It's happened!

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by SamWarrens » Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:53 am

Thats a "ditto" for me too.
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by OOAA » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:48 am

Any more info to share?

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by wingman » Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:34 am

Surely you've talked to her since she moved in with those two guys??? Hows about something for those of us who must live vicariously through your adventure! lol ;)
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by poppag » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:47 am

Hello Michael, hope you are having an excellent cuckold/eunuch summer. Now that's a sentence I never thought I would put together! Lol. You had already said you might not update this thread for a while, but I'm with wingman, I'm sure there has been some good contact with Jen. Has she teased you? Has sent you the wild text messages? Have you bought her any new sexy clothing for her to wear for Kyle and Brett? Delivered it to her only to have to wait for a text to see it on her? Now I don't know if anyone else has the same questions, but I'm sure some do.

Thinking only good things for you and Jen.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by OOAA » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:58 pm

Hi Michael, how are you? how is everything there...?

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by corey22901 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:33 am

Hi Michael,

I have not been a part of this conversation, but a interested reader. I am caged indefinitely and wifey is considering a BF, and I am not sure how I feel about that - both excited and worried.

I read your story with interest as I learn from your experience and others. I don't want to nag of course, but eager to hear about you and Jen. Amazing confidence and love to let her be with her pals for the summer.


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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by michael8401 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:31 pm

Wow! This was an insanely hot story and accounting of your life Michael! I definitely have some of the same tendencies, albeit not quite as intense as you. I tend more to the hotwife scenarios when she was fucking Ben and the 2 guys at the same time but still you getting some of the most bare sex of your life. I am with you though on eating the cum and cleaning up. That's a favorite for me too.

It would be interesting to get an update during the summer for you. I would be in agony if I were you, but I couldn't give up sex no matter what, so I applaud you for listening to your gut and it sounds like she is with you for the long haul.


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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by Lawtonka » Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:51 pm

This is so sad. Unbelievable
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by viking53 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:00 am

Michael, how are you baring up? I hope that Jen hasn't pushed you over the edge this time.

This situation is really different from when Jen was cuckolding you with Brian. At that time, you were directly or indirectly involved in all their activities. Jen had a very active and loving relationship with you and interacted with you on a daily basis. Brian was very much aware of your part in the whole and was very careful to make sure you were involved and happy with the way things developed.

Your present situation is very one-sided and just about Jen's satisfaction and enjoyment. Don't know how much she has interacted with you while she is away or if you have visited them but I guess you would still just be on the sidelines. The little interaction you had with Brent was purely on Jen's terms and purely for her benefit, choreographed by her. He wasn't in any way interested in involving you in their activities.

Its coming up on 2 months shortly and I hope you are OK and hanging in there. Please let us know that that is the case.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by SamWarrens » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:22 pm

No news? No contact? Have you permanently lost your wife? Did one of them knock her up?
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by excitedcuckold » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:44 pm

Thank you to those of you who’ve expressed interest in what’s been up with me and Jen.

It’s actually been really hard for me at times. I’m sorry that I haven’t been on this thread much, but keeping away is what I’ve got to do.

For one, there’s some negativity on here that I don’t really want to face all that much. Yeah, my own wife isn’t into fucking me and she’d rather be off with other dudes for the summer. With Jen being so blatant about her lack of interest in having sex with me and then ditching me for the summer, that’s a pretty good sign my marriage might be in trouble. Guess what? I’d already thought of that. And it might be true. I already know this and obsessing about it doesn’t help.

Another thing is that with Jen being gone, I can’t make all my free time about cuckolding. Which is what I was doing at first. Reading stories, looking at porn, fantasizing, and jerking off. I need to have fun and also do valuable things with my free time. Not that this forum can’t be valuable. Posting on here sometimes helps me work through stuff in my head. Plus, thanks to this forum, I can tell a bunch of people stuff that I can’t talk about with anyone else. But, it’s too easy to get caught up and lose track of other things that I could and should be doing so that my time spent away from Jen isn’t as lonely.

