My Wife, His Property Ch.03

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My Wife, His Property Ch.03

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How far would you go for your deepest sex fantasies? Would you let it change your life? Would you let it change your marriage? Would you risk your perfect relationship with your wife or girlfriend, just to fulfill your wildest sex dreams?

Well, I've loved hotwife & cuckold erotica for a long time, but I always separated my fantasy from reality. It wasn't until I met my now wife, Olivia, that I started thinking about incorporating my Fantasy into my life.

Although there are many women who want an open relationship, my Olivia is the exact opposite. She comes from a conservative religious family, and it has always been important to her to keep her body count low, just like her father taught her to do.

To be honest, she hasn't had sex with anyone else besides me. I was her first kiss, and I took her virginity.

That's why I've always been aware that she would react rather reluctantly to the idea of being shared. Still, I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like if she were my hotwife.

Eventually the day came, when I decided, that my fantasy should be part of my life and not just a fantasy.

But how do you convince a woman who doesn't want to be shared to become a hotwife? How do you explain to her that you want to see her with other men? What will she think of you when she hears about your wildest sex dreams?

I didn't know how to approach Olivia about it, and I was afraid of what she would think of me after she found out about it.

I'm sure there are many men in the same situation as I was, who would like to share their wife, but they don't know how to tell her, that the thought of her with other men turns them on.

So I started thinking how I would get my Olivia to be shared.

That's when I got the idea, that the best way to make her my hotwife is to show her what it's like to get fucked by a big cock. For this reason, I bought a huge BBC dildo and a blindfold.

Now, it was time to wait until the perfect moment came to use it. Since Olivia and I had booked a trip to Spain, I decided to use the dildo for the first time during that trip.

And so it happened that we experienced a wild night in Spain together. First, we drank and danced in a bar, and then, when we got back to our hotel room, where we hooked up.

And GOD was the sex good. It was absolutely the best sex I had with Olivia, until then at least.

Basically, while Olivia was blindfolded, I surprised her with the dildo and the rest is history....
(If you want to learn more about that night, read chapter 01)

I learned a lot from that night and I knew that I wanted to push this fantasy of mine even further. But unfortunately, even though Olivia had shaking orgasms from the dildo, she didn't allow me to use it on her anymore after the holiday.

I knew that the dildo had brought her to her absolute sexual climax, and that the orgasms that Olivia got from the dildo were the most intense she had ever felt. And yet, she denied me using it on her.

But life goes on, and we both decided to move in together. Since our friends helped us, we threw a housewarming party for them in our new apartment.

After the party, when Olivia and I were alone and drunk, we cuddled on the couch, and we talked about us and our future.

Eventually, one thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were making out and had sex.

That night I tried to fuck Olivia with the dildo once more, and because she was drunk, she finally gave in to the temptation.

During that night, the dildo proved to me again, that Olivia needs a big fat cock in her life. It is indescribable how much it turns me on when I see how Olivia's pussy gripping tightly around the dildo, and it is also indescribable, how much Olivia enjoyed the feeling of being completely filled out.

(If you're interested in the whole night of the housewarming party, check out Chapter 2)

Unfortunately, I screwed it up during that night, because I have drunk too much. And so it happened, that as I was fucking Olivia with the dildo, I suddenly got sick. So I ran to the bathroom where I threw up. It was clear, that we wouldn't continue sex anymore, so I fell asleep thinking I fucked up and missed my chance....

But all of a sudden, a noise woke me up in the middle of the night. I tried to go back to sleep, but the noise wouldn't let me. As I became a little more awake, I realized what the noise was. It was Olivia's pleasurable moans.

My heart was racing with excitement as I headed for the bedroom door. When I reached it, I stopped and took a deep breath. I didn't know what to expect on the other side, but finally I gathered my courage and opened the door a bit.

What I saw totally blew my mind. Olivia was in the living room riding the BBC dildo which she attached to a chair. She really looked like a perfect white slut at that moment.

So I grabbed my cock and started jerking off, as I watched her satisfying herself with the huge dildo. But after a short moment, I knew that I needed more. So I gathered all my courage again, opened the door and walked towards Olivia.....


Olivia froze in shock when she noticed me standing naked in front of her. Her face showed that she did not know what to say.

"Ben, I..... I...."

She began, but I didn't let her finish. I knew, that if I said anything wrong now, it would screw up the whole thing, and Olivia wouldn't continue anymore. I knew she felt guilty for enjoying the dildo without me, so I knew I had to reassure her, that it wasn't a bad thing but rather quite the opposite. It even turned me on. So that is why I put a finger over her mouth, before she could finish her sentence, and whispered,

"SHHHHH, it's OKed, Liv. Keep enjoying it, and I'll just watch."

But Olivia didn't listen to me. Instead, she got up and let the dildo slide out of her pussy. Still driven by guilt, she stood in front of me and said,

"Ben, I am sorry. I..."

But again, I interrupted her and said,

"Babe, you don't have to apologize. I'm standing here naked with a boner in front of you. There really is no reason to feel bad or guilty."

Olivia didn't answer. Instead, she stood there and said nothing as she thought about the situation. To further convince her of her innocence, I took her hand and guided her to my cock.

"Look at how much you turned me on." I told her.

Finally, Olivia looked down at my dick and took it in her hand.

"I have to say that you've never been this hard before." she replied."

Her words made me want to touch her as well. So, I took my hand and started rubbing her clit with slow circular movements. In response to my touch, Olivia gasped softly,


Then she started to jerk off my cock slowly. This showed me, that I had Olivia where I wanted her. So I dared to go a little further with my fingers, and put two fingers inside her.

"Fuck, this pussy feels sooo loose." I thought to myself, as my fingers slipped easily inside, "The dildo has really stretched her out."

After some time, I was sure that Olivia wouldn't stop anymore. So, I took her by the hand and we both went to the chair, where I helped her put the tip inside. I was amazed how easy it was, to get enormous BBC inside her. This proved to me that her body was slowly adapting to the size and pleasure of a BBC.

"Ohhhhhh..... Fuuuuuck." gasped Olivia, as she felt it inside once more and I kissed her on the forehead and told her,

"Now forget I'm even here and enjoy yourself like you did before. Meanwhile, I'll sit on the couch and enjoy the show."

