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Ida and Jon

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I may have posted this before on OHW site but I will post it again as there is interest from other areas in reading the story. For those who have read it before, sorry. To those who have not, I hope you enjoy it.

The setting for the start of the story is somewhere in Brisbane Queensland at a bar but it could be in any city anywhere in the world. The story was written at a request from Jon. So here goes.

Ida and Jon Chapter 1.

“Please, Josh, don’t touch me.”

Josh withdrew his hand from her arm where he had touched her while making a point about the subject they were discussing. Her response shocked Josh. He felt that they had a great rapport going for them. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought that we were getting along fine. I’ll leave if you wish, Ida.”

“No, don’t leave. It’s just that my husband is sitting over there at the bar watching us.”

“You’re married? I didn’t know. You’re not wearing a ring.”

“No, I took it off. Would you be talking to me now if I was wearing my wedding ring?”

“I guess not but you need to explain. Are you having marital problems?”

“No, my marriage is fine. My husband has asked me to flirt so he can watch.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I’m not too sure myself but I think it turns him on to see other men flirting with me.”

“But he doesn’t like me touching you, correct?”

“No, he doesn’t want that, not yet, anyway. Maybe he might later on.”

“Later on? Are you saying you want us to have some type of relationship that continues?”

“I think that Jon might like something like that. He smiled across at me when you came over to talk to me so I think he might.”

“What do you want, Ida,” He put the emphasis on you after which Josh hesitated and then added, “or don’t you know?”

“Of course, I know and yes, I’d like us to spend some time together. I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight.”

“I’ve been watching you. You have been coming in each night for the last week.”

“Yes, Jon told me that you have been watching me. He saw you. He was excited, hoping that you would make a move on me.”

Josh chuckled as he said, “So I’ve been watching you while your husband has been watching me. Do I get to meet Jon?”

“I’m not sure. He is worried about what you might think of him, wanting me to flirt with you and everything.”

“I’d like to meet him…… when the time is right, that is.”

“Okay. I’ll tell him that.”

The barman came across to them, “Would you like another drink, Ida?” He asked.

Josh looked at her and she smiled so Josh answered for her, “Yes, please. Make mine bourbon and Ida has a gin and tonic with lemon.”

The barman looked at Josh as if he had done something wrong as he said, “still drinking the same, Ida. Two pieces of lemon, isn’t it?”

“Yes, thanks, Ben,” Ida replied.

As the barman walked off to make the drinks, Josh asked her, “The barman seems to know you well.”

“He should. I’ve been coming here for a few years.”

“He likes you.”

“Yes, he does.”

“So if the barman is hot for you why me and not him?”

“Jon thinks Ben expects more than he is willing to allow.”

“Hhmm, so your husband thinks that I won’t?”

“Maybe he is more worried about me than Ben. I have a thing for red-headed men with a good sense of humour.”

“Damn, my hair is brown,” Josh said with a grin.

“Brown is the next best thing, Josh,” Ida told him with a laugh.

“You keep looking across to the left side of the bar so which one is your husband?”

“He’s the one with the blue shirt.”

“Okay, come on, it’s time he met me.”

“No, no, no, he might not like meeting you yet.”

“You can come with me or I’ll go alone. I need him to know that you are safe with me. Come on,” Josh grabbed her left hand and pulled her forward off her stool. “Grab your drink and take me across to meet him.”

Jon couldn’t believe it. The man with Ida was walking across toward him pulling her behind him. Jon looked around quickly to see if he could make an escape but he knew the only way out was to walk towards them. By the time he thought about it, it was too late anyway.

Josh pushed his big hand out towards Jon, “Hi, Jon. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Josh.”

“Hi Josh,” Jon answered while taking the hand presented to him. He was amazed by how large Josh’s hand was compared to his own. In fact, there was a lot about Josh that was big. He was at least two inches taller than Jon and Jon was over six feet tall. His shoulders were wider than Jon’s even though his waist was probably no bigger. His appearance of fitness was what had attracted both Jon and Ida to him in the first instance but up close he was in fact bigger and maybe even fitter than he initially appeared. Jon wondered if he had perhaps made a mistake.

“I considered it only right that I should come across to meet you, Jon. I find Ida attractive but I would not feel good about spending time with her without you getting to know me.”

Jon was taken aback by Josh’s openness, “I appreciate that,” he replied.

“What are you drinking?”

“I drink a light beer, thanks.”

Josh held his hand up to attract Ben. Using sign language he communicated for a refill for Jon which was promptly delivered.

“So Jon, I have made it obvious that I find Ida attractive. I have introduced myself to you so what happens now?” As he spoke Josh looked at Ida and then back to Jon trying to read their reactions.

“I’m not too sure. I’ve never thought past watching Ida flirting.”

“Okay, so can I make some suggestions?” Once more he looked at Ida then back to Jon.

“Yes, if you like.”

“What say I take you and Ida dancing tonight so that we can get to know each other better and then tomorrow night I take you both out for dinner in the city?”

“Both of us?” Jon asked.

“Yes, it is obvious that you like to watch us together and Ida feels secure with you there. She indicated to me from the little that she said that she doesn’t want to exclude you while ever you wish to watch so this way you can be there to make sure she is protected.”

“Yes, that might work for now.”

“For now, do you want to explain that to me?”

“I’m just thinking that eventually if it works out you and Ida might want some privacy.”

“That time may come, Jon but for now I need to assure you that I will not try to exclude you unless you are comfortable with that. I expect that when or if that time comes Ida will discuss it with you and allow you the opportunity to say no if you choose. What I want you to know is that I respect your position as Ida’s husband and if this thing does work for us then I want you to know that I won’t try to take her away from you.”

“Thanks, Josh. So where can we go dancing?”

“I know of a dance hall close to where I live. I’d be happy to take you and Ida there and then run you home afterwards.”

“I have my car with us tonight.”

“Okay, well either you could take your car home now or alternatively you could follow me to the dance hall.”

“Which would you prefer?”

“I would prefer that we travel together so perhaps if you don’t mind, I could follow you to your place for you to drop your car off.”

“Okay, let’s finish our drinks and we’ll do that then.”

They talked about local issues as they finished their drinks then Jon stood and said, “Let’s go then.”

Josh grinned seeing that Jon seemed as willing to get things moving as he was. When Josh stood, Ida put her arm in his as a girlfriend might. Jon led them to the car park where Jon found his car. Josh and Ida followed behind.

“I’ll follow you,” Josh told him. “Don’t drive too fast in case I lose you.”

“Ida can travel with you in case you get lost,” Jon told him. Josh was surprised at this. He expected that husband and wife might travel together to allow them to talk.

Josh opened the door to his car for Ida as Jon left the carpark and disappeared down the street. Ida took her seat and Josh started the motor and then commenced driving.

“Turn right here,” Ida told him.

“Jon went to the left,” he replied.

“Yes, he does that. He always takes the long way home. I think he likes to avoid the traffic on the key roads. Just drive slowly or we will arrive before him.”

“Are you okay,” Josh asked her.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m glad you decided to meet Jon. It simplifies things for me.”

“When you and Jon talk, I’d like you to tell him that if something happens that he is not comfortable with he just needs to talk to me about it. I don’t want to cause issues for you or Jon.”

“I’ll do that but I doubt that you will do anything that he objects to.”

“The same applies to you.”

“That’s good because I’m likely to have more issues than Jon.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“I’m doing this more for Jon than for myself.”

“Alright, I’ll bear that in mind. I’m happy that no means no, no matter what the situation so we shouldn’t have any issues.”


Ida instructed him on where to turn and eventually she told him, “This little cottage on the right is ours.” Josh noticed Jon’s car was already in the driveway so he parked behind it. He sat there with Ida noticing that the lights were on inside the cottage indicating that Jon had gone inside for some reason.

After a couple of minutes, Ida asked, “Should I go get him?”

“No, he’ll be here soon enough I just saw his shadow pass the window.” No sooner had he spoken than Jon appeared at the top of the driveway.

As Jon approached, Ida made a move to get out of the car. Jon told her, “No, you sit with Josh. I’ll get in the back. Where are you taking us, Josh?”

“I thought the Pagoda Club may be okay. It’s a good mix of slow dances with a mix of modern. We can both keep Ida busy on the floor while the other can organize drinks and eats,” Josh stated.

“Sounds good but I’m not much of a dancer myself,” Jon replied.

“That’s not entirely true,” Ida corrected with a smile. “You have always been a good enough dancer for me.”

“Thanks, honey,” Jon replied as they sped down the freeway to the south of the city.


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Ida and Jon Chapter 2.

Ida closed her eyes and held her husband tightly to her body as they danced to a slow though swinging tune best renowned for its release by Neil Diamond. Her mind was focused on the feelings that had coursed through her body a few minutes earlier as she had danced to a similar love song with Josh. She felt the remnants of her juices that had flowed from her feeling his warmth and his erect penis pushing into her stomach.

Just knowing how her body had reacted was enough for Ida to feel extraordinary. She wondered why Josh could make her body feel like this when her husband, Jon no longer did the same for her. She admired her husband and she knew that deep down she loved him like no other person she had ever met and yet it was Josh who made her so sexually excited that she had flooded down below. “Why,” she asked herself, “Why, not Jon?”

She felt Jon tighten his hold on her body as they moved in perfect tune to the music and it sent a shudder through her body. Jon, of course, felt the shudder and he smiled. Memories of their younger days when they had first fallen in love coursed through his brain. He wished he could recover those early days when nothing mattered to him but Ida and nothing mattered to her but him but those times were long gone. He wondered how they had lost that spark, that desire, where nothing had mattered but lying together in each other’s arms after a night out.

