His name is Riley

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His name is Riley

Unread post by Luv2watchher » Tue Jun 20, 2023 11:18 am

“His name is Riley” my wife suddenly exclaimed as the two of us celebrated my birthday at one of our favorite romantic restaurants. “Riley – as in the life of….?” was my perplexed reply”. “No; Riley as in your birthday present – one that I expect to enjoy almost as much as you will. He works at the pool and I’ve invited him to join us for lunch tomorrow”.

This was a surprise. Her last boyfriend, Sebastian, had left our orbit (on the best of terms) a year ago and life had since been so busy lately it has been hard to find time for any extra-curricular fun and games to enliven our relationship
I was curious and more than a little pleased, but knew I needed to tread carefully. Feigning skepticism, I asked, “Isn’t the lifeguard fantasy a bit twentieth-century? Tell me more about this guy”. “Well darling, he’s about twenty-five, tall and good-looking in a James Franco kind of way. He’s also got a nice package; in case you were wondering”. “Really - you know this how?”. We engaged in a little touchy-feely as I was changing after my last swim. I didn’t think you’d mind”. “So, let me see if I understand this. You suddenly have the hots for some guy, half your age, you met at the pool; you’ve already felt his cock and now you want to fuck him?”. “You make it sound to tawdry darling, but basically, yes. He going to be my present to you, or rather both of us”.

During the pandemic, my wife and I kept ourselves much to ourselves but were fortunate to hook up with Sebastian (we call him Seb) who was great help to us navigating the surgical procedure I underwent as I described in my previous story (see below last paragraph for link). As life returned to normal, the working world got busy, and it seemed we no longer had time to engage in the cuckold lifestyle. I had occasionally asked her whether she wanted there to be another boyfriend in her future. She said she’d never want anything long-term but missed the excitement of a new lover and would consider a brief affair in the right circumstances. She said she was tired of hotel rooms but loved to have sex on our boat (a Four Winns Vista 255). The boat’s not large or luxurious but we have lived on it quite comfortably for up to a week, sometimes in the company of friends.

“So how do we explain to this guy that I want to watch you popping his cherry, and do we know he’s going to be good with me looking on?” “Well, at lunch tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job of explaining things to him and invite him to spend the night on the boat with us”.

On meeting him in the company of my wife and he seemed authentic enough. He was dressed in white jeans, a pale blue golf shirt and Nike ball cap. He wouldn’t have been out of place on the golf course and certainly seemed to be taking our invitation seriously. A few questions were asked and answered but I wasn’t sure he fully grasped what he was getting in to. Of course, it’s not every day a guy asks another guy to fuck his wife. I made it clear that, under certain circumstances, my wife was, free to have sex with other guys as our relationship open for her.

Riley worked until 4:00 pm at the pool every day so he joined us a little later and we took him for a late-afternoon cruise. My wife was topless as soon as we got out onto the water and Riley stripped to his trunks. We ate a shrimp taco dinner on the boat and drank wine as we watched the sun set over the ocean. I wasn’t in a hurry for action to start. The anticipation is to be savored. As darkness fell, my wife stripped and said to Riley, “Let’s take a swim”, They emerged from the water about five minutes later and I could see there was a bulge in Riley’s trunks. She towelled him down, pulling off his trunks in the process, briefly took his cock in her mouth and led him to the bunk. He seemed uncertain as to what was expected of him but she knew just how to handle him.

“Do you want me naked or would you prefer me in a chemise or stockings? My pubic hair is still wet; I didn’t dry myself properly. I’m wet and warm and moist. Touch me, touch me down below. I’m getting hot down there. Touch the lips, very gently. Stroke them with your fingers and open them up. Now feel my breast with your other hand. Caress the nipple. I’m told my breasts and nipples are very suckable. I sometimes cum just from the stimulation of my nipples. Suck my nipples until it drives me crazy”.

He applied his mouth to her nipples and she caressed his balls. They were both loudly murmuring, her nipples massively erect (ask me for a picture if you don’t believe me) and his cock was rock hard. She pushed his head down to her abdomen and he went down on her. He must have known what he was doing as she soon started to moan and exploded with her first orgasm in a matter of minutes. He mounted her but she rolled him over, riding him with his cock deep inside her. Her body seemed to envelop his; the older woman was totally in control of the younger man and she was taking him to places he had previously only known in his erotic imagination.

I was suffering from sensory overload and went up on deck for some cool air. There was another boat moored nearby with a couple sitting on the aft-deck enjoying the evening breeze. I wondered if they could hear the sounds of sex emanating from our boat, and if they thought it was strange there was a naked man with an erection on deck. I waved to them and the woman whispered something in her companion’s ear. On returning to watch the action, I found their bodies were apart and my wife was lying on her back, recumbent. It was apparent that I had missed his climax as I could see white fluid running from her vagina.

Observing that I had noticed this, she put a hand on her pubic bone saying, “you know what to do darling”. I did indeed and I made a thorough job of cleaning her up before probing for her clitoris with my tongue. She momentarily murmured with pleasure but quickly cut me off. “You don’t get any attention until he has finished with me, and that won’t be for a while”.

Riley and I each downed a beer (he a German lager, me an IPA) while my wife rested and he recovered and reloaded. I then had the pleasure of watching him fuck her a second time, starting in the missionary position, moving to doggy style and then back to missionary. My wife climaxed twice more, and he doing so with a series of load guttural grunts, the collective noise of which, likely kept our neighbors awake. When my wife finally gave me my hand-job, I didn’t last five seconds. Oh, to be twenty-five again.


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