Next, I made myself comfortable on the couch, so that I could watch my girl ride this black behemoth. She had her back turned to me, so I had a perfect view of her gorgeous ass.

"Ahhhh..... Uuugh." Olivia moaned as she took the dildo deeper and deeper with each new movement of her hips. I felt my cock throb and I started jerking off, matching my pace to hers. Watching Olivia was an absolute spectacle. Her moans were louder and more pleasurable than if I were to fuck her with my cock, and it sounded like music to my ears. The way she moved her hips like a succubus, like a perfect white slut trying to get more and more pleasure, and yet she wasn't a slut. She was my innocent Olivia who had sex with no one else but me.

"You look so hot, baby." I said to her.

"Mmmmmm..... Do you enjoy the show, Ben?" She asked.

"Oh, I love it, actually." I replied.

After a while of watching Olivia, I noticed, that she was able to get the dildo deeper inside her and fuck herself faster and harder, as when I fucked her with it. This gave me an idea, so I said to her,

"Take it as deep as you can, baby."

Overcome with pleasure, Olivia made no reply. Instead, she lifted her hips so that most of the dildo slipped out of her. Now only the tip was inside. She lingered in the position for a brief moment, and then, with slow movement, pushed her hips back down.

I watched her amazed as the black monster disappeared inch by inch inside her.

"Uuuuuughh.... Ben, it's.... so.... BIG!" replied Olivia as she hit her limit. At the same time, she lingered in that position for a moment, allowing the dildo to stretch her even further.

From my position, I could see that she got about two inches more inside, than when I first fucked her with the dildo in Spain.

"That's enough." I thought to myself. I've seen enough, and now it was time to get involved. So I got up and went over to Olivia. She was a little sweaty from all the riding, but in my eyes, it only made her even hotter.

"Stop" I said.

"Why?" Asked Olivia confused.

"Because I want to join."

She understood what I meant and gave me a naughty look. Together, we took the dildo off the chair and attached it to the floor. Now Olivia was able to ride the dildo and suck my dick at the same time.

However, before Olivia put the dildo in her pussy, she knelt, took my cock in her mouth and blew me for a brief moment. She then ended the blowjob by taking my entire cock in her mouth, which of course wasn't a challenge for her. Then she spat on her hand and spread her spit on the dildo. At the same time, she looked me in the eyes and said with a smile on her face,

"I am just applying the lub." and I smiled back.

I doubt we needed any more lube, especially since the whole dildo was completely covered in her juices, but I was still pleased that she did something what I showed her. It showed me that she was learning.

When Olivia finished spreading her spit, she put the dildo back inside her pussy and slowly started to ride it as she began to lick my dick again. Her tongue touched my tip, then run down my shaft to the base. She widened her tongue and swabbed upward, beginning a series of licks like she would lick a lollipop, base to top and all the way around. At the same time, she held onto my legs with both hands while she fucked the dildo with slow thrusts.

"Mmmmm.... your meat is sooo hard, babe." said Olivia and continued to suck my cock.

"He's so hard, because you were such a dirty bad girl today." I replied.

Fueled by the pleasure, Olivia became very sloppy. Soon she was drooling and her spit ran down her chin, while her moans and gagging echoed around the room.

"Am I a good slut today, Ben?" She asked.

"Yes, you are a perfect little white Slut."

Driven by lust, I called Olivia 'white slut', instead of just 'slut' like I originally intended. Fortunately, she didn't know what white slut means and continued to ride the BBC dildo as if nothing had happened.

We were alone in our new apartment, and yet I pictured Olivia riding a black bull instead of the dildo. I imagined how she satisfied this black man with her beautiful body, and how he got from her what should only be mine. This experience was the closest thing to my hotwife fantasy I've ever experienced.

After a while, Olivia began to ride the dildo harder and faster, and I felt how she digged her nails into my legs. The faster she rode it, the more she focused on the BBC dildo, and I slowly but surely noticed her attention shift from my cock to the black behemoth, until she gave herself completely to it and ignored my dick.

"Ahhh... Fuck!.. Yes... Yes.... YES! It feels sooo fucking goooood." exploded Olivia with pleasure, as she rode the dildo roughly.

Seeing that Olivia chose the dildo instead of my cock, made me explode with lust, and I took my cock in my hand and started jerking it off hard. I knew that this was the perfect moment to cum and because the whole situation was arousing me so much, so it took me only seconds to orgasm.

The orgasm hit me like a truck, and I felt my cock shooting the cum out.


The cum landed on Olivia's beautiful breasts, which bounced back and forth due to Olivia's rough riding movements.

"Yes, cum for me! Cum for me, baby!"

Shouted Olivia. She lifted her breasts with her hands and prepared herself for the next load. Simultaneously, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.


The next load hit Olivia in her beautiful face. Some of it landed on her tongue, some of it on the cheek, and some of it in her hair.


I shoot my third and last load on her beautiful breasts again.

"Mmmm," she said as she closed her mouth and tasted my cum. At the same time, I took my cock and smeared the rest of the sperm that had accumulated at the tip, on her nipple.

"Wow, that was a lot." Olivia said, and she was right, I don't know if I've ever cum that much.

Feeling drained, I sat on the couch and watched her.

She was sweaty, and her hair was messed up. Cum was in her hair, on her face and dripping off her tits on the floor. At the same time, she rode a big fat BBC dildo and bit her lip with sheer pleasure and yet, Olivia has never looked hotter to me than at this moment. She looked like a vixen, like a nympho trying to squeeze every spark of pleasure out of the dildo.

That was her, my Olivia, my sweet Olivia. The woman I loved more than anything. The woman who has always been decent and nice and hasn't had sex with anyone else but me. That was her...

And now she was in front of me, looking like a succubus enjoying every inch of the dildo. The dildo brought her to new sensations and at that moment, Olivia gave in to the pleasure and explored a world that had been hidden from her until the dildo came into her life

Of course, her body hasn't fully adjusted to a BBC yet, but it was starting to. She still couldn't get the whole dildo in, but she was able to fit almost two inches more into her beautiful pussy than she had the first time in Spain, and she was also able to shove the dildo faster and fuck herself harder. With each new orgasm, it hurt her less and less, and in its place came more and more pleasure.

"Ugghhh, Ben, it stretches me out so much." Said Olivia.

I looked at her and replied,

"And do you like it?"