But he accepted that those days had passed. He hated the thought but for a while now he was aware that something was missing. It wasn’t love for her. Neither was it her love for him. They regularly reaffirmed their love for each other but when they lay together it seemed no different than eating their toast at breakfast or sitting together in their car heading to the shopping centre. They liked being together but whatever it was had gone. How could they get it back?

The only thing that had gone anywhere near regaining that spark was when he had occasionally caught Ida looking at a handsome man, sometimes not so handsome. It didn’t happen very often but when it did his penis had sprung to attention like no other in recent times and the feelings of lust inside him approached those olden days. It made him wonder, “Did she feel it too?”

There was only one way to know and that was to convince her to flirt with other men. She appeared very reluctant and she even told him that he was weird but eventually she accepted his offer to do so. Now he knew. He was right it did the same for her as it did for him. He saw her excitement as Josh bought her back to their table when Josh insisted that she dance for a while with her husband. He saw how flushed she appeared and he knew that instant.

Then as he took her into his arms she held him tightly, tighter than she had for years. It was not the spark they once had but it was approaching it. He also detected that odour he had so often detected in their early days, the odour of her excitement that had been missing as they routinely make love on Wednesday and Saturday nights. He knew. He must let her go. He must let her go to Josh. He had to remove himself so that the woman that he loved could find that spark once more. Even if he couldn’t he knew that she could and isn’t that what is important if you love someone? You want to give them all that you can.

“You like him, don’t you,” he broke their silence by whispering into her ear.

“Yes, I’m sorry to say this but yes, I do like him. I enjoyed dancing with him.”

“I could tell.”

“You wanted me to dance with him,” she answered thinking she had to defend her admission in case it upset her husband, the man she loved.

“Yes, I liked watching you with him.”

Ida pushed him back to look him in the eye. “You liked watching me with another man,” she asked as if astonished.

“I want you to be happy. That is my only desire. That is all I want. That is what makes me happy, just to know you are enjoying yourself.”

“I am happy. I don’t need another man to be happy. I’m happy with you.”

“Yes, I know but,” he hesitated before continuing, “but we are losing…., I don’t know….., it’s not the same…., I don’t know…, I can’t explain it but you need more than I can give you these days.”

“I love you, Jon.”

“I know that but you don’t get as excited as you once could, sexually excited, I mean.”

“I guess.”

“But you did with Josh, tonight.”

“I guess. Yes, I did but I don’t wish to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me. It excited me too. I got excited to see that you got excited.”

“What are you trying to say, Jon? Are you planning to leave me?”

“No, no way. I’ve never thought of that, not once. I will never leave you. I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy.”

“Yes, I know you are happy but not sexually happy.”

“Jon…. I’m sorry. I can’t change my body and how it reacts. It has a mind of its own.” She once more felt she had to defend herself from the feeling of guilt inside her.

“I know and that is why I’m going to catch a cab home and leave you to enjoy the rest of your night with Josh.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea. I don’t know where that could lead. You shouldn’t do this, Jon.”

“Answer me honestly, Ida. Are you saying that you wouldn’t enjoy spending a few hours alone with Josh with no restrictions of limitations?”

“Honestly. Oh, Jon, honestly, I can’t answer that without hurting you.”

“That’s why I must go. I have to leave you with him otherwise you will be focusing on me and missing out on what he has to offer.”

“Do you understand where this could lead without you there to keep a lid on it, Jon?”

“Yes, I understand exactly where it will lead and I want you to have that opportunity.”

“Oh, God, I don’t know! You’re frightening me.”

“Yes, you do know. You need to let yourself go, Ida. Enjoy yourself but promise me that you will come home to me immediately afterwards.”

“What do you mean by immediately afterwards?”

“After you make love to him I want to hold you exactly the way he leaves you.”

“I don’t understand what you mean. Do you mean, unclean?”

“I want to hold you the exact way he leaves you. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, if that is what you want.”

“I’ll leave now. You go back to him.”

“I love you, Jon.”

“I love you too, honey. Remember, this is for me as much as it is for you.”

“I’ll remember that. I hope you remember that you wanted this to happen.”

Jon didn’t answer. Instead, he smiled and walked away towards the back door of the club. He passed the smokers in the lane and walked towards the cab parked by the kerb. Then he had second thoughts so he turned back towards the club. He joined the line and then showed the bouncer his tag to enter the club. He looked across to the table where his wife was leaning forward to talk to her escort, Josh. They were deep in conversation.

Jon ordered a drink as he watched from a distance. After a few minutes, he saw his wife stand. She picked up her purse as if to leave but as she turned to walk away Josh took her by the wrist and turned her around. He took her into his arms and they kissed.

Initially, Ida had turned her head away from him to avoid his kiss but then Jon saw Josh say something to her which made her turn her face back toward him. She then surrendered to him. Jon felt at that moment as if someone had stabbed him in his heart. He lost his breath for a moment then thought, “What the fuck have I done?”

They kissed a second time as Jon was recovering before Josh said something more to her. Jon knew that smile. Josh had won her with whatever he had said to her. Josh pointed towards the door and Jon watched as they both left the club together. He followed well behind and saw them kiss again before getting into his car to drive off in a direction away from Jon’s home. He knew that they had either gone to a different club or to Josh’s home.

Jon felt a sadness come across his mind but at the same time a sexual excitement that he had not felt for a couple of years. He knew how the night would end for Ida and decided as he climbed into the cab that he should check Ida’s pill box to make sure she was keeping up with her birth control but then a much more exciting thought came to him. “No, no, no, don’t think that way,” he quietly said to himself.

“Did you say something,” the cab driver asked.

“No, just talking to myself,” Jon chuckled not wanting to indulge in conversation as the realisation of what he had just done flooded in on him.

“Where to, sir,” the cab driver asked.

Jon gave the driver his address to which the driver asked, “No, date tonight.”

“No, my mate was the winner tonight,” Jon answered and even managed a smile although at that moment smiling was the last thing his mind wanted.

“I see.” The driver replied. Jon shook his head wondering if the driver had any idea of what was happening.

Jon slowly opened the door to their house deep in thought. The house seemed cold and dark. He turned on the lights and wandered into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. He wandered to the toilet then wandered back and poured himself a hot black coffee. It was then that a feeling of depression came over him. What the hell had he done? But then the doorbell rang. Jon looked at his watch. It was ten thirty. Who the hell could that be? Maybe it was Ida. She had dumped Josh and had come home to him. He rushed towards the door half expecting that Ida would fall into his arms.

When Jon had walked away from her on the dance floor, Ida had panicked. She was being left alone with Josh, a man she had only met just a week ago. Certainly, there was chemistry at play there but she really didn’t know anything about him. He could be a mass murderer who preyed on women for all she knew. She had no option with Jon gone she had to return to the table to get her bag, at least.

When she returned to the table alone, Josh looked around the room and asked, “Where is Jon?”

“He’s getting a taxi,” Ida replied.

“He’s leaving?” Josh asked.

“He is, yes, and I had better go as well.”

“Okay, I’ll run you home.”

“No, I should take a cab,” Ida told him.

Josh took her hands in his across the table. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t have any option, Josh. I’m married,” she pulled her hands away and picked up her purse.

Josh stood and moved across beside her. “Did you and Jon have an argument?” he asked her.

“No, we didn’t argue.”

“So he wanted you to stay here with me?”

“Yes, he did but I’m married.”

“You took a vow to love honour and obey, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but this is wrong.”

“Why is it wrong, Ida? Jon wants it, you want it and I can’t think of anything more that I would ever want than to hold you in my arms tonight. Look at me!”

Ida looked up into his eyes as he attempted to kiss her but he had surprised her so initially, she had turned her head away to prevent him from kissing her. “Jon wants me to kiss you,” he told her. “You took a vow to obey him,” Josh said with a grin. The grin won her over not what he said. Ida knew at that instant that he had her. She would no longer resist him.

“Fuck it,” she said and placed her arm around his neck and pulled his face down to hers. Once more she felt his body against hers and once more she could feel his erection pushing into her stomach and her juices were flowing like a dam had burst inside her. They broke their kiss and she told him, “We have to leave. My neighbour and her husband are here and she is a sticky beak, gossiper.”

Josh led her out the front door. As Josh passed the bar he ran his eyes across the men standing at the bar and saw Jon sitting alone in the furthest corner with his head bowed. He quickly switched his eyes away from the bar not wanting to give Jon an opportunity to stop them from leaving which he thought might happen if Jon knew that he had been spotted.

They climbed into his car and he headed towards his unit.

“Where are we going,” Ida asked as they sped along the highway.

“I thought we might go back to my unit for some privacy.”

“Yes, that would be nice but can I trust you?”

“I know what the word no means if that is what you are asking.”

“Good, that is all I need to know.” She thought for a moment then added, “not that the word is likely to come up.”

“So I’m not allowed to say no then,” he said with a chuckle.

“Not if you want to carry out Jon’s wishes,” she replied with a laugh.

“Well, it looks as if Jon gets everything that he wants tonight then.”

“Yes, it is looking more and more like his wish is our command.”

“I like your husband.”

“Josh, it is important that you know upfront that I love my husband. He’s my whole world and if he didn’t want this thing, it would not be happening. When the time comes and he tells us it must end then I will be walking away. When that time comes I don’t want you to protest.”

“Yes, I knew that but until then we must enjoy what he offers us and give him no reason, none at all for him to want you to walk away.”

“Okay, then we have an agreement then. This is a sexual affair and not a love affair.”

“Agreed,” Josh told her as he parked outside his unit.


Jon swung the door open expecting Ida to be standing there waiting for him but instead it was their neighbour’s wife, Carole. The smile disappeared from his face instantly. Before he could speak she threw her arms around him to give him a hug.

“Are you okay, Carole,” he asked her. “It’s not Geoff is it?”

“No, Geoff is alright. That is more than I can say about your wife, Jon.”

