The Tease

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The Tease

Unread post by Dinoduke » Sat Jul 01, 2023 1:05 pm

She planned to grant my fantasy; her motive was to please
But she wanted to prepare me first with what she called "The Tease"

She was on a trip, but we engaged in sexy talk
She knew that I was horny, so she said she needed cock

I assumed, as usual, the cock she wants is mine
But what was soon to follow would completely blow my mind

It started with her text that read, "Tonight, I'm going out"
I texted back and asked her where and what's this all about

Her provocative reply was just a selfie that she took
She was elegantly dressed but with a slightly slutty look

Oh my God, I texted; please tell me what's your plan
She said I'm going out to dance, and then I'll fuck a man

Repeatedly I called her, but she'd turned off her phone
I wondered, was she on a date or going out alone

For hours I was anxious, my imagination raging
Then I got a message, she was finally engaging

The message was a video, a sort of introduction
She looked at me directly and spoke without compunction

I know you want a threesome, which I’m prepared to do
But don't be mad because tonight, it will not be with you

I have a motivation, she said with gentle ease
For me, I'll get some practice, for you, I get to tease

This will give me confidence, I think you’ll like that too
And after this I promise that I'll do it next, with you

I know that there's a risk that you'll be mad or agitated
But I think in reality, I'll get you motivated

Behind her, two guys stood there, glad they'd been selected
She said they'd been out dancing and the three of them connected

She told them they could fuck her now, but wanted them to know
It had to be recorded for a private porno show

She said they could each have their turn, while the other gets the shot
This is for my boyfriend, so let's really make it hot

The first guy lifted up her dress all set to make a move
She wasn't wearing panties, and she’d shaved her pussy smooth

Aggressively, he dropped his pants, out sprang his rigid dick
The sight of it excited her, she had to have it quick

She turned and bent far over, her ass up in the air
She offered up her pussy while she braced against a chair

She felt his cock against her as he rubbed it on her clit
Her pussy was quite wet and so he eased it in a bit

Tremendously excited, he pushed it all the way
He grabbed her hips and held it deep, and then I heard her say

Give it to me, fuck me hard, and fill me with your cum
Then pass me to your buddy so that he can give me some

He fucked her hard her head was pressed against the wall quite firm
She felt him throbbing deep inside, then shoot his load of sperm

He squirted deep inside her, and as he did, he quivered
She instantly orgasmed, she was moaning, and she shivered

As that movie ended, she smiled and said, my dear
There’s more to come, so stroke your cock and imagine that you're here

Four more movies followed, the proof of all their fun
The last one showed her swollen pussy, leaking lots of cum

In all, they fucked her two times each; they gave her all they could
She said I think I'm satisfied; they really fucked me good

In the final movie, she's alone and speaks to me
I hope you're not too jealous cause it's been your fantasy

Tonight I chose to tease you, to stimulate your lust
I would have never done it if I didn't have your trust

Next time you'll participate, enjoying all the action
But please prepare your will in case you die of satisfaction

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Re: The Tease

Unread post by bewareoflizzy » Sun Jul 02, 2023 7:40 pm

Well done!

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Re: The Tease

Unread post by 54321 » Sat Jul 08, 2023 2:29 am

Excellent! Outstanding job!


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Re: The Tease

Unread post by maddog » Sat Jul 08, 2023 5:14 am

I love this.

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Re: The Tease

Unread post by eater » Thu Sep 07, 2023 7:34 pm

very hot!

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