In reply, Olivia mumbled "Mhm" briefly. Then, she picked up her pace, playing with her nipple with one hand while massaging her clit with the other for that extra boost of pleasure.

"Ahh… Uhm… Uh…. Oh, SHIT!" she moaned lustfully.

"You like it, baby?" I asked

"Yes" she replied. But I wanted to hear more from her, so I said,

"I can't hear you, Olivia."

"YES! OH, BEN, YES!" cried Olivia, and in her voice was the enormous pleasure she was feeling.

"Tell me about it."

I demanded. But instead of getting the answer I expected, Olivia called out loudly.

"Ah… A-Ah… Ow…. AHHHH! Ben, I am cummi....."

She didn't manage to finish the word because she was overwhelmed by the orgasm. Instead, a loud but lustful and sweet scream echoed throughout the room. I watched her intently as she trembled with pleasure, and it amazed me, how intense the orgasm was.

After the trembling stopped, she fell to the side on the floor and laid there, curled up and covered in cum. She didn't move, and the only sign that she was still alive was her breathing, which was loud and fast, but getting slower and quieter with each breath. It looked as if her soul had left her body for a brief moment...


I was the first to get up the next morning. Morning, morning isn't actually the right term for it, because it was already past 12 in the afternoon.

I felt miserable and had a hungover, but I forced myself out of bed and went into the living room, letting Olivia sleep.

While I was making my coffee, I thought about what happened. As I told you before, it was a long way until my sweet Olivia became my hotwife. It wasn't something that happened in one night, but something that took time. In this 'hotwife transformation', Olivia went through different stages and last night ended the first stage, 'the denial stage', and started the second, which I call 'fear.'

You might be wondering why the second stage is called fear, well, let me explain.

During the first Stage, Olivia denied that size mattered. After the Spain vacation, she convinced herself that the enormous pleasure she had felt that night had nothing to do with the size of the BBC dildo, but was rather due to other reasons. Afraid that the size might be the cause, she didn't allow me to use the dildo on her.

But now she had no more doubts. The pleasure was real. And the reason for this tremendous pleasure was the size of the dildo. She now knew that size mattered, or rather, she accepted it. She has known it since Spain but has always denied it. This acceptance frightened her. She didn't know what to think about it, and she feared what this meant for our relationship.

But what should I do next to make my fantasy of Olivia sleeping with other men come true? I've been asking myself this question all morning. Originally, the purpose of the dildo was to convince Olivia that there was something much better than my cock. I figured that if I showed her how much pleasure she can get from a BBC, it would be easier to convince her to sleep with other men and become my hotwife.

But now, after catching Olivia masturbating with the dildo, I knew that the purpose of the dildo was served. I knew that I now had to take a new step in order to reach my fantasy, and I also knew, that it was time to tell Olivia about it.

But how?

How am I supposed to tell a woman like Olivia, who has always kept her body count as low as possible, that in my kinkiest dreams she's being fucked hard and dirty by multiple black men?

To be honest, I didn't really think about how I'm going to tell her about it until now, because I never thought I'd get that far with my fantasy.

As I thought about a solution, I remembered my favorite erotic story, in which a guy named Bill forgets to delete his browsing history and thereby his wife Amber finds out about his fantasy.

Not knowing how to tell Olivia about it, I concluded that the best thing would be to open up some hotwife porn sites on my laptop and hope Olivia discovers them while I'm at work.

But as you will soon read, nothing came of my plan.

Olivia got up nearly an hour later. She walked up to me, hugged and kissed me, before she said,

"Good morning, Darling," and went to the shower, while I made her favorite tea.

After her shower, we sat down at the table and had a little something to eat together. We were chatting about different things until Olivia finally said,

"Have you noticed the gym, which is 5 minutes away from here?"

I didn't have to think long, because I've noticed the gym several times since I drive past it on the way to work, so I answered.

"You mean the green gym, which is roughly next to our bakery?"

"Yeah" she replied shortly.

I asked out of curiosity,

"So, what about it?"

"I am considering registering there." She said.

I looked at her and replied in surprise,

"How come? I mean, you have a great figure, you don't have to lose weight or anything like that."

"Yes, I know, sweetheart" she answered and briefly thought about how to put her thoughts into words. Then she continued,

"I've always loved doing sports, but since I started studying, I've neglected it. The main reason was actually the long train ride from my home to the gym. This took me way too much time. Now that we've moved and there's a gym right around the corner, I'd love to start exercising again. Mainly because I need a change from my studies, as I only sit around for hours at the university and don't move."

We continued the conversation for a few minutes, and I slowly noticed that Olivia was getting more and more restless. She would only look at her food and play with it. That and her body language made me realize that something was bothering her. So, I nervously waited for her to bring up the topic which was worrying her. Finally, Olivia looked into my eyes as she said,

"Ben, I need to talk to you." Unable to maintain eye contact, she looked away before she continued,

"I.... I think we should stop using the dildo."

My heart stopped for a moment. Surprised, I looked at her because I didn't understand why she had changed her mind so suddenly. Just a few hours ago, I caught her masturbating herself with the dildo, and now she wants nothing to do with it.

I saw how intense her orgasms were and how much pleasure she got from the dildo, so I didn't understand why she was saying this right now. Confused, I looked at her and asked,


Still not unable to look me in the eyes, Olivia replied,

"Because..... because I think it's not good for us.... for us and our relationship."

"I don't really understand. Please explain yourself." I said to her.

Olivia had her head back and was holding both hands on her face, covering her eyes. She lingered in that position for a while, as she thought about what to reply. Finally, she looked at me and said,

"Because it makes me do things, I would never do... because it..."

I interrupted her and said,

"Because it's better than my dick."

Surprised by my statement, she averted her gaze from me and looked at the floor, as she sat silently on the chair. After a moment, I reached out for her hand and held it while I spoke to her,

"Liv, I want you to be honest with me, like you always have. It's okay if you get more pleasure from the dildo than from me and my cock."

She still didn't say anything, so I added,

"It's okay, Darling, just tell me the truth."

She finally took a deep breath in and out before she said to me,

"Yes, Ben, the dildo is better."

I was about to answer her, but she continued,

"But I don't want it to be better than you, Ben. You are my man, you should be the best for me and not some piece of silicon. That's why I think we should stop."

