My Wife, His Property Ch.02

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My Wife, His Property Ch.02

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It was already nine in the morning, when we both woke up in our hotel room. I had a headache, which was undoubtedly an after-effect of the alcohol we drank yesterday, and yet, all I could think about was what had happened last night.

"Babe, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cu...... Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Echoed Olivia's lustful moaning in my head as I thought about her intense orgasm. Images of her popped up in front of my eyes and I saw, how she tensed up and held onto the bed while the dildo reached places that have never been reached before.

The next thing that came in my mind was, how Olivia's pussy looked like, when taking the big black BBC dildo. It turned me on extremely to see how it spread her open. The contrast between the black dildo and her white skin. The big size difference between my cock and the black behemoth. Everything about it just impressed me, especially when I think about her orgasms that she got from it. They were the most intense she has ever experienced, and I can still feel in my mind her body shaking from the intense pleasure she received.

I learned a lot last night. The first thing what I learned is, that a woman has two virginities. One she loses when she has sex for the first time and the other, when she gets fucked by a real big dick for the first time.

In addition, the night also cleared my doubts.
For the last few years, I have developed a passion for hotwife erotica, but I have always separated my imagination from my life. It wasn't until I met Olivia that I started thinking about making it more than just a fantasy. But I wasn't sure myself, if the hotwife lifestyle should be a part of my life, or if I just like it in the porn. But now, after seeing the big impact the dildo had on her, I knew that I wanted more. I didn't feel jealous about the fact, that Olivia enjoyed something else more than my dick. I felt rather exited to see her reaching new sexual sensations, far beyond what she experienced with my dick before. This experience had something very intimate about it, and I loved it.

Furthermore, I have learned from Olivia's reaction to the dildo and her strong orgasms, that Olivia enjoyed the feeling of being completely filled and that the dildo has brought her to a sexual climax that had previously remained hidden from her. Because of all these reasons, I knew, that I wanted to push this fantasy further.

After what happened last night, you might expect that the dildo was now a part of our sex life, at least that's what I expected.


Olivia behaved reluctantly after the night. For the first two days she didn't let me touch her, because her pussy was so sore, which was understandable, of course. But when I wanted to use the dildo again on the last day of our Spain trip, she didn't want it, grabbed my cock instead and told me, “Today I want the real thing honey."

And that's how our trip ended. We came back to Germany and lived our normal life again. She focused on her studies while I focused on my work. I hope that Olivia opened up more to me during sex after Spain, but without alcohol, our sex life went back to normal, and I hated it.

Don't get me wrong, Olivia looks astonishing. She is an 11 out of 10, but sex with an 11 isn't great either if the 11 is too shy to do anything in bed.

Since we came back to Germany I missed dirty talk, I missed dirty sex, and I missed the shaking orgasms Olivia got from the BBC dildo.

Occasionally, I tried once or twice a month to get the dildo involved in our sex life, but she never let me fuck her with it. I always knew that turning Olivia into a hot wife was going to be hard. I was her first kiss, I was the first and the only one who ever touched her, and I took her virginity. Olivia always wanted a monogamous relationship. All she ever wanted was to find a man and be loyal to him. And that's also something that many men want from their women. But I didn't want it. I wanted her to be my slut and share her with other men. After Spain, I had no doubts that Olivia liked the dildo. I was sure we'd bring it into our sex lives, but for reasons that I couldn't explain to myself, Olivia avoided the dildo. I remember thinking about it day and night, why she was acting this way, and I couldn't find an answer.

Of course, I know today why she behaved like this back then, because we talked about the beginning of her hotwife lifestyle later in this story.

You must understand that some women tend to be more open about the idea of being shared, while others, like my sweet Olivia, are reluctant. Until Olivia became my hotwife, she had to go through different stages, before she could enjoy the hotwife lifestyle with passion, and I call the first stage the "Denial phase."

Before I used the dildo on her, Olivia always thought, that my dick is 'as good as sex can get,' but during this one night in Spain, the black behemoth showed her a world, that was previously hidden from her. A world of intense pleasure and orgasms that felt like her soul had been fucked. That night showed her that sex is far more, then what my cock can give her. And yet, even though she knew that this was true, she denied it. She didn't want to accept that there was anything better than my dick and tried to convince herself that my cock was the best, even if that wasn't the truth.

In addition to that, she denied me to use the dildo on her, because she was afraid that the dildo would prove to her once again that it is better than my cock and that she would get addicted to this intense pleasure.

And that's why I decided to name the first phase of Olivia's hotwife transformation, and the second chapter of this story, "denial."

Although our sex life wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, our relationship got even better after Spain. We decided that after our trip, we would look for an apartment, where we would move in together. After looking for a few months, we found a nice three-room apartment near the Downtown area. We received the keys to the apartment on December 1st, 2018, but it took us almost two months to finish moving to the new apartment, so we were done by the end of January.