Also, I’d like to say something about jerking off. It can be a problem. With Jen away, that angst that I sometimes feel after jerking off is now huge! I’ll cum and suddenly I fucking regret everything and I just want to phone Jen and tell her that I want to call this cuckold thing off and tell her that I miss her and that I want her to come back! It almost happened a few times. Even easier would be a text message though. One click and I can spill my guts about my regret and about how I want Jen to pack up and come home. I really came close! One night after jerking off and cumming, I texted Jen. “I miss you so much, baby! I wish you weren’t so far away every night and that I could see you and hold you right now.”

To her credit, Jen replied “I miss you too! Well, most of you. Not that useless eunuch cuckold penis of yours. Ha ha! But, yeah, it would be nice to cuddle with you. :)

It was both a sweet and a stinging reply. It reassured me, but it also started to make me horny again. And because I started to get horny again, my fear started to get pushed away. Not completely though. I still was tempted to try to call the whole thing off and try to convince Jen to come home to me. I texted back, “I worry sometimes that with Kyle and Brent there, you’re not gonna think about me much. Lol.”

Jen replied, “I’m definitely not thinking about your penis! Other than, thank goodness I don’t have it inside of me! Ha ha! But, I do think about you every day! You being sad and lonely?”

“A little bit,” I replied.

“Want me to call you later?”


By the time Jen and I spoke later that night, I was feeling better. We mostly just talked about how our day and week was going and random stuff. We told each other that we loved one another. It was really nice. I was so thankful then that I didn’t blow it all by getting carried away with my fear and loneliness. Jen promised to message me more often so that I could see how much she was enjoying herself and so that I wouldn’t feel left out. Jen was already being pretty good about messaging me, but the extra messages made things better. Random, silly little texts like “Sunscreen is good for my skin. Good thing I have two hot guys to help me put it on every inch of body and make sure I don’t miss any spots! ;)

Random little texts like that helped a lot. The best messages though were the ones where Jen was throwing in my face how great her sex life was without my penis.

Some of my favorites:

“Orgasms galore! Real men with real cocks ftw!”

“Brent asked me if I miss having sex with you! Isn’t that hilarious? Lol! I told him that’s like missing cube steak after having filet mignon! Ha ha! He loves steak, so he got a good laugh out of my analogy!”

And then there were random photo messages. Like a photo of Brent’s erect cock with the message “This is what a real man’s cock looks like, baby!”

Or a photo of semen running down Jen’s leg with the message “I fucking love Kyle’s sperm! I don’t think I’ve ever said that about your sperm, have I baby? Ha ha!”

And then there were the photos of Jen modeling the presents I bought her. Two swimsuits and one set of naughty lingerie. My favorite was a photo of Jen in one of the bathing suits, next to a shirtless Kyle with his arm around my wife. The two of them were smiling. Jen’s message read “Sexy swimsuits are so much more fun to wear for real men! Though it is fun to tease you with, my platonic bestie backup plan! Ha ha! Thanks for the present, baby! Kyle thinks it looks great on me! He’s gonna help me take it off later!”

On top of all that, there were the videos! Just snippets. Just bodies. No faces. Although brief, those little snippets were of my wife having sex with other men! I was ecstatic to get these little peeks into her sex life! Being a voyeur at a distance. Admiring what other men were doing with my wife, that I couldn’t do with her. Things I couldn’t do, not just because of the distance, but because my wife didn’t want to do those things with me.

I made a point of doing my best not to jerk off too often. And the few times I couldn’t help jerking off, I’d brace myself for the fear and emotional hurt I might feel afterwards.

All the while, I was having a good social life outside of work, spending time with friends and family, playing sports, working out, reading, etc. I didn’t even have to explain our situation all that much. “Oh, Jen’s just spending the summer with some friends. She got into the summer classes she wanted, got a free place to stay, and got a great summer job with as many hours as she wants. Too good an opportunity to pass up, you know? I’m so proud of her for being such a hard worker and student!” It’s been so easy to explain! Plus, Jen has been brilliant about managing her social media! She has all the bases covered. She is so fucking amazing at putting on a show of innocence!