“Ida, what’s wrong with Ida?” Jon asked struggling to get free from her arms.

“We were out tonight and Ida was with a strange man.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” Jon told her, “for a moment there I thought she may have been in a car accident or something.”

“It’s worse than that, Jon. She was kissing another man. Can I come in to console you?”

Jon thought quickly. “You mean her cousin, Josh. You saw her with Josh. Carole, he was her cousin, Josh.”

“She kisses her cousin?”

“Yes, they are a very close family.”

“Pphhheeeww,” Carole said, letting him go as if she had just been forced to eat manure, “No cousin of mine would get away with kissing me like that.”

“As I said, they are a very close family and families come together more when one of theirs passes.”

“Oh, a family member has died?”

“Yes, a distant relative has passed away.”

“If they kiss like that for a distant relative I’d hate to see what they might get up to if it was someone close.”

“It was a distant relative for Ida but very close to Josh. She would have been consoling him.”

“I see.” Carole stated, “I guess I feel like a bit of a fool then.”

“Why?” Jon told her with a grin, “It’s good to know that the neighbours are looking out for me but I’m a bit concerned, Carole.”

“Concerned, why?”

“Well, you know this neighbourhood. If anyone saw you hugging me like that they might get the idea that you were trying to seduce me given my wife was not here to keep an eye on you. You know how people talk and how rumours start, don’t you.”

“Oh, I’d better get home then.”

“Yes, it’s possibly a good idea. I’d hate Ida to think that you were over here trying to seduce me while she is looking after family business.”

“Oh, yes, good night then. Tell Ida we are thinking of her and her family.”

“I’ll do that. Good night Carole. Tell Geoff I said hello.”


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Ida and Jon Chapter 3.

Josh set his drink aside on the lounge side table and then put his arm around Ida. She looked up into his eyes as she held her drink out to the side to allow him to kiss her. Before they kissed he took her drink and placed it beside his on the table. Ida giggled thinking how representative the drink was of their situation with the glasses touching each other.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Ida replied not really knowing how to act or what to say being it had been so long since she had been alone with any man other than Jon.

Josh got up and moved across to put on some music from his computer that was connected to his hi-fi stereo. Almost immediately Neil Diamond broke into song with Solidary man. He turned back to Ida who was smiling broadly at his choice.

“I love this,” she told him.

“Yes, he’s good, isn’t he? I noticed how much you liked his music back at the club.”

Ida stood and Josh took her into his arms and they danced quite actively around the room. The song finished and a much slower song, I got the feeling, came on. Their beat slowed and Josh held her tighter and closer to his body. Once more Ida felt the floodgates open helped by the feeling of his growing organ now pushing into her stomach. Even when the music lifted in its tempo they continued to dance slowly around the room.

She turned her head to look up at him and Josh took the hint and he kissed her. The kiss lasted a long time during which their movements had slowed more to a gentle swinging walk than a dance.

“We like the same music or are you only playing Neil to try to seduce me?” she asked him.

“What if I admitted guilty to both charges?” he replied with a smile.

“Then it would say that it is working on both counts,” she told him.

“So where to from here?” he asked.

“Is your bedroom presentable?”

“Yes, I made sure that I neatened it up for you before I went out.”

“Good, then let’s do this thing before I grow a brain and change my mind.”

“That bad, is it?”

“Yes, there is a lot of conflict running around in my head right now over this. If we hesitate it may never happen.”

“Then it is better we keep dancing. I don’t want us to do anything that you might regret later on.”

“Josh, I’m so turned on that my body will burst if we keep dancing and don’t make love. Either I have to leave to make love to my husband or I stay here to make love to you.”

“Make love?”

“I mean it will be, have sex but I get very emotional about these things so excuse me if I feel some attachment.”

“It sounds as if we have more in common than Neil Diamond’s music.”

“Yes, I know. That is what frightens me and that is where most of the conflict comes from.”

“Good,” he said as he picked her up and carried her up the hallway towards his bedroom to make love to Neil Diamond’s music.


Jon walked the hallway. He tried to sleep but sleep was totally impossible. His overactive thoughts ranged from a vision of a scene of his wife being used by Josh to him standing alone in the street in the morning wondering if his wife would ever come home.

He decided to watch a movie but within a few minutes of the movie starting a love scene developed which renewed his worries and concerns. He went out into the garden and watered the plants but still, his mind would not stop raising worries about him losing his marriage and his wife, the woman he loved.

Eventually, he decided to turn on his computer. No sooner had he done that than he had a vision of his wife being seduced by another man. The vision changed from a normal-sized man to a man with an enormous penis. Suddenly he remembered he had not checked Ida’s pill box. He got up and walked to the bedroom.

The pill box told him nothing because he could not remember when she had her last period. In fact, it raised more concerns because six pills were missing from the pack and he thought that maybe she had her period the weekend before last which should mean that he expected at least ten pills should be missing, maybe more.

Jon returned to his computer. His mind was flashing scenes of Ida having sex with Josh. He typed in the search facility, “wife having sex with a well-endowed man.” Immediately a long list of sites came up, some with stories, some with pictures and others with movies. He chose one with free movies and typed in the search facility, “Dark hair, blue-green eyes, trimmed bush,” then hit enter.

A long list of movies came up so he chose one that said, “Norwegian woman in late thirties, explicit scenes.” The movie started by showing a woman with her back to the camera. Jon thought, Yes that could be her. She is about the right height and her hair was exactly the same in colour but slightly different style but she looked similar from the back. Then when the woman turned toward the camera Jon took a sharp breath as, he mumbled, “fuck, that’s Ida.” For a moment he actually thought it was his wife but then he saw there were some slight differences.

The woman turned slowly as a man entered the room. He was nude and a piece of meat around six inches long hung down between his legs. The woman dropped to her knees and took the meat into her mouth. As she did so the organ grew rapidly, eventually achieving around nine inches but quite thick. Jon was well endowed but this man although not much longer was much thicker.

The woman lay on her back as the man licked her, focusing much of the attention on her citreous. Eventually, the man moved up along her body to place his erection at her entry. Jon’s mind once more shifted to his wife and he took his weapon out of his trousers.

The actors had sex. It took about ten minutes during which Jon slowly stroked himself, stopping to prevent reaching climax. After it was over she looked up at the man and they kissed passionately. Jon felt as if someone had thrust a knife into his heart. To Jon, this woman was no longer an actor. In Jon’s mind, she was his wife.

Jon looked at the woman’s name. He typed it slowly into the search facility. “Jessabelle,” he typed then hit enter. A long list of movies and photographs came up on the screen. He set up a folder on his disk drive and downloaded them all to that folder which he named “Ida.” He then returned to the original movie and added that to his new folder as well. He then searched through his new files.

The word “dance” came up so he clicked on that link. There she was with a man who could very well have been Josh. It seemed that the internet was conspiring against him by making everything look like it was Ida and Josh together. Finally, he decided that he should shut the computer down because he knew that if he continued to watch these movies he would cum and if he did then he knew the blues would set in for him. The anguish that he felt was already almost too much for him to bear.

As he clicked “shut down,” he heard a vehicle. He listened intently expecting it would pass but it didn’t. It seemed to stop in his driveway or at least nearby. He carefully moved across towards the window that overlooked his driveway and sure enough, the car was parked halfway up along his drive. He left the window and shut off the light behind him knowing that if he watched with the light behind him any person in the vehicle would be able to see him.

He walked back to the window and carefully pushed the curtain just about an inch aside, not enough to be seen from the driveway but enough to see what was happening. He could see movement in the car but could not make out who it was. He wished that they had come further up the drive because then the driveway lights would have been activated by the movement allowing him to see more.

Time passed, a minute, five minutes, ten minutes then fifteen. Still, all he could see was movement in the car but nothing more. He couldn’t even tell what they were doing. He assumed it was Josh bringing Ida home but if so why didn’t they get out of the car or at least move further up the driveway? Ida would know that the lights would come on if they did, so why didn’t they drive closer?

Jon’s arm was starting to ache from holding the curtain back. He was considering giving up when suddenly the passenger side door opened. This activated the interior light of the vehicle and yes, it was Ida and Josh. He had bought her home.

Ida walked around to the driver’s side door and obviously, Josh’s window had been wound down because she leaned in and they kissed as the interior light gradually faded to nothing. Once more Jon felt as if someone had stabbed him in his heart. The light then went out. Jon could no longer see inside the vehicle.

Then he heard his wife laugh as she stepped back from the driver’s side door. The engine roared into life and the car reversed back down the driveway. Ida stood still watching the car and as it headed down the street she waved to the man in the vehicle. A hand came out to wave back and then the car was gone. Ida stood there for some time watching as if she expected the car to return before she slowly walked up towards the house.

Jon moved down to near the door but it didn’t open. He wondered why but he waited patiently for her entry. Once more a minute passed then five but still the door didn’t open. He became concerned so he slowly and quietly opened the door. Ida was sitting on the seat alongside the house front where they so often sat in winter to be warmed by the sun. She was crying. He watched quietly for a moment before he spoke.

“What’s wrong, Ida? Did he hurt you?”

Initially, Ida looked shocked because he had been so quiet that she didn’t know he was there. Then she looked up and told him, “No, he didn’t hurt me. He was very gentle and loving. I just feel so ashamed.”

“Ashamed? Why?”

“We made love. Josh and I made love.”Jon felt a flash of jealousy but then it passed as quickly as it had appeared.

He knew that Josh making love to her was the most likely outcome of the night. “Didn’t you want to?” He asked.

“Oh, yes, I really wanted to but afterwards I realised that I’m married to you so I should not have done that.”

“It’s okay, Ida. I wanted you to have this opportunity. I’m not angry or upset. I’m just glad you’re home with me now, safe. I was starting to worry.”

“He wanted me to stay but I couldn’t. I needed to come home to you.”

“Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Ida got up slowly. Jon took her in his arms and led her through the doorway then up the stairway to their bedroom. He removed her clothes one at a time kissing her occasionally before he laid her on the bed.

“I should clean up,” she told him.

“No, I want you the way you are. You can clean up after if you wish.”

“I’m not sure that we should do this Jon. You’ll be disappointed with me.”

“Why would I be disappointed with you? I’ve never been disappointed before, have I?”

“No, but I’ve been used. I’ve never been used before when we have had sex.”

It didn’t pass unnoticed to Jon that she said that she and Josh had made love but now with him, she referred to it as having sex. But right now, Jon was sexually excited so he pushed that thought aside. He climbed on the bed over the top of her and directed his penis towards her vagina then pushed forward. There was a slight squelching noise and he went all the way into her.

“My God, you’re so loose,” he said in astonishment.

“I told you that you would be disappointed with me.”

“I’m not disappointed. It’s just that I’ve never known you to be loose like this.”

“Josh is bigger than you.”

Jon remembered the size of the man with his make-believe wife on his computer. He was bigger but then he was selected for that video because of his size. Jon never expected that Josh could be bigger. The thought had not even occurred to him. He needed to know more so he asked the obvious question, “How much bigger was he?”

Ida expected the question but she delayed answering. That was one reason why she delayed entering the house. She had spotted Jon at the window before he had turned off the light so she knew he was most likely watching and waiting for her. She knew he would be asking her questions about her night but her sense of shame at what she had done worried her so much that she didn’t want to face him, not yet at least. She also felt that if she was honest with him she could hurt him. She didn’t want to do that to Jon.

When she didn’t answer Jon asked again, “How much bigger than me was he?”

She had no option but to answer, “He was thicker,” she blurted out.

“Thicker, how much thicker was he?”

“I don’t know exactly but he was thicker.”

“You didn’t look? I thought that I tasted his sperm when we kissed. If you sucked him you should have seen.”

“Please, Jon, don’t try to interrogate me, not now at least.”

“Are you going to keep things from me? Are you going to lock me out?”

“I’m not keeping anything from you. I’m not in the mood right now to talk about it, that’s all.”

Jon had waited all night for his wife to return to him so she could tell him how it went. But now she didn’t even want to talk to him. He felt she was deceiving him. He felt that he had done this for her but she didn’t want to share her experience with him. He felt shut out. He felt anger coming on. Had he lost his wife? Had he lost his marriage? He had helped her have sex with another man and now she was acting as if he had lost her! This was unacceptable! He couldn’t let it pass without a response!

“Well, if you feel like that and shut me out then I may as well sleep in the spare room!”

He got up, grabbed his phone and left the bedroom taking huge strides as he did so. As she went to ask him to stay he slammed the door. She was all alone. She lay back and looked at the roof of the bedroom in the dim light. She thought of how wonderful she had felt with their mating, Josh and her. Her feelings of guilt and frustration intensified the more she thought about what she had done. “I’ve sold my marriage out for a few minutes of sexual pleasure,” she murmured. Despite knowing that was a real possibility, she felt guilty but for some unknown reason she didn’t feel sorry and she felt that Jon was being unreasonable.

She felt shame. She felt guilty. She felt sorry for the way that Jon felt but she was glad that she had made love to Josh because she knew it had been better than any other sex she had ever experienced. She knew that sex would never, ever be the same again with her husband because now she knew how great it could really be.

She suddenly realised why she felt so guilty. It was because she knew that she would not enjoy sex with her husband as much from now on and she knew that eventually, she would have to tell him if their marriage survived. As she started to cry again she rolled up into a ball, taking her legs in her arms with her knees up against her chin.
“What have I done? I’ve lost him,” she murmured to herself. Then a thought entered her mind. Perhaps it was Jon who had lost her. Did he really deserve to have her if he got angry just because she needed time to sort her thoughts out?

With that thought, her mind wandered back to the incredible orgasms that Josh had given her. It was as if the whole world had shaken beneath her and unlike with Jon, the orgasm went on and on and on even to the stage of causing her pain but good pain. And then he had erupted inside her, the heat of his sperm on her back wall had been indescribable.

She smiled. She was no longer crying. She thought of just lying there with him inside her. Jon couldn’t do that because he always slipped out of her but Josh was bigger and tighter so he had to pull back to get out because even after his orgasm he was tight inside her.

Then there was round two and that had been just as specular. She smiled again. “Fuck it,” she mumbled. “I have to make up with Jon or he won’t let me get with Josh again and I’m not ready to let go of that yet.”

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Re: Ida and Jon

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I don't remember reading this story before. It is a good start and I look forward to more.

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Re: Ida and Jon

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Loved it, she knows her marriage is in effect well on the road to being finished as all those years mean nothing compared to her sexual gratification with a man she's just met. Mr 'met him five minutes ago' is her truly preferred partner easily trumping years and years of marriage to a man who wanted her to replace him.

She might not know anything at all about the new guy but she's found out that she needs him more than the husband she thought she knew, despite any rational thoughts or common sense that this shouldn't be. She's a slut of the first order and has made his fantasy her own, but more than that a fantasy that MUST be her reality, and she's done it in a far more brutal and malicious fashion than he could ever envisage. It's like a drug she liked too much and is now hopelessly addicted. For now she needs to make it up with the loser so the transition to her new marriage to an almost total stranger can go more smoothly. She deserves her five minute man and Jon deserves his fate too.

Great story Goyse and great writing, Ida is really Candy by another name.


My account of our first time, what happened afterwards and when my marriage was in trouble - link below.

Thank you for any who comment


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Re: Ida and Jon

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Chrislydi wrote:
Fri Dec 16, 2022 1:57 am
Loved it, she knows her marriage is in effect well on the road to being finished as all those years mean nothing compared to her sexual gratification with a man she's just met. Mr 'met him five minutes ago' is her truly preferred partner easily trumping years and years of marriage to a man who wanted her to replace him.

She might not know anything at all about the new guy but she's found out that she needs him more than the husband she thought she knew, despite any rational thoughts or common sense that this shouldn't be. She's a slut of the first order and has made his fantasy her own, but more than that a fantasy that MUST be her reality, and she's done it in a far more brutal and malicious fashion than he could ever envisage. It's like a drug she liked too much and is now hopelessly addicted. For now she needs to make it up with the loser so the transition to her new marriage to an almost total stranger can go more smoothly. She deserves her five minute man and Jon deserves his fate too.

Great story Goyse and great writing, Ida is really Candy by another name.



Re: Ida and Jon

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Ida and Jon Chapter 4

Jon entered the spare bedroom. It was cold not only in temperature but in appearance. A shudder ran through his body. He knew by this time that he should not have walked away from her but pride stopped him from going back. If he went back he would need to apologize and he wasn’t ready for that so he shed his clothes and climbed under the blankets.

He had given his wife freedoms that very few men ever did for their spouses but she seemed so unappreciative. Didn’t she understand what he had been through waiting for her to come back to him? It hurt. It really did and yet she didn’t even ask how he was. She cried but why. She wasn’t the one sitting around at home knowing that his wife may not come back to him. Then when she did come back it was all about her and her shame. “What fucking shame!” He called out, “I’m the one that should feel ashamed. After all, she is my wife that some huge cock was fucking and she won’t even tell me what it was like.”

Then there was that other thing that she did. Any man would find that hard to forget and forgive. She referred to her and Josh as “making love,” but then, when he wanted to make love to her it suddenly become, “having sex.” What was that about? That tells a story all by itself. She didn’t care about my feelings. It was only about her. No man should have to put up with that from his wife. That was belittling!

The thought of belittling made him think of what she told him about him being smaller than Josh. He lifted up the blankets and looked down at his crotch. He was still hard. Despite all the anger, the disappointment, and the feeling of being deceived his cock was still at full mast. It was then he saw the little light that there was glistening as it reflected off the sperm that had coated his cock when he had plunged it into Ida. He was coated in Josh’s sperm.

He placed his hand around his rod and slipped it up and then back. My God, it felt good! He sometimes used lube the few times that he masturbated and it felt good but this felt better, much better. He reached over the side of the bed and picked up his underpants off the floor. It was then that he thought of Ida’s undies. They would be drenched in Josh’s sperm. Could he perhaps……, maybe……, yes, of course, he could. He’d need to be quiet though.
Jon got up from the bed and slipped his undies on then his shirt. He tiptoed back to the master bedroom. The door was closed. He quietly pulled the handle down cracking the door open about an inch to listen. He could tell by the rhythm of Ida’s breathing that she was asleep. He carefully opened the door then on his hands and knees, he searched the floor. He felt the wetness on his hand which told him he had found her panties. He left just as quietly as he had entered.

Back in the bedroom, he climbed under the blankets. He then took her panties and wrapped them around his shaft. In the low light in the corridor, he had identified the thick drying sperm on the inside of her panties. All he had to do was spit on the mess and he had the perfect lubricant. His orgasm didn’t take long thinking of how Ida’s panties ended up in such a mess. He didn’t know the details but it was not difficult to imagine what could have happened.
Now spent, he threw the panties on the floor, turned over and was asleep in minutes. It had been a long emotional day for Jon. He felt thoroughly exhausted.

It was around three o’clock in the morning that something woke Jon. Initially, he didn’t know what it was. He lifted his head and saw the time. In his half-asleep mode, all types of questions ran through his head. Had he locked the front door when he went to bed? Perhaps it was an intruder. Was it a storm that woke him perhaps? Then he realised that there was a warm body pressed up against his back. How could that be? He was in the spare bedroom by himself.

He turned his head to look behind him but he had to lift his body to do so. When he tried an arm wrapped around him and held him tightly back against that warm, soft body.

“I’m sorry for being such a bitch,” she said. “You’re good to me but I sometimes get moody and can’t be civil. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that I was so worn out.”

