Jessica's adventures

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Wed Aug 09, 2023 7:22 am

I've been getting a lot of questions about whether this story is real, so I'll answer those on here as best I can.

I know that when I read similar stories here, I prefer to be left in the dark as to whether it's fiction or reality. It sort of diminishes the mystery of it for me. But if y'all would like to know, here's the short answer: it's based in reality. Some details are real, and some are embellished or just plain old made up. I'm not going to go through and dissect what's real and what's not, so I will leave it up to you all to decide what to believe is reality or fiction.

Happy reading! And buckle up, because it's going to get really good!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Wed Aug 09, 2023 10:24 am

"Come here," she said, looking over her shoulder at me and beckoning for me to look.

I peered through the small opening into the bedroom and immediately spotted a middle aged couple energetically fucking in the middle of the bed. A man with a bit of a belly was atop a good looking dark haired woman, thrusting into her in missionary and making her moan with pleasure.

"Over that way," Angie's voice whispered in my ear.

I looked on the other side of the room and saw what she had brought me there for. Jessica, still in her full outfit, was perched in Alan's lap while he sat in a chair that sort of looked like a throne. It was like something you'd see in a castle master bedroom or something. They were making out passionately. Jessica had her arms wrapped around Alan's neck and was straddling his waist while they kissed.

I groaned inwardly at what was an incredibly erotic display of my wife with one of her lovers, but the aversion I felt toward Alan was growing by the minute. Here he was up in this private room with her, thinking everything was just going to go his way. It really irked me how entitled he felt to Jessica, and I couldn't remember being this bothered by one of her fuck buddies since she hooked up with my cousin Eric.

Alan ran his hands down over her stocking clad thighs and lifted the material of her dress, revealing her ass cheeks. He gripped onto her ass with his big hands, spreading her cheeks apart. It was then that I saw he was already inside her.

I didn't see it before because her dress covered them both, but as soon as it was out of the way, I saw that his cock was sticking up through his zipper and nestled in her pussy. The irritation I felt toward Alan was shelved as soon as I saw she was fucking him, replaced by a raging hard-on and overwhelming desire to watch her be pleasured.

"You dirty man," Angie whispered into my ear as her hand reached for my dick and squeezed gently. She must have known the effect this would have on me.

"If I'm a dirty man, you're a filthy slut," I whispered back, leaning back to her so nobody heard us talking.

"I love how kinky you are," she said with an excited grin that spread across her face.

I went back to watching Jessica and Alan fuck on the throne-like chair. I also got another eyeful of the other couple in the room who had now stopped for a break. I noted the medium sized cock jutting out from between his legs, currently sheathed in what appeared to be a green coloured condom. Even the condoms were Christmas themed.

Suddenly, the man got up from the bed and walked over to where Alan and Jessica were having sex. He didn't say anything at first, but once Jessica noticed him, he spoke up.

"I've been wondering for a long while what Elsa might be like in bed," he said, holding his dick in his fist and smirking at her.

Jessica giggled at him and reached her hand out, taking his condom covered cock in her hand and giving him a few strokes while she remained in Alan's lap.

"Switch?" He said to Alan after a minute or so of enjoying Jessica's hand on him.

"You got it," Alan said nonchalantly, giving her a little tap on her hip, signalling for her to pull off of him.

Jessica complied, lifting her leg up and over him and letting his cock slip from her depths. I noticed he was wearing a condom this time, and for some reason it made me feel a bit better, despite everything spiraling out of control around me. The other man went to the bed and grabbed a new condom, tearing open the wrapper and discarding the old one. He rolled a bright red condom over his cock and walked back to the big chair. I felt Angie's hands on my shoulders and I knew she was attempting to ease my anxiety over what was happening.

The older man quickly assumed the throne, readying his cock with his fist so it was sticking straight up in the air.

"Keep the dress on for now," he said when he saw Jessica beginning to unfasten something on it.

"Okay," Jessica giggled.

She stepped up onto the chair astride him, smiling a bit nervously at him as she squatted over his hips and took his dick in her hand. And then she sank down on him, taking him balls deep into her pussy in one movement. He groaned at the exquisite sensation, revelling in the feeling of Jessica's warm, tight body around him.

"Does that feel like you thought it would?" Jessica asked him.

"Way fucking better," he answered, running his hands over her body and eventually resting them on her ass cheeks underneath the dress.

She put her arms around his neck and looked in his eyes while her hips remained sealed to his. She was enjoying the feeling of power which she had over this man, who was more than likely very wealthy and powerful.

I watched them through the small crack, taking in every little sound and movement they made. Jessica really put in the effort with this guy, rolling her hips expertly against him, talking dirty and role playing as if she were Elsa, and even letting him finger her asshole while she rode him.

I also kept my eye on Alan, who had occupied himself on the king size bed with whoever the other woman was, although he seemed rather disinterested. He must have been feeling lazy, because he spent the next ten or fifteen minutes lying on his back while she rode on top of him and did all the work.

Hearing soft voices from the other side of the room, I looked back toward Jessica.

"Do you want to cum?"

"Swallow," he grunted, smacking her ass rather roughly, the loud sound echoing through the room.

Jessica quickly jumped off of him and yanked the condom off his dick in one swift movement. She got down between his legs and took him in her mouth, beginning to suck for all she was worth. The older man strained up into her mouth while looking down at her face between his legs, getting ready to shoot his load down her throat.

"Aaaggghhhh!" The man bellowed into the quietness of the room, signalling his orgasm to all. Jessica doubled her efforts and stroked and sucked him through his orgasm while he jammed his hips up into her face and filled her mouth full of his seed. His climax tapered off with a series of short little grunts and hip thrusts as she eagerly milked his load from his balls.

"Damn little Missy!" He said, finally relaxing after he'd finished shooting into her mouth. "That's how Elsa gives a blowjob!"

Jessica laughed and beamed happily at his praise of her blowjob skills. She tenderly sucked and licked around his shaft and balls after, cleaning him up while he slumped in the chair.

I was frozen in place, Angie still behind me with her hand now on my cock, and didn't know what to do. I wanted to leave and go hate fuck Angie out of spite, but I also couldn't tear my eyes away from Jessica. A very humiliated part of my soul desired more than anything to just torture myself by watching her fuck anyone and everyone.

"Come on."

I heard Angie's voice in my ear from what seemed like far away, and I felt her tugging on my arm. I got up and followed her down the hallway to a another room. We went in and she closed the door behind us.

"Relax," she said, reaching to to grab my shoulders again and squeeze my tense muscles.

"This is crazy," I groaned.

"It's going to get crazier," she said. "And despite your moaning and groaning, I know you're into it and I know you can handle it."

She was right on some level, of course. I acted like I wasn't for the sake of saving face, but there really was no more call to impress Angie. She had me pegged right from the beginning.

"Crazier?" I asked.

"She's going to have sex with other men here," she said matter-of-factly. "Several probably. You know that right?"

I nodded. I didn't love the idea. I was turned on by it, yes. I was enjoying it. But it also terrified me and made me think I was just losing her to all of this, and our plans of growing our family would be thwarted by this whole crazy affair.

"They're going to move to the blue room next," she said, as if I would just know what that meant.

"What's that?"

"It's where the real party happens," she said with a grin. "Couples split off early to get to know eachother, and then a bit later on, everyone ends up in the blue room and that's where the magic happens."

I nodded, feeling like I understood. "Who was that man?"

"With Jessica?"


"Thomas Kent," she answered.

"He a somebody?" I asked.

She nodded, shooting me a little smirk. "Big shot defense attorney."

"Is he a regular at these..." I asked, not wanting to call it what it was.

"Swinger parties?" She teased. "Yes."

Angie reached into my pants and stroked my rigid boner for the next few minutes while I silently contemplated everything, helpless to resist the attention Angie was determined to give me. When we heard the foursome making their way down the hallway, I felt nervous and pulled her hand from my pants in a hurry. I watched through the half open door as they passed, seeing Alan first, followed by the other woman, and then then Thomas carrying Jessica in his arms like a prize. There was giggling and sexy banter as they all walked down the hallway . After they were out of sight, I heard Jessica's voice.

"I need to find my poor husband."

It made my heart soar that she hadn't completely forgotten me.

"He's probably already down there balls deep in Ange."

There was Alan's voice.

"Oh shut up, you!" Jessica playfully snapped back.

The voices faded as they travelled down the stairs. I looked at Angie.

"Balls deep in Angie," I echoed.

"Would you like to be balls deep in Angie?" She asked flirtatiously.

"It's beginning to sound pretty tempting, to be honest," I said, looking her up and down once again.

"Mmmm, I'd like that. But in the meantime, let's go down and see what's going on," she said, taking my hand in hers and leading me into the hallway.

We walked downstairs and into the main lobby, and I found myself wondering where this blue room was. I certainly hadn't seen any room that fit the picture I had in my mind. Angie led me through their massive kitchen and through the door leading to their side door. But then she pressed something on top of a shelf and this other door opened to my left, catching me by surprise. It was a mechanized pocket door which opened slowly, revealing those beaded door curtains from the seventies. Angie led me through the beads and into a very large and opulent room with a blue hue, helping me understand why it was called the blue room.

Naked people were everywhere. There had to be two dozen people in the room, half of them naked, and the rest in either costumes or undergarments. The room was absolutely breathtaking in it's design and furnishing, filled with all sorts of rich blue and black furniture ranging from couches to lounges, and several tables with barstools. There was a full bar at the far left corner with an actual bartender working the bar.

I spotted a half naked and very bubbly Jessica conversing with Alan and some others near the bar. Jessica had lost the dress and was now down to only her sexy dark green and red lingerie, looking magnificent as usual. I noticed she'd taken off her panties and her neatly trimmed pussy was on display underneath the garter belt.

As soon as she saw me, she flashed me a nervous smile and made her way towards me from the other side of the room.

"Babe, can you believe this?" She said excitedly, looking around the room and admiring the magnificence of it.

"It's quite something," I said, looking her up and down.

"Well, I meant the room, silly," She said while her face was turning red.

"Looks like you've made some friends," I said, looking over towards the group of men she'd been talking to.

"Maybe," she said, seeming self conscious suddenly. She crossed one leg over the other, which was something she did when she was feeling nervous.

Angie took this as her cue to leave, and she made her way over to a group of women still in their costumes. I took the opportunity to really look at Jessica. She had her long hair pulled back into that signature Elsa braid, looking elegant and classy. And then there was her attire, which gave her a whole different aura. One that oozed sex appeal. She truly was a baddie.

"So this escalated," I said, acknowledging the elephant in the room.

Jessica looked down at the floor. I felt bad for her once again, because it was clear to me now that she'd wanted nothing more these past few days than to come to this party and experience all the thrills and pleasures offered, and she'd had to trick me into going to get what she wanted. I so wished she would just be honest and up front with me.


"Yeah, kind of hey?" She said with an awkward little laugh.

"You could have just told me," I said quietly, ensuring nobody was eavesdropping on our conversation.

"Would you have let me come?" She asked.

"We could have at least talked about it though," I argued.

"I know," she murmured. "I'm sorry."

There was a long period of silence between us as we stood near the entrance and away from the others. I knew I wasn't going to drag her away from it, but I wanted her to think just for a moment about how I felt about the deception. When I sensed she'd suffered long enough, I spoke again.

"But we're here, and it looks amazing, so..."

She looked up at me. "What?"

"We might as well have fun," I said light-heartedly, taking her hand in mine and smiling.

"You're not mad?" She asked tentatively.

"I'm not mad, I'm just caught off guard. But I'll catch up."


"Yes, Jessica," I assured her. "It's all good so long as we're playing safe."

"Oh god, do we need rules or something?" She said, seeming worried all of a sudden.

"Do we ever stick to them?" I said a bit sarcastically, chuckling at the thought of Jessica always breaking her own rules.

"Well what about you?" She asked, biting her bottom lip. "I don't think I can handle knowing you're with someone else, you know? But I feel bad if I'm having fun and you're not."

I chuckled again at her worry over me. "I'm good just watching and enjoying the top shelf booze," I insisted. And I truly meant it. I didn't need to fuck someone to enjoy my night.

"Just Angie, okay?" She said, wringing her hands.


She hesitated a bit. "You can fuck Angie," she said, looking slightly pained.

"Jess," I started, wanting to reiterate that I didn't need to be with anyone.

"But nobody else, okay? Angie really wants you, and she's been good to me, so please," she said, staring into my eyes, "you can be with her, but that's as far as it can go."

"But I don't need to be with her," I said, sticking to my guns.

"Well I won't be upset if you do, so consider it an Angie pass for the night," she said, trying to smile despite feeling a load of jealousy.

I knew the feelings of jealousy all to well. I felt them nearly every time Jessica went out with someone else. It was odd seeing her going through some of the same emotions.

"I'll be fine," I said, giving her an affectionate squeeze on her bottom.

"I love you," she said, beaming at me.

"Love you," I told her back, giving her one more squeeze before she walked away.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Johng1953 » Wed Aug 09, 2023 12:47 pm

"I so wished she would just be honest and up front with me."
I couldn't agree more!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Fri Aug 11, 2023 11:33 am

I located Angie in a small group of women after Jessica sauntered back into the circle of men standing by the bar. Angie threw an arms around me, beaming happily at me as she realized what it meant that I was still there. I kept an eye on Jessica as I talked and joked with Angie and her friends. She seemed to be flirting with a different man now, even though both Alan and Thomas were also in the group.

This man looked familiar. I couldn't place him. He also looked so similar to half the other men in the room that I couldn't be sure I even recognized him. I eyed up the other men in the little huddle around the bar, and they all had that rich fat cat look to them. Like hedge fund managers and CEO's.

It wasn't until he took off his shirt that I finally placed him. It was the fat cat who Jessica blew a couple weeks back when I had to take her home from their house. He was wearing this creepy looking elf costume, and I guess he decided it was time to match the attire of everyone else and strip down. I watched from the corner of my eye as he removed his elf pants and his underwear, revealing an almost comically large thatch of silver pubic hair around his cock and balls. The line of body hair trailing down from his belly to his pubes made me chuckle a bit. But then I remembered that his dick had been in Jessica's mouth, and she'd swallowed his cum.

Jessica's interest in him picked up noticeably once he'd shed his clothing. I couldn't imagine why, but it was quite apparent that she had every intention of having sex with this man. He looked even more geriatric than the last time I saw him.

They flirted and touched eachother playfully for the next ten or so minutes while I sipped my drink and pretended to be interested in what the women next to me were saying. I watched him take her hand and begin to lead her away to the other side of the room, and just as I started to follow, Angie accosted me.

"Going somewhere?" She asked playfully.

"Uh, no, just getting another one of these," I lied, holding up my glass.

Angie followed my gaze, realizing quickly what I was doing.

"Wanna see?" She asked me.

"See what?"

She nodded her head towards the direction Jessica and the man had gone. "Come on," she said with an evil smile.

