long black car pulled to the curb in front of the club. Lauren watched as three young and very fit women, two brunettes and one blonde, emerged from within and began smoothing out their short dresses, tugging the hems down over their buttocks as they went. They walked past the couple on their way to the front of the line when the blonde looked back over her shoulder towards Lauren. Something had caught her eye. With an expression of surprised recognition, she stopped and strolled back to where the couple was waiting in line.

"Laurrrren," the blonde pronounced slowly, as if she was trying to recall the name. "Is that right?"

Lauren looked at Corey, then acknowledged the woman standing in front of her. "Yes, that's right. Do I know you?"

"Likely not, and sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. My name is Amy Rosinner. I work in the legal department at Rekrap. I saw an HR organizational announcement sent out this past week and your bio was attached. Your facial features and that awesome black hair are unmistakable."

"Well, in that case, nice to meet you, Amy. This is my husband, Corey," Lauren replied graciously.

The blonde took Corey's hand and shook it warmly. "Welcome to Miami!" she gushed. "Been standing here long?"

"About half an hour," Corey bemoaned.

"Really? Okay, we can fix that," Amy stated cheerfully, looping her arms around Lauren's. "Can't have our new executive waiting in line, can we?"

The trio rejoined the blonde's waiting friends and walked past the doormen who, to the couple's amazement, unhooked the stanchion rope without blinking an eye. "Good evening, all."

Corey and Lauren followed the women through the doorway and looked out towards the dance floor. It was a cornucopia of pulsating laser lights, neon blue glowing support posts, and women in glowing gowns dancing on podiums surrounding the floor. Corey had once been to the now defunct Studio 54 in New York City on a business trip back in the 70s, and this seemed to match that energy. Lauren was instantly mesmerized, her legs and hips bouncing to the beat of the very intense EDM. She turned to thank Amy for getting them in, but the blonde and her friends had disappeared into the crowd. Shrugging, Lauren led Corey to the dance floor. She was in her element.

Her husband was not a dancer and did not pretend to be. More at home in a biker bar than here, Corey simply acquiesced to this type of scene because he was acutely aware of how much his wife loved to dance. After a few minutes warming to the environment, Lauren really hit her stride. Tossing her midnight hair from one side to the other, she rolled her bare shoulders and shimmied up against Corey, her breasts touching his chest. She spun away, arms tracing the contour of her body from head to hips, profiling her curves. Corey stood in awe, almost forgetting to dance. To be sure, seeing that tight ass clad in those white jeans twisting and rotating around him was clearly awakening his dick. When Lauren turned her back to him, grinding her hips against his crotch, he thought he was going to explode. Thank God for denim jeans, he thought.

The couple danced alone to several songs until Amy reappeared on the floor with her friends and quickly coaxed Lauren and Corey into their dance circle. They danced for the next two hours, only stopping to quench their thirst. Corey had to sit out several times to catch his breath. He didn't mind. He enjoyed watching these four smoking hot women - not to mention other scantily clad 20-somethings - twerk their way around the dance floor. From time to time, guys would try to waltz into the circle, but most were quickly shut down. Lauren got her share of attention when Corey wasn't out there, and at one point was hip bumping with a nicely dressed young man who had taken a liking to her. Mr. Friendly was a good dancer, and Lauren matched him step for step, allowing him to twirl her about, with the occasional dip. Lauren was clearly only interested in the dancing, rotating her hips and swaying her body to match the rhythm of the music. Corey stood transfixed as the young man waited for her arms to be on the upswing, her hands grasped together, to quickly move in beneath them, pulling her clasped hands down around his neck. Classic move, Corey bemused. Lauren appeared to laugh, and to his surprise, instead of pushing away, pulled the guy in closer. She was feeling the alcohol. Mr. Friendly apparently read that as a green light and moved his hands from her hips to her ass, generously cupping and caressing those exquisite buns. This lasted for several seconds until Lauren's eyes snapped open. She slowly twisted away and out of his arms, smiling, slowly holding up her left ring finger. The wedding ring sparkled in the laser lights. He nodded a disappointed grin, and they danced their way back to the others.

Upon rejoining Amy and friends, Lauren looked for Corey, her eyes finally landing on him holding two drinks on an upper platform. She waved and made her way to his side.

"Enjoying your new friends?" Corey asked, handing her another Long Island Tea.

"I am," Lauren replied out of breath, "they really have a lot of energy!"

"I noticed one of your boyfriends managed to whisk you off your feet."

"You mean Jake? Please, I am probably old enough to legally drink before he was born!"

"Oh, Jake now, is it? Still, you seemed to enjoy his skills," Corey grinned.

"He had good moves, yes," Lauren replied decidedly.

"Like when his hands used your ass as a stress ball?"

"Ah, you saw that, huh?" she said sheepishly.

"Yeah. You shut him down awfully quick."

"You almost seem disappointed," Lauren looked at her husband quizzically.

Corey slipped his arms around her shoulders. "Maybe. Poor boy probably has blue balls now."

Lauren discretely reached down and felt her husband's crotch. He was hard as a nail. She cocked her head sideways, downed her drink, and licked her lips. "Get me another one of these and I'll make sure you don't meet the same fate tonight." Corey Miller could not find a bartender fast enough.


The side door of the minivan opened and Corey swung his legs outward onto the pavement. In overly dramatic form, he held out a hand for Lauren to grab, which helped steady her until she found footing on the street beside him. They bid the taxi driver goodnight, and turned towards the front of the apartment building, walking slowly and surely. Before pulling away, the driver stopped briefly to watch Lauren's ass in the tight white jeans sway gently back and forth as her date fondled and squeezed it. Lucky old guy, getting that younger poon. He had seen enough drunk couples in his line of work and that dude would soon be balls deep in pussy.

To even a casual observer, it was clear the pair was liquored up and having a grand time. They had stayed at the club for another couple drinks and some rather amusing dance moves from Corey. At two a.m. they thought it best to take a cab back to the apartment rather than walk. The pair giggled secretively as they passed the lobby concierge, nodding their heads in acknowledgement to the bespectacled man behind the desk.

Once on the 23rd floor, it took some time for Lauren to find the door fob in her purse, and then promptly dropped it in the hallway. Corey slowly bent his knees, the alcohol making the descent a bit wobbly, causing him to grasp his wife's right leg just below her crotch. His face only inches from her tight, small ass, he slowly sank the remainder of the way to his knees, running his hand down Lauren's leg as he went. Finding the fob at her feet, he made the journey back up the leg with his hand, deliberately taking his time to stand up, and stopping only when his fingers found the camel toe in her jeans. He rubbed them just ever so lightly and inhaled deeply. Good Lord, Corey could swear he smelled her sex. "You drop something?" he asked. Lauren just giggled again, placed the fob near the handle, leaned in and opened the door.

Inside the apartment, Corey took a quick leak, then fetched two beers from the fridge. He found his wife in the living area swaying unsteadily and staring critically at some cowboy and bucking bronco artwork they had hung earlier that week. Corey deftly opened the beers and handed one to Lauren. "That horse is being ridden hard," Lauren proclaimed slowly, doing her best not to slur the words. "And I'm just the cowboy to do the riding," Corey replied. He eased up behind his wife, then whirled her around, careful not to upset her balance, until they came face to face, noses inches apart. Lauren put her arms around his neck, sloshing some beer from her bottle onto his linen shirt. "That'll cost ya," Corey assured his wife.

Having been teased by those tight jeans all night, he could wait no more. Hand in hand, the couple practically skipped to the bedroom, Lauren laughing hysterically. It wasn't until she found herself facing Corey in front of the bed that she slowed things down and looked deeply into his eyes. She loved him dearly; it meant so much to her that he was here tonight. Lauren took their beers and gently set them on the nightstand. Putting her head against his chest, she melted into him. He enveloped her with his arms. It was a feeling neither wanted to end. Finally, Corey lifted her chin, gazed into his bride's eyes, and kissed her with as much passion as on their first date.

It did not take long before they were undressing each other, not in the hurried way of young lovers, but in a deliberate, let's-savor-the-moment of sweethearts who have long known every nook and cranny of each other's bodies. Having dispensed with Lauren's blouse, Corey removed his shirt and gently pushed her onto the bed. He climbed on top, placing one knee between her legs, and looked down to his wife's face. Caressing her upper body, his fingers lightly traveled along her soft arms, up to her face, around the strapless bra, across her firm tummy, then back. As his right hand brushed by her mouth, Lauren lashed out with her tongue and sucked in his thumb. Corey lowered his face to her chest and slowly began peeling back the top of the bra with his teeth, springing loose Lauren's now erect half inch nipples. He sucked one into his mouth and began gently nibbling. Lauren arched her back in response, pressing her denim camel toe into Corey's slacks strategically placed between her legs. She was clearly heating up. After a few minutes of toying with her breasts, Corey leaned over his wife's face and replaced the thumb in her mouth with his tongue. Lauren relinquished his finger and quickly sucked his tongue in deeply, their lips groping each other hungrily. Lauren reached down and began fingering Corey's nipples in kind. He had always been extremely sensitive there and moaned loudly as he felt his cock stiffen and pulsate.

Tearing himself away from her kisses, Corey knelt in front of his wife, mesmerized by the sight of her hips wrapped tightly by those white sexy denim jeans. He undid the top snap and pulled down the zipper, revealing the lace panties beneath. He inhaled deeply and the unmistakable sweet smell of Lauren's sex hit his nose like a nerve gas. Corey deftly slid her pants off and threw them aimlessly to the floor. Knowing what came next, Lauren removed her bra and threw two fluffy pillows behind her, propped up by the bed's headboard. She leaned forward slightly, placed both hands on the back of her husband's head, and pulled him between her legs. The strong odor of her moistened pussy excited Corey to no end. He pushed the thin panties to one side with his tongue and began slowly licking the neatly trimmed bush before him. The outline of her pubic hair seemed to form an arrow pointing down to the ultimate prize. For several minutes, Corey gave his wife a proper lashing, his tongue darting in and out of her pink slit, chin rubbing against her course pubic hairs. Coming up for air, he began to probe her wet hole with his fingers, first one, then two. Lauren's hips began to rotate and roll as she responded to the finger fucking. Copious amounts of fluid began to flow, accompanied by the wet, sloppy sounds of her husband's attacking hand. Corey used the other to spread her labia, finding her clit hard and ready. Continuing to alternate between two and three fingers inside her, Corey began tapping Lauren's clitoris gently. His wife's hips started to buck as the two-handed assault took its toll.

"Jesus, Corey. Eeeeee, ah that feels sooooo gooood!" she moaned loudly.

Lauren had never been very animate in bed, and this was about as vocal as she got. Alternating between the tap-tap-tap of his forefinger on her clit and sucking on her pink button, Corey continued the incursion on his wife's pussy, now three fingers deep and drenched in Lauren's juices.

"Keep...doing...that," Lauren panted. "Oh yes, that's it. Right there. Keep going!"

Without warning, Lauren's entire body began to writhe as an orgasm flowed over her. Grabbing the back of Corey's head with one hand, she forcefully shoved his face between her legs, driving his tongue as deep into her hole as his fingers. Lauren whimpered loudly, stuffing a fist into her mouth to muffle her release. Corey kept his tongue extended, wiggling it up and down as fast as it would go. Lauren's orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds before gently subsiding. Removing a fist from her mouth, she looked down to see Corey's glistening eyes peering up at her from the end of the bed. His face was clearly covered with her juices. Corey chuckled softly, "You know there aren't any kids around to hear us anymore. You don't have to swallow your hand now." Lauren just gave Corey a sultry look, her eyes peeking out from behind those black bangs. "Is the Chairman on duty tonight?" she asked coyly.

A moment of concern flashed across Corey's face, his glazed smile changing to a frown. The vibrator! It was an integral part of their love making now. Where the fuck was the vibrator? Did they leave it back in Des Moines? Correctly interpreting the look of mild panic on his face, Lauren motioned to the bottom section of the chest of drawers sitting parallel to the bed. Corey scrambled comically and began rummaging with determination through the furniture. This caused the still very intoxicated Lauren to giggle again uncontrollably. After a moment, he spun around and grinned, triumphantly raising the large flesh colored vibrating dildo above his head. "Chairman, is that you?" Lauren purred in her sexiest tone, trying to suppress her laughter.

Corey walked back to the bed, discarding his slacks and boxers. The way the mirror was positioned, it provided a reflection of the entire bed. Very kinky, he thought, nice how that worked out. Kneeling before his wife, the vision before him took his breath away. Lauren had removed her panties and her legs were now spread as wide as the 48-year-old could muster, head sunk back into a sea of pillows, and that lovely straight black hair just barely covering each succulent breast. His cock could not have been any harder. He wanted to take her, feel her pussy squeezing his dick, but then realized this would be the last time for a while and he did not want to rush it.

Please...please let the batteries work, Corey begged silently as he turned the bottom of the vibrator to the on position. As he did, the Chairman roared to life, its low hum filling the bedroom with a promise of satisfaction. Using his left hand, he placed the large vibrator against her vulva, slowly moving the head of the device in a circle. When Lauren's breathing began to increase, he knew it was working its magic. After a few minutes of rubber arousal, Lauren needed more. "Talk to me," she pleaded. "Tell me one of your crazy stories." Corey, who was intently suckling her breasts, considered the request. "Mmmm, okay," her husband replied between licks, buying some time. Those stories were usually based on some fact, some scenario they had recently experienced. It had to be somewhat plausible or they'd both laugh too much. A party? A concert? Ah, shit. The evening's booze was really blocking his creativity here. Corey began to search his near-term memory bank, battling the booze; there had to be something. That night's dinner, their strolls around the city, the galleries, it all flashed before him like fuzzy snapshots. He remembered ordering drinks - just the right amount apparently - at the dance club. Lauren's begging him to dance, her swaying sexily with her arms in the air and hips keeping time to the music, mesmerizing both him and even Mr. Friendly with every oscillation. When she got to be dancing, she was one of the hottest women on the floor, bar none. Ah, just a minute. Mr. Friendly. Got it.

Scooting up a bit so he could whisper in her ear, Corey continued to partner with the Chairman, keeping its constant vibrations on Lauren's pussy lips and clit. "Did you have fun going out tonight?" he asked softly into his moaning wife's ear.

"Yes. Very much," Lauren breathed, her lips forming a small smile.

"You looked so beautiful, so sexy".

"I'm glad you thought so".

"I did," Corey confirmed. "And I wasn't the only one, you know."

"What do you mean?"

"You turned many heads tonight, shaking that little ass around on the dance floor."

Lauren burst out laughing, "Sure I did."

Corey applied more pressure to the vibrator rotating on her clit, turning her laugh to a sigh. "Oh my, that feels so good." There was no doubt the Chairman was getting into a groove. He wasn't quite hitting the mark though. Lauren gently took the vibrator from Corey's hand and strategically positioned it over the spot she alone knew. Her free hand moved to her right breast and began to massage the nipple. His left hand now free, Corey wrapped it snugly around his cock and began to slowly masturbate. For the next few minutes, the bedroom grew quiet as only the sounds of heavy breathing and the whirring of the sex toy could be heard.

Lauren finally broke the silence. "They must have been very old men," she surmised.

Corey opened his eyes, momentarily forgetting he had been telling a tale. That had certainly piqued her curiosity. He decided to run with it. "Some were old, but in case you missed it, many young bucks were sneaking a peek as you walked by too."

Lauren grinned. She had noticed. A girl notices those things. "I don't believe you," she replied playfully.

"Really? How about Jake? He seemed enjoy dirty dancing with you."

"We weren't dirty dancing, silly," she corrected him, "just dancing normal like. He was just being nice."

"No, he was clearly attracted to you. Did you see how he groped your ass?"

"We were just having fun," Lauren smiled.

"Clearly," Corey retorted. "You know when we both went to pee before leaving the club? I ran into Mr. Friendly in line. I asked him if he was Jake and told him my wife Lauren thought he was a good dancer."

"What? Why would you do that?" Lauren asked, continuing to rub the vibrator against her pussy. She wasn't sure if this was just part of Corey's vivid imagination or not.

"He went a little pale at first, but I assured him it was all good. I asked if he thought you had a nice ass, the one he felt up. As it turns out, you definitely made an impression on him."

"How do you know that?" Lauren whimpered, raising an eyebrow.

Corey paused, then pressed his mouth next to his wife's ear and whispered, "Because he said he'd do you in a heartbeat!"

Lauren's eyes shut tightly, her face grimacing in silence, head sinking deep into the pillow behind her. Then a low guttural moan escaped from her mouth.

"What...why?" she groaned. "Why would you do that? Why would he say that?

"Apparently your sexy dancing had an effect on him. Said you were put together very well."


Corey pressed on. "Really, and I asked him if he wanted to see just how well."

"Corey, NO you did not," Lauren admonished her husband, albeit very mildly, while the Chairman increased his pace, pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, but I did. I told him he could follow us home and check you out if he wanted."

Lauren was on the edge again now, her left hand plunging the dildo deeper and deeper. The idea of someone other than her husband wanting to see her naked unleashed a very powerful emotion. With her free hand, she yanked Corey's head away from her ear and touched her nose directly to his. Looking him straight in the eyes, Lauren began shaking her head rapidly in disbelief.

"OH my GOD, Corey, noooo you did not! Please tell me you didn't do that".

Corey stared into his wife's eyes. They were on fire. "He was a bright kid. He'd seen your ring and got the idea real fast. I don't think it was the first time a hubby had approached him. He flat out asked me if I wanted him to do you."

Lauren's hips were gyrating uncontrollably now, with most of the Chairman's 10 inches now wholly disappearing inside her with each thrust. The sheets below her were completely saturated as juices flowed freely from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. "What did you tell him?" she demanded, her eyes searching Corey's frantically, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I told him..."

Lauren hung on her husband's every word, gritting her teeth, growling like a wild animal now, her nose inches from his. She was frothing at the mouth. He knew she was close.

"WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM?" she screamed, eyes boring into her husband's, as spittle peppered his face.

"Absolutely," Corey finally replied firmly. "Absolutely, I want you to do my wife. Dude, I want you to fuck her silly."

With that, Lauren's head jerked back onto the pillows behind her, body quivering uncontrollably, eyes glazed and unfocused. When Corey saw his wife's body thrown into such a state of ecstasy, he moved in for the kill. Grabbing the Chairman from her now limp hand, he knelt between her legs and quickly began jack-hammering the dildo in and out of the sopping hole in front of him. He was amazed at how easily the entire 10 inches glided in and out.

"I love you," Corey's wife gasp, groping her breasts and fingering her nipples.

"Not me you're loving right now," Corey countered. "It's Jake, remember? He came home with us, baby, to give you a proper fucking."

Lauren squealed and raised her hips to match Corey's thrusts as he furiously worked the vibrator in and out of his wife's willing pussy.

"Whose fucking you right now?" Corey demanded.


"No. Jake."

"Jake?" Lauren was delirious, writhing in pleasure.

"Yes. Do you feel Jake's BIG cock driving DEEP into your pussy?" Corey asked, frantically working in all of the buzzing torpedo.

"Oh GOD, Yessss" Lauren hissed.

"See him leaning over you, your legs draped over his shoulders, that hot wet hole gaping as he penetrates you with that big cock."

Corey watched with glee as his wife's hips bucked wildly. "Fucking right. He's absolutely going to wreck that pussy".

"Oh, god, oh god, oh god," Lauren screamed, her fingers rubbing her nipples raw.

"Can you see his chiseled body? Put your hands on his hard, solid pecs, kneed his muscles, feel the power of his tight ass as he drives that cock deep into your twat."

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Lauren shouted.

"Grab Jake's ass and pull him deeper. He wants to give you his seed. He's grunting now. He's almost there, baby."

Lauren's eyes began to roll back into her head as she imagined the hot young dancer pounding her. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she repeated with each deep thrust of the vibrator.

"I think he's going to cum, Lauren. He's screaming your name. Tell him what you want him to do!" Corey demanded.

"I want it," Lauren breathed heavily.

"Want what?"

"I want it. I want him to blow in me!" Lauren yelled. "Give me all his love!"

"One...last...push, oh yes! There he goes, my love. Jake's blowing his jizz deep inside you!"

Lauren's entire being flowed over the edge. Her eyes rolled back as she came violently, her hands grasping the pillows behind her head and pulling them to her mouth. "!" the mature wife screamed into the cushions. It was a momentous hip bucking, breasts jiggling, torso shaking orgasm. Corey watched as raw sexual pleasure swept over his wife's body. He was so incredibly pleased that he could help her achieve such happiness.

After regaining her senses, Lauren smiled dreamily at her husband and held out her arms, beckoning him to mount her. It was his turn. Corey smiled back at her eagerly, his 6-inch cock easily sliding into her slick awaiting love canal, having just now been stretched out by an exceptionally large imaginary lover. Even so, once inside, her labia collapse quickly and tightly around his shaft. Corey began to fuck his wife, slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts to match hers, who was still very much in the throes of a most amazing orgasm. Lauren felt the heft of her husband's body on top as he continued his sweaty pounding of her vagina. His penis felt good, but she knew there would be no orgasm from it. Waiting for Corey's release to build, she glanced across the room and at the mirror above the chest that perfectly captured and reflected the entire scene playing out on the bed. She could see her husband driving his meaty hips between her legs, and his flabby belly slapping into her toned abs. Quite the contrast she bemused, but strangely erotic.

Predictably, after a few minutes, Corey realized he couldn't last much longer. Lauren sensed it too. After all these years, she knew exactly what made him blow, and as he leaned his chest over her face to better leverage their missionary position, she raised her head just enough to touch her lips to his nipples. Corey moaned loudly. "Fuck that feels so good," he whispered. Lauren cooed. She wanted him to fill her up with real semen, not something imagined. Lauren alternated her attention to Corey's nipples, sucking on one, fingering the other. The more Lauren suckled his nipples, the greater Corey's urgency to cum became. He could literally feel the hot spunk working its way up from his balls to his cock. Lauren grabbed her husband's buttocks and drove his penis as deep as it would go. After the assault from the vibrator she could barely feel it, but she knew it would get him off. He would not be long now. The pounding continued, illustrated by the sound of his belly slapping into hers. Corey was now as deep as he could go. When he was at the deepest, he suddenly felt the cum shoot through his cock and explode forcefully into his wife's womb. Lauren felt the blast of semen squirt deep inside her and she squeezed her legs tightly around her husband's hips to coax out every drop. Spent, Corey collapsed gently onto Lauren's chest, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

"That was so awesome," Lauren said as she stroked Corey's salt and pepper hair. "You are always so considerate."

"And you are so fucking hot," Corey managed through panting breaths. "I'm just sorry I can't last as long as I used to."

"As long as you can partner with the Chairman like that, you'll have no complaints from me," she said, kissing him.

As their bodies recovered, husband and wife enveloped each other in their arms, shared one final kiss, and gradually drifted off to sleep, both trying desperately to forget this was their final night together for quite some time.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Corey returned to Des Moines the next day to the same old routine. Back to the job site 12 hours a day and he missed his wife tremendously, though they frequently spoke on the phone. Lauren, on the other hand, had to navigate many unfamiliar nuances of her new life. There was the onboarding, learning company procedures, and getting to know the firm's players. She was quickly swept up in the job and spent many hours trying to make a good impression. Between the workload and getting her new life in order, she found little time to enjoy her new surroundings. What time she did have to herself was restricted mostly to exploring the shops and galleries in her immediate neighborhood.

After one particularly exhausting workday, a familiar face appeared in her office doorway. "Remember me?" It was Amy, the coworker who had been instrumental in getting Lauren and her husband pass the doormen at Club X a month earlier.

"Oh, yes, hi Amy!" Lauren replied. "Nice to see you! Thanks again for getting us into that club. I'm not quite sure how you did it, but I'm sure glad you did. Corey and I had a lot of fun."

"Ah, yes. Rekrap Industries has invested a lot, and I mean a lot, in this city. A major investor in that club is one of our biggest clients, Myles, a guy that owns a bazzilion marinas in the southeast. He walks right on in, although usually through the back door."

"And you?"

Amy laughed. "Well, our clients are like family. We take care of them; they take care of us. Tit for tat. We've held enough events there that the doormen open the gate right on up every time for me. Except I have to go in through the front."

"Well, we can't have everything, can we?" Lauren commented. Both women chuckled.

"So, we didn't have time to chat last time. You want to go grab a drink? I heard through the grape vine that your husband had to go back to Iowa. This city can be tough to take on alone."

The office manager thought for a moment, trying to remember the company's fraternization rules.

"I know what you're thinking. It's not fraternization. We work in completely different entities," Amy proclaimed grinning, arms crossed.

Lauren smiled weakly, and against her best judgement, agreed to the drink. They decided on a small outside café down the street. It was the first time Lauren had a good look at the young blonde outside of the dark club. She was simply stunning, with bright sapphire eyes, ample breasts, and a slim, but true hourglass body. Like Lauren, her manner of dress was thoroughly professional, though it appeared there was some underlying sexuality in her mannerisms, causing even her conservative blouse and skirt to seem erotic in and of themselves. Lauren had never been attracted to women in that way, but something about Amy made her want to lean in when she spoke. The youngster had been at the firm four years, hired right out of college as a legal secretary. She was 26, and very cavalier about life; still at that age when her job was just an eight-hour interruption to life. When she wasn't working, she spent most of her time shopping, in nightclubs, or, as Amy put it enthusiastically "finding guys to rearrange her guts". Clearly, Amy was not shy when it came to sex. Towering over Lauren at nearly six-foot, the secretary's golden hair curled down her front and back, nearly to her waist. She had an angelic face that surely had broken several hearts, and a soccer player's body that had undoubtedly rocked many worlds. What stood out to Lauren more than anything, however, were those piercing sapphire eyes that seemed to peer into her soul. More than once the image of a vampire seductress hypnotizing her victim came to mind. I really need to stop watching so much TV.

One drink became three, and to say the women hit it off would be an understatement. They shared their life story, discussed families, and laughed so much they sometimes drew disapproving looks from other patrons. Although Amy was half Lauren's age, it felt like they had known each other all their lives. They began to feel the sort of kinship two girls alone in a big city might have, just trying to survive. The next thing they knew, the waitress was putting stools on the tables and closing the cafe. It was eight o'clock, so they gathered up their things and made plans to meet for dinner the next Saturday night to continue their conversation. Amy headed to the nearby commuter train station and Lauren walked the two blocks back to her apartment. She was smiling. I made my first friend today.


Later that evening Lauren called Corey and the conversation turned to the happy hour with Amy. Her husband was genuinely happy she had made a new friend.

"Maybe the new dog can teach the old dog some new tricks," Corey predicted slyly. He sounded hopeful.

"I wouldn't count on it." Lauren replied, yawning. She had no desire or energy to learn new "tricks".

"Well, you should be able to drink that pup under the table, anyway." Corey commented. For such a petite woman, his wife could put away some booze.

"Something tells me that's not true."

"Who knows? Maybe you'll make some new friends who will want to follow you home."

Lauren's eyes grew wide; she could almost hear her husband leering through the phone.

"Like Jake with the snake," Corey laughed.

"You know you made that whole thing up. It was just a fantasy," his wife scoffed. "It will never happen. Besides, no one really wants to go home with this." She waved her hand over her body.

"Don't sell yourself short. Jake didn't. You are crazy hot and still very desirable."

"I'm not a cougar".

"Didn't say you were. Cougars pursue. MILF's are pursued. If the opportunity came to you, well..."

An uncomfortable silence took hold, prompting Corey to clarify. "What I mean is, you know, you are there, I'm here, I can't satisfy you like I once did, even if I was there, so...should the situation arise, I wouldn't be opposed to sharing you, you know, so you can be...better fulfilled." Did he just say that out loud?

Lauren blinked. "I think we should talk about something else."

"I guess phone sex is out of the question then?" Corey quipped, referencing the old blow job joke. Over the four weeks he'd been gone, he had tried getting her to role-play on the phone. No luck.

"That again, talking dirty on the phone? I hardly think so," Lauren said flatly. I don't even talk like that in bed, she thought.

"Okay, can't blame a guy for trying," Corey replied, disappointed. That did not escape Lauren.

"I love you," she reiterated, thinking about what her husband had just said. After a brief pause, she asked, "Why would you want to share me anyway? Aren't those silly fantasies enough? I don't want anyone but you. You should know that. We've been together a long time."

"Sometimes we want and need things we do not know. I struggle with...stamina. The Chairman is fun, sure, but can't replace skin on skin. I love you too and want you in my life forever, but I am also concerned with eventually losing you to someone who can scratch the itch I no longer can. There are success stories where a wife stepping out actually enhances a marriage's sex life."

"Or damages one," Lauren countered.

"Haven't you ever fantasized about another lover when alone?"

Lauren became quiet. "No," she whispered. That was a lie. There had been the occasional rock star in her head during those alone times. "Well, a couple times." Lauren admitted, biting her lower lip.

Corey felt a twinge in his groin. He imagined his wife on top of a lanky tattooed rocker, riding him to orgasm. It felt good, but...dark.

"Figured. So, if you see any hot musicians on the prowl in Miami, you have my permission to party with them," Corey joked.

"I'll be sure to do that," Lauren giggled. He always had a way of making her laugh, even when he was talking nonsense. It was clear she wasn't taking any of this seriously.

After exchanging "I love you, miss you", the couple hung up and each climbed in their own bed some 1,500 miles apart.


Lauren's slumber came quickly. Corey's did not. His mind wandered back to their conversation. He had practically given her a hall pass, although he was sure she thought he was kidding. It was the first time he had brought up the topic of another lover outside their bedroom. Where did that come from? It's true since he'd left her in Miami, the images of that guy groping her on the dance floor and those men sneaking peaks at her trying on clothes had fueled countless fantasies as he lay alone in bed at night.

But why bring the subject of wife sharing up now, while he was stuck a thousand miles away? Part of him did feel that it would be best to let her dip her toes in the ocean, as long as she was transparent and above board. If he knew about it, Corey felt he could deal with it, since technically it wouldn't be "cheating".

Maybe it was because he felt strongly it was time to let her explore her sexuality. At 48, she had many years left to enjoy sex to the fullest. This was something he could no longer help her do. And it was unlikely to get better as he aged. His doctors refused to prescribe pills to help the situation because they would not mix well with his current medication. And maybe, more disconcerting yet, apart from her own personal happiness, there were those darker thoughts taking on a life of their own as he whittled away the hours in Iowa. Thoughts that were fostering a desire to see his wife in the arms of another, beyond those drunken fantasies they shared while nestled safely in their marital bed.

How would he feel watching or knowing someone else was making love to his wife? Corey wasn't sure. He had seen the hotwife and cuckold porn on the internet. He knew his kink fit somewhere between the two labels. Everyone seemed to have their own definition of them. Opinions ranged from acceptance and titillation, to disgust and outrage. It amused him to see comments leaning towards the latter when it was so obvious those same commentators kept coming back for more, expressing loathing over and over again for the same genre. Very funny. If you don't like a particular sport, why keep going to the arena? Anyway, whatever term fit, Corey knew he had no sexual attraction to guys and would not care at all for some of the other activities commonly associated with cuckolding. No, this was truly more about sharing Lauren, watching her interact sexually with another, locked in a tight embrace, experiencing the most intimate of all human moments, and ultimately achieving the best orgasm she could. Corey certainly could not provide that any longer, and the damn vibrator was a poor substitute for a real cock. And yes, selfishly, there was no denying these thoughts were extremely erotic to him.

He sighed. It was all academic anyway. Lauren wasn't like those women in the porn videos. Besides the use of the Chairman and the trashy tales, sex between them had always been rather vanilla. There was no way she would ever agree to a third person in their sex life. Corey rolled onto his side and stared at their wedding picture perched atop the nightstand. Did he really want to think of Lauren in that way? Torn between his brain and his cock, when the latter began to twitch and grow, he knew he had his answer.


Lauren woke early Saturday morning, cleaned her apartment, then went grocery shopping. She picked up a bottle of wine for her and Amy to enjoy before going to dinner, and decided to check out her community pool. Selecting a shimmering pale blue one-piece, she slipped on a cotton cover-up, grabbed her beach bag and headed to the elevator.

The pool was located on the high-rise's top floor, providing sweeping vistas of the downtown area to the west, and ocean to the east. It was already packed, mostly with families. High school boys roughhoused in the shallow end, while several young women dangled their feet in the deeper part, chatting away. A group of college boys sat in chairs along the outer area of the pool deck, near a retaining wall, trying to look cool. Lauren saw some available chaise lounges on the far side and headed towards them. She nodded in recognition to a few neighbors she had met over the last couple months. There was the couple on her floor who seemed to argue a lot. And the guy who she had seen enter the building's garage in an expensive sports car during her power walks. Middle aged, fit, wearing bright yellow trunks. He raised his plastic water bottle to her as she walked by. She was not familiar enough with any of them to know their names.

As she walked, Lauren could feel eyes upon her. Side vision caught two of the college boys looking in her direction, elbowing each other, trying to be discrete. At first, Lauren did not think they were checking her out, instead believing one of the pretty, chatty girls must be walking close by. But that notion was soon dispelled when, after placing her bag on the table next to a lounge chair, she looked back towards the wall and saw the boys staring straight at her. No mistaking that. Lauren at first felt offended at being ogled, but at the same time, a bit of staring can do wonders for one's ego. She turned her back to them and smiled. Whatever "it" was, she guessed she still had enough of it to turn some heads, even from the age group that would jump on anything that had a vagina.

Lauren covered the lounge with a beach towel, bending over in the process. As she did, a faint "sah-weet" came from the direction of her admirers. This cat call caused her to pause and consider leaving, not having anticipated this type of attention while trying to get a little sun. In fact, at her age, she didn't expect any attention at all. But then, she had just as much right to be at the pool as these boys - if not more - and she was damned if a couple immature fraternity brothers were going to run her off. Settling into the lounge, Lauren adjusted her swimsuit, ensuring appropriate coverage. A quick lathering of sunscreen to protect her against the Florida sun, and she laid back to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

With eyes closed, Lauren's thoughts wandered. She thought of Corey back in Des Moines, working long hours at his job. Poor guy. Not an overly exciting existence. Not even much time for the few friends they had there. It had been nearly two months now and she missed him terribly. The lack of intimacy was driving her crazy. The cuddling kind, not so much sexual, although Lauren readily admitted, she had thoroughly enjoyed the last night Corey was here. She had orgasmed two or three times that night between the Chairman and that hot story about her young dance partner.

Corey's silly stories! Where did he come up with them? Role play, threesomes with men; sometimes even with women! Whatever the source of his imagination, his tales always helped get her off, so it would be hypocritical to complain. And Corey seemed to enjoy the stories too. He was always at his hardest when they revolved around him sharing her with another man. Lauren subconsciously readjusted the swimsuit's Lycra material around her privates. Doing so caused an ever-so-tiny gap between her thighs and the suit, allowing a wisp of fresh air to flow over her vulva. The sudden change in air temperature there revealed a bit of dampness and caused her to gasp imperceptibly. Lauren felt conflicted. Did she find that exciting, being with another man? Maybe a little. She wasn't dead. But she was married. Very married. Why then did she get so worked up over the idea? As Lauren felt the padding in her swimsuit's crotch getting wetter, she alternately lifted and bent her legs, one at a time, as if riding a bicycle, hoping to invite some cooler air under her suit to cool off her ever-warming nether regions.

And what of the phone conversation they had earlier in the week? Not once had Corey ever mentioned those fantasies outside their bedroom. Why now? Did he really give his okay for her to sleep with someone else? Was he no longer content to keep that as just a fantasy? Then there was the phone sex he kept trying to initiate. Lauren knew this was something fairly common. Friends had successfully pulled this off with their husbands or boyfriends during business trips. But no way could she bring herself to talk dirty like that. It seemed so...depraved.