And then it came time for me to finally visit!

I don’t want to say which days I visited, because I’m still paranoid that people we know might stumble on this thread. But, it was very recently. And I was only there for a few days.

Jen scheduled herself so that she had the evening off when I came up. Kyle and Brent were working though. When I arrived and came to the door, Jen opened it and gave me a big hug and a kiss!

“It’s so great to see you!” she said.

“I missed you so much!” I said.

“I missed you too, Michael!” Jen replied.

It wasn’t long before the two of us were on the couch, making out!

I took my shirt off and then took Jen’s shirt off as we continued to make out. I undid her bra and started to move one of my hands to her breasts.

Jen started to undo my pants, but then she stopped. “I don’t want us to do this,” she said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Be that couple who hasn’t seen each other in a long time, fall back into each other’s arms, and have sex the first opportunity that arises.”

“Who said anything about sex?” I asked.

“I did,” Jen replied. “Just now. Maybe that’s not where you were headed, but that’s where it felt like it was headed. And I don’t want to have sex with you, Michael.”

“Okay,” I answered. “That’s cool. I mean, I know we have a deal. So what are the rules then, besides no sex? What are we allowed to do?”

“I’d prefer you didn’t think about it in those terms,” Jen replied. “It’s not so much about what’s allowed as it is about what I want.”

“Okay then,” I replied. “What do you want?”

“I want to humiliate you!” Jen shot back. “I want to stop you in your tracks! Stop you from touching me in a sexual way! Stop you you from taking my clothes off any further! I want to shoot you down and throw it in your face that I don’t find you sexually desirable!”

“Well, it looks like that’s what you’re doing.” I replied calmly, without raising my voice. “So do it.”

There was a pause.

I looked into Jen’s eyes as I spoke again and tried not to show any signs of anger. “I’ve come a long way to see you and I’m really happy to be here with you, Jen. Look, I haven’t forgotten that we have an agreement that I’m not getting laid this summer while you’re living with Kyle and Brent. But, if you hadn’t stopped me just now, maybe there is a good chance that things would have gone further and the agreement would have been broken. And if you don’t want to have sex with me, then of course you’re right to stop me in my tracks. If what you want is to humiliate me and shoot me down, then that’s what you should do. I mean, I am your cuckold after all. Maybe I need a reminder that’s all I am to you sexually. So don’t hold back. If you’re gonna turn me down, then turn me down. Be fucking brutal about it. I’m hard as a rock right now, Jen! If you want to humiliate me, then humiliate me. I’m not about to stop you. Throw it in my face!”

“Take your clothes off, Michael. But, don’t touch me.”

I did as I was told.

Jen sat me down in a chair and then she tied my hands behind my back. I was completely naked. My cock was hard as a rock. Jen took the rest of her clothes off and stood naked in front of me.

“Do you like my body?” Jen asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good. Do you want my body?”

“Yes,” I answered again.

“Too fucking bad, Michael! Jen exclaimed. “You can’t have it. It belongs to Kyle and Brent for the summer!” Jen laughed and the continued. “I rehearsed this in my head you know? What it would be like when we were alone together. Turning you down. And the stuff I wanted to say to you when it happened. I’d fantasize about it sometimes when Kyle or Brent were fucking me! It feels so good to be theirs and not yours sexually! I imagined you visiting, us making out, you starting to feel on me, and then me suddenly stopping you and then telling you off! And now that it’s happening, I can’t remember the awesome speech I thought I had ready.”

Jen giggled.

“It’s okay,” I replied. “You have a captive audience. Literally.”