I followed her through the crowd as she led me to a small dark room with what appeared to be a massive mirror on the side wall. She closed the door gently behind us, revealing what the room was. It was literally a voyeur room. The mirror was a window, and through it I could see Jessica and the white haired man seated on a chaise lounge. There was also a sink and bidet at the back of the room with a small table beside them.

"See?" Angie said, smiling excitedly.

"Is this okay?" I asked, not believing this could possibly be a thing.

"It's more than okay."

My eyes went back to watching Jessica through the window. It was obvious they couldn't see us, but we could see them. He said something to her while they sat facing eachother, and Jessica got up and began to remove her matching bra. She smiled at him as she tossed it to the side and sat back down next to him. He didn't waste any time and began to fondle and suck on her nipples, making her head fall back in pleasure. She loved it when men sucked on her tits.

I must've been too focused on Jessica, because I suddenly felt Angie next to me, and I looked over at her. She was completely naked and smiling shyly at me.

"You clean up good," I commented, admiring her body.

"Why thank you. Maybe you should clean up too," she said, her eyes looking me up and down.

I realized I was still in my costume and that I was probably one of the only ones left fully clothed. I quickly stood up and discarded my top and my pants, leaving my boxer briefs on.

"Are you really going to leave those on?" She asked me with a frown creasing her features.

"I guess not," I said, feeling silly. I quickly took them off and sat down on the lounger.

Angie and I watched Jessica sink to her knees and take his soft cock into her mouth. She truly looked as if she was enjoying the experience, putting just as much passion and sensuality into this blowjob as she had with me and everyone else before. I was still amazed at how much pubic hair this man had, and that she was so eager to bury her face in all of it. As she got him hard, I saw that his cock was fairly big, so I'm sure that made up for it.

"Who is he?" I asked, piercing the tense silence.

"Owns a bank on the east side," she said. "David Sands."

"How old is he?"

She chuckled. "Sixty, I think," she said, looking up at me knowingly.

"He have a wife?" I asked.

"Mhmm," she said. "She's here too."


Jessica sucked him for a while until he grunted something at her. She looked up at him and he said something to her, making her smile. It was too bad the room was sound proof, because hearing them would have been nice.

Jessica stood to her feet in front of him while he situated himself against the backrest of the chaise lounge. She wet a finger with her mouth and lightly ran it between her pussy lips, ensuring she was wet enough, and then climbed onto the lounger with him, straddling his thighs.

My heart began to beat faster as she got closer to initiating sex with this guy. They spoke back and forth for a few moments, and then Jessica moved up in his lap and scooted forward just enough so his cock was angled to enter her. She held him in her hand and slotted the head of his cock into her pussy hole, and then drew her hand away and rested both hands on his shoulders.

My breath stopped as I watched her slowly sink down onto him, enveloping him inside her warm, welcoming womanhood. She sank down until her ass cheeks mashed against the generous bush of white pubic hair, and then rested there for a few moments.

I was so enthralled by her taking this old man inside her that I didn't realize at first that she'd not had him wear a condom. He was inside her bare. I nearly jumped out my seat, but Angie stopped me.

"It's okay," she said, gently holding onto my shoulders. "She's a big girl. She knows what she's doing."

It's like she could read my mind at this point. She knew we were trying to get pregnant, and she knew Jessica was fertile as could be. Yet she wasn't concerned apparently. But to me, this seemed like a situation that merited concern.

My eyes were uncontrollably drawn back to Jessica and the old banker. She was now rising and falling on him in a slow, sensual rhythm, taking him inside and drawing him out over and over and over. I couldn't see much of him, but I saw that he held her by her hips tightly, digging his fingers into her flesh while she fucked him.

They changed positions after about five minutes. He moved on top of her as she laid back on the lounger and spread her legs wide to accept him, inserting himself back into her until he was once again balls deep.

By no means was it an energetic fuck, like the ones she had with younger men, but it was passionate. They kissed, fucked slow, and enjoyed eachother immensely by all appearances.

I was stressing about what was going to happen when he came, and then suddenly the question was answered for me. David said something to her while he was slowly thrusting between her legs and she said answered him while nodding her head. Not too long after, his body stiffened like somebody had shot him in the back with a rifle, and he mashed his hips against hers and growled. I couldn't hear, but I knew he was shooting his cum into her fertile pussy while she happily accepted his seed in the most intimate place in her body. I was a mixture of utterly confused and incredibly aroused at what I was seeing.

He seemed to be in a prolonged state of orgasm, as he remained cemented between her legs with his eyes shut and his hips twitching. Jessica caressed his body affectionately as he enjoyed her body and the gift she was giving him.

"I know it sounds crazy, but he's got this whole thing where he doesn't wear condoms," Angie explained.

"Huh?" I responded, not understanding.

"He's never worn condoms in his life, and he swears up and down no woman will ever get him to put one on," she said, throwing her hands up in the air with a laugh.

"That is ridiculous," I said. "He's gotta be snipped, right?"

"He's not," Angie said, looking like a deer in headlights. "But most of the girls are using birth control, so I don't know that it's ever been an issue."

"You're telling me he just nutted in my wife unprotected and he doesn't have a vasectomy?" I asked incredulously.

"Justin, relax!" She pleaded, trying to get me to see some reason that I couldn't understand.

"How can I relax?"

"Pregnancies don't just happen after one fuck, Justin," she said softly. "I mean, it takes months of fucking for most women to get pregnant. He's sixty for crying out loud!"

"How can she just go and do that when we're trying for a baby?" I asked, feeling pretty angry about it now that my erection had wilted slightly.

"I don't know, but I'm sure she has her reasons," she said.

I looked back at Jessica. David had pulled out of her and laid his spent cock, half hard, on her abdomen. Jessica ran her fingertip along the length of him as he rested between her legs, chatting with him as she did. Before too long, his cock appeared to have been revived, not lost on Jessica, who was still gently stroking it with her fingers. She spread her legs wide once again, welcoming him back into her body as he positioned his penis at her entrance and slid into her.

They both sighed at the feeling of reconnecting and began to slowly fuck. This time there was a little more urgency in his thrusting. He'd gotten more familiar with her body and what she liked, so he began to slap her tits and grope them roughly while he thrust into her. Jessica ate it up, absolutely loving how he was fucking her. It looked like she was getting pretty vocal, but again, we couldn't hear her.

I hadn't been paying much attention to Angie, so when she was suddenly pulling me on top of her as she lay next to me on the lounger, I was caught off guard.

"Watch while you fuck me," she said softly, looking directly into my soul.

I looked down at her. She was absolutely gorgeous and so fuckable. She gently pulled me by my arms until I was resting on top of her. I felt her naked skin against mine, and I knew I no longer had the strength to deny her. Even if it was against everything I believed about myself and my marriage, I couldn't withstand the temptation anymore.

"Put this on," she said, handing me a condom.

I opened the condom wrapper and pulled out a candy cane condom. I had to laugh, it was so ridiculous. Angie giggled at the sight of it too. I felt safe with Angie, despite our differences and the disagreements we'd had. I sheathed my diamond hard cock in the funny looking condom and looked down at her beautiful face and body. I looked further down at the juncture of her legs where the heart shaped pubic hair pointed to the treasure between those legs. Knowing I was about to plow her was like a drug that I knew I was going to get addicted to.

"Fuck me," she whispered, spreading her legs wide for me.

I wordlessly took my cock in my hand and aimed the tip right between the plump pussy lips and inner labia which I'd been longing to slide myself between. I immediately felt her heat, and I knew I was finished.

Without another delay, I penetrated another woman for the first time in a decade. Angie's pussy melted around my cock in the most magical way, and I let out a long, low moan as I sank in until I was all the way inside her.

"Balls deep in Angie's pussy," she said as she stared into my eyes.

"Mhmm," I said, "right where I needed to be."

"Right where you should be," she said, pushing her hips up into mine.

"You feel amazing," I murmured.

"I love this," she replied, running her hands over my torso.

I was so enraptured by Angie's body, I'd almost forgotten the couple we were there to watch. I looked up just in time to see him straining into her once again as he emptied his balls deep inside her. I had a perfect view of them as my body lay between Angie's thighs, and I couldn't think of anything better than this. I hated that this codger was spilling his seed inside my wife, but the taboo and kinky part of it all was really getting to me in the moment.

David rose to his knees when he was finished and gave her a good hard slap on each breast, signalling to her he was done. She giggled at this, and helped him get up from between her legs. He stood in the middle of the room with his still hard dick sticking straight out from his body, red and glistening with her vaginal juices.

He didn't stick around long, quickly making an exit from the private room after cleaning himself up at the sink, then heading back out to the main area. Jessica, however, went to get her purse, fishing through it until she found what she needed. I pumped into Angie's pussy as I observed her closely. She drew this long, weird looking tube from her purse and walked over to the bidet.

I then realized the tube was a douche. Jessica squatted over the bidet and inserted the douche inside herself, remaining there until she was done. I wondered whether she was douching to hide from me that she'd let someone cum in her or if she was doing it because she wanted to be fresh for other men.

It didn't matter in terms of preventing pregnancy, as the damage could already be done. But I guess cleaning herself out would be the thing to do at a party like this. I felt annoyed that it even happened, but as Angie said, she was a big girl and she must have her reasons.

I remembered I was still very much in the middle of enjoying Angie's tight pussy when Jessica made her way back out into the main room. I wondered whether she'd be looking for me. I chose to forget about all of the drama temporarily and focus on satisfying the woman laying beneath me. We fucked passionately for quite some time, switching positions several times with her riding me, doggy style, and inevitably with me back on top of her between her legs once again. I was starting to feel that familiar tingle in my groin that told me I needed to cum when I saw movement in the room opposite ours again.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by elvis_is_my_daddy » Fri Aug 11, 2023 6:29 pm

This story is easily one of the most enrapturing I’ve read. Can’t wait for the next installment

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Johng1953 » Sat Aug 12, 2023 1:33 am

I can't wait to see where this story goes. I'm conflicted by some of Jessica's behaviour as it clearly hurts Justin to some degree but there's no denying that this is an extremely erotic story and very well written.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Thu Aug 17, 2023 11:16 am

It was Jessica again. This time, she was with three different men, including Alan, and a younger woman who I recognized to be Lindsay from earlier on in the night. I didn't see Sean, her husband, so I was intrigued. The two men looked to be in their fifties. One of the men was quite fit, looking strong a muscular for an older man. His hair was greying, but it worked for him very well. His cock was a decent size, looking to be about four inches only partially erect.

"Why does it need to be soundproof?" I whined, as the group began talking to eachother about something.

Angie chuckled at my comment. "It doesn't, silly. Just press the button over there and the sound comes through from their side."

"There was a sound this whole time?" I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Yes, you dummy," Angie said, giggling again at my apparent ignorance.

I pulled out of Angie's warmth, immediately feeling the coldness against my groin and missing her. She protested as well, whining at me as I got up to press the sound button beside the window.

"Come back!" She begged, reaching out to me.

"I'm coming," I said, pressing the small black button and running back to the lounger.

I was just entering her once again when I heard what had to be Lindsay's voice.

"Well better safe than sorry. I wanna be airtight tonight!"

I ground my hips between Angie's legs, feeling her exquisite tightness gripping my shaft like a glove.

"God you feel good," I whispered to her, suddenly feeling irrationally afraid that the others could hear me talking.

"They can't hear you Justin," she said, rolling her eyes and laughing.

"I'm cautious," I said, thrusting my full length into her and mashing my crotch against hers, getting a cute little squeal out of her.

"Watch this," she said, a wild look in her eyes.

I wasn't able to process what she meant before she let loose.

"Hey you fucking asshole! Justin is balls deep in this puss and there's nothing you can fucking do about it!"

"Shit Angie!" I whisper yelled. " What the heck was that?"

Angie burst into a fit of laughter at my shocked expression. Initially, I was losing my mind, but it appeared the group in the other room heard none of it, because nobody reacted to us. Instead, it looked like both Jessica and Lindsay were about to use the bidet on the far wall while the men were stroking their dicks lazily as they waited.

"What are they doing?" Angie asked breathlessly as she lay pinned beneath me.

"Ummm, an enema?" I said, more as a question than a statement.

"Ohhh," she said, a knowing smile on her face. "Sounds like you're going to see some double penetration action, mister."

Angie and I fucked passionately for the next few minutes while I kept an eye on the two women squatting over the small bidet and using their anal douches. They were both laughing and enjoying the act, even bending over and inspecting each other's business when they were done. Lindsay leaned in and gave Jessica a long lick up her ass crack once she was finished, making Jessica squeal with surprise and look back at her with a shocked expression.

"Me first!" Lindsay volunteered, jumping up and approaching the group of men stroking their hard-ons.

"Absolutely!" One of the men said, taking her in his arms and reaching for her ass cheeks to give them a firm squeeze.

"How do you want me?" She asked.

"I'll take the top," the more attractive man said, claiming dibs on her ass I assumed.

She looked at the man groping her ass cheeks. "Pussy?"

"I'll take whatever you're offering, little lady," he said cheerfully.

Lindsay was pretty hot. Now fully naked, whereas before during the party she was dressed up as a naughty little elf, I could see how toned and sexy she was. Nevermind her beautiful face. She was also rocking a bit of a mom bod, similar to Jessica, so I assumed she had kids with Sean.

"Condoms," Lindsay reminded the two men.

While they retrieved some condoms from the little basket on the shelf, Lindsay playfully explored the large chaise lounger, rolling around on it and spreading her legs wide to give Alan a show. He shot her a flirty smile and a wink.

In short order, the two men sheathed their cocks in the funny looking condoms and assumed their respective positions. The chubbier man lay down on his back and slapped his thighs, signalling to Lindsay to hop on, which she did with enthusiasm. She swung her leg over his waist, aimed his cock at her entrance and then sank down on him. She moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the intimate union, and the man grabbed a handful of her breasts and began to grope her.

Once she was fully seated on him and accustomed to the intrusion, she looked back at the other man waiting behind her.

"Greg," she said, wiggling her ass at him.

The very confident and assertive man, apparently named Greg, moved onto the lounger behind her, straddling the other mans outstretched legs, and picked up the small bottle of lube on the cushion beside them. He methodically began massaging lube onto his shaft, and once done, he went to work massaging her asshole with his lubricated fingers.

It took a few minutes for her to announce that she was ready for him. She bent over further on the other man's body and reached back to spread her cheeks for Greg, who wasted no time before lining up his condom covered cock with her tight asshole and beginning to push into her.

While this was going on, I was still buried deep inside Angie's warmth. I'd rammed my hips into her so many times that she was now pushed all the way to the edge of the couch and was also watching the action upside down. Jessica and Alan had come together in the corner by the door and were making out whilst touching and teasing eachother. Angie seemed particularly interested in that rather than the kinky threesome happening on the lounger.