At that very moment something hard, cold and wet landed on her feet. Snapping her legs shut and eyes open, Lauren looked down and saw a small foam volleyball had landed on the edge of the chaise.

"Sorry about that!" It was one of the frat guys who had been ogling her earlier. "I'm Tommy, by the way," he said, squatting down to pick up the water toy as water cascaded off his mane of brown hair.

"That's okay," Lauren replied casually, not caring to provide her name. She could not help notice how nicely toned his body was. A swimmer at college? Maybe a rower? That would explain his slim waist but powerful chest and arms.

The young man stole glances at the mature beauty laying before him. Black hair, sleek, curvy hips and small, firm tits. What a stone-cold fox! He had to try.

"You want to join us for a game?" Tommy asked, jerking a thumb towards the pool, where two of his buddies looked to him expectantly, hoping to get their game ball back.

"Thanks, but I'm just out here for a bit of sun, then I have to go," Lauren said, slightly amused at the thought of her playing water polo with these young men.

"Sure, suit yourself," he said, turning towards his friends. After a couple steps, Tommy turned back to Lauren. "Hey, we are going to be down at the bar and grill across the street later this afternoon to celebrate my 21st. You should stop by and have some drinks with us," he offered, looking hopeful.

Lauren stared back. Was he flirting with her? "I, uh, have plans. But thank you for the offer." It was all she could get out.

"How about later tonight or tomorrow?"

This guy is nothing if not persistent. While thinking of a polite out, she heard another, deeper voice coming from behind her.

"I thought we were going to the movies tonight?" the voice asked. Shading her eyes with one hand and squinting to see who the voice belonged to, the outline of another figure appeared, towering above her.

"Sorry, are you talking to me?" Lauren asked, trying desperately to get her eyes to adjust.

Seeing she was having difficulty with the blinding light, the newcomer positioned his large frame in front of the sun, helping her eyes to lock on the man standing directly in front of her. Yellow trunks. It was the guy with the Bastion sports car.

"Aren't we going to the movies tonight?" he repeated, winking at Lauren and subtly nodding towards Tommy.

"Yeessss," Lauren replied slowly, catching on. "That's right, sorry, that's what my plans were," she said apologetically to her would-be suitor.

The young man smiled slyly at the older one, then turned and tossed the ball back to his friends. "Maybe some other time then," he said, walking back to the pool.

Lauren looked back at the gentleman who had appeared so suddenly, a bit of concern on her face. Sensing her apprehension, he smiled his warmest smile and introduced himself. "I apologize. What am I thinking? You don't know who I am. How creepy this must be for you. I'm Jack. I live on the 31st floor."

Something about the guy's mannerisms put her at ease, so much so she decided now to offer her name. "I'm Lauren. I see what you did there. Thank you."

"I saw your friend watching you the minute you walked through the pool gate," Jack offered, "so I figured it would just be a matter of time. He used one of the oldest tricks in the books, didn't he? Not my style."

Lauren laughed. "And your style is?"

"Riding up on my trusty steed and playing knight in shining armor, of course," he quipped.

"Does it work?"

"You tell me."

Lauren blushed. This was not at all what she had anticipated when she decided to get some sun. After a couple awkward moments, she continued the conversation. "So...31, huh? Isn't that where the penthouses start?"

"That's right," Jack confirmed, taking a sip of water.

"Fancy," Lauren smiled.

"It serves its purpose."

"Nice car, too. Do you drive it often?"

Jack smiled back and explained, "I work from my home office most of the time, so not much, but it is fun to drive. When I do need to go to the office, I usually just catch a ride. Besides, this wonderful neighborhood, it has two grocery stores, great food and drink, galleries. Everything within walking distance."

Jack seized the opportunity to sit down on the lounge next to his neighbor's. From behind his dark sunglasses, he gazed at the woman lying in the shimmering blue one-piece before him. Compact, petite body, toned legs, great abs, not in her 50s like him, probably early to mid-thirties. Nice package.

"Maybe you'd like to go for a ride sometime? In the Bastion, I mean."

Lauren blushed again and gently deflected. "Your offer is very flattering. It's a beautiful machine and all, but I don't think my husband would much care for me cruising around with another man in such an expensive car."

"I get it," Jack laughed. "Will your husband be coming to the pool soon? I'd like to meet him."

"Unfortunately, no. We are moving down from Des Moines, and he stayed to finish some business. We're in transition right now. I'm sure he'll be coming down to visit soon. I can introduce you then."

"Perfect," Jack said, watching the now rather loud game of water polo in the pool. "Well, it was genuinely nice to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Lauren."

"You as well."

Jack made the long walk back to where his towel was laid out. Lauren leaned into the chaise and shook her head. What was with Miami? First, a stranger gropes her butt in a bar, then college boys with raging hormones ogle her, one of them trying to pick her up. And now some rich guy flirting with her. She hadn't seen that much attention aside from Corey in two decades. Admittedly, it made her feel good, since she didn't get much in the way of validation these days. And if Lauren was completely honest with herself, the attention was starting to make her feel a bit horny. A surprise, since it had been a very long time since she felt aroused in the absence of her husband. This felt peculiarly exciting.


Lauren and Amy could not have had a better time at dinner where they resumed their conversation. So much so that it turned into regular weekend outings to sample different restaurants and bars. As their friendship grew, the two seemed to tolerate well their obvious differences. Amy was in all her youthful glory and had an exuberant personality which just oozed sexuality. Lauren was more demure, content to have already sowed her wild oats years ago. Amy tended to dress provocatively, clearly advertising her assets, which prompted endless invitations to dance. Lauren dressed conservatively, happily playing the married "wing-man", satisfied to either dance with Amy alone or guard a coveted table. That is not to say Lauren was ignored. On the contrary, she could have filled her dance card plenty of times, but always chose to gracefully decline.

This latter behavior frustrated Amy a bit. As much as she liked her new friend, she had to shake her head when Lauren begged off offers from men to dance. She wanted her to loosen up and enjoy herself. "Dancing with a guy doesn't mean you have to fuck him," Amy had told Lauren in her straightforward, no filter manner. She didn't push too hard though, wanting to respect her friend's boundaries. Lauren realized Amy was just trying to be helpful, but she felt guilty enough as it was, going out and exploring new places while Corey was sitting at home alone watching TV.


Lauren and Corey continued to talk on the phone every day. It had now been eight weeks since he had left, and their desire to be together was excruciating. Knowing there was to be a lull in his construction project over the upcoming Labor Day weekend, they made plans for him to fly down so they could spend the three days together. He wanted the visit to be special, so they browsed Miami's upcoming events for festivals or concerts to coincide with his stay.

Lauren mentioned there was a pub crawl that weekend, complete with street vendors and stages promoting local musicians. Both agreed that would be a perfect way to reconnect, and as a bonus, it was within walking distance from the apartment. Corey booked his flight immediately, and Lauren purchased two tickets to the Saturday event. Neither could wipe the smiles off their faces. It was clear they were both very much looking forward to seeing each other.

Lauren decided to update her wardrobe with a Miami flare, with a specific emphasis on finding something fetching to wear on the pub crawl. She knew Corey was forever encouraging her to show off her body, which Lauren usually dismissed as part of his silly kinks. This time, however, she really wanted to show him her appreciation for working long hours and being stuck in dreary Iowa. If dressing a little risqué would make him happy - and perhaps buy five more minutes of his hard penis inside her - so much the better. Unfortunately, Lauren had not been in the "slut wear" department for a very long time. She only remembered Corey having a penchant for thigh high stockings and stiletto heels, but beyond that, she needed help. And she knew exactly who to ask.


That week, Lauren and Amy spent their lunch hours browsing the area apparel stores. Bright and colorful clothing seemed to be the trend in Miami. After finding some cute pedal pushers and maxi dresses, she started drifting into the more daring sections of the stores, much to Amy's delight. Nothing, however, appealed to Lauren's sensibilities. Then, on the day before Corey was to arrive, the women took a short cut through a small street on their way back to work. There, nestled between a smoke shop and a shoeshine stand, was a small clothing boutique with darkly tinted windows. Intrigued, Amy and Lauren pressed their faces to the windows, shielding their eyes from the sunlight to catch a glimpse inside. The two friends looked at each other.

"You been here?" Lauren asked Amy. Silently shaking her head, the younger woman grabbed Lauren's hand and pulled her through the entrance. Their nostrils were greeted by an intense incense, reminding Lauren of the head shops she used to visit in the 1970s. The merchandise was primarily leather in nature. Skirts, tops, pants, and purses in all colors lined the walls, with several rows of clothing also displayed on 4-way fixtures throughout the tiny shop. After rummaging through most of the offerings, Amy stopped and removed a black lambskin leather miniskirt from a fixture. It had a delicate shimmer to it, with a snap in the back and gold zipper running down the entire side of the skirt.

"You would look fantastic in this!" Amy bubbled.

Lauren held it to her waist. It was clearly made for women with tiny hips and great-looking legs. On her, the bottom fell somewhere mid-calf.

"Uh, I don't think so, Amy," Lauren protested. "My legs aren't 26 anymore."

"Just try it on, please?" Amy begged, batting her eyes at her friend. "Trust me on this."

Lauren looked at Amy appreciatively, knowing she was only trying to help, then sauntered over to the dressing room, which was not more than a doorless area of the store with a curtain strung across it. Lauren shrugged off her work dress and wiggled into the tight skirt. She snapped it into place. The gold-plated side zipper extended from just below the waist band to the bottom of the skirt, allowing for one to show as much or little thigh as desired. Lauren lowered the zipper, closing it completely. The skirt was taut from hip to hip, and the back curved around the bump of her buttocks. In other words, it was a perfect fit. Much sexier than Lauren was used to, but it did look good on her toned body. Unfortunately, her legs, toned as they were, still presented a problem.

"Amy, I..." Lauren started, and then stopped abruptly as Amy burst through the curtain as if on cue. She was now standing nearly naked in a room with her coworker. Lauren joked nervously that while the skirt fit well, it simply would not go with the lovely blue shade of her legs' veins. Amy considered this for a moment, then disappeared into the main area of the shop. Lauren continued looking in the dressing room's mirror, rotating, admiring how the skirt showed off her curves, especially her small round behind. It fit like a glove. Lauren compared it to some of the short leather skirts she had seen hookers wear in the movies. Corey would certainly take notice of her in this. I bet Jack would even extend another offer to ride in his snazzy sports car, she chuckled to herself. Lauren shook her head. "I'm almost fifty. I have no business wearing this," she said aloud. Just as she was talking herself out of the skirt, Amy came rushing back in with several other articles of clothing and a box of shoes.

"I don't think this is my speed," Lauren continued her protest. Amy gave her friend the once over.

"Nonsense, you look super-hot in leather. You just need to accessorize!"

Amy guided Lauren to a small stool in the corner of the room and sat her down. The younger woman pulled her own skirt up slightly, allowing her to kneel in front of her friend. Gently lifting Lauren's left leg, she took a pair of black nylons from a package and slowly threaded the left foot into the opening and proceeded to unroll it the length of the leg. It was a very sexy thigh high with a black lace top. Lauren recoiled slightly as Amy's hands pulled the nylon top high on her thigh, snapping it into place. Amy let her fingers linger for a few moments, causing the older woman to raise an eyebrow. Was Amy looking at her skirt, or up her skirt? Continuing with the second stocking, Amy pulled it up and onto the right leg. Finished, she held up another prize found on her scavenger hunt. It was a tiny gunmetal mesh crop top, which was sure to show off Lauren's tight abs.

"You wear this outfit and Corey will jump your bones on the spot. I guarantee it."

Eying the top warily, Lauren stammered, "I...I don't know, Amy. I mean, you can see right through it."

Amy sighed. "You wear a bralette underneath, dummy. C'mon, you said you wanted to make a statement. I can assure you; this makes a statement."

"I think the statement is I'm a hooker."

"So the fuck what? You'll be Corey's concubine for a night, big deal. Men eat that shit up," Amy said assuredly. "Believe me, every single one of them wants an angel in church and a whore in bed."

Before Lauren could react, Amy was beside her, pulling the top over her head and smoothing it down around her friend's arms and breasts. The small lattice work of the mesh was truly transparent. From behind Lauren, Amy laid her chin on a shoulder, and placed warm hands on her friend's tummy. Lauren could feel Amy's hot breath on her cheek.

"And if Corey doesn't buy what you're selling, maybe I will," Amy whispered in her ear, lightly tracing her forefingers across Lauren's bare, well-defined abdominal muscles. Lauren felt heat build between her legs. Facing the mirror together, their eyes locked on each other's reflection for what seemed an eternity. Amy continued to caress Lauren's exposed skin. She swore Amy's piercing sapphire eyes were able to see into her very soul. Why was she getting wet? It was one of the most surreal moments Lauren had ever experienced.

Amy finally broke the silence. "And the piece de resistance," she proclaimed, twisting away and dramatically pulling a pair of three-inch black leather corset heels out of the shoe box. They resembled a traditional body corset and similarly laced up the front of the foot and tied high above the ankle. The heels themselves were a bit blockier than stilettos, but still had the same sex appeal. After all, one had to still be able to dance in them. Gently slipping them onto Lauren's feet, she proceeded to lace up and tie them off.

"There," Amy grinned, helping Lauren rise to her feet. "You said Corey had a thing for stockings and heels, right? This will knock his socks off!"

Lauren looked at herself in the mirror. Her friend wasn't wrong; Corey would salivate. She looked many years younger, with jet-black hair falling over her small breasts swaying loosely under the sheer metallic mesh crop top, black leather skirt hugging curvy hips, skintight thigh highs, finished off with goth-like corset heels. This outfit was pure danger.

"Well, what do you think? Will he like it?"

Still reeling from the moment - was it a moment? - the two had just shared, Lauren replied slowly, "I, um, yes, I think he will love this. I suppose I can be his whore for one night. Give his kinks some life." Her eyes shut. Did she just say that out loud?

"That's the spirit!" Amy roared. "We'll break you out of that shell yet. Now c'mon, we have to get back to work."

Lauren changed back into her work dress and paid for the clothing. Pleased with the purchases, the two friends hurried happily down the street towards their firm's office building. It was a happiness that was not to last.


"Damn it, Corey," Lauren cried into the phone that evening. "Can't you get someone else to do it?"

Corey knew his wife would be upset; it was better to remain silent and listen to her vent. He had learned earlier in the day that HVAC work on the medical center was being moved up to the holiday weekend. The huge chillers had to be flown over the building for installation and the large Huey helicopter would only be available that Sunday. He would have to stay in town.

"I'm really sorry. I have no choice," Corey lamented.

Lauren sat back on the couch in her apartment and sighed. She was used to him working crazy hours. "I understand, it's just that it's been two months, Corey! Two months! I need you here with me!"

"I need you too. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"I know, but now I'm stuck with a hundred dollars in non-refundable pub crawl tickets."

"Yeah, I was really looking forward to that too. Can you sell them?"

"It's in two days. I doubt it. And I'm not going to stand on a street corner like some scalper."

Corey thought for a moment. "How about taking Amy? I'm thinking a pub crawl is right up her alley."

Lauren closed her eyes in defeat. She really had wanted this to be her and Corey's big night out, alone. The couple sat silently for a couple minutes, commiserating telepathically.

Finally, Lauren opened her eyes. "I suppose I can ask her to go with me. It sure would be a waste of money otherwise." Eyes watering a bit, she added, "And I had even bought a new outfit for the crawl."

"You did?" Corey asked curiously. "Can I see it?"

"I don't know, it was a surprise and all," Lauren said, sighing heavily. "Should probably wait until you're here."


She paused. "Give me a second."

A few minutes passed and Corey's phone lit up with a photo message. Lauren was wearing the outfit she purchased that day, obviously taken using the mini tripod he had given to her as a birthday present. Hands on hips and one leg bent in a model's pose. Corey's eyes widened when he saw her. Another photo arrived, and then another. Lauren was showing off from all angles, the front, sides, and rear. A royal purple bralette clearly showed through the gunmetal black mesh top, and much of her mid-section was exposed. And the black leather skirt, and those stockings and heels! She reminded him of some porn stars he had beaten off to over the years. The last photo arrived showing his wife with one foot on the bed, bending over to adjust the corset heels.

"Fuck me," Corey exclaimed aloud. He quickly called Lauren back.

"Like what you see?" she answered the phone playfully.

"Who are you and what did you do with my wife?"

Lauren giggled.

"You look like a goddess," Corey exclaimed.

"You mean like a hooker."

"No, but very erotic just the same. You are so hot. Can you send more pictures?"

"Down tiger. These go back in the closet until you are here."

Corey grew silent, then spoke. "No don't. You should still wear them to the pub crawl."

"What? Hell no, Corey!" Lauren fired back into the phone. "Why would you want me to do that?"

An eerie silence fell over the two. Slowly, Lauren had an epiphany. Guardedly, she asked, "It's because you want men to look at me wearing that, isn't it?"

Corey stared into his lap, his cock twitching.

Lauren's eyes narrowed and her voice turned dark. "It's part of your weird fantasy, isn't it? The only reason you'd want me to go out wearing those clothes without you is so I'd get hit on. Am I right?"

"Lauren, I just want you to be happy."

"Oh, so it's all about me huh? It's not like you wouldn't get off thinking of your wife being ogled in bars."

Her husband said nothing.

"I know the depths of your soul, remember? Hello? It's me! I've listened to all those stories. I'm right, aren't I?" Lauren demanded.

"Maybe a little," her husband croaked. He knew she was getting upset, but the conversation was so arousing.

"Uh huh. I thought so. And I bet you wouldn't want them to stop there, would you? No, you'd really get off if I danced with them, allowed them to put their hands on me. Am I right?"


Lauren was clearly miffed. "Maybe you could jerk off thinking of me making out with them in some dirty alleyway, too!"

Corey could no longer mask the flood of emotions flowing through him as he listened to his wife talk this way. "YES! Lauren, I'm sorry, but yes."

The two sat in silence for what seemed an eternity.

Finally, Lauren spoke. "Okay, I'll do it," she said flatly.

Corey coughed. "Uh, you mean take Amy to the crawl with you?"

"Yes, and I'll wear the outfit. The one I bought. Only I won't be wearing it for you, I'll be wearing it for other men."

Corey suddenly felt a pang of jealousy instantly mix with his excitement. His dick was fully erect now. He gasped audibly.

"You seem to like that idea, don't you?" Lauren asked sarcastically, not knowing if she loved or hated her husband at that exact moment.

"I just want you to be happy. To be satisfied. That's all I ever want."

"You have a strange way of showing it."

Having had enough of that particular conversation, Lauren ended the call without saying goodbye and sank back into the couch. She wanted more than anything to make her husband happy, to meet his emotional needs, but she didn't understand this fetish which he seemed to be taking to new heights. Lauren was horny too, but she wanted that itch to be scratched by Corey. Well, and The Chairman. Her head spinning, she dialed Amy's number and asked her to the pub crawl. Amy felt sorry for her friend, knowing how much she was looking forward to going with her husband.

"I'll go with you on one condition," the younger woman said. "That you get up off your ass and dance. And not just with me. You don't have to go home with anyone, but you need to live a little, and hopefully I'll be busy with some cute stud of my own."

Lauren thought for a few moments, remembering the conversation with Corey. Jeez, did everyone want to see her with another man? She smiled. "Yeah, I'll dance myself right out of my shoes."

"That a girl. See you Saturday."


Corey stared at his phone after the call disconnected. She hung up on him. That was not a good sign. He may have taken things too far. Why couldn't he just leave well enough alone? Corey flipped back through her text messages. Those photos were beyond hot. Lauren was a spectacular piece of ass. There was no doubt she would be hit on wearing those clothes. He had stolen her away from all those college cocksmen years ago, did he really want to give her back now? His thoughts were in disarray, but his dick grew rigid as he looked through the photos again. Aroused, he began masturbating to his wife adorned in the courtesan clothing, as images of men leering at her began to play in his mind. It was not long before he spilled his seed into a waiting tissue.


Amy arrived a little after nine on the night of the pub crawl. Lauren was still in her robe but marveled at how beautiful her friend appeared. A simple pink long sleeve mini-dress accented Amy's 34-C breasts perfectly, providing plenty of side-boob glimpses. The dress reached to just below her buttocks - there was no hint of panty lines - and the look was finished off by matching two-inch open toed heels. Lauren popped open the wine she had bought earlier. "You look beautiful, Amy," she said, offering her friend one of the wine glasses. "Just give me a moment to get dressed."

Lauren closed her bedroom door and looked to the ottoman where two potential outfits lay. A modest blue high neck dress, and a denim skirt with a simple cotton blouse. Standard Lauren wear. Her eyes fell on a familiar bag in the corner of the room. It was the clothing from the boutique. She thought about Corey. They had not spoken since she had hung up on him. Lauren felt really bad about that. Here he was working over the weekend and she was getting ready to go clubbing. Her heart began to soften. So what if he had a little kink that kept him going in that big house all alone? Was that really so bad? Was there really any harm in wearing this outfit and teasing him like he wanted? It wasn't like she was planning to cheat. And who knows, it might even be a bit of naughty fun for her. Seemed everyone these days were getting cheap thrills somehow, why not her? Lord knows she had seen evidence in the last couple months that she still had game. Maybe it was time to start enjoying that attention. Corey certainly did not seem to mind. And she could fan the flames by sending him pictures during the evening. It could be fun!

Lauren walked over to her purse and fished out her phone. She pressed Corey's name in the contacts and put the device to her ear.

"Hi," Corey answered cautiously.

"Hi," Lauren replied softly. "I'm getting ready to go on the pub crawl and I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry for hanging up on you the other night."

"Um. That's okay," Corey conceded, "I guess I need to dial things back on my end. I'm sorry too."

"You should never dial back your feelings," Lauren asserted. "I don't want you to do that. I love you no matter what."

"I love you too. Sometimes I come on a bit strong. I think this isolation is affecting me. I hope you have a good time tonight. It should be fun with Amy."

"Yes, it should be. I miss you not being here. Look for pics of the bands and...other stuff." Lauren looked over at the leather skirt and heels on the bed. Taking a deep breath, she added, "I'll be wearing the outfit you like."

Corey felt his pulse quicken. "You don't have to do that if you're not comfortable. I was talking stupid."

"I don't think you think that for one minute. You know exactly what you are asking for."

"You got angry, though."

"I'm over that. I can take care of myself."

"I know."

Lauren thought for a moment. "Let me ask you: did you get worked up seeing me in those clothes the other night?"

"You know I did. How could I not?"

"So, you know other men may have the same reaction, right?"


"And you are okay with that?"


Lauren could tell his excitement was welling and decided to ratchet things up. "You know, you'll need to live with whatever happens as a result of me parading around in this...this costume. Some of those men may be very good looking, Corey...and very persuasive." She suppressed a chuckle, wanting him to think she was serious. At this point she was simply playing a game. His game.

A moment later, Corey managed to speak. "I want you to be happy, and if that makes you happy, then I just ask that you be transparent with me."

"You know I will," Lauren replied tenderly. "Corey?"


"Be honest with me. Is it all about my happiness, or do you get a kick out of this too?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

The word "too" didn't escape him. He smiled. His cock hardened. "You go have fun and live a little, okay?"

"I will try," Lauren assured him. "I certainly will try."


Twenty minutes later Lauren emerged from the bedroom. Amy nearly dropped the wine bottle she was holding, astonished to see her friend wearing the risqué clothing they had picked out earlier in the week. Her eyes drifted from the corset-style high heels, up Lauren's well-defined legs in the tight, sheer, dark thigh high stockings, attached to small curvy hips wrapped by the taut black leather skirt. Lauren had thrown on a frilly lace purple bralette under the gun-metal mesh crop top and topped it off with a silver metal choker.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Amy exclaimed. "You're going to wear that tonight? Without Corey on your arm?"

"Yes," Lauren answered, matter-of-factly, pouring herself a glass of wine. "Corey insisted I wear it since I had already bought it for the crawl."

"Uh, yeah, but has he actually fucking seen it?"

"Yep. Sent him a whole bunch of pictures with me posing."

Amy downed her drink in one swallow. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"As a heart attack," Lauren answered, beaming a wide smile back at her friend.

The younger woman poured herself another glass of wine. "Whatever. He must have a screw loose."

Lauren coughed and looked down at the floor. You have no idea.

"Well, I have to say, you look absolutely off the chain," Amy said convincingly as the two women took their wine to the couch.

After some small talk, Amy looked her friend in the eyes. "I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Most guys, especially husbands, would not want their woman wearing that outfit on the town without them. Seriously, it's like throwing the lamb into the lion's den. What gives?"

Lauren looked down at the carpet again in silence, sipping her wine. The only noise was Amy tapping her wine glass.

"It has something to do with his kinks, doesn't it?

Lauren choked on the wine she was swirling in her mouth. She swallowed hard. "Um...what kinks would those be?"

"You mentioned at the boutique you could be his whore for a night and give his kinks some life," Amy reminded her.

"I did?"

"Yeah, you did," Amy tilted her head gently. "Look, I don't want to pry where you don't want me to, but you've become my best friend and I want to help where I can. If it's something you don't want to share, that's okay too, but you have to admit it would raise anyone's curiosity."

Lauren looked gratefully at Amy, smiled, and took her hand. "You're my best friend too." After swallowing the last bit of wine in her glass, she continued.

"I don't expect you to relate to this at 26, but older couples sometimes need help during intimate moments to..."

"Cum," Amy finished for her.

Lauren nodded. "So, when we make love, Corey helps get me there by making up pretty tall tales. Some of them are out there."

Amy grinned. "This is getting good."

Lauren tensed up. "Yeah, I've said too much already."

"Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood. Please go on. Just how out there?"

Lauren poured another glass of wine and took a deep breath. "You know, threesomes, stuff like that."

"That's it? Just threesomes? He needs to sharpen his imagination. With guys or girls?"

Lauren looked at Amy. "Both."

"Uh huh. And this helps you guys get off? Do you like these imaginary lovers too, or is it just Corey getting his jollies?"

Lauren took a drink, then smirked into her glass.

Amy laughed. "I see. There's a lot more to you than meets the eye. So, I get the whole fantasy angle. What's with him wanting you to go out dressed like that?"

Lauren sighed, took yet another sip, and went on to explain how, since Corey had left, he'd been taking the talk to a new level, where he had actually given her permission to have sex with someone else.

"No shit?" Amy said, raising an eyebrow. It was more a comment than a question. "So, are you?"

Laughing, Lauren threw her head against the couch. "I'm not that much into it."

"But the clothes..."

Lauren shrugged, "Look, he's sitting there in Des Moines working his ass off and streaming movies to watch alone at night. I'm here in Miami, going out to dinner with you, hitting bars every now and then. If this gives him a thrill, fine. I'll play his game."

Amy cocked her head to the other side. "And you?"

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt my ego if someone notices me, either. Cheap thrill and all that."

"Oh, don't worry, plenty of guys will notice. Women too. You are going to be a royal cock tease." Amy took a drink, then asked, "Do you think your husband wants to be a cuckold?"

"What's a cuckold?" Lauren's eyes narrowed. She'd never heard the term.

Amy grabbed her phone and did a quick online search. She leaned in close to her friend and recited the definition that came up. "A man who knows his wife is being unfaithful, and either encourages it or tolerates it, and finds sexual gratification in knowing. Many times accompanied by humiliation, scorn from the wife, and bisexual tendencies towards her lover."

"Oh no way, that's definitely not Corey," Lauren retorted. "He's definitely not gay and I would never humiliate him. His stories never go there. Plus, they're only fantasies, we've never done even the regular threesome stuff."

"Interesting," Amy said nodding her head slowly, taking another drink. "Maybe he's just into sharing you. Wants you to be his hotwife."

"I don't know what that is either," Lauren replied slowly, stumbling on her words. "Again, it's only a fantasy that...helps...sometimes. Christ, I've said too much already." She looked out the balcony window at nothing in particular.

Amy suddenly grabbed her friend's hand and yanked her off the couch. "Well, if ol' Corey wants his wife to go out as eye candy, then let's really put some extra sugar on it," she decreed. Grabbing a makeup case out of her bag, Amy led Lauren into the bedroom and went to work, expertly highlighting Lauren's cheekbones, and darkening her eyebrows. She chose a metallic purple eye shadow and ruby red lipstick that would complement the bralette and mesh top perfectly. Standing back to admire her work, Amy smiled brightly. "If they ain't biting tonight, then the whole lot of them need to have their pulses checked!" Lauren looked in the vanity mirror, turning her head different angles. She thought of those fast girls back in high school. Yes, she had to admit, she looked good. More importantly, she felt good.

"Thank you, Amy! It's amazing how much a little makeup can dial things up," Lauren exclaimed. "But just to be clear, I'm not looking to get a bite, or a date. I just want to have fun and come home. Alone."

"Sure," Amy replied, "But you agree to leave frumpy Lauren home tonight, right? You'll dance if asked?"

"Yes," Lauren chuckled. "As long as he's not a creep."

As they were gathering their clutches, Amy gestured to Lauren's wedding ring. "You going to wear that too?"

Lauren looked down at her ring, fingering it. "I didn't think much about it. Why?"

Amy smiled. "No reason. May limit the number of dances you get, though."

Lauren looked her friend warily. "I'm not looking to have my dance card filled. I said I'd dance if asked."

"I get it. No worries. I wasn't suggesting that you break your vows or anything. Most guys see the ring and figure there's a husband lurking somewhere and it's not worth it. Some guys, on the other hand..." Amy took another drink, briefly distracted by an incoming text from another friend.

"Other guys what?" Lauren asked curiously.

Amy looked up from her phone. "Sorry. Other guys find married women in a bar a challenge. The conquest is sweeter."

Lauren laughed. "Well, that's an interesting theory, but I'll take my chances."

"Suit yourself," Amy said as they walked out of the apartment and into a waiting elevator. "But it's not just a theory."


The two women made their way from the apartment to the main retail strip, a walk of about two blocks. They turned in their tickets for wristbands, which flagged them as part of the pub crawl and started at a few of the tamer bar and grill venues. Most of the patrons were dressed casually, making the friends stand out in their clubbing attire. Lauren noticed a few of the male diners had wandering eyes, a fact that also did not go unnoticed by those with female dinner companions.

As the pair walked around the closed off streets, stopping to look at various sidewalk vendors, they were met with several appreciative nods from fellow male crawlers. More than a few times, as they passed a group of male friends, they sensed them turning around as they walked by, followed by imperceptible whispers. Lauren was not used to this kind of attention, but she knew what she was getting into so she couldn't complain. It actually felt pretty remarkable, being appreciated for her looks again by someone other than her husband. Amy took photographs with Lauren's phone as they walked from venue to venue, which Lauren promptly sent to Corey.

Corey was sitting in front of the television watching baseball when the first text messages came in. Incredible, he thought. She simply didn't look the same, showing so much skin, heavy makeup, and the metal choker! Her straight jet-black hair was glistening, bangs combed down over her eyes. More waif-like and harlot, than wife and mother. More pictures trickled in over the next hour, one showing Lauren looking at trinkets, one showing her holding a frosty drink, one dancing in front of a stage. Sometime later, Corey's phone dinged again. Lauren was now behind the stage next to three members of what appeared to be a hip-hop band, one of them standing directly behind her, massive black arms around those tanned abs, holding her tight. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was captioned "Band's got a new groupie". He assumed Amy added that. Corey's imagination began to work overtime. I guess she found her musicians after all. Was this just a quick photo op, or was she going to hang out with these guys? A knee slightly bent as she posed, the leather skirt was unzipped halfway up her calf, revealing the lacy tops of her thigh highs. The flash had illuminated the thin purple bralette beneath the mesh crop top, and with it, her small breasts. Lauren's nipples appeared quite hard, pressing against the lacy material. Corey swallowed and turned his attention back to the ball game. Shit.


Amy and Lauren bid the band goodnight shortly thereafter, wishing them luck on future gigs. They ducked into this bar and that, dancing to whatever genre of music the DJ happened to be playing. Rock, country, R&B; it didn't matter, they just wanted to dance. After several hit and misses, they finally sauntered into another venue, just off the main strip. Noting that night's theme was 1970s disco, Lauren let out a whoop and led Amy directly out onto the dance floor. Fueled by booze, the two began to groove together, twirling each other about, and swaying to the beat of the music, seemingly oblivious to how sensual their movements were. They lit up the floor with the supremacy of their dancing, their laughter, and their spontaneity.

It did not take long for male patrons to take notice. Four songs in, two men appeared alongside them, matching the girls' moves, and introducing themselves as Allen and Brad. Lauren was apprehensive at first, but the alcohol and allure of the dancing eventually calmed her. As the dancing intensified, the gap between their bodies closed. Gradually, Brad spun Lauren away from the others. He was an excellent dancer, cute, and smelled nice. Lauren was a sucker for expensive cologne. Now very drunk and at ease, she began to let loose as Brad twirled and dipped her at every turn. It was so very much different than dancing with Corey, who more fumbled about than danced. They glided together effortlessly across the floor. As they worked up a sweat, Brad began to take some liberties with his hands, moving them up and down Lauren's sides and holding the exposed part of her hips just above her taut leather skirt. Already slightly aroused from being the object of many stares that evening, it didn't take much for the heat of the dance floor and the incredibly good-looking man now feeling her up to elevate her excitement. As Brad put Lauren's arms around his neck and drew her near, she could see Amy snapping photos of them. Immediately the conversations with Corey came rushing back. Good shot, Amy. This is what he wants, after all. He needs to see what he started. Gyrating her hips precisely in sync to the music, Lauren raised her arms above her head and clasp her hands together behind her head, causing her top to rise, barely covering the bralette underneath. Knowing Amy was taking pictures, she made a point of moving her body as provocatively as she knew how, circling Brad, hips thrusting dramatically, which caused her breasts to jiggle loosely under her bra's thin material.

Brad continued to grind his crotch into the front of her skirt, his hands groping her buttocks through the sheepskin material. Although the show up to now had been for Corey, Lauren couldn't help feeling passion rise as she remembered what it was like to be sexy, to FEEL sexy. She gasped as his hands eventually inched up under her top but did nothing to stop him. When his fingers finally found her nipples through the thin bra, an electric shock traveled through her body, rocketing down between her legs. Lauren found herself pressing her small breasts into eager hands, while allowing her head to fall onto his shoulder. Her dance partner continued to hold her close, caressing her body. It was not until Brad reached under her skirt that Lauren decided things had gone far enough. She politely pushed him away, kissed him on the cheek, thanked him for the dance, and went to find Amy. She barely heard him utter the word "cocktease" while walking away. Been a long time since I've been called that. Didn't matter. She wasn't sure how far she was going to take Corey's kink tonight, but it certainly wasn't going to be on a dance floor in front of a hundred people.

Upon finding Amy, the pair decided they should move on, so they slipped out a side door and headed down the main drag. To their disappointment, the remaining bars not yet visited were mostly taverns, with limited danceable music. Both had a great buzz going and neither wanted to call it a night. Amy suggested they head over to Club X to "get their freak on". While waiting for a taxi, she texted Lauren the photos she had taken in the last venue, pointing out that if Jake was at X, a nice photo-op of him dancing with Lauren might just be what the doctor ordered. Lauren blushed. Amy might be a bit too into this, she thought. Minutes later the women were on their way to the other side of the district.