As I mentioned before, our apartment had three rooms. The kitchen was integrated into the living room. The second-largest room in the apartment, became our bedroom and the entrance from the bedroom was positioned in a way, so that you could see the whole living room from the bedroom entrance. Originally, we were both looking for a two-room apartment, since we didn't have any use for a third room now. But the perfect location and good price made us choose this apartment. Since we didn't know what to do with the third and last room, I decided to turn it into a gaming room.

Since many friends of ours helped us move to the new apartment, we promised them a housewarming party. The party was supposed to take place on the 9th of February 2019 because that day was a Saturday.

Because the last two months were stressful due to the move, I didn't think about my hotwife fantasy, but rather focused all my free time and strength into our new apartment. That all changed after I moved in with Olivia and her best friend Sasha came to visit us on the weekend before the party.

Sasha and Olivia have known each other since they were little, because their parents are neighbors. Sasha is a Ukrainian girl, a very sweet blonde and has a sunshine vibe. Together, they always called themselves Blondie & brownie team.

Anyway, we also invited Sasha to our housewarming party. As she visited us at our new apartment and talked to Olivia, I overheard Sasha trying to convince Olivia to drink alcohol at our party,

"We haven't had a drink for a long time, now this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up, Liv."

But Olivia wanted to talk her way out of the situation, and responded,

"Oh, I don't know. Besides, the party is still at my house, so I have to keep a clear head."

"Oh, come on, Liv! Don't let me down." Fumed Sasha, "Also, you don't have to take care of everything by yourself, Ben will be there too."

"Yeah, you are right, Sasha. I will have a drink with you and the girls." Answered Olivia.

When I found out from the conversation that Olivia was planning to drink at our party, I immediately knew, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I knew, that when Olivia gets drunk, she can't control her inner slut. I knew that this time she will not refuse the dildo, but rather submit to the pleasure of it.

I couldn't wait until next weekend....

The next weekend came and with it the planned housewarming party. Even if not everyone who was invited came, like my little sister Hannah for example, we still had a full house. Olivia's older sister, Sarah (25 years old), came with her husband James (29 years old). Sasha also came, of course, but unlike Sarah, she came alone because she was single. In addition, there were a few friends of mine and Olivia's, who were present at the party, but I won't mention them, as they are unimportant for the further chapters of this story. But I still must mention one person though, namely my best friend Matthew, or as I like to call him, Matt.

A short background story, I met Matt in elementary school. He was a year older than me, and because I never had a big brother, he took over the role of my big brother for me.

But back to the party again. The party started at 4 p.m. Most of the guests come on time and gave us gifts as they were congratulating us on getting a nice apartment and starting a new stage of life as a couple. There was plenty of food for our guests and various alcohols. The girls decided together that they all drink wine, while we men started with beer. Finally, as the last guest arrived, we all toasted in the name of the new apartment, before we did a room tour, to show our guests our finished apartment.

Afterward, the party went well, and everyone had fun. We danced in the living room, drank good drinks, talked and laughed a lot, and I smoked cigars with Matt on the balcony. But while I was supposed to be enjoying the time, all I could think about was Olivia and the awesome sex we're going to have afterward. The feeling of being drunk again reminded me of Spain and made me crave her even more.

I knew that Olivia must be having similar thoughts, when I noticed her staring at me several times. I knew this look all too well.

So, I wanted to tease Olivia a bit, but unlike in Spain it was very difficult here, because the people who surrounded us were no strangers to us. Even when we did feel the urge, we couldn't let the alcohol guide us, and start touching or making out, while our family and friends were still around.

So of course we have pulled together and kept our hands off each other, until our guests left, which was just before one o'clock in the morning.....


"Get home safely," said Olivia to Sasha as she made her way home, whereupon Sasha replied with a short,

"I will."

"And don't forget to text me, that you got home safely, Sasha," Olivia called after her, as Sasha was already going down the stairs.

"I won't," Sasha replied.

With a loud click, Olivia closed the door before smiling at me.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?" I asked her curiously.

But instead of getting an answer, she ran towards me and jumped on top of me, where she then held on to me with her legs and arms. Next, she kissed my forehead lovingly and said to me,

"Because you're finally mine."

"What do you mean, I'm always yours, Darling," I replied and made my way to put Olivia down on the couch.

"You know, Ben" Olivia started talking, "Do not get me wrong, I like our friends and I really had fun today, but I miss your touch and your kisses a lot, when we are around people."

Olivia was right, and I felt the same as her. We were a couple who didn't like kissing in front of other people, and that's why we never kissed in front of others. That's why we're always happy when we're alone again, like now, after the party.

I put Olivia down on the couch and said,

"Hey, I know what you mean, because I feel the same way," and I turned to get two glasses and a bottle of wine from the table, then I continued,

"I know we've all toasted, but let's toast again, just the two of us. To us and our new apartment and to the time we spend here together. After all, we're just starting a new chapter in our lives."