Lindsay let out a loud moan when Greg had managed to bottom out in her ass, announcing to the room that she'd conquered both cocks.

"I promised Sean I'd be airtight tonight," she said laughingly. "Is there one more beautiful cock here that can make his dream come true?"

Alan reluctantly pulled away from Jessica, playfully rolling his eyes.

"I suppose I could," he said, grinning as he approached Lindsay from the front.

"Hey you," she said to him in a way that told me they were very familiar with eachother.

I wondered if Sean was a cuck. She was here getting filled with cock and he was absent, after all.

"Have at it," he said, aiming his cock at her open lips and letting her suck him in.

The erotic sight of Lindsay being penetrated in every hole, along with the wonderful sensations coursing through my body from sex with Angie, made my balls tighten up against my body. Angie sensed I was close and began to urge me on.

"Are you gonna cum?" She asked softly.


"Cum in my mouth?"

"What about you?"

"I can't cum from penetration," she explained. "Never have, and probably never will. It's okay, you can finish."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," she said with a laugh. "You're going to be licking cum out of me later and making me cum anyhow, so yes, I'm fucking sure."

I figured I'd be eating her out at some point, but hearing her say it turned me on so much. I gave it a few more pumps into her and then pushed myself up while she simultaneously sat up in front of me. I jerked my dick and aimed my spasming cock toward her open mouth, feeling a rush of energy and arousal seeing her so willing to swallow my load.

My whole groin was afire as I spewed rope after rope of ejaculate into her waiting mouth, hitting her nose once and her chest as well. I tried to keep my eyes open to look at her but it felt so good that my eyes just rolled back in my head and everything went blank but the euphoria.

I collapsed in a heap beside her as we laughed together at what had just happened. She was absolutely plastered in my cum and I was spent from blowing one of the biggest loads of my life right down her throat and all over her face and chest.

"Your cum is officially a delicacy," she gushed, licking rivulets from her fingers as she scooped it up.

"That good huh?" I chuckled.

"You don't even know!"

"Uh, actually, I do," I said.

I waited for her to realize my meaning, and then it dawned on her.

"Oh my god of course you've eaten your own," she giggled.

Soon enough, we went back to giving our undivided attention to the fuck fest on the other side of the glass. The man underneath Lindsay had lost his load only minutes in, but remained inside her and unmoving so that Greg could continue plowing her asshole like a madman, while Alan was still rock solid in her mouth. Although, she wasn't doing a whole lot of sucking due to the rough fucking she was getting up her bum.

Jessica, with not much else to do but rub her clit while she watched, eventually knelt behind Alan and began to lick his ass. She eagerly spread his cheeks and went to town as he received head from a very sweaty and fucked out Lindsay.

"Has she done that for you before?"

Angie's voice jarred me a bit, as I was so focused on what Jessica was doing.


"Ate your ass."

"Oh," I said, feeling embarassed. "She did it a couple times when we were dating but not since."

"That's a shame. Looks like she really enjoys it. Maybe you should ask her."

I shrugged my shoulders, pretending to be ambivalent about it. In reality, I was too shy to ask for it, and it had been too long now and would end up being an awkward thing if she, for whatever reason, said no.

"Can I?"

I looked at her in surprise. There was something so mysterious about Angie, and yet so honest at the same time. I couldn't fathom what she was so taken with that she was asking to eat my ass after everything else she'd already done for me. It felt too good to be true.

"Sure," I said, not wanting to seem too eager.

"Okay, sit against the back," she said, directing me to recline against the back of the lounger.

I was still facing the window, thankfully, so I could continue watching things unfold from where I sat. Angie situated herself between my legs and placed her hands on my hamstrings to push my legs back further. I helped her out, grabbing onto my legs and pulling them back to give her better access.

Without another word, she began to tongue my asshole delicately as I sat reclined and relaxed in the lounger. I couldn't remember a time when I felt more content. There was something magical about having someone tongue your private areas while watching other people fuck.

Lindsay tapped out a few minutes into the rim job I was receiving, finally signalling to Greg that she couldn't take any more of him. He was still thrusting energetically into her asshole with no indication he was nearing an orgasm, so it was understandable that she take a break from the action. Not to be discouraged from keeping his momentum, he immediately sought out a new target.

After downing the remaining booze in the glass he'd come into the room with, tossed the used condom in the trash and rolled a new one on his dick. Then he set his sights on Jessica, who was talking with Alan and the other man. Walking up behind her, he pressed his body against hers and wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her abdomen. Jessica purred at his touch, leaning back to look him in the eyes as the group continued to converse.

Over the next few minutes, he became quite aggressive with Jessica. He groped her breasts and shoved his hand between her legs, and despite how rough it was, she seemed to like what he was doing. Before I knew what was happening, he spun her around and picked her up with an ass cheek in each hand, prompting her to throw her legs around his midsection. Without missing a beat, he inserted his cock into her pussy, letting her sink down on him once he was in. Jessica squealed in surprise.

"Ah! Condom!" she said in the midst of giggling and otherwise enjoying his expert manhandling of her body.

If I hadn't been watching closely and saw Greg retrieve a new condom, I would've been freaking out as well.

Despite her protestations, Greg didn't pull out or set her down right away. The longer he held her up impaled on his dick, the more she delighted in his manhandling of her, seeming to forget her concern over protection. She was fully seated on his cock as he held her body up against him, assisted by her legs firmly around his body and ankles crossed behind him. He eventually moved over to the far wall and pinned her against it, using the extra support to really lean into her body and pound between her legs. They fucked like animals against that wall until Greg seemed to be satisfied for the moment, letting her down to the floor, his cock slipping from her as he did.

She immediately noticed the bright green and red condom on him as his dick swung around between his legs as he went to discard that one as well.

"Wish I would've known you had that thing on," Jessica proclaimed as she walked a bit unevenly towards the chaise lounge.

"Where's the fun in that?" Greg said with a sideways grin.

I was relieved he had the decency to put on a new condom, as some guys would've just reused the old one. But I was definitely feeling nerve wracked at how many men had already been inside her, and one without any protection. I also felt some sense of relief when Greg exited the private room along with the other nameless man, and only Alan and the two women remained. Lindsay was nursing her sore asshole on the lounger while sipping a cocktail, while Jessica cuddled with Alan, lazily playing with his soft penis.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Thu Aug 17, 2023 11:17 am

"Alan tells me you and your hubby are trying for a baby," Lindsay said to Jessica.

Jessica nodded her head with a smile growing in her lips. "Mhmm, baby number three."

"Well congrats! Hope it happens for you guys!" Lindsay said enthusiastically.

"Do you and Sean have kids?" Jessica asked her.

"Several," she said laughingly. "Four, to be exact."

"Oh wow! I can't imagine four!" Jessica said. "Do you mind me asking how you managed to juggle all that and the lifestyle?"

"Oh, jeez, that's a loaded question," Lindsay said, chuckling as she thought about it for a few moments.

"Oh, I don't mean to get heavy or anything. Just wondering if you took breaks from it at all, or if you and Sean ever had issues growing your family while doing this. Stuff like that."

"Oh, heavens, yes," she said. "We took plenty of breaks, and we fought over many things, but we always found out way back to the lifestyle one way or another."

"Did you take breaks when you were trying to get pregnant?" Jessica asked, now revealing the true nature of this line of questioning, I suspected.

Lindsay looked as if she were thinking hard for a few moments, and then finally answered.

"Uh, no, not really," she said, shaking her head. "Like we were careful most of the time, but it was never something I sweated too much."

"Oh, neat. That's kind of how I feel about it too," Jessica said.

"For sure! Go get yours girl!" Lindsay said, giving Jessica a high five.

"Did you have any close calls or oopsies?"

"Oh, yes," Lindsay said, a big grin on her face. "Had a few of those over the years. The last one was the worst."

"Oh?" Jessica said, leaning toward her.

Lindsay looked at Alan with an odd smile. "Uh, well, back when Sammy used to come out to these things," she said. "Sammy was something really special, but he was a bit of a dick."

"How so?"

She had Jessica's rapt attention now. And mine as well.

"Sammy's a friend of the family," she said, looking at Alan again with that look. "Or, he used to be, I suppose, is more accurate."

Alan nodded, a sort of smirk crossing his face at what Lindsay was saying.

"Sammy had a way of charming the girls into doing things they shouldn't necessarily be doing, and really, he was so full of shit. But he was very persuasive, and I can't deny that I fell for it," she said, showing a little bit of vulnerability.

It was clear what whatever she was talking about was a serious issue that both she and Alan were well versed in.

"What did he do?" Jessica pressed.

"Well, mainly, he lied to girls about having a vasectomy," she said. "And I mean, this group has always been fairly flexible when it comes to the condom rule, but there are safeguards to make that possible, ya know?"


"Exactly," she replied. "Among other things. But yeah, if you're gonna raw dog a girl, you can't shoot live swimmers in her without her knowing, right?"

"Uh huh," Jessica said, looking a bit flushed.

"Anyhow, Sammy was persuasive, and sometimes he'd take girls into the private rooms and next thing you know, they were letting him in bare and he was nuttin' in them."


"Sooooo, yeah, he persuaded me," she said, turning red and laughing. She and Alan looked at eachother again and they both chuckled at the memory.

"Oh my, what was that like, if you don't mind me asking?" Jessica asked.

"I don't mind at all. It was super stressful back then, but we can all laugh about it now," she said.

"Yeah," Alan agreed.

"It was mine and Sean's first time at one of these, and Sammy was this super kind and super attractive guy, and I fell for him hard. He even asked Sean if he could take me to a private room, which Sean really appreciated, and I was down, of course."

Lindsay shifted in her seat, facing more towards Jessica and with her back to Alan. I noticed Alan's cock had grown to being fully erect over the course of the conversation. He began to caress Lindsay's thighs and ass while she continued telling her story.

"So he takes me to one of the rooms and really turns on the charm. We were making out hard and I was so freaking into him. I should add that I was also off the pill and Sean and I were actively trying. Anyway, he's got me all wet and I'm dying for cock, and he starts telling me how good my pussy would feel if he could feel me bare, he's clean, he's had a vasectomy, yada yada yada, you know the lines."

"Oh yeah, I've heard those before," Jessica said with a chuckle.

"And normally, I wouldn't fall for that. I'm a grown woman! But there was something about him that just made me throw caution to the wind, so I did it. I fucking did it," she said, covering her eyes with her hands.

"What happened?" Jessica asked with a more somber expression.

"What happened is I came out of the private room all happy and clueless, my pussy full of cum, and went about the rest of the night thinking I was the luckiest girl in the world," she said, shaking her head.

"Yeah you were on cloud nine," Alan said, now casually sliding his fingers down between her legs and toying with the manicured patch of pubic hair over her pussy.

Lindsay seemed perfectly comfortable with Alan touching her while she told Jessica about this wild time in her life. She even opened her legs slightly to give him better access to her.

"Chalk it up to naivety," she said. "I'm none the wiser, bragging to Angie about it a couple days later, and she blows up my whole world telling me Sammy doesn't actually have a vasectomy."

"What a way to find out," Jessica chimed in.

"I've never stressed so much over anything in my life," she said. "Lucky for me, I got my period a couple weeks later."

"What happened with Sammy?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, Sammy" she said, shaking her head and laughing. "I'm still surprised Sean didn't kill him. Angie never invited him back, so it was really a non-issue."

"So Sean knew?"

"Oh yeah, I had to tell him. That was a shitty conversation," she said with a dramatic sigh.

"That's wild," Jessica said.

"You're telling me! I'm the one who had to suffer for two weeks thinking I might have a Sammy baby!" She said, wide eyed. "And on top of that, there was no sex for the next few weeks because Sean was so pissed at me!"

"That's so intense," Jessica said, seeming a bit distracted by what Alan was doing between Lindsay's legs.

Alan now had two fingers buried inside Lindsay's pussy, still lazily pleasuring her while she remained relatively unmoving with her back resting against him.

"Sammy took a good thing and ruined it," she added. "Like I'm all for skin on skin when it's safe and there's trust, and I think everyone else here feels the same, but then he went and lied about it." She shook her head at the memory of it, clearly more than irked by all of it.

"Oh my god, yes," Jessica said. "I'm a sucker for skin on skin too. It's just sooo much better that way."

"So much better," Lindsay echoed. "Speaking of skin on skin..." She said, looking back at Alan who was busy fingering her.

"Yeah?" He replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah, why not," she shrugged, smiling into his eyes.

She looked back at Jessica. "Alan is one of the few that I go bare with sometimes," she explained while positioning herself with her bottom on his abs and leaning back with her head resting on his shoulder.

I saw Jessica watching the couple with her mouth open slightly, looking like she was eager to join the action. Lindsay let out a long sigh when she sank down on Alan's shaft, taking him all the way to his balls.

"Don't cum in me, k?" She said softly, looking into his eyes.

"You got it" he said to her, flashing her that irresistible smile.

Angie finally seemed to be done pleasuring me. She moved up to lay on top of me, putting her head down my chest right under my chin.

"You like that, mister?" She murmured.

"Freaking amazing," I said, truly meaning it. "Thank you."

"You're so welcome. You can ask anytime," she said, reaching down to squeeze my dick, which was still relatively hard from the sensational ass licking I'd just had.

"Seems like skin on skin fucking is popular here," I commented, knowing she'd heard the same conversation I had.

"Yes and no," she answered. "Like Lindsay said, it's mostly about trust and familiarity, and secondary to that is that everyone's protected, you know?"

"Yeah, totally."

"Like, David is harmless," she said. "He's been coming here with Jane for years. They never cause drama, they're clean, and he's so nice to everyone."

"Except when he knocks up my wife," I said with a bit of sarcasm.

Angie rolled her eyes and laughed at my remark. "With his sperm count, I honestly wouldn't fret over it, Justin," she said. "Plus, Jess made that call knowing the risks, so I'm sure she has her reasons."

"It's still risky," I countered. "But I hear you."

"Sex is risky. There will always be risk, and you just have to hope you come out unscathed," she said.

A thought occured to me, which I'd wondered about earlier on.

"Why so many older people?"

Angie laughed at my question. "You don't get out much, do you?"

"I get out," I said defensively.

"You'd be surprised what age groups make up swinger clubs," she said, patting my chest with her palm. "Also, these are mostly connections that Alan made through his work, and he works with mostly old rich guys."

"Just surprised sixty year old dudes can still fuck," I quipped.

"Pffff, okay!" She scoffed. "Phil's been a regular at our parties forever, and he's turning seventy next week!"

"Whoa," I said, genuinely impressed. I wondered if I'd run into him yet.

Alan apparently wasn't going to last long inside Lindsay, tapping her on the hip to let her know he was about to cum. She slid down on him once more and leaned up to kiss him, and then slowly dismounted, pulling his slippery cock from her pussy. I figured he would've finished in her mouth, but it looked as if he wanted to hold off cumming.

