Is Bigger is Better?

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Is Bigger is Better?

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I did not wrote this story, and unfortunately it was sent to me without author info, but it eas too hot not to share.

Over the years, philosophers, social scientists and others have pondered, discussed and compared opinions as to what profound conundrum constitutes the most vital question of our time. Is it the question of whether there is life after death, whether God exists, or whether Oprah can keep the weight off? I maintain that the most crucial question is the most obvious one: Is bigger better?

I know that a lot of so-called experts are fond of saying that it's not how much you have, but how you use it. Yeah, right. In my opinion, that crap is the rationalization of insecure guys with pint-size dicks. My experience has tended to back me up.

My epiphany started one night when my wife Jeannette and I had some friends over for dinner. After dinner, one of the women mentioned a magazine article she had read about penis size and sexual satisfaction and said she had always wondered how important size really was.

That's when Eleanor spoke up. She was a friend of my wife's from work, and she seemed to be an expert on the subject of penis size. "Of course it's important," she said confidently. . . . almost cock surely, you might say. "Any girl who says size doesn't matter hasn't had a big one. It's as simple as that."

My wife and most of the other women there seemed a little bit embarrassed by this uninhibited and candid pronouncement, and they giggled uneasily like schoolgirls. Still, they were obviously not uninterested. Actually they seemed secretly fascinated by Eleanor's bold comments and by her expertise as well, although they may not have wanted to admit it.

"Jeannette, what's the biggest cock that you've ever had?" Eleanor bluntly asked my wife. Jeannette kind of blushed, looked over at me and shrugged without replying. "Never had one, huh?" Eleanor grinned. "What about you, Barbara?" Barbara, who was sitting next to her husband, turned bright red and spread her hands helplessly. "Doesn't anybody want to answer the question?" Eleanor demanded.

Evidently nobody did.

Eleanor chuckled. "You've all just had little dicks, huh?" she said, looking around at the group. "Well, average ones, probably. Well, let me tell you, that every woman should, at one time or another in her life, have a really big dick slid up inside her sweet little pussy."

The entire group fell silent then, taken aback by Eleanor's boldness, but all of us, including me, were waiting to hear what she would say next. We may have been surprised, but we were captivated by the how well informed she seemed to be on the subject.

Our reactions to her comments seemed to amuse Eleanor. As the only unmarried woman there, she didn't have to worry about a husband's feelings of inadequacy, so she continued gleefully lecturing us about the advantage of outsize penises as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Finally my wife spoke up. "All right, Eleanor," she said boldly, not looking at me. "What's the biggest one you've ever had?"

Eleanor didn't hesitate. "It was 10 inches," she announced proudly, and she smiled when several audible gasps came from her obviously fascinated audience. "His name was Terry," she cooed. "And yes, he had 10 glorious inches, and he sure knew how to use it all." She smiled impishly around at the other women. "I know some other guys you gals could sample, if you're interested," she teased. No one was or at least no one spoke up.

Eleanor went on to expound on the further advantages of a big penis. I was fairly sure that every woman there, as they listened to her, was imagining herself being filled up by a 10-inch dick, and I would have bet that at least some of them were sopping wet by then.

When the evening came to an end, Jeannette and I stood together by the door, saying good-bye to all of our departing guests. As Eleanor left she gave Jeannette a kiss on the cheek, and then leaned closer and murmured into her ear, "Remember, I have a few names I can give you if the idea of trying a big cock appeals to you."

I was close enough to hear her comment, and I smiled at my wife, amused by the quick flush that came over her face and neck and shoulders. However, she did her best to act uninterested as she bid her friend good-night.

Later that evening, as we were undressing for bed, I brought the subject up again. "So do you want to get some of those names from Eleanor?" I asked her in a sort of half-teasing way. "You girls seemed really fascinated tonight by the things she had to say about big cocks."

Jeannette just shook her head as she finished getting undressed, saying firmly that she was not at all interested, and that she had everything she wanted in me. Then she kissed me and turned out the light. She snuggled against me, and I could tell by her manner that she wanted to make love. As I began to kiss her, it became obvious to me that she was far more aroused than she was letting on. I put my hand on her pussy, which was already sopping wet. It couldn't have been me that had done this to her; we hadn't even begun to do anything. This arousal had to stem from the conversation earlier in the evening; it had to have something to do with her curiosity about large dicks, and maybe with Eleanor's offer to supply her with one.

"You know, I think that you should try a big cock," I said, as I mounted her and slid my average-sized erection between her very moist labia. "I think you'd really like to try a monster cock in this very wet pussy." Jeannette moaned as I pushed further inside her. "What if there were no entanglements?" I went on as I started to move in and out of her. "No complications. Just a stranger with a huge dick. No risks, no strings. Wouldn't you be curious to see what it was like, just once?"

Jeannette just shook her head, and then told me to shut up and fuck her. But that night my wife's lovemaking was much more animated and more passionate than it had been for years. She was a lot more vocal than usual, and she came a number of times, whereas usually one orgasm per session was her limit.