"Well, you know what they say. It's bad luck, if you don't toast to your new home. Besides, I would love to clink glasses with you, my love." She replied and looked at me with her sweet smile.

In retrospect, I have to admit, that it was a mistake to drink wine. Olivia only drank wine all evening, but I mixed various alcohols. I started with beer, then I drank whiskey and now the wine. As we all know, the golden rule is that you should only have one type of alcohol during a night, and I broke that rule and poured a glass for both of us. Then I lay down with her on the couch, where we cuddled together and enjoyed our wine.

This was the first time since that night in Spain, where Olivia and I had a drink together. This time, however, it was completely different from in Spain. In Spain, the night started out very wild, we danced in a bar and made out on the dance floor. Also, because we were on vacation, it lent a sense of wildness and freedom to the whole situation.

This time, however, we weren't on vacation. Instead, we started a new phase in our life and moved in together. For this reason, there was no wildness, but instead there was a huge love that we both felt for each other. I was horny and could hardly wait to use the dildo on her again, but at the same time, I was overcome by my feelings for Olivia. I knew that she is the right woman in my life and the feelings I felt prove to me, that she is also the right one with whom I can live out my wild sex fantasies and make my hotwife.

As we lay there on the couch, enjoying each other's closeness, I said to her,

"You know, Liv, it's crazy, we've been living together for two weeks now, but only now am I starting to realize it."

"Oh really!?" laughed Olivia out loud, "two weeks is a long time to realize it, Darling"

"Yeah, I know," I replied, "But somehow, I couldn't comprehend before, that all of this is true and really happening. I mean, I moved in with the person I love. Every day for the last two weeks has been just perfect and even though we haven't got married, yet it feels like we're already husband and wife." I looked her deeply in the eyes before continuing, "Olivia, you truly make me the happiest man in the whole world."

For a brief moment, neither of us said anything. We just stared deep into each other's eyes and felt the immense love of each other.

It was Olivia who finally broke the silence between us, by grabbing my head and pulling me into a passionate kiss. We kissed for a moment and let our tongues play with each other, until Olivia broke the kiss and whispered in my ear,

"Ben, I want you to lay your hands on me."

This was the moment we both waited for the whole evening. Olivia pulled me back into a kiss, as I ran my hand over her body. Along with the alcohol, I felt an incredible rush of lust and love for Olivia.

Mid-kiss, I felt her open my pants with her hand and start massaging my cock, to get it hard and ready for what was about to happen next. At the same time, I slipped my hand under her black dress, to massage her beautiful breasts. Then, I started playing with her nipples and could feel them getting hard between my fingers, to which Olivia responded with a sweet, "Mmmmm."

When my cock got hard, Olivia swung her leg around me, so that she was now sitting on my lap. Now I was sitting on the couch with Olivia on top of me in the cowgirl position. We made out for a little while, until Olivia exploded with lust,

"Ben, I need your dick, baby. Help me get it out."

I looked into her eyes and replied,

"Someone is really horny today."

She smiled at me and answered,

"I have been horny all evening, Darling, but now can I really enjoy it," and then we continued kissing.

At the same time, I took my dick out of my pants and Olivia pulled her dress up over her ass. Next, I leaned back, and Olivia started rubbing her clit against my cock with gentle, but very passionate, hip movements. That teased us a lot, since the only thing separating my cock from her sweet pussy was her thin panties.

"Oh Yes, I missed that," she said and gasped softly, each time her clit rubbed against my cock.

For a short moment, I just lay on the couch and enjoyed the spectacle of how Olivia moved sexy, while being on top of me. After a short time, I noticed, that my cock was wet.
"Her panties must be soaking wet from all this arousement," I thought.

Because I noticed how wet she was, the longing for her body overcame me, and I ran my hand along her body towards her panties, to push them aside and to feel her wet pussy. But when I touched her wet panties, Olivia pushed my hand away and said,

"No, No, No..... You are too hasty, Mr.... Patience is the key. Soon, all this will be yours."

I gave her a strange stare and replied,

"Are you trying to tease me?"

In response, Olivia gave me a sexy smile and said,


Then she got up, grabbed a chair and placed it in front of me.

"And now, sit down here." she said and made her way to the bedroom to get her phone which was charging there.

"I wonder what she is planning to do." I thought to myself and got up. But when I got up, a sudden dizziness came over me.

"What is wrong with me," I thought to myself.
Then I realized what was going on here. I've already mixed beer with whiskey. And now wine. The wine is probably now slowly starting to work. Luckily, I could bear the dizziness better as I sat down on the chair.

Suddenly, I heard sexy music start playing from the soundbar. I still have a catchy tune from this song to this day, when I think about the evening. And the song's name is 'Fleur Blanche.'