“I know, right?” Jen said with a smile and a giggle. “Okay. Well, for one, me laughing right now is like a sigh of relief kind of laughter and it’s also me laughing at you. It’s funny seeing you tied to a chair with a hard-on and not being able to touch my naked body. The relief part is the relief of not having to have sex with you! Standing up to you and telling you that you can’t have my body! Because my body is for real men, Michael! Real men like Kyle and Brent! Not for eunuch cuckolds with useless eunuch cuckold penises. When I have real men to fuck on the regular, I have no use for your useless penis! I’m looking at it right now now and thinking, whew, glad that thing’s not inside of me! That’s how I feel about your penis! Any sex I was giving you back home after I started seeing Kyle and Brent, those were all mercy fucks that you had to pay money for. You had to pay money to get your wife to put out for you, while other guys were getting it for free! I’ve lost interest in sex with you! I’ve stopped seeing you in a sexual way! Just like when I was with Brian. Well, maybe not exactly like when I was with Brian. I was obviously in love with Brian and wanted to keep things going with him for as long as possible. And maybe I should feel guilty about that, but I don’t. I didn’t fall out of love you though. I just stopped seeing you in a sexual way. And you went along with it! We agreed that I deserve real sex from a real man and that’s exactly what I was getting from Brian. The kind of sex that you couldn’t give me. Having sex with you just took away from the amazing sex I was getting from Brian. Brian is no longer around, but now I’m getting amazing sex from Kyle and Brent. I’m not in love with either of them and I have no interest in extending this arrangement beyond the summer. But, for now, I’m getting all of my sexual needs met by them and so I’ve lost interest in having sex with you. You’ve been sexually replaced again, Michael! It’s not even a serious romantic thing this time. It’s just two guys who fuck better than you that offered me a fun summer with a free place to stay and all the great sex that I can handle! That’s how disposable you are to me sexually, Michael! Let that sink in!”

Jen was grinning, but also seemed to be looking for approval. My hard cock certainly approved, but I knew that more was required.

“I get it,” I said calmly. “Thank you for being so honest with me.”

Suddenly, Jen walked over and sat down on my lap, facing me. My naked wife was sitting on my lap. I wanted to touch her, but my hands were tied behind my back. Plus, I knew I wasn’t allowed to touch her anyways.

“You’re handling this very well,” Jen said with a smile, her bare pussy just a couple of inches from my cock.

Jen put her arms around me and hugged me, while still keeping a small distance between her pussy and my cock.

She sat up, faced me, and spoke. “You deserve a reward,” she said with a smile and then continued after a pause. “I have an idea.”

Jen got off my lap and lay on the floor in front of me. She spread her legs and giggled. Her pussy looked beautiful. My mind filled with itself with images of Kyle and Brent’s cocks sliding in and out of it!

Still laying on the floor, Jen lifted up one of her legs and started fooling around with my cock with her bare foot as she kept giggling.

“You are so not a real man,” Jen said to me as she giggled. She lifted up her other leg and clasped by cock in between her feet and then started masturabting me. I was so worked up! I knew I was going to come easily, even if Jen’s feet didn’t feel as good as her hands or her mouth would have. She even accidentally kicked me in the nuts a few times as she masturbated me. It didn’t hurt much though and it kind of turned me on.

“Tell me how useless you are sexually to me, Michael.” Jen giggled as she masturbated me with her bare feet.

I did my best. “I’m a useless eunuch cuckold when it comes to sex,” I replied.

“You got that right,” Jen giggled.

“I can’t please my own wife sexually,” I continued. “She needs to seek out real men to have sex with because I don’t do the trick for her. Once she finds a real man to be exclusive with, I go back to being her platonic best friend. I go back to being her backup plan.”

“Not exactly,” Jen corrected me with a smile. “You don’t go back to being my backup plan. You simply are my backup plan, who I only fuck in between having a real man to be exclusive with.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “That’s what I meant. I’m your backup plan all along. Even when we’re having sex, I’m just your backup plan until someone better comes along who you want to be exclusive with.”

I was so close to cumming as Jen’s feet slapped and rubbed against by cock and balls! I was ready to be sent over the edge! And then Jen sent me over!