Jon thought for a moment before he said, “No, I’m sorry. I should have been more patient with you but I had been under pressure all night so I cracked. I really wanted to enjoy you but I guess I came across as being too demanding.”

“You had every right to be demanding. I just wasn’t handling things emotionally but I’m okay now. That’s the first time that I’ve had two men in one night and I guess my mind couldn’t cope with the idea of it all but I’m yours now if you want me.”

“I’d rather hold you for a while. I’ve been asleep and I need to wake up first before I can feel like sex.” Jon didn’t see the contradiction in what he had just said. He had gotten upset with Ida because she referred to them having sex while she had said that it was making love with Josh. Now he had confirmed her statement to him. It was about having sex with him not making love.

“Okay,” she said as she released her grip on him so that he could roll over. As he settled back down after facing her she continued, “I saw you take my panties.”

“Did you?” he responded not knowing what to say knowing he had been caught out.

“Did you like looking at them?” she asked.

“They were messy.”

“Yes and so am I. Do you want to feel me?”

“Do you mind?”

“No, I wouldn’t offer if I minded.”

His hand reached down and he felt that she was still wet but he also noticed how open she still was. “He made a mess of you.” Jon was referring more to her gape than the amount of sperm.

“Yes, he came a lot the first time but not so much the second time.” She registered mess as being how much sperm Josh had ejaculated into her.

“You had sex twice?”

“Not really. It was only once but when he cum he didn’t stop and kept going until he cum a second time.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”


“Was it the first time he came or the second?”

“It was the first time and the second time.”

“He made you cum twice?”

“He made me cum several times. Or rather it was just two great big orgasms. It probably would have been just one great big orgasm if I had realised that he was going to continue as he did.”

“I see.” The information made Jon feel totally inadequate much more so than when she told him that Josh was bigger than he was and to Ida it was obvious.

“Don’t be upset, Jon, please. It was new and different. That made it good. You made it good for me by letting me have this experience so I owe it all to you. I thought about it lying in bed earlier and decided that I owe you big time for what you gave me.” She kissed him before she continued. “I don’t want to upset you but I have to tell you that it was very special, even unique but you need to understand that it takes nothing away from you because you’re the one who gave me the opportunity and you’re the one that I love. I’m nothing without you.”

“I felt that you left me out. That is why I had to walk away from you last night.”

“Yes, I realise now but I need you to understand that I didn’t want to leave you out but I wasn’t coping with what had happened. I needed time to think it through. When you walked away it just about killed me but it gave me the time I needed to come to terms with all that has happened.”

“Okay. We’ve sorted it now so let’s put it behind us and move on.”

“What do you mean by move on?”

“You’ve had the experience and you enjoyed it. It was not what I expected. My desire was for you to come home to me all excited and we would have sex for hours like in some of the stories that I’ve read. It wasn’t like that at all.”

“It could be.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not over. Josh wants me to go out with him next weekend. Now that I’ve come to terms with it all, it can be like in the stories.”

“I thought that it was just going to be the one time and then we would go back to our everyday life.”

“I don’t want that. I want to experience it some more, maybe even until the excitement of the newness of it dies out. I didn’t do this to just move on and forget that it happened. There is also Josh. He wants it to continue as well. We can’t just use a man and then drop him as if he is nothing. That would be a terrible thing to do. What sort of a person would I be to do that?"

“I see. I don’t know if I can cope with sitting around at home while he fucks the living daylights out of my wife. I struggled, I really did. After what you told me I probably will struggle even more if it happens again.”

“Well, we will need to find a solution. I’ll talk to Josh about you being there with us.”

“You want me there to watch you?”

“If you can’t survive being home by yourself then you will have to come with us unless you have a different solution?”

“No, I don’t have any solution if you won't break it off.”

“Okay, now Jon, I want you to make love to me. Your fingering is turning me on.” He felt a sudden unusual affection for her when she used the words, “make love,” but it wasn’t sexual.

“I haven’t got a full erection, yet.”

“It feels hard enough to me. Come here.”

Ida pulled on him and he moved over on top of her. She guided him into her wet stretched vagina. She placed him at her entrance. He pushed forward and slid all the way inside her. He lay still feeling the juices being pushed out of her, knowing that they would most likely be the remnants of Josh’s sperm. He felt the juices but her pussy walls were too stretched for him to feel much else.

“Push him all the way inside me, honey,” she told him. Jon knew she didn’t feel him either because he was already fully inside her.

“This is not working, Ida. Roll over on your side away from me.” He lifted off her and she rolled over as he asked. He felt with his fingers where her pussy was then guided his shaft into her. It was wet and slippery but now he could feel her pussy walls.

“Oh, that feels nice,” she said.

“Yes, it does,” he replied, feeling excited by her statement that it felt nice for her.

Despite having masturbated a couple of hours before, Jon came rather quickly. He knew that the feeling of Josh’s sperm inside her and the thought of being her second man in the last few hours was the reason he could not hold back. They lay there silently until as his erection declined Jon slipped out of her. Jon continued to hold her tightly against his body as he gradually entered the land of nod.

Before sleep took him over totally he told her, “I love you, Ida.”

He expected her to reply similarly as she always did but her reply wasn’t what he expected, “Yes, I know. You’re a good husband,” she told him. He dearly wanted to hear her say that she still loved him but despite his anguish sleep captured him.


Work, attention to family and the things necessary to keep a house kept them busy for the next few days. Their experience with Josh could well have never happened as far as Jon was concerned. Life was as it always had been. Besides he was too busy to think much about anything much other than his family, his friends and his work and the necessities of life.

Jon was reminded of Josh on Wednesday night when they made love. It was very obvious that she was still quite loose for him but he didn’t mind and she had recovered adequately to have a small orgasm with him. Despite being reminded of the previous weekend’s events he felt much better knowing that she still appeared to enjoy sex with him just as much as before she had been with Josh.

Ida was also aware that Jon felt small to her during sex, something that she had never ever noticed before. She had inspected herself earlier in the week so she was aware that she had not recovered to the same extent as she had expected or hoped. Jon didn’t mention it so she thought that maybe he had not noticed but she had.

As they made love she thought back to that feeling of fullness that she had felt with Josh and amazingly, almost immediately she had a small orgasm. The power of the mind, she had thought at the time. She then thought of the stories they had read and she then understood how the women in the stories remained so attached to their husbands despite how exciting the women in the stories claimed it was like being with their bigger, younger and fitter sexual partners.

Ida thought of Josh regularly during the week. She wished he would call her but no call came so on Thursday evening while Jon was having his shower after work she dialled his number.

“Josh speaking,” came the reply.

“Josh, it's Ida.”

“Hello, Ida. I’m glad you called because somehow I misplaced your number and I haven’t been able to find it. I thought of coming around to see you but I was not sure how Jon would react if I did.”

“Yes, I think it is good that you didn’t because I think he is having a few issues accepting that we made love the other night.”

“Made love? I thought you said it was only sex and that love was out of the question.”

“I did, didn’t I? Maybe that is why Jon was so upset with me. I have to go, Jon has finished his shower. I’ll see you on Saturday night.”

“I was wondering if……. “ Before he had time to ask her if he could see her before Saturday night she had hung up on him.

When Jon entered the room he saw Ida putting her phone back in her bag. He had heard her talking but could not make out what she had been saying. He was tempted to ask her who she was talking to but he didn’t want to make her feel that he was monitoring everything she was doing so he decided not to ask. Besides, he knew if the chance arose he could always check her phone to find out. He knew that she often checked his phone so why shouldn’t he do the same to hers?


Re: Ida and Jon

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Ida and Jon Chapter 5.

On Thursday the boss came down to the lunch room to have lunch with the crew. Jon immediately, like everybody else knew that something was happening. Jon already knew that orders had been slow and he had discussed that with some of the others on the shop floor. They all agreed that if their boss was thinking of putting someone off then most of them preferred to work a shorter week than have a man sacked.

After lunch before the work whistle blew the boss stood and told them that he had bad news. They all nodded because they knew but no one said anything.

“The situation with orders is such that we have to reduce manning,” he said. “The reduction at this stage need only be one job. I have worked the numbers over and over again but I can’t find any other solution. Today, I’ve come down to deliver the bad news to allow you all to think about it. There may be other solutions if we can all work together on it but at this time it appears as if I have no solution other than to dismiss one person.”

Everyone nodded. There was not one employee in the shop who did not have immense respect for their boss. They all knew how difficult it must be for him so no one wanted to make it harder.

“I apologize to you all. We have tried to secure extra orders but the whole market is suffering right now. If a person is dismissed I want you all to know that their job will be available to them once things pick up. You have all stood by the company and the company wishes to stand by you but this must happen or there may not be a company in six months’ time.”

Jon stood up. The boss looked across at him. “Was there something you wanted to say, Jon?”

“Yes, I’ve discussed how difficult things are getting with the guys and those that I’ve talked to would choose to work shorter hours rather than see someone lose their job. Is that an option that you would consider?”

The boss smiled. “Definitely, that is the reason why I’m here talking to you. I want to hear from anyone who may have a potential solution and the one you put forward definitely has merit. I would need to do the numbers but if you guys are willing to work with me then I think it could work. I thank you, Jon, for putting that forward.”

Jon continued, “I have to tell you that it was not solely my idea. Definitely, I had input but it was the majority of us that contributed to the solution. Tony has done some numbers which you might like to talk to him about. What it would mean is for each job saved each one of us would have to take an afternoon off per week. To get the ball rolling, I volunteer to take this afternoon off.”

“That’s admirable of you Jon. What about the order that you’re working on?”

“My order is finished and packaged. If I stayed I’d move down to the workshop to help them out but usually when I do that they don’t really welcome any of us because they understand the situation as much as the rest of us. They are worried about their jobs as well.”