Minutes later the best friends glided past the club's doormen to the dismay of numerous waiting hopefuls. Feeling the effects of multiple cocktails, they were eager to get on the dance floor. Amy wasted no time pulling Lauren into the crowd. Song after song the two danced together with abandoned. The pair focused on their dance moves, rotating around each other, matching rhythms, bumping hips, and getting into the groove. Lauren snapped a couple selfies of the two dancing and sent them to Corey.

As they whirled about, Lauren noticed several men and women in a dimly lit room high above everything else, affording a view of the entire club. A couple of the men appeared to be looking in their direction. Amy informed Lauren that was the owner's room, even more exclusive than a normal VIP area, accessed only by direct invitation of the owner. As if on cue, one of the men raised a glass in their direction. Amy waved back. "See those guys?" she asked. "The tall guy in the black button down is Max, the club's owner. The dude in the white blazer is Myles, Max's investor, our client, and the reason why we just breezed through the gate."

The ladies soon turned their attention back to dancing. After numerous songs - and quite a few seltzers later - the pair headed to the restroom to relieve themselves. While waiting in line they were approached by a burly security guard who bent down and whispered something in Amy's ear which Lauren could not hear. Amy nodded her head and turned to her friend, pointing towards the owner's suite. "Looks like they've invited us up to their place, so we don't have to wait in line to pee."

"Do you know them?" Lauren asked suspiciously.

Amy nodded. "Yeah, they're nice enough. Both single, so they can be a bit flirty, but always respectful. Nothing you can't fend off. That is, if you want to fend them off at all. Be warned, they are pretty smooth. And hot," Amy winked. "Want to go up?"

Lauren contemplated this through her buzz. She had to pee badly, that was certain. And it may be the only time she would have the chance to see the most exclusive part of the club. Plus, there were several other women and men in the room as well. It seemed safe enough.

"Sure," Lauren responded, and before she could ask Amy how she knew they were flirty, the guard parted the crowd like a machete and ushered them into a keyed off glass elevator which whisked them to the top level. It opened to a posh suite. After asking to use the private ladies' room, another large mountain of a man led them to a glass-encased room partitioned off from the rest of the suite. Seated on a large, plush peach colored couch were the club's owner and its largest investor. The men rose to greet them. Amy was dead on, Lauren thought. These guys look like they just walked out of a photoshoot. She was expecting the stereotypical middle-aged Miami rich dude with gold necklaces and rings, but these men were anything but. Rugged faces, square jaws, perfectly tailored clothes hanging on broad shoulders and trim waists. Hot and rich.

"Welcome, ladies!" Max beamed at them. "Amy, so good to see you again!" he added, planting a kiss on the younger woman's cheek. "And who is your beautiful friend?"

"Hi Max, Myles," Amy replied, nodding at the firm's client. "This is Lauren Miller. She is our new chief office manager at Rekrap Industries."

After a round of handshakes, the foursome settled on the couch, the men taking seats at a respectable distance from their guests. Looking around, the room was every bit what Lauren thought a VIP room at a high-end club would look like. Dim lighting, specks of white LEDs on the ceiling simulating starlight, and lots of mirrors. As a scantily clad waitress handed out four glasses of champagne, she began to question her judgement in making the trip up the elevator. Only expecting to pee, she didn't anticipate ending up in a separate room with the owner and his friend.

Any apprehension Lauren had was short lived as Max and Jonathan appeared to be gentlemen and quite content to just talk. Although powerful in the community, they were not only easy on the eyes but quite easy to talk to. Lauren quickly sensed Amy may have more than just a professional relationship with one or both of them. As the waitress ensured the drinks kept flowing, they spent the next hour discussing both the entertainment and boating industries. Lauren was captivated as her hosts described how they built up businesses in their respective areas, all the while acutely aware of their good looks and wonderful cologne, ingredients as intoxicating as the drinks in front of them.

In due time, Amy ask for, and received, permission from Max to take pictures of the suite. After several general snaps of the room, she asked Max to scoot closer to Lauren, and proceeded to pose them: Max's left arm over Lauren's shoulders and Lauren's right hand on his inner thigh. This elicited surprised looks from both, but Amy grabbed the pics before they could react. She had to be fast, though, as Lauren was quick to remove her hand from Max's leg, blushing and looking at him sheepishly through her jet-black bangs. For his part, Max relaxed his arm around her shoulders, but did not remove it altogether.

As Amy joined Myles back on the couch, he pulled a large joint from his blazer and lit it. Max instinctively pressed a button on a remote sitting atop the coffee table which caused the semi-transparent windows of the room to go pitch black. The blunt slowly made its way around, first to Max, then to Amy. Lauren hesitated briefly when it was her turn. Although not a stranger to weed, it had been quite a while since she had been high. Not wanting to be rude, she took a small toke and passed it back to Myles. Small tokes became larger ones, and by the time the roach was in the ashtray, all four were quite stoned.

The conversation eventually split up, Max keeping Lauren intrigued with stories of bar brawls and his time as a bartender, while Amy and Myles moved to a smaller couch to discuss the latest yacht models. The handsome bar owner could not help but be infatuated with the woman sitting beside him. She was bright, could hold an intelligent conversation and was not shallow like some of his other bimbo patrons. Older, yet still with a smoking body which - given her attire - she obviously liked to show off. Max was bothered by one thing, however.

"A wedding ring?" he asked, gently taking Lauren's left hand and holding it up between them.

"Yes," Lauren replied, "28 years."

"Is your husband here tonight?"

"No, he...had to work," Lauren lied, not wanting to tell this stranger her husband was a thousand miles away.

"You seem like a very nice lady. Does he know you are out on the town in such, uh, provocative clothing?"

Lauren said nothing.

"Ah, then I assume he does know," Max replied, answering his own question. "That's cool." Leaning closer, he placed an index finger on Lauren's chin and slowly dragged it down across her mesh top, then to her exposed belly. She flinched slightly but did not pull away.

"So, Mrs. Miller," Max continued. "I meet all sorts of characters in my line of business. Do you know what kind of man is okay with his wife dancing the night away in clothes that could make a dead man cum?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"I...I honestly don't know," Lauren said nervously, looking around for Amy, only to discover her and Myles had left the room.

"I think you do," Max whispered, the hand on her belly making its way up her neck. He gently pulled her head towards his, gazing at the pretty face painted with make-up a porn star would be proud of.

The marijuana had significantly lowered Lauren's inhibitions and she couldn't ignore her arousal as the hand of this gorgeous man gently caressed her neck. Why was she so horny tonight?

A simple moan was all she could manage in response as he pulled her body to his, kissing her neck. Corey's game was getting real, she thought, and through the fog of the booze and weed, she was not yet willing to stop it. It felt too good. I warned you, Corey; its what you wanted. Felt up on the dance floor and now being seduced by a rich stranger.

Their tongues swirled and darted about, dancing intertwined. The pair fell back into the plush couch, kissing. The handsome stranger probed her clothing, landing a hand under her mesh top. He slid two fingers beneath the bralette and grasp her small breasts. Fingering one nipple, then the other, Max expertly used his free hand to traverse her entire body. Lauren panted heavily as she caressed his hair with one hand, the other tantalizingly brushing his crotch. He moaned, cock stiffening beneath the linen pants. Breaking their kiss, he pushed Lauren's top and bra above her nipples, allowing the material to sit atop her breasts. Now with better access to those half-inch rigid erasers, Max attacked them with rapid flicks of the tongue. As Lauren's moans increased, he unzipped his slacks and placed her hand through the flaps and onto his growing cock. She knew she should put a stop to this before it crossed too many lines, but the pleasure was too great; too exotic.

Max used her hand to pull his dick through the linen flaps, and once exposed, helped her to stroke it gently. Not the largest penis Lauren had ever seen, but it was warm, and beautiful, and oozed a small amount of pre-cum, which stuck to the inside of her fingers. She gripped the shaft harder, allowing her hand to traverse its entire length, from the tip of its slit, to the tangled mess of pubic hair at its base. The faster she jacked him, the slippery it became. Minutes past, frozen in time, as their passion began to flare. Max began pushing Lauren's head down towards his cock, hoping to swap her hand for those glistening, ruby red lips.

"Isn't that why Amy took our picture together?" he breathed heavily into her ear. "So you could share the experience later with your hubby? That's what you set out to do tonight, isn't it? To accommodate your fantasy?"

That was a mistake on his part. My fantasy echoed loudly in Lauren's brain and cut through the fog like a beam of light. She sat up on the couch and scooted away.

"Ohhhhh, no! It's not MY fantasy," she objected defiantly.

Max looked surprised but remained calm as he adjusted his crotch. "I take it, then, you aren't as into the wife sharing concept as he is?"

"I'm sorry, Max, I can't do this. This whole thing is a mistake," Lauren babbled. "I just don't know. My husband, he has this thing, and he works so hard, I wanted to give him a thrill. And..and...oh god, it DID feel naughty. I was enjoying it, but now... I've been nothing but a tease to not one, but two guys now, and I feel...feel horrible. I should have never agreed to dressing like a hooker in public. This isn't me."

Max sat back on the couch and looked at the woman rambling next to him. Smiling, he gently corrected her. "Well, for one, believe me when I say you don't look exactly like a hooker. You are, however, dressed like a woman who is out to get laid. That much is true." He grabbed a flute of champagne from the table and took a drink. "And you are saying you aren't?"

"I...I don't know," Lauren sighed. "I just don't think I'm ready."

Max thought for a moment, then nodded. "I would agree with that. Look, I think you're smoking hot, intelligent, beautiful...the whole package. I would love to help you and your husband fulfill a fantasy one day. I honestly thought that's what I was doing here tonight. Make no mistake, it's not all altruistic on my part, right? My reward is obvious. But it would have to be your thing as well. No one should be forced to have sex without being all in." He helped Lauren stand from the couch and smooth out her clothing.

"Tell you what, how 'bout we just forget about our little make out session tonight?" Max offered.

Lauren nodded, relieved.

"However," the club owner said as he held her chin, "if it ever becomes something you want, it will make me very happy to be part of it."

He understands, she thought. He could have pushed for more, been a jerk, but he didn't. Not at all.

Just then Amy came roaring back into the room, addressing Max. "Dude, your friend is in the other room passed out," she laughed. "What a lightweight." Her smile quickly faded as she realized she had just interrupted a poignant moment. "Uh, everything okay?" she asked.

Lauren smiled at Max. "Yep, couldn't be better," she told Amy. "Just making plans with an old friend." Max beamed at her.

As the women made their way towards the elevator to exit the suite, Amy looked over her shoulder at the bar owner with a quizzical look. He simply shrugged, grinned, and lit the roach in the ashtray.


Amy stared at her friend as they waited outside the club for a taxi. "Just when you think you know someone. Me thinks your life is even more complicated than mine," she speculated.

"I doubt that," Lauren mused, still enjoying her high.

"You going to tell me what happened?"

"Maybe," Lauren smirked.

Amy couldn't resist. "Well, I'm guessing you are two for two tonight in the blue balls department. Hell, do you want to go see what ol' Jake is doing?" she needled. "I still have the condoms I came with - or didn't come with - as the case may be."

"Stop it, you're not funny!" Lauren swatted at her friend, trying to keep her balance as the cab pulled up.


Five minutes later the two women tried to enter the lobby of Lauren's building acting as normal as possible. They failed miserably. The on-duty concierge tried to conceal a chuckle as the duo looked every bit like potato sack race partners trying to stay upright. Hearing him, Amy looked at him lustily, and blurted out, "What's the matter, never seen lesbians before?" With that she leaned over and planted a soulful kiss on Lauren's lips, causing the latter to fall to the floor giggling. The concierge ran quickly over and helped his guest to her feet.

"Do you need help getting to your apartment, Mrs. Miller?" he asked, looking quite concerned. He didn't want any residents getting hurt on his watch.

"Oh, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, Charlie?" Amy said noticing his name tag. "Get to see a couple carpet munchers in action, eh?"

"Shut UP, Amy," Lauren giggled, pulling her friend to the elevators. "I have to live here."

The ride up on the elevator caused both women to become even more lightheaded. Stumbling into the apartment, Amy headed for the open wine bottle in the refrigerator. "Mind if I have some more wine?" she asked.

Lauren plopped down on the couch near the television and turned on some blues music while unlacing and removing her corset heels. It's easy vibes sounded good after the thump, thump, thump from the speakers in the clubs. "Well, it's obvious you aren't driving anywhere, so feel free." This elicited a delighted whoop from her friend.

Amy poured two glasses, handed one to Lauren and fell onto the couch next to her. After a few minutes of swaying her head to the music, she turned to Lauren.

"Okay, spill it sister. What happened between you and Max while I was out of the room?"

"A girl doesn't tell," Lauren grinned. Jesus, she was so high.

"Don't hand me that shit. Did you make Corey's kink come true or not?"

"NO! Nothing like that happened."

"You sure about that? I could swear I saw some lipstick on his face."

"Maybe we made out a little."

"Uh huh," Amy smirked. "Did you fuck him?" Always the blunt one, she.

"AMY! Stop. No!" Lauren exclaimed, looking at the time on her phone. Half past three. She remembered she had not yet messaged Corey that she was home.

Firing off a quick text, she sank back in the couch, allowing the easy buzz to take over.

"Hey, I'm just saying, Max is pretty damn cute."

He certainly is, Lauren thought.

"What do you think Corey is doing?" Amy asked.

Lauren was about to say that he was likely sleeping when a reply to her text came.

COREY: Hi babe. Just watching a movie. Must have fallen asleep.

Amy moved closer to Lauren, cuddling alongside. Seeing her friend's husband was still awake, she prodded, "We should send those pics of you and Max...and, that guy, whatever his name was at the club."

"You think?" Lauren asked.

"Why not? You agreed to wear all this eye candy to appease Corey's, uh, kink, right? Maybe you feel sorry for him stuck in another state all alone, I don't know, don't really care. But what good was it to get all dolled up, get felt up, make out with one of the wealthiest guys in Miami, take pics along the way, if you aren't going to SHARE this with the very guy who put you up to it? I mean, give him a good backstory. Isn't that the exact thrill he is looking for?"

Lauren thought hard about Amy's reasoning. She was right. After all, that's ultimately why she agreed to wear this outfit. To attract and tease. What purpose did it serve to wear it and not follow up?

Amy saw Lauren's wheels turning, prompting her to pick up her friend's phone from the coffee table. "Call him. It's your turn to tell the naughty story."

"What? I can't make up stuff on the fly. I don't talk that way, plus I'd be too embarrassed."

"You leave that to me." Amy insisted. "It wouldn't be the first time I've been involved in phone sex."

"Somehow I'm not surprised."

"Screw you. Call him. I'll feed you what to say. It'll be fun."

Lauren leaned back, closing her eyes. Could she really do that? Admittedly, she was drunk and, truth be told, pretty damn horny from the evening. Corey had been pestering her to play on the phone after all, so if she was ever going to do it, it was now or never.

The petite wife took the phone from Amy's hand, scrolled through her photos, and fired off those of her to Corey. Fluffing her hair like a prize fighter shaking his arms before a match, she dialed her husband's number and put the phone on speaker. "I know I'm going to regret this."

Corey answered on the fifth ring. She was right; he'd been asleep.

"Hi there," Corey croaked. "Everything alright? You home now?"

Lauren sighed. "Yes, everything's fine."

"It's late. Did you have a good time?" he asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

"Uh, yes, I had a very good time," Lauren replied unsteadily, trying to add some mystery to her voice.

"I want to hear about it, hold on." Corey said, stacking pillows behind his back. "I saw the pics you sent earlier. You looked really hot, babe."

"Oh, thank you. I, uh...I felt hot too," Lauren said stalling for time. Amy rolled her eyes and spun her hand around. Keep it moving.

Lauren continued. "We went to a few bars. Standard stuff, good food. Amy's a lot of fun. You'd like her."

"I see you met some musicians. That young pup didn't get you into any trouble, did she?" Corey asked.

Amy stifled a laugh and typed a reply. Lauren recited it.

"Well, depends on what you mean by trouble. But thank you for talking me into wearing the new outfit. It sure did get the attention you thought it would."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Did you see the pics I just sent you?"

Silence followed as Corey scrolled through his messages.

"Shit, Lauren, what did you do?"

Lauren waited for the next text from Amy to pop up. It finally did.

"Let's just say I wasn't exactly lonely this evening. Lots of very good dance partners."

"You danced? With guys?" Corey asked softly.

Type, type, type.

"Well, of course, you wouldn't want me to be unfriendly, would you? Isn't me being chummy what you wanted?"

"I..I guess," Corey stammered, unsure of where this was going.

"That's good, because they were definitely affectionate," Lauren repeated Amy's words as the texts appeared on her screen, adding a giggle for effect. NICE! Amy mouthed.

"They were?"

Lauren and Amy smiled at each other. They had his attention now. Amy snuggled up closer.

Type, type, type.

"Some of them got a bit handsy, babe. You know that top is so short, it leaves nothing to the imagination. My...breasts...(Amy's text had "tits", which Lauren ignored) jiggled freely under that thin bra. It attracts fingerprints like a cheap phone screen. And that skirt is so short, some of them tried touching the tops of my stockings."

Chase sat in his bed in stunned silence. He looked back at the photos. Damn! She actually did let other guys...touch her. He pressed for more. "Did they...did they touch your stockings? Did you like it?"

Type, type, type.

"You know, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It made me feel so sexy, more than I have in a long time, and so alive. And I have you to thank for that. Yes, I had to undo my skirt zipper to give them a bit more access, but their fingers finally found the tops of my stockings. They were very naughty boys."

Corey dwelled on this for a moment. He started to feel jealous, pondering Lauren's words. Then started laughing. "Jesus Christ, babe, you must be completely lit up. I've never heard you talk that way EVER. I'm not sure what's got into you, but whatever you've been drinking tonight, I need to buy it by the case. Please keep going. Who are those guys, really?"

He had taken the bait. Amy reached over and muted Lauren's phone. "It's showtime, lover. Give him what he wants to hear."

Type, type, type. Lauren's phone lit up brightly in the darkened room with Amy's next text.

"It must have been the booze, I guess. I was getting really drunk. I never felt so much passion while dancing. Especially during the slow songs when their hands could roam all over my body."

Amy gave Lauren a thumb's up.

"You must have been getting quite horny," Corey replied, playing along.

Type, type, type.

Lauren looked down at the text, then at Amy, who was now leaning her head against Lauren's shoulder.

"I um, got so...uh, wet," Lauren repeated the text slowly. "My thong did nothing to keep my...ah, eh, juices from running out of my...uh, vagina." Amy looked up at her friend and shook her head vigorously. She muted Lauren's phone. "This is phone sex, girlfriend. Crack that shell, use your dirty words! The word is PUSSY!"

"You were being very naughty!" Corey said in a hushed voice. With one hand gripping the phone, the other started to massage his cock through his pajama bottoms. He didn't know what had gotten into his wife, but he liked it.

Unmuting the phone, Lauren exclaimed, "Yes, I felt nasty. And I loved it." She looked down at Amy who was rubbing a hand up and down the shaft of the wine glass, indicating she should invite her husband to jack off. Lauren shook her head. Amy nodded hers. Lauren hit the mute button.

"Are you nuts? You want me to tell him to play with himself while you're right here?"

"It's now or never," Amy cooed, reaching over to stroke her friend's bare belly. "Besides, listen to him. He's already got it out, you just know he does."

Lauren blinked as she felt electricity jump from Amy's fingertips to her skin. She unmuted.

"Are you stroking your...cock?" she asked her husband huskily.

"I am." Corey confirmed.

"Do you have it in your hands?"


Lauren hit the mute button once again as Amy buried her face in Lauren's armpit. They both started laughing uncontrollably.

"I can't do this!" Lauren said between giggles.

"Yes, you can!" Amy cajoled; her face still buried in Lauren's side trying not to laugh.

Lauren composed herself, took a drink of wine, unmuted, and once again put the phone to her ear.

"Are you there, babe? Are you still touching yourself?"

"Yes," Corey croaked.

Lauren looked at Amy's new texts. "Are you imagining these strange men touching me in places only you've been allowed? Does that excite you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

Type, type, type.

"I want you to take your forefinger and thumb and rub them up and down your shaft."

They could hear the sounds of sheets rustling, then the unmistakable wet sounds of fap, fap, fap.

"Oh shit!" Amy exclaimed, then clamped her hand over her mouth.

"Who was that?" Corey asked sharply. "Is someone there with you?"

"No, baby," Lauren lied. "I meant to turn down the TV but turned it up by mistake."

Fap, fap, fap.

Lauren sighed in relief. He bought it. Looking over at Amy, she noticed her friend pointing frantically to her own phone. DEAD! she mouthed.

What? Hitting the mute button, she asked, "What do I do now?"

"You're going to have to improvise."

Lauren looked back at her friend like she had three heads. "Improvise? I can't improvise! You talked me into this, now what?"

"You can do it," Amy said encouragingly.

"Ah, no I can't."

Lauren shook her head, but unmuted and continued without Amy's guiding texts.

"You still there?"

"Yes," Corey breathed heavily into the phone. "Lauren, who felt you up? Who are the guys in the photos?"

His wife took a deep breath, then plunged forward. She purposely ignored his question.

"I'm sorry, Corey. I was drunk. The next thing I know they were caressing my shoulders and arms, grabbing my ASS, and pressed their crotches into my skirt."

Lauren could hear Corey's breathing increase. "Go on," he encouraged.

"We got plenty of attention wherever we went. But my favorite part of the evening was going to Club X. You remember that place, don't you?"

"Yes," Corey said softly.

"You may remember one of the patrons, Jake?" Lauren said playfully.

"Yeah," her husband said, his voice wavering. "I remember."

Fap, fap, fap.

Amy hit the mute. "Fucking Christ, he's really getting into this," she said in awe.

Lauren quickly unmuted. She was on a roll - and getting very horny.

"Well, Jake saw me and ask me to dance. He said he was glad to see me again and hoped I would come back."

"He did?" Corey croaked. Fap, fap, fap.

"Yep. He was just as attractive as I remember. I didn't pay for one drink the whole time I was there. Amy said I better watch out, that he may expect something in return, but I didn't care. He looked so sexy in his tight silk shirt. Should I have been concerned, Corey?"

Fap, fap, fap.

"I didn't think so. After all, you hooked us up before, remember? You invited him into our bed. And while I was dancing with him, I couldn't help thinking about how you had described his penis..." Lauren flinched as Amy slapped her arm. "Cock, his cock. 10 inches was it?"

"Fucking hell," Corey gasped, phone in his left hand, cock in his right, stroking the shaft even faster.

"I couldn't help myself. I was looking at his bulge all night, wondering if it was true. Then came closing time. Amy and I are so drunk, we wouldn't have made it back by ourselves. Guess who offered to help us?"

Corey moaned.

"That's right, baby, Jake the Snake to the rescue," Lauren purred. Amy threw her head back in silent laughter and stomped her feet.

"Jake helped both of us back to my apartment. He had to hold onto our asses the whole way, just to keep us upright. I bet we looked like quite the threesome, don't you? And Corey?"

"Yes?" her husband panted.

"I liked it. I liked him playing with my ass. A lot."

Amy was in a tortured state, burying her face in Lauren's arm attempting to muffle her laughter. This was some award-winning shit.

"You did?"

"Uh huh. And it didn't stop there, baby."

Fap, fap, fap. Corey knew his wife was drunk and storytelling, but it sounded so real. Was it real? Who the fuck were those guys anyway? He glanced at the photos again. Hell yes, one of them had his hands all over her as they danced. He began to question whether this was all fictional or not.

"Did he kiss you?" Corey squeaked.

"Not right away. But after Amy crashed in my bed, we were left alone on the couch. It didn't take long for him to make his move. That's when he leaned over and kissed me."

"Did you kiss him back?"

Lauren racked her brain. She was running out of material. She thought back to her earlier tryst with Max. She drew in a breath. "I did. I couldn't help myself. I was drunk and so horny. It's been so long since I've had a pen...uh, cock in me. Before I knew it, he had his hand on my belly, tracing his fingers over my trembling abs. We kissed for what seemed forever. Eventually he put his hands under my top. His strong hands kneaded my breasts until my nipples were hard under the flimsy material of my bra."

Fap, fap, fap.

Amy listened in amazement. She was witnessing her demure, passive friend crawl from her shell in front of her eyes.

Lauren continued. "I was getting so wet as he pawed at my bra and skirt. They're new and you haven't even seen them on me in person! I couldn't just let him rip them off me, could I? So, I pushed him back onto the couch and stood in front of him, like a cheap hooker. I was going to strip out of the clothes that I had bought for you, Corey. But he was going to be the first to see me take them off! I felt so incredibly sexy. I began dancing for him, pressing my tits against my see through top. I wanted - no, I NEEDED him to watch me undress, babe."

Lauren heard Amy sigh and tighten her grip on Lauren's hand. Looking down, she noticed the secretary had slipped her free hand inside her bodice and was caressing her firm 26-year-old breasts. Jesus, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Fap, fap, fap.

Getting hornier by the minute, Lauren laid it on thicker. "I've never given a lap dance before, but I had this overwhelming urge to get his cock hard; to see if it was as big as what you said it was. First, I reached under my sheer, transparent top and unsnapped my bra. I let it fall straight to the floor. My tits were exposed to him now, my tiny nipples poking through. You know how hard my nipples get, Corey. Jake reached up and cupped my tits through the material with his large, rough hands. It drove me wild, especially when he used his thumbs to brush my nipples through the mesh, back and forth, back and forth. I took one of his hands off my breasts and used it to pull the side zipper of my skirt up. Our fingers interlaced, we both undid the zipper together, until it was open all the way to my waist, exposing the tops of my stockings and legs."

Lauren giggled for effect. "He tried to reach through the zipper's opening to get to my stockings, but I pushed his silly hands away. I wanted him to wait. That's what strippers do, isn't it, Corey? Its the anticipation that feels so good. Am I right?"

Fap, fap, fap. It sounded wetter now. Lauren could picture the slit of his penis oozing the clear white liquid dripping down his shaft, its natural lubrication paving the way for faster strokes.

"I continued to dance, slowly swaying my hips to the music. I could see through his linen pants that he was getting hard. I turned to face away from him, giving him a good view of my ass. I wiggled the skirt off my hips, then past my thighs and knees, until it fell to the floor."

"Corey?" Lauren asked to make sure he was still with her.


"Can you picture that? There I was, standing nearly naked in front of a strange man, with my see-through top, thong, and thigh highs on. What a sight I must have been! Oh, and my laced-up corset heels, don't forget about them. I felt so naughty."

Fap, fap, fap.

Amy moaned. Jesus Christ, Lauren thought.

"What did you do then?" Corey said, desperate to know.

"At that point, it was all Jake. I had brought him home, I had done the teasing, I had stripped practically naked for him. Whatever was going to happen, it was up to him now. I'm sorry, Corey. It's my fault for being such a nasty little..." Lauren paused, swallowed and spit it out, "slut." Corey's cock was throbbing uncontrollably now, six inches of steel sliding through his hand. Did his wife just say she was a nasty slut? He wasn't sure he could take much more.

"What happened then?" Corey managed to force out between groans.

"Jake stood up and pulled off my top, allowing my little tits to jiggle in his face. Then he grabbed my ass, pulling me close to him. We stood there kissing for the longest time, our tongues exploring each other's mouths, until he started working the thong down to my knees. He wanted me to take it off. I obliged and kicked it aside. Corey? He could see my pussy, Corey. Something no other man has seen in 30 years. It was going to be his tonight."

Amy mewed, then let out a loud moan.

Lauren froze. She could only hear Corey's heavy breathing and his hands furiously stroking his shaft. He had not heard.

"Did he try and fuck you?"

"Not right away. He whirled me around and bent me over the end of the couch, my ass in the air. Jake was SO forceful, but gentle at the same time, you know? He knelt behind me and spread my legs apart, using both hands to open my pussy, so he could put his tongue all the way in. Oh, Corey, he had a big old cow tongue, probing deep, swirling, licking. What juices he couldn't lap up fast enough were falling to the floor below me, creating a huge, wet, nasty puddle."

Amy gasped again. Lauren looked down and saw Amy's fingers under her dress and between her legs. Good lord, her friend was masturbating too. How did we get here?> Between this story and watching the young, hot blonde next to her jilling, Lauren was getting massively worked up herself. Her juices were now starting to flow freely.

"He...he ate you out?" Corey stuttered. He couldn't believe his wife was capable of talking this dirty.

"Yes, and it seemed like forever."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes," Lauren admitted. "I came. All over his face. I'm sorry, Corey, but his tongue just felt so good."

"I'm glad you came, baby."

"That was just the first time. When he finished licking me, he spun me around, facing him. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the strong chest muscles you said he had. Once his pants and underwear were off, I was finally treated to seeing his huge cock, Corey. You want to know something?"


"You were right. His cock is exceptionally big. Ten-inches, maybe more. His body was ripped everywhere, such strong legs."

Corey felt a pang of jealousy. "You wanted that cock, didn't you?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes," Lauren agreed. "How could I not? It was so beautiful." Where is this stuff coming from, she wondered, amazing even herself. She pressed on.

"Jake then put my arms around his neck and took hold of my hips. Corey, he picked me all the way up off the floor. I had to wrap my legs around his to keep from falling. With one hand holding me up, he used the other to guide his cock into my...pussy. I wasn't sure I could take it all, but I was so wet, and he was so determined. Once in me, he grabbed my ass with both hands and gradually pushed his penis deep into my womb. He was stretching me out, Corey. It hurt, but it felt so good, all at once."

Corey's hands were manically stroking his cock now, his member lubed by pre-cum. "I'm almost there," he panted.

"Play with your nipples, baby," Lauren directed. "Pinch them." Corey obeyed.

Amy now had her dress hiked up to her waist and was fingering herself frantically.

"There I was, wearing only stockings and high heels, while this strange muscular man stood in the middle of my apartment, holding me off the floor, my legs wrapped tightly around his hips, as he thrust his cock up, up, up into me, deeper and deeper. I started to cum over, and over, and over, my juices pouring out of me as it ran down his legs to the floor. And I know I shouldn't have, Corey, but I said something so awfully naughty to Jake. Screamed it, in fact. I'm sure the neighbors heard me."

"Tell me," Corey begged, feeling his orgasm well up inside him.

Lauren paused for dramatic effect, then blurted out, "I told him to do me hard, to...FUCK...ME...SILLY!"

Corey remembered that part of his story told on their last night together. The poor man had no chance. His bed could have been on fire but that would have not stopped the exceptionally large volume of hot cum that spewed onto his pajamas and sheets.

"Oh fuck, that is so hot! I'm cumming!" Corey screamed at the top of his lungs.

Hearing Lauren's husband's orgasm over the phone sent Amy over the edge as well, causing her to bury her face in Lauren's chest to muffle the howls.

Lauren sat there very still, taking the whole scene in, allowing both her husband and her best friend to recover from their releases. She could hear Corey's panting gradually slowing as she watched Amy sit up on the couch next to her and shimmy her dress back down into place.

"I...I don't know what to say," Corey said. "That was without doubt the hottest thing we've ever done."

Lauren replied tenderly, "I'm glad you enjoyed that, babe. It was pretty hot. You've been bugging me for phone sex, so there you go."

"Yeah, but I didn't think it was going to be that good."

"Don't get used to it. I'm just really drunk right now."

Lauren glanced over at Amy, who had curled up at the other end of the couch, finally succumbing to the lateness of the evening and the alcohol that was racing through her veins. There was a huge smile on her face.

Corey was still curious about those last photos, but when he started to ask about them, Lauren cut him off. "It's late. I'm done. I need to go to bed."

After a quick goodbye, Lauren found an extra blanket and tossed it over her friend, admiring how beautiful she was even in sleep.

Limping into the bedroom, she shed the clothing which had been the center of so much attention in the last forty-eight hours. Laying down in just her thong, the evening flashed before Lauren's eyes. Brad and Max. Amy and Corey. Good lord, what a night! Her last thought, before sleep took hold, was that she was most pleased to be the object of gratification for the two people closest to her. A crossroads to be sure. Someday, it would be her turn.

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Whoa! Nice. I enjoyed reading that


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Excellent story, I very much enjoyed reading it please carry on posting, Thank you

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You have my attention. Great character development and very easy to read. Please continue....can't wait for Lauren to be seduced.

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Fantastic story! I cannot wait for the next chapter!!

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Keep this going!
A very hot tale well told!
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Thanks for the feedback. It is very much appreciated. Next chapter coming...
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Lauren woke a little past noon to a throbbing headache. Remembering that her friend and coworker had passed out on the couch just hours ago, she crept to the apartment's living area only to discover a nicely folded blanket and a note.

Let myself out. Thanks for a special evening, one filled with surprises and prose. Amy.

Lauren managed a feeble smile through the pulsating pain. It certainly had been a night to remember; or forget, she wasn't sure yet. Dirty dancing, hand job to a stranger, listening to her husband and best friend orgasm at the same time - and in different states, no less. Not an ordinary evening.

After calling both daughters to catch up on their lives, Lauren changed into a soft cotton t-shirt and boxers, ready for a lazy day to nurse the hangover. Grabbing her tablet and yogurt, she curled up on the couch that had seen so much action the night before. Part of her wanted to cringe as she remembered just how slutty she'd been, especially with Max, the bar owner. Not since college had she made out with more than one guy in a day's span. And while she didn't have sex, she came damn close. That's on me, she concluded. Corey may have set the table, but I didn't have to pick up the fork.

Remarkably, given her historically modest demeanor, she felt little shame. Perhaps a bit of remorse for leading those poor guys on. That wasn't like her. Teasing would not have crossed her mind a week ago - intoxicated or not. Clearly the green light from her husband to broaden her horizons had influenced those decisions, cemented by copious amounts of alcohol. She could also not deny the smattering of male attention received over the past couple months had slowly fueled her arousal. At this point she was like a balloon at maximum capacity. A balloon blown up by Corey himself. Lauren also felt unquestionably different today than yesterday. So…bohemian and avant-garde.

Lauren dialed Corey's number. It went straight to voice mail. On the rooftop with the AC guys, she guessed. Damn that job! It completely ruined their holiday plans. Tablet on, she tried to become interested in the news of the day, but quickly tired of the violence and politics. Staring blankly at the browser, she recalled yesterday's rather intimate conversation with Amy. With curiosity, she typed in the word "hotwife". The wide range of results surprised her: websites offering photos, videos, literature, and even jewelry associated with the concept. She navigated to a few explicit "sharing the wife" videos. Lauren was not unfamiliar with porn, in fact, Corey and she had watched a few rented DVDs over the years when that medium was in vogue. Yet, it wasn't something she sought out in her free time. Most of her exposure to pornography had involved couples, with the occasional mixed-gender orgy. It never occurred to her that a wife having sex with someone other than her husband was a "thing". Having relations with someone other than your spouse was simply cheating, or involved that "swinger" stuff that no one in her Iowan circles talked about.

Lauren opened a blog entitled "Why He Wants to Share". Her inquisitiveness deepened as she learned "hotwifing" was quite a common fetish among men, if myriad stories, films, and online search term counts were any indicator. Attracted by the wide spectrum of emotions experienced when sharing their wives, these men relished the validation of knowing the women choosing to wear their wedding ring was still highly desirable and worthy of being pursued. Beyond their own gratification - which was undeniably a major part of the kink - many also wanted their wives to experience a level of sexual fulfillment they, for whatever reason, could not give them. For these men, pleasure wasn't a one-way street just for them. No, there were many examples of men with physical issues, like low stamina, or psychological issues, such as performance insecurities or premature ejaculation, who were genuinely benevolent. Most wanted to share the experience, to live in the moment; others were content to be told of the details later. Regardless of preference, if their wife wasn't happy, neither were they. Reclamation sex - as the author called it - was especially important in this relationship, providing closure to the event, and a return to normalcy for the couple.