Afraid, that this could be the end of my fantasy, I tried to change her mind and said to her,

"But you know I don't mind if you prefer the dildo. You saw how turned on I was last night, right? Why are you thinking like this now?"

Olivia answered,

"'Cause I think there shouldn't be anything better for me than.... You know what, Ben, how about you explain this to me. Why does it turn you on when I fuck the dildo?"

Sweat ran down my back when I heard her words. I knew that the next step would be to tell Olivia about my fantasy, but originally I planned it very differently, how I was going to tell her. So, I said to her,

"Because I bought it to make you feel special."

But the answer wasn't enough for Olivia, and she kept asking,

"Yeah, you told me that before, but that's not my point. Why did you even need a dildo for that, you could bring me to orgasm without it."

I took a deep breath and said,

"But not like this, Liv, not like this."

She said nothing, so I continue,

"I know that you felt enormous pleasure from the size of the dildo. Actually, when I bought it, I already knew that it would give you exactly that.... look, I love you, Olivia, and I just want the best for you, in love, and in sex."

She looked back at me and said,

"Ben, but you are always the best for me. I'm absolutely satisfied with you. You are the perfect man I have always wished for, trust me."

"That may be the case when it comes to love. But as far as sex goes, I'm not so sure."

Annoyed, said Olivia,

"I was sure. I was sure all the time that you are the best until you gave me this dildo. Look, that's the part I don't understand about you, Ben. In me, you got a woman who has never had anything sexual with anyone but you. This is something that most men long for. But instead, you buy me a dildo because you know it will please me better than you. Why? Explain yourself."

I could feel my heart racing, and I was shaking slightly from nervousness. Was that the moment? Was that really the moment I told Olivia about my dirtiest sex dreams?

Olivia stood up and walked around the table. She crouched on the floor in front of me, took my hand and looked at me as she said,

"Ben, I was just honest with you, and now I want you to be honest with me too." she paused for a moment, then continued,

"Help me understand you, Ben."

I might have sat calmly in the chair, but inside I was panicking.

"You have to tell her now," and "don't be a pussy," I thought to myself the whole time.

"Ben...." whispered Olivia.

Finally, I gathered all my courage and said to her,

"I.... Ehm.... sit down first."

Olivia returned to her seat and when she was seated, I continued,

"Have you ever heard the word hotwife?"

Confused, she looked at me and answered,

"You just mean a hot wife, meaning a good-looking woman?"

I replied,

"No, that's actually not what I mean, a hotwife is a woman who lives in an open relationship with her partner. She loves her partner, yes, but she is allowed to have sex with other people and her partner is aware of all of her sexual activities. The partner can participate in the sexual happenings or just watch his wife. Some couples also choose for the woman to have sex alone with her lover in private, so without the husband being there."

While I spoke to her, Olivia sat quietly. She didn't get up and run away, but rather listened to me carefully. For this reason, I respected Olivia even more.

After I finished my explanation, I took a sip of coffee. In the time, Olivia replied,

"At first, I thought that you didn't love me anymore or that I wasn't enough to satisfy your sexual needs. But I think I'm starting to understand that this has nothing to do with that. It is simply your secret fetish to see me with other men." Olivia took a deep breath, then continued,

"But what I don't understand about it is why the thought of seeing me with another man turns you on. You told me back then that your ex cheated on you and that it was the worst experience of your life. If seeing your partner with other men gets you so horny, why didn't you stay with your ex?"

I didn't have to think long because I already knew the answer, so I replied,

"Well, because it's not cheating, is it? Cheating is awful yes but the difference between cheating and my fantasy is, that when you cheat, you try to hide it from your partner. On the other hand, my fantasy is about exploring together as a couple the sexual needs of the woman. As for my ex, it's a fantasy I've had for a long time, but didn't have back then. She also cheated on me, and now that you know the difference between cheating and my fantasy, it goes without saying why I left her at the time."

"Okay, I understand," she said and went on,

"But what I still don't get is how do you get your pleasure out of it. I mean, in your fantasy, I'm the one that feels the physical pleasure. How and why does seeing me with other men satisfy you."

I breathed out and said,

"Ahhhhhhh, Liv. The truth is, I don't know myself. Some men are into the fantasy because, on the one hand, it can sexually arouse a man to watch his wife have sex. For others, breaking a taboo and jealousy is what sexually arouses them. I don't know why it turns me on. All I know is that it turns me on, and that's what matters. The two times you used a dildo proved to me that I'm not jealous, but that it really turns me on to see you reaching your sexual climax."

Olivia replied,

"Yes, but the dildo is just a piece of silicone. It's not a human. Who knows, you might get jealous when you see me with someone else."

Confident, I said to her,

"I won't be jealous and even if I do, it's my own fault and I won't be mad at you at all."

Neither of us said anything for a minute.

Finally, I took her hand, looked deep into her eyes and asked her,

"Olivia, do you want to be my hotwife? Do you want to explore with me a world full of lust and pleasure?"

Olivia said nothing, so I continued.

"let's give it a try. There is nobody, absolutely nobody, with whom I would rather experience my fantasy than with you."

Eventually she replied,

"First, Ben, I want to thank you for being honest with me and trusting me with your fantasy. But your fantasy goes against all the rules I've set for myself as a woman. I've always wanted to keep my body count as low as possible. But I love you. I really do... more than anything, and just as you want to make me happy, I want to make you happy as well. So, give me some time. I don't know the answer to your question yet, but I'll think about it... and don't push me."


And that's how Olivia found out about my fantasy. It wasn't planned that way, but I was glad to finally have this part behind me.

Now you're wondering how our story went on? I'll tell you.

For the next couple of weeks, we didn't talk about my fantasy anymore, and I let Olivia process our whole conversation first. I don't know whether she researched 'hotwife' on the internet herself, or not, but we lived our lives just like a normal couple would.

As Olivia mentioned during the meal, she signed up for the gym around the corner. She even got herself her own trainer, lea, and trained with her once a week, and the rest of the time she trained alone.

As for the dildo, I haven't used it since the housewarming party. I didn't want to push Olivia too much with my fantasy, so I left the dildo in my closet, and as for our sex life, I tried to avoid sex with her.

Why I tried to avoid sex, you ask yourself?