"Wow!" I exclaimed as we were catching our breath. "Where did that come from?"

Jeannette just shook her head again, then kissed me passionately, as if to stave off any further speculation, saying again that I was all she needed. But I wouldn't let her off the hook. "But you were interested in what Eleanor was saying, right?" I inquired. "And you must have thought about it before. You must be at least a little curious. I mean, it's only natural. Don't you think?"

"Well. . ." Jeannette said reluctantly. "Maybe I have wondered a little. But that's just. . ." She trailed off, and I decided that, having made that little bit of progress, it would be wise to drop the subject for now.

The next day I stopped at our local produce store and made a purchase, and that night, as we were making love, I brought up the subject again. "Last night you said you've wondered at times what it would be like to be fucked by a monster cock," I reminded her. "So if I could arrange it—very simply, in an impersonal way, with no danger and no emotional ties—would you give it a try?"

Jeannette stared at me incredulously. "What the hell are you talking about?" she demanded.

"Just tell me," I insisted. "Would you try it?"

She hesitated for nearly a minute, and then, almost imperceptibly, she nodded.

"Okay," I said. "Don't go away. I'll be right back." I left her naked and breathing hard in our bed and ran down to the kitchen, where I retrieved the purchase I had made earlier—the biggest, thickest, roundest cucumber I could find in the market. I ran some warm water over it to get the chill off and raced back to the bedroom.

"Close your eyes," I told Jeannette, hiding the cuke behind my back, and she dutifully followed my instructions. I knew she had to be enormously curious. I pulled back the sheets, crawled between her legs and moistened the end of the huge vegetable with my tongue.

"Like I said, no emotional ties," I told her. "Just a large, wonderful cock for you to enjoy."

At that Jeannette's curiosity got the best of her and her eyes opened. When she saw what I was holding they went wide, and she closed her legs immediately. "You're not putting that monstrous thing inside me!" she protested.

"If you don't like it I'll stop," I assured her. "Just lie back and let me fuck you with this really big cock. It might be a revelation for you."

She hesitated for another moment, but then she settled slowly back on the bed and closed her eyes again, though she kept her legs together. I heard her take a sharp breath as I ran the cucumber up and down over the top of her slit, making contact with her clit. Gradually her legs opened, and she gave a little moan as I worked the tip of the vegetable between her puffy pussy lips. With her abundant vaginal juices now coating the tip, I carefully slid it deeper into her pussy. She began to gasp softly as I moved it back and forth, slowly sinking more of it inside her. Then her stomach contracted as I pushed it to the back of her canal.

"Oh my God!" she moaned. Her breathing began to increase, and her neck and chest started to redden. My wife was enjoying her first big "cock," and it was obvious that it was making a big hit. When she came she put her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream.

"Oh my God!" she said to me when she finally regained her composure. "Wow!"

"So you do like big dicks," I said, smiling at her.

Slowly she turned her head to face me. "I guess so," she whispered. "At least, big produce." We chuckled together, then lay there in silence for a few minutes. "That really was fantastic," she finally said in a low whisper. "I felt so filled up, so wonderfully stuffed."

I kissed her on the forehead. "And I loved seeing you enjoy yourself so much," I said. "It's a shame it could only be with a big veggie." When she said nothing, I went on. "Remember Eleanor saying that every woman should try a big cock at least once? I don't really think she meant vegetables, do you?"

"I like your cock just fine," she whispered, cuddling against me. But I had the feeling she was trying to convince herself as well as me.

"Maybe we can buy some more cucumbers," was the last thing she said before drifting off to sleep.

I was sleepy too, but instead of dozing off I lay there contemplating the image of my wife with another man, a really well-endowed man. I began to imagine a huge cock pushing into her the way that big cucumber had just done, seeing her face as she smiled in ecstasy, as she savored the feel of a huge penis filling her up. I wondered if she would ever do it. I also wondered if I could actually handle it if she did. But the fact that my cock was hard and throbbing at the thought told me that wouldn't really be a problem.

Over the next few weeks I continued to bring up the subject almost every day, and each time I did Jeannette would blush and then admonish me for being obsessed with the idea. But she also seemed a little less opposed to the notion each time, and less resistant, which encouraged me to keep bringing it up. I did it in a teasing manner most of the time, although of course I was totally serious. And Jeannette knew it.

Finally, several weeks after the dinner party that had started it all, she grinned when I teasingly asked her yet again if we should ask Eleanor for a name. "I already did," she said quietly. She blushed then, more deeply than I'd ever seen her do before. "She gave me the name of one of her favorites," she whispered. "His name is Randall."

I took her in my arms and kissed her, swinging her around as if we had just won the lottery. "I'm glad you're happy," she said when I put her down. "And I hope you're really serious about this, because I think I would like to try it. I mean him," she added, blushing again.

"That's wonderful!" I said sincerely. "I think you should."

"He told me he's going to call us tonight," my wife said modestly. "He wants to talk to both of us. Eleanor says that he is a wonderful lover. That he's very gentle, as well as being—you know—big."