After thanking him for the fuck, Lindsay pulled herself upright and unceremoniously walked over to the sink and wet a cloth to clean herself up once again. This seemed to be a common occurrence, and it made me wonder how many women washed themselves in these rooms and went back out to find new suitors.

"We should go back out there soon," Angie said softly.

"You think?"

"Yeah, they'll be going out there too," she said, pushing herself upright.

"Oh okay," I said, looking around for my clothes.

"You won't need those," she said with a smirk.

"Okay but there do I put them?" I asked.

"That's why we have cubbies out in the main room," she said, giving me that smile she gave when she was teasing me.

"Smart ass," I said, shooting her a smirk.

"At least it's a nice ass, though, right?"

I looked back at her. She was bent over seductively, displaying her cute asshole and pussy to me.

"It is that," I said, feeling like taking her all over again.

We went out to the main room, and were soon followed by Alan, Lindsay and Jessica. Jessica still wore her lingerie, while Lindsay and Alan were totally nude. Lindsay husband Sean didn't waste any time in ushering her away to another private room once she'd found him in the crowd. I could only assume he was going to reclaim her.

Jessica approached me a bit shyly, but when I flashed her an affectionate smile, she brightened up and gave me a long, lingering kiss. She tasted like cigars, sweat, and cum, which I found to be oddly arousing.

After a drink and some light banter, Jessica eventually made her way around the room meeting new people and being her social self. Angie took this opportunity to re-establish herself as my arm candy, coming to to me with a flirty smile and ushering me away to talk in a quiet corner.

I really enjoyed talking to Angie. She and I got along well and never ran short of things to talk and laugh about. I also never tired of the amount of affection she showed me, always finding reasons to touch me and flirt.

Before I knew it, a half hour had passed and I realized I hadn't checked on Jessica in a while. I scanned the room looking for her, but didn't see any sign of her. I thought maybe she'd changed outfits, as I was looking for her standout sexy lingerie, but couldn't see her anywhere. I suspected maybe she'd found another play partner and gone to a private room.

Angie picked up on what I was thinking quickly.

"I didn't see where she went, but ten bucks says if Greg isn't here, she's probably with him," she said.

"Oh," I said, feeling kind of silly for always obsessing over where she was.

"Just a sec," Angie said, heading toward the bar.

I watched her pass the bar and go into a room beside it, which I assumed was a private room as well. She came out a few moments later and made her way back to me.

"Yup," she said with a hint of a smile.


"She's in there," she said, motioning her hand toward the door.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Mon Aug 21, 2023 10:12 am

We went to the room together and Angie opened the door, ushering me inside. This was room slightly different then the previous one we were in. It actually resembled some sort of porn theater or glory hole room, having several loungers and chairs about the room, all facing towards a small window. Angie led me over to an odd looking booth with a privacy curtain pulled over it, oddly enough. Once she opened the curtain, I could clearly see Jessica's head bobbing in the lap of some man as his hands held her head to guide her up and down on his cock. It was hard to make him out due to the lighting in the room, so I sat down in the chair to try to get a better look inside.

The room she was lit with dim red lighting, reminiscent of the red light district and was filled with BDSM accessories and an elaborate sex swing. Everything seemed to be made of black leather and rich looking wood. The furniture was quite different in this room, consisting of a black leather loveseat of sorts and a bunch of interesting sex props. I looked closer, and it appeared she was with another older man. I'd spotted him socializing earlier but hadn't given him a second thought other than that he was a very tall man, and that he looked too old to be there.

"Who's this guy?" I whispered to Angie.

"The man who's too old to fuck your wife," she said, descending into a fit of giggles.


"It's Phil. I told you about him earlier," she explained.

It sounded familiar, but I wasn't quite remembering.

"He's turning seventy next week," Angie said, trying to jog my memory.

I remembered the conversation. And now I was watching the old bastard getting head from my beautiful young wife. It was hard to believe that a man his age could get hard still, but there it was. He must've been at least seven inches long and decently girthy.

"Get it hard for me. I'll be right back," Angie whispered in my ear.

I began to stroke my cock as I heard Angie exit the room behind me. I pressed the black button on top of the window and began to hear sound from the other side. I didn't want to miss anything.

"How's that?"

I heard Jessica's voice through the sound system while she looked up at him with his dick on her tongue.

"Fantastic," he said, running his hands over her hair.

It was then that I noticed Lindsay was also in the room with them. She was now sporting a pair of sexy black stockings which made her looking incredibly sexy and enticing. She looked to be exploring some of the BDSM items that hung from the walls and on the table tops.

Lindsay was truly a hottie. She was like a mix of girl next door and experienced MILF all in one. With nothing to distract me, I was able to truly appreciate her. She had roughly the same build as Jessica, petite and slim with some fantastic curves where it mattered most. Her light brown hair was long and wavy, cascading down to around the middle of her back. Lindsay had this conventionally pretty face with an adorable dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks that served only to amplify her attractiveness. The knowledge that she was a wife and mom, while also having heaps of sex with multiple men, made her so much more desirable in my books.

She turned around after surveying all the kinky accessories and focused her attention on something else on the wall that I couldn't see from my vantage point. .

I took this opportunity to look at her front. Her breasts were bigger than Jessica's and Angie's, standing out on her chest proudly, and capped with beautiful dollar sized nipples. Despite having four babies, her stomach was incredibly sexy. She didn't have any piercings like Jessica did, but she had a delicious belly that had me wishing I could jerk my cum onto her and watch it pool in her belly button.

"Lots of kinky stuff in here," Lindsay's cheerful voice rang out in the room.

She sauntered over to where the other two were situated and threw her arms around Phil's neck, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"So what does my special man wish for tonight?" Lindsay asked him

"You're too kind, Linds," he said with familiarity in the way she spoke to him.

"Mmmm, but today's a special day," she said sweetly, leaning down to kiss him again, this time on the lips and for more than a second.

They swapped spit and tongued eachother for a few moments until Lindsay broke the kiss and moved down beside Jessica on the floor.

"Mind if I cut in?" She said.

Jessica took her lips off Phil's cock and smiled at Lindsay.

"Sure," she said cheerfully, pulling back from him and making space for Lindsay.

Lindsay went to town on his cock, working his dick like a pro, taking long licks from his balls up to the tip of his penis. Jessica sat beside her observing with one hand between her legs.

"How's the family?" Phil asked her.

Lindsay let his cock pop from her lips with a wet smacking sound.

"Really good. The boys are excited for Christmas vacation, and all Ellie wants in the whole world is to meet Santa next week," she said with a cute laugh.

"The most wonderful time of the year," he said, smiling warmly at her while she took him in her mouth and slowly pulled her lips back on his shaft until the head rested on her tongue.

"They love it so much," she said.

"The business is doing well?"

"Doing great, but it keeps Sean so busy these days."

She quickly got back to business on his cock, licking from the base of his penis all the way to the top, where she would then suck his head into her mouth and give him a few sucks. She even managed to deep throat him a couple times. She choked pretty hard after, which I'm sure Phil appreciated more than he let on.

"So what does the birthday boy want?" Lindsay asked him with a sexy look, after recovering from choking on his dick.

"Wait, it's your birthday today?" Jessica chimed in.

"Ah, well, not today. Next week," he clarified.

"Big birthday," Lindsay said. "Phil is turning the big seven O."

"Oh my gosh, no way!" Jessica said with a big smile. "There's no way you're turning seventy."

"Mhmm, hard to believe sometimes," he said shaking his head.

"So?" Lindsay prodded, seductively licking around the head of his cock.

"Well Linds, you know what I like," he answered, looking down at her.

"Oh I sure do, you dirty old man," she said, smiling brightly at him.

I was surprised at how familiar Lindsay was with Phil. They were so affectionate and tender towards eachother. Maybe that was a result of being in this club and having so much good sex with different people.

"How do you want me?" Lindsay asked him, taking his wet cock from her mouth and leaning back.

"Right here." Phil slapped his thighs with his palms, indicating he wanted her to mount him where he sat on the loveseat.

"You bet," she said, standing up to retrieve a condom from the table nearby.

I got a good view of her ass as she walked over to the small coffee table. It's what I'd call a juicy ass, but somehow, she was very toned and tight at the same time. Everytime she took a step her cheeks would flex in the most alluring and sexy way. She walked back to him with a condom in her hand and was just about to tear it open when he stopped her.

"I was thinking about something different this time," he said, putting his hand on hers.

"Oh, you want me that way," she said, seeming to come to some understanding with him after a moment.

Phil simply responded with a grunt, and Lindsay tossed the condom back onto the table and went over to him.

"Well your timing couldn't be better mister Phil, because I just got my IUD in two months ago," she said, grabbing onto his shoulders and swinging one stocking clad leg over his body.

"Is that so?" He said, cupping her breasts in his obscenely large hands, highlighting just how petite she was in comparison to him.

"Mhmm," she hummed, leaning in to kiss him. "Want to test it out for me?"

"You know I do, Linds," he said.


"Where does that thing go, anyhow?" he asked, still casually groping her breasts while they talked.

"The IUD?" She asked.

"Uh, yes."

"Right here," she said, pressing two fingers against her skin right below her belly button.

While Lindsay and Phil were flirting and getting comfortable, Jessica had moved to one of the triangular sex props which served as a recliner for her, and had begun to rub her clit while watching them. I admired her without her knowledge, and it felt a little bit wrong. I reminded myself that both of us kept little things from eachother sometimes.

I looked back to Lindsay and Phil just in time to see her mounting him. She moved into a squat over him and guided his bare cock to her entrance, sliding his cock head back and forth between her wet pussy lips. With her eyes on him, she lowered herself onto him slowly until his balls rested against her ass. Phil groaned at the sensation of being enveloped in her warmth.

"I kinda forgot how big you are," she giggled.

Phil held her in place with his strong hands, giving her some support as she took time to get used to him.

"I've gotten so used to Sean lately, this is a bit of a shock," she said.

"I 'spose you and I should get together more often then. Keep you in shape," he said cheekily.

"Oh my god, I wish," she said, sounding like she meant it. "Jeez, I can feel you right up against my cervix," she said, laying her palm against her abdomen where she felt him up inside her.

Once Lindsay adjusted to his size she began a slow sensuous rhythm, rolling her hips against him while her arms were looped around his neck. She stared into his eyes the entire time, seemingly never breaking eye contact while they fucked. Phil's hands roamed freely over her body while he remained relatively still beneath her, every so often pulling in the elastic of her stocking tops and letting them snap back against her thighs.

The door behind me opened and Angie stepped back into the little space with me.

"What happened to you?" I asked her.

"Oh, nothing," she said, clearly being evasive.

I had a feeling she had something up her sleeve, but I wasn't worried too much about it. I was having plenty of fun as a voyeur to the kinky things that were happening all around me.

"Mmmm, looking good down there," she said, moving down to the floor in front of me.

"Help yourself," I said, more than happy to give her the reins.

Angie's warm, wet mouth felt a hell of a lot better than my hand. I leaned back and savoured the luxurious sensations as I fixed my eyes on what Lindsay and Phil were doing.

Things had escalated between the two. Phil had begun smacking her ass and breasts repeatedly while she fucked him, much to her delight. Once the dirty talk started, it became apparent the two of them had a real sexual relationship. One that went beyond just a wild night at a swinger party.

"You've been planning this ever since Alan told you I was gonna be here, haven't you?" Lindsay playfully taunted him.

Phil only responded with a low grunt.

"Dirty old man," she said to him with a mischievous smile.

"Does it make you wet to call me that?"

"Does my pussy feel wet?"

Instead of answering her, Phil simply responded with another grunt.

Lindsay was energetically riding him now, sliding up and down on him and taking his full length in and out of her pussy. Phil showed his appreciation by slapping her breasts hard and running his grubby hands over her face, sticking his fingers in her mouth and having her suck on them. His hips had begun straining up into her while she expertly rolled her hips against him, and his hands had found their way back to her hips.

"You're gonna cum in me aren't you?" Lindsay said softly while looking in his eyes.

Phil grunted again.

"Want me to do what we did the last time?" She asked, leaning back and sitting still on him.

"Mhmm," he answered.


Lindsay looked into his eyes wordlessly as she sat atop him. They stared at eachother for long moments while he still remained imbedded deep inside her.

"How's that?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, I feel it now," he said in almost a whisper.

"Okay," she said, slowly beginning to roll her hips again, seeming to be concentrating very hard.

It looked like the was exercising her Kegels on him, which I imagined felt incredible.

Phil suddenly pulled her hips into him and sank his fingers into her flesh in a death grip, bellowing at the top of his lungs in the most obscene and almost theatrical way. Lindsay thrilled at his rough taking of her, squealing and moaning with absolute delight at being the object of his desire at that moment.

Lindsay's hips were sealed to his as he jerked almost violently beneath her. It was clear that Phil was the only one having an orgasm, however, Lindsay seemed to be more than happy to be on the receiving end regardless.

"Yes, baby!" She encouraged him as he ejaculated in her.

Phil seemed to continue orgasming in her for minutes on end, although I wasn't able to tell the difference between him ejaculating in her and simply enjoying the shockwaves. Regardless, they remained connected, sharing intimate little kisses and touches.

"That was a big one mister Phil," Lindsay purred at him, absolutely glowing with sexual energy and satisfaction.

"Yeah?" He reached for her breasts, lightly squeezing them and fingering her hard nipples.

"Mmmm, what a man," she gushed, running her hands up and down his biceps and over his shoulders.

Phil smiled at her, obviously feeling deeply satisfied with what he'd accomplished and with her words of praise. He continued playing with her breasts while Lindsay began looking around for something.

Lindsay reached into her purse, which sat on the side of the loveseat, and pulled out what looked like a butt plug. Holding it in her hand, she lifted herself off Phil's softening cock and immediately inserted the small plug into her pussy. Once she was satisfied it wasn't going to dislodge, she moved off his lap.

"Happy birthday mister," she said affectionately, leaning down to kiss him again.

She shot Jessica a smile as she walked past her on the way to the small mattress, a hand between her legs to hold the plug in place.

"Don't wanna make a big mess of Angie's place," she said, offering an explanation for the butt plug in her pussy.

"Don't have to explain it to me," Jessica said laughingly.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Mon Aug 21, 2023 10:39 am

Once it was clear that Lindsay was tapping out, Jessica took her cue to get back in the game. Without a word, she got between his legs and began to clean up his spent cock and crotch area with her tongue, lapping every any trace of their combined juices.

"Somebody taught you good manners, little Missy," he said with his raspy old man voice, patting her on the head.

Jessica giggled at the unconventional praise, showing her gratitude by swallowing his entire penis in her mouth and slowly drawing her lips back until the tip popped out, making a funny suction noise. She worked down to his balls and sucked them into her mouth, delicately fondling and sucking each one separately for a few moments. Phil had quite a bit of pubic hair, much like most of the men present, and I found it surprising how willingly the women were getting right in there.