Well, the answer is simple. Olivia knew where the dildo was, and I hoped that because we had less sex than usual, she would start masturbating. I was hoping that one day she would feel an urge for the dildo and use it to please herself, while I'm at work.

I was at work from 9 to 5, 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. Olivia, on the other hand, had more free time. This semester she only had to go to university three times a week and that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Saturday, she sometimes worked as a waiter in a café to earn a little money. The rest of the time she was at home and took care of the household or went to the gym.

For this reason, I hope that someday when she will be home alone, she will start masturbating. In order to check whether she was also using the dildo, I put the dildo in a plastic bag and tied the ends of the bag shut so that you could only get to the dildo if you ripped the bag open.

Then I made a small red dot on the bag with a marker to distinguish whether the dildo is on the bag I put it in or whether it is a new bag.

Over the next few weeks, I checked whether Olivia had used it, but for a long time nothing happened. I was beginning to have doubts, but then, at the beginning of April, I noticed that the dildo was no longer in the plastic bag I marked with a red dot, but in a new one.

I wasn't sure if she pulled the dildo out of the bag to masturbate or if she had other reasons to do it, but what was certain was, that she showed interest in the dildo and didn't forget my fantasy. I marked the new bag with a red dot again and noticed that, a few days later, that the dildo was in a new plastic bag again.

That gave me new hope, but still I didn't speak to Olivia about my fantasy, but rather let her think about everything in peace.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, it was the middle of may and my birthday is on May 27th. Olivia and I had a movie night together. As we were cuddled up under the covers and enjoyed the movie, Olivia asked me,

"Babe, it's your birthday soon, do you have any wishes?"

I looked her straight in the eyes and answered,

"you know what I really wish for, Liv."

That was the first time I mentioned my fantasy since Olivia and I talked about it.

Olivia said nothing, but her look showed me that she was really thinking about what to respond. Finally, when the film ended and we both went to bed, she said,

"I will try it, Ben."

I was confused because I didn't know what she was talking about, so I asked,

"What? What are you talking about?"

She turned her head to the side and looked straight at me,

"Your fantasy, I will try it for you."

Surprised I replied,

"I.... thank you... I don't know what else to say. I am speechless."

She said in a serious voice,

"But I want you to know, that I'm only doing this for you, and not for myself. You are a good man, Ben, and I want to make you happy, so I try to be your hotwife. But as soon as I’m not comfortable with it, I won't continue with your fantasy anymore."

"Okay, darling. I'm proud of you for trying it out for me." I answered.

"But there is more, Ben." She continued, "I thought about how the bull should be. I mean what criteria he should meet."

"OKed, I am all ears." I said.

"First, I want it to be someone we both don't know. I think it will be easier for me if it's just a stranger."

"This is exactly how I imagined it too, what else?" I asked.

She continued,

"Secondly, I want the person not to be locally from here. It shouldn't just be a person that we don't know, but it should be a person that our relatives and friends don't know either. And in order to ensure that, the person has to live farther away from here. We have a lot to lose, if anyone finds out about this, Ben."

I liked what she said, so I replied,

"That's a good point, do you have anything else?"

Olivia thought about it for a moment, but then she said,

"that's all for now. What about you?"

I directly looked at her and said,

"Just one, he needs to be a black guy."

She replied, confused,

"Really? I don't mind, but this surprises me now. Is it because everyone always says that black guys have long dicks?"

"Well, if you're going to get fucked by someone, it should be someone with a big cock, so that's one thing. But there's more to a black guy than just his big dick, trust me, Olivia." I said.

We talked for a while about how we would find a suitable bull for Olivia. I had already thought about it beforehand, so we were able to find a solution quickly. There are not many black people in Germany, so our idea was that we would find a club that was known for black music, and then we would go to a party hoping there would be some black guys that Olivia would like.

Olivia liked the idea and over the next few days I set about finding a suitable event. I found an ideal party on the Friday before my birthday, which was in the city of Dortmund, just over an hour drive from us.

The distance was necessary as we didn't want to run into anyone we knew. But that also meant that if Olivia found someone at the club, we couldn't drive home. So I rented us a room in a hotel not too far from the club...

Finally, Friday came, and we made our way to Dortmund. I thought that Olivia would ask me more questions or that she would be more nervous, but she was rather calm. When I asked her why she was so relaxed, she just replied that she hadn't fully realized it yet, that she might be hooking up with someone else today and that she'll probably be nervous at the club, but not now.

Her outfit today was a black strapless dress which showed off her beautiful curves. I was the one who chosen her dress, because she called me into the bedroom just before we left and asked for my advice.

She looked absolutely gorgeous for the evening, and I had no doubt that Olivia would attract a lot of men.

Olivia has always been a beautiful woman. Every school always has that one girl that all guys have a crush on, and that's exactly what she was back then, when she went to school.

Finally, we arrived at the party. The club was packed and, as I had hoped, there were some hot black guys too.

I offered to buy Olivia a drink to loosen her up a bit, but she said no and said,

"If I decide to sleep with one of these guys today, I want to do it out of free will and not because of the alcohol."

I respected her decision, and we went dancing together to get in the mood.

As a guy, when you're out with your beautiful girl, you notice other men staring at her. Of course, this happened all the time in the club, and I caught other men staring at her several times. Even if that would annoy a lot of men, on the contrary, it turned me on. That was a part of my fetish.

Eventually, after a while, I pulled Olivia aside and told her that I would leave her alone now. I reassured her again that she can do anything with a guy and that I won't be mad at her. So, we kissed, and we parted ways. Since we would be spending the night in the hotel anyway, I went to the bar and got myself a drink.

Olivia knew where I would be watching her from, so she found a nice spot on the dance floor that would allow me to see everything.

When I got back to my spot with my drink, I looked for Olivia in the crowd, and I noticed a blond German guy approaching her.

For the next few minutes, he tried to get Olivia to dance with him, but she remembered our agreement, that the guy had to be black, and kept pushing him away.

"Fuck.... what is the idiot doing there. If this continues, Olivia won't be able to focus on the black guys." I thought and set off to get him off her.

I had barely gone a few steps when I saw a tall black guy pushing between Olivia and the German, separating him from her.

He has probably been watching Olivia the whole time, and when he saw that she wasn't interested in German, he put himself between the two to have her to himself.

Next, he said something into the German's ear, and the German turned and walked away.