“Okay, let’s give it a go. I’d much rather you guys found and implemented your solutions. It just shows me how committed you are to the company. I admire you all for understanding and finding a much better solution. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that you will all be here with us for the future. I hope there is a turnaround in the economy and people start buying our products again shortly.” He looked at his watch and stated, “Now, I’ve taken up some of your lunch break so take another fifteen minutes each to make up for it.”

The boss turned and left. As he turned around at the door, not one man was still sitting. They were heading back to work. A tear ran down his cheek knowing how lucky he was to have a workforce dedicated to the success of the company. What he didn’t understand was their dedication was to him not the company. They were repaying him for his concern over the years for their welfare.

Jon put his tools away, said his goodbye’s to his workmates and headed to the bus stop. He was looking forward to spending the afternoon with Ida.

The bus didn’t go up his street. It stopped at the shopping centre. To reach his street, Jon had to walk past the local shops. As he did so he looked into the window of the coffee shop to see if there were any of his neighbours there for him to wave to.

His mouth dropped open and he stopped dead in his tracks. He was shocked but nowhere near as shocked as Ida was. She almost dropped her coffee. Josh looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong.”

Before she could answer he followed her line of sight and disappearing across the road was a man. It took Josh a moment to realise that man was her husband, Jon. Josh jumped up and ran from the building. He caught Jon within two hundred meters. He placed his hand on his arm but Jon shook it off.

“Listen to me, Jon,” he said. “It’s not what you think.”

Jon turned to him and told him, “So what is it that I think?”

“She is not cheating on you. We’re just having a cup of coffee. We’re talking, that’s all. We’ve been talking about you.”

“That’s a likely story. If I had not come home early, I would never have known.”

“That’s not true. We would not have tried to ring you if we were trying to do this behind your back but you didn’t answer for some unknown reason. Check your phone. It will confirm what I’m telling you.”

Jon realised that he had turned his phone off at work because the boss wanted to talk to them and he had not turned it back on but he was not willing to concede, not yet at least. “Why are you here trying to explain to me? Why is my wife not talking this through with me?”

“She’s not here because I told her to stay in the coffee shop. I caused this so I have to pick up the responsibility. She told me that you would be angry if you didn’t agree to our meeting to talk but I convinced her that you would do the same if the tables were turned. I owe you Jon, big time. We both do but if you insist then I will walk away and you and Ida will never hear from me again. But before you make that decision I’d like you to look at your phone and listen to my message to you.”

Jon was on the spot. He could get angry and walk away or he could look at his phone. Logic said that he should check his phone. He decided to check it first then if there was no record of a call he was going to punch this big man out for trying to take his wife away from him. He reached into his pocket and pushed the start button. The phone lit up.

Both men waited patiently for the phone to go through its start-up sequence. Jon had never realised before how long it took. It seemed like an hour. He eyed off his opponent, his wife’s lover thinking of where best to strike him. He knew if it came to a fair fight he stood little chance so the first hit had to count.

Josh knew the danger he faced. He had already conceded that if Jon was to strike him, he would not hit back. He could see that Jon was seething inside and he was surprised that Jon had not struck him when he placed his hand on Jon’s arm. His attention was on how to minimise the damage that Jon might cause him. He also knew that if he did any damage at all to Jon then Ida would never want to see him again.

The phone gave a ‘bing’ as it finished its start-up sequence, then, ”You have two messages.”

Josh smiled. Jon was not capable of smiling but he opened the first message from his wife.

Ida’s voice said, “I have called Josh to discuss you coming with us on our date on Saturday night. He wants to have coffee with me. Can you call me back?”

Jon’s expression didn’t change but the pressure and anger inside him started to subside. He opened the second message. “Ida says you want to come with us on our date. I asked her to have coffee to discuss it. I wish you could be there with us but…, “The message ended.

“But what,” Jon asked him.

“I’ve sent you a text message. Check that.”

“Why can’t you just tell me what it says?”

“Jon, you’re concerned. I understand that so if you don’t read the message that I sent, you will think that what I tell you is just an excuse to hide my behaviour. I’m happy to discuss it with you but you need to read my message first.”

Jon was snookered and he knew it. He wanted to be difficult but he knew that if the message explained things then he had no right to cause trouble. He lifted the phone up again and opened the text messages. Once more there was one from Ida. He read that first.

“Jon, I’ve tried calling I need to talk to you urgently but your phone seems to be turned off. Please call me as soon as you get this message. I’m talking to Josh about you coming on our date with us.”

Jon nodded. Josh realised that this was a good sign. Jon opened up the second message which was from Josh.

“Jon, I know that I should not meet Ida for coffee. We have tried to make contact with you but your phone seems to be turned off. Ida tells me that you are suffering because you spent the night alone when we last met. I don’t want you to suffer but I do want to date Ida again. We need to find a solution if that is to happen so I wanted the three of us to meet. I’m flying out tomorrow morning and I won’t be back until Saturday afternoon so it has to be dealt with today. I hope you forgive us for meeting for a coffee without you. I promise you that I will not make any advances to Ida without your permission no matter how much I want to. Josh.”

Jon nodded but once more said nothing. Josh smiled at him and Jon raised a small grin. He felt like an idiot but his pride would not allow him to concede that he was wrong. It was left to Josh to smooth the waters.

“I’m sorry to cause this stress and concern, Jon. I wish it had happened differently.”

Jon nodded to confirm he had heard but still said nothing so Josh continued.

“I need to tell you something which you might not like but it is important that you hear it. What I say you must never tell Ida. Is that okay?”

Jon nodded his head. He had an idea of what Josh was going to tell him but if he was right then he had to respect the man for being honest. “Alright,” he mumbled.

“After I’ve told you then as Ida’s husband it is your right to send me away and I will promise that if you tell me not to see her again, I will do exactly what you ask. But…,” he hesitated, “I think we can work this out so that we all end up winners.”

Jon nodded again so Josh continued.

“For me, this is not about sex. I’m emotionally involved. I admire your wife and I want to spend more time with her but in doing that I don’t want to hurt you or your marriage. That is why I said that I will leave and not come back if that is what you want.”

Jon’s mind told him he should tell Josh to leave but at the same time, the erection in his pants told him to hug the man and invite him to his home. The erection alone would not have overcome what his mind was telling him except behind the erection there were feelings of extreme sexual stimulation. Somehow he wanted to give his wife this opportunity for complete sexual fulfilment.

Jon shook his head and Josh thought it was over but the head shake was about the desire for him to not only allow his wife to continue to experience what Josh could do for her but a desire to make sure it happened. His mind was having trouble dealing with that. He knew how crazy that was. Jon’s mind was a methodical and logical brain but this defied all logic. It was just not practical at all. What Josh had proposed was not a one-night stand or even a case of “I want your wife in my bed for a week,” type thing. This was a proposal that was likely to become long-term and Jon knew it.

Josh waited. As time passed he decided there was no chance so he went to turn to return to his car. He was a man of his word and he had given his word that he would walk away if Jon wanted him to. He desperately wanted to continue with Ida but he had destroyed that possibility by asking for her husband’s permission. He felt that he had made a massive mistake.

He took one step before Jon said, “Let’s join Ida for a coffee. She must be getting worried by now.”

Josh turned and smiled. He couldn’t help himself. He took the smaller man in a bear hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jon.”

Jon chuckled. “I haven’t agreed to anything yet, Josh. Let’s have our coffee and then I’ll slip home to cook dinner for us. I had planned to cook for Ida and me but it’s not much trouble to add a little extra for a third person.”

Josh weakened his grip on the much smaller man and looked down at him with a smile large enough that Jon thought his face could break in two.

“Don’t you dare kiss me, Josh or you won’t be coming home for dinner.”

With that, they both burst into laughter and made their way back to the coffee shop where Ida had been watching them through the window.

Jon drank his coffee and then made his way up the street to their house to start preparing for their dinner. After Jon was out of sight, Ida asked her lover, “What happened? What did he say?”

“He said yes,”

“He said yes to what?”

“He said yes to you and I being lovers.”

“He said yes to us being lovers but for how long?”

“There was no talk about how long. It was about what I wanted. I told Jon that I was getting emotionally involved with you and then told him I would walk away if that is what he wanted. He didn’t ask me to leave and now he has left us alone while inviting me to dinner with you. I’m assuming from that he accepted that we can continue our affair.”

“Did he say that he wanted to be with us when we….., you know.”

“No, but I told him that you and I will do whatever we can to make sure he is not left out.”

“But he just left us alone?”

“Yes, and I’d love to take you to my unit and make love to you again but that would be deceiving him and we must not do that, not yet anyway. That may change if we decide over time. For now, he will need to be present if we make love or have sex.”

“I’d enjoy slipping off to your unit too.”

“Yes, I know but I don’t think your husband is stupid. He will know that you are emotionally involved so he will want to keep an eye on things.”

“I guess. You worked it out so I guess that Jon will too.”

“No, he doesn’t have to work it out. He already knows. He would not have agreed if he didn't know. We should head over to see how his cooking is going.”

“Yeah, I guess. I need to clean myself up when I get there so you will need to keep him busy so he doesn’t know.”

“Alright,” Josh said as he picked up his coffee to finish it.


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Ida and Jon Chapter 6.

Now some might think that Jon was a bit of a dill for not giving Josh the chop but Ida could assure them that her husband was no fool by any stretch of their imagination. Jon’s boss could vouch for that as well. He also knew that Jon had a level head and was as smart as any man he had ever employed. He had ignored the rubbish about everyone having input into the idea that Jon proposed. Certainly, he knew they would have been consulted but he knew the idea would have been Jon’s. Jon simply did not want to stand out from the crowd which was the reason that he allowed every employee on the shop floor to take part in the credit for his ideas.

