If we could start over

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If we could start over

Unread post by cukgrl69 » Wed Aug 02, 2023 12:41 am

My wife has been talking a lot lately about wishing we had "discovered" this lifestyle earlier. She says she regrets that we haven't been doing this (cucking/hotwifing) for years. We are in our early 50s now, though we both look younger than we are, and she's still very hot. We've sort of fantasized together about what our marriage could be like if we were able to start over. I asked her if she would have wanted to do this from the beginning. At first she said no, but the more we talked about it she came around to saying she wishes we could have started on our wedding night to make me a cuck from the beginning. She has really gotten into gangbangs, though she's only truly had one so far. She talks about them a lot and of our last 5 encounters, all have involved at least 2 men, though more often 3. I told her I don't consider it a gangbang until there is at least 5.

What follows is taken from our shared fantasies that we have discussed together. The beginning recounts how we really met and started our relationship.

She saw him from across the room. She was at the bar with her friends, looking for another guy to play with for the night. She could tell he was cocky, which was a turn-off... at first. He was talking some guys at a table. She wasn't sure about what, but he looked like he was teaching a class. Then he got up and walked over to the bar next to her to order a drink. He didn't even look at her. What was this guy thinking? She was hot, she was all dressed up, this guy is a cocky ass. He went back to the table to continue his discussion, which seemed to be about economics or history or something.

She and her girlfriends were talking, checking out all the guys. She ordered herself another drink. A couple of guys were playing darts, so she got a girlfriend to go over with her to join them in a game. No one involved could actually play, so the game drug out for too long. But she kept checking out this cocky jerk, who never seemed to even notice her. The game finally finished and they went back to the bar, without the guys. It was getting late now and she was ready to go. Here this ass comes again to the bar for another drink. She stands there as he approaches. He doesn't look at her, orders his drink, then asks nonchalantly, "Do you want drink?"

"I didn't think you even noticed me, now you want to know if I want a drink?" "I noticed you," he said, "You just didn't notice me noticing you." She rolled her eyes. "So do you want a drink?" "I was getting ready to go," she tells him. "Well, do you want to go or have a drink with me?" "Oh my God. Fine."

So she sits back down at the bar and tells her friends that she's going to stay and they can go on. They talk for a good hour. She tells him that she has an MBA and that she is an HR director. He asks for her e-mail address and says he's going to send her his resume so she can help him out with it, since he's looking for a new job. She knows its a ploy to get her contact info and try to impress her with his resume, but she plays along. They leave the bar separately that night, but he sends her his resume a few days later. They go out to a movie a few days later, then to a bar for a couple drinks, then to her house, where they have sex on the first date.

About a year later she tells him she wants to sell her house and move to a new state. She wants to know if he wants to come with her. After making arrangements at work, he tells her he'll go with her. They move together and get an apartment. It's been two years now, and he doesn't know it, but this is the longest relationship she's ever had without cheating on someone. But he knows they have been together for a while now and in order to stay together he needs to take things to the next level. He gets a ring and on Valentine's day he proposes before they go out for dinner. She's thrilled. She had been wondering if he was ever going to propose, but was glad he finally did. She felt like her life was finally coming together, after years of partying and bad relationships.

Yet, after a night of bliss and joy, reality started to set in. He still didn't know that she had been with over 100 men. He didn't know that she had cheated on every boyfriend she'd ever had, and that she had been previously engaged, but that it had been broken off because he found out that she was cheating on him during their engagement. And he didn't know that she had doubts about her ability to remain faithful, even though he, unlike most of her other boyfriends, was a "good guy", had a good job, and was great in bed. Having just gotten engaged to a great guy, she was already feeling the desire for the rush and anticipation of being with someone new, and then someone else, and another. Being with just one man, after years of serial lust fucking anyone she wanted to, she was afraid of what she might do and what would happen if she cheated again.