After that, he turned his attention to Olivia and the two chatted for a moment before starting to dance together.

"Yes, the plan is working!" I yelled in my mind as I took a sip of my drink.

Of course, the black guy didn't start making out with her on the dance floor right away, but took it slowly, so that Olivia gets used to him.

At first, they danced side by side, but soon, he was taking her by the hand and eventually, he laid his large hands on her perfect hips.

But not only the black guy dared more and more, but also Olivia. At the beginning, she was a bit shy, but soon, she laid her hands on him as well.

My heart was racing as I watched this black guy seduce my girlfriend. Suddenly, I saw him run his hand down Olivia's back and grab her ass. I felt my cock tingle with excitement as I watched Olivia being grabbed where only I have touched her until now.

"What are you going to do now, Olivia? Will you allow him to touch you?" I asked myself nervously.

As if she could hear my thoughts, she glanced at me, and then she ran her hand over the bulge in his pants.

I just saw the guy smile, then a new group jostled onto the dance floor, and I lost sight of Olivia as he and Olivia were pushed farther into the crowd.

I hastened to find a new spot from which to observe them. After a while, I spotted the guy in the crowd, as he was a bit taller than most people in the club.

What I saw next made me extremely hard, and I hoped no one noticed my boner in my pants. Olivia danced with her back turned to him and rubbed her butt against his cock like she did with me back in Spain. At the same time, the black guy explored her beautiful body with his hands.

Because the crowd blocked my view and the lights in the club were flickering, I couldn't see everything he was doing to her, but I saw him touch her on the breast several times.

It was the first time that Olivia let anyone but me get close to her, and it made me go crazy. I wanted to get my cock out and jerk off while I watched them both, but of course I didn't do that as I was surrounded by people.

Horny, I watched them from my new spot, and imagined in my mind what was going to happen in the hotel. Suddenly he took her by the hand and turned her, so that she was facing him again, and pulled her into a kiss. Inside, I exploded with lust. She's never kissed anyone but me.


Out of nowhere, I saw Olivia slap the guy in the face. I watched confused as she walked out of the crowd towards the club exit. I quickly followed her and asked.

"What happened?"

But Olivia didn't want to talk, instead she pointed in the direction of the exit, signaling that she wanted to leave.

When we left, she still didn't want to talk, so I suggested we go to the hotel, but she answered briefly,

"I didn't have any alcohol today, so I can drive us home." and we made our way to the car.

It was only on the drive home that she calmed down, and I was able to talk to her about everything.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened or not?" I carefully asked her.

"Ahhh...." exhaled Olivia deeply, then she said,

"Ben, I'm sorry for my behavior."

"Honey, you did really well, I'm actually very proud of you, but what did that guy do that made you so angry." I asked.

"Actually.... he didn't do anything wrong." She replied.

I asked, confused,

"What? I saw you slap him in the face. Of course, he must have done something wrong."

Olivia coughed, then she spoke,

"I think it would be best if I start from the beginning. When we parted ways, a blond guy tried to talk me into dancing with him."

I interrupted her and said,

"Yeah, I saw that. I was about to intervene, but the black guy was faster."

She continued,

"Exactly, he sent him away and introduced himself as Alex. He also said that he told the blond guy that I was his girlfriend, so now we have to dance together so that he won't notice it."

"Well, that was a good line to get you dancing with him. Clever." I replied amazed.

"Eventually, one thing led to another, and we danced closer and closer together, until we were touching each other through our clothes. I felt his bulge, and he felt my breasts and ass. It wasn't exactly easy for me to be touched by someone other than you, but I got over it. What helped me was just having you in my mind the whole time and thinking how happy that makes you." she told.

"And you made me very proud today too, you know. Tell me, did he only touch you through your clothes, or did he dare more." I asked her and couldn't wait for the answer.

Olivia thought for a moment, then she answered,

"There was a one moment when he put his hand under my dress and felt my inner thighs. He then ran a finger over my panties, but he did this only once."

"Shit, that's really hot, babe. But I don't understand now why you suddenly slapped him." I asked her confused.

Olivia exhaled and said,

"Ah, Ben..... it was the kiss. I can't explain it, but somehow, it's easier for me to give my body to someone than to kiss them. A kiss to me means passion, love and intimacy and when Alex kissed me, I snapped and slapped him." she paused for a moment and thought, then added, "I'm sorry I screwed up your birthday present, honey."

I put a hand on her lap and replied,

"Liv, you didn't screw up. Quite the opposite, I told you that I'm proud of you."

"Yeah, but..." she tried to say something, but I cut her off and said,

"No but. You forget that my fantasy isn't about me, it's about us together as a couple. And if you didn't want to kiss him, then so be it. I think that we still took a big step towards my sex dreams together today, and I'm very happy about that."

She smiled at me and replied,

"I love y.... OH damn, you have a boner, Ben?!"

During our conversation, a visible bulge formed in my pants, which Olivia only now noticed. I responded to her reaction,

"of course. Hearing how he touched you, makes me go crazy."

"I..... I… I mean..." Olivia stuttered, but she slowly understood the nature of my fetish. She was beginning to understand how to tease me, and she liked it, so she said,

"Would you prefer if Alex ran his finger over my clit instead of my panties, Ben?"

Olivia's sudden tease surprised me, but I loved it.

"It would be so hot..." I replied while looking at her.

In a calm but naughty voice, she continued,

"Or would you prefer him fingering me on the dance floor, Darling? You know what? Until now, I have told you how it was for me, but how was it for you? Did you like the little show I did for you?"

Turned on I replied,

"If we were alone in the club, just you, Alex and i, I would get my cock out and jerk off in front of you guys."

Olivia smiled. She liked that she knew how to turn me on now, and She also realized that she might not be able to fulfill my fantasy today, but that didn't mean she couldn't give me good sex tonight....


In a hurry, we opened the door to our apartment, and rushed inside.

For the past 20 minutes we just teased each other and when I grabbed Olivia between her legs during the drive, I noticed that her panties were all wet.

Because of the teasing, we both couldn't wait to be back home and when we were finally both in our apartment and the door closed with a loud click, we finally knew that we could now let off steam.

As soon as I took my shoes off, she jumped on me and clutched herself tightly.