“Yep,” Jen said with a wicked smile. “You were my backup plan even before we got married. You didn’t deserve to fuck me on our wedding night. If I had to do our wedding night all over again, that’s the one thing I would change. I wouldn’t have had sex with you. I was Brian’s. You didn’t deserve to fuck me!”

And then I came! Jen giggled as my cock erupted.

“That was hot!” she said. “Let’s go shower!”

Jen untied me, cleaned off the chair, and then led me to the shower. We showered together and, amazingly, Jen let me touch her all over her naked body as I soaped her up and washed her off!

“It’s so much better being touched by you when I know it’s not going to lead to anything,” Jen giggled. “I’m going to be so worked up when I have sex with Kyle and Brent tonight! Thank you so much, baby! You are such a good sport!”

It all felt so normal. Llike all the crazy, fucked up shit that just happened was no big deal as far as our relationship. Like this was the kind of married couple we were. Like Jen was into not being into me, if that makes any sense. And I was into it too! It was all so fucked up, but so hot! The first alone time I had with my wife in weeks, and I got a foot job while my wife talked shit to me. Crazy!

Jen had sex with Kyle and Brent that night, of course. I didn’t see it. But, from the the couch in the living room where I was laying down and would be sleeping, I overheard the sexual noises coming from the bedroom that Kyle, Brent, and Jen shared. I felt happy. I also felt a little bit of sadness. I didn’t dare masturbate. Getting off once was enough. I didn’t dare risk the come-down that a second time might bring.

During my stay, when the four of us were all alone together, Jen was openly affectionate with Kyle and Brent in my presence. Kissing and flirting! It was so hot to watch! I played it off cool, like was normal and not a big deal. But, I was so fucking hard the whole time.

Out in public, the three of them acted close but steered clear of making out and flirting openly. I got to meet some of Jen’s new friends. She introduced me as her husband. It was no big deal that I was there visiting. Everyone knew she was married. It’s unclear who, if anyone, also knew that Jen was fucking Kyle and Brent. Maybe no one. It sure seemed that way. Or, maybe people suspected and just didn’t care. I decided not to think about it. It didn’t matter. These weren’t our family or our regular friends back home. So why worry?

Kyle, Brent, and Jen still had work. Jen had to put in at least a few hours at work even while I was there. It wouldn’t have looked good for her to ask for a vacation from a summer job. I had some time by myself where I just chilled or explored the area. I also got to spend some time with Kyle and Brent separately from Jen. They were both really cool toward me. They acted friendly and welcoming. We got to know each other better and also got to play a few games of basketball together. I couldn’t help but like the both of them.

The one thing that was noticeably missing from my trip was getting to watch Jen have sex with Kyle and Brent. I figured that maybe they’d just gotten into a nice groove of simply enjoying just the three of them alone and weren’t really up for putting on a show for me.

But, Jen had a surprise for me our very last night. I was invited to join the three of them in the bedroom. When I walked in, Kyle and Brent were lying naked on the bed and Jen was sucking Kyle’s cock while Brent was stroking himself. Jen took a break and looked into my eyes, smiling.

“Hey, Michael! I asked Kyle and Brent if I could enlist you for a little bit of help here! Get out of your clothes and help me out!”

I got undressed and went over to the bed. Brent nodded for me to start sucking his cock. And that’s what I did while Jen continued to suck Kyle.

“Oh shit, I forgot what a good cocksucker you are, bro!” Brent said to me.

Brent turned to Kyle and said, “You should get in on this, man. You liked it the last time.”

“Shit, it was pretty fucking good,” Kyle answered and then looked at me before continuing. “Wanna trade with Jen?”

Jen and I traded places, exchanging a smile as we did so. I was now sucking Kyle while she sucked Brent.

After a little while, Brent got on his knees and got Jen on all fours and slid his cock into her and started fucking her slowly while I continued to suck Kyle.

