"You with a black man's cock in your mouth!"

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"You with a black man's cock in your mouth!"

Unread post by DA32 » Sun Sep 17, 2023 9:48 am

In 1992 I met Karen through a personals ad I placed. Because the response she left on my answering machine was funny and interesting I phoned her and we arranged a time to meet to have dinner. Though Karen was 44 (I was 38) she was as hot as woman in her twenties. Slender, my height (5'7"), wheat straw blond hair, and grey eyes. Karen also held a doctorate and was an adjunct prof. at a local college. Though she wasn't especially funny in person her looks and her intellect were a big turn on all the same.

Maybe it was because she was raised in a devoutly Catholic home, but we didn't hop into bed until after our fourth date. The first time was okay, but not very memorable. All that changed when we were having dinner one evening and I told her that I'm bi and had been involved with a black man in college. She was startled, but she didn’t seem to be put off. After we got to her place we were cuddling in bed and I asked if she was okay with what I told her. In a very sexy voice she told me "yessss." . I began rubbing her clit and went on to ask if she liked it. Karen murmured "mmm hmm." I kept at it hoping she’d say that the image of me and another man making love was exciting. Instead she told me that what turned her on was "thinking of you with a black man's cock on your mouth!!" She had an explosive orgasm. It gave me my first glimpse into the kind of relationship Karen wanted to have.

In the weeks that followed Karen began to exert more and more control over me in and out of bed. It wasn’t always easy. Once we went to a restaurant and, without any warning, Karen ordered for me ( “and he’ll have…”). I was rattled by it — I think the last person who ordered for me was my mom when I was 10 — but I didn’t say a word that would hint I had a problem with it. Sexually it was the same. My job was to please her. Since I’m an awful lay — I cum way too fast — making love usually meant hugging, kissing, sucking her nipples for what seemed forever, and going down on her pussy until my jaw was numb. Karen, in turn, would sometimes suck me, but would usually give me a hand job. On occasion she’d straddle me and grind her pussy against my small dick. I guess it was out of kindness that every so often she did let me cum inside her. Obviously she didn’t get anything out of it for herself (she once hinted that I should buy a dildo, but I was too dense to realize that she was telling me to). Of course, I went along with it and even took it a step further. I got in the habit of asking her to spit on my dick while I was jerking off. Karen would happily oblige. She best summed up our relationship when she said “you’re not my lover, you’re my pet.” Once when I told her there was something I’d like to change about our sex life she literally screamed at me and I never brought up the subject again. Despite all of that — or maybe because of it — I proposed to Karen and she accepted.

After a while it began to feel like a huge mistake. I served Karen, but I didn’t really love her. Eventually, with the support of my therapist, I ended the relationship. That was years ago, but now I realize that had it gone on she would have made me her cuck (as well as her pet) and finally gotten to see me with a black man’s cock in my mouth.

I don’t usually think of ex-girlfriends with I masturbate, but I often think of Karen and when I do I cum VERY hard.

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Re: "You with a black man's cock in your mouth!"

Unread post by isinlarsa » Sun Sep 17, 2023 10:07 am

I don't consider myself as bi; but I do think sexuality is more on a continuum than being completely heterosexual or homosexual. My girlfriend took her best gay friend to a sex club where she sucked his cock and later they switched with another couple and her gay friend fucked the other wife.

My own experience was with a long-time fuckbuddy. In talking about sex one evening after a good fuck, she told me that she always wanted to watch two men suck each other off. The way she talked about it, got me excited. As it happened, she had a bi boyfriend, and she proposed we do a threesome. During the threesome I did end up sucking his cock, and found it very intriguing to feel his hard cock in my mouth. It never happened again, but, if the opportunity arose I would do it again in a New York minute -- especially if a woman was watching. We never did a 69 for her viewing pleasure, but she did get to watch me sucking him. For some reason I had no desire to have him suck me; even though I love to get a blow job from a woman. Even today, I do sometimes fantasize about sucking another man's cock.

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Re: "You with a black man's cock in your mouth!"

Unread post by eater » Sun Sep 24, 2023 12:59 pm

very hot

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