As the song started playing, Olivia came towards me out of the bedroom. When I saw her coming, all I could think about was how good-looking she was.

"Here she comes, my Venus, the goddess of beauty," I thought to myself.

As soon as Olivia got in front of me, she started stripping and sexy dancing. Her movements matched the beat of the song and were very elegant and very seductive.

"Damn, baby, you move smoking hot!" I told her, and Olivia gave me a sweet smile in response.

When she was with her butt over my lap, I felt tempted to touch her. But at my touch, Olivia responded,

"No touching, Mr..... Just looking."

I realized, from the way Olivia danced, that she must have planned and practiced it in advance. In any case, it wasn't a spontaneous action, that was clear. It made me happy, because it showed me, that Olivia was also thinking about how she could satisfy me sexually. But knowing Olivia, she was probably too shy to put on a show like that for me without the alcohol. Now that the alcohol was loosening her up, she felt no inhibitions and did her best to impress me.

Next, Olivia walked around the chair and started to unbutton my black shirt from behind. While she undid my shirt, button by button, she kissed me tenderly on my ear and then on my neck..... I really felt like I was in heaven......

Finally, Olivia said to me,

"it's really hot in here, would you help me to undress?" As she turned her back to me, revealing a zipper. Olivia continued,

"But not with your hands. With your mouth, Darling."

So, I grabbed her zipper between my teeth and tried to unzip it. I have to admit, that it was a bit difficult first, but after a few tries it worked. After my success, Olivia let the dress fall to the floor revealing her beautiful body, naked, except for her sexy lingerie.

As she sat down on me in cowgirl position, to pick up where we left off on the couch, Olivia looked deep into my eyes and whispered,

"Touch me, Ben."

Because I wasn't allowed to touch her in the last few minutes, a very strong need for her body built up in me. But now I finally had permission, and the lust came over me like a flood. We started making out wildly. I grabbed her by the neck and choked her lightly, while trying to get my tongue into her mouth. As she felt my tongue, she opened her mouth and allowed me to enter. At the same time, I reached with my free hand behind her back to open her bra. Without breaking the kiss, Olivia removed her bra and threw it somewhere. We didn't care, where she threw the bra. All that mattered at that moment was Olivia and me, and that we please each other, to satisfy our needs.

I stopped kissing her to take a look at her beautiful breasts, and let me tell you one thing, Olivia's breasts would blow any of you away. They are simply perfect. So, I did what any one of us would do and started sucking and licking her boobs. I always loved playing with Olivia's breasts because they were very sensitive and aroused Olivia extremely. For this reason, Olivia gasped loudly when she felt my tongue satisfying her nipple.

"OH GOD, BEN! You turn me soooo on"..... Yes, suck them, lick them! You know I love it, Ahhhhh." Olivia exploded with lust, and I noticed, how she started dry humping me as a response to me pleasing her. That's why I asked her,

"You want this dick, baby?"

Olivia looked me in the eyes,

"Yes, Ben, I want it".

So, I grabbed her head and pulled her close, so I could whisper in her ear,

"Then beg for it."

"Please, baby, give me your cock. Give me your cock, because I really need it. Just the thought of your dick makes me sooooo wet.... Please, fuck me... Fuck me, Ben."

So, I pulled my pants down a little, enough to get my dick out. At the same time, Olivia pushed her panties aside and cleared the way for my dick.

Warm, soft and moist. That's what I felt on the tip of my cock as my dick entered her pussy. When my tip was in her, Olivia took control and started riding me. Within the first few seconds, she was able to take my entire cock

It shocked me how quickly she could take my entire cock, and that she didn't even have to get used to it now. This showed me, that my dick was no match for her anymore, and that her cunt needed something bigger, thicker and better.

"She really needs a black bull. Luckily, the dildo will take care of this pussy soon." I thought as Olivia was riding me.

Since Spain, Olivia and I have had sex several times, but she has never moaned as loudly as she did with a dildo. My cock could make Olivia cum but could never bring her to such a high level of sexual ecstasy as the BBC dildo. And the dildo did that with ease.

I enjoyed the rough sex with her, but unfortunately, the rough and hard fucking made my dizziness worse. I panicked and thought to myself,

"Fuck! The dizziness is getting slowly unbearable. What have I done? I shouldn't drink that stupid wine. If it gets any worse, I won't be able to fuck Olivia with the dildo anymore, and I'll miss my opportunity."

I knew that I had to react quickly, because the dizziness was still bearable now, and I didn't know how much longer I could take it. That's why I stopped Olivia and said to her,

"Let me return the favor, babe," and I pointed to our bedroom. Then I continued, "Now I want to fuck you."

As an answer, she gave me a naughty look and bit her lip, before she answered,

"Very well, but only if you fuck me like your slut."

Her words made my cock throb out of excitement, since it was the first time, she had ever said something like that on her own. It got me so aroused, that I pulled her into a passionate kiss. As our tongues met, I choked her with one hand and gently pitched her nipple with the other.