While Jessica gave Phil a tongue bath for his crotch, Lindsay was content to lay back on the twin mattress and play with her breasts and fiddle with the butt plug up inside her pussy every so often.

"How does my pussy taste?" Lindsay asked Jessica with a flirtatious lilt in her voice.

Jessica mumbled a laugh around Phil's growing hard-on. "I'm straight, but if I were into girls, I'd try you out first," she said, giving Lindsay a look over her shoulder.

"Awww, for real?" she asked, seeming surprised at Jessica's response.

"Mhmm," Jessica mumbled, going back to work on Phil's cock.

"Well, I'm straight too, but sometimes a girl's just gotta eat some girl ass," she said. "Does that make me not straight?"

Jessica shrugged her shoulders, looking back at her once again. "The heart wants what it wants."

Angie pulled her lips off my wet cock with a chuckle.

"Lindsay starts the night straight and ends it off pansexual. Every single time," she said, shaking her head with a grin on her face.

"Pansexual?" I asked.

"Yeah, she likes everyone after she's had her fill of penis," Angie said. "One of my friends is trans. She's been at a couple of these with her partner, and Lindsay fucked her, sucked her cock, and licked her ass out until the early hours of the morning."

"Wow," I said, gaining a whole new level of insight into Lindsay's life and feeling like I was vanilla in comparison to her and her husband.

The women's voices brought my attention back to the kinky threesome.

"What's that?" Lindsay asked, having not heard whatever it was Jessica said to her.

"You can eat my ass if you want to," Jessica said, peering back at Lindsay with a sexy smile.

"For real?" Lindsay asked, stopping her fingers on her clit.

"Yeah for sure," Jessica said, giving her ass a little wiggle.

Lindsay placed her finger over the butt plug to secure it and raised herself up into a sitting position, smiling uncontrollably at the prospect of what she was being offered. She stood up, walking over behind Jessica.

"Are you sure you want me to?" She asked again.

Jessica hummed around Phil's seven incher, nodding her head without taking him out of her mouth. Lindsay took that as consent, and knelt to the ground behind her.

"Your asshole is so pretty," she said to Jessica as she spread her cheeks apart and admired her.

Lindsay enthusiastically licked Jessica's ass while Jessica sucked Phil's cock. Seeing Lindsay pleasure my wife while she pleasured this geriatric was something I never thought I'd get to witness. It was surreal.

Lindsay ate Jessica's ass like it was her last meal on earth. After an extended period of time, Jessica finally gave Lindsay a pat on the head to signal she was done.

"That was really, really nice," she said sweetly, standing up and giving Lindsay a quick peck on the lips.

"Literally anytime," Lindsay said, smiling brightly at her.

Lindsay went back to the mattress holding the plug inside her still while Jessica went to the small table next to it, sorting through the condoms. Phil remained in the loveseat with an expectant look about him.

Jessica chuckled to herself as she looked at the massive box of assorted condoms on the table.

"Can't find the right one?" Lindsay asked.

"Oh, no, it's not that," she said, looking like she was undecided on something. "Just thinking," she murmured, shifting her weight side to side, unwittingly putting her ass on display for the other two.

Jessica looked back at Phil from the table, the hint of a smile on her lips. She took a deep breath, seeming to come to a decision. She walked over to him with the condom in her hand.

"Outfit on or off?" She asked.

Phil regarded her curiously for a few moments while stroking his cock slowly.

"Top off. Leave the rest on," he said.

"Okay," she said, quickly untying the laces of the corset and removing it to reveal her pert breasts.

"Very nice," he said, seeing her breasts for the first time.

Jessica moved onto the loveseat and straddled Phil's large hairy legs. Phil reached for her breasts and squeezed them hard in his massive hands, making her purr with delight.

"So since you're the birthday boy, it's your call," she said, holding up the condom wrapper in her hand.

Momentarily confused as to what she was asking of him, he looked at the condom and then at her. When he realized she was offering him the option of using a condom with her or not using one, he smiled at her and took the condom wrapper from her, tossing it behind him.

"I trust you," he said, winking at her.

Both Jessica and Lindsay giggled at his antics. Jessica leaned in to kiss him, pressing her breasts against his hairy chest as she ran her fingers through his short grey hair. The quiet, wet sounds of kissing came through the microphones and into the small booth I sat in, filling my soul with jealousy and angst. After making out with him for a few moments, she leaned back to look him in the eye.

"Well, happy birthday to you then," she beamed happily, reaching for his cock and smearing a coating of saliva from her mouth onto his shaft.

"So freaking hot" Lindsay's excited voice came from the corner of the room.

She raised herself up in a squat and took hold of his long cock, lining it up with her little honey hole. Phil looked down between her legs at the sight of his glistening manhood getting ready to enter her pussy.

"What do you have going on here?" He asked, reaching down to thumb her little clit ring.

"Pierced my clit," Jessica murmured. "You like?"

"Cute," he said, moving his gaze back to to her face and placing both hands on her hips.

While this was happening, Angie's mouth came off my cock again. I was so far in a sexual trance that I barely noticed.

"What's happening out there?" She asked me.

I could only shake my head as I watched everything unfold. My dick was hard as steel in her hand, my gut was clenching, and my nerves were shot. I was watching the impending disaster and wanting it to continue regardless of how absolutely insane and ill-advised it was.

"What's she doing?" Angie asked.

"I don't know," I said, not wanting to miss a moment of what was happening.

Angie got to her feet and looked through the window, watching Jessica hover over the large man's body and line him up to enter her. We both watched with baited breath. Jessica exhaled aloud as Phil's cock disappeared in her body. Both of them made almost mirroring pleasure sounds as their sexes joined.

"So fucking good," Jessica moaned, feeling him bottom out in her.

"I couldn't agree more, little missy," he said, using the pet name he seemed to like calling her.

Jessica began to undulate against him with her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly. She looked to be in an absolute state of bliss, as did Phil, who simply sat and enjoyed her silky soft insides caressing his manhood. He pulled her body closer to him and captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently on her tender pink flesh while she moved up and down.

"Whoa," Angie said quietly, looking away from them and into my eyes.

I couldn't bear to make eye contact with her and break whatever spell this was that I was under. My sensibilities told me that this was a huge mistake, but my twisted, kinky brain was telling me not to interfere.

"Is this turning you on?" She asked.

I nodded, saying nothing and continuing to watch my wife pleasure the oldest man at the party and gift him her unprotected pussy for his birthday. It was a matter of only minutes before Jessica and Phil were energetically fucking and flirting, talking dirty to one another in a way that made me extremely jealous but also white hot with arousal.

She'd placed her hands on his chest to steady herself, moving around until she found a sweet spot. She moved up and down his entire length in a rhythm that only an experienced woman knew to do.

"Does that feel good?"

"That's the spot," he said, letting out a long satisfied sigh as she expertly fucked him.

"Touch me," she said, taking her hands away from his hairy chest and offering herself to him. "You may as well get the full experience."

Phil began to grope her, starting with her perfect breasts, which he seemed particularly enamoured with. But after a minute or so, he seemed to be struggling with the position they were in. He grunted at Jessica and stopped her energetic movements.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Bad for my back to sit this long," he muttered, wincing a bit as he leaned against the hard seat backing.

"Want to move somewhere else?" Jessica offered, still perched in his lap.

Phil grunted again, nodding his head.

"Bed?" She asked, looking over to where Lindsay was lying down.

"The Swing," he said, nodding his head towards the intimidating looking contraption near the loveseat.

Jessica looked at him with a bit of shock initially, doing a double take at the older man, but upon realizing he meant it, a sly smile crept onto her lips.

"I could do that," she said excitedly, carefully pulling off of him and standing up.

Phil's cock slipped from her pussy and remained perfectly upright without him touching it. He gingerly stood up from the loveseat and stood upright, putting his incredible stature on display. He had to be about six foot six. Maybe more.

Jessica fiddled with the fastenings and straps on the sex swing for a minute while Phil stretched out his sore muscles. His cock still swung obscenely as he moved around and eased the soreness that was plaguing him.

Before I knew what was happening, Jessica had hoisted herself up into the swing secured the straps around her waist.

"Come here," she called to him, flashing him a sexy smile while she sank two fingers into her sopping pussy.

Phil grinned and walked in between her legs. He quickly realized her body was too low for him to enter her, and he reached for the ceiling strap, lifting her body up so he could raise the swing. Once he had her at the right height, she reached for his cock and pulled him back to her. She guided him to her opening and allowed him to slide back inside her, throwing her legs around him once he was in.

"This is nice," she said. She looked up at his body towering over her and bit her lip as she forcefully pulled him into her with her strong legs.

"I like a woman who takes what she wants," he said.

"I always take what I want," Jessica replied.

"Good girl."

"Play with my body," she encouraged him, stretching her arms over her head and grabbing onto the restraints.

The older man began to play with her nipples. Between gently pinching them between his fingers, sucking on them, and slapping her breasts playfully, I could tell Jessica wanted more form him. Lindsay noticed too.

"Phil you can fuck her," she said from the mattress. "She's not gonna break."

They all shared a laugh at her comment. It must have registered with him though, because he soon quit holding back with her and really let her have it.

He anchored her against him by gripping the waist strap and plowed her with ferocity. His thrusts into her were hard enough that her breasts and hips jiggled violently each time his hips collided with hers. He slapped her tits repeatedly with a big grin on his face, letting her know just how much he was enjoying taking her. I was certain she'd be covered in bruises by morning just from this one encounter.

Phil took a breather after a particularly vigorous round. He was drenched in sweat and dripping onto Jessica, making her giggle each time a droplet landed in her stomach or chest. Phil suddenly released the waist strap and held her to him, releasing her from the swing. She squealed at the sudden change, but soon looked more than happy being held up by his strong arms.

"Where are we going?" She asked as Phil walked around the loveseat towards Lindsay.

"I'm going to lay you down," he said, stopping by the edge of the mattress.

Lindsay moved off the mattress when she saw that Phil was about to lay Jessica on her back. She stood up and found a spot in the loveseat, which was across from the bed and a perfect spot to watch.

Phil lowered the both of them down to the mattress while still remaining inside her, and once her back rested on it, he settled in between her legs and rested his body on top of hers. Even if she wanted to, she could not have escaped him. He was so big that I could barely see her body beneath him.

"Big sexy man," she purred.

She caressed his sides with her soft hands as his hips began to move between her legs. Phil was sweating profusely due to the effort his was exerting. Jessica giggled as droplets of sweat fell from his face onto hers once again, obviously delighting in every part of their union no matter the ick factor. It was clear they were both building towards a climax. Phil's movements were becoming more frantic and Jessica's breathing was picking up as their pace picked up.

"Do you wanna cum?" Lindsay asked him.

Phil answered her with a grunt and kept ramming his hips into her, making the most obscene smacking sounds.

"Cum in me," she said softly.

Phil placed both hands on her breasts and went at her like a piledriver. She was squealing at the end of every thrust. Phil let out a grunt that I'd liken to a bear while he sealed his hips against her, burying his dick as deep as he could in her soft womanhood. His body started convulsing as he shot his seed into her fertile body, grunting every few seconds as he bathed her insides with his ejaculate.

Jessica remained silent except for little feminine squeals here and there as she accepted his cum. Her eyes were shut and her mouth open while she felt everything; the weight of his crushing body atop her, the feel of his orgasm inside her, and the sensations in her groin as she teetered on the precipice of her own orgasm.

"Damn Phil," Lindsay said, watching the couple from her reclined position on the bed.

"I'm going to need a drink," Phil chuckled, pushing himself upright and catching his breath.

He was covered in sweat, and now so was Jessica. Phil remained intimately connected to her for a long while, giving her little thrusts every so often and feeling her how ith his big hands. Jessica still hadn't cum, but it didn't looks like he was about to put in the work to make her orgasm.

Proving my suspicions, Phil pulled out of her, much to her dismay, and announced he was heading to the bar.

"Just gonna clean myself up and head to the bar if you girls want to join me," he said jovially.

Jessica lay on her back on the mattress with wide spread legs and a pussy full of fresh cum oozing from her well fucked hole. I knew she was disappointed because I knew she loved to cum after being fucked, but she didn't say anything to the older man as he washed himself off with one of the reusable washcloths.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Mon Aug 21, 2023 11:17 am

As soon as Phil departed the room, Lindsay made sauntered over to join Jessica, lying down beside her on the small mattress.

"Phil's great, but he doesn't always remember to make a girl cum," she said.

Jessica groaned with frustration. "Gosh his cock was freaking amazing. I really wanted to cum with that monster inside me."

Lindsay regarded her for long moments as Jessica began to finger herself and rub her clit. It started out with a tentative touch on her stomach, Lindsay just fingering her belly button ring and complementing her body. But I could tell Lindsay was getting dirty ideas about her.

"Your belly ring is so freaking cute," she said, flipping it back and forth with her finger.

"Thanks," Jessica said breathlessly.

Lindsay's hand crept down ever so slowly until she encountered Jessica's thin landing strip, stopping to see whether Jessica was receptive. When Jessica didn't protest and her breath quickened, Lindsay went lower, gently running a fingertip over Jessica's fingers which were busily pleasuring herself. Jessica let out a ragged breath and opened her mouth to speak.

"Girl, you've already eaten my ass tonight. You have my consent," she said with a laugh.

Without a word, Lindsay jumped at the opportunity and was between Jessica's creamy thighs in a moment. She spread her legs wide and pushed them back, grinning excitedly as she stared down at Jessica's pussy. With a tenderness I could never have mustered, she began to lick up and down her pussy with gentle little strokes, and then kissed her pussy like she was kissing someone's lips.

"Oh my god," Jessica moaned. "That feels so amazing!"

"You like?" Lindsay asked.

"Your lips are so soft," she said, pushing her hips up into Lindsay's mouth.

Lindsay giggled and went back to pleasuring Jessica with her mouth and fingers. It wasn't long before she encountered Phil's load leaking from her.

"Look at all that cum," she gushed excitedly.

"Ahhhh, what am I doing?" Jessica cringed, shaking her head and covering her eyes with her hands.

"Are you okay?" Lindsay laughingly asked her.

"I'll be okay once all that cum is out of me I guess," Jessica responded, giggling at the situation she'd got herself into.

"I could help you with that for sure," Lindsay said.

Lindsay dove between her legs, sticking her tongue deep into Jessica's vagina, aided by her fingers which spread her pussy lips open for easier access. She licked her out better than I felt I'd ever done, using an unreal combination of aggression and tenderness to please her. Nevermind the fact that she was also eating a copious amount of cum from her at the same time.

Seemingly satisfied she'd cleaned Phil's load from Jessica's pussy, she really went to work making her cum. And boy did she cum hard. It became very clear that Lindsay was no beginner in eating pussy and pleasing a woman. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it, making Jessica shriek and claw the sheets when she orgasmed.