Not surprisingly, Lauren also found many videos with "hotwife" in the title. They were interesting to a point, but none as much as the literature she found. For her, reading about sexual experiences was far more erotic than watching plastic actors in a film with bad lighting. The stories she perused varied in content, some claimed to be true, others fictional. Similarities to the tall tales Corey had conjured up in the past were readily apparent. So her husband wasn't the only one with a twisted imagination. The more she read, the more aroused she became. Amy was dead on. Nasty words significantly enhanced the emotional response to the sex acts themselves.

Lauren pressed the tablet into her waist as she read intently. In doing so, her arms gently brushed against both breasts, thinly covered by the cotton tee. Electricity arced across her nipples and down between her legs, inducing some dampness. She happened upon the retelling of a husband, his wife and two of his best friends on a fishing trip. The woman insisted on going with them, despite their attempts at talking her out of it. The story culminated with an evening campfire, where the wife danced erotically, trying to make them glad she tagged along. Eventually she had sex with the friends in front of her husband, then took hubby back to their tent for some hot one-on-one sex.

As she was drawn into the story, Lauren's hand slipped beneath her boxers, rubbing the folds of her vagina. She closed her eyes as the words from the story played out in her brain. Setting the tablet aside, her now free hand crept under the tee, finding hard and erect nipples. Thighs parted, she probed her moistened canal with one finger, then two. Back arched, the tight thin cotton shirt could barely contain the small breasts straining beneath. The woman in the story was now Lauren, dancing around the campfire, disrobing in front of Corey and two of his coworkers. Her husband watched them through burning embers as she collapsed between the other men, their hands groping and probing her body.

With one hand attacking her slippery hole, the other groped her small breasts. Lauren willed her imagination for more. She was now on her knees, one man driving into her from behind, the other pushing his penis down her throat. That she would find the latter even the least bit erotic surprised her. One summer night after graduating high school, she went down on an overly excited boyfriend in the front seat of his car. Ejaculating just seconds after her mouth had closed over his throbbing shaft, she panicked as gobs of the sticky white stuff blasted down her throat and overflowed out her mouth, causing her to jerk her head back violently into the steering wheel. Needless to say, the date ended, and that guy forever ruined those chances for others after him. Campfire Lauren, however, was nowhere near as alarmed as teenage Lauren; Corey's coworkers continued to use her as their plaything.

Masturbating Lauren continued to drill two fingers into her slit, juices flowing heavily now. She kicked off the boxers and placed her feet far apart on the coffee table. A short time later, the orgasm began welling up inside as a decadent and depraved image flashed in front of her. All three men were now standing above, ejaculating their sperm onto her face and breasts, reminiscent of the "money shots" she had seen in those porn videos. Her hips began to buck violently at the thought, as spasms rolled across her body, causing her feet to shake the glass table on which they were planted. The orgasm rolled on, so intense that her torso convulsed uncontrollably as hands squeezed the couch cushions beside her, mouth opened in a silent shriek. Lauren could feel the veins in her neck pulsating as those tiny breasts strained against the thin tee. Weeks of pent-up emotions bubbled inside her, trying to find their way out, until finally erupting as a prolonged, ear shattering scream that resonated loudly through the small apartment.


Lauren sat silently as her breathing slowed. Not one to frequently masturbate, she thought back to the imagery which had gotten her there. It was only fiction, to be sure, not unlike the stories Corey told all the time. But this time it was her imagination, not his. Clearly the image of three men coating her with sperm, um...cum, triggered a most massive orgasm, similar to...Lauren paused, not sure she was ready for where her next thought was taking her...similar to...the ones she experienced during previous stories with fictional extramarital lovers. The clear implication caused her heart to race, but she would not have time to dwell on it.

The ringing phone wrenched Lauren from the deep reflection. It was Corey. The HVAC installation had been a success, but even better, his boss was rewarding him with extra time off to compensate for working the holiday. He would be coming to Miami in just a few days to visit, better late than never. Lauren jumped up off the couch in joy, immediately rattling off all the things they should do while he was in town: the beach, the galleries, restaurants she had found.

Corey echoed her excitement, telling her she could decide; after all, it was her town. After getting a rundown on the great cafes in the district, his tone turned slightly more serious. "We also need to talk."

Lauren noted his inflection. "I know", she replied, well aware of what he was alluding to.

"The fantasy phone sex was great, Lauren, but those pictures, those were real."

"I know," she repeated. "And we WILL talk about it, I promise. Can we please just wait until you are here? I have some explaining to do."
Corey thought it over. There was no telling where that conversation would go, and agreed it probably was best to have it in person. Reluctantly, he switched the topic to that of a potential family reunion over the Thanksgiving holiday. Before ending the call, Lauren made sure she had his itinerary and flight information. She made a note to take those days off work and to inventory her pantry for ingredients to Corey's favorite meal. As she thought about a side dish, Lauren blushed. How about a side dish of me, she chuckled? No lie, while he was here she had every intention on feeding her husband's mind AND body.


Lauren woke the next day with an abundance of energy, her hangover negated by a full 10 hours of sleep. She was chipper and wanted to make the most of the holiday. While contemplating the choices, her phone vibrated with a text from Amy. "Mad at me?"

Lauren immediately called her number. "Why would I be mad at YOU?" she blurted out. "I'm the one who acted out with YOUR friend."

"Yeah, well. I'm the one who jilled to your husband getting his rocks off too. I guess that makes us even."

The two recalled the evening in detail, feigning disgust at each other's behavior. Eventually the conversation turned to plans for the day. Lauren asked if she would care to come over and hang out at the pool with a few seltzers. Not having other plans, Amy readily accepted, noting it would be a perfect time to debut her new thong bikini.


The pool atop the high-rise was exceptionally busy by mid-afternoon, but that was not unexpected given the holiday. Elementary and high schools were out for the day, and local college students were enjoying the last long weekend of the summer.

Two of those students were in the water, trying to interest others in a game of soft volleyball, when one noticed two attractive women exit the elevator to the sun deck. The first was young, blonde, and drop-dead gorgeous, sporting a barely-there hot pink Brazilian bikini with nothing but strategically placed triangles to hide her wares. The other was much older, but slinky and tight, wearing a more modest snow-white bikini, her midnight black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Tony, a well-built football player from a near-by university, nudged his friend Tommy, nodding in the women's direction. Tommy turned and immediately recognized the mature woman as one whom he tried to hit on recently. Was the blonde her daughter? She was a fox too, but, damn, there was just something about that MILF.

Tony watched the newcomers look for empty lounge chairs. Knowing there were none, he wasted no time in jumping out of the pool and grabbing the boys' towels from the ones they themselves occupied.

"Hi ladies," he gestured, catching their eye. "You can have these two if you'd like. My buddy and I are just hanging out in the water anyway."

Lauren looked in the direction he was pointing and immediately realized he was referring to Tommy. Remembering his persistent flirtation, she futilely glanced around for alternative seating. To her chagrin, Amy readily accepted Tony's offer. He only requested they be able to continue to store their belongings under the chairs.

The young men feigned interest in punching the soft spongy volleyball back and forth across the plastic net strung across the pool. Their real focus now centered on the two women who were judiciously applying sunscreen to every inch of their delectable exposed skin. After allowing them to settle in, Tony slid out of the water under the guise of reapplying sunscreen.

"Need to keep those blisters away, you know," he smiled broadly, slowly coating his massive chest and legs with coconut smelling oil.

Amy pretended not to notice the young athlete in front of her but did a lousy job of it. She could not help but leer at his powerful legs, built from many hours of football practice, and the large bulge revealed by the wet, clingy suit. Lauren noticed her friend's not so subtle stares. "You need to cool down, sister," she chuckled.

"Speaking of cooling down," Tony said not so innocently, "we need a couple more bodies to play doubles. The water feels great. How 'bout it?"

Lauren began to protest, but Amy countered by expressing how great an idea that was! She grabbed the older woman's hand and pulled her off the chaise. "Live a little," Amy whispered. Lauren looked unsure as she waded into the pool, allowing the warm water to wash over her body. I've done enough living this weekend for a lifetime, she assessed silently.

"I'll take blondie," Tony announced, holding up the net as he and Amy bounced to the other side.

"Guess it's you and me then," Tommy grinned, giving Lauren a fist bump. "What's your name again?"

Not wanting to be a poor sport, she forced a small smile. "I'm Lauren," she replied, "and you're Tommy, right?" The young man beamed back at her, pleased she had remembered his name.

The foursome played several sets, with Tony and Amy winning most of them. As the afternoon wore on, it was clear those two were developing a rather close friendship, if the groping and grabbing were indicative of anything. After a while, the volleyball game simply became an afterthought. That was not a bad thing, at least for Lauren, as her lack of comparative agility was obvious. Tommy was a good sport too, happily taking up the slack in her play. She decided he was quite likeable after all. Confident and persistent, to be sure, but tempered by a soft voice and a pleasant demeanor. Eventually the game was abandoned altogether, with Amy and Tony drifting off to a corner by themselves. Younger high school boys were quick to grab the volleyball and start their own contest.

Tommy nabbed a nearby Styrofoam noodle and handed it to Lauren, who wrapped her arms tightly around the device. She was not a particularly good swimmer and was relieved to no longer have to pogo off the bottom to keep her head above water. Her eyes followed the young man as he jumped out of the pool in search of a second floaty. Besides being nice, he really was unbelievably good looking, with a full summer's tan, chiseled abdomen, and sleek, muscular legs. Thick neck muscles gave way to a strong spine, which tapered to a very cute butt. She tried to push any untoward thoughts from her mind, but the same emotions that had invaded her over the past few days kept driving them back in. Lauren giggled drunkenly. She remembered her hotwife research the day before. There is a spirit Koreans called Kumiho, which has a voracious appetite for sex, and whose hobby is seducing humans. Although not a believer in the supernatural, Lauren felt this was a pretty accurate description of the raw lust that had been percolating deep within her the last week or so. Coupled with her husband's sudden interest in taking his fantasies to the next level, her startling increase in libido could only be explained by something so unlikely. Like a spirit. Like a demon. Like Kumiho.

Lauren watched as Tommy walked back to the edge of the water, preparing to jump in. The front of the swimsuit was tight around his crotch and legs, and while he didn't appear to be exceptionally large in that area, whatever he did have would surely have a steam engine full of muscles behind it. Lauren blew her bangs off her eyes as she thought about it. Get a grip, woman, he's only a kid.

They held onto each other's floats to remain anchored together, idly chatting. Lauren learned that both he and Tony attended the same local university, were fraternity brothers, and were both in their senior year. Tony was 22 and majoring in sports medicine. Tommy had just turned 21, hoped to own his own business someday, and was into gymnastics. That explained his toned upper body, trim waist and powerful legs. Tommy lived in the apartment building with his parents, although in a separate attached suite with its own kitchen and bedroom. Tony was his best friend and visited often.

As they floated side-by-side, Tommy kept them from separating by occasionally reaching over Lauren's backside and grasping her hip, pulling his body against hers. Their arms gently touched as they maneuvered around other swimmers, their hips bumping as the water lapped at their bodies. Both were keenly aware of their naked skin rubbing together, and the unspoken electricity between them seemed to grow with each passing minute. Tommy's heart rate increased now that Lauren's pretty face was close. He was very sure of himself with girls his own age. He'd make a move, they'd be receptive -- or not -- and he wouldn't care one way or the other. But she was different. Old enough to be his mother yet hot as hell, he felt a bit intimidated by her stature and how she carried herself.

As Tommy contemplated his next move, the calmness suddenly turned to chaos. The water from a child's cannonball dive hit Lauren squarely in the face, causing her to swallow much of it. Losing her grip on the noodle, she quickly disappeared under the surface, the surprise of it all catching her off guard. A weak swimmer to begin with, her arms flailed about as she dropped to the bottom of the deep end, instinctively reaching for something, anything, to grasp onto. Finding none, her surprise turned to instant panic. After what seemed like minutes of thrashing about, but were no more than a few seconds, a pair of strong arms encased her body, pulling her upward. Surfacing, Lauren found herself face to face with Tommy once again. She threw her arms around his thick neck and expelled the swallowed water over his shoulder. He held her tightly until she calmed down, repeatedly assuring her that she was safe. "You just took on some water, you're okay now."

Still sputtering, Lauren headed back to the chaise lounge, her hand firmly planted in Tommy's, not wanting to let go. Gaining composure, she thanked him for the quick reaction. "I'm a lousy swimmer and that was quite unexpected," she exclaimed, still half-choking. "I owe you one."

"Nah, you would have been okay. You just needed a little back up," he replied, downplaying the whole hero thing. He did see a chance though. "If you really want to thank me, have dinner with me tonight. That is, unless you have plans for the movies again."

Remembering the ruse concocted by her wealthy neighbor Jack to evade Tommy's previous flirtation, she smiled. "No, it's not movie night. But you should know that I'm married."

Tommy looked genuinely disappointed. "To Jack? I didn't think he was the marrying kind."

Lauren wondered briefly what he meant by that, but let it go. "Not to him, no."

Tommy's curiosity was now immeasurable. "So, let me get this straight," he said as tactfully as he could, handing Lauren a dry towel. "You're married but you go out on dates. Just not with your husband?"

"Not exactly." Lauren explained that then she was simply trying to find a polite way to avoid his flirting because she was married, and Jack's strategy seemed the way to go at the time. Unfortunately, Amy's voice interrupted any further justification.

"You get a mouthful back there?" Amy asked, pointing at the pool with one hand, the other firmly wrapped around Tony's well-developed arm.

"I'm fine," Lauren assured her friend, suddenly feeling hot, dizzy, and flustered.

"Look, I'm heading back down to the apartment. I need a hot shower," she lied. "No need for you to leave, just come get your stuff whenever, okay?"

Amy shrugged. "Sure, I'll be down in a bit. Going to have one more round with my new friend here." Tony grinned as she squeezed his biceps.

Lauren simply smirked knowingly and picked up her things. She turned to Tommy and thanked him again for rescuing her. "I do owe you one. Good luck in school, okay?"

Tommy was still intrigued by her previous statement. It gave him a glimmer of hope. "The invitation for dinner is still good. I make a mean Spaghetti Napolitana."

"Yeah, he's a killer chef!" Tony piped up. "Off the chain!"

"Sounds fabulous, it really does. I'll take a rain check for now," Lauren smiled apologetically. With that, she headed towards the elevator and her apartment. Amy watched her friend walk away, thinking she appeared both tired and bothered. Chalking it up to the heat and a gallon of swallowed water, the blonde turned her attention back to her new pals.


Lauren practically sprinted to her apartment as the lift opened to her floor. Throwing the beach bag on the kitchen island, she made a beeline for the bedroom and fished out The Chairman from beneath some undies in the dresser drawer. Pulling the see-through crocheted cover-up over her head, Lauren knelt on the bed. Both hands flew beneath her still slightly wet bikini bottoms, caressing and probing her vagina. She was so horny! For years, sex was a take it or leave it thing. Now it was all she could think about.

As the wet, sticky juices began to coat her fingers, she untied the suit, letting both pieces fall to the bed spread. With greater access to her sopping wet hole, Lauren hooked her index and ring fingers in as deep as they would go, using the others to support the urgent probing. Her imagination took over. Tommy was kneeling behind her, snaking his hands around her torso to these small, eager breasts. He began kissing her neck, tongue in one ear, then the other. She wanted him in her right then. In her pussy, damnit, she wanted him to take her pussy right the fuck now!

Lauren turned and fell on the bed. The 10-inch vibrator roared to life, providing a steady hum in the otherwise quiet room. Legs splayed wide open, her alternating light and dark pink labia was beautifully framed by the closely cropped but full set of pubic hair. Clear juices ran from her, pooling in the crack of her ass, soaked up by the underlying throw. Applying slight pressure to the top of her pussy, she ran the dildo lightly around the outside, paying attention to the moist erogenous area. With each pass by her clit, her entire pussy seemed to have a life of its own. It puckered and lurched forward towards The Chairman, begging him, enticing him to enter her willing hole.

Tommy was on top of her now, tracing the contours of her thighs with his cock, gradually coating the shaft with the natural lubrication that flowed freely from Lauren's slit. She positioned the Chairman directly between her pussy lips, slowly pushing it into her eager canal. Rocking the vibrator back and forth, it gradually became lubricated, allowing it to slip in deeper. "Fuck me," Lauren cried out to no one in particular, as The Chairman picked up his pace. Suddenly Tommy's face was over hers, in the throes of ecstasy, grunting louder with each subsequent thrust. Lauren felt her release coming. She tried to hold back, to make the moment last longer, but it was not to be. What used to take hours, now arrived in just minutes. The orgasm exploded quickly within, causing her to bite a fist to stifle the resulting scream.

As short time later, Lauren laid motionless in bed, legs spread wide and slightly quivering. The Chairman hummed his tune happily, glistening on the bed sheets, a job well done. It felt particularly erotic to her, like the women in men's magazines, spread eagle, nothing to hide. As she turned down the vibrator, a noise came from just outside of the open bedroom door.

"Someone there?" she asked nervously in all her nakedness. "I have a gun!" she bellowed, lying.

Slowly, almost ghost like, Amy appeared in the bedroom doorway, her long golden hair covering full breasts, extending to just above her curvaceous hips. Lauren reached for the bed sheets in an attempt to cover herself, trying to speak words that would not come. Amy put a finger to her red lips, suggesting total silence. The young blonde's bright sapphire eyes pried into Lauren's very soul as she wandered aimlessly about the room, never breaking their gaze, delicate fingers tracing lightly over the vanity, the dresser, and finally an armchair in a corner of the room. Lauren clutched the sheets, unable to speak or move. How much had her friend seen? Why could she not speak? At that very moment she felt exactly like the canary who had just been spied by the cat.

Standing in front of the chair, Amy silently removed her bikini top and threw it to the floor. She put her hands on her hips seductively, then slowly untied each side of the thong bottoms, letting them fall as well. Lauren stared at her friend's nakedness. Ample lily-white breasts topped with large areolae, offset by her deeply tanned body. Lauren's eyes followed long and lean legs to a cleanly shaved and waxed vagina. Would it had been anything but?

Without warning, Amy laughed and quickly snatched the sheets away from the older woman, exposing her once again. Lauren gasped as her coworker sank slowly into the armchair, grabbing her ankles, spreading sun-kissed thighs, and anchoring her legs over the padded ornamental arms.
"Do you want me to stop?" Amy asked, placing both hands on her smooth pussy, pulling the lips back to expose the fleshy pinkness of her inner canal. Lauren, mesmerized, slowly shook her head. The young blonde smirked, placing two fingers from each hand inside her hole. "No, of course you don't."

Moaning as her fingers danced inside, Amy declared, "You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever known, and I've waited for this moment. Spread your legs and let me see you."

Lauren stared at the blonde's shaved pussy not more than five feet from her, the moisture from it plainly visible. Instinctively having pulled her legs up underneath her when the sheet had been yanked off, she now willed them to unfurl and open. Laying back against the headboard, she waited.

"Now wet your fingers and feel your nipples," Amy directed, her own fingers doing the same.

Lauren licked each index fingers and touched one to each breast. She began lightly moving them around the areolas, feeling the tiny bumps and nipples harden into rigid nubs once again. She closed her eyes. This just couldn't be happening.

Amy stared at her friend's dark bush, the wiry trimmed pubic hairs drawing attention to its pink center. This was not the first time she had been with another girl, but this one was special. No women had turned her on as much as this 48-year-old beauty.

"Look at me," Amy continued her steely gaze as Lauren's eyes snapped open to stare back into the haunting baby blues. The blonde stuck two fingers into her sopping hole then sucked them into her mouth, licking off the juice.

"Put your fingers in your cunt," the younger woman commanded.

Lauren followed Amy's lead, pulled her labia back, and inserted three fingers into the wetness. She could feel the juices coating her hands.

"Work that clit for me," Amy murmured.

Lauren obliged, her breathing increasing exponentially, the scene so erotic she could barely stand it.

"That's it, sweet girl. You were having yourself quite the dream when I walked in, weren't you? I bet you were fucking Tommy, or Tony, or both huh?"

"Amy, please, we can't," was all Lauren could muster before she was overcome by the sensations of her fingers flicking her clit. What are you doing? You're an executive for God's sake, she's a secretary.

"Please, my ass! You don't realize just how nasty you are. You pretend to be all disinterested in other men, but listen, you gave Max a tug job, told your husband a story about some stranger banging you, and by the way, made me cum on your couch while listening to hubby pop. Remember all that shit?"

"Oh, yessss, I do..." Lauren groaned, her hips beginning to gyrate.

"Now it's my turn to return the favor," Amy cooed. "You were screwing Tommy just now, weren't you, you slutty little minx? I saw how fast you left the pool. You weren't upset, you were just fucking horny, needed to rub one out!"

"Nooo, Amy. Please stoppppp! We can't do this. It's not right!"

"What isn't?" Amy hissed. Her intense blue eyes pierced Lauren's. "You fantasizing about a guy younger than your daughters? You making good on your husband's kink, or you getting off watching your best friend jill her pussy? Which is it?"

Lauren's back arched away from the headboard, her shoulders pressing against it. She was starting to lose control.

"That's it, baby, just go with it," Amy embolden her friend, watching the older woman's body writhe in front of her.

"I bet you'd like your husband to watch Tommy lay that steel pipe into you, from right here in this chair. I sure Corey would be shooting spunk out between his fingers!"

"I...," Lauren squealed, "I, I," There was no denying it, the imagery was so decadent. "FUCK. Yessssssss! Oh, YES!"

"I knew it. You aren't so different than Corey, are you? Are all Iowans so perverted? Good girl! Ride that cock. Move those hips, take every inch of that throbbing monster."

Lauren's face seethed in ecstasy, eyes turned up into her head, as tight abs quivered and shapely legs shook. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," the moans were rhythmic now.

"You're a horny little slut, aren't you?" Amy yelled.


"Yes, you are! You're fingerfucking yourself in front of a coworker. Who but a slut would do that? Say it!

Lauren nodded her head rapidly. "Oh god, I am. I'm a...I'm a horny slut!"

"Look at me!" Amy demanded.

Lauren looked. Amy's legs were still draped over each padded arm, the slick, bare pussy gaping open as she attacked it with both hands. Heavy breasts were heaving dramatically, pushing that shiny blonde hair to the side. Her whole body moved with each thrusting motion.

"You just know Tommy and Tony," Amy panted. "They...they want to pound us with their cocks. You want that too, don't you? I know how much you wanted to fuck Max the other night. Look how wet you are. What would you do if I came over there and licked that gushing juice right out of that cunt?

"Oh god, oh god, ah, ah, ah, ah," Lauren moaned. She could picture the gorgeous blonde's face between her legs, tongue lapping at her hole.

"I can just feel those pubes on my cheeks, all hot and sticky! Tommy and Tony standing over you, your hands wrapped around each thick, pulsating cock, stroking them up and down. I think they're gonna come!"

"Fuuuuuuck! Jesus. Oh shit!"

"Where do you want them to cum?"

"I don't know," Lauren gulped.

"Where do you want them to spray their jizz, tell me?"

Moans from both women were increasing in intensity.

"Where, Lauren?"

"On my face, Amy, I want them to come on my face!"

Amy's own orgasm was starting to build at the thought of her eating out her best friend while two young studs emptied their balls onto her face.
"They're going to unload all over your pretty little face, slut. You gonna gobble that shit up?"

"Oh...MY...FUCKING...GOD!" Lauren's body convulsed and twisted, her hips bucking off the mattress. This was too close to image that had sent her over the edge in the camping story. She felt liquid squirt from her small hole and flood the sheets.

Amy could no longer hold back her own release after witnessing Lauren visibly squirting. She fell from the chair onto her knees, blonde tresses enveloping her entire upper body like a blanket. Now at eye level with Lauren's oozing hole just feet away, she worked numerous fingers in and out of her slit until she looked at the ceiling and howled in a manner that any neighbor would instantly recognize as a deep, carnal scream of sexual release.


Minutes later, sitting on the floor completely spent, Amy leaned back on the chair, panting. Lauren, also thoroughly drained, gazed down at her from the bed. As their eyes met, they began to lightly chuckle, not knowing what to say. Without a word, Amy stood and put on her bikini. Lauren watched her cute little ass bounce from one side to the other as she sashayed to the bedroom door. Before disappearing into the other room, Amy turned and smiled at her friend.

"By the way, you may want to lock the door behind you from now on, you never know who's going to pop in." With that, the young blonde disappeared.

Lauren climbed out of bed. What had just happened? She had masturbated with her friend - and co-worker no less - all at the thought of having sex with very young men. As she lovingly cleaned The Chairman, there was now no question that she had gone through a complete transformation in the last 72 hours, going from a demure disinterested mother of two who could barely get wet, to a harlot who could not stop thinking of sex. She was neither proud nor ashamed of this realization, but Lauren did know she had to channel her libido into something both her and her husband could enjoy.


Corey's flight the following Thursday was delayed due to thunderstorms throughout the Midwest. Once in the air, he called Lauren and informed her of the delay. They initially planned to attend the apartment building's Thirsty Thursdays happy hour together, but suggested Lauren go anyway and enjoy some hors d'oeuvres. He would meet her there. A bit hungry, having not eaten all day in anticipation of the visit, she donned a pastel off-the-shoulder mini-sundress, brushed her shiny black hair, and headed up to the high-rise's rooftop.

It was the golden hour for sunlight, and it cast a gentle glow across the pool area. Exiting the elevator, she recognized several neighbors at the open-air bar, situated off to the side with a sweeping view of the Atlantic. A few nodded in recognition as she walked up and ordered a seltzer. Lauren watched as more residents poured onto the pool deck, ensuring a quite lively scene. Scanning the area for people she knew, her eyes made note of Tommy and his parents occupying a table in the back of the bar, seemingly bored.

Drink in hand, Lauren mingled with the residents, mostly couples who had abandoned their kids in front of the television so they could get a few minutes of respite. After 45 minutes of small talk, a single mother who lived on the 9th floor came over and complimented Lauren on her dress, admitting she could never pull off something similar in public. "Only someone in fantastic shape like you could wear that effectively," the woman gushed. Lauren thanked her, returning the praise with a compliment on the admirer's smart pantsuit and blazer.

As the woman moved on to the bar, a booming voice rang out from behind. "I couldn't agree more." It was the bachelor from the 31st floor who had rescued her from Tommy's initial flirtation attempt. A large, bearded man whom she had not seen before was standing beside him.

"Hey, Sir Jack," Lauren smiled. "Here to save me again?"

"Do you need to be? Is your young suitor about?"

"I think he's over there with his parents, enjoying his newfound legal age. I'm safe, for now."

"Well, if you need help again, just whistle," he offered, winking.

Jack went on to introduce his friend, Waylon, a professional photographer, who was visiting for the evening. The three made their way over to a bar height table and began a conversation that ranged from politics to the stock market. Waylon grabbed some finger food and more drinks as they settled in, enjoying the sight of the sinking sun over the western skyline. Soon other neighbors gathered round, tables daisy-chained together to widen the circle. The happy hour had become energized. Even Tommy joined in, his parents having left to go back to their apartment.


Corey watched the sun slip over the horizon as his plane touched down at the Miami airport. Navigating through baggage claim, he hailed a cab and sent a text to Lauren that he was on his way. There was no response. A bit of traffic and 20 minutes later, he arrived at the downtown apartment building. Riding the elevator to the 23rd floor, he fished out the fob from his carryon, opened the door and pushed the suitcase inside. Lauren was not there, but her phone was. Kind of odd, but probably just forgotten it. Assuming she was still at the happy hour, he washed up, grab a beer, and headed towards the pool.

The first thing Corey noticed when he walked off the elevator was the festive rooftop atmosphere. Music wafted from strategically placed speakers around the perimeter, tempering the moderate to loud laughter coming from several different pods of people. These Miamians sure enjoy their weeknights, he thought. The second thing he noticed was a group of 10 people, a mixture of men and women, gathered around a few wobbly tables. In the midst of them was his wife, smiling and giggling at everyone. She was a vision of beauty, even prettier in person than he remembered. But something had changed. Clearly tanner from a summer of Florida sun, she was still waif-like, still fit in all the right places, but something about her was different. Better. Her face appeared more provocative than he had remembered, likely from heavier, more colorful makeup than he was used to. Hair still black as night, those temptress black bangs hung straight down to her eyes. Yes, there was no doubt she was perkier, cheerier, and...flirtier. Four men seemed to be paying the most attention. Three were middle-aged, the other one much larger and younger, maybe in his mid-twenties. Lauren was quite animated, punctuating her laughter with a touch of an arm here, a pat on the chest there. It seemed the men were very fond of her as well, never passing up an opportunity to put an arm around her waist, or the occasional "incidental" contact with her behind.

Corey took a sip of beer and stayed in the shadows. His wife seemed to be enjoying the attention. Who was he to deny that? He could not help but feel slightly aroused by the entire scene. At one point, Lauren shivered a bit in the cool breeze, motivating the younger of the three gentlemen to begin massaging her bare shoulders in an attempt to warm them. Appreciative of the gesture, she tilted her head back towards this kid and touched one of his hands, smiling. One of the older men raised his voice, asking mockingly if the masseuse was bothering her. This prompted her to reach out and slap him playfully on the chest, replying, "Going to rescue me again?"

After a few minutes more of watching this obvious flirtation, Corey polished off his drink and began walking towards the bar. Lauren was the first to notice, and began running towards him with open arms, screaming his name. This caused several of the revelers to briefly look their way. Flinging her arms around his neck, she rocked back and forth, kissing his face all over. She was obviously several drinks ahead.

"So glad you're here! Come, I want you to meet the neighbors!" she said with glee, leading him back to the circle. After introductions to several couples who had gathered around, Lauren finally stopped in front of the three men who minutes before had been so eager to touch his wife's skin.
She introduced Tommy, explaining how he had rescued her from the clutches of the killer pool just days ago. Then to "Sir" Jack, who had been her knight in shining armor, helping her out of "a jam or two" since she'd been there. Lauren smiled slightly towards Tommy as she said this, causing him to quickly avert his eyes. And finally, Waylon. The men took turns shaking Corey's hand, welcoming him to Miami.

A good conversationalist, Corey quickly melded into the gathering, helping himself to a beer from a bucket on the table, and joining in the various discussions as the happy hour extended into two. Eventually, neighbors started drifting away. It was a work night for most. Lauren, excited to have Corey back, was eager to get him alone. She waited patiently, however, as he, Jack, Waylon and Tommy held court on the latest college football rule changes. Finally, she tugged on her husband's arm, suggesting they go have dinner. The men exchanged final words, with Corey thanking them for keeping an eye on his wife in his absence. Hearing that, Lauren had to suppress a small cough as she pulled him away from the group. They've been keeping an eye on me, alright.

The couple walked to the elevator landing, arms around each other's waist. Lauren jokingly asked if they should go to her place or his. Moments later, the elevator was descending towards the 23rd floor. Alone, Corey gently pushed Lauren's back against the rear wall, cradling her face, as he began to kiss her. "Three fucking months," he whispered as he sucked on her neck and shoulders. At first, she made no attempt to quell his advances, then noticed the blinking light affixed to the ceiling of the lift.

"Um, we might have an audience," Lauren mentioned, pointing at the camera.

"We can only hope," Corey replied, his hands roaming under the sundress.

"You're bad," she scoffed, pushing him away and smoothing her clothing, then promised, "we'll settle this later."

Corey reluctantly backed off, grinned, and extended his middle finger towards the small, all-seeing device in the ceiling.


Primed by the numerous happy hour drinks, the pair quickly devoured the specially prepared homecoming pasta dish. After a lengthy video conference with both daughters, Corey took a shower while Lauren made quick work of the dirty dishes. Shower completed, the 61-year-old settled back against the bed's headboard, hoping to continue what he had started in the elevator. Minutes later, Lauren slipped into the bedroom, shot him a brief smile, then quickly disappeared into the bathroom, latching the door behind her. Assuming she was taking a bath, he grabbed his tablet and began thumbing through local restaurant reviews, hoping it would not be a long soak.

Several minutes passed before Corey realized he was not hearing any running water. He was about to ask if everything was okay when the bathroom door unlocked. Turning toward the sound, he watched as his gorgeous bride of 28 years stood in the doorway, one hand bracing herself against the side jamb, the other on a hip, creatively trying to recreate a pose familiar to anyone who has ever leafed through a men's magazine. If that wasn't enough to cause his jaw to drop, she had donned the outfit worn the night of the pub crawl. Tanned legs wrapped in smokey grey, thigh high stockings, short taut black leather skirt resting just below the tops of her curvy hips, and the gunmetal mesh crop top pulled tightly over the top half of her upper body, revealing tight and muscular abs. Only this time, with there was no bralette, allowing her small breasts to be plainly visible, nipples poking through the open eyelets. The silver choker collar was there too, and far below were those 3-inch corset heels pulled tightly across her feet.

"Fuck me," Corey managed to spit out, setting his tablet aside.

Lauren answered by simply nodding in agreement as she seductively closed the gap between her and the bed. Placing one heel on the mattress, she used both hands to slowly unzip the side of the skirt. Corey sat mesmerized as the lacy top of the stocking became visible. He tried to touch her exposed thigh, but Lauren brushed his hand a way, wiggling an index finger at him in disapproval. The skirt looser now, she was able to pull the thin sheepskin material up to her waist, revealing a naked and neatly trimmed bush. Pivoting onto her husband's hips, she ground her bare bottom into his crotch. Corey looked deep into the vixen's eyes. They glowed with a fire he had not seen since the early days of their marriage. What had become of his wife, the mother of his children, whose sexual urges lately could be measured only in financial quarters? Lauren lifted his wife-beater over weak shoulders, tossing it onto the floor. Leaning over a graying chest, she twisted the silver hair that covered his soft pectorals, thumbing at his nipples, which responded immediately. Corey quickly shimmied out of his boxers, a growing erection springing into view.

"I need you in me," Lauren announced and wrapped a hand around his shaft. She positioned her hips over the six-inch cock and guided it into her waiting pussy.

Corey moaned uncharacteristically loud, surprised at how good the wet hole felt closing around his throbbing member. He felt the tugging action as Lauren slid her hips up and down his mid-section, cranking his cock like a lever on a slot machine. Back and forth, sliding in deep, then quickly out again, Corey could feel his orgasm mounting. What the fuck? It had only been minutes! This can't be happening. Fearing he would blow any second, he tried to slow Lauren's pace, but she was too immersed in having a cock in her to notice. In fact, she lengthened her stride, causing his shaft to be driven even further into her gaping hole. He tried to hold it, but the sensations became too much as he erupted inside his wife, spilling a good two weeks of semen into her womb.

Lauren felt the hot gooey mass shoot into her, catching her off guard. She knew Corey didn't last long these days but hadn't expected him to come that quickly. Sitting up, Corey's cock deflating inside her still pulsating slit, she let out a small sigh, trying to disguise her disappointment. Corey detected her frustration. He couldn't blame her. They hadn't seen each other in 12 weeks, and he popped off before even getting sweaty. "I'm sorry, babe," he apologized. "Your pussy feels so unbelievable, I couldn't help it."

Lauren smiled weakly and shifted her legs, causing his now soft dick to plop out of her sperm coated box. Not having had sex in 3 months either, she wanted to at least try to come from having a hard penis inside her. It became her mission to get him hard again.