"Now I got you." she whispered and pulled me into, and we kissed passionately. After each kiss, she giggled sweetly, so I asked her,

"what's so funny, babe?"

She answered briefly,

"Nothing, I only love it when you're horny," and our tongues met again.

Next, I turned around and held Olivia against the wall, while I kissed her from her neck down to her shoulder.

"Mmmmm." She gasped as my lips touched her soft skin and I felt her fingernails dig into my back.

"I need this so bad now..." she said and bit her lip. I stopped kissing her skin and turned to look her in the eyes and ask,

"What? What do you need now."

She gave me a naughty look, then answered,

"Your cockkkkkk."

"Well, then you shall get what you seek." I told her and carried her to the dining table, where I put her on the edge. And started taking off her high heels. First, I ran my fingers over her leg until I reached her shoe and then took it off. After that, I kissed her foot softly and repeated the process with the other leg.

As soon as I finished, Olivia grabbed my shirt and said,

"Come to me" and pulled me into a kiss. As I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, I noticed her hands lifting my shirt, signaling that she wanted my naked body. So I took it off quickly, and pushed her down, so that she was flat on the table. Then I pulled her dress over her hips and removed her panties.

Now she laid in front of me, with her legs spread and naked cunt. Even I have seen her naked plenty of times, Olivia's naked body kept surprising me, as if I had seen her naked for the first time. She was the epitome of beauty to me, a sex goddess whose looks would have driven any man crazy. Her legs were the perfect shape, her waist was slim, and her pussy was worth a million dollars. I've had sex with a few women in my life, but none of them were in her league. What gave me the ultimate kick was her pussy. Her smell and taste was out of this world and had something very addictive about it, like a drug. In addition, she shaved her pussy, leaving a trimmed triangle just above her clit.

"If only Alex could see her like this right now... he'll definitely cum tonight while thinking about Olivia." I thought and set about kissing her inner thighs eagerly.

As my lips brushed against Olivia's soft skin, I thought of Alex's hands that just recently touched her where my lips were now. And my cock was throbbing as images popped into my head of Olivia dancing with him.

I kissed her for a while to tease her a little, but finally I stopped in front of her pussy. Olivia's hips trembled as my breath hit her clit, showing me that the teasing had made her extremely sensitive. And then I widened my tongue and licked it from bottom to top. Once at the top, I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

"Ohhh!" Moaned Olivia, as she felt my touch, and grabbed my head with her hand. Next, I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked it with circular motions of my tongue.

"Yes Mmm, just like that, Ben." she said and felt her tug at my hair in pleasure. I continued to lick her and did my best. Then, out of nowhere, she said,

"Uuuuuughh, fuck, Ben. You lick me so good. You must be really horny today" she paused for a moment, then continued, "it's 'cause I look so hot, or is it because I was such a dirty.... little.... slut today?"

I believe what I heard. Olivia was starting to understand what my fantasy is, and how best to use it to tease me, and this was driving me crazy with pleasure.

"It is both. What happened today at the club is so hot, Liv. I really wish that he would fuck you" I answered and wanted to keep licking her, but Olivia had other plans and got up again.

Afterward, she held my head and stared deep into my eyes. We lingered for a moment, but eventually she pulled me into a passionate French kiss. It was a wild kiss, but that was exactly what showed the passion and lust we felt for each other. Our tongues curled around each other, and I put mine in her mouth. Soon our mouths were covered in a mixture of spit and Olivia's juices. As we stopped kissing, she said,

"You really want Alex to fuck me? Fine. Let's go get Alex."

At first, I didn't know what she meant and watched her walk into the bedroom. But when she came back with the BBC-dildo in her hand, I understood.

"Does my man want to watch me get fucked?" she said and slowly licked the dildo from bottom to the tip.

I stood still and could only reply, "yes," as I felt the lust come over me. At the same time, an idea that I had had for a while came to my mind. I wanted to fuck Olivia with the Dildo, yes, but I also wanted to show her how much pleasure a woman can feel when she's being fucked by a BBC. So, I told her,

"Take off your dress and get on the couch. I want to show you something."

While she was doing what I told her to do, I took my phone, selected a blacked porno and connected my phone to the TV, to stream the porn. When she saw what I did she said surprised,

"You want to watch a porn with me?" she wanted to say something more, but I stopped her and said,

"Shhhhh, just watch and learn." As I sat down on the couch and hug her from behind.

The porn started with a scene where a white woman made out passionately with a black guy. As their tongues met, she slowly jerked his big fat black. I could see Olivia's eyes widen when she saw how big his dick was. She alternately watched at the TV, then at the dildo, and then back at the TV, while realizing that there are men who are just as well-endowed, maybe even better, than the dildo.

Next in the porn, he picked up the woman and carried her to the bed, where she then gave the guy a sloppy blow job. Olivia watched carefully as the white slut put more and more of the black monster down her throat, inch by inch. Without taking her eyes off the TV, she said,

"Damn, I never thought she'd take it that deep."

While Olivia's full attention was on the TV, I took the opportunity and started playing with her beautiful breasts. My fingers stroked her nipples and I felt them slowly but surely harden. As I gently pinched them, she moaned and turned her head towards me to give me a naughty look.

Eventually, the blow job scene ended in the porn. Now it was his turn to satisfy the woman with his mouth. As his tongue touched the woman's clitoris, I also began to pleasure Olivia's clit with my fingers to create a connection between the porn and Olivia. When I touched her pussy, I noticed how wet and slippery it was, which showed me, that Olivia liked what she was seeing. Suddenly, in the middle of the scene, Olivia threw her head back said,

"Ohhh, Ben, I love your touch."

I then kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear,

"Keep looking, baby."

We lingered like that for a moment, but then the porn continued, and the black guy pulled the woman to the edge of the bed to fuck her now. So, I did the same thing and stood up. Meanwhile, Olivia positioned herself in the same position as the woman. Then I took the dildo in my hand and held it in front of Olivia's mouth. Without saying a word, she understood what I wanted from her and spat on it. On the contrary to the man's cock in porn, the dildo was still dry, so we needed some lube. That's why we needed her spit.

After that, the black guy massaged the woman's cunt with his huge cock, so I knelt down on the floor in front of Olivia and made the same movements with the dildo as the man in the porn.

All of a sudden, the woman in the porn said,

"Yeees, keep stroking my cunt, make it ready for your big black cock."