“Shit, I want in on this,” Kyle said as he started to get up onto his knees. Kyle put his erect cock in Jen’s mouth and she sucked him as Brent fucked her from behind. Jen looked over to me and motioned me over with her head. I positioned myself so that my face was directly under Jen’s pussy as Brent fucked her. Brent came into Jen’s pussy. When he pulled out, his cum started to drip onto my face and into my mouth. Kyle took Brent’s place and slid his cock inside of Jen, fucking Jen’s pussy that was lubed up with his best friend’s cum! Semen continued to drip toward my face as Kyle fucked Jen. Brent, lying on the bed and watching, started to jerk me off gently. When Kyle unloaded his own cum into Jen, it was amazing! After he pulled out, Jen sat down on my face as I sucked all of the cum out of her pussy. Kyle and Brent’s cum ran down my throat. The whole time, I kept my hands off of Jen. Any sexual contact I got to have with her would be at her direction. Her cum filled pussy on my mouth was an amazing gift and I felt so grateful and happy that she gave me this experience! As I swallowed, Brent jerked me with some more intensity and then I came myself! It felt wonderful!

“Wanna go shower off, baby?” Jen said to me with a smile. “You should get to sleep soon. You have a long drive home ahead of you tomorrow.”

I slept really well on the couch that night. It was the perfect ending to a really nice trip. Whatever negative thoughts that still lingered in my head, I was able to put away and just rest peacefully for the night.

Of course, when I got home I quickly started to miss Jen again. And some of those negative thoughts have been coming back here and there. The fear that I’m losing my wife, that all of this is wrong and that we shouldn’t be doing it, etc.

But, then I’ll get a random message from Jen like, “I miss you, but seeing you again sure did remind me of how little use I have for your penis! Ha ha!”

Or, “Hey, baby! Did you like that photo of Kyle’s cock that I sent you earlier? Isn’t it great? Maybe you should send me some dick pics of your own. For whenever I need a good laugh! Ha ha!”

Or, “I think it’s time you got me a new present to wear for Kyle and Brent. I’ll link you to some options. Just pick the one that you a think a real man would most enjoy seeing me in! Lol.”

Or, “I got fucked five times yesterday! Five fucking times! This is what happens when you share a bed with two real men and add morning sex and a little extra free time into the equation! Lol!”

Or, “At $20 bucks a pop, it would cost you $100 to fuck me five times! Actually, I kind of think that’s too good a deal you’re getting! Maybe we should renegotiate when I get back home! J/k. Love you! Ha ha! Lol!”

Most people would probably think that messages like these would make feel worse. But, they have the opposite effect. They make me feel better. For one, they make feel less lonely because I’m hearing from Jen. Another thing is that they make me feel included in her sex life; I may not get to fuck her, but I’m not an outsider. And, of course, the messages turn me on so much that I want more of them, not less of them. I don’t want Jen to come back too soon, because then I would no longer have the sick satisfaction of experiencing being replaced sexually for the entire summer. Jen is feeding my cuckold desires while satisfying her own sexual urges of being with other men. Sometimes I feel like we’re on the same page. Sometimes I feel like I’m being manipulated. Manipulated into giving up sex. Manipulated into being Jen’s platonic, long distance bestie for the summer while she shacks up out of town with Kyle and Brent. Manipulated into giving up control and having my sexual fate decided by wrestling matches in which one of Jen’s lovers crushes my manhood in front of her as she laughs at me. It’s as though Jen not only already sees me as less than a man, as just a eunuch cuckold when it comes to sex, but she desperately wants us to both embrace that vision of me. She’s manipulating me into living up to that role. She’s making it into a self fulfilling prophecy. And the more I live up to that role, the more justified she is in replacing me sexually. It serves her purposes to make me into a cuckold, to catalog me into that specific compartment. It makes everything else fit. She ends up with exactly what she wants: A devoted husband who loves her, takes care of her, provides for her, acts as a friend and confidante, even buys her presents to enjoy with her lovers, but who she has no obligation to fuck.