Switching to a kneeling position, she leaned over and began kissing his mouth and face, slowly working her lips down to his neck. One hand on his sticky, shrunken cock, the other working over his nipples, she addressed each area with determination, willing his cock to spring to life again like a snake charmer. After much moaning on Corey's part, but no signs of returning hardness, Lauren had an idea. A very nasty, naughty idea.

Laying her head on his belly, face towards his, she began to lightly rake her fingers across her husband's chest. "You said you wanted to talk about those pictures, the ones from the night of the pub crawl?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah, but we don't have to right now," Corey ceded, still embarrassed by his minute-man performance.

"I want to. There are things you need to know."

"Such as?"

Lauren locked onto his eyes. "The band photos, those were staged, you know, for your benefit. Amy got the guys to agree to a few fan photos. They wanted us to stick around, but we decided that probably wasn't a good idea. The guy feeling me up on the dance floor? That wasn't as orchestrated as you might think. By the time we got to that bar, I was on my way to being full on drunk and I'd been perved on all night. That's no surprise, considering I was wearing this whore costume. But all that attention made me horny, and when he got frisky, I was ready to let him. I'm glad Amy took that sequence showing his hands on my breasts and ass. I told myself at the time that this is what you had set me up for, so you should see the results of your volley. I have to admit, I was really getting hot while he was fingering my nipples. Had he taken things a bit slower, I'm not sure how the rest of the evening would have went. But the asshole went for my pussy right there on the dance floor, and I wasn't about to get finger-fucked in front of 50 people. Amy and I left right then."

Corey stared down at his wife as she pulled at the white hair on his chest. Had she ever said "pussy" and "finger-fucked" in the same sentence before? He remembered her throwing out some of that during the phone-sex but figured that was a drunken, one-time thing. "Go on," he encouraged.

"So, next we went over to the club and wound up in the premier suite with the owner, Max, and Myles, a big-time investor around town. In fact, he's a client of my firm. By that time, I was really drunk. The photo you saw was posed by Amy to give you a little thrill."

Corey cleared his throat and paused. "Amy is aware of...?"

Lauren didn't want to answer that question, at least right then. Deflecting, she tweaked one of his nipples with her thumb and forefinger, causing him to groan in pleasure. She continued.

"After the pic was snapped, we smoked some pot. That's when things got a little bit crazy."

Lauren went on to explain how Max had kissed her, she kissed him back, and they necked for a while. With each new detail, she could feel Corey's limp cock beginning to twitch against the back of her head. Slowly but surely, it was gaining mass again. Pushing herself off his chest and back to a kneeling position alongside his hips, she could see his penis was bobbing again, coming to life. Her idea was working.

"How crazy?" Corey asked, barely audible, imagining the impeccably man in the picture caressing his wife's body, kissing her on the mouth, the neck, and breasts.

"Max figured out pretty quickly I was married, which wasn't hard to do, I mean, my wedding ring and all. He apparently knows all about the hotwife lifestyle, and believed I was out on the town to indulge. Of course, he was more than happy to help out and have himself a little fun too."

Corey raised an eyebrow. "Where did you learn about hotwives?"

Lauren smiled slyly, "You'd be surprised what I've learned over the last week."

Corey moaned as the shaft of his dick pulsated and bobbed its way to full mast. Lauren put both hands around the base and began gently tugging.

"Anyway, he used my hand to free his cock from his slacks. I let him, and I'm glad I did. It was beautiful, not all that big, but it felt hot in my hands, and I was so, so high. I just went with it, stroking it from tip to balls, while our tongues danced in each other's mouths."

"Holy shit. Did he come?"

"That part didn't last long enough. Besides, he wanted more, pushing my head down towards his, you know."

Corey gasped. "Did you?"

"No, that's where it ended. Amy and I left soon after that. But maybe I should have sucked his peni..uh, dick. Like this."

Gathering her long black hair so it wouldn't obstruct his view, Lauren bent down, licking Corey's chest and nipples, gradually working her way down past his pudgy belly. Reaching his pubes, her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth, feeling the coarse hair tickling her chin. She could smell and taste the same semen that had dripped out of her pussy minutes ago. Strangely, she was not as sickened by this as in the past. Corey gazed lovingly at his raven-haired wife as she prepared to go down on him. He mustered a grunt of gratitude, knowing this was something she had never been fond of doing.

Corey watched closely as Lauren lowered her mouth around his growing member. She was careful to envelope only the tip at first, rolling her tongue around the mushroom-shape head, understandably a bit apprehensive. Slurping the remainder of his stiff cock into her mouth, she worked over the fleshy worm with her tongue and jaws. He put his hands on the back of her head, pushing it further down into the depths of her throat. She continued working his dick like a pro. All those years of being repulsed by having a penis in her mouth seemed to melt away. The more Lauren sucked, the more aroused she became.

When at last she tasted the pre-cum oozing into her mouth, it was time to change things up. After one final long draw on his shaft, Lauren let his cock pop out from her jaws like a lollipop. It bobbed in the air like a buoy in rough seas. After carefully removing her leather skirt, taking care not to tear the thin material, she straddled his meaty hips once more, guiding him back into her eager hole. Throwing her head back, hair whipping about wildly, she began to crank his dick like a lever again, keeping it in perpetual motion. The couple locked eyes and began moving together in tandem, their bodies becoming one. The more athletic of the two, Lauren being on top was a natural. She liked being in control and setting the pace. It also felt so damn good. So much, in fact, that she thought that Corey's cock just might actually get her off this time.

As she continued her rhythmic ride, she became concerned that he would not continue to stay hard, especially since he had come once already. She had to keep him hard, she just had to! Recalling Amy's advice - use your dirty words - she turned things up a notch.

"Did you miss fucking me?" Lauren asked, grabbing at his chest, panting.

"You know I did," Corey whispered, his hands sliding under the mesh crop top to the small breasts bouncing in front of him. Did she really just ask me that?

"You didn't mind those guys wanting to fuck me?"

"Who could blame them, dressed the way you were?"

"That's not an answer. Do you want me to continue to dress like that, so men will assume I'm out to get laid?"

Through the fog of his buzz and arousal, Corey reflected on the implications of his answer. Was that not the core of the fantasy he wanted Lauren to share with him? The long, low groan that crawled from his throat definitively answered the question she already knew the answer to.

Corey hissed back at her. "I see you've made some friends since I've been gone, you little vamp. I saw those guys hovering around you tonight, touching you every chance they got. Neighbors, huh? How convenient. I bet there's more to that story too, just like there was with Max."

Lauren felt a rush of lust spread through her body, involuntarily causing her head to jerk backwards and arms to quiver. Composing herself, she leaned over Corey again, allowing her lavender scented hair to dangle in his face. He watched in amazement as her eyes lit up behind those sexy bangs.

"Maybe," she replied coyly. "The frat boy, Tommy. He's already asked me out, twice. And Jack wants me to go for a ride in his fancy sports car."

"And?" Corey pressed, grimacing as he enjoyed the feeling of Lauren's pussy bearing down on his cock, rocking it back and forth.

"And I turned them down, of course! I would never do anything without your permission."

"And if you had it?"

Lauren giggled playfully, "Well Jack is awfully nice, and Tommy is just one hot college stud, so..." She could feel the cock in her convulse and shake. The bawdy dialogue was certainly doing the trick.

"I had a dream the other night," she lied, the tale forming in her head as she went. "I came back to Iowa to visit and went to your worksite looking for you, but no one seemed to be there. The construction gate was open, so I walked to the main trailer, where I thought your office would be. I knew I had found your desk when I saw your engineering degree above it. But you were nowhere around. As I was about to leave, Jerry and Dan opened the trailer door and walked in. They had been out in the yard."

Corey stared intently at his wife's face above him, wondering where this was going. Dan and Jerry were a bit younger than he, both divorced, and had been his co-workers and friends for years.

"They were surprised to see me there. Said you were on the other side of the site and would be back shortly. While I waited, we chatted about our families. They invited me to sit in a chair, but I opted for the edge of your desk. Everything seemed normal, but I could tell they were looking at me differently. We had been to each other's houses for barbeques and holidays, and they had always been the perfect gentlemen. But this time, they were looking at me like men look at a stripper. You know, leering."

Corey nodded his head. He had to admit, Lauren was getting pretty good at this. First the phone sex, now this. Two for two.

Her eyes closed as she continued to spin the yarn in her mind, her hips increasing their velocity. "They looked at me like wolves, said they knew our secret, that you had told them of your little kink, and I was onboard. I wasn't afraid. I've known these guys for 20 years. Just never seen them look at me that way. At first, I was mad at you for telling them, but then I decided to give you what you obviously wanted."

"" Corey asked between heavy breaths.

Lauren changed positions, sliding her feet up alongside his hips. This was no small effort with those three-inch corset heels still attached. Supporting herself with hands on her husband's legs, she leaned back and opened her thighs wide, allowing him a good view of her pussy with his cock halfway in.

"If they already thought I was a whore wife, why not play the part? I lifted my linen skirt and spread my legs. They stared at my lacy pink panties beneath. I could see the tents in their pants. Jerry tried to touch my knee, but I slapped his hand away. I would never do anything without your consent. Then I saw you peering in through a filthy, dust covered window, watching. We stared at each other for the longest time, then you nodded your head. That's when I pulled Jerry's head between my legs and began to unzip Dan's slacks."

Corey grabbed Lauren's leather heels on either side of his waist, giving her the leverage needed to continue sliding her pussy up and down his cock unabated, ensuring all six inches of him disappeared with each down-stroke. Oddly, he felt as if he could go all night. It had been at least 15 minutes now and he was still going strong. Reclining against her husband's knees, Lauren continued to assault his cock, working their hips in unison. The next 25 minutes saw the mature wife vary her positions, from being prone so they could kiss to sitting squarely on his hips, bouncing up and down. The more Lauren shared her fantasy encounter in the dingy construction trailer, the harder Corey seemed to get.

The couple's breathing was quite heavy now, both grunting and panting as the physical part of the sex reminded them of their age. Lauren continued to blurt out details as they popped into her head. The men clearing off Corey's desk, laying her back, eating her pussy, sucking on her tits.

"Did you like sucking their dicks?"

"Yessss," Lauren hissed.


"Cause I'm a slutty little whore," she spit out, riding faster now. "Your slutty whore! Fuck my pussy! Fuuccckkkk meeeeeee!"

Corey nearly blew his load, hearing his wife spewing out such filthy talk. He slammed his shaft into her without mercy. "Where to you want them to come?" he shouted.

"What? Oh nooooo."

The image of her husband and his friends standing over her, spraying their cum everywhere, flashed in front of her eyes. Lauren let out a loud moan, startling Corey, not realizing the impact the question had on her. Her hips now slammed against his violently.

"You, you, you," Lauren started to wheeze, "All three of you...ah, ah, ah...gathered around me...oh, oh, oh...laying there on your desk, you...Oh shit, OH SHIT!" The orgasm was welling up inside her. "I want it on my face, tell them to come on my face! Oh god, oh god, oh god!"

Corey was nearing the edge. He had lasted far longer than he had in years, but between watching his wife pogo furiously on his cock, her long black hair lashing about wildly, her small titties jiggling under that mesh top, he knew he was about to come for the second time tonight.

Correctly suspecting the image of men coming on her face had sent her into overdrive, he reached up, grabbed her silver choker, and yanked her face down to his.

"Does that make you hot, watching us jack our cocks over your pretty face?"

"Oh, my fucking god, oh yes, yes, yes. FUCK ME!" she cried out.

Corey tightened his grip on the choker. "We're going to blow all over that nasty mouth, you little slut!" he yelled, spittle coating her cheeks. He instantly recoiled. He'd never called her a name like that and he wasn't sure how she would take it. Lauren reacted by gasping loudly and squeezing her eyes tight as a mini-orgasm hit her. He had his answer.

"All that jizz spraying from three cocks onto your face, your lips, dripping down your neck! You love it, don't you?"

In an out-of-body moment, Lauren was both on the bed with a cock impaling her and on a roller coaster at the moment it drops into the void, when the body is weightless and all control is relinquished, not caring for anything but the thrill ahead. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she dug her long fingernails into Corey's chest, drawing blood.

"Fuucckkkk meeeeee, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, oh god, oh god,!" Lauren brayed, convulsing.

Corey ignored the pain in his chest as he continued to pile drive his rigid cock into her pulsating hole, which now was squirting copious amounts of fluid onto his hips. Just when her orgasm seemed to be subsiding, it built back up again, the roller coaster rising towards yet another long plummet. Lauren came again. And again. And again. The waves continued for what seemed an eternity.

As she was coming down from a particularly long peak, her eyes bored into Corey with the intensity of a thousand suns, barking "Do it for real!"

Not believing his ears, but at once knowing what she was asking, the 61-year-old used the last ounce of energy to push her off onto her back and straddle her shoulders. Without hesitation, he grabbed his cock and jerked it rapidly, desperate to give his wife what she was begging for.

"That's it, baby, do it. Give me your load, blow all over my pouty face! Show me I'm your fucking whore!"

There was no holding back now. Bellowing loudly, rope after rope of milky white semen shot from Corey's cock, most of it landing directly on Lauren's face, some of it on a nearby pillow. As he came, Corey grabbed the headboard behind his wife's head as she used her hands to milk out the last bit of creamy liquid onto her neck. He watched as it trickled down under her choker and out the other side to the bed sheet. Drained, Corey collapsed to Lauren's side, both of them grinning like teenagers, unable to speak, but knowing they had just experienced the most intense sex they'd had in years.


After a few minutes of silent cuddling, Lauren made her way to the bathroom for a long, hot shower. Corey replaced the bed sheets, grabbed a beer, and plopped down on the couch. Turning on the television, he settled in to watch a replay of a kick boxing event. Eventually Lauren emerged wearing a fluffy white robe, hair pulled back into a ponytail. She sat next to him and nestled into his chest. They sat in peace, only half paying attention to the action on the screen, until Lauren began to giggle.

"That was amazing," she whispered. "It's been a long time since we didn't need The Chairman. Maybe he can retire now. You were so fucking hard!"

"That was all you," Corey replied, kissing the top of her head. "Maybe I should be the one retiring...from storytelling, anyway. And what's with the filthy mouth all of a sudden? Not that I'm complaining, but what the hell is in the water down here, anyway?"

"Are you mad? I mean, at what I told you?"

Corey clicked off the TV. "So, it is true, you really did the dirty dancing thing and gave that guy a hand job?"

Lauren buried her face in his chest. "Yes, I was bad. I let it happen. You didn't answer me, though. Are you angry?"

"I'd be a hypocrite if I said yes, wouldn't I? I mean, I ask you to dress like a slut, you acted like a one, so I quite honestly don't know how I feel. Definitely not mad. Just trying to understand what took you from being angry at my little suggestions, to living them out, to telling nasty stories, and talking like a sailor? It's okay by me, but the suddenness of it all is just...weird."

Lauren's eyes twinkled as she thought of Kumiho. "I can't fully explain it. It sounds stupid, but when I was dressed in that...costume...I was no longer Lauren the aging wife, mother of two adult kids. I felt young again, men were leering at me. God help me, I was objectified and I loved it. It was exciting beyond belief and I think it ignited something in me that flamed out a long time ago."

Corey nodded. "I understand. It's sort of what I hoped for someday. You finding your sexual appetite again. I just didn't think it would really happen. You're beautiful in any man's eyes, and only forty-eight. Being open to other...opportunities...will allow you to reach the kind of sexual gratification that I can no longer provide."

"You did a pretty good job just a few minutes ago, lover!" Lauren exclaimed, patting him on the chest.

"This time. Next time, who knows? My track record isn't exactly impressive."

"And its all about me, right?" she smirked, tilting her head.

"I won't deny it. My cards are on the table. Sharing you has been a fantasy of mine forever, I just couldn't bring myself to tell you outright."

"Thus the stories you brought into our bed."

"Yeah, I guess so."

A quiet calm settled over the room as the moon shined in from the balcony window. Lauren burrowed even further into Corey's arms, her hand stroking his inner thigh, contemplating this conversation. After a few minutes she looked up into his eyes and cleared her throat.

"Well, what if we did something really naughty this weekend?"

Corey narrowed his eyes. "Like what?"

Lauren stared at him, blinking her eyes, saying nothing.

"You mean..?"

"Yes," she said, finishing for him. "I'll be your...your, um, hotwife."

"Isn't...isn't that a big step in such a short time?"

"I've already had someone else's penis in my hand. It was almost in my mouth. I don't think there's much of a leap from there."

"I...I...I," he stuttered, flustered in the face of his fantasy becoming reality. "I don't know."

Lauren put her forehead against his. "The switch has been turned on. No telling when its going to turn off. If this is something you REALLY want, then we better take advantage of this while we can," she stated matter-of-factly. Before Kumiho goes dormant again.

"I wouldn't want you to freak out or get hurt. I would never forgive myself. It would have to be safe," Corey replied.

"It's not like I wouldn't be having fun too, silly. And yes, we'll be safe," she laughed, licking his nose. "So. Are you in?"

Corey looked into his wife's sultry eyes, his cock twitching at the possibilities. He nodded.

"Yeah, I'm in."

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Great story

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Lauren and Corey woke early that Friday morning, determined to make the most of their time off. It was a gorgeous fall day - warmer than Iowa autumns - so they decided to have a leisurely breakfast at an outdoor café. After two perfect omelets and gourmet coffee, Lauren suggested a walk along the bay front. Various parks and marinas dotted the downtown seawall.

As they passed one pier in particular, Lauren pointed out a large seagoing cruiser towering above the rest. It belonged to the firm's big time investor she had mentioned the night before, Myles Kanzanka. Seeing the look of envy on her husband's face, Lauren took his hand and they walked down the pier to get a closer look. Stopping at the slip, they marveled at its size and amenities. There certainly wasn't anything like this in Des Moines. While Corey snapped some pics to show his buddies back home, Lauren noticed all the fiberglass hulls in one place, wondering just how many had come from her company. The money anchored at just this one dock alone was staggering. About to walk away, they heard a voice from behind them. "Ahoy there!"

Turning towards the shout, they saw a rather rugged, handsome looking man waving at them from the top of the ship's gangway. "Okay, that was cheesy. Nobody says that anymore," he laughed as he walked down the ramp and stood in front of the couple.

"Lauren, right?" he asked. "Remember me from the other night? Got so pissed I passed out. Very embarrassing."

"Yes," she replied, extending her hand. "It gave Amy a good laugh."

"Ah, Amy. She's a lot of fun."

"Yes, she is," Lauren replied. Tons of fun, she thought.

"Myles, this is my husband, Corey. He's visiting for the weekend."

The deeply tanned businessman turned to Corey and grabbed his right hand, pumping it up and down. "Glad to meet you! Visiting? Ah, yes, you're still up in Ohio, right?

"Iowa," Corey corrected him, staring past the man at the ship he had just descended from.

Myles followed Corey's gaze. "She's a beauty, huh? 175 feet of joy, 2900 horsepower. Needs an entire pier because of her length and draft. Hey, if you guys got the time, I can give you a tour. I'm waiting on some business associates, but they won't be here for another hour."

A huge smile broke across Corey's face. Myles nodded his head, "Right then, let's go."

Their host took them topside first, pointing out the 10-person sunning area on the bow and multiple couches aft, enough for 15 more passengers. Below there were two additional decks, with accommodations for 14 overnight guests across five cabins and two VIP suites. "It'll sleep more than 14 if people are willing to bunk up," Myles laughed. Corey and Lauren looked at each other, eyebrows raised at the innuendo, trying not to smile. On the main deck there was a large party room, filled with pastel colored oversized chairs and couches, and 70's style white shag carpeting covering the bulkheads. A shiny brass stripper pole at one end of the room completed the decor. Someone was clearly still embracing the disco era. During the tour, Myles came off not as a braggart, but someone who genuinely wanted to share the beauty of this vessel.

Arriving back at the gangway, Myles shook the couple's hands again. He looked at Lauren, seemed to hesitate, then spoke up.

"You know what? I'm having a small get together onboard tomorrow to celebrate...uh, Saturday. Would you guys like to come along? A group of us are taking her out for the day, be back at night. A great way to extend those tans!"

When Lauren saw Corey's eyes light up, she knew his answer. She started to say yes, but Myles raised his hands and stopped her.

"Before you answer, you should know that my friends have very liberal attitudes. Once we get on the high seas, you may see some nudity and quite a bit of drinking. And sometimes all that leads to...adventures. Nothing that you have to be part of if you don't want to be; there's plenty of space onboard for everyone to spread out and do their own thing. But you may find some it interesting. It'll be your call. You could wear gunny sacks and just stare up at the stars if you wanted. No one judges. What happens on the dingy, stays on the dingy. I'm just telling you because it's the right thing to do and there are no surprises."

"Oookaay," Corey said, slowly drinking in the disclaimer. "Are your friends all young and single, or will there be couples, like us?" He didn't want to find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, with a bunch of naked kids running around.

Myles shook his head. "Besides a friend or two who are single like me, everyone there will be married."

Corey looked at Lauren, trying to gauge her reaction, and she back at him, one eyebrow raised, as if looking to him for consensus. Shaking Myles hand again, he bought them some time. "Thanks for the invitation. Can we think about it? I'm only in town for three days and there's a lot of things we want to do."

"Absolutely. If you're game, we sail at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Bring day clothes, swimsuits, maybe some evening wear. And come hungry. I've got everything else covered. If not, it was great to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Miami."

The couple carefully walked down the gangway onto the dock and turned towards the Mariana parking lot. Once he was certain Myles could no longer hear them, he let it out.

"Holy shit! Did you see the size of that yacht? How fucking rich is that guy?"

Lauren laughed. "Not really sure. One, two billion? His investments have done very well. I guess boys need their toys!"

Corey nodded, taking one last look at the massive vessel as they walked down the street.

"So, what do you think?" Lauren asked, slipping her arm around his waist as they strolled.

"I think I need a better job!"

She punched his shoulder. "I mean about the invitation."

"Was he inviting us on an excursion or to get naked?"

Lauren chuckled. "I don't know. Probably both. Does it matter? Didn't you say last night that you were up for something a bit naughty?

Corey stopped and turned to his wife.

"Okay, I admit. It definitely sounds like an adventure. Not sure if we'll ever have a chance to go out on a ship like that again. As long as there's no pressure to do anything we don't want to, it sounds like fun. In the end, I suppose we could always just stare at the water and drink heavily. Do you trust this guy? I mean, out on the water, 9-1-1 doesn't summon help all that quickly."

Lauren took Corey's chin in her hand, wiggling it back and forth. "Do I know if he's a serial killer in his spare time, when he's not being a well-respected businessman and running an empire? No."

Corey smiled, put his arms around his wife, and pulled her close.

"So, what do you want to do now?" he whispered in her ear.

Lauren's eyes twinkled. "Well. It looks like I'll be needing a new suit!"


The couple spent the rest of the morning scouring the downtown swimwear shops. Corey didn't complain. There were worse ways to spend a day than watching a sexy woman try on bikinis. At last, in the fourth store, Lauren walked out to the mirrored viewing area in an unbelievably erotic number.

"Good god almighty," Corey whistled. "That's unholy." It certainly was. A shiny gold two-piece, the top stretched tightly across her small chest, two soft shimmering golden globes holding her tiny breasts taut, connected by a single braid. The bottom was barely there as well, with the back and front material held together by the same thin strand, ultimately designed to tie above each hip. Not quite as Brazilian as Amy's, but with the same effect. However, there was one small issue.

"Great suit, but do you see what I see? Corey asked, referring to the hint of wiry pubic hair peeking out from the sides.

Lauren looked in the mirror and frowned. "Yeah, I was afraid of that. This is much smaller than my other bikinis. I'll call and see if the salon down the street can get me in today for a wax. Wouldn't you like to see me rocking this on the high seas tomorrow?"

Corey smiled and winked. "You bet your ass I would."

"I might just do that," she replied over her shoulder, wiggling back into the dressing room. "Bet my ass, that is."


The couple arrived at the pier just before nine the following morning and stood gazing up at the rear of the yacht, uncertain what to do next. Men dressed in red polos and white shorts walked briskly about the ship's several levels. Smooth jazz music played at low volume as the powerful engines gently idled. Corey took Lauren's hand and walked up the gangway, stepping onto the teak wood decking at the top. Out of nowhere a spiffy looking woman in a blue dress appeared, offering mimosas. She reminded Lauren of the airline stewardesses in the 1960s. Her name tag read "Lucy".

Lucy looked their names up on the manifest, checking them off the list. After assigning them to Cabin 2, she directed them down a passageway towards the party room that had been part of their tour the day before. The pleasant aroma of breakfast food cooking filled the air. Entering the compartment, they noticed five other couples standing in a tight group engaged in light banter. Seconds later they were greeted by Myles' booming voice.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it," he exclaimed, hugging Lauren and fist bumping Corey. "We'll be getting underway in just a few minutes. Make yourself comfortable and let the crew know if you need something," he said, pointing out a couple more 60's-era stews milling about.

True to his word, the other guests appeared to be about Myles' age, mid-to-late 30s. All were carefully coifed and wearing expensive watches and jewelry. They politely acknowledged the pair's presence and went back to their conversations. Periodically, one or two would look over at the newcomers, as if sizing them up.

The couple was on their second drink when the ship got underway. They watched as the large ship glided pass other vessels in the marina, an endless mix of sailing and motorized craft. They grinned at each other. It felt like they were embarking on an exciting adventure.

Brunch proved to be a delicious combination of egg burritos, cheese quesadillas, and Bloody Mary's. Afterward, with the shore now well out of sight, the guests began changing into their swimsuits. Lauren and Corey found the cabin to which they had been assigned. They looked at each other. Cabin 2 was one of the VIP suites Myles had mentioned on the tour.

"Do you think it's a mistake?" Corey asked, thinking he should go and ask Lucy.

Lauren shook her head. "Probably not. After all, this is only a day cruise. Its just a place for us to change and leave our stuff."

Inside, the suite was impressive, at least in yacht terms. A contained a large queen bed, end tables, chairs and a separate toilet and shower area. Much like a standard hotel room, only floating. The pair proceeded to put on their swimsuits. Having fell asleep well before Lauren the night before, Corey had not yet seen her new wax job until just that moment. Dumbstruck, he stared down at the completely bald pussy in front of him.

"You really went all out on the wax, huh?" he asked, not able to take his eyes off the hairless clam.

"Do you like?"

"Are you serious?"

After donning her shimmering gold two-piece, Lauren proceeded to hook a thin, gold double-strand waist chain around her mid-section, allowing it to settle down around her shapely hips. Corey shook his head. He wanted to throw her on the bed right then.

Intentionally letting his wife go before him, the playful husband watched with a smile as the tiny ass shifted back and forth inches in front of his face as they ascended the ladder to the top deck. Once outside, the pair found empty chaise lounges up front on the bow and settled in. Sunscreen applied, they laid back to soak up the sun. Lauren reached out her hand and hooked her pinky finger around Corey's. Life was good.

Eventually other guests staked their spots. Within minutes, Corey struck up a conversation with several men gathered around a television previewing that day's upcoming college football matches. The women were friendly too, all seemed to know one another, and graciously drew Lauren into their circle as they began to compare swimsuits and tans. It wasn't too long before most had lost their tops, their breasts swaying in the bright sunlight. Corey overheard one of the women suggesting that Lauren do the same. "If you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing," she coaxed. "The sea breeze on your tits feels simply exhilarating."

Lauren glanced at Corey who was standing by the other men. He smiled back. "You wouldn't want to miss out on that feeling now, would you?"

Setting down her drink, Lauren reached behind and untied the shimmering gold top. As she removed it, her small pale 30b-cup buds stuck out, nipples hardening as the sea breeze's invisible tongue delicately licked them. Retrieving the Bloody Mary, she raised the glass towards her husband and smiled, as if making a silent toast.

Corey immediately noticed a few of his new football pals had turned to gaze at the new girl. Exhilarating indeed, he thought. He surveyed the other wives as Lauren went back to chatting with the women,. Two were tall blondes, one with a bob cut, the other with willowy curls midway down her back. Both had medium sized breasts sitting proudly on thin, wiry frames. Another was a brunette that struck Corey as the definition of a rich trophy wife. Obviously proud of her money bought tits, she never passed up an opportunity to jiggle them. The last was a short, somewhat meaty looking woman wearing a royal blue one-piece covering what appeared to be very large breasts. Still immensely attractive with a cute face, her "modern shag" haircut was tinted light purple with tips dyed a deep pink. Corey' eyes went back to Lauren. He took pride in the fact that apart from a few more visible veins in the calves, one would not guess his own bride was 10 to 12 years older than the others. And her body was clearly more fit.

"If you don't mind me saying so, your wife is very beautiful," one of the guys watching the pregame predictions said, holding his hand out. "I'm Paul."

Corey shook his hand. "Yes, I remember from brunch. And I agree."

"They certainly are having a good time," Paul observed, nodding towards the women; all seemed to be talking at once. "Mine is the blonde with the short hair in the red bottoms. She's pretty hot too, eh?"

"Um," Corey paused cautiously, not knowing exactly how to respond to his question. The guy was obviously looking for validation.

"It's okay, man. I won't be offended," the stranger assured the newcomer. "In fact, none of us are going to be. It's all good out here."

"Yeeaaaah, okay then. She's very pretty."

Paul took a drink of his beer, a slick smile spreading across his face. "So, you're down visiting from Iowa? Lots of commodities there. And now you are on the Atlantic on a $40 million yacht. Nice of Myles to invite you along."

Corey agreed, and went on to explain how lucky it was that they happened to be in the right place and time be invited.

"Lucky indeed," Paul concurred, "you don't realize how much.

"We're a close-knit group. Have been for years. It's been a long time since Myles has invited strangers -- no offense - to come out with us. So long, in fact, that he ran it past us ahead of time. I'm hoping he explained how liberal minded our little group can be."

"He did," Corey nodded. "Said there might be some nudity and stuff."

Paul grinned. "Yeah, and stuff."

"You all seem to know each other. Do you guys get together often?"

"Not as often as we'd like. Maybe once every couple months. Me, Stan, Myles, we went to business school together and decided to make some investments down here that panned out well, more so for Myles. Stan and I married; Myles never has."

"And the others?"

"Bill is a business associate of Myles. His wife Brooke is the one over there with the, eh, cosmetic surgery. The others we met at parties. Chris and his wife Sophie first, then Stephen and Charlotte. We all clicked years ago and discovered we have common likes."

Just then, Paul's phone rang and he stepped away to take the call. Corey returned to dividing his attention between the football game and the half-naked women jabbering and clinking their glasses together.


As the afternoon wore on, the drinking continued in earnest, with pretty much everyone on the ship -- save the crew - getting quite hammered. Even though it was September, the intensity of the sun on the open water began to take its toll and several of the revelers began heading below deck. Lauren, who had since put her top back on, suggested that she and Corey head below as well.

The last to enter their cabin, Lauren closed the door and tossed her beach bag on the floor next to the bed. She turned to Corey.

"You okay? Was that too naughty, your wife baring her breasts?" she asked saucily, "or not enough?"

Corey pushed her back on the bed. "Not enough," he grinned, pulling his swimsuit down to his knees. Lauren saw the hard cock spring free of the nylon material and wanted nothing more than for it to ravish her bare vagina. But that was not in the cards, at least not yet. Motioning for him to climb on top her, she waited until his face hovered above hers.

"My, my, my, someone's hot and bothered," she cooed, wrapping a hand around his solid shaft. Why is that? Cause other guys were watching me take off my top? Maybe thinking about licking my itty, bitty titties? Would you have liked that?"

Corey grunted, grinding his cock into her fingers.

"I think I'd like that too," Lauren continued. "Feeling my nipples in their mouths. What if I'd had gone with one or two of them to a cabin, so they could rip off my suit and have their way with me?"

Corey was breathing heavy now, his hips gyrating against the pressure from her hand, dick pulsating.

"You are a nasty little perv, aren't you? You'd really to see that happen, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Corey half whispered, half hissed, lowering his mouth to kiss her. "Serious as a heart attack. And at my age, I don't joke about heart attacks."

"Uh huh. I thought as much," Lauren shot back, rolling them both over to one side. Now on top, Lauren pinned her husband's shoulders to the mattress, holding him still.

"Take it easy there, tiger. I'm well beyond horny too, but we have to wait, it's not in the plan."

Corey suddenly stopped his advances. Wait for what? What plan?

A knock on the cabin door caused both heads to turn towards the sound. Lauren slipped off the bed and went to it, putting one hand on the thin paneling, the other on the latch. After a pause and a noticeable exhale, she started to open it.

Realizing his swim trunks were around his ankles, Corey tried to stop her. "Wait! You don't know who the hell that is!"

Looking back at him, she replied with a sultry smile, "Not true, I know exactly who it is."

As the door opened wider, a well-dressed man in his early to mid-forties entered the room and stood behind Lauren.

"Jesus Christ," Corey yelled, pulling his trunks up to cover his nakedness. "Who the fuck are you?"

Lauren made sure she was standing in between the two men, unsure of what Corey's next move would be.

"Babe, this is Max. The bar owner I told you about. You remember, the one who offered to help us live out your...I mean, our...fantasy?"

A look of recognition crept across Corey's face. Of course, he was in that fucking photo!

Max moved behind Lauren and put his hands on her bare shoulders, hooking his thumbs under the strands of her bikini top.

Corey shook his head to clear his mind. He thought for a minute, his brain working overtime, trying to make some sense of what was happening. "You mean you had this all PLANNED? Myles' invitation wasn't just...just happenstance?"

Lauren looked her husband squarely in the eyes, her pretty bangs hanging down to just below the eyebrows. She shook her head.

"After you agreed we should do something naughty, I got in touch with Max. I'm surprised he even returned my call, considering the state I left him in. After confirming his...offer...was still good, Max reached out to Myles and asked if his planned excursion this weekend could accommodate a couple more guests."

Silently, Max began gliding his hands over Lauren's arms, then down to her sides and hips. She responded by leaning back into him.

"Max explained everything to Myles, and he agreed to play along. It wasn't a big ask really, since I'm sure by now you've figured out that the couples on this ship are very open minded anyway.

"Nor was it by coincidence that I suggested we walk along the bay front yesterday. Your enthusiasm to see this yacht up close made it that much easier to bring you and Myles together. You should have seen your eyes light up when he invited us out."

Corey watched as Max's fingers walked over his wife's belly, stopping at the top of her bottoms. He was still trying to process what was happening.

"So here we are," Lauren shrugged. "Me, you, and Max."

A thick silence fell over the room as Lauren covered her would-be lover's hand with hers, preventing it from creeping any further between her legs.

"What do you want to do, babe? This doesn't need to go any further. We can stop right now and go watch the sunset together, just you and me."

Corey sat on the bed in shock, his erect cock straining against the swimsuit, betraying inner thoughts. Although he felt duped, this was clearly something his wife had planned for and was ready to go through with. From his perspective, the whole scene was more erotic than he'd ever imagined.

"What do you want, Corey?" Lauren repeated, eyebrow cocked, a twinkle in her eyes and a smirk on her face.

"I," the older man tried to speak, but his mouth ran dry. He swallowed hard. "I don't want to go watch the sunset. I want to watch you."

With a slight nod of his head, Max put his chin on Lauren's shoulder and pulled her tightly against his chest. Wrapping both arms around her body, he moved his hands over the thin, gold fabric of the bikini top. Cupping a breast in each, he wiggled a thumb over the nipples until they became more pronounced through the material. Lauren began to turn towards him, her breathing becoming more rapid.

"No," he said gently. "Face your husband. Look at him."

Lauren's gaze returned to Corey. He could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. Max explored her entire upper body, leaving no area untouched. Easing one hand under the top, he wiggled the other beneath the front of the bikini bottoms. Corey could see his fingers stroking hidden pussy lips, a deep sigh revealing when Max finally touched her clit. Moments later, a deep, guttural moan served to announce when those same fingers had slithered their way into her hole.