That was the type of man that Jon was. So when Josh seemed to treat Jon like a fool, Ida very quickly told him to, “Wake up. Don’t misjudge my husband. Jon knows exactly what is happening around him.”

Josh chuckled as he sat his coffee cup down believing that he had won the day, “He gave you away,” he told her, “That doesn’t sound as if he knew what he was doing to me.”

Ida felt her anger rising from what he said, “Jon did not give me away,” she told him.

“Oh, that’s right. He is only loaning you to me. Isn’t that what he once told you?”

“Yes, he did but what you need to understand is that I already understood that this fling we are having is temporary. It will end the moment that Jon decides it must.”

“I didn’t see you chasing after him when he walked away earlier.”

“No, I didn’t. I know Jon and I know that when he gets angry it is better to give him a little room and time for him to settle down to get his brain working again. If left alone Jon would have come back to talk to me about his concerns. I know him.”

“I see.” Josh didn’t want to pursue the subject any further. He suspected that no matter what he said, Ida was going to protect her husband. He decided that he needed to give it time to allow her to come around. He knew she was emotionally involved so if given time she would come around to his way of thinking. At least that was what he thought at the time.

“Alright, we should head off. Jon should be well on the way to cooking dinner by now and I need to take a shower to clean up a little otherwise he will know that we have been making love.”

“You’re not going to tell him?”

“I’ll tell him when the time is right. Now is not the time for him to be told that. He needs to settle down some more. His anger will dissipate in a few hours. He thought that I was cheating on him but I think he understands now that you have explained it to him.”

“You were cheating, weren’t you?”

“I guess. We shouldn’t have done that. We’ve deceived him but he’ll forgive me.”

“That is not the perception that I got from you. You seemed to want it more than I did."

“No, but I got carried away. Of course, that doesn’t make it right though.”

They walked out to Josh’s van and headed up the street to where Jon was busy cooking dinner. He heard them enter so left what he was doing and approached his wife. He took her into his arms and kissed her. “I’m sorry that I got angry with you,” he told her.

“I’ll give you some time together. Can I use the bathroom?” Josh asked.

Jon nodded to confirm that Josh could use the facilities. He then realised that he could taste something. It was the same thing he had tasted when she returned to him after their date. On that occasion, she had licked her lover clean after they had sex. The taste was her juices and his sperm combined. It immediately told him that she had cheated on him.

He also could see that Josh knew exactly where the bathroom was which in itself told Jon a story. He thought quickly and could not remember any time that Josh had been to the house so how could he know where the bathroom was? As Josh walked away Jon looked her in the eye and asked, “Did you make love?”

She nodded. “I wanted to tell you but you got angry. I was waiting until you settled down to tell you.”

“Well, it’s too late now to change things. I guess we have to move on and make the best of where we are and what we’ve done.”


“Thanks, why are you thanking me?”

“Thanks for not getting angry with me. Thanks for giving me all that you have. Thanks for loving me more than any other man ever could. Thanks for forgiving me. Thanks for everything you do for me.”

“Are you assuming that I’ve forgiven you?”

“You will, won’t you?”

“I guess but I’m disappointed that you’ve let me down. I thought this was about you and me but now I find it’s about you and Josh. I’m not sure that I can handle the deceit, the cheating, and your failure to be honest with me.”

“I was alone. You didn’t answer your phone and it was an opportunity. I knew that you wouldn’t say no to me if I asked but there was no way I could ask you.”

“Okay, I guess that explains it but I have trouble with it because it was cheating.”

“I had better wash up for dinner.”

“No, I want you to stay with me.”

She grinned then chuckled, “It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, unfortunately, it does turn me on,” he hesitated then added, “a little.”

She reached down to run her hand across his crotch. His stiff erection jumped from the feeling it gave him. He let out a little moan.

“You love it don’t you? It turns you on big time. You can’t hide it from me. Your little cock doesn’t lie.”

Jon was lost for words. He knew that she was right. He did like it but with that came pain from the thought that she had cheated on him. He knew that if she didn’t stop it he would eventually lose her. Just then Josh returned from the bathroom.

“It’s all yours now, honey,” he told Ida.

Jon looked at her. He had guessed why she might need the bathroom. He muttered one word as he returned to the kitchen. “Don’t.” He said it so that she would hear him but Josh couldn’t.

Ida smiled. She turned towards Josh and said, “Later. Dinner will be ready soon.” With that, she got up and went to the liquor cabinet to pour them all a drink. She handed Josh his. She set her drink down beside him and then mixed bourbon for Jon. Then she told Josh. “I’ll be back soon.” She took Jon’s drink to him in the kitchen.

The meal had already been prepared but Jon had not made any attempt to serve it. She handed him the drink. He took it from her and had a sip.

“Are you okay?” she asked him.

“I think so. I’m just trying to come to terms with what has happened.”

“It’s okay. I’m still yours.”

“Yes, I know. You’re still mine right now but what about tomorrow or next week or next year? Where does it end? I’ve released a nightmare on our marriage.”

“I still love you.”

“Yes, I know and I still love you as well but for how long can that continue if I can’t sexually satisfy you when he can? He has us in his grip. I won’t fight him and you can’t.”

“Why do you think you can’t fight him? You could tell him to go any time that you choose.”

“No, I can’t. The moment I do that I am taking your sexual satisfaction away from you and I can’t do that to you. Even if I could, eventually you would use it against me.”

“Why don’t we just let it all happen and see where it ends then?”

“It’s the only thing we can do at this stage. I’m sorry that I got you into this, Ida.”

“I’m not.” She looked up at him and told him, “I have two men and as long as they can get along with each other then I’ll be happy. Are you prepared to try for me?”

“You know that I’ll try even if the odds are against me.”

“Good, now let me help you serve dinner to our guest.”

“What then?”

“You know what happens after dinner and you know that you’ll love it as much as I will.”


Once more Neil Diamond’s music drifted on the cool night air from Jon and Ida’s house as the lovers held each other tightly. Ida felt very secure as Josh’s long, strong arms held her tightly against his body. His phallus pressed against her lower abdomen acting like an aphrodisiac moistening her loins for what she knew lay ahead. But there was no rush, Jon, Ida’s husband was content to just sit back with his drink in his hand and watch them.

Jon had instigated the dancing. When they had finished dinner it was Ida that suggested that she and Josh do the clean-up while Jon took a break. After all, he had been working that morning and then spent the afternoon preparing their meal. He deserved a break, not that he wanted it but he knew better than to argue with Ida especially so when it came to domestic duties.

Jon had positioned himself so that he could see his wife with her lover as they cleaned up. Although their reflection in the glass of the picture frame on the wall was not clear it did allow Jon to see when they hugged or kissed which they did many times as they worked. Jon couldn’t help it he rubbed his hand across his crotch a number of times thinking about what may be ahead of him. This became his motivation to put Neil Diamond music on when he knew they were nearing completion of their clean-up duties.

By the time Ida and her lover joined Jon, he had poured their drinks. He picked up Josh’s and handed it to him. As Josh took the drink Jon placed his arm around his wife and led her into a dance.

The couple held each other closely as they danced while Josh stood watching them. Jon kissed his wife and then whispered, “I love you, Ida. I love you very much.”

“Yes. I know and I love you too, Jon.” There was a delay for a moment as they slowly danced around before she whispered. “You were watching us kissing, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“And it made you get an erection, didn’t it? I can feel you.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you want to watch us tonight?”

“Yes, I’d love to watch as long as it happens slowly and gently. I don’t want him to hurt you.”

“He doesn’t hurt me, not much anyway. He did at first but not so much now.”

“Can I touch you?”

“Touch me, how?”

“I want to lift your skirt and feel how wet you are.”

“I’m very wet. I don’t want him to see you doing that.”

“I’ll keep you behind me so that I can lift your skirt and feel you from behind.”

“I’m not sure……..“ It was too late. Jon had worked her skirt up and slipped his hand between her legs. He ran a finger across her very wet slit and she moaned and placed her head on his chest.

“You liked that, didn’t you,” he whispered to her.

“Yes, I did. It felt nice.”

“You’re dripping wet.”

“Yes, I haven’t cleaned and you’re turning me on. Being so close, feeling your penis and knowing what is going to happen. I feel……., I feel……, I feel...., I don't know, very loved and sexually aroused I suppose.”

“Should I give you to him now?”

“Oh, yes, please…. But I still love you.”

“I know but he can give you things that I can’t.”

“Jon…., Oh Jon, please…., don’t think like that. I love you, I really do.”

“Yes, but you’re falling in love with him, aren’t you?’

“No,” she said then she thought for a moment. She knew she had to ask, “Is that what you want, Jon? Do you want me to fall in love with Josh and want him all the time? Is that what you want from me? Is that your dream for me?”

Her question shocked him. His mind flew into a panic for a while. He held her tighter before he answered, “I don’t know, Ida. I just don’t know. I just want you to be happy and satisfied but can you have one without the other? Is it even possible? What is it that you want? Do you even know what you want?”

“Yes, I know what I want. I’ve dreamed about it. I want Josh to make love to me all night. I want you there to share it with me. I want you to hold me when he can’t and I want you to help me clean myself after he is done with me. I want you to kiss me just as much as he does, maybe even more. Then when he is finished with me he will sleep so it will allow you to have sex with me. I might not even feel you after him but I want you to reclaim me as your wife. I want to prove to you that I still love you. I want you to prove to me that you still love me.”

“Well, I have better give you to him then.”

“Please, don’t be angry with me.”

“I’m not angry with you. But I have to give you to him or your dream can never happen, can it?”

“I guess but I still love you.”

“I know and I will always love you no matter what happens.”

Jon opened his arms. Ida kissed her husband then quickly moved across to where she really wanted to be, with her lover, Josh.


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Ida and Jon Chapter 7.