In a way, it’s a good thing that Jen is manipulating me. I’d much rather this be her idea than mine. Not only is a turn-on that she came up with all of this, but knowing that it’s her idea also lessens the guilt that I still sometimes feel about all of it.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by briggs » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:40 am

Thank you for the update I wish you all the best for the future.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by SamWarrens » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:05 am

Dude! Your wife has no emotional attachment to you, if she ever did.
I like a good hotwife story as much as anyone, just not into the soul destroying humiliation aspect of the genre.
If this is a real life story, and not fiction, then your marriage is over. Your wife is a whore, not a hotwife. She is using you as a safe place to hang out between fuck buddies. She doesn't love them and she surely doesn't love or even respect you.
Do your self esteem a favour and walk away from her as fast as you can.
Find a hotwife for your self who at least likes you, maybe even loves you and respects you for who YOU are, fetishes and all.
So far your marriage is a train wreck.
Great minds may think alike, but fools seldom differ.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by mickle » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:31 am

Great and detailed update Michael, it seems everything is going well .

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by Bnc63 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:01 am

Forget the haters Michael!!! There are several of us that support you. As you say it's not for everyone but it works for you and Jen and that's all that matters!!!!

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by alex7419 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:20 am

Hello Micheal, I don’t intervene much in the forum but I've followed your thread from the beginning, I think you are a nice person and very much in love with your wife and that's why I'm writing this.
The feeling that has caused me your last intervention is a bitter sadness because, in the end, I believe that your last experience is making you suffer more than rejoice, past the moment of excitement when you think about what your wife is making or the messages that she sends you, what remains in you is sadness, fear of losing her and loneliness.
It seems to me that you are a victim of your own fetishes, believe me I am not at all judging you because if I were in your place I don’t know if I would have myself the strength to do otherwise, but by a person not directly involved may I suggested to give up a little, I'm not telling you to relinquish this kind of lifestyle but to make it a bit less extreme for a while.
The danger I see is that it can cause irreparable damages to your marriage, if you love Jen are you really willing to risk it all for a fetish? A marriage because it works over time I think it should also be based on mutual respect, but I'm afraid that if you continue on this path you risk compromising Jen's respect for you inevitably.
Also, if I can give you some advice, with this last experience you have shown to your wife how strong your love is for her, so perhaps it is time that she also shows you how strong her feelings are for you, ask her to come home, tell her You can not do it anymore and you need to reconnect with her, and stand in your request, do not get persuaded to continue for the rest of the summer , tell her that you need to suspend for a while this game.
How she will react will tell you a lot about the status of your marriage. I know it's not easy and you'd prefer not to do it, because you're very strong in your fetishes and because you are afraid of what her answer might be, but I think at this point this is something you both need to know.
If she returns home gladly it is a sign that she cares deeply about you and your relationship but if she doesn’t this is a clear signal that something have to change in your relationship because you're losing her.
Good luck


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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by Mari55 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:34 am

Hum...FemDom galore! Now, the MC has clearly divided his life between his FemDom marriage cum Sugar-daddy/Sugar-girl arrangement and his other life's interests. He's clearly out of the picture, sexually (always, lol), when it comes to his wife. But he has also spent three months or so doing lots of other things and above all, having a social life. What am I wondering now is if Mike is just the proverbial unidimensional wimp cuckold with the cliché latent-homosexual tendencies or if there's a lot more of him that the author hasn't written about.
I ask myself this because I read elsewhere that there are cases where very alpha males (even with their preferred sexual partners) that turn to FemDom to satisfy some other needs. It's quite curious but understandable. Isn't there a husband here, on site that claims that his Big-Executive Wife likes to be a sub as well? Apparently, some times people just want to let it go.
Anyway, I would like to see the story evolve a bit as character development appears to have stopped. This latest chapter looked like a re-harsh of previous ones without much new. The only new addition was the author/Mike defence about his choice and the description of his life without Jen who, for those fishing for (non-existing) clues (lol), gave hope that there might be something more to come from Mike's side. The chapter ended with Mike being truly put out of the picture of Jen's life (sexually) and put on his place, relationship-wise (on the bench, as the provider) but it had begun with him describing what he was doing without Jen and having a life without her. I noted the contrast and as Mike is the one with the money to go independent, how long will he find Jen and FemDom amusing? Surely one day he will get tired of it and move on, no? Jen totally takes him for granted to the point that she’s becoming to be the one that looks clueless the most, IMHO.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by tallynew99 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:15 am