Lauren rhythmically moaned as Max held her from behind, fingers dancing inside. She looked at Corey through half open heavy eyes, a roller coaster of emotions from the past few weeks racing through her mind. She felt passion, lust and lasciviousness like she's never felt before, but also a touch of sadness, knowing there was no going back to the way things were.

After a few minutes of pleasuring Lauren with his hands, he turned her towards him, kissing the black-haired beauty long and deep, their eyes closing as they felt the moment. She curled her arms under his and gripped his shoulders, pulling him closer. They continued to kiss for some time until Max opened one eye and saw Corey staring at them. Nothing else. Just staring.

Wanting him to stay engaged, Max broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want to see your wife finish what she started in my bar last week?"

Corey nodded silently.

Wrapping a fistful of jet-black mane around one hand, Max gently pushed Lauren to her knees. Corey watched as his wife of 28 years, for the second time in a week, released a stranger's cock from his pants and held it in her hands. To his relief, it was not the monster snake that so many erotic novels tend to dwell on. About the same girth, maybe an inch longer than his own, but not the stuff of legends. Without showing emotion, Lauren fished a single condom packet from the bag next to her feet, carefully peeled it open, and unfolded it the length of the seven-inch cock. Corey had to hand it to her, she really did have this planned.

Having done her homework, she knew maintaining eye contact with her husband was especially important. Locking a gaze on Corey to ensure he was watching, she slurped Max's nut sack into her mouth and began licking it with enthusiasm. His balls were firmer than Corey's, not as much loose flesh. Letting them fall from her mouth, she picked a few curly hairs off her tongue, then began working towards the top of his staff, luscious red lips gumming the latex along the way. Once there, she kissed the pink head beneath the condom's reservoir and grasp his tool with both hands, stroking slowly, but gaining speed.

Max groaned as Lauren accelerated. He allowed the momentum to continue for a few minutes, then guided his cock towards her mouth, carefully aligning it with her head using the fistful of hair still wrapped around his hand. "Suck it," he commanded. She needed no further encouragement and attacked his cock with purpose. The first time down didn't go well, as Lauren gagged on the size and rather odd smell of the rubber.

"Easy, take is slow. There's no hurry," Max encouraged her, dropping his trousers to give her better access.

Lauren went back to work, sliding more and more of his cock into her mouth until the latex sheath became slippery from her saliva. This allowed her to take nearly the entire seven inches. Sensing she was getting more comfortable with the size and girth, Max picked up the pace, his hand gliding her head back and forth along the shaft, a mane of hair in his hands dictating the speed. She could feel the tip making contact with the back of her throat but found if she relaxed her jaws and tongue enough, she could accommodate the whole thing. Faster now, he fucked Lauren's face as if it were a cunt, the friction generating large amounts of spittle that overflowed from the corner of Lauren's mouth.

"Fuck," Max uttered, grabbing her hair, and slamming his cock into the willing mouth. He looked down as the woman sucking his dick occasionally stared back at him from behind those black bangs. The sight of this beauty working him over had momentarily distracted him from his mission. Eventually, he thought of her husband, still laying on the bed, cock in his hands. Letting go of Lauren's hair, he nodded towards the older man. "Let's not forget why we're here."

Corey looked on as his wife wiped her mouth on the bedsheet and climbed onto the mattress. Kneeling beside him, Lauren took her husband's cock into her mouth and gave it the same attention as she had given Max's. Grasping it by the base, she slowly enveloped his penis until she was finally swallowing the entire length with each pass. It was decidedly much, much easier to do without a condom. And better tasting. Remembering other "tips" from her homework, she let his cock graze the inside of her cheek, first one side, then the other, before pulling it out and playfully slapping it against her nose and mouth. Corey continued to groan loudly.

As Lauren was practicing her newfound love of giving head, Max disrobed and climbed onto the bed from the other side, placing Lauren in the center. Corey wasn't too sure how he felt about a naked stranger being in bed with them, but his wife's mouth quickly helped him to forget Max's presence, if only temporarily. Lauren, however, did not forget. Her eyes grew fiery as she saw the two rigid penises bobbing in in front of her. Continuing to pleasure Corey with her mouth, she reached out and took Max's cock into her hand, stroking it from base to tip, looking him in the eye as she did so. For the next 10 minutes she alternated between the two men, giving oral to one while stroking the other. Yes, she was a quick study.

Eventually Lauren's mouth tired from the constant motion. She slipped off the bed, took a drink, then returned, kneeling on the mattress in front of her two lovers, both now absentmindedly stroking their manhood while watching her every move. Knowing she was on center stage, Lauren reached behind her neck and untied the gold metallic top, laughing, throwing her head back dramatically, before allowing it to drop to the bed sheet. Putting one hand on each hip, she tossed her hair teasingly, shook her hips a couple times, then pulled the ties apart, separating the front and back halves. As they too fell, Max got his first full view of this beauty, naked except for the thin, double strand gold waist chain hugging the tops of her hips. Quite fit for someone her age, and makeup that was just the right shade of slutty. The prize in both men's eyes, however, was that freshly bald, buttery smooth pussy just inches above their feet.

"My god, your perfect," Max said, licking his lips.

Lauren smiled, taking a cue from Amy and pulling apart her puffy, glistening labia, allowing them a peek at the pink flesh between. "Who wants in first, boys?"

Neither man could speak, they just continued to stroke their cocks in anticipation. Finally, Lauren spoke up.

"Hubby it is then!"

The raven-haired temptress fell to all fours and slowly crept over Corey's feet, then his legs and chest, finally positioning her hips above his face. He looked up at the wet hairless cunt inches from his nose, its lips gaping invitingly. Lauren grabbed the headboard with both hands and slowly lowered herself onto her husband's waiting mouth. As he proceeded to eat his wife's pussy, her moans increased with every thrust of his tongue. Max reached up and groped the breast nearest him, her small baseball size tit fitting into his hand like a glove.

Lauren continued to ride her husband's tongue while her new lover plied her chest, the passion building deep within. Gripping the headboard, she threw her head back in ecstasy, long black hair flowing down her back. Use your words, she heard Amy's voice say.

"That's it, tongue fuck my bald pussy, lap that juice up, suck me dry!" Lauren demanded, slamming her hips into his face. After several minutes of Corey's tongue darting in and out of her slit, her increased breathing and deep moans foreshadowed what was to come. Releasing her hands from the headboard, they flew to her breasts. One hand thumbing her bare nipple, the other covered Max's hand, setting the pace for his fingers. Corey nearly suffocated as his wife ground her pink hole into his face, gagging him with the clear fluid now oozing from it. Her stride was growing to a fevered pitch when all of a sudden she stopped, yelping as the orgasm hit her. The force of the spasm caused her body to lurch forward towards the headboard, her hands shooting out to prevent impact. "Ohhhhh, fucccckkk, baby! I'm cumming!" she cried, writhing, her hair whipping about as the passion reverberated through her body.

Good fucking God, Max thought to himself. He had seen a lot of woman come in his lifetime, but none were more genuine than this.

Lucid again, Lauren slid her body down Corey's pale torso until his cock was between her legs. Reaching under her hips, she helped guide it through the bare lips and into her waiting hole.

"Please fuck me now," she begged, her tongue eagerly licking the glaze of her own juices from her husband's cheeks, hips involuntarily gyrating with his cock buried in her.

Corey was happy to oblige, grabbing her ass and banging the slick pussy furiously with every ounce of energy his 61-year-old body could muster. Max watched, impressed by how they moved together, but also at how the couple looked at each other as they fucked. As unorthodox as this might be, Max thought, it was obvious how well connected they still were.

After 15 minutes of pounding his wife, Corey felt he may be getting close. Not wanting to blow so quickly, he slowed his pace and reluctantly suggested they take a break. Nodding with understanding, Lauren lifted her pussy off her husband's still pulsating cock and laid between the two men, this time facing Max. The younger man leaned into her, caressing the firm body beside him. Lauren felt the heat of his touches as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Vacating the bed and moving to a small chair in the corner of the cabin, Corey watched as the couple on the bed kissed passionately, lips hungrily seeking each other's. He felt the flood of the emotions he had been expecting, as those things he had fantasized about for years began to unfold before his eyes. Intense arousal at seeing Lauren with another man, mixed with a touch of jealousy, and a fear of what tomorrow might bring. These feelings came to him all at once.

Lauren was experiencing strong feelings as well, although much differently. She was pleased the plan had been executed so perfectly. Not knowing how Corey would react was the "x" factor to be sure, but now seeing him in the chair, penis in hand, she had the answer. Comfortable that her husband was onboard with what was happening, she relaxed, allowing overwhelming passion and lust to take over. Kumiho had awoken and was prodding her on. Ever since that night in his bar, Lauren had wondered what the impeccably dressed businessman looked like naked and she was not disappointed. Taking a deep breath, she ran her hands over his nude body, feeling the tight pecs, muscles and toned abdominals that were mature, but not yet affected by age, like her husband's.

From the corner of the room, Corey slowly stroked his cock as he watched his wife caress Max's chest, hips and legs. After one particularly long kiss, the younger man whispered something into Lauren's ear, then rolled her over onto her belly, head at the foot of the bed, near Corey. Kneeling behind her, he pulled the lithe body up on all fours, hoisting her ass to his crotch. He rolled his cock around the glistening pussy lips until the latex was wet, slippery and set for entry. Sensing Max was ready, Lauren fixed eyes on her husband, and used her words again.

"This is it, babe" she cooed softly. "All those years, all those stories, all those characters. All those things I was angry at you even suggesting. Tell me, my love, do I look angry now?"

Corey shook his head. "No."

Lauren smiled gently. "That's right. I will fight it no longer. You lit a fuse in me that is going to make your fantasy come true, right here, right now. Are you ready to watch another man fuck your wife? It's what you've wanted, isn't it? Do you want Max to fuck me?"

Corey gazed back at his wife on all fours, a man he had met only minutes ago kneeling behind her, ready to ravish the pussy he alone had the privilege to fuck for nearly three decades. He swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes."

Lauren's eyes closed and her hands clutched the bedsheet as she felt the smooth condom covered cock slide into her waiting hole. She was so wet that it slid all the way in the first time, balls slapping against her smooth box. With no resistance, Max fucked her effortlessly, alternating strokes between short, quick ones and long, drawn out ones. Corey could see Lauren's face grimace in ecstasy, biting her lower lip, and occasionally opening her eyes to look at him.

"You like watching him fuck me?" she asked, panting heavily. "After all this, you better, perv. You want to know something? I can feel his throbbing cock in my pussy, filling me up, his balls full of cum. I'm such a bad girl, Corey. Oh, oh, eeeeeeeeeee! Jesus, Max, FUCK me!"

Corey was cranking his dick furiously now, the sight in front of him so erotic he had trouble pacing himself. It didn't help when Max reached in front of him and grabbed Lauren's hair, yanking her head back as she cried out.

"Oh SHIT, Max, do me, fuck my married whore pussy! That's it, harder, harder, harder!"

Not wanting to leave Corey out, she looked directly at her husband and spit out, "Do you like seeing your wife treated like the slut she is? Taking a strange man's cock from behind like a bitch?"

Then to Max, she screamed, "Harder, fuck me harder. Don't stop! Don't stop! Slam it. Slam that cunt!"

Max tightened his hand around her hair even more, snapping the pretty head back towards him, causing her jaw to drop open and eyes to roll back in her head. Corey watched for what seemed like hours as his wife was pounded relentlessly, her lover huffing and puffing as he drove his tool in and out of her sopping wet hole. The man's stamina was impressive, as evidenced by the number of times Lauren came while he drilled her. Four, five times? Who was counting? Isn't this exactly what Corey had wanted for her?

After 20 minutes of hot, sweaty, doggystyle monkey sex, Max pulled out and tossed Lauren on her back. She instinctively opened her legs, giggling as her lover positioned himself between them. The giggles turning to moans when he entered her with one long thrust. "Fuuccckkkk!" Lauren screamed as she felt the entire length of his cock slide into her again. Continuing the assault with the same ferocity as before, Max pummeled the dark-haired beauty from on top, his shaft like a piston now. Corey could hear the air rushing out of his wife's juice-soaked pussy with each push, accompanied by the very wet and sloppy sounds of her excitement.

Lauren reached down and gripped Max's ass, pulling him tighter. She began to feel another, massive orgasm approaching. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Don't stop! Keep fucking that hole. Wreck that pussy."

Max grimaced, feeling his own release building. "Give it to me baby, let me feel that cunt! C'mon fuck me, I want to feel it tight around my cock!"

Corey watched as Max grabbed his wife's legs and slung them over his shoulder, not missing a beat. From his vantage point he was able to see Max's balls slam into her bare pussy with each bold thrust.

"Give it to me, Goddamnit!" Max yelled. "I want to feel your cum all over my cock!"

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," Lauren moaned rhythmically, completely lost in the feeling of being fucked senseless.

Corey continued to stroke his cock, watching this stranger screw his wife. He knew at that moment in time, he did not exist to Lauren; it was all about the penis that was now driving her towards another orgasm.

"Keep...fucking...meeeeee!" Lauren howled, her feet bouncing off Max's shoulders. "Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

"Oh SHIT! Squeeze that pussy tight! Make me blow. You want my cum, you little slut?"

"Eeeeeeeeeeeee, FUCK!" Lauren squealed, raking her nails down his back.

Max laughed. "You like being called names, huh, baby?" he asked, looking to the corner for the answer. Seeing Corey nod back, he continued "I see. A nasty little bitch. You're husband knows you're a slut now, Lauren, no hiding it. Letting a stranger bang you in front of him; nobody but a filthy whore does that."

"Ah, oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess, that's it, that's it! Fuck me, fuck me! OH PLEASE GOD FUCK ME!" Lauren wailed as she relinquished control of her of body to the mammoth orgasm. Her entire body shook, enough that Max had to pull out and release her legs.

Her scream started low, increasing in volume as the passion took hold, her howls echoing off the cabin walls. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OH FUCK, COREY, I'm cummmmmmming!"

To anyone who happened to be in the vicinity of Cabin 2, there was no mistaking what was happening within. Buckets of fluids flowed out of Lauren's bare slit as she lay on the bed quivering, her hands over her chest as if to keep her heart from jumping through the skin. Max climbed off, giving her a few minutes to compose herself, himself still in desperate need of release. Grabbing two waters, he handed one to Lauren, who gratefully gulped one down. That's when she remembered Corey.

Replacing the cap on the bottle, she looked over at her husband, still in the chair, his mind inundated by a thousand thoughts and emotions. Smiling, she hooked a finger, motioning for him to join her on the bed. As he approached, Lauren pulled Max back on the mattress and pushed him onto a pillow. Having come five times now that afternoon, it was time to give back.

Gathering her hair in one hand, Lauren knelt over Max, and began twirling her tongue around his shaft, emphasizing every lick to compensate for the thin sheath still covering it. She went to her knees, raising her hips off the bed, offering Corey clear line of sight into her glistening, waiting pussy. Not needing a formal invitation, he sidled up behind her, spreading her hairless labia as wide as it would go. Drops of clear juice dripped out of the fleshy clam, landing on the sheets below.

As Lauren focused her lips and tongue on Max's cock, Corey gave his wife the same treatment. Lick after lick, he was able to coax more clear liquid from her wet canal, drinking it in like it a dying man in the desert. Her hips gyrated as he heard her continuous moans, muffled by the hard steel in her mouth. For several minutes Corey continued his assault from behind, his tongue exploring every reachable inch of her puckered hole. Eventually, her groans turned to mews of desperation, her bouncing hips making it difficult for his mouth to hit the target. Letting Max's dick flop out of her mouth, she looked back over her shoulder and simply said "Fuck me."

When Corey mounted his wife from a kneeling position, his manhood met no resistance. Lauren let out another deep, guttural moan, then went right back to work on cock in front of her. After watching her fuck this stud for nearly an hour, Corey was overcome by pure animal lust, holding her ass and plunging his cock into her reddened cunt with abandoned. He showed no mercy, jack-hammering the hole she was offering so willingly. Max was lost in his own pleasure, as Lauren's head bobbed up and down, his need to release growing with each passing minute.

Pounding her from behind, Corey could see over his wife's back and head to Max's face. He heard the younger man grunting and recognized those expressions. He knew neither of them were going to last much longer. Giving up the opportunity to nut in his wife's amazingly hot pussy, Corey selflessly pulled out and pushed Lauren onto her back, Max's cock unexpectedly yanked from her mouth. Surprised and slightly concerned at first by his sudden and rather rough actions, she eventually understood why when he scurried up alongside her and knelt over her face. "Yeesssssssss," she hissed, "Do it!"

Max caught on and went to the other side, peeling the condom off and tossing it to the floor. Lauren reached up and took the two meaty shafts in her hands and began pumping then feverishly.

"Give it to me, baby," she begged, looking from one set of glassy eyes to the other. "I want your cum. I NEED your cum. Paint me with your creamy love!"

"Ah, FUCK!" Max brayed, seeing that sexy face looking back at him, full of expectation. "You want it ALL, slut?"

Lauren moaned, then nodding her head dramatically, pumping both cocks in tandem.

"I'm going to cum," Corey barked, "where do you want it, baby?"

"On my pretty little whore face! DO IT! GIVE...IT...TO...ME!" Lauren screamed, tongue wagging in anticipation.

"Whose...whose whore are you?" Max panted heavily, his release imminent.

Lauren peered up at her two lovers, batting her long eyelashes from beneath those long black bangs. With her best hooker persona, she giggled sexily, "I'm Corey's slut forever, but everyone's whore tonight."

When both men erupted simultaneously, they roared thunderously as they pumped their loads over Lauren. It spewed out in waves, landing on her tits, hair and face, each spurt bringing more jizz raining down on her head. She closed her eyes as thick white ropes of cum continued to shoot out of the two quivering cocks above, her hands doing their best to milk out every last drop. Corey watched as tiny rivers of semen formed on his wife's body, gravity pulling them to her lap. As the flow began to subside, she cleared the spunk from her eyelids, eventually able to look up at her husband smiling down on the carnal scene. Lauren simply winked and mouthed a "thank you". His was not the only fantasy being fulfilled that afternoon.


Balls empty, Corey and Max collapsed on either side of Lauren. All three laid on the bed recovering from the intense sex. Eventually, they found enough energy to push themselves off the mattress. The men got dressed and Lauren cleaned herself off with a beach towel. After giving Max a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug, she disappeared into the cabin's bathroom. Moments later they heard the shower running.

Corey looked at Max warily, still a bit put off by the clandestine arrangement between them and his wife.

The younger man sensed as much and started towards the cabin door. Before exiting, he looked back.

"I know you aren't sure of all this. Please don't be angry at Lauren. She only wants to give you what you want, and she thought this would be a nice surprise. When I met her, she was full of uncertainty, not sure if she wanted to be part of your fantasy. Obviously, she has had some enlightenment since then. Either way, don't be too harsh on her or yourself. You'll find the couples on this boat aren't much more different than yourselves.

"And yeah, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy being with your wife just now. Seriously, who wouldn't? Look, I'm the last person to be giving advice, but you two should discuss what just happened and decide if the lifestyle is for you. If so, I encourage you to get to know the others on this ship. They don't judge, and you may find the evening even more interesting than the afternoon."

Corey nodded and cleared his throat. "I appreciate the sentiment, thank you."

With that, Max turned and stepped through the cabin door into the passageway.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Re: Ascending Lauren

Unread post by SamWarrens » Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:53 pm

More, more, more!
Lets see Lauren fuck more men this evening while Cory watches and jerks off repeatedly.
Lauren lets men cum in her mouth and finally in her pussy.
Great minds may think alike, but fools seldom differ.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Great story and characters so far. Awesome pacing.


Re: Ascending Lauren

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This is a great story SimpleEnigma and Thank you for sharing it here.

I have to say that as per your intro I did read what has been posted on the original posting site and scored it 5.
I did wonder if you plan to take the story further than that?

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Thanks for the high rating! As mentioned, the “stories” draw loosely on the experiences my wife and I have had over the years. 3 decades together has provided a lot of fodder for them.

I do plan on continuing the fictional-not-so-fictional story of Corey and Lauren, but it will be driven by how creative our pillow talk becomes and, of course, having time to write it down. We basically take a real-ish event, sometimes ask friends to help us flesh it out (thus the embellishments), then add the Lauren and Corey personas to it, and “take it for a spin” if you will. While I freely admit I’m a shit hack writer, I also don’t want to submit drivel, cuz remember, the hotter MY Lauren (and her friends) get reading this stuff, the more fun I have.

I also would like to say we enjoy everyone else’s stories as well, so keep ‘em coming!!!
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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Thank you for answering my question SimpleEnigma and also hoping you have plenty of creative pillow talk in the coming months...

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Lauren stepped from the shower onto the marble floor of the ship's VIP cabin. A towel wrapped around her head, she snuggled into an available white robe, noting a large "M" stitched over the left breast. In the bedroom, Corey was back in the armchair, watching a football game with no particular interest. He barely noticed his wife opening the bathroom door. Kneeling beside him, she put her hands on his knees. He shifted his gaze to her face, studying it.

"You okay?" Lauren asked uneasily. The tension was thick.

Corey managed a small smile. "Fine."

Lauren looked unconvinced.

"Were you surprised?"

"I don't think I could have been more surprised if the sun had exploded."

Lauren turned his chin towards hers. "You're upset about me planning this behind your back. I'm sorry, I just didn't know any other way to make this happen quickly while you were still in town."

"You really didn't give me time to think about it now did you? Max, Corey. Corey, Max. Corey, Max is going to fuck me now."

"I see," Lauren pulled back, slightly indignant. She tapped her fingers lightly on his crotch. "And yet, in the end, you weren't angry at all, were you?"

The 61-year-old shook his head. "It was hotter than anything ever played out in my mind. I mean, Myles' disclaimer was pretty clear about the cruise's agenda. We could have done anything else tonight, but we didn't. We sailed. Of course, I couldn't have known the surprise my lovely wife had in store," Corey joked. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not angry at the result, maybe just the way the cards were dealt. Please, next time, just deal me in, okay?"

Lauren feigned mild shock. "Next time? What makes you think there will be a next time?"

Corey rolled his eyes. "Seriously? How many times did you come today? Five? Seven? A dozen? Even on a good day that overpriced rubber dildo and I can't match that. There's no mystery here. Our age difference is catching up to us. I saw a little of myself in Max as he pounded you into those bed springs. That was me 20 years ago. You shouldn't have to give that up just because I'm a shriveling old man."

"You're not a shriveling old man," Lauren retorted, throwing her arms around his neck. "Well, maybe old. But your myold man! And don't make this all about me yet again, ya perv. You started this. Years ago, with all your tall tales. I saw you playing with yourself while Max made lov...uh...fucked me. You were WAY into it. If this continues, we'll need to find you a raincoat."

"If this continues" echoed in Corey's head. He cleared his throat. "Let's talk about that."

And talk they did. The long-married couple stayed in the cabin for the remainder of the excursion. Corey tried to articulate the mix of emotions he felt while watching Lauren with Max. It validated all those feelings he had anticipated. Passion and lust. The surreal experience of watching one's wife in a pornographic film, only live. And the angst, holy shit, the angst. A mixture of envy and jealousy coupled with a touch of shame for being perverse enough to enjoy it. He had read about it, felt it in a small way as he played out those fantasies alone in his Iowa bed, but nothing compared to experiencing it firsthand.

Lauren listened intently. She didn't quite fathom whyhe savored all those feelings, but it was clear he genuinely did. Many men did, in fact, if her online research and this "cruise" proved anything. So as his wife, she pledged right then to continue to understand and help evolve his desires. For her part, there was no denying she had enjoyed the thrill today. Her husband joining in for a threesome - something she had not anticipated - was icing on the cake. Lauren admitted this to him, and how happy she was to be able to give him what he had so longed for.

As her thoughts spilled freely, Corey could not help but wholly appreciate the change in her. Over the last few weeks, she had become way more confident in her sexuality. Not only was she now willing to dress provocatively, but had also developed those small idiosyncrasies during sex: the graphic cursing, her newfound love for facials, and being called names in the heat of the moment. All within a month. Hell, calling her a slut a month ago - under anycircumstance - would have meant sleeping on the couch for days. It was like some internal beast had come alive. But what more could a guy ask for? He told her so.

"Well," Lauren looked at him sheepishly. "There is more." She went on to tell him about the mutual masturbation session with Amy. She had never kept anything from him for very long, and she wasn't going to start now.

"Damn, that's hot," was all Corey could utter, picturing his wife and the young blonde staring at each other from across the room, their fingers dancing in their own wetness. His erection returned and he carried Lauren to the bed. They kissed tenderly and passionately, not fucking but making love. Afterward, they held each other tight until the captain made the inevitable announcement that they would be docking soon.

Gathering their things, the couple went to the aft deck. Goodbyes were in order, and they made the rounds, acknowledging appreciation to the other guests for allowing them to participate in their outing, and begging forgiveness for not spending more time with the group. They seemed to understand, a few even mentioning they "heard" the newcomers had indeed had a good time. Lauren blushed. She had not considered the thinness of a ship's cabin walls.

Finally, with the yacht securely moored, the guests made their way to the gangway. Lauren's eyes searched for Max and Myles and found them leaning against a railing. She released her husband’s hand and went to them, evoking smiles from both. Corey watched as she hugged Myles, then Max, and had a brief conversation. Less than a minute later, Lauren returned to Corey's side. The two walked down the gangway in silence, hand-in-hand, knowing that they were, in no insignificant way, closer as a couple now than when they boarded that morning.


There was a flurry of activity the next morning. Between a call with their daughters about a Thanksgiving reunion in Iowa, and Corey packing for his noon flight, there was little time to discuss anything else.

Standing in the half-circle of the apartment building's driveway waiting for a taxi, Lauren folded her arms around her husband, thanking him for the visit. "It was interesting to say the least," she commented, caressing his shoulders. "Wouldn't you say?"

Corey agreed. "That was beyond a doubt the naughtiest thing we've ever done." He paused as if in deep thought, searching Lauren's eyes.
"I was thinking last night. You know the hospital project won't be over until first quarter."


"So, I won't be back for a while. Permanently anyway."

Reading his face, she realized what he was alluding to. "You mean? Without you? Oh, I don't know, Corey."

"Why not? Whether you want to admit it, you're a different woman now. Expanded boundaries. You can't tell me you wouldn't enjoy doing that again. And from what I saw the other night at happy hour, you aren't lacking any admirers around here."

"And how exactly would you get off on that?"

"I'd be happy just to know you were being satisfied."

Lauren frowned. "Uh huh. I call bullshit."

"Okay," Corey conceded, looking down, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. "I'd want the play-by-play. Maybe you could even record it."

She slapped his chest. "Video? I think not!"

"Video, no video, doesn't matter. Either way, I'm okay with it if the opportunity presents itself. I just want to know."

Lauren pondered this, caught off-guard. This was an outright hall pass. Not a hint. Nothing cryptic. Her husband was flat out giving her permission to have sex with others.

As the taxi rumbled into the driveway and the trunk popped open, she put her forehead to his.

"Okay," she whispered with one last wet kiss. "I'll think about it."

With that, the man she had been married to for 28 years jumped in and closed the car door. She waved until the cab rounded the corner at the end of the block. Turning towards the front lobby, the warm wind whipped the hair across her face. She didn't mind. It hid the single tear running down her cheek. Alone in the big city once again.


The next few weeks saw Lauren at her office desk 12 hours a day. Early mornings, late nights, site visits, vendor meetings. If she wasn't sitting in her office, she was busy checking email into the wee hours of the morning from her apartment. The honeymoon phase for the new 48-year-old executive was clearly over. Fortunately, she was able to have lunch with Amy. The younger woman hung on every word as Lauren regaled her friend with the recent adventure on the high seas. It came as no surprise when Amy - in a moment of self-confession - admitted to sleeping with Max as well. Lauren knew it! The way Amy and the club owner had looked at each other that night at the bar was not one of just a pure professional relationship. The two friends giggled over their mutual lover and promised to "compare notes" later.

In addition to learning how to juggle five large offices over a multi-county area, Lauren soon found the weather in Miami wasn't always sunny and mild. The rain started one Friday morning a few weeks after Corey's visit. It was the first tropical depression in South Florida since living there, and it blew in with a vengeance. The storm pummeled her office windows relentlessly, disrupting her concentration. Iowa had storms and the occasional tornado, but this was on a whole other level. By the time she dragged her harried mind and body from the office that evening, the weather had worsened. Taking a cab - something she never did living so close by - briefly appealed to her, but it appeared everyone else had the same idea. Unable to hail a taxi, she opened her umbrella and started walking the three blocks home.

Hugging the edge of the high-rise facades along the way helped somewhat, but there was no escaping the driving rain. By the time Lauren reached the street on which her apartment building was located, her stylish heels, nylons, and pencil skirt were thoroughly soaked. Aggravated, cold, and hungry, the neon glow of the take-out sign in the window of a nearby café enticed her. At that point, nothing sounded better than curling up on a couch with ready-made hot soup and a glass of wine. Pirouetting across the street to avoid the puddles, the stressed-out office manager almost made it to the far sidewalk with just a soggy bottom when a passing delivery van hit a large pothole. No umbrella was a match for the cascade of water heaved onto Lauren, completely drenching her from head to toe. She stood for a minute in disbelief. How could this day get any worse? Defeated, she opened the door to the small restaurant and walked to the counter, not noticing the young man sitting at a small table in the rear.

A heavyset older woman in her 70's - "Mary" if her name tag was correct - stared impatiently from behind the deli counter at the new customer.
"A bowl of vegetable soup to go, please," Lauren muttered as the rainwater pooled at her feet. She looked like a drowned rat, long black hair hanging down in a stringy mess, clothes clinging awkwardly to her body.

Tommy had looked up from his laptop when the café door opened and allowed a wisp of wind to whip through the restaurant. At first, he didn't recognize the woman with the forlorn look on her face. Not until he heard her place the order.

"Lauren?" he asked cautiously from his table, not sure it was even her.

Turning toward the voice, Lauren smiled. A friendly face is just what she needed right then.

"Hey, Tommy. Why are you always around when I'm drowning?" she asked bravely, looking like she was ready to cry.

The boy ran his eyes over her body. The deluge had caused her skirt to become skintight and her red silk blouse to hug her small breasts.
The clerk rolled her eyes as she watched the young man ogle the drenched woman. "Soups are all gone," she announced with a sigh.
Great, Lauren thought, the one thing that would have salvaged this crappy day.

Seeing the disappointment in her eyes, Tommy hesitated for a moment, then spoke up.

"I could make some for you," he offered, a smile spreading across his youthful face. "I'm a pretty good cook. Great actually."

Lauren managed a weak smile. "I'm sure you are. But its Friday night, shouldn't you be out with your friends?"

"In this? Nah, I was planning on spending it in anyway. Parents are out of town and I have a business paper to finish."

"I don't know..."

"Please? I have all the ingredients, and I never get to cook for anyone that can really appreciates food, only Tony and assorted idiots. How about a trade? I feed you, you critique my paper."

Lauren brushed a strand of wet, stringy hair from her face, her makeup finally giving in. She nodded.

"Sure, why not? But I have to change my clothes first."

"How about one hour at my place? My suite is the side door in the short hallway, adjacent to my parents." Not giving her a second chance to decline, Tommy excitedly stuffed his laptop into his backpack and quickly dashed out into the driving rain.

"Thank you..." she called out, the wind drowning out any chance of him hearing. Gathering her umbrella and purse to leave, she turned to find Mary eying her smugly.

"Enjoy your hot meal. I know I would."


Lauren lingered in the shower, thankful to be out of the cold water and into the warm. She began reassessing her willingness to have dinner with Tommy. What the hell was she thinking? The kid had just turned 21, younger than both her daughters. She should have been firmer, resisted, but he had caught her in a vulnerable state. Recalling how good he looked standing at the side of the pool, his trunks clinging to his legs and crotch, she aimed the jet from the shower head towards her bald pussy. Maybe, just maybe, Corey would get his wish tonight.
After showering, Lauren sat at her vanity and called her husband using the phone's video app.

Corey squinted at his mobile as he watched her apply fresh makeup. Makeup? It was 8:00 at night.

"Going somewhere?" he asked, rubbing the stubble on his chin.

"As a matter of fact, I am. You'll be happy to know I have a dinner date!"

Lauren saw one gray eyebrow pop up and tried to hide her smile. Teasing him was going to be fun. She might just enjoy their evolving relationship as much as he. Seeing a chance to put a check mark in his kink column, she went full-on harlot with her makeup, just like when Amy painted her for the pub crawl. Well-defined penciled brows, heavy satin blue eye-shadow, and thick, dark azure lashes. She topped it off with ruby red lipstick, smacking her lips together.

Corey pressed her for information. "With Amy? Someone from work? I heard the storm hit today. Is it safe to go out?"

Lauren turned to the phone. "No, that's the best part! Its with a neighbor. I don't even have to go outside." She was deliberately piecemealing information.

Corey's brain went into overdrive. What neighbor? One of the happy-hour posse that was at pawing her? Another woman tenant? Someone else?

"Who would that be?"

"Do you remember Tommy? You met him when you were here, on the roof."

Corey swallowed. "The masseuse. Yeah, I remember." That was the young man who had rubbed her shoulders while he watched from the shadows. He also remembered the boy's incredibly muscular build.

Lauren told of the encounter in the café and the boy's offer to make her dinner.

Corey felt a pang of jealousy as his dick began to twitch with the possibilities. "That was nice of him."

"I thought so," she replied, standing up and shrugging off her robe. He could see her slim contour as she pulled on a pair of black lacy underwear and walked over to the closet, gathering her straight black mane behind her shoulders.

"Can you help me pick out something? Something casual?"

Her husband thought for a moment. "Jeans?"

"That's what I was thinking too," she acknowledged, holding up a pair of low-rise dark denim skinny blues. Slipping into them, she looked toward the phone and rotated once, her hair swinging outward from her topless body. The zipper was in the back, its small gold teeth running from the top of her waist, between her apple-bottom butt, to the middle of her crotch. This made for a very healthy cameltoe.
Corey's erection began to grow. The tight jeans sat low on her bare hips. She looked so hot!

"Top?" Lauren asked, rummaging through the closet. "Wait, I know."

She pulled out a thin long-sleeve white gauze blouse. It was nearly transparent. Once on, it fit like a glove, the button between her bra-less breasts straining to remain shut. Her small tits pressed against the fabric with dramatic effect, nipples and aureola clearly visible.
"Too casual?" Lauren asked, twirling around again.

No answer from the phone.

"Corey?" she asked, fearing a disconnection.

"Um, yeah, I'm here. The button, between your breasts, it looks like its straining. Why not help it out?" he suggested anemically.

Lauren did as he recommended, unfastening it, and then to his surprise, the one below that as well. This left a small sliver of bare tan skin visible between the two sides of the blouse, from her neckline to just above her navel, with a hint of a tan line crossing over where her bikini top would have been. She could feel her husband devouring her through the phone.

"Are you okay with him making me dinner? I won't go if you don't want me to."

"No, its fine. I want you to enjoy yourself," Corey croaked back.

Lauren picked up the phone and looked in her husband's eyes. She could see his kink was flaring up and decided to nourish it.

"Are you sure? What if he wants to eat more than soup for dinner?" she asked coyly.

A low, soft moan came from the tinny speakers.

"That's what I thought."

Corey's voice was barely audible. "Lauren, I love you. Be careful. Are you ready to go?"