"Oh fuck, you will be my slut tonight," I said to her after kissing.

Olivia stood up, grabbed my dick, looked deep into my eyes and whispered,

"Make meeee," before we went to the bedroom together.

At the arrival in the bedroom, Olivia took off her panties, laid down on the bed, and then she spread her legs, presenting me the whole beauty of her body to me.

We had been together for over two and a half years, but seeing Olivia naked just blew me away every time. Not even in my dreams could I imagine a more beautiful woman than her. She was hot and perfect in any possible way. It was, as if her body had been made for sex. Like a fuck toy, ready to be used by various men. And I knew that it was my job, to get her to allow other men to enjoy that beautiful body.

While Olivia laid on the bed and spread her legs temptingly, she noticed, that I didn't follow her to the bed, but instead just watched her.

"Babe, come here. My pussy needs attention."
She called for me.

But instead, I went first to the dresser and opened the drawer where I keep the dildo and the blindfold. Upon seeing the huge BBC dildo, I thought to myself,

"Finally, after eight months, I will use you again." And I felt my heart pounding out of pure excitement. Next, I grabbed the dildo and the blindfold and hid it behind my back, as I approached Olivia.

"What are you hiding?" asked Olivia curiously.

But I didn't answer her. Instead, I showed her the blindfold first and then the BBC dildo. I noticed how Olivia glanced at the dildo and thought about it. Even though Olivia never allowed me to fuck her with the dildo since Spain, I was sure, that once she would be drunk, she wouldn't refuse the dildo. But now, as I saw her really thinking about what she should reply, I suddenly had doubts. The whole evening, I was looking forward to taking another step towards my hotwife fantasy with Olivia, and I was absolutely sure, that as soon as she sees the dildo, she wants me to fuck her with it. That's also why I felt only excitement instead of nervousness, unlike in Spain, because I was absolutely sure that she would let me.

"What are you thinking about now? Why do you take so long to reply to me, Olivia?" I thought to myself and felt my heart pounding, as I nervously awaited her answer.

"No." she answered.

I was shocked for a brief moment, and I didn't know what to reply. But then Olivia continued,

"This time I want to see everything." and then she grabbed the blindfold and threw it away.

I exhaled in relief and sat down next to her on the bed. Then, I pulled myself together and said to her,

"Someone wants to play 'Bad Girl' today"

Olivia rolled onto her back, spread her legs and began massaging her clit seductively with her hand, as she answered me,

"Well, I'm always a good girl, but not today. Today is bad girl time."

I looked deep into Olivia's eyes for a brief moment, and then I asked her,

"Olivia, do you really want it?"

She smiled at me before answering,

"Yes, Ben. Make me feel special, like during that one night."

Extremely turned on by her words, I grabbed her head and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

As we stop kissing, Olivia touched her pussy and held her hand in front of my face to show me her fingers.

"Look how wet I am. My pussy is soooo ready to be fucked." She spoke.

"Not so fast, we still need some lube." I said.

She looked at me and said,

"Very well, where is it?"

This time I gave her a naughty look as I answered her,

"In your mouth."

Olivia gave a short laugh, as she realized what I implied and she answered,

"You can have my spit, but I won't blow the dildo."

"Very well," I said while standing up, "How about You blow me instead?"

"With pleasure, my love." she replied, and got up as well.

Olivia didn't immediately start sucking my cock but hugged me and pulled me into a passionate kiss first. While we were making out, we felt each other's bodies with our hands, and I noticed, how Olivia run her hand from my chest down my body. When she reached my cock with her hand, she grabbed it and stopped kissing me to whisper,

"Oh, there it is."

We continue our kiss a little longer, while Olivia started to jerk me off. Eventually, we stopped making out and Olivia started kissing my body as she slowly knelt down on the floor in front of me. When she knelt in front of me, she licked the tip of my cock and said to me,

"This dick is gonna get blown sooo hard." Then, she took the tip into her mouth, while continuing to jerk me off with her right hand.




"Is your dick getting sucked to your licking? Am I blowing it properly for you?" She asked me and continued slurping and sucking on my cock, while maintaining the eye contact between us.

"Yes, I'm enjoying getting my meat blown by such a pretty woman, by MY pretty woman, actually. But remember, we need your spit.... Wait, I will help you get it." I replied and grabbed her by the head, as I pressed my whole cock into her mouth.

"Hold.... Hold....," I repeated as I held Olivia's head, "Just a bit longer..... Now!" I let go of her and Olivia gasped. Spit ran down her chin.

While she was gasping for air, I grabbed the dildo and held it in front of her face.

"And now don't swallow your spit, but spit it on the dildo." I said to her and Olivia obeyed. Then I continued,

"You did well, babe. Now take your hands and spread your spit evenly on the dildo."