"Oh my freaking god, thank you!" Jessica said breathlessly.

"Happy to help," she said, looking up at Jessica, who was barely able to catch her breath from the exertion and pleasure she still felt in her body. "Does hubby do that for you at home?"

Jessica sighed and pulled her sensitive crotch away from Lindsay's face. "Yes, he does, but I can't bring him this one," she said.

"Oh?" Lindsay said.

"I probably shouldn't have let guys nut in me tonight," she lamented, bringing her hand up and covering her eyes.

"Oh, because you guys are trying to get pregnant," she said, recalling their earlier conversation.

Jessica nodded her head, her hand still covering her eyes.

"Well who have you been with?" Lindsay asked.

"Ummm, that really cute guy. Thomas, I think," she said.

"Oh my god, isn't he just the best?" Lindsay exclaimed.

"Yeah, he was so sweet to me," Jessica said, finally moving her hand away and looking down at the gorgeous woman between her legs.

"Okay, who else?"

"Well Alan, obviously. And I had sex with David, and he came inside me," she said, cringing a bit after saying it out loud.

A smile crept onto Lindsay's lips as she regarded Jessica with something that looked like admiration.

"You naughty girl," she said, her eyes flashing with excitement at what Jessica was divulging.

Jessica shook her head, despite being unable to hide the little smile at the corner of her mouth. "I don't know what I was thinking," she said quietly.

"You were following your pussy," she said with a chuckle. "Don't be too hard on yourself. David cums in every girl he fucks."

"Am I an idiot?" She asked, looking despondent.

"I mean, I've had dozens of men cum in me at every part of my cycle on and off birth control, so I can't judge," she said with a laugh.


"Uh, yeah, I'm kind of a slut," Lindsay said casually.

Jessica seemed to process what Lindsay was telling her for a while. Lindsay got up to her hands and knees and sat between Jessica's legs, looking down at her with affectionately.

"Besides the thing with Sammy, have you ever taken risks like this or messed up," Jessica asked, pulling her body back and sitting up in front of Lindsay.

"Oh jeez, yes," she said. "I've messed up and I've taken crazy risks that I never should have, and Sean's been furious with me before over it more than once."

"He has?" Jessica asked meekly.

"Yes. Livid. But he's never threatened to leave me, and we've always found a way to patch it up and get back on track."

"That's so nice to hear," Jessica said with a tender smile.

"Also helps that I've never had an oops pregnancy," she said, giggling at the thought.

"And you've got an IUD as backup," Jessica said.

"That's new," she said. "I went all natural for a year before that, and did stuff I never should've been doing."

"Like Sammy?" Jessica asked.

Lindsay laughed at the mention of Sammy, who she'd told Jessica about earlier.

"Oh jeez, yes. Like Sammy," she said. "But that was three years ago. After we had our youngest, I stayed off birth control for a full year before getting this thing in," she said, laying her palm over her abdomen.

The door to the dark room opened, sending bright light into the space and startling the two women. Once the door closed again, I recognized Greg, the manly man from earlier who had fucked Jessica against a wall. He lay down on the mattress next to the two women and they began to talk.

As this was happening, Angie, who'd been quietly watching and listening with me, began to roll a condom over my cock. The feel of the latex rolling down my cock sort of jarred me out of my dream.

"What are you doing?" I murmured.

"Hush," she whispered, smoothing out the condom on my shaft and stepping over my legs to straddle me.

Without a moment to even consider it, she lined me up with her pussy and took me inside her for the second time that night. She felt like a warm, soft vice squeezing around my dick. I was in heaven. I could sense the feelings of guilt still existed, but they were pushed so far away whenever I got inside her.

I looked over Angie's shoulder at the threesome on the bed. Lindsay had moved into a face down, ass up position on the bed near Jessica and Greg was just about to mount her. He hurriedly threw on a condom, moved in behind her, and penetrated her confidently and with purpose.

What I'd noticed about Greg was that he didn't tend to spend much time doing foreplay. It was in and out in a hurry, and I suppose that worked for him, but I doubted the women appreciated it quite as much. Regardless, Lindsay immediately voiced her delight at feeling him enter her, moaning and pushing back against him like she was in heat.

The door to our room opened, causing light to spill into the small area where Angie and I were playing our kinky voyeur games. I froze, as did Angie, and we sat there with limbs interlocked and waiting to be discovered by whomever was coming.

I heard a whisper before seeing anyone. It was a man's voice calling out to someone. And then I saw him come around the corner while Angie and I looked back to where the voice was coming from. It was Sean.

"Oh, hey Ange," he whispered to her when he recognized her. "Didn't know anyone was in here."

"Hey Sean," she said warmly. "You're welcome to stick around if you want."

Sean seemed to be looking around for something but couldn't seem to find what he was looking for.

"She's in there," Angie said to him, nodding her head towards the window in front of me.

I swiveled my head around to say hi to him, noticing he was completely naked. He had an average sized cock and was completely void of any pubic hair. It made his groin area look just a little bit odd if I was being honest. Not bad. Just different.

"Hey," I greeted him, also feeling a bit awkward saying hi to him while balls deep inside our host.

Thankfully, Angie spoke up and broke the tension .

"Sean, you can come sit. Justin and I were just about to head to the private room anyway."

"We were?" I mouthed the question to her without saying it loud.

"Oh, no need to leave on my account," he said waving his hand at her and plopping himself down on the chair about six feet behind us.

It felt super awkward having my back to him and Angie riding me as this man was sitting behind us on a chair. He and Angie carried on talking as her hips moved against me in a subtle but very noticeable way for me.

"Are you here because you saw Greg go in?" She asked him with a hint of teasing in her voice.

"I can't lie. She's been all over him all night and teasing me about it, so I wanted to see," he said with a little laugh.

"I can't blame you," she said. "She's been putting on quite the show for me and Justin, that's for sure."

"Mind if I come watch?" He asked.

I heard the fabric of the chair rustling as he stood up and began making his way over to us.

"You know I don't mind," she said in a very flirty voice.

I almost felt jealous of the way she was carrying in with Sean. I felt like I was on top of the world sitting here watching my wife get fucked and Angie in my lap with my dick all the way up in her. And now her attention was on him.

His body brushed past us, and next thing I knew, he was standing directly beside me with his soft dick in his hand, stroking himself idly.

"Can I have some?" Angie asked him, looking sideways toward his crotch.

"Of course," she said, turning toward us and removing his hand from his cock.

He was now only six inches from my face, and the awkwardness scale was off the charts. I suppose I probably shouldn't have felt the way I did, but there something just so off-putting about having sex with Angie with Sean standing around with his dick out and invading my fantasy. I had barely had time to process having sex with another woman for the first time in nearly ten years, nevermind doing it again on the same night with another cuck husband in the room watching me watch his and my wife get fucked.

Angie reached out to grasp his soft dick in her hand, gently squeezing and manipulating it as it began to slowly harden.

Angie sensed I was feeling off. She looked into my eyes while she held his cock in her hand and smiled warmly at me. She didn't say anything, but somehow she made me feel better anyhow. She'd stopped moving her hips against me, but I could now feel her Kegels flexing on me while I was buried inside her. She clenched and unclenched on me for a minute before she spoke.

"We need to get you out of your shell, mister," she said to me, her eyes flashing with naughtiness.

"This your first time at a party?" Sean asked me.

"Yeah, first time," I said with an even voice. I didn't want to sound nervous.

"Ah yes, the nerves of that first time," he said, shaking his head.

"And what a first night what was," Angie chimed in.

"Mhmm," Sean hummed.

I shot a sideways glance at his situation, which was now mostly hard in Angie's hand, and pretty impressive. His dick could probably have fallen in the realm of beautiful, which was a way in which Jessica had described mine several times before. Beautiful. Not big. Not amazing. But beautiful.

Angie spotted me glancing at his cock, and shot a sly smile at me.

"He has a nice cock, huh?"

"Oh jeez, Ange," he said laughingly.

"It's okay to look," she said, shrugging her cute shoulders and making her tits bounce right in front of my face.

The only thing I wanted to look at in that moment was her fantastic breasts. But I'd be lying to myself I wasn't the littlest bit intrigued by this guys hairless body and perfectly perfect cock and balls. I started to imagine that perfect cock slicing into Jessica as she lay pinned beneath him with her legs spread wide. Not her biggest dick, for sure, but one that she'd enjoy regardless. Because Jessica was never, and probably would never be, a size queen.

The closest I'd come to a cock in my life was licking cum out of Jessica directly after another man had deposited inside her. Obviously, I'd been in the same room with naked men before, but I'd never had one six inches from my face.

"Have a feel," she said, her eyes challenging me.

I don't know what came over me, but in that moment I just felt like it wasn't an option to say no. Her hand released his cock, which was mostly hard and flopped down slightly, and I reached out and grasped it in my hand. I was immediately amazed at how different it felt to hold another man's cock in my hand. As soon as my hand wrapped around it, I let it go just as quickly, and pulled my hand away.

"Oh my god, yes!" Angie squealed.

Sean seemed to take it all in stride, barely even flinching at another guy grabbing his dick. I felt like I was outside my body watching myself so stuff that I never imagined I would do. And Angie was brimming with excited energy, soaking my crotch with her girl cum. It wasn't until we were sitting here and she began carrying on with both of us that I noticed just how wet she was. Her juices were dripping down my balls and along my ass crack.

"Not as weird as you thought, huh?" She said with that trademark Angie grin.

I found myself shaking my head and grinning right back at her.

"You'll find the more time you spend here, the more blurred the lines get," Sean chimed in.

"Yeah?" I asked him, speaking directly to him for the first time.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm a hundred percent straight. But I've probably swallowed more cum than Lindsay has," he said with a laugh.

We eventually all got comfortable in close proximity to one another and enjoyed the erotic display that Lindsay and Greg were putting on. Greg had kept Lindsay in doggy style as she now leaned over a small sex triangle on the hard floor, holding a handful of her long brown hair in his fist as he slammed into her pussy and rag-dolled her body. Her hips jiggled and her breasts flopped around obscenely with each powerful thrust into her. I could see the red condom covering his cock when he withdrew from her, which again, made me feel better about things.

Angie had switched from giving Sean a handjob to blowing him. I'd begun to go back and forth between watching Lindsay get fucked and Sean receive a blowjob, finding both somehow equally erotic. And meanwhile, Angie was flexing her muscles on my cock and bringing me slowly close to another orgasm. But I wasn't ready to cum yet.

Sean's voice broke though the silence.

"I don't want to cum yet," he said, suddenly pulling away from Angie's mouth.

"Ha! I figured," Angie said as she released his cock from her hand.

Sean's dick was covered in her saliva and looked like something from a porn movie. It really looked quite similar to my own, but with a couple small differences which were likely only noticeable to myself.

"Throw on one of these," Angie said, tossing him a condom.

Sean obeyed, happily tearing open the wrapper and slipping the festive condom over his dick.

"Do you wanna finish? Or can Sean have a turn?" She asked me softly.

I knew I didn't want to finish yet and be done for the night, as I was usually a two orgasm a night kind of guy, so I opted to give myself a break since I was getting close anyhow. I wordlessly got up from the chair after Angie pulled off of me, leaving me exposed to the cool air in the room. I missed her warmth once it was gone and wished I'd opted to stay inside and finish in her.

Sean sat down in the chair with his cock sticking straight up. Lindsay mounted him in the same way she had me, straddling his body facing toward him, and guiding him inside her.

"Oh, fuck Ange," he said aloud, moaning as he felt her envelope him in her warmth.

"Did you miss me?" She asked sexily, smiling into his eyes.

"Fuck," he moaned.

I felt jealous. I couldn't believe I was feeling jealous of a married woman at a swinger party. But I did, and I wasn't sure how to deal with the new added complication. It was also becoming apparent to me that Angie may have had a thing for cucks. She was obsessive in her pursuit of me, and I could see now that she'd likely behaved in a similar manner with Sean, who was happily allowing her to ride his dick in front of me.

I stood behind Sean, and not knowing what to do at first, I concluded there was a good chance she'd suck my dick if I asked. I moved right up behind him and shed the condom I had on, tossing it in the small trash can next to the chair. Angie only took a moment to clue in, and happily opened her mouth for me.

She sucked me over Sean's shoulder, making slow back and forth movements of her head to give some friction. A couple times, my cock would drop from her mouth and slap against his shoulder, getting a laugh from all three of us.

"You guys are so fucking sexy," Angie said, filled with cock and smiling ear to ear.

"You say that to all the guys," Sean said cheekily.

"I'm not kidding," she said. "You two are making me wetter than any of those men out there, and I fucking love your beautiful cocks so much!"

I was getting really aroused by both the unconventional situation I found myself in, as well as the dirty talk between the three of us.

"Okay," Sean announced, steadying her writhing hips. "All this fucking and flattery is going to make be blow, so off you go!"

Angie giggled at his comment, lifting off of him slowly and giving him a kiss on the lips. I felt that twinge of jealousy again at the sight of their intimacy and familiarity. She'd done the same things with me, so I suddenly felt a little less special. Which seemed to be a recurring theme.

The focus went back to Lindsay and Greg after that. Sean remained in the chair while Angie and I made out and felt eachother up. The sound of voices in the other room got our attention.

Lindsay walked toward the bed and climbed onto it, laying down next to Jessica. She spread her legs wide for Greg, reaching both hands down to her glistening pussy and pulling her labia apart to open herself up to him.

"Mmmm, good girl," he said.

Greg situated himself between her widespread thighs and took hold on his hard-on, placing the tip delicately inside the tender pink folds she held open for him. He left the tip of his penis resting just inside her and then took hold of her wrists in his strong hands, slowly moving her arms up over her head until they were pinned down.

I couldn't see her face, but I could see him staring down into her eyes and saying something too quiet for us to hear. And then his hips pressed into her, and his entire length disappeared in her pussy, causing her to scream and arch her back in pleasure.

Greg was surprisingly agile. He pumped into her with a stamina and technique that was reserved for young studs in their twenties. Before long, his big strong body was pummeling Lindsay's small frame with a ferocity I was amazed she could handle. He'd been going for ten minutes, hell bent on splitting her wide open, when he finally slowed down and rested his hips against hers.

I heard a giggle from Lindsay. "Tell me how you really feel," she said.

"I've been looking forward to this for some time," he replied breathlessly.

"Well you've got me now," she said, passion and need permeating her voice.

"Mmmm, I do, don't I?"

"Yes," Lindsay sighed as she felt him begin to move in her again.

Greg kept her wrists pinned above her head as he continued to dominate her diminutive body. She stared up at him for long moments while he filled her, and then suddenly her body tensed and she orgasmed on his thrusting cock, arching her back beneath him as he battered her needy pussy.

Lindsay's breathy sighs and feminine squeals were like fuel for his resolve to turn her into a quivering mound of female flesh. Even as she caught her breath, Phil continued to bottom out in her over and over.