"I love you too," Lauren said cheerfully as she sashayed over to the nightstand, bent over, and opened a drawer. Doing so caused the denim to stretch tightly over her small buns. From within she removed two shiny condom packs. She winked at the screen.

"Now I'm ready!"

Suddenly, the video chat ended, leaving Corey 1,500 miles away staring at the phone and a reflection of his very conflicted face.


The trip from her 23rd floor apartment to the 7th was not a long one, but enough to give Lauren one last chance to back out. She didn't know whether her husband's kink would be fed that night - or even if there would be the opportunity to - but she did know her pussy had been soaked after seeing the boy in the cafe. Kumiho was definitely awake.

Arriving on Tommy's floor, she walked past the entrance of the main suite and around to the side door, just as she'd been instructed. Taking a long, deep breath, she pressed the doorbell and waited. Moments later the young man opened the door with a huge grin. Lauren handed him a bottle of wine and slowly glided in, ass rocking up and down. She could feel his young eyes upon her. The suite was nicely decorated - better than one would expect from a college student - and a mild aroma of lavender was present. The lights were low, and candles burned throughout the apartment. He was clearly used to entertaining girls here.

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a half wall, and on the other side she could see a bright brass pot with steam floating from the top. Lauren watched as he stirred the cooking vegetable soup. It was her turn to check him out. A light blue long-sleeve button-down shirt and tan slacks conveyed the image of the all-American college kid. Sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows, he whistled as he opened the wine and poured it out into two glasses on the counter.

"That smells wonderful," Lauren commented on boiling concoction as she hoisted her wine in a toast. Tommy had trouble holding her gaze as they clinked glasses and drank deeply. He was clearly nervous.

"It'll be done in just a minute. Make yourself comfortable."

Tommy glanced at her as she wandered around the apartment, stopping to gaze at framed photos and various knickknacks. Her ass was otherworldly in those tight denim jeans, her shiny black high heels emphasizing each subtle cheek bounce as she moved. And the blouse. Holy shit, the blouse! Even more revealing than her bikini, he could plainly see her breasts and nipples.

Up until now, he had thought of Lauren as simply a profoundly good-looking mature lady. Sexy and friendly, but demure. And yet tonight, her makeup, the way she was dressed and carried herself, reminded him more of those high-end escorts in movies. Definitely NOT what he had expected. It was almost as if she wanted to get laid.

The soup was soon served along with a loaf of hot French bread and salad. Tommy fawned over his dinner guest, making sure her wine glass was kept full and she had enough to eat. Lauren was genuinely surprised at how good the meal tasted. At first the conversation was a bit halting as Lauren grasped at things to discuss with a man so much her junior. Initially she asked how classes were going, until she dismissed this line of questioning as something only a mom or aunt would pursue. She was thankful when he brought up the business paper and began discussing his dream. An avid gymnast, he hoped to open his own studio one day and focus on bringing the joy of gymnastics to disabled or mentally challenged children. Wow, she thought, handsome, hot, and a big heart!

Lauren tried to clean up after dinner, but Tommy would have none of it. Instead, he asked her to look over his paper and give him some pointers. It was due Monday and he considered it an honor to have a big-time executive critique his work. Hands wet with sudsy water, he pointed to a laptop sitting on the living room sofa, informing her the document should already be open. Lauren sat down and opened the lid. What she saw made her eyes widen. A browser window was opened to a website with photos of scantily dressed women. That in itself wasn't surprising given the boy's age, but the genre was. All the women were Lauren's age, all slim, all with straight jet-black hair. Just like her. She sniggered. What had he been doing before she arrived?

To avoid any him embarrassment, she quietly closed the browser and began reading the paper, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers, occasionally looking up at Tommy and smiling. It was a lengthy dissertation and by the time she had finished, the dishes were done. Turning the sound system to a blues station, he joined her on the couch.

"Any good?" he asked, his knees hyperactive. Why was he so nervous? He'd had plenty of girls in his apartment before, many of them in his bed. Why was this one so different?

Lauren scooted over, her leg touching his. "It's a very good paper. Clear narrative, valid reasoning, closes with a memorable statement. But let's look at a few things."

Heads together, they peered into laptop as they went through each page. Lauren secretly noted how good he smelled, as well as the large outline in his tight trousers. Tommy could barely focus on their conversation, his eyes drifting to her blouse. It was opened all the way to her navel, her tiny breasts and half-inch nipples pressed tautly against the gauze material. Good Lord, she looked amazing.

As they reached the last page, Lauren closed the computer, their foreheads almost touching. She looked at Tommy from behind those famous black bangs and smiled. "I give it an A+".

The two could not ignore the electricity in the air. The young man took his chance, pushing the laptop to the floor and planted a small kiss on her lips. They separated, as if evaluating the situation, then quickly collapsed together again. Lauren felt his tongue dance in her mouth as his hands explored her body. He pawed at her roughly, the hallmark of a boy just starting to mature in the way of sexual conquest. They continued to neck heavily until Tommy had a disturbing thought, one that dampened his raging hormones.

"Oh man," Tommy sighed, reluctantly sitting upright.

Lauren looked bewildered, yet thankful for a chance to breath. Smooth operator was not in this kid's repertoire yet.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"Yeah, you're married," he lamented, his thumb and index finger rubbing his forehead.

"You knew that when you invited me over, Tommy."

"Yeah, I know. I took a shot, what guy wouldn't?"


"History is filled with dudes who were killed by jealous husbands. I don't want to die."

Lauren started to giggle. Tommy cracked a smile.

"And dying is funny?"

"No, of course not. But my husband would be the last one on earth to kill you. He knows I'm here. With you. On a date."

"What? I don't believe that..."

Lauren put a finger to his lips. "It's true. He's okay with it."

Tommy looked at her incredulously. He'd read about this. Husbands that let their wives date other men. There were videos on it too. He just thought they were fantasies.

"No offense, but I'm sure that's the last thing a lot of dead guys have heard," he replied, chortling.

Lauren picked up the laptop and set it on the coffee table in front of them. "Does that thing have a camera?" she asked.
Tommy nodded. "Of course."

"And your parents are out?"

"Well, they are due back tonight, but I doubt they'll be traveling in this storm."

She pulled up a video service account number on her phone. "Can you get a video conference going with this number?"

Shrugging, he opened a program, typed in a few keystrokes, and moments later a man in a bathrobe popped up on screen.

"Hi babe," Lauren smiled sweetly at Corey. "Did we catch you at a bad time?"

Corey was suddenly aware of being only in his robe.

"Uh, well, just got out of the shower. Been a long day. Who's that?"

"This is Tommy, my dinner date."

"Hey," Tommy nodded.

"Hey," Corey chirped back. The boy seemed nervous.

Tommy kept looking between the old guy and Lauren. What the hell was this? Was he dreaming? This was some weird shit.

Lauren cleared her throat. "Tommy was just...thanking me for reviewing his paper...with a nice kiss, when he saw my wedding ring. Now he's afraid you'll do something drastic, like gun him down." She watched the kid's eyes grow wide. This wasfun!

"I don't own a gun," Corey assured the boy expressionlessly, leaning into the camera, his nostrils flaring. "So, you've been kissing my wife?"
Eyes pivoting between Lauren and her husband, Tommy looked like he'd been caught in the cookie jar.

"Mister, I'm not looking for any trouble. She came to dinner hot to trot..., I mean, like, dressed off-the-fucking-chain. I'm only human, what can I..."

The older man cut him off. "Do you want to fuck her?"

Corey surprised himself at being so impulsive and forward. He saw Lauren's mouth drop.

"Wha...?" Tommy stammered?

"It's a simple question, son," Corey continued calmly. Lauren looked at her husband's onscreen image in mild amusement. This aggressiveness was new. She liked it.

"" the older man repeated slowly. "Like you said, she came to you dressed like a whore. Everything about her screams she wants to get laid. I'm a thousand miles away, I can't do it. you want to FUCK her?"

The young man thoughts were racing. He looked at Lauren. "You want this?"

One eyebrow cocked, she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Tommy tried to think this through. He wasn't stupid. If this old man wanted him to bang his smoking hot wife while he watched, who was he to argue? He may never get another chance. A sly grin began creeping across his face.

"Yeah, okay. I'll help you out."

Corey watched as the kid stared at Lauren, and she at him. All talk and no action. Someone needed to make a move.

"Kiss her again," he told the boy.

Tommy looked at the old man, then back to Lauren. Leaning over, he quickly kissed her lips, then retreated. He never had an audience before, much less a husband watching, and it was definitely NOT helping with his arousal.

Sensing the boy was having some difficulty, Lauren let her hand drift to his thigh, then to his crotch, her long fingernails tapping his trousers. In short order, the tapping became rubbing and the rubbing became groping. Finally, there was movement under her hand, like a lizard beginning to stir in its nest, and a low slow moan escaped from his mouth.

Lauren dropped to her knees and dipped her face into Tommy's lap. Replacing her hand with her mouth, she gummed the outline of his growing erection, biting it gently, until the material ballooned with his manhood.

"I want to suck his dick," Lauren announced. "I want him in my mouth."

"Do it," Corey told her. His robe had slipped open, exposing his pudgy middle, and he was now stroking his own six inches.

Tommy leaned back as the dinner guest unfastened his slacks and opened the fly. He lifted his waist just enough for Lauren to pull them over his hips. As she tugged the cotton material downward and it cleared the boy's crotch, his cock sprang out like a diving board just vacated. Lauren could not believe what this kid was packing. The clinging swimsuit had done no justice. A bit shorter than the Chairman, maybe eight inches, it was thicker than any penis she had seen in person.

Lauren reached into her purse, stopping just for a moment to glance at Corey and lick her lips. She was learning all too well how to pull his levers. Removing a condom from its package, she carefully rolled the thin latex over Tommy's tool. It took both hands to bring it to her mouth and could feel the blood pumping through the blue veins, a bit of pre-cum dripping from the tip into the reservoir. Beginning with small strokes, Lauren watched as his steely staff responded to each touch, seeping more of the clear fluid from its slit. A part of her wished she could taste it.

Lauren's eyes opened wide as Tommy put pressure on the back of her head and slid the mass of flesh past her lips. "Relax your jaws and let it slide in. Not too far yet, if it hits the back of your throat you'll gag." He’d clearly provided these tips before.

As the head of the snake disappear into his wife's mouth, Corey looked on, masturbating to the feed being broadcast live to his computer. After a few more inches, Lauren gagged, reluctantly allowing Tommy's dick to slither out. Gradually, she became accustomed to the length. The older man felt those same emotions surfacing as he watched his beautiful, smart, executive wife analyze the best way to take the meaty cock into her mouth, like a dog sizing up a bone. Determined to take as much as she could, Lauren kept removing it, reevaluating, stroking, and reinserting, each time able to take an inch or two more.

While the dark-haired vixen gave him head, she reached up and caressed Tommy's body, stopping at his chest to finger the hard nipples that poked out from prominent pecs. He groaned, picking up the pace, fist full of that black mane, his hips arching upward to fuck that pretty face.

At one point, her mouth full, Lauren managed to mumble to Tommy. "He needs to be part of this." As she did, a load of spit spilled from the sides of her mouth onto his thighs.

The young man looked over at the laptop. What the hell was he supposed to say?

"Uh, your...your wife's mouth," Tommy stuttered, "it, uh, feels good around my...cock. Her tongue is sick."

Corey's cock felt like iron in his hands. And to think until recently, fellatio was completely off the table.

Fap, fap, fap.

Tommy laughed. This was so unreal. Tony would never believe this.

"Show him your hot body," Corey cajoled Lauren. "Strip for him."

After a few more trips down the boy's cock, Lauren let it plop from her mouth, strands of spittle forming a bridge between her lips and the tip as she pulled away. Wiping the remainder on her blouse, she stood up.

Swaying erotically to slow blues music, Lauren pulled the tail of her blouse from her jeans and unfastened the final bottom button. Tommy watched in a trance as she let the thin material fall dramatically from her shoulders, holding it momentarily just above her breasts. With a quick smile, she allowed it to drop. The boy watched as it fluttered to the floor. He marveled at how fit she was, not at all like his mother or her friends. Now topless, Lauren's tanned torso contrasted nicely with the dark denim blues sitting low on her hip bones. From there, his gaze rose past her small waist and tight abdominal muscles to those tiny tits, which she was now fondling, one in each hand.

"And the jeans," her husband commanded, now clearly comfortable with being the quarterback.

Lauren slunk over to Tommy and turned around, her small, firm jeans-clad ass staring the young man in the face. Corey watched as the boy reached between her legs, extended a single middle finger, and inserted it into the depression of her two-inch long cameltoe. She responded by humping his hand, sliding her crotch back and forth along his finger as he added pressure. Soon, the denim in that area became darker as it became saturated with her wetness. She took his hand and placed in on the zipper pull, just above her buttocks.

"Do you want him to undress me, Corey?" she cooed.

A groan came from the speakers.

Taking that as a yes, Tommy pulled the zipper slowly, allowing the teeth to uncouple dramatically. The further the zipper descended towards her crotch, the more of Lauren's lace panties became visible. As the denim fell away from her hips, the perfection of her ass overwhelmed the young man. Lauren shuddered as she felt his hands push the panty material to one side, followed by a cold tongue probing her crack. Slapping her ass cheeks, Tommy grabbed the woman by the hips and tossed her on her back, jeans still around the knees. Leaning over, he dipped his tongue into her mouth, which she instinctively sucked in with a wet pop. His free hand reached between her legs and pulled her panties tightly into her crack.

Lauren craned her neck to get a glimpse of the laptop screen. Corey was now leaning back in his office chair, robe open to both sides while he jerked off with one hand, the other playing with a hairy nipple. She batted her eyes at him.

Fap, fap, fap.

Tommy stood and practically ripped off his shirt. Lauren moaned at the sight of the powerful chest, arms, and ripped stomach. She loved Corey dearly, but he was right, he had aged. But this was not love, it was pure lust and nothing more. Next came the boy's shoes, belt and trousers, which clanged carelessly to the carpet beside the sofa. Last came his socks.

Now completely naked, Tommy turned to Lauren and pulled off her jeans and panties. Kneeling between her legs, he looked down at the smooth clam oozing its clear fluid. He gasped, never having seen a completely shaved pussy close up. But he knew what to do with it. He fell back on the sofa and pulled the now nude Lauren to his lap, cradling her, both facing the camera. She could feel his cock pressing into her back as he draped each of her legs over his thighs, effectively spreading her legs wide for Corey to see what he was about to do.

Tommy reached around Lauren's body and began rubbing her hairless slit, so moist there were visible trails of juice running from her crack to the cushion below. Corey marveled at how much his wife looked like a porn star performing in her first film. She was leaning back into the boy's chest while he played with her cunt, her tight tanned abs quivering, the half-inch nipples on her barely-there tits now rock hard. Two fingers into her hole, then three, Tommy began assaulting her pussy.

Turning her face, Lauren began wagging her tongue in the air, seeking his. The young man craned his neck and touched the tip of his to hers. She continued to moan loudly, breathing in quick bursts, as their tongues intertwined, swapping spit.

"Fuck that's hot," they heard Corey whisper.

"Right there, right there," Lauren breathed, "oh soooo good!

"Oh, oh, oh, awe, awe, awe, oh, oh, oooooooooo!"

When Tommy inserted the fourth finger, Lauren went berserk.

"FUUUCCCKKKKK, Tommy, goddamn it, ooooh god, ooooh god, FUUUUUCCK my pusseeeeeeee!"

Corey stopped pumping his cock and leaned into screen. His wife was getting the best finger-banging of her life. He watched as the boy's deft hand flew in and out of her cunt in a blur. Lauren's hips bucked uncontrollably, flinging fluid everywhere. Tommy's other hand grabbed her throat, holding her head against his chest as her body writhed.

"Oh shit, oh fuck. I think I'm gonna cum, oh yeah, that's it, right there. OH FUCK, Corey, his hand feels so good...YESSSSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGG," Lauren screamed, fruitlessly extending a hand towards her husband's onscreen image.

Corey also subconsciously reached out and touched his monitor in a useless attempt to make the connection. As he watched, she thrust her head into Tommy's chest, arched her back, and let go with a blood curdling howl while the boy's hand continued to drive into her hole. Corey saw copious amounts of milky white fluid bubble from her hairless crack and dribble down her legs. It was only later that he realized - although not the "fountain squirting" of porn video lore - he had just witnessed his wife come as close to the real thing as it gets.

Lauren sat on Tommy's lap for a good minute, nuzzling and kissing him as she came down from her release. When she finally looked back into the camera, Corey did not see the eyes of his wife and mother of two children. These were the eyes of a woman who wanted nothing more than to get fucked into next week. He swallowed. It was time.

"Do her, man. She's in goddamn heat. Fuck her now!"

Lauren mewed, licking a hard pec. Her body was still quivering.

"Fuck her man, bang my slut wife! You know you want to." Corey was trying to pull some levers of his own.

Tommy gave the old man a puzzled - even angry - look. "Easy, dude, I don't think that's very nice..."

Corey shook his head. "She likes it. A lot. I would never do anything to hurt her. Try it, she gets real nasty."

The kid looked down. "Is that right? Uh, slu...slut?" he asked nervously, clearly not comfortable calling her names.

Lauren's eyes glowed. "Yesssss," she hissed. "I'll be your whore tonight. Now, PLEASE fuck me!"

Unreal, Tommy grinned, forcefully spinning the black-haired MILF around on the sofa until she was on all fours. Lauren giggled as he handled her like a rag doll, her tiny ass landing against his naked crotch. She was gasping for air.

"Ironic...isn't it...babe?" she breathed heavily, looking over at her husband.

Corey cleared his throat, dick in hand. "What's that?"

"Years ago, you stole me away from all those frat boys."

"I remember."

She laughed at him maniacally. "And now, you’re giving me back!"

With that, Tommy put the head of his cock against the older woman's bare pussy and watched her butterfly part to accept the tip. A couple pushes later, it disappeared completely as Lauren's hole formed a perfect O seal around his latex clad cock. Air rushed from her lungs as the long tool burrowed deep, resulting in a low guttural growl. Like the Chairman, its width filled the diameter of her hole completely. The boy aggressively worked in the remainder of his eight inches - pushing and retreating, pushing and retreating. Unlike the Chairman though, this was a living thing: pulsating, throbbing, and very determined. Sensing there was still more, she lowered her back slightly, causing her ass to raise enough to allow the rest of the meaty cock to slide all the way in, crashing against her cervix. With this last thrust, Tommy grunted loudly, Lauren screamed, and Corey closed his eyes.

The young lad wasted no time laying into her from behind, the entire length of his manhood easily reaching the limit of her womb on each stroke. Lauren had never been so thoroughly filled with so much rigid flesh. Any initial discomfort had given way to sheer ecstasy.

"Awe, oh, awe, oh, awe, oh!" she moaned rhythmically with every thrust.

"Slam her pussy!" Corey demanded. "Do that whore! Tell her what you think of her!"

Tommy spoke, but kept fucking. "Take...take my fucking SLUT! I thought...UGGGGHHH...I thought...I thought you were a nice chick, but...OH GOD, BABY THAT FEELS GOOD!"

The was no longer any resistance in her canal as he continued to spear the sopping wet pink hole.

"But...but you're really just a fucking cumdump!"

Lauren heard the words rain down on her, spiking her arousal. She brayed like a donkey, her fingers crushing the sofa cushion.

"Yesssss! That's it, Tommy! Give it to your whore.! Use me like all those frat boys did. Fuck my tight slutty hole."
Corey's heart skipped a beat. All those frat boys?

Keeping a tight grip on her hips, Tommy continued the long strokes, going deep, then pulling back, careful not to pop out. He was getting into it now.

"Damn, dude, I should have been banging your wife a long time ago. I had nasty bitches before, but she wins the prize."

The lovers heard a long raspy sound coming from the laptop. Fap, fap, fap. Lauren decided to turn it up a notch.

"Give me my prize, Tommy! I want my prize!

Watch him fuck me, Corey! Like a BITCH! Just like Paul did in his dorm room all those years ago. God, he used to hammer my pussy, just like this!"

The older man shut his eyes tight, mercilessly flogging his cock. Paul was his wife's boyfriend when Corey and Lauren had met. The frat boy was arguably his biggest competition back then.

"He fucked me SILLY, Corey. Every day! While...while his friends watched Corey!"

"No! Oh SHIT," her husband gasped as he beat off, picturing a dorm room filled with college boys, gathered around Paul's bed, watching his Lauren get destroyed. The emotions he felt were staggering. Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap.

"Yesssss. They WATCHED us, Corey. They watched us FUCK!

The sound coming through the laptop's speakers was distorted now.

Fap, fap, fap.

"But Corey, they weren't just watching, baby, noooo, they...they were waiting. Oh god help me, Corey, they were WAITING IN LINE FOR MEEEEEEEEEE!

"NOOOOOO, NOOOOOO, NOOOOOO!" Corey screamed at his monitor.

Lauren looked away. He must be twisting his dick off right now.

Her focus returned to Tommy who was still impaling her from behind.

"DON'T you dare stop now! That's it! Keep going! Pound me with that young meat. Faster. Fuck me faster. Treat me like a whore, do me 'til I hurt.

"Shit good!

"Keep going...don't stop...every inch in me...every inch...GOOD LORD...FUCK MEEEEEEE!"

Tommy was a steam engine now, squeezing Lauren's hips and jack-hammering her hairless pussy for all he was worth. Corey saw the length of the boy's tool glide in and out effortlessly, the wet sound of their sex reaching through his computer speakers and smacking him in the face.

"Don't stop, don't stop! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Tommy, give it to me...Give it tooooo meeeeee, Tommmeeeeeee!

Corey watched as the 21-year-old pummeled his wife's sweet pussy into complete submission. He heard another maniacal laugh as Lauren tossed whipped her hair around and looked deep into the camera and her husband's eyes.

"I...I...I...," she stammered at him between thrusts, half-laughing, half-gasping. "Corey, baby, I am so f...f...fucked!"

The older man could take no more. He tried, he really tried, but after seeing the lust in her eyes while the boy's hips slammed into hers, there was no stopping the flood of semen from his balls. His roar was so loud, so intense, that Lauren and her new lover momentarily slowed and looked at the screen, fearing a medical emergency. Their concern was quickly quelled as they saw his body shaking and a small amount of milky white semen spill from his penis into a waiting napkin. Corey then pulled his robe together and looked at the ceiling, eyes glossy.
Meanwhile, in Miami, the pounding continued. It was at a relentless pace. This young man had boundless energy.

"OH, FUCKING JESUS!" Lauren cried out as Tommy's cock hit her clit at just the right angle. "That's it, faster, faster. Do me, wreck my pussy! Fuck me, goddammit!"

Remembering what Corey had told him, Tommy gathered up her long black mane and pulled it back toward him. This snapped her neck back, leaving her mouth gaping open.

"You like my cock, whore?" He still wasn't too comfortable with the name calling, but it was kind of hot. And if she liked it, then...

"I've wanted to fuck you since I met you at the pool. Shove my cock down your pretty mouth. I never thought you'd turn out to be such dirty, filthy, cum loving slut!"

Lauren's synapses went crazy.

"Oh yeah, baby, ride me like a bucking filly!" she screamed. "Fuck my tight little slut hole. Yeah, Tommy, that's it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep going. FASTER!!!"

Corey had recovered and was watching the screen again. The boy was now at maximum warp drive, his hips driving in and out of Lauren's cunt so fast he thought the kid was going to throw a muscle.

"Me and Tony will do you next time. He'd love to tap a whore like you. Would you like that"

Lauren howled at the thought of the two young athletes having their way with her.

"Answer me, slut!", Tommy demanded.

"Yesssss! I want you and Tony to use me! All night long...and dump your loads in me!"

"And we'll do your little blonde friend too!"

She was grunting loudly now, like a wild animal humping in the woods. Her head was rotating one way, then the other, her black mane had ripped away from Tommy's hand and was now dancing on her back.

"C'mon, fuck my dripping cunt, baby, I want it all. Deeper, deeper. That's it! That's it."

Tommy leaned over, his chest touching her back. Reaching around, he found her swollen clit. The firecracker exploded.

Not skipping a beat, the boy continued to pulverize her reddening slit while plucking her rigid nub. He couldn't see, but could feel, the volumes of fluids gushing out of her hole and onto his legs.

"Get it, get it. Deeper, deeper!" she yelled over her shoulder, "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, make me come, make me come! Make your whore come!"

Tommy’s fingers were a blur on her clit, the slickness from her juices making it hard to maintain contact.


Lauren felt the out-of-body roller coaster experience begin as her orgasm ramped up. There was no stopping as it hit the crest, then descended rapidly into the void. The heat flashed through her like a lightning bolt.

"I'm there! I'm there! I'm there!" she squealed. "I'm cummingggggggggggg! Oh, Tommeeeee! Oh Coreeeeeeeee! I'm cumminggggggggggg!!!!!

Tommy had difficulty staying inside the bucking Lauren as she cycled through her release. She nearly heaved him onto the floor before collapsing on her belly, exhausted. Closing her eyes, she could feel her young lover's fully erect manhood still deep within, pulsating, waiting.

Getting back some of her senses, Lauren knew she had to finish him off before he killed her. Pushing herself up from the cushions, she flipped onto her back, pulling Tommy's sweaty body on top of her. Using one hand to guide his cock past her butterfly, the other holding his neck for leverage, she wrapped her legs around his waist and used her feet to pull his ass inward, driving the meaty cock back into her pussy.

She looked him in the eyes, wondering what his trigger was.

"You like fucking my bald pussy, don't you, baby?" she cooed.

"Fuck yeah," Tommy grunted, his missionary strokes quickly matching his previous pace.

"I saw your browser tonight. You've been a naughty boy, looking at all those older women."

The boy's eyes grew wide as he accelerated his thrusts. "FUCK!"

"Not too many mommy's have shaved pussies like me, do they?"

Shaking his head furiously, he rammed his cock as deep as it would go with every thrust, sweat pouring off his body.

"Have you been jerking off to me, Tommy? You can tell Lauren."

The kid grunted relentlessly, his breathing labored. "Shit, fuck, shit, fuck!"

"Never thought you'd be in my nice, warm pussy, did you? All that cum on the floor when all you had to do is knock on my door."

"Oh, FUCK!" Tommy bellowed, his face contorting against its will. His grunting was rhythmic now, growing louder with every push. She knew he was getting close, and gently pushed him back. He cried out in dismay as his cock unexpectedly flopped out of her. Sliding quickly under him, Lauren positioned her head so his glistening eight inches dangled directly above her face. Lauren peeled the condom off and began furiously milking his manhood.

"Give it to me, Tommy! How many times have you pictured this? Now you can blow on my pretty whore face for real. Do it, Tommy!"

She stroked his shaft faster, gripping it tighter. Corey was leaning in close to his screen now, amazed at the performance his wife was putting on.

"You blew your load all over those fake Laurens, now's your chance with the real slut! You've fucked me, owned me, now paint my face, goddammit! MARK ME Tommy!"

"OH FUCK!!! I'm gonna come," the boy hollered.

Lauren could see and feel his fat cock convulsing, its veins bulging as it prepared itself. Recoiling at first, like a snake getting ready to strike, it snapped back straight, stiffer. There was a brief second when the boy's face froze, mouth open in a strange, contorted silent scream as his breathing stopped.

Then he came.

"OHHHHHHHH LAURENNNNNNN!" Tommy wailed, every muscle in his toned body trembling.

Corey watched as the young stud proceeded to unload an insane amount of semen onto his wife's face. Wave upon wave erupted from the tip of his cock, producing surging ropes of thick white liquid which plastered her hair, eyes and nose. She shrieked with delight, laughing until the cascade of milky sperm subsided. When he was done, his spunk covered her face, chest, and even the sofa cushions. Tommy could not take his eyes off Lauren as she coaxed the last bit of seed from his dick. No girl had allowed him to do that. Ever.

All three of them were basking in the glow of what they had just shared when there came a light knock on the adjoining door between the boy's suite and his parents'.


The young man froze.

Another knock.

"Thomas, are you okay? Open the door, please. Who's Lauren?"

"Shit, shit, shit," Tommy gasped, pulling on his pants in a panic.

Lauren threw on her blouse, the boy's cum still dripping off her chin. Stuffing her legs into the skinny jeans, she noticed Corey laughing hysterically through the laptop. She slammed the lid shut. "Asshole!"

Running to the side entrance of Tommy's apartment, purse and shoes in hand, she cracked the door slightly to make sure the coast was clear. Seeing no one, she made a beeline to the elevator, buttoning her top while trying to slip on her heels. The lift's door finally opened, and Lauren threw her body inside, landing with her back against the rear wall. She closed her eyes, waiting for her breathing to slow.

"Floor?" a familiar voice asked. "Twenty-three, right?"

Her eyes snapped open to see her wealthy neighbor and happy-hour regular, Jack, standing in the corner of the elevator with bags of groceries. She had not seen him when rushing in. The sight of her irregularly buttoned blouse and disheveled appearance prompted him to ask if everything was alright.

"Do you need a knight in shining armor to save you from a college boy again?" he asked unwittingly, with a twinkle in his eye.

Lauren just laughed and buried her face in her hands. Where were you three hours ago?

Our continuing story: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=61827

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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Spectacular!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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Excellent ... Thank you for posting here.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

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This narrative is part of a multi-part story. Reading previous chapters will enhance the reader's understanding of each subsequent installment, but is not absolutely necessary.

Probably not necessary on this site, but...this story showcases wife sharing and cuckold themes. If that is not your thing and you still read on, any emotions it triggers in you, is on you.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18.


The sun faded over the western Iowa skies as Corey Miller pitched his laptop bag onto the passenger seat of his pickup truck. Sliding behind the wheel, he surveyed the former abandoned cornfield which his construction firm had transformed into a sprawling healthcare facility with 500 beds and medical offices. It took two years and came at a price tag of $150 million, but as far as he was concerned, the real cost had been the five months - and counting - spent apart from his wife of 28 years. Thankfully, the ribbon cutting ceremony was scheduled for mid-February, signaling the end of major construction. He could then turn in his resignation, leave the company in good graces, and join Lauren in Miami. Unfortunately, since it was only early October, he would be handcuffed to Iowa for at least another four months.

Driving passed the chain-link construction fences, Corey waved at Jerry and Dan, two other project managers on the job. He smiled. If only they had known the dark role they played in he and his wife’s love making recently, brought up by none other than Lauren herself. A tall tale to be sure, told from her point of view about an encounter with his coworkers in the construction trailer, which ultimately resulted in them unloading semen onto her face. Pure fiction, of course, but hot, nonetheless.

The 45-minute drive to the suburbs gave the 61-year-old a chance to reflect on his wife and their relationship. In the five months since Lauren had relocated to South Florida for her new job, he had witnessed the low key, demure, and nearly frigid 48-year-old Midwestern mother change into a dynamic sexual creature who was slowly embracing some of the eccentricities that he himself had fantasized about for years. For some time now he'd been pushing her to dress more provocatively, be a flirt, and more recently, be promiscuous. In the last couple months, she had checked all three boxes. In addition, she seemed to have developed her own idiosyncrasies, ranging from a newfound fondness of facials and over-the-top filthy talk while in the throes of passion. What used to be a few whimpers had graduated into a steady stream of fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything! Sometimes contrived, sometimes self-deprecating, but always, always a turn on.

Admittedly, Corey had played a major part in this transformation and much of her new behavior was a product of his own doing. Beginning years ago, he had promoted the notion of sharing her by way of manufactured tall tales while nestled safely in their marital bed behind closed doors. Lauren had always enjoyed the imaginary lovers to some extent, having an orgasm at the thought of others taking her roughly during the precious few times they did make love. It was a concept they both understood to be pure fantasy and it seemed destined to stay that way. Alas, an early menopause and Corey's expanding waistline and diminished stamina as he aged had significantly decreased his wife's libido. Until her recent move, that is.

Now, she had grown emboldened, triggered not by his persistence alone, but an inner force he could not quite put his finger on. It was as if something had awakened; a sexuality that had laid dormant, just below the surface. Perhaps she had suppressed it once they were married or maybe it had never surfaced before at all. It was hard to tell. During Lauren's recent tryst with the neighbor boy, she had uttered some nonsense about her pulling train in an old boyfriend's fraternity house. Whether there was any truth in that or if she was just being "in character" feeding Corey's kink, he did not know. Nor had he pursued it. Yet, it was clear he had poked a tiger, and since coming to Miami, it appeared the tiger had been inspired. At times he beat himself up over the perpetual cajoling. Husbands weren't supposed to encourage their wives to have sex with others. At least that’s what mainstream society claimed. He told himself it was for altruistic reasons - for her sexual fulfillment and happiness - but that would not be completely honest either. No, he had enough self-awareness to know it was the damn compersion he craved, the feeling he experienced when witnessing or even thinking of Lauren with another. Yes, it was kinky, perverse, and even depraved, but God help him, he loved it so.

The flash of a sign signaling the post office ahead caught Corey's eye. Crap, almost missed it! He slowed the old pickup truck and guided it into the parking lot. Grabbing a small plainly wrapped box from the middle console, he jumped down and approached the night drop. His hand shook slightly as he pulled opened the drawer and placed the tiny package on the tray. Hesitating longer than he should have, he allowed the lid to close, listening to the parcel drop into the void. He looked up at the rosy twilight sky and sighed. It was going to be another lonely night.


Lauren walked into the lobby of her apartment building and bent over, hands on knees and slightly wheezing. Out of breath from a long early evening power walk, she walked aimlessly around the white marble floor as she willed her body to cool down. Miami in October could still be quite warm and this day was no exception. She had to remind herself she was not a young chick anymore.

An older bespectacled gentleman working the concierge desk looked at her appreciatively. One of the perks of the job was being able to observe female residents come and go, all under the pretense of keeping an eye on them for their safety. His eyes drank in her tight black bike shorts and pink sports bra. Small firm ass and tiny tits. The apartment building was not lacking for pretty woman, but this one was exemplary. Older, but more in shape than most.

"Good evening, Mrs. Miller. You have a package waiting. Would you like to pick it up now?" he asked, maintaining an air of professionalism.

Lauren nodded as she approached the desk, taking a long sip of water. The man handed her the package, discreetly glancing at the tiny nipples hardening from the cool air blowing from the floor vents. "Thank you, Harvey," she replied, closing her hand around the small box, noting the familiar handwriting on the brown paper wrapper.

The attendant watched the perfect buttocks shift up and down beneath clingy polyester as their owner sauntered to the elevators. He was acutely aware the woman's husband only visited from time to time and was not yet a permanent resident. That was risky. Leaving a fine piece of ass like that alone in a sinful city like Miami was only asking for trouble.


Lauren entered her 23rd floor apartment with only two things in mind: a hot shower and a good meal. Looking down at the package, she noticed it was postmarked three days ago from Des Moines. Sweet Corey. He was forever sending her little things for the apartment; a candle here, a knickknack there. Unfortunately, this one would have to wait. Plopping the box on the kitchen island, she stripped off her sweaty clothes and jumped under the steady stream of warm water. It was Friday night, and she was in a good mood. Her taste buds had been tantalized for weeks by the aroma of a new Italian restaurant around the corner and tonight she was set on some good pasta.

After showering, the 48-year-old donned a long sleeve, red satin scoop-neck dress and simple two-inch high heels. It was of modest length, stopping mid-thigh, but clingy enough to highlight her curves and small chest. Classy without being over-the-top.