The fear of him finding out about her past kept gnawing at her. One night they were out dancing at a bar and she'd had a little too much to drink. On the way home she told him that she had to tell him something about her and that she hoped he wouldn't hate her. He looked at her with concern, knowing that she was drunk and knowing that she might be about to tell him something he didn't want to hear. She said, "I've been with a lot of guys before you." He said, "Ok, that doesn't matter." She said, "No, I mean a lot. Over a hundred." He paused. "That's ok," he said. He wasn't really shocked. After all they had sex on the first date, its not like he thought she was a saint. She went on. "I was also engaged once before, and I cheated on him and on every boyfriend I ever had, even in high school."

Now she had his attention. He asked, "Have you cheated on me?" "No!" she replied. "I love you more than anyone I ever have and I never want to cheat on you.... but...." He replied, "But what?" "I don't know. I'm. I'm a whore. I don't know if I can help it. I don't want to cheat on you now, but I know how I get. I can't promise I never will." They pulled into the their apartments.

"Alright, let's go upstairs." He wasn't sure what to think. She was wasted, she was rambling. "I love you so much," she kept saying, "You're so good to me."

The next morning they woke up together. She had a headache and vaguely remembered what had happened last night. She was embarrassed and didn't want to talk to him. But he wanted to address it. He was like, "So, 100 guys huh?" She was like, "Oh my God, I can't believe I told you that." He said, "Why? I'm glad you did. It's ok." He'd only had two close girlfriends and slept with five women altogether, but he was a devout lover who always worked to please his partners.

"So you're going to cheat on me too apparently right?" "Oh my God, no. I don't know. I mean I didn't mean that," she replied. "So, you're worried about being with just one guy for the rest of your life, no matter who it is, right?" "I guess." "Maybe you don't have to." "What do you mean?" "You've heard of swingers, maybe we could try that." "I don't know. Maybe. But I get really jealous. I know its not fair, but I just do." "Ok, I'm just saying, if you're honest with me, we can figure it out together. Just think about it."

That ended the conversation, and they went to get some breakfast. But both of them started looking into swinger's groups in the area without the other knowing. He was honestly excited by the possibility that they may have a relationship that was more than monogamous. A few months later she said she'd found a swinger's event in town and wanted to know if he was still interested in going. He agreed to go, and said there were no expectations, that they could just go to check it out.

The night finally came and they were both nervous, not knowing what really to expect. They arrived together, paid to get in and were quickly surprised by how many people were there, the type of people there (fairly upscale) and what was going on. She was immediately excited while he was nervous. They walked around and watched. They saw several groups of people having sex. They finally sat on a couch together having a drink. A couple approached and introduced themselves. They both complemented her and noted how striking she was. Both the man and his wife appeared to be interested in her. She held her fiance's hand as she talked to them. They invited them both to a private room with them. She asked if it was ok and he said yes. They all went together. Once in the room both the husband and wife started to make-out with her. She pulled him along, but he was content just to watch. The husband and wife proceeded to ravage his fiancee. He'd never seen this side of her before. He was thrilled to watch, and so excited that he almost came without even touching himself.

When it was all over she pulled him to her and told him it was amazing, but that she wasn't really into girls and that she'd prefer just guys from now on. He said it was fine and that he had an amazing time watching. She asked if he was truly ok with it and if he wanted to be with someone too. He didn't want to be with anyone else, but wanted to be with her now more than ever. They cleaned up and went home. She said she wanted to try something like that again, and that if their marriage could be like that, she wouldn't have any anxiety about it.

They went to another event, but this time, she made contact with a couple of guys. They came over and talked to them for a while and he agreed to let her go with both of them. The four of them went to a private room again and both of the men quickly started making out with her. She got on the bed, while looking intently at her fiance. She motioned for him to join them. The three of them were already undressed and both of the guys were rock hard with big cocks, bigger than his. He motioned for her to proceed without him, while he stood by watching. She started sucking both of them in turn, and then one started to fuck her from behind while she sucked the other. He couldn't believe it. She really had been with over 100 men -- she was performing like a porn star. They took turns swapping back and forth from her mouth to her pussy until both finally unloaded into her open mouth.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. How eager she was. How effortless. But he knew there was no turning back. Was he really prepared to marry her?

