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Greeting human individuals,

All the background info:
I'm Stan (fake names), 19 years old,
I lived with my mom growing up and didn't know my dad. He was a deadbeat and didn't stick around or pay any child support. My mom is a deadbeat too, but she raised us best she could. I have 6 half siblings, all but 2 of us have different dads. It was a crazy childhood.

I lived next door to my best friend Sam (19). Sams parents were a lot more involved and loving than mine. They had 3 kids, all boys, with Sam being the youngest. After Sam, apparently the mom had some sort of complications from the pregnancy so she couldn't have any more children. Apparently it really bothered her that she never had a daughter, so they started raising Sam as a girl after around 9 years old. They convinced the Counselors and doctors that Sam had gender dysmorphia. They even had Sam believing it, I mean how could a little kid not believe what their parents are telling them?

Anyway, after 9 years, Sam was a girl. She had a really traumatic childhood after that because of the confusion, meds and hormones, and bullying.
We stayed friends though, and at 16 I realized that I was attracted to her. Sam went from being my best friend to being my girlfriend.

It was such a confusing time. I'm still not sure about it all. We didn't feel right about dating eachother, it felt wrong somehow, so we kept our relationship a secret.

Now, a few years later, we moved to the next city over and are in college.

At some point over the last few years, I've developed a fascination with the cuckold kink. Sam and I have discussed exploring it, and have recently started.

We've kept our relationship on the down-low for this reason also. She's been dating around, and it's so much easier to go in public when nobody knows we're together. We live in a fairly small town, so people know eachother. We just pretend to be best friends (as we always have been)

Anyway, you can imagine the scenarios that this opens up.
Frequently, she's asked out by my acquaintances and sometimes even my friends.
Nothing has gone very far yet, and no sex so far.
Most of the most promising guys broke things off when they learned she's trans.

I guess the reason I decided to post this story is that I had a super interesting development.
I've been handling her dating sites recently, swiping on guys that I think would be a good match for her.
I was swiping for about an hour last night when suddenly... I saw my dads profile.
I swiped right.
He matched with her this morning. OMG!

To be honest I'm not sure what to think, but I had a boner thinking the scenario through, so I told Sam I'd be interesting if they met up.
I didn't tell her it was my dad though. I don't think she knows. I barely recognized him myself. I hadn't seen him since I was 6, and I only occasionally look him up on social media to see what he's doing.

She's down to meet him, and has started messaging with him.

Should I tell her he's my dad?

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