I don't know (and don't care) if this story is "true," partly true or totally fiction. My assumption has always been that threads in The Library were fiction and the other sections had some grounding in reality.

Regardless this story is hot and I appreciate the time it takes to write them up.

Good luck!!!

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by norbertrichard » Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:05 am

Mike, it seems that you have few supporters to keep you warm in your misery. It seems that you have on occasion clear vision to see just how miserable your life is, and will-be in the future. by your own hand. Your wife has no love, and certainly no respect for you, as she reminds you in every conversation, and text you get from her. remember{many a true word are said in jest] Sam Warrens, said it best, you are the victim of your own kink. Wake up, while you still have some life left, only you can change your fate.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by RugbyRaizo1991 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:14 am

Well you two certainly play hard, id hate to see someone wind up getting hurt here, and it looks like its a possibility but live your life man, I just hope whatever happens no one is hurt in this. sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish and ask for.

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by ballextender3209 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:10 pm

I'm just sad that not once in your writing was there an "I love you"....just "I miss you".

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by kaskap79 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:24 pm

ballextender3209 wrote:I'm just sad that not once in your writing was there an "I love you"....just "I miss you".
It could be it is like me and my wife.

I have already told her I love and I will tell her if it changes. In the meantime there is no reason to repeat my self :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by mickle » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:00 pm

Hi norbertrichard, have not seen you posting for a long time, thought you had passed over to the other side, great that you are still within our world, hppe the additional Oxygen, is helping you. I feel your pain .

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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by wingman » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:46 pm

Glad to hear ur still around. Sounds like ur having fun, in an S&M kind of way. Lol
Damn that foursome sounded like a wild time!!!
Looks like u got lots of thoughts from the folks here, so I thought I'ld join the peanut gallery.

You've already decided u want this avdenture, so I hope u get everything out of it u want. If Jen decides to move on, u likely would have split anyway.... but after a lot of pain and anguish. So, you are better off with this route.... a great adventure, then move on to a better option. If Jen stays with you (and respects u outside ur game), u two will be stronger and better than ever as a couple.

Enjoy EC!!! I can't wait to hear more. If u guys are in touch or she communicates with you more, I would love to read about it!!!! PM if u prefer not to post publicly.
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Re: It's happened!

Unread post by Zona » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:08 am

Michael, you are miserable. Anyone should be able to see that.

You have been miserable for a long time (actually for as long as you have been writing here). But you love your wife so you allow her to play this childish, but real life, soulless game. Time to end it.

By now she has lost total respect for you not only as her husband, but as a man.

The ONLY way for you to regain her respect is to take a stand.

I'd tell her the game is over. You are NOT a eunuch and her continued use of that word is extremely disrespectful to you and you will no longer stand for it.

And tell her that by your saying the game is over, she should get her ass home. NOW!

And in the future, she must stop treating you like her lapdog puppy.

It would also help HER growth and development as a woman to stop playing the games of a fourteen-year old.

You should probably soften your tone a little from what I have suggested, but you must make it crystal clear that you will no longer tolerate her treating you the way she has.

She has two alternatives. 1. She can continue her sophomoric game-playing and intolerable mental torture of you........or........2. She should be prepared to receive divorce papers.

You are better than this, Michael. And you deserve much better treatment from a woman who REALLY loves you.

(On the other hand, since this is in the Library it may just all be fiction.)
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