Hearing her words, Olivia smiled at me and said,

"Get that pussy ready for your big black cock, Alex."

"Oh, Alex is preparing your pussy for a good fuck." I replied, turned on by her words.

I continued to watch at the TV to copy the man's movements, and I saw him slapping her clit with his cock. So, I took the dildo and slapped her clit as well.


"Oh" she gasped, as she winced slightly.


"Uuuu" this time she didn't winced, but rather accepted the pleasure.


"Do you like being slapped, Liv?"

"Yes, I like it when Alex slaps me" she answered and bit her finger lustfully.

Suddenly, I heard the woman from the porn moan loudly, and I realized that they were already fucking. So, I tried to put the dildo inside her as well. But Olivia wasn't such a trained slut like the woman in porn. Her pussy was still tight, and has just started to get used to a BBC. That is why I felt resistance once again when I tried to get the tip into her, but the resistance wasn't as big, as the first time I fucked her with the dildo. So, I slowly pre-stretched her pussy with the tip, while Olivia continued to watch the porn.

Then, the porn scene got really rough and the pleasurable moans of the woman, echoed throughout the living room. Carefully, Olivia watched, how the woman got the fuck of her life. Finally, the woman screamed that she was cuming and her whole body started to tremble from the immense pleasure she felt. But the black guy didn't stop fucking her. Quite the opposite, he kept going and going, choking the woman while giving her a beautiful orgasm. After the woman's orgasm was over, he stopped and the two kissed lovingly with passion.

Seeing how much she was enjoying being fucked by that BBC, Olivia's pussy loosened up a little, so I could finally put the dildo inside her. It was as if she finally understood and wanted to feel the same pleasure as this woman.

"Agggggh!" she moaned as the dildo slid inside her, "Alex is inside me, Ben."

"You want Alex to fuck you, don't you?" I said.

"Yes" she replied.

"Say it. Tell him what to do with you" I told her, still holding the dildo in her pussy without moving it until I was satisfied with her answer.

"Uuuuuughh, Alex, fuck me!... fuck me and make me feel special, like Ben promised me when he first used the dildo on me."

"Very good" I answered, and slowly started to fuck her pussy.

"Oh God..... yeah... Mmmm." she moaned in lust and then bit her hand while the dildo stretched her pussy open, like she needed it.

I fucked Olivia with a dildo for a while the porn was playing on the TV. Olivia's pleasurable moans mingled with the moans of the wife in the porn, and before long the moans of two white sluts could be heard all over the room.

After a while, the two changed positions in porn, so I said to her,

"Lay down like that woman, babe. “

Now, Olivia laid flat on the couch and placed a pillow under her stomach so that her butt was slightly lifted. She looked with her head in the direction of the TV, so that she didn't miss anything.


I spanked her ass with a dildo and said to her,

"You are such a beautiful slut."

She giggled and replied,

"What are you waiting for, Alex, Ben wants to see how much you stretch me out." then she wiggled her butt temptingly, while continuing to giggle.

"I am waiting for someone to beg." I said and spanked her with the dildo again.

"Please, fuck me, Alex. Stretch my pussy with your huge cock." she begged and pointed to the TV, where you could see that the woman was already getting fucked, to add, "look, they're fucking already. Don't you think it's time to have some fun too?"

"I think it's about time you got a shaking orgasm again, my love."

We kissed briefly, and then I shoved the BBC dildo back inside her hungry hole.

"Uh, Uh.... Aughhhhh.... Uhm." Olivia's moans grew louder as the dildo slid deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I looked down at her ass and enjoyed the view. The black color of the dildo matched Olivia's white skin perfectly. After each new thrust, as the dildo slid out, Olivia's pussy lips clutched tightly around the shaft of the dildo. That's why it looked like her cunt was screaming, "no dildo, please don't go away. Stay inside me and fill me up."

Meanwhile, in the porn, the black guy has started to fuck the woman really hard and rough again. I wasn't watching the TV, but I could hear the woman screaming in pleasure and the clapping sound of the hard fuck. That's why Olivia said to me all of a sudden,

"Ben, Ahhh, Ben.... i thi.... I think I can stand it, if you fuck me rough as well...."

Upon hearing her words, I looked straight at her and asked,

"Who Should Fuck You Hard?"

She replied with a groan,

"Alex, Alex was supposed to fuck me hard...."

I stopped fucking her for a moment and pushed the dildo as far as possible inside her.

"Auuuuughhhhhh!" she moaned in pleasure loudly when the dildo hit her limit.

"Then beg Alex to fuck you roughly." I said to her.

"Pleeeeaasssse, Alex, please fuck me hard and stretch out my pussy. Pleasssse, I really need this right now."

Satisfied with what she said, I started to fuck her with hard deep thrusts and Olivia moaned, "Yes, yes.... uh ungh ungh uh uh uh AUGH!" while the dildo gave her unbelievable pleasure.

I looked back down to the dildo and noticed that Olivia started to cream on it once again. Then Olivia pressed her face against the couch and screamed in pleasure. But I wanted Olivia to still watch the porn and learn, so I pulled her hair, which forced her to lift her head and continue to watch the TV.

The woman in porn had her orgasm first. She squirted on the bed while shaking with pleasure. When Olivia saw the woman cum, she cried out,

"Ben! I think I'm going to cum as well!"

This was followed by a sweet, passionate cry, and her trembling body made it clear that she too had an unbelievable orgasm as well. Once again, she lay semi-conscious as she savored the immense pleasure. I wanted to fuck her myself today, but I decided that for the night Olivia's pussy belonged to the dildo, Alex. Therefore, I started to jerk off myself. Overwhelmed by the lust I felt, it only took me seconds to cum, and I busted my nut all over her back.

After two minutes, Olivia recovered. The porn was still playing in the background while she curiously asked me.

"Why did the woman pee during orgasm, Ben"

as I answer her, I looked at her and said,

"Ah, Sweetheart, it isn't pee. It's called squirting, and it's what happens when a woman reaches her ultimate sexual climax. At some point, your body can't take the intense pleasure anymore, and it releases the pleasure by squirting it out."

Then Olivia laid motionless on the couch. As me cum slowly ran down her back, and as the tremendous pleasure of the orgasm slowly but surely faded away, the only thing on her mind was if she could squirt too.

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