"How big?" I asked, giving her a squeeze.

"At least 10 inches," Jeannette replied, looking down at the floor. "At least that's what Eleanor said." And suddenly she giggled.

I kissed her then, and I could feel the heat of her face. Jeannette was so turned on at that moment that her breathing was labored and her skin was as hot as her mood. I wasn't the possessor of the huge member she was looking forward to, but at the moment I would have to do. Almost immediately we began tearing each other's clothes off, and for nearly an hour we made some of the most intense, most passionate love we'd ever indulged in.

It seemed like hours before the phone rang. When it did we looked at each other and I nodded toward the phone, indicating that she should answer it. "I'll talk to him after the two of you have a chance to chat and get to know each other," I told her. "You can tell him I'm all for it, but if he still wants to talk to me, that'll be fine." Jeannette hesitated, standing over the phone, and I realized that perhaps she wanted some privacy. I told her I would be in the other room, and she waited for me to leave before picking up the receiver.

When she came out some minutes later, she was blushing and very edgy. "Randall said he would like to talk to you," she said in a hoarse whisper. She seemed to be so turned on that she could hardly speak, just from talking to him. A promising start, I thought.

Randall and I talked for 10 minutes, and I assured him that I was okay with him making love to my wife. As we chatted it came home to me how strange it was that I was talking to my wife's lover-to-be, trying to convince him that I really wanted him to fuck her, that I was fine with him filling her with his monster dick. It all seemed very bizarre, but I was also very comfortable with the whole thing, and I became even more so as we talked.

"Jeannette is really eager to meet you," I told him. "And I can't wait to hear her tell me all about how she enjoyed her time with you. If you don't mind, of course."

Randall said he didn't mind at all, although he seemed a bit surprised, since, as he said, not many husbands help arrange their wives' sexual affairs. But I was again hard with arousal at the thought of my wife being fucked by one of Eleanor's favorite lovers. I wanted to hear how it felt for her to have a 10-inch cock sliding into her pussy, stuffing her as she'd never been stuffed before. I wanted to savor the particulars of her being made love to by another man, a man with a cucumber-sized cock. I even told Randall this, and he told me how great he thought it was that I could give my wife this freedom, adding that if more husbands were willing to let their wives fuck lovers with big cocks, there would be fewer rich lawyers in the world, and significantly fewer divorces.

Jeannette and Randall had arranged for her to go over to his place the next night, and to stay until the morning. When we went to bed that night we made love again, and again she was as wildly passionate as I'd ever seen her. She even asked me to use the cucumber on her again, and she came twice while it was inside her. In return she gave me a fabulous blowjob, something she seldom did, except on special occasions.

The next evening Jeannette spent a long time getting herself dressed, even though I pointed out that it didn't really matter what she wore, because Randall would probably have her totally naked within minutes of her arrival. Nevertheless she insisted that she wanted to look sexy for him. She finally chose a low-cut silk top and a short skirt that left most of her thighs bare. Her legs are her best feature, and she knows it. I kissed her before she left, and I told her to have a wonderful time.

When my wife came home the following morning, I could tell immediately that she had had the time of her life. Her cheeks were still flushed, and her chin had the redness of razor burn, as if she and her lover had kissed endlessly throughout the night. Her eyes simply sparkled, and she looked altogether like a woman who had been filled to capacity and very well-fucked. She was still savoring the feeling of her lover's cock in her pussy as she undressed and stretched out on the bed.

"Well?" I asked. "Did you find out that bigger is better?"

"Oh God, darling. I love you, but I think I'm addicted," she gushed. "Making love with you is wonderful, but being fucked by Randall is simply beyond belief! He just fills me so completely. Oh lord, I'm exhausted!" And with that her eyelids dropped, and within a few minutes she was fast asleep.

She slept until nearly six that evening. I finally kissed her awake when she began to stir.

She was surprised to find that she had been sleeping so long. "I didn't get much sleep with Randall," she said, blushing a little. "Though we did drift off from time to time. When we did, he stayed inside me as we slept."

"You mean he stayed hard?" I asked as I climbed into bed beside her. I was hard, that's for sure.

"I don't think he ever went completely limp," Jeannette said. She sighed appreciatively, then kissed me. "Although he's big enough to stay inside me even when he's soft. Oh darling, Eleanor was right. I never knew what it could be like to be so filled up. It's fantastic! I can't wait to do it again."

"So, you won't be satisfied with a cucumber any more?" I joked.

"Not if I can have the real thing," she said, wrapping her legs around my waist. She took hold of my very stiff dick and inserted it into her wet and very well-fucked pussy. "But variety is the spice of a horny woman's life," she said, smiling at me. Even though she had started to breathe more heavily, there was a confidence, almost an assertiveness in her voice that I didn't think I had ever heard before. "And right now," she went on, "I need a normal-size penis to keep me in shape for Randall's fantastic pole when I get the chance to fuck him again. So come on and screw the hell out of me, my sweet little hunk!"

And that's just what I did.

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