"Oh god! Sensitive!" She squealed as Greg kept his pace.

He didn't stop to let her recover, despite her pleas. He barreled into her and she was forced to push through it for a minute or two. Greg suddenly released his iron grip on her wrists and wrapped an arm around her body, pulling her up with him as he got to his knees and scooted off the mattress. Lindsay squealed with surprise at his manhandling and threw her arms around his neck and crossed her ankles behind him

"Mmmm, big strong man," she gushed.

Greg simply grunted in response once again, carrying her across the room like she weighed nothing. He set her down precariously with her back resting atop one of the triangles. It didn't look very comfortable for her, but she took it like a champ, resting her head on the floor while he held her in place with his hands about her waist.

Greg, now on his knees between her legs, gripped her waist with his strong hands and began pounding mercilessly into Lindsay as she lay suspended over the piece of sex furniture. Sweat covered both their bodies, creating a sheen on their skin as their muscles rippled with the intensity of their sex. Greg slapped her breasts with his free hand and squeezed her flesh in a way that resembled a hate fuck, though I knew what was between them was anything but hate.

Finally, in an act I can only describe as incredibly erotic, Greg slammed himself into her once more and let out a low growl deep in his throat. His ass cheeks flexed as he came inside Lindsay's pussy while she remained nearly upside down and impaled by his twitching dick.

Lindsay must have came with him, as the only thing I could hear from her were a series of screams and moans as he pummelled her on and on, seemingly for minutes on end.

When it was finally over and Greg had pulled out of her, she needed to be carried back to the bed. She was absolutely exhausted and sated. Greg tossed his used condom in the trash can and was about to leave when he was intercepted by Jessica, who knelt down in front of him and began to suck his spent cock.

I was momentarily confused as to what she was doing, but it soon became clear she was simply cleaning him up so he didn't have to use a sink or bidet. She seemed to delight in servicing him this way, and the passion and care she was putting into it made me feel like I needed to connect with her in some way. I missed her.

After she'd cleaned up Greg's cock sufficiently, they started to filter out of the room. Lindsay took some coaxing, but she eventually pulled her body up from the mattress and staggered out into the main area. Jessica grabbed her phone from the small purse she'd carried in with her and looked to be doing something on it. I figured she might be sending me a message, so I grabbed Angie and pulled her with me to go back to the blue room.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Tue Aug 22, 2023 11:46 am

The lights were bright in the main room and several people were dancing to the music. The dim lighting of the room we'd just been in had conditioned my eyes for darkness, so I was having trouble seeing for a moment. When I was able to see, I found my pants folded in the box Angie had set aside for me, and I checked my phone. Sure enough, there was a message from Jessica.

"Hey baby, I hope you're still at the party. I'm sorry I've been gone so long."

I typed a message in reply to her.

"Hey, no worries. What's up?"

"I'm missing you. But I need you to not be upset with me. Promise?"

I had a feeling I knew what she was alluding to, but what she didn't know was that I'd already accepted it.

"Okay. Promise."

"Alright. I'm having so much fun! I let someone cum in me though. It was a birthday thing. I'm sorry. I know it's risky, and I'll take a plan B tomorrow. Just want you to know and everything."

I needed to pretend to be a little miffed. After all, I wasn't sure I wanted her to know I'd been watching her all night long.

"Damnit Jess. Do we even have a plan B?"

"Yes, I have one at home. I'm sorry 😞"

"Okay. Are you wanting to head home now? Or no?"

"Ummm, well I was hoping to stay longer, but if you want to go then we can go."

"I'm good to stay."

"Can I have some time with you then?"

"Of course. I'm out in the blue room. Where are you?"

"Just on my way out."


My reunion with Jessica was a little tense at first until she got me into a private room and it was just the two of us. We cuddled and kissed on a lounger while she told me some of the stuff she'd been up to. I ended up fingering her while she told me the dirty details of her encounter with Phil. I made a note that she'd left out her hookup with David, the rich banker. It was odd to me that she'd omitted that after already admitting to fucking Phil and letting him dump his load in her.

I wondered what she wanted to stick around for, since it sort of felt like some of the couple's were packing it in for the night and getting ready to leave. Of course, like all things with Alan and Angie, I didn't have to wonder long.

"Angie says we should stay overnight," Jessica said, planting little kisses along my jawline as she spoke.

"What's happening?" I asked. I looked at my watch and saw that it was half past one o'clock in the morning.

"Some sort of game," she said. "Everyone either goes home or sleeps over."

"Interesting," I murmured, languishing in the affection I was receiving from her.

"What? Sleeping over?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose so. But I was just wondering about the game," I said.

"Shall we go find out?" She asked, moving to get up.

"Sure, why not," I said, going with the flow.

"Okay, I just need to clean up first," she said, getting up and walking to the bidet and sink.

"Clean up?"

"Yeah, silly!" She giggled, squatting over the bidet and grabbing a cloth. "I gotta wash all the boy cooties off of me."

"Boy cooties?" I asked laughingly.

"They made a mess of me," she said.

She used a wash cloth and the spurting water to clean her face first, smiling shyly at me as I watched her. Then she reached down and wiped her crotch with the cloth, thoroughly cleaning the outside of her pussy and her asshole. She stood up to dry herself off with another cloth and then dabbed a small amount of perfume on her inner thighs.

"Perfume too?" I chuckled at her.

"Shush!" She said, blushing deeply. "I'm sure I smell like a treat after everything tonight."

"You smell just fine," I said to her, looking at her with a flirty gaze.

"That's because you're a dirty boy who likes me all used up," she said with a teasing smirk.

We were about to exit the room together when we were suddenly met at the door by Alan. I nearly bumped into him when the door opened, awkwardly apologizing for nearly running him over. It was made even more awkward that we were both naked and his dick was swinging around as when he moved.

"Oh, there you are," he said to Jessica, looking past me at her.

"Is everyone looking for me?" She asked.

"Uh, they're about to start the draw in five or so," he said. His eyes darted from her to me. "I think Ange wanted to give you something," he said to Jessica while his eyes remained on me.

"Oh, I'll go find her," Jessica said, slipping past me through the door.

I was left with Alan, awkwardly standing toe to toe in the doorframe.

"I was hoping for a quick word, Justin, if you don't mind," he said, gesturing inside the room, indicating he wanted to talk in private.

I indulged him, moving back into the room and hearing the door gently close behind him. I turned to him, waiting to see what he was going to say.

"Justin," he started, clasping his hands together in an odd, business like manner. "I'm sensing you're uncomfortable with the way things have been going between Jessica and I."

Uncomfortable was an understatement. If I was being honest, it was mainly him and his influence on Jessica which made me uncomfortable with anything, but I wasn't sure how much I could say without making things difficult for Jessica. I allowed him to continue without acknowledging his assertion.

"Angie and I have always been open and honest with you and Jessica, and we hope you recognize that fact," he said, maintaining eye contact with me.

"Open and honest?" I asked, feeling immediately annoyed by his claims of honesty. "Like when you invited your buddy over for a three-way with her while she was drunk out of her mind?"

Alan seemed taken aback by my blunt accusations, as if they were completely unfounded and unexpected.

"Justin, I assure you that nothing of the sort would have happened. Jessica is a big girl, as you are well aware, and she can handle herself."

He spoke with such confidence and swagger that it was hard to argue with him. I'd noticed that about Alan. His personality was so strong and so overpowering, it was easy to find oneself simply acquiescing to his will simply because it felt easier than arguing with his logic. But I knew better.

"Jessica can handle herself, but not when she's twelve cocktails deep and spending her night in a hot tub," I told him, staring into his eyes and letting him know he wasn't going to bowl me over.

Once again, Alan seemed taken aback. Likely because I was arguing a point with him and not simply lying down. It was then that I saw the subtle change in him, nearly imperceptible, and he switched gears.

"I'm sure Angie has had ample time to explain things to you," he said with a little bit of a smirk on his face, as if he knew something I didn't.

"Explain what?" I asked.

"There's no ill intent over here, Justin," he said, holding his hands in the air in a passive aggressive way.

"I suppose that depends on how you define ill intent," I said flatly.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, perhaps someone could construe you taking liberties with my wife to be ill intent."

There it was. I had a feeling he had some ace up his sleeve that he was about to play. I wondered where he was taking it, though.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I understand you and Jessica have certain..." he paused dramatically for a moment before choosing his words, "... do's and don'ts."

"And?" I asked, becoming more agitated by the second.

"I imagine it would cause some complicated feelings if Jessica were to learn just how much you've enjoyed Angie's company this evening, much in the same way I've enjoyed hers," he said, the arrogance and confidence in full swing.

It was my turn to be taken aback. It felt now as if Alan was attempting to blackmail me. I was silent as he stared back at me with that irritating smile on his face. And I wondered exactly how he knew about my time with Angie. We'd been together, sure, but only in the privacy of the room adjacent to the other rooms.

"Perhaps there's a chance she may feel unhappy at the sight of her loyal husband rutting my wife while spying on her through a peephole," he said. "No?"

My heart rate sped up considerably at his last comment. He obviously knew what Angie and I had been up to all evening, and I now I had to wonder whether he had it on video.

"Here's the thing Justin," he said, switching back to his more friendly tone. "I'm more than willing to make you happy. But what I want out of this is Jessica. If she doesn't want to play ball, then that's fine. But she's here because she wishes to be here, and so long as that remains true, I'm going to get what I want."

"Is that how it works?" I asked with a sarcastic bite, fighting to remain cool and calm.

"That's exactly how it works, my friend," he said, also in a very calm and inviting way. "And as I've said a dozen times before, I'm more than happy to compensate you for her time, if you're willing."

"She's not a prostitute, Alan."

"Everything in life has a cost associated," he said. "It's simply a matter of whether you accept that reality or deny it."

"And what, may I ask, will happen if I just tell you to go fuck yourself?" I asked him.

"Mmmm," he hummed, shooting me that cocky grin. "Well, as I've said, I tend to think Jessica may not particularly like watching hubby enjoying my wife while spying on all her like a pervert."

"Blackmail?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him.

"Oh no, nothing like that," he said, clearly unwilling to slap a label on his manipulative tactic.

"Do you have cameras in the rooms?" I asked, getting right to the point.

"Naturally. Why would I not?"

I processed that information, feeling unsettled by the fact that he had everything on video, and trying to figure out what to do with my hands. It was incredibly uncomfortable to stand in front of this man in a confrontational situation and be completely naked. I was also ruminating on whether I was even worried about Jessica seeing video of me with Angie, looking though secret windows to watch her fuck her new friends.

Jessica was bound to experience some jealousy if she were to somehow see it. That much was true. But would it cause undue stress on our marriage? Perhaps. Maybe she'd be upset that I had sex with Angie several times, and then had an encounter with her and Sean, which could easily be taken the wrong way. She'd given me a hall pass to have sex with Angie, but nothing had been said since, and I hadn't admitted to her that anything happened. Nor did she ask. The reality of seeing in video may be a totally different story for her. And that made me worry.

"What's your endgame here?" I asked him.

"My endgame?" He asked with a laugh. "You say it like I'm some sort of villain."


"I want to make Jessica happy. And you, as well," he said, giving me his best friendly smile.

"And what's stopping you from doing that?"

"Nothing yet," he said. "But I do sense your unhappiness with the arrangement will lead to you standing in the way of Jessica being fulfilled, and I don't think either of us want that, am I right?"

Alan must have been used to pushovers if this was how he operated. He fully expected me to simply succumb to his pressure and give him cart blanche to date and use my wife as he pleased. Hell, it seemed like he was demanding that he be allowed to pimp my wife out to his cronies while I stand by and accept bribes to look the other way.

"So you're going to hold this thing over me unless I allow you to do as you please with my wife? Do I have that right?"

"Video of what happens here in this house is often released to the guests at their request," he stated. "Now, certain things are kept discrete, of course, but I can't promise they'll stay that way."


Alan shrugged, exuding a whole lot of confidence with his plan. And I had to admit, it was a solid plan so far. I didn't necessarily want Jessica to know I was spying on her all evening, and I also didn't need her seeing tape of me banging Angie all night long either.

"I'm a generous man, Justin. You name a price, I'll sign the cheque, and that'll be the end of it," he said. "Everyone's happy and everyone gets what they want."

I wasn't sure what my long game was yet. But I knew I needed to are least pretend to go along with him for the sake of keeping the peace and keeping that video out of Jessica's hands. I was convinced that it was now inevitable that she would see it, but I wasn't prepared for that reality yet. And I needed to find out where Angie stood in all this first, and that thought made me nervous.

"Okay, Alan, you win," I said. "And as for compensation, no need to go there."

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement on this, Justin," he said in an annoyingly friendly voice. "As for compensation, my door is always open if you change your mind."

"Of course," I said, putting on my most amicable face in order to appease him.

Without another word, he simply turned heel and walked out of the room and back into the blue room, leaving me there to reel from what had just happened. My mind was blown. I was being blackmailed by this sociopathic sex addict into giving him control over my marriage, and it was deeply unsettling. There was, however, a small part of me that got a kick out of it. I suspect my desire to see Jessica fulfilled and happy was being met in a roundabout way, and knowing how much she liked Alan and his friends made me think that this wasn't the worst way to be blackmailed.

Venturing back into the room amidst all the naked bodies was amusing. The party had basically evolved into an orgy, although not like the kind you'd see in a porn movie. It was all so casual, organic, and somehow classy in a manner of speaking. Greg stood at the bar sipping a glass of whiskey while Lindsay was propped up with her naked ass on the bar, facing toward him as they flirted and touched. Greg had one hand between her legs while his other hand held his glass of scotch.

I spotted Jessica talking to Angie and another older woman , and decided to approach them. I walked past a table which stood in the middle of the room, noticing a large bowl in the middle of it with what looked like ballots in it.

"Hey baby!" Jessica greeted me. "What happened to you?"

"Oh just got caught up talking to Alan, that's all," I told her.

Angie shot me a funny look when I mentioned talking to Alan. There was definitely some trepidation in the way she looked at me.

"Oh cool," Jessica said, not paying it much mind. "So did you find our what the game is?" She asked.

"The game?"

"It's an end of the night thing," Angie explained. "Every party ends with a draw for all the names of whoever stays, and couples pair off depending on who draws who," she said.

"Oh, I see."

"Don't worry, I put your name in," she said, winking at me.

I felt strange about the fact that we were about to pair off with a random person for the night. In my mind, I pictured us heading home for the night, or at the very least, sleeping together. As usual, things were spiraling out of my control.

Jessica got distracted by something happening near the bar, likely involving Greg and Lindsay, and made a beeline over there, leaving me with Angie, who immediately probed me about Alan.

"What did you and Alan talk about?" She asked.

I looked at her for long moments, trying to deduce whether she was in on it with him or simply an unknowing participant. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"About the plethora of sex tapes you and I apparently made tonight," I said, watching for any sign of surprise.