Meandering into the kitchen, Lauren picked up the nondescript package from the kitchen counter and unwrapped it. Inside was a small white jewelry box held together by a blue ribbon. This immediately piqued her curiosity. She could count on one hand the number of times Corey had given her unsolicited jewelry. Carefully wiggling off the top, she peeled away the fluffy white cotton to reveal a short gold chain nestled within. It was too short to be a necklace. A bracelet perhaps?

Lifting it from the box with an index finger, she peered at it quizzically. It had a rather sturdy clasp and two small letter pendants hanging in the middle: "H" and "W". Lauren stared at the chain with a blank look. What the heck? Those were definitely NOT her initials. Moments later a faint recollection crept in. During her research into understanding Corey's hotwife kink, she recalled that some women wear an anklet as a way of sending a subtle message to potential partners that they are available and have the consent of their husbands to "mingle".
"I'll be damned," Lauren shook her head, grinning. He's getting bolder, I'll give him that.


Corey was huddled over a barbecue grill in his backyard nursing a t-bone steak to perfection when the video app on his phone rang. His face lit up at the sight of his lovely wife.

"Hi babe. TGIF! Hope they took it easy on you this week," he said cheerfully. He too was in a good mood. "Wow, you're dressed nice. What's the occasion?"

"Going to the new Italian place down the street. Looking forward to a good meal without cooking for a change."

"Alone? I mean the dress and all."

"Yes, alone," Lauren replied. Narrowing her eyes, she held up the anklet. "Unless you had other plans for me."

"Ah, yes," Corey tittered. "So, you got it. What do you think? Do you like it?"

"High-quality gold. You have good taste."

"Nothing but the best for you."

A few moments of silence followed.

"You know this is a clear invitation for men to hit on me," Lauren stated flatly. Then, remembering her commitment to helping him evolve his fetish, she added softly, "I'm assuming that is what you want."

"All I want is for you to be satisfied."

"You are so full of shit," Lauren snorted, twisting the chain around her fingers. She watched quietly as he sprinkled some spices on the meat. After a minute, she spoke up. What the hell, she was in a funky mood.

"Would you like me to wear it tonight? I'm not convinced anything will come of it, but maybe some Italian stallion will take notice."

Corey looked back towards the screen and raised his eyebrows. " Really? I wasn't sure you would."

"You sent it just to sit in a jewelry box?"

"I...I guess not," Corey gulped. "I sent it because it was hot picturing you in a bar, the anklet advertising your availability, men trying to pick you up..."

"You mean, like a hooker," she pondered, "except the milk's free."

"Um, well, now that you put it that way..." Corey stammered. He was losing this one. "Just forget it, babe. I thought you might find it hot too. I can send it back. No harm, no foul."

Lauren deliberated her response. He clearly intended for her to wear the gift with hopes for a specific outcome. She was willing to indulge some of his fantasies - after all, she derived pleasure from them as well - but was this taking things too far? Still with few friends in the area, any man approaching her in Miami would more than likely be a stranger. That posed a danger in itself these days. Still, she wanted to satiate Corey's needs, let it swim around in his perverted brain. What's the chances of a single man at an upscale restaurant hitting on her, much less one recognizing the anklet's significance? Besides, it might be a naughty thrill.

"No need to return it," Lauren cooed as she bent over to secure the chain around her ankle. A photo of his wife's tanned foot appeared on Corey's screen. The shiny gold anklet lay beautifully against the smooth skin. "You seem to forget that while this started as your kink, I'm the one that engineered the rendezvous with Max and Tommy. Let's see if anyone notices, shall we?"

Corey groaned at the thought. There was no doubt in his mind someone would. His cock twitched its involuntary approval.


Harvey's eyes followed the slim beauty through the lobby as she walked towards the revolving door leading to the driveway. The tight ruby red dress complemented the straight jet-black hair flowing to the middle of her back, a hint of gold flashing from an ankle chain as she passed underneath the bright lights. He grinned. Classy outfit or sweaty workout clothes, this woman always looked dialed in.

The Italian restaurant was just a few steps around the corner from the apartment building. Its foyer was adjacent to an ornate hotel and hungry patrons crowded in to await a coveted table. New restaurants were always difficult to get into, so Lauren was thankful she had the presence of mind to make a reservation the previous week. The maître d' welcomed her with a warm smile and invited her to wait for her table in the restaurant's bar which was located in the hotel lobby. Knowing she was about 30 minutes early, she did not protest and instead carefully walked up the stairs towards the bar. The dress was comfortable but tight and did not allow for much leg room. In fact, she had difficulty lifting her butt into place on the bar stool, much to the amusement of the bartender. He seemed to take much delight in watching the hemline rise on her thighs as she crossed her toned legs.

"What can I get you, Miss?"

"A dry martini please, and two more inches on my heels," Lauren quipped as she surveyed the lobby. An opulent four-star hotel, it was housed within an older building which the owners had tried to preserve. Being a Friday, most businessmen had checked out hours ago, and now the majority of the guests were families looking to blow off steam over the weekend. Downing the drink - a bit more rapidly than she should - the shiny gold chain around her ankle became a source of self-awareness. In Lauren's mind it was a billboard announcing, "slut wife here", but in reality, it was barely noticeable. As the alcohol began to calm her nerves, she realized it would be a stretch for anyone in such an upscale place to recognize the anklet's significance, if they noticed it at all. Part of her just wanted to eat and go back to her apartment to veg. Yet, deep inside, she felt Kuhimo tugging at her libido, excited at the possibility of connecting.

It didn't seem there was much chance of that at the moment. Those waiting in the bar were mostly couples. The few men that were by themselves sat at the rail fiddling with their phones, lost in their 3-by-5 virtual worlds. A hostess from the restaurant eventually came up the stairs, giving her a glimmer of hope that a table was ready. This was dashed when another name was called. She looked for the bartender and waved for another drink.

Predictably, a beautiful woman in a form-fitting dress alone in a bar on a Friday night is bound to be noticed. Over the next 25 minutes, several men - who were ostensibly just passing through - tried to strike up conversations, but once they noticed the wedding ring, the banter ended, and they moved on. Either they had not noticed the anklet, were unaware of its meaning, or were simply scared off.

Lauren continued to sip the martini. Her reservation time had just passed. Succumbing to the boredom, she began surfing various shopping sites on her phone while quietly bopping her head to the piped in sounds of 80's music. She was completely immersed in the review of some designer shoes when a nearby voice startled her.

"That was a crazy decade for music, wasn't it?"

Looking up from her phone, she discovered the voice belonged to a very distinguished looking gentlemen about her age.

"What was that?"

"The 80's," the man said, sliding onto the stool beside her. "It had everything. Punk rock, new wave, hair bands, the beginning of grunge."

"I suppose so," Lauren replied, pushing the bangs from her eyes to get a better look at the stranger. He had a distinct accent. English? Australian? Whatever the nationality, he was certainly well put together. Good complexion, meticulously coifed hair and nails, expensive collarless shirt and slacks. Not particularly buff, but not soft either. All around, very charming with a kind face.

"I'm Ethan," he offered, holding out his hand. "Just in from the U.K. on business next week."

Her fingers disappeared into his grasp as they shook. He had the most intense color of blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Lauren. Just in from around the corner. And still waiting for a table."

He ordered a bourbon and politely asked if another drink would do. A nod of her pretty head told him two things: she was still thirsty, and she was open to conversation. A good start.

"Lovely name. Although I would have guessed Hell on Wheels."


Ethan pointed at her ankle. "HW?"

Lauren coughed as she wiped some of the martini from her chin. So much for no one noticing.

"Um, a gift from my husband."

"I see," the Englishman replied. "Funny, you'd think he'd know your name by now."

That got a sly smirk from the pretty face. Excellent, he thought. After traveling the world for 25 years he knew all too well what the anklet likely signified. But one had to be careful not to offend. If wrong, it could mean a drink in the face. If correct, many such women were skittish to begin with and demanded discreetness. Some needed the right amount of coaxing.

"Between that chain and the size of the diamond on your finger, he must love you very much."

Lauren looked down at her wedding ring and fiddled with the band.

"Yes, he does."

"Good. A solid marriage is an important institution."

That was certainly an interesting statement, Lauren thought. Maybe he was just trying to be friendly and not hitting on her at all.

From there, the pair launched into a lengthy but pleasant conversation ranging from favorite 80's bands to how life in Britain differed from that in the United States. Lauren hung on the man's every word, smitten by his good looks, accent, and stately presence. She had completely forgotten about dinner. Then the unthinkable happened. Her stomach growled. LOUDLY, ending with a fading whine, like a cat dying a terrible death.

Ethan laughed. "Hungry, are we? How long have you been waiting?"

Covering her mouth in embarrassment, Lauren looked sheepishly at her phone. "Now almost 20 minutes past my reservation." Out of the corner of her eye she saw the hostess heading back towards the bar. "Maybe that's me now."

But it was not to be. The woman motioned to another couple, who quickly gathered their belongings and followed. As the trio passed by and disappeared into the restaurant, Ethan slipped in behind them. Lauren sighed. Buh-bye, blue eyes she thought to herself, taking another sip.

Two minutes later, the dapper Englishman bounded back up the stairs into the hotel lobby.

"Your table is ready, my dear," he grinned, extending his arm for Lauren to slide gracefully off the stool.

"What? How?"

"I explained to the chap at the desk that my wife and I had been waiting for a dreadfully long time and if we didn't get to eat soon, I'd have to complain to the owner of establishment, who happens to be a very good friend of mine."

Lauren's eyes grew wide as Ethan escorted her into the restaurant. "Your...your wife?"

"Shh," he whispered into her ear. "I apologize for being deceptive, but you're hungry, aren't you? And you've more than waited your turn."

Giggling, she leaned into him. Might as well look the part. "Yes, I'm famished."

The two followed the hostess as she weaved around the other patrons to a small table in the corner of the room.
Easing into their seats, they were handed menus and asked to silence their phones. Lauren did so obediently and smiled across the table at her new acquaintance.

"Thank you for getting us seated. I guess its easy to ignore a woman dining by herself, especially when they have so many other customers. By the way, who is your friend? The one that owns this place?"

Ethan picked up the wine list and returned her smile.

"I have no idea."


Corey sat in the enclosed back porch of his suburban Des Moines home admiring the sunset. It was something he did a lot these days, what with Lauren in Miami and his two daughters living their own lives elsewhere in the country. Yes, there was the occasional get together with friends for dinner or a concert, but for the most part, he spent his time away from work watching sports, movies, or sitting right here as overlord of his expansive backyard. Surfing the radio dial on an old boom box, he found a classic rock station, cracked open a beer, and let the memories wash over him.

One song reminded him of his days in high school, aimlessly cruising around with his buddies. Gas was cheap and people were so much more laid back then. Even the cops would simply make you pour out the beer. Those days are certainly gone. Another tune took him back to his college days when he spent crisp fall Friday nights - not unlike this one - at rally bonfires before the big games.

The next was a one-hit wonder from the mid-80's. If he wasn't mistaken, this was released around the time he had met Lauren at a mutual friend's wedding reception. Well, it was his anyway. She was just a friend of the bride's younger sister. A young nearly 20-year-old at the time and he a much older 32, they hit it off immediately and spent much of the evening chatting it up. At the end of the night, Corey had been very disappointed when Lauren declined to give him her number, claiming she was already in a relationship. In the days afterward, this vision of loveliness was all he could think about.

A couple Saturday's later, fate brought the two together again at a local supermarket. Corey was next in line to checkout when Lauren and her then boyfriend Pauly appeared behind him. The boy was struggling mightily to keep two cases of beer under control. It wasn't until Corey allowed them to cut in front that she recognized him from the wedding. This act of kindness earned him a wink and a smile. He then got a good laugh when the clerk promptly rejected the young man's fake ID. As a look of frustration crossed the kid's face, Corey managed to glance at the bogus driver's license, then cleared his throat.

"Not sure what the problem is ma'am, but I've known Paul here for a long time and know for a fact he is of age. But, you have your job to do. If you are not comfortable with the validity of his credentials, I'll buy these myself. I'm running low at home." Every single word of that was a lie.

The store clerk had given Corey a "do I look stupid?" glare, but the line behind them was growing, so she proceeded to ring the beer out as part of the older man's purchase. Outside, he loaded the packages into Pauly's trunk and waived off any attempt to pay him. Not that he was a rich man back then, but he was well aware of the crime he was committing and didn't want to call attention to it.

In retrospect, what happened next was the beginning of the end for Pauly. As her boyfriend jumped into the driver's seat, Lauren pecked Corey on the cheek and slipped him a piece of paper. Watching her stroll away, tight ass wrapped in those spandex pants that were popular at the time, Corey put a hand to his cheek. As Pauly's piece-of-shit car shot out of the parking lot, he caught a glimpse of her looking back at him and smiling. Unfolding the note, he found a number to her sorority house. The journey of a lifetime had begun.

The two began dating soon after that but they did not become an exclusive couple straightaway. Pauly was still in the picture, but it didn't take long for the pendulum to swing in Corey's favor. He was more mature, had a good job, and treated Lauren like a lady. Their first few dates were very platonic, and he initially feared winding up in the "friend zone". For a time, he himself wondered if it should stay that way. His friends had made the predictable comments about "robbing the cradle", but to Corey, it didn't feel that way. Although 11 years his junior, he didn't see Lauren as a child, and he certainly didn't feel like an old man.

Eventually the pair became intimate, although it took several weeks for Corey to even get to third base. This was a source of frustration because he knew she wasn't a virgin and, in fact, had sex with Pauly frequently. It wasn't something she broadcasted, nor did she do much to hide it. On early morning dates to the zoo or a park, Corey had more than once picked her up around the corner from the boy's fraternity house, where it was clear she had spent the night. Then there was the time a couple condoms fell out of her purse in front of him as she pulled out a hairbrush. Awkward, to say the least!

On the nights he suspected Lauren was with him, he would lay in bed, jerking off to the thought of her being fucked, wishing he was the guy making love to her, and wondering why he had been relegated to only using his fingers. To his delight, she soon ended it with Pauly, and the two new lovers consummated their own relationship. Just about a year after that, Lauren became Corey's wife.

And now, it seemed their relationship had come full circle. Here Corey sat, another night alone, while his wife of 28 years was out possibly flirting, or even having sex, all at his suggestion. His cock jerked upward at the thought. Had the nights he spent masturbating while Lauren was with Pauly fostered the beginning of his kink? She had later said she had kept him at bay sexually until they were a couple so he wouldn't think she was just another "good time girl". Then what was he to make of her recent comment about pulling train? An offhand comment for his kink's sake, or truth?

The emotions swimming around in the 61-year-old's head were too much to process. He leaned back into the Adirondack chair and closed his eyes. The long work week and the beer buzz were making him sleepy. Consciousness left him as he pondered whether his wife's recent heightened sexuality was just a result of recent prodding, or in fact, a resurgence of promiscuity she had suppressed once they were married.


The DVD player sucked in the disc and automatically began to play. It appeared to be an old film transferred from celluloid to digital. Although the picture quality was grainy with poor light, one could see a dark hallway lined with empty liquor bottles and young men who were casualties of too much drinking. Judging from the shakiness of the handheld camera, probably one of those Super 8s, the unknown videographer was equally as inebriated. At the end of the corridor, a dim red light shown through a crack in a door. The audio was terrible, but strains of 70's hard rock music blasting from within was clearly audible. As the cameraman pushed open the door, the unmistakable sounds of sex filled the room. Grunting, moaning, and a lot of panting.

The mysterious operator leveled out the camera to reveal about 10 guys standing about the room, dicks in their hand. "What do we have here, brother?" he drunkenly asked one of them.

"Get that thing out of my face, dipshit."

"She's back!" another fraternity brother ran into the frame. "And man, she is in rare form!"

"Good thing, too," yelled someone else over the music. "Rachel's on the rag this week, so this will have to do."

A girl's voice could be heard crying out, "Fuck me, give it to me! I want your cum so bad!"

As the camera worked its way through the throng, the only thing in frame was a pair of legs in black stockings sticking into the air, feet bouncing in a distinct rhythm.

"C’mon, man," someone shouted from the back of the room. "You've been at it for 10 minutes, let the rest of us cop a nut too!"

"Almost there, brother. Slut's gonna make me cum soon! FUCK ME, YOU WHORE!"

The operator finally focused on a young man from the rear. Shirt on, pants around his ankles, he was pile-driving his cock into a very dark, very wet bush. From the camera's vantage point, one could not see the girl's face, only long legs wrapped around the boy's waist, hands on his ass, pulling it towards her. Black curly hair dangled from an obscured face as it lifted to the young man's chest.

"Oh SHIT, bitch, that's it, suck my nips! Oh man, oh fuck, here it comes, I'm gonna blow!"

The girl screamed, "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Cum in my pussy, baby! Lube it for your friends! LET IT GO!!!"

The boy's ass trembled as he unloaded into the girl's willing slit. Finished, he pulled up his pants and buckled them.

"Who's next?" he asked, moving away from the bed. As he did so, the lens briefly caught a profile; it was Pauly, Lauren's former boyfriend.

Suddenly, someone pushed the camera operator towards the girl, sending him stumbling to the center of the room. "Go for it, Manny, it's your birthday". Manny trained the camera on the arms and legs in front of him, opened wide in a perverse invitation to the next lucky boy. Lying there on her back, cum oozing from a reddening pussy, was the 20-year-old version of Corey's wife. Young Lauren batted her eyes directly into the camera. "Are you next, stud? Make it snappy, the others want a turn and I'm getting married soon."


The maître d' canvassed the dining room, ensuring none of his customers were for want. Friday night crowds were usually jovial, and tonight was no exception. Especially the Miller woman and her husband at table 14c in the corner. Strange that the reservation was originally for one, but no matter, they were on their second bottle of one of his most expensive wines, and from the sounds of their merriment, they intended on finishing every bit of it.

Ethan raised his glass as the waitress cleared away their near empty pasta dishes.

"To America!" he toasted, bringing the rim of his wine glass to Lauren's.

"To Britain!" she reciprocated, laughing a bit too loudly.

Still holding his stemware high, he continued, "To Hell on Wheels!"

Blushing, Lauren quieted and set her glass on the table, watching her finger trace the rim around...and around...and around.

Easy, man, Ethan cautioned himself. He leaned in. "So, the jewelry clinging to your extremely shapely ankle. In some parts of the world that has a very specific connotation. I don't want to seem presumptuous, but does it mean the same here in the U.S?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

Lauren continued to roll the end of her finger around her wine glass, looking at her reflection instead of his face. With a bit of resolve, she shook her jet-black bangs away from her eyes and looked deep into those iridescent blues.
"And what, exactly, is it, pray tell?".

Ethan smiled. A game now, eh? Good, the chase was the best part. He reached over and held one of her hands.
"It is said the H stands for Hot."

Taking her other hand, he finished his thought. "And the W stands for wife."

Lauren felt her panties moisten. The two stared at each other, the corners of their mouths turned up in a slight grin.
"So, are you, my dear, a hot," the Englishman kissed the back of one hand, then the other, "wife?"

Shaking, she looked around uncomfortably at the other tables, hoping other diners had not heard such talk.

"My husband would like to think so," Lauren whispered.

"Does he know you are here tonight, in such a sexy dress, wearing the chain?"

She hesitated, then sighed. "He gave it to me and ask me to wear it, so yes."

"Ah, his idea, then," Ethan replied, still holding her hands. "And what do you think of his request?"

A sudden hot flash caused her to pull away from his grip. She began fanning her face, eyes darting about.

"It’’s gotten hot in here, hasn't it?"

Ethan held his gaze fast.

"At the risk of being too forward, my hotel room is much cooler and I dare say more comfortable. Would you like to join me for an after-dinner drink?"

Lauren squeezed her legs together, hoping to keep the juices now in her panties from dripping onto her thighs.
"I...I don't think that would be a very good idea."

"Because you don't know me? Am I simply a software salesman from across the pond or Jack the Ripper?"

Lauren nodded. "Something like that. I'm sorry, I'm sure you are harmless, but these days..."

The blue eyes twinkled back at her in the low light. "I wouldn't say harmless," he joked, "just not in a Ripper way." Taking out a business card and holding it between his fingers, he continued. "Tell you what, here is my name. Call the company, I'm in their directory. Give it to a local constable and have them check me out. I assure you I am not a monster, just a man who's never had time for a wife, but very much likes the company of a lady. I'll be here until next Friday, then it’s off to Brazil. I'd love to see you again. Should you find yourself feeling the same way, I usually have a nightcap in the lobby bar every evening around nine.”

Lauren beamed longingly at the card. She could take it now and decide later or end this right now. Her hand reached out slowly, tentatively. Ethan closed her fingers around the card and kissed the back of her hand.

"Dinner's on me, don't try to pay, its already on my tab. Just talking to you would have been worth the price of two more bottles. Goodnight, beautiful."

He left Lauren peering silently into her wine glass. She knew she had done the right thing - the safe thing - but could not ignore how aroused she was at that very moment. Home is where she needed to be right now!

More than a bit tipsy, she grabbed her clutch and walked quickly towards the foyer, head down. This caused her to crash into an older man and his wife as all three were trying to squeeze through the door to the sidewalk.

"Terribly sorry, sirrrr," she apologized, then recoiled, realizing the man she had nearly sent flying was the CEO of her company. Of all places he could be. And here she was completely shitfaced.

"Good evening, Lauren!" the short, pudgy, balding man exclaimed. "Are you okay? Nice to see you."

"Uh, hi Mr. Jo..."

"Stephan. Outside the office, its Stephan. Did you enjoy your meal?" the executive asked as his wife stepped away to hail a

"Yes, it was quite nice," Lauren offered, hoping this would be a short conversation. How much had he seen?

"Was that your husband? He looked much different than in the photos on your desk. Was he called away suddenly?"

"That was, uh...a friend, who is in town for a meeting."

The old man looked to ensure his wife was out of earshot and moved closer.

"From what I saw then, he must be a very good friend indeed. I know your circumstance, Lauren, with your husband being out of town and I know how lonely you must be. What you do on your own time is your business. Your secret is safe with me.”

Lauren gawked at him, unsure of what to say. "Pardon?"

Stephan looked down at her ankle and chuckled. "Being an amateur jeweler myself, and well into my 70s, I like to think I know the history of jewelry. Unless your children's names begin with an H or W, I'd say there's a pretty good chance hubby would have approved of the budding courtship back there. The world is not as big as you think, my dear."

The old man waddled off after his wife, who was just getting into a taxi.

Lauren watched stupefied as they drove off. What the fuck just happened?


Corey woke in a thick sweat amidst the images of his then college-age Lauren being gangbanged in the dirty backroom of some unnamed dormitory. The last rays of the sun had fallen beyond the horizon and he was now sitting in darkness, save for the blue glowing dials of the boom box.

Although he quickly realized it was just a dream, his penis was fully erect and aching to be stroked. Glancing around, he noted the solid enclosure of the back porch was higher than his elbows, affording him some privacy. Reaching beneath his sweatpants, he began to massage his cock, trying to remember as much as he could about the dream and "video".

Listening to the young Lauren begging to be fucked, allowing herself to be used is such a way was so wrong. Why then was he so hard? Was this around the time he was only getting his fingers wet? What if he had walked in on that scene? Her cries would have been louder than on the video and the smell of cheap beer, sex, and cum would have permeated the air. What would he have done? Flown into a rage, trashed the place? Pummeled whatever unfortunate boy happened to be on top of her? Or would he have stood in line, happy to finally get his turn? He pictured Lauren's glazed eyes recognizing him, then welcoming him to the big boys' club. This last bit of fancy nearly caused Corey to unload into his underwear. And he probably would have if it wasn't for the cell phone on the arm of the Adirondack vibrating itself onto the floor.

"Helloooo?" he heard Lauren's voice asked as he picked it up from underneath the chair. It sounded like she had been drinking. He looked at the time. Nine-fifteen. Wow, he'd been asleep for a while.

"I'm here. Is everything okay? Where are you at?"

"Home, just finished eating, getting undressed. Ouch!" she cried as she stubbed her toe on a bedpost.

Corey tried to pivot from having his dick in his hand to a civil conversation by firing off a series of trivial questions. How was the food? Was it a real Italian restaurant or one of those posers? Lauren was too buzzed to provide any comprehensive answers but listened to each one patiently as she removed her dress. Finally, there was a lull in the

"I'll have you know your gift worked, mister," she announced, slurring the words.

There was no response. She looked at her phone to ensure it hadn't died.

"Yoo hoo! Did you hear me? The anklet, remember? It worked." Lauren's juices started flowing again thinking of the handsome Englishman. She let her dress fall to the floor and walked over to the chest of drawers where her ten-inch vibrator, the Chairman of the Board, lay wrapped in its protective covering. Her eyes lit up.

"Tell me about it," Corey asked breathlessly. Between this news and his prior activities, his cock was bursting at the seams.

"He's a Brit on business here in the U.S. Name's Ethan. Met him at the bar while I was waiting for a table. We were both alone, so we had dinner together. He is quite interesting."

"I see. So, he hit on you?"

"I'd say it was more of a tap at first. He was the perfect gentleman."

Corey didn't say anything.

"The jewelry was no mystery to him," she professed, breaking into a popular 70's song about a chain. "He even asked me to join him in his room for an after-dinner drink."

Lauren could hear Corey hold his breath. What a perv! She snatched the dildo from the drawer and laid down on her bedspread.

"I didn't go. He's a stranger after all."

Big exhale.

"You sound disappointed." Off came her bra and panties.

"No, you made the wise choice. Still, you wanted to go with him, didn't you, you little minx?" His cock trembled at the thought of his wife getting fucked by a stranger in a hotel room.

Hesitating only briefly, she responded loudly and with conviction, the alcohol and the spectre of Kumiho emboldening her. "Yes. Yes, I FUCKING did."

Corey walked into his house lest any neighbors with big ears were around. He heard a distinctive buzzing noise.
"Is that the Chairman?" he asked, smiling.

The response came in the form of a big sigh.

"Babe, I'm fucked up and I need to be fucked. Fucked and fucked," Lauren giggled, somehow finding that very funny. "I am soooo horny. I don't know what's come over me lately."

She's definitely ripe, Corey thought, laying down on his own bed. If only he was there. Perhaps now would be a good time to address the question that had been burning in his head.

"Who do you want to fuck?"

"You, babe. I want you!"

"I'm not there."

"Then Ethan. I DON'T CARE AT THIS POINT! I just want to FUCK!" The head of the Chairman was getting slick now as Lauren rubbed it around her labia. Corey pictured her bald pussy glistening with fluids.

"You had your chance with Ethan. Maybe a blast from the past would suffice?"

Corey heard his wife gasp.

"What? Who?"


An image of the mop-haired teenager on top of her caused Lauren to moan. He was not a bad lover and recalled he had quite the weapon.

"What if he was with you right now? Would you fuck him?"

Flash to the frat boy pulling a skintight condom over his skinny tool. That induced another moan from her. The Chairman began sliding into the now sopping wet hole, Lauren's canal walls closing in around it as the hard rubber made its entry.

"That...that was a long time ago," she stammered.

"But you remember it don't you? Doing the nasty with him?"

"Corey, I don't think talking..."

"Do. You. Remember?"

Lauren used her free hand to start pulling at her tiny chest. Her half-inch nipples were hard erasers now. God, they need to be sucked!

"Yes, I do."
Corey grinned. He had her.

"How nasty did you get, babe?"

Even drunk, Lauren knew where this was going. How much did she want him to know? Two could play this game.
"Take your cock out, big man. Play with it for me."

"I already am."

"We got REAL nasty, babe. Is that what you want to hear? We used to fuck like rabbits!"

Lauren heard heavy breathing coming from the phone and smiled. She had him.

Corey stroked his cock. His hand, perpetually chaffed from years of construction work, slid roughly along the shaft. Out of lube, he soldiered on.

"How often?"

"Two, three times a day," she huffed, driving the Chairman deeper into her. Holding it by its base, she could now get almost six inches inside, about the length of her husband. She needed more.

Recollections of the skinny boy eating her out began to set her off.

"Ohhhhhhhh, I remember. He was very good!"

"That's it babe, let the memories come back. Where did he fuck you?"

Lauren pinched her nipples, arched her back and grunted.

"His car, his friend's house, the library stairwell. Oh, Corey we've never talked about this, but Pauly was really the one that broke me in."

Jesus fucking Christ, Corey thought. His dick felt like iron at such a revelation. He knew she was no virgin when she met Paul, but this was quite the epiphany.

"His fraternity house room?"

Two grunts, a snort, and another moan. The vibrator was sliding freely in and out of her heavily lubricated pussy, up to at least eight inches now.

"ESPECIALLY his room!" Lauren laughed, then hiccupped.

"What did you do in that dirty, dingy, messy room?"

"We fucked!"

"How? Missionary? Doggy? Standing up?"

More chuckles. "Yes, yes and yes!"

Corey pictured the young boy pile driving the young Lauren from behind, her big 80s hair flopping about. He nearly came at the thought, but had to press on. He had to know.

"Did you have company?"


"Did Pauly let his friends fuck you? Did they stand in line like you said?"

The Chairman was working overtime now. He had penetrated his quarry to nearly full length, the wetness clearly audible as the vibrator's ten inches slid in and out of the sloppy vagina. Corey stroked his cock faster.

"He did, didn't he?"

Lauren grimaced, trying to fight through her ecstasy to reply.

"Is that what you want to believe, babe? That Pauly fucked me in front of his friends? Watching as my little titty buds hung down and jiggled while he did me doggy?"

She could hear him jacking off through the small speakers in her phone. Fap, fap, fap.

"I don't know what to believe, Lauren."

"Don't play me, Corey. Your cock is in your hands right now thinking about me doing the entire frat house! It’s okay, I know it turns you on. Stroke it for me. Imagine me on all fours as one boy pulls out, another follows. Mmmm."

"I need to know," Corey pleaded. He was getting close.

"Do you want it to be true? Would you like to see a bunch of men taking me at once, filling me up? Making me scream?" Lauren was surprised how much saying that aroused her.

Both of them cried out in passion as that image sank in.

"That's so FUCKING hot!" Corey exclaimed, really cranking down on his meat now. "I see the door is left open, hear the old bedsprings squeaking in rhythm, calling out to anyone who wants a piece. As each boy finishes in you, the next one mounts."

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Lauren screamed. "Yes! Goddamnit, please, more, more, yessssss!"

"How many now? 5? 10? 20? You lost count, didn't you, slut?"

Lauren crushed the Chairman's entire length into her accommodating pussy. The sheets between her legs were saturated.
"So many..." she whimpered.

Corey's faced contorted, barely able to contain his release. Just a little longer. Please God, Lauren first. He had to get her off.

"Your cunt is so slippery, even the largest of the boys can't come. They're going to have to nut on your pretty whore face!"

In an instant, Lauren was transported back nearly 30 years to Pauly's dorm room. She found herself on her back staring at the ceiling, a boy she barely knew on top of her, grunting and slobbering all over her tiny tits. Her boyfriend was off to the side, smoking a joint and egging it on. Only six inches above her face, no less than three cocks were being stroked furiously by their owners, wrinkled ball sacks hanging beneath each shaft, waiting to spew their milky semen onto her body.

"Fuck, Corey...awe...awe...ohhhhhh! There's so many. I want it! I WANT ALL THEIR CUM SO MUCH!"

"Such a slut whore! Watch their cocks, the veins underneath. Are they starting to pulse?"

Lauren's head was writhing on her pillow. "Oh, yes!"

"They're getting ready to blow all over you! Are you ready?"

"GIVE IT TO ME! Plaster my body with your spunk, you filthy bastards!"

In her mind, white ropes of semen blasted from the tips of the cocks above her, while the boy plunging his tool into her pussy hollered in pleasure as he dumped his seed into her womb at the same time.


Lauren's hips bucked at the Chairman as the orgasm washed over her. It wasn't a huge, timber shaking climax, but after an evening filled with booze and sexual innuendo, it felt incredibly gratifying.

Satisfied that his wife had come, Corey now concentrated on his own apex. Lauren could hear him grunt repeatedly as his hand assaulted his cock, trying to coax out the white substance she wished she was there to take.

Turning off the slippery vibrator, she turned her focus to helping her husband come.

"That's it, baby, let it all go. Just think of all those frat boys having their way with me, taking turns pounding my pussy into a dirty, worn out mattress. Just like you'd expect from a teenage whore!"

"Awwww, Lauren! Oh my God, I'm so close..."

"Those arrogant boys dumping their cum into me, one by one! Each one thinking they're the best!"

"Yessss, oh, yes, I can see it!"

"My pussy so used, so warm and squishy."

"Oh fuck! OH FUCK! I'M THERE, I'M THERE!!!"

"WHERE ARE YOU, STUD? In the back of the line? Don't you want a piece of me? C'MON, baby, fight your way to the front and add your cum to your slut wife's cunt! EVERYBODY ELSE'S IS IN THERE!" Lauren screamed.

Corey's orgasm hit him hard. His body lurched upright in bed. Frequent masturbation had left his balls depleted, but the small amount of cum he did have came trickling out into a handkerchief. His breathing was so irregular afterward that Lauren asked him several times if he was okay.

The couple lay in their respective beds 1,500 miles apart, trying to squeeze out whatever intimacy they could over the phone. It was difficult.

"I love you, babe," Corey panted.

Lauren was still catching her own breath. "I love you too. That was fucking AWESOME," she sang out as if in celebration. Clearly, she was still inebriated.

A few minutes of phone-pillow talk later, Corey decided the elephant was still in the virtual room. He cleared his throat.

"You never answered me."

"About what?"

"Please. Don't make me beg."

Lauren smiled. She was getting sleepy. "I'm not sure you'd care for the answer, perv."


"Meaning..." her voice drifted off slowly.

Corey listened intently. It sounded like she was falling asleep. "Lauren!" he barked to keep her attention.

Lauren's eyes shot open. "Meaning you're a pervert! You get off on the thought of me sleeping with other men. You may not like what you hear, that's all."

"Which is?"

Lauren smacked her lips together. She was very thirsty. Maybe I’ll just lay here a minute, then get something to drink.


She rolled her eyes. Jesus, he was persistent!

"You and Max...that was the first time...I've had more than one once. OKAY? First time!" She threw a pillow across the room at nothing in particular and laughed maniacally.

"And I fucking LOVED IT, goddammit! You hear me? I loved having more than one cock! There, is that what you wanted to hear, perv? Now I'm going to sleep. Bye bye!"

Corey leaned back against the headboard. Part of him was relieved to know his wife and mother of his children was not the community whore back in college. Conversely, he was also aware of a dark place in him that had wanted it to be true. At least now he knew for sure. And tonight's role play with Lauren had been thoroughly stimulating for both of them. Pair that with her admittedly intoxicated comment just now, and one had to wonder what adventures could lie ahead.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

Unread post by afagehi7 » Sat May 01, 2021 12:37 pm

Loooonnnnngggggg but extremely well written. I appreciate how much time it must take to outline, write, and edit this story. Well done. You are going to be the next xleg.

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Re: Ascending Lauren

Unread post by Ky_Da » Sat May 01, 2021 6:03 pm

Great story, I’m enjoying it and interested to see what you have in mind. Thanks for taking the time to write

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Re: Ascending Lauren

Unread post by SimpleEnigma » Sun May 02, 2021 11:27 am

Wow, I appreciate the xleglover reference. But believe me, I am but a simple hack compared to the master. Not even in the same league. Still, I appreciate you.

I can only hope others get as much enjoyment as our circle of friends have, whom, along with my wife and I, experienced many of the underlying truths these tall tales are based on. In fact, wifey is smiling at me right now as I respond, knowing my reason for "putting pen to paper" has kinkier motives. :D
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