Olivia took her right hand, started spreading her spit all over the dildo, and it looked like she was jerking off a huge BBC cock, and not a dildo.

"Damn, it would be awesome if that was a black bull's cock now." i thought to myself, and I imagined for a moment how Olivia was satisfying a tall black man with her hand.

"Just like that?" asked Olivia and pulled me out of my imagination.

"No, use both hands. It's a big cock, and a big cock needs two hands to be satisfied." I answered.

"Am I doing it right now?" asked Olivia, as she jerked the dildo with both hands.

"Now it's perfect, but we now need more spit, don't you think?" I said to her.

"Yes." she answered and then bit her lip.

We repeated the blowjob once more, and Olivia spread the spit on the dildo again.

It was one of the hottest sex experiences of my life, but unfortunately, I couldn't fully enjoy it. The dizziness got worse and worse until I realized that I couldn't hold out much longer. If it had been normal sex, I would have stopped sooner and laid down. But now, however, I was driven by my hotwife fantasy and the lust that came with it. I've waited a long time for the opportunity, that Olivia will let me use the dildo again and now that the day finally came, I didn't want to give up. So I pulled myself together and said to Olivia,

"I think that's enough lube for now."

"Did I do a good job?" she asked me with an erotic gaze.

"You did well. Can you now bend over the bed and use your hands to spread your pussy? It's time to make you feel special." I replied.

Olivia leaned over the bed and used her hands to spread her pussy, just like I asked to do, ready to be fucked by Dildo for the second time in her life.

As I approached with the spit-covered dildo, my heart pounded faster and faster, because of the excitement I felt. And then, just as Olivia was rubbing her clit against my cock on the couch, I started rubbing Olivia's pussy with the shaft of the dildo. The thick veins on the dildo provided extra stimulation for her clit, and Olivia began to moan softly.
That got me thinking,

"Even for that, is the dildo more suitable than my dick."

After satisfying her clit for a moment, I brought the tip of the dildo to her entrance and tried to insert it. As in Spain, I felt resistance, when I tried to it push in. Olivia's pussy wasn't used to BBC cocks yet. She was still pretty much a BBC virgin at this point. For this reason, I rubbed the dildo on her clitoris, and occasionally, I tried to stick the tip of the dildo into her and thus gave her pussy time to get used to the size. Meanwhile, Olivia has spread her pussy with her hands. The whole time, she let out a sweet moans, which got louder as I approached her entrance with the dildo.

Eventually, during one of the attempts to get the tip inside her, I noticed, how Olivia was pushing back against the dildo. Actually, I was about to go back to her clit again, but Olivia's push against it, caused me to try to insert the tip into her once more. And then, slowly but surely, slid the tip into her. Together, we finally managed to get the tip inside her.

"AHHH FUCK, BEN!" Cried Olivia with pleasure, "It's inside me."

She immediately tensed up and curled her feet. At the same time, she stopped spreading her pussy and clutched the covers on the bed with her hands. I gave her a brief moment to adjust to the size, before I began to fuck her pussy with slow thrusts.

"OMG, it's so big! AHHHHHHHH!" Olivia groaned and then covered her mouth with the blanket, so that her passionate moaning could not be heard.

"Oh no, you won't do that. I want to hear your lustful screams." I thought to myself and pulled her hair so that she was forced to lift her head again and moan loudly.

"OHHH FUCK! Yes baby, yes! It feeeeels sooooo goooood, Mmmmm."

I only fucked Olivia with gentle thrusts, but it was enough to bring her to a much higher sexual pleasure, than what she could get from my cock. And I must admit that I absolutely loved it.

The way she moaned, the way she tensed up, and the way her pussy gripped the dildo tight. Seeing Olivia during her sexual ecstasy was the hottest thing I have ever experienced, and if I hadn't used the dildo on her, I would never have seen her on such a high sexual peak. That's why the whole situation brought also a lot of intimacy with it.

I started to fuck her a little harder and her moans got louder. After a short while, she said lustfully,

"OH GOD..... BEN... Ahhhhhhh.... BEN.... I.... I love you...... Ben."

Her loud breathing and moans showed me that she would come soon.

But she never had an orgasm.........

As I mentioned, I was feeling dizzy the whole time. Which was a result of the alcohol I drank. I knew that I should stop having sex sooner, but driven by lust, and, because I knew that I wouldn't get such a chance to fuck Olivia with a dildo for a long time, I tried to pull myself together and fight the dizziness. In the end, having sex made the dizziness worse and now, while I was fucking Olivia with the dildo, I suddenly felt the urge to vomit. So I stopped fucking Olivia with the dildo and threw the dildo on the bed, whereupon she started begging,

"NOOO! Please, Ben, don't stop. I am sooo close. Put it inside again."