After all was said and done, she was in a state of bliss. He said she was amazing, but on the ride home she wanted reassurance. "Are you sure you're ok with this? If not, we can stop, we don't have to ever do it again." "No we can't," He said, "There is no way you could go the rest of your life and never do that again. I've never seen you like that. I could never take that away from you." She said, "Are you mad?" He said, "No, I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it." "Do what?" "How I'm going to be your husband and keep you satisfied." She said, "You're the best man I've ever been with. I'll love you no matter what." 'Maybe' he thought, but making her truly happy was another matter.

The wedding was coming up soon. He wanted to do something big for her and wanted to surprise her. He wanted to let her know that he was going to do what it took to keep her happy. He was able to contact the two men that she'd been with at the event. He told them what he had in mind. They knew of other guys from the swingers group as well. He wasn't sure about what he was doing, but he thought it was necessary to impress her and ensure that she would remain happily married to him. He added the names of 10 men to their guest list. She noticed and asked what it was about. He said they were guests that were going to join them on their wedding night, if she wanted them to. She couldn't believe it. "Are you serous!" "Are they going to come to the wedding ceremony?" "If you want them to." "Oh my God," she exclaimed. "Was this a bad idea," he asked. "Should I tell them not to come?" She paused, "I didn't say that."

Their wedding day came. She was equally excited to get married and about what she knew was going to follow. She saw the two men she'd been with in the audience as she walked down the isle. She looked ahead at her soon to be husband. They said their vows. They took pictures and talked to the guests. They went to the reception. She danced with her husband, then with the two men and they pointed out the other men that would be joining them. She was excited about what would happen after the reception and didn't want to wait. She told her new husband that she was ready to go. He let everyone know that the bride and groom would soon be leaving. The guests all gathered to wish them well and sent them off to begin their honeymoon. As the bride and groom ran through the crowd of well-wishers, she thought about the fact that their families and guests had no idea what was in store for her.

The groom had rented a private bungalow at a nearby resort for them to spend the night in. As their limo headed toward the resort, they were followed by a small entourage. He checked in and let them know that a small party of wedding guests would be joining them to celebrate. When they arrived at the bungalow he gave his bride a passionate kiss and told her that he was going to make her a very happy wife. He picked her up as they entered the bungalow, with their "party guests" following close behind.

He laid her on the bed with her veil still on her head. The ten men quickly filed into the room excited to get the party started. She got down onto her knees and they quickly pulled off their pants and began shoving their cocks in her mouth while her husband stood by watching. After having sucked each of the men, she got back onto the bed, still fully dressed. The men pulled back her bridal dress and removed her panties, throwing them at her husband, who caught and held them. They began fucking her missionary style on the edge of the bed, while some put their cocks in her mouth. Over the next few hours they took turns fucking her in every position and every hole. Some of the men came in her multiple times, resting after having cum in her before fucking her again. At last she was finally exhausted, completely covered and filled with cum. Her new husband was still fully clothed, watching from a chair across the room.

As she lay on the bed, covered in cum, she thanked all of the men for making her wedding night special. After they all left, her husband finally approached the bed. "That was amazing," she said, "but now its your turn." He took of his clothes, unsure of how to approach his cum covered wife. He pulled her legs up and let his hard cock fall into her gaping cum-filled pussy. She could barely feel him after having been fucked so hard by all those cocks. As he tried to fuck her his cock kept slipping out of her sloppy hole. He could tell he'd never be able to cum in her ruined cunt so he pulled out and jacked-off into her gaping cum bucket to consummate their marriage.

He collapsed beside her on the bed, saying, "I can't believe we actually did that." She rolled over onto him, pressing her cum covered body up against him, then kissed him with her cum covered lips. "Believe it," she whispered as she sat up straddling him, "And I want to do it again... a lot."

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