She was confused for a few moments, and then the realization struck her. She looked genuinely shocked, putting two and two together quickly.

"Damnit," she muttered. "He's been talking all week about this idiot plan of his to get you to play by his rules, and I told him to back off," she said, seeming more than irked by the turn of events.

"Hmmm, well, were definitely playing by his rules now," I said, nodding towards the bar.

We both looked at the scene near the bar. Jessica was smack in the middle of a group of four men, Alan being one, and giggling like a schoolgirl at whatever was being said. There was touching, albeit nothing too invasive, and Jessica was happily soaking up all the attention from the men.

"If he's blackmailing you, I can put a stop to it," she said quietly.

"Just let it lie for now," I said, knowing that if Angie interfered in things at that moment, Alan would undermine me for sure.

"You sure?" She asked. "I can shut that shit down right now."

"Yup. This is fine for now, and we'll see how things go later on," I said, playfully smacking her ass cheek and making her jump.

"So Sean and Lindsay are staying tonight, which is a first," she said as we made our way over to the middle of the room beside the table.


"I was thinking if you and I don't get together, you might end up with Lindsay," she said, giving me a funny look.

"Oh," I said. "What about all the other women here?"

She shook her head. "Only certain names go in the bowl, and I think there are only five women in there."

"What about all the men?" I asked.

"There are always more men than women, so sometimes it'll be one women with two men if that's what they want."

"Gotcha," I said.

"So how do you feel about that? If you end up with someone else?"

"Uh, not great, if I'm being honest," I said.

"I kind of figured," she said, biting her lip. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Johng1953 » Wed Aug 23, 2023 3:37 am

Great story!
I'm hoping for and looking forward to the arrogant bastard getting what he deserves.
And glad Justin is shagging his wife!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by hugh58 » Wed Aug 23, 2023 4:59 am

This story is shaping up up to be very thrilling and to johng1953 I don’t think that Alan will get what he deserves but will fulfill Jessica’s wish and become her bull to give her the best sex ever.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by antidote2909 » Wed Aug 23, 2023 6:46 am

Though I've kept silent, it is easily one of the most thrilling threads. The story has me hard throughout.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by WACouple » Fri Sep 01, 2023 4:21 pm

Can’t wait to read more!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by Husband7 » Tue Sep 05, 2023 11:43 am

We didn't have to wait too long before Alan took control of things, announcing that it was time to pair off for the evening into the separate bedrooms throughout the house. He invited one of the middle aged men to pick the first name from the bowl, and holding it up, Alan read the name. 

"Samantha," he said, smiling and making eye contact with a young woman who stood next to Thomas. 

Samantha happily made her way to where the other man stood and they walked out of the blue room together and back to the house.


Greg was next. He sauntered over to where Alan stood and picked a name. 

"And, we have...your wife!" 

Everyone in the room burst out laughing at the fact that he'd been paired up with his wife. Greg cracked a smile for the first time that night, it seemed, and then tossed the name back in the bowl to pick again. 

"My beautiful wife," Alan said, looking toward us and smirking at Angie. 

Angie shot me a sorry look and walked up to the front to take Greg's hand. I watched her sweet ass as she walked away from me for the evening, and found myself wishing it was me she was leaving with. 

"Not to leave it only up to the men, let's have Jane pick next," he said. 

Alan gestured towards a good looking brunette who appeared to be in her thirties. She was standing next to David, the wealthy banker. Jane must've been his wife. She walked up and picked a name from the bowl. 


Thomas and Jane left, giving eachother affectionate little squeezes and holding hands as they walked out together. I was getting very nervous. I wanted to just leave with Jessica and be done with all of this, but I knew that wasn't going to happen tonight. I felt like Alan was serpentine enough to rig the draw to suit his unilateral wet dream, and I'd probably never end up with her that night anyhow.  

"Come on up Lindsay," Alan said, inviting her to pick the next name. 

Lindsay, who was still quite naked and looking like a wet dream herself, pranced up to Alan and picked a name.

"And we have Justin," he said way too cheerfully, looking over my way. 

I felt my heart skip a beat. I immediately made eye contact with Jessica, who surprisingly looked like she was okay with what was transpiring. She smiled at me, and I felt a little pang of disappointment that she wasn't upset over it. I felt my legs moving as I walked toward Lindsay, who beamed at me happily and held out her hand, but all I could think about was Jessica and Angie. 

I felt Lindsay's warm but unfamiliar hand take hold of mine, and the next thing I knew I was walking out of the blue room with her, leaving Jessica behind. We'd just rounded the corner and picked up our items from the shelf when I heard Alan announcing the next name. 

"And Jessica," he said. 

I needed to know who she was paired with. I stopped Lindsay and turned around to look, seeing her walk to the front and take David's hand. They began to walk our way, so I continued on with Lindsay through the kitchen and into the main lobby of the house, not wanting to face Jessica. 

"So I finally get to meet Justin," she said flirtatiously, smiling at me as we held hands and began to climb the stairs. 

"Nice to meet you," I said, feeling dumb for not thinking of something more original or funny to say. I also wondered how much she knew about me and Jessica. 

"Do you mind if my husband joins us tonight? Or would you rather have me all to yourself?" She asked. 

"Uh, I don't mind at all," I stammered. 

"Perfect! I'll let him know which room," she said, getting her phone out of her purse. 

I realized that it was probably their thing to have threesomes or for Sean to watch while she was with another man. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I knew I needed to get in a room and collect my wits so I could make a plan. We went into the first bedroom on the right. I noticed there were signs above each door in the hallway, something I hadn't noticed before when I was up there. Above our door, a sign read EDEN. 

"We've got Eden tonight," Lindsay said to me when she noticed me reading the sign. 

"What do the signs mean?" I asked.

"Oh my goodness!" She said excitedly. "It's actually really neat. Each room its own checklist of kinky little games, and couples who finish them all get the winnings!" 


"Oh yeah," she said, a naughty little smile forming on her lips. "But you gotta do the stuff on the list, and you gotta get it on camera."

"Wow," I said, feeling so far out of my depth, but trying to be cool and not look like too much of a newbie. "So what are the winnings, exactly?" 

"Well last time it was twenty five thousand dollars," she said. "But we weren't here for that one. This is our first time staying over," she explained. 

"Holy shit!" I said, surprised they were gifting large sums of money to their friends. "That's wild."

"Yeah it's crazy," she agreed. "Okay," Lindsay said as she closed the door and put her phone back in her purse. "I need to freshen up in the bathroom, can you please let Sean in when he gets here?" She asked. 

"Sure thing!"

"Thanks," she said, turning toward the bathroom and going in without closing the door fully.  

Seeing Lindsay up close and personal was intimidating. She was beyond gorgeous and had that nice and naughty girl energy, similar to the way Jessica was, only with a little more girl next door attitude. All the wholesomeness in the world mixed with an insatiable desire for kinky sex. She actually resembled Lana del Rey, now that I'd had time to see her close up and personal. When I could sneak a look at her without getting caught, I admired her body, catching little glimpses of her as we walked together. I noted the flare in her hips; the way her hip bones protruded slightly on either side of her abdomen; the luscious curves of her ass cheeks, and the way her lower back dimpled each time she took a step. I felt myself imagining what it would be like to bend her over the bed and watch my dick slide in between those cheeks. Or to watch those cute freckles as my dick slid in and out of her mouth. But I knew that wasn't going to happen. What I really wanted was to be with Jessica again, big I needed to figure out a way to get her away from David without causing waves. I knew Alan would screw me over if I messed with his cronies. My thoughts were interrupted by the click of the door handle. I turned around to see Sean walking into the room, still fully naked and sporting a half wood. 

"Hey," he greeted me after scanning the room and determining his wife must be in the bathroom. 

"Hey baby, I'll be right out," Lindsay called from the bathroom. 

Sean seemed pretty well at ease with the current situation. He quickly found himself a chair, moving it to the foot of the bed and sitting down. 

"So you're Jessica's husband," he said, sounding almost as if he was asking rather than stating it. 


"First time?" He asked, flashing me a knowing smile. 

"Uh huh," I said, feeling relieved that he recognized how I was feeling. "Not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing here to be honest." 

"I hear you. That first time was just plain painful for me," he said, cringing at the memory. 

Lindsay exited the bathroom looking fresh and clean, sporting a new set of white, lacey, nearly transparent stockings. Once again, she wore no panties or a top, so her beautiful pussy and amazing tits were on display. 

"I think this one's really pretty," she said to Sean. She held her hand behind her, seemingly on her ass, as she carefully walked over to the foot of the bed where Sean sat and then faced away from him. She bent over at the waist and spread her ass cheeks apart, opening herself up to him. 

Oh, that's a winner," he said, staring at the bejeweled butt plug adorning her asshole. 

"I figured you'd like it," she said, standing up straight and walking over to me. "Butt jewelry," she said as she approached me.Once again, she bent over and arched her back, giving me a great view of her ass and the little emerald butt plug.

I felt my groin stirring at the sight of her, as well as her cavalier, easy going approach to sex. There some something about a girl completely confident in her sexuality and free with her body that drove me wild with lust. And I was definitely lusting after Lindsay. After displaying her little butt charms to Sean and I, she went to the small blue tooth speaker on the dresser and hooked up her phone to it. She put on some nice music and turned the volume to a medium level. Her every move was erotic. Even when she was setting up her phone to play music for us, she was teasing us with subtle little movements and flirty glances. She danced over toward me and took my hands in hers, pulling me to her and squashing her luscious breasts against my chest. She guided me into an easy dance by moving her hips with mine and placing my hands on her hips while hers rested over my shoulders. 

"So I know you might feel a way about doing anything too serious with me, but if you're up for some light play, I've been told that my pussy tastes pretty good," she said. 

I felt incapable of words. It was like I was stuck in this other realm where what happened wasn't even real. Where only sexual desire reigned supreme, and the delights were endless. Deep down, I knew I was loyal to Jessica. But this was so out of control and there was very little I could do to stop it. 

"Like if you wanted to lick me and that's all, then I'm down," she continued. 

"What do you mean?" I croaked, trying to stall for time while I was deciding what to do. 

"Well, Angie mentioned you don't really get into it with the other girls, aside from some oral and whatnot," she said, looking over at Sean briefly and then back to me. 

"I suppose," I said, feeling a smile tugging at the corner of my mouth. 

"Or you could watch my hubby make me cum, and then you two could cuddle me in bed."

Sean remained silent in the chair he'd set up at the foot of the bed, seeming cool and casual as he looked on. I felt an odd sense of peace in his presence, despite the very apparent fact that we were all sitting around naked with a whole lot of unknowns looming over us, wondering what was about to happen. With every second that passed, my concern over Jessica and her whereabouts grew exponentially. The urge to go find her and remove her from whatever situation she was in was almost overwhelming. I looked at Lindsay and then at her husband, contemplating my next words carefully. 

"I think I need to have a word with Jess," I said, feeling a dryness in my throat. 

"Oh, okay," Lindsay said softly, glancing at Sean again. 

"I saw her down the hall with David and Alan," Sean said, gesturing towards the door. 

"I'll show you," Lindsay volunteered. 

I let Lindsay walk me out of the room and down the long hallway, eventually reaching the corner room where I'd spied on Jessica initially at the beginning of the night. Once again, I spied a glance at her incredible body, noting how the soft hallway light danced on her skin.The door was cracked open, much like it was earlier on in the night. Lindsay peeked through the small opening and then waved me over. She squatted down so I could look over her, and I did my best to move behind her and not make contact with her. I looked through the crack in the door and saw the two men standing in the middle of the room facing away from us, and Jessica on her knees before them with David's cock in her mouth. While she sucked him, Alan jerked his cock lazily as he watched. I leaned in closer and felt my cock brush against Lindsay's soft skin. 

"Sorry," I whispered, pulling back to avoid brushing against her again. 

She giggled softly and shot me a flirty glance, and then looked down at my midsection. "It's alright, champ."

Thankfully, all three people in the room were unable to see us from their vantage point, so I felt safe sticking around for another moment. I noticed Jessica was now naked, having taken off her stockings and her garter belt. Thoughts of bursting into the room and stealing Jessica away seemed to have evaporated, and all I could focus on was how eagerly she was sucking the old man with the saggy ass. Lindsay suddenly swiveled around to lean close to me.

"I thought you were going to talk to her," she whispered. 

"Yeah, I was," I answered, feeling my cock hardening at the sight of Jessica blowing the two men, and also at the close proximity of Lindsay.

"Somebody's got a voyeur kink," she teased, grinning from ear to ear. 

"Shhhh," I hushed her, not wanting to get caught. 

"I gotta get back to Sean," Lindsay said quietly, standing up and brushing against me again.  

I realized we'd been gone for a while and he was alone in the room. I figured I should go back too, since I'd basically given up on the idea of interrupting their fun. She took my hand and lead me back to the Eden room down the hall. Lindsay found two checklists as soon as we got back to the room. One was for two, and the other was for three or more. She picked the threesome scroll. It was a small manila coloured paper tied by a ribbon. She untied it and opened the scroll with a big smile on her face, clearly very excited at the idea of performing some of the items on the list. 

"Oh this one's good," she said, her eyes going wide after reading it for a moment. 

"See?" Sean asked her, reaching out for the piece of paper. 

I was extremely curious as to what was on the list but I didn't want to come off as too eager to see it. I waited until Sean was done reading the items. He chuckled and handed the paper back to Lindsay, who then handed it to me. There was a list, written in very elaborate cursive, nine items long. A few items jumped out at me right away.
1. Toss the salad of the person you're most attracted to. 
2. Pee on the person to your left.
3. Sixty nine with the person on your right.
4. Perform a spit roast.
5. Have sex with the person you're most attracted to. 
6. Have anal sex with a person of the opposite sex.
7. Give a blowjob to completion and cum kiss each person in the room. 
8. Have bareback sex with the first person who says yes. 
9. Suck the toes of the person to your left. 

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by hugh58 » Wed Oct 04, 2023 6:35 pm

To husband7
It’s been a month now and us fans of Jessica are on tender hook’s waiting for a new adventure of Jessica

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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2nd that!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

Unread post by DLD » Wed Oct 11, 2023 6:22 am

Hope for an update soon.

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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Taking a mental health break from the story. Those who have spent time writing and posting, I'm sure, can identify with that. I will return at some point to post more segments, but for now, I need a break.

Thanks all for the interest!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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To Husband7
Thanks for info hope that you improve soon to continue the adventure

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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Take all the time you need. This story is amazing!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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Certainly get taking a break, hope you feel up to sharing more of your great story soon
Few things are more beautiful then a sexy loving wife spread wide open for all!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Jessica's adventures

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Hey Husband7 great story! I really loved it was super hot and sexy wow! What a journey it's been for you two. Look forward to seeing more. Take as long as you need! Hope things get better for you.

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