But I didn't continue to fuck her. Instead, I got up and ran to the bathroom, where I then threw up in the toilet. After a short time, Olivia came into the bathroom to see, how I was. Luckily, I felt a lot better right away when I threw up. So, I cleaned my mouth, brushed my teeth and then threw the toothbrush in the trash.

Even though I was feeling better, it was clear, that Olivia and I would not have sex any more today. So, I went and I lay down on the bed again. In the meantime, Olivia brought me a glass of water and then lay down on the bed next to me.

"I am so sorry, Liv." I said, "I didn't actually drink that much, but I think I threw up because I mixed wine, whiskey and beer. I shouldn't drink the two glasses of wine. It's my fault."

"No, I am sorry, Ben," Olivia responded, "I should have noticed earlier that you weren't feeling too well, but because I'm drunk myself, because we had sex, and because there wasn't that much light in our room, I didn't even notice how pale you'd gotten. "

We talked briefly, and then I fell asleep out of exhaustion. Also, it was half past two in the morning, so it didn't take me long to fall asleep. I remember falling asleep thinking that I missed my opportunities, and I was very angry at myself for it.

But the night was far from over, wasn't it?


Ben's soft snoring showed her, that he had fallen asleep in her arms. She wasn't angry with Ben. If she was mad, it was more at herself, because she didn't notice early enough, that Ben wasn't doing well. She had been drinking herself too, but unlike Ben, she only drank wine the whole evening. And that's why she was a little drunk herself. But even though she was drunk a moment ago, the shock that Ben threw up, sobered her up a bit.

Now she was just feeling a little tipsy and a bit horny too. Her pussy was still wet and very sensitive. It was as if her body was waiting for an orgasm, because she didn't get one.

She could masturbate, but she didn't even think about it. For her, sex was always something she only shared with Ben.

She was the kind of woman who started masturbating late and when she got together with Ben, she stopped masturbating shortly after.

Since she stopped masturbating, she's only masturbated three times. Otherwise, every orgasm in the last two years came from Ben.

After all, women are quite submissive creatures, and she wanted to give herself to Ben completely.

She was still naked from the events of that night, and she was lying under the covers. Ben's snoring showed her that he had already fallen asleep in her arms, so she rolled over to the other side, so she could fall asleep more comfortably.

In doing so, she pushed something large and heavy off the bed, and the object fell to the floor with a loud noise.

"Shit!" thought Olivia, "I hope that doesn't wake up Ben."

But Ben only mumbled something in his sleep and continued to sleep.

Curious, Olivia got up and looked for the object that was responsible for the noise. She found it. It was the dildo.

"In his condition, Ben must have forgotten to put it away," she thought.

Suddenly, as she stood with the dildo in hand, Olivia was overcome with curiosity and went into the living room to see the dildo under a better light.

Arrived in the living room, she sat down on the couch and began to study the dildo. It was the first time that she looked closely at the it.

Basically, the dildo looked completely realistic, it even had balls. It was straight and had a nicely pronounced tip. On the other end of the dildo was a suction button to attach the dildo to certain surfaces. In addition, the dildo had many pronounced veins, which gave the dildo a very masculine look. Everything about the dildo was realistic to Olivia, everything except the size.

"Are there any cocks, that are that big?" she asked herself and wasn't sure.

But what she was sure about was this, the pleasure is real.

Since that one night in Spain, she didn't want to admit that there was anything that could satisfy her better than Ben's cock. She literally denied it. Out of fear, that the extreme pleasure might be real, she never wanted to use the dildo again. Instead, she convinced herself that the extreme orgasms caused by alcohol, and not by the size of the dildo.

But today, driven by her lust, she felt an extreme urge to feel this feeling again and when Ben stood in front of her with the dildo in his hand, she gave in to the temptation.

She hated herself for giving in, but now she knew that size matters and that the tremendous pleasure she felt from the dildo back then was real.

While she thought about all this and held the dildo in her hand, Olivia noticed how she was slowly getting horny again. It wasn't hard for Olivia to get turned on. After all, she didn't cum with Ben, and her whole body strove to be satisfied. Seduced by temptation, Olivia told herself,

"Well, this one time I can satisfy myself again."

And put the dildo away while she made herself comfortable on the couch. And then she began to masturbate with circular movements of her fingers on her clit. At the same time, she was massaging her breasts with her left hand for extra stimulation.

Olivia didn't watch porn, instead she used her imagination to masturbate. And what was better, than to think about the events of that night?

She played with her clit for the next few minutes, but she quickly realized, that this wasn't the kind of pleasure she craved. Again and again, returned her eyes to the dildo, and the temptation in her grew stronger and stronger, until finally, she gave in and thought,

"it won't be bad if it's only the tip."

Next, she grabbed the dildo and did exactly as Ben taught her, by spitting on the dildo and first and then using her hands to spread the spit on the dildo. When she was satisfied with the result, she guided the dildo to the entrance of her pussy and tried to insert it.

Since her pussy was still stretched from before, she managed to put the tip inside with in the second try. As the dildo slid inside her, she felt immensely satisfied and moaned lustfully,


But she quickly held a hand in front of her mouth to be quiet. She didn't want to wake up Ben. Every time the huge black dildo slid into her, it was an experience for Olivia, which was second to none.

To give her pussy some time to get used to the enormous size, Olivia used her fingers to massage her clit. She still felt slight pain when the dildo was inside her, but the pleasure she felt from being completely stretched out, was unique, was unbelievable, and she craved for more. So, she grabbed the dildo and started to fuck herself slowly.

"Ohhhhh..... Ahhhhhhhhhh..... Ohhhhh.... Mmmmmm,"

each thrust forced her to give moans of pleasure. She tries to be quiet, but the amount of pleasure overwhelms her. In addition to the dildo, she started pitching her beautiful nipple, which aroused her even more.

"Ben was right, when he said to me in Spain that the dildo will make me feel special." Olivia thought and started to fuck herself faster and harder.

Just before orgasm, she grabbed a pillow that was on the couch and a bit on it to suppress her moans. After that, she took her free hand and started to satisfy her clitoris with quick movements while she increased the speed of the dildo one last time.

The orgasm hit her like a slap in the face. Like an explosion of pleasure and for a moment she saw and heard nothing, she just felt the tremendous pleasure while her inner being was being gratified.

After a while, the shaking of her body stopped, and she lay semi-conscious on the couch. After she recovered a few minutes later, she took the dildo to admire him once more. A thick white cream has collected on the shaft of the dildo, and Olivia wondered,

"What is this? Is this normal? Was that on the dildo in Spain too, when Ben fucked me with it?"

Finally, she checked the clock. It was ten past three in the morning. After that she looked again at the dildo, and she knew, that this wasn't the last time she had cum this night....


A noise woke me up in the middle of the night. In my sleep, I didn't realize where the noise was coming from, or what the noise was. So I rolled onto my other side and tried to go back to sleep. There was that noise again. Someone or something just wouldn't let me sleep in peace.

I stretched out my arm and searched for Olivia, to snuggle into her. But I couldn't find her. The bed was empty.


There was the noise again, which kept me from sleeping the whole time, but this time I realized what the noise is, because I knew the sound too well. It was Olivia's moans of pleasure.

My heart started beating fast, and I felt instantly more awake, when I realized what that meant.


echoed Olivia's moan from the living room. I got up and only now noticed how dry my mouth was. No doubt it was a result of the alcohol I drank earlier. Also, I still felt tipsy. And then, with quiet steps, I crept to the bedroom door.

"Ohhhhhh.... Fuck!"

As I stood in front of the door, Olivia's passionate screams were even louder. I reached out to open the bedroom door and my heart was racing. Nervously, I asked myself,

"What awaits me behind the door?"

And then I gathered all my courage and opened the door a little bit, enough to watch the whole spectacle.

What I saw blew me away completely. Olivia, my sweet Olivia, rode the huge black BBC dildo which she attached to a chair with the suction cup. The dildo was attached to the exact same chair that she rode me on recently. But now, the dildo has taken my seat and satisfied Olivia in a way that I never could. She really looked like a perfect white slut at that moment.

I noticed, that she was able to get the dildo deeper inside her and fuck herself faster and harder, as when I fucked her with it.

I looked at the clock, and it was four thirty in the morning. I slept almost two hours and here she is, still awake and masturbating. Furthermore, I knew that Olivia didn't usually masturbate.

To see her like this now, made me realize, that the first step to Olivia's BBC addiction was done. I looked down at my dick, and I was already rock hard. Olivia got a physical pleasure from the dildo, but I, I was pleasured by the dildo in a psychological way that I can't explain.

Watching Olivia masturbate herself with a dildo had my cock throbbing with pleasure, and I started to jerk myself off. At that moment, I felt the greatest sexual pleasure in my life, until then at least.

I watched her for a moment, but I longed for more. So I grabbed all my courage, opened the bedroom door completely and walked towards her.....


Olivia didn't know if she had four or five orgasms. It didn't matter to her. All that matters to her is the enormous pleasure she felt through the dildo.

Actually, she wanted to be in bed with Ben a long time ago, but with each new orgasm the dildo gave her, the pain she felt because of the size became smaller and smaller, and the pleasure bigger and bigger. It was as if the dildo was changing her body, and slowly, but surely a new world opened up for Olivia. A new world full of endless lust and pleasure, and she was just exploring this world.

That's why, Olivia lost herself in sexual lust. Suddenly, a sound pulled her out of this world, and she looked towards the bedroom.
Ben stood naked with a hard cock in front of her......

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Re: My Wife, His Property Ch.02

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Wow!!! This is the path my wife and I are on, I hope!

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Re: My Wife, His Property Ch.02

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it's absolutely promising!!!! why are you dividing the story in different threads?

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