Josh and Ida danced together for the next two hours if you can call it dancing. It was more like slow walking to the music while kissing and enjoying the feel of their bodies rubbing against each other rather than dancing. Jon watched them closely for the first hour as he drank bourbon after bourbon. Both Ida and Josh were aware of Jon’s stare so even though they enjoyed the feel of their bodies so close together they limited their kissing. But then Ida noticed that Jon’s eyes were closed. She assumed he had fallen asleep so she felt their restraint had been lifted.

So it was that for almost an hour they kissed almost continuously as they performed their walking love dance. Jon however had not been asleep. He had simply closed his eyes to rest them possibly because of the alcohol he had consumed but flicked them just slightly open every now and then. He was aware of the change in their mode so he decided not to allow them to know that he was awake and aware.

Somehow, after a while, it all seemed normal for Jon. He knew how exciting it must be for Josh. He also knew his wife wanted close contact with her new lover and for him, knowing that he could not stop it even if he tried, started enjoying watching them in their little love dance. His mind thought of how wet and juicy Ida must feel from their bodies rubbing together and that thought turned him on.

But then something changed. Josh wanted Ida to sneak away with him to the bedroom. She resisted, saying that Jon had to be part of it.

“But, Ida, Jon is asleep. He will need to go to work early tomorrow so we can’t wake him,” he whispered to her.

“I promised him. I won’t go to bed without Jon there with me,” she whispered back.

“I’m only thinking of Jon,” came the response.

“I made a promise. We can’t keep cheating on him and expect that he will not try to put a stop to our affair,” she told him. “I don’t want that.”

Josh pulled away from her. “Maybe so,” he stated. He was no longer whispering, “But I can’t keep trying to seduce you if the only thing you can think about is Jon. Doesn’t it matter what I want?”

“Of course it matters,” she snapped back, raising her voice as she did so. “I didn’t once move to prevent you from seducing me this morning when you wanted it. Did I say no to you then? Understand that I’m married and after all this is over, I want my marriage back but it won’t be there if I don’t treat my husband with some degree of dignity and respect.”

“Ida, face reality. Jon is asleep there on the couch. You need to decide what is important to you and to him. Are you too selfish to let your husband sleep? Would you wake him up when you know he has to go to work early in the morning just for your own selfish desires?”

When Josh stood up to her Ida’s submissiveness started to kick in. “I guess, you’re right,” she conceded while allowing him to take her back into his arms.

“Well, are we going to go into the bedroom?” Josh asked.

“No, she’s not, Josh,” Jon’s voice came clearly to them, “she made me a promise and she wants to keep it. You, Josh, do not have the right to make those types of decisions for her. Thanks, honey, for speaking out for me. Now Josh you need to learn right now that if Ida insists on something, no matter what it is then you need to respect her wishes. If you can’t do that, there is the door.” Jon pointed to the front door.

“Are you telling me to leave, Jon?”

“The decision to leave or stay is in your hands, Josh. All I’m saying is that if you can’t respect my wife’s wishes then you should leave. If you can respect my wife’s wishes then you may stay. But remember this rule applies just as well when I’m not here to make you conform.”

“She agreed to go to the bedroom with me. She could see the logic to what I was saying.”

“Was that true, Ida?”

Ida was in a bind. She knew she had to protect her marriage but she also felt she had to give Josh what he wanted. She also knew that she was under pressure from Josh and if she went against him she was frightened that he may walk away. She didn’t want that. “It doesn’t matter. You’re awake now anyway,” she told her husband.

Jon shook his head. He knew that her submissive side had kicked in and she had conceded her power and her rights to Josh. It annoyed him. He understood her but that didn’t mean that he agreed with her. He knew that somewhere down the track Josh would have her twisted around his little finger and that frightened him. He knew that once that happened he would have no say in what happened at all. Despite that, there was nothing he could do about it. only Ida could change that but he doubted she was strong enough.

“Well, if you’re not concerned, Ida we may as well go to the bedroom,” Jon said as he got up and started walking away. He stopped after about ten feet, turned around to face them and asked, “Are you coming, Ida?”

“Ah…., yes……, come on Josh.”

Josh smiled. He knew that he had just stolen part of the control over Ida away from Jon and now he was going to seduce her in front of her husband. It made him feel good. A feeling of superiority came over him. Ida had told him that he was bigger, longer and stronger than her husband. He had questioned her on that matter. He also knew that she no longer had the tight pussy that she had the first time he had made love to her and Jon would know that. If what Ida told him about Jon’s size was correct then she would feel loose to Jon by now.

Josh was about to show this woman’s husband how a real man makes love to a woman. He was going to make her moan and groan as much as he was capable. He knew there was a good possibility he may even make her scream as well and if so, tonight was when it would happen. He was about to call on all his lovemaking skills to try to make this other man feel inferior to him, at least, that is what he thought.

Jon opened the bedroom door and took Ida’s chair away from her vanity cabinet and sat down next to the bed. Josh and Ida had started undressing each other on the way to the bedroom so it took a short time for them to enter. When Jon saw this he removed his shirt and trousers leaving him in just his underpants before sitting back down. Jon was surprised when Ida shook herself away from Josh and came over to him. She was only wearing her bra and her panties by that stage. She promptly sat down on his knee and kissed him.

Josh stood back and watched. He was not at all happy about her abandoning him like that. He felt she had belittled him in front of Jon. While he watched he removed his underpants and his thick hard cock sprung up along his stomach. He saw Jon look over towards him so he took it in his hand and turned slightly as a show pony might. Jon couldn’t believe how long and thick Josh’s cock looked. Josh smiled when he saw Jon looking. To him, it felt like an ace might if he had been serving while playing tennis.

“Remove my bra,” Ida asked, making Jon bring his attention back to his wife.

Jon reached around behind her and unclipped her bra. Ida removed it and threw it into the corner of the room. She then stood up to step out of her panties before sitting down on his lap again.

“Can you feel how wet I am,” she asked.

“Yes, I can.”

“Remove your underpants, Jon.” She lifted up again and he slid them down trying as hard as he could to hide his much smaller penis from Josh. Ida took him in her hand so as she sat down she could guide him into her.

“You’re very wet.” He told her. “Is that Josh’s sperm making you wet?”

“No, some of it is Josh but most of it is me. I was almost reaching orgasm as he was dancing with me and rubbing that thing of his against me. It’s big, isn’t it? He did what you did to me a few times as well.”

“What, Josh fingered you while you were dancing?”

“Yes, that is why he kept his back to you most of the time so you wouldn’t see. I told him what you did so he tried to outdo you. I had a couple of little orgasms with his big fingers.”

“Can you feel me inside you?”

“Yes, I can tonight because my pussy is so turned on. Do you want me to move on you?”

“If you move too much I would cum really easily after watching you.”

“You can’t cum inside me. Josh wouldn’t like that.”

“Fuck Josh. If I choose to cum inside my wife I will.”

“Maybe it was a mistake sitting on you, Jon if you can’t respect what I ask and what I want.”

Jon took a huge breath. He wished like hell he had the guts to just shoot his sperm inside her but he knew that if he didn’t respect her wishes how could he ever expect Josh to respect her? “Okay,” he told her. “Stay with me for a little while.”

“If you promise not to cum inside me, I will.”

“I promise.”

They kissed, they hugged and then they kissed some more. All the while Ida was moving on him just that little bit, slowly ever so slowly. Her juices were absolutely running down across his testicles and onto the seat all the while.

Then he suddenly felt it. It started as a little tremor that he felt in his stomach thru her back muscles but then her pussy muscles set up a rhythmic pattern that he could feel through his cock. Then she started to flood.

“Oh, my God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Jon. You’re making me cum and it’s a big one, Oh my Ggggoooooodddd…………”

Jon took hold of her and thrust as hard as he could inside her and splattered the internals of her pussy with his sperm. He couldn’t help it. The heat of her juices was just too much for him but he made damn sure that he didn’t make a sound as he did it.

His orgasm now passed he held her tightly against him. She turned her head and kissed him then put her mouth to his ear and whispered, “Don’t let on that you cum inside me. Josh must not know.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“Yes, I know you do. I think you love me just as much as I love you but now you have a task to perform for me, a very special task.”

“Anything, anything at all.”

She whispered softly into his ear once more. “I want you to perform a ceremony for me.”

“What type of ceremony?”

Again she whispered, “I want you to officially give me away to my lover by guiding that huge phallus of his into my sloppy wet pussy that you just made sloppier.”

Jon was shocked, “he will think he owns you then.”

“Yes, that’s right but he will, won’t he? He has become our bull and all bulls believe they own their lovers.”

Jon shook his head, “I don’t think so, Ida. I’m loaning you to him, not giving you away to him.”

“Jon, I love you but I know that you’re no fool. You know it is well past that stage. We can fight him but we won’t win, not now. I tried to fight him this morning but I had to have him inside me. We can survive this Jon but if we try to fight it you may lose me. I’m too weak now. All I can do is take what is offered and hold onto you as much as I can but I promise the time will come when I will be yours again if you work along with me.”

“I mean nothing to you right now do I?”

“You mean everything to me, Jon but sex is a big part of our life and I don’t think I can go back to the way it was before Josh. We have to find a way for us to survive with Josh.”

“I see.”

“You said anything, Jon. I’m just asking for one thing, no more. You’ll enjoy doing it, I know you will.”

“Alright, if I must, I’ll do it.”

“Good, I’ll go to him now. I want you to lie beside us and offer to guide him into me.”

She stood as he said, “be careful of the carpet.”

She smiled then bent down to his ear and told him, “You don’t cum enough to mess up the carpet, Jon.”

Already feeling let down her comment was as if she had thrust a sword through his heart. He sat there as she moved across to her lover who was now sitting waiting on the side of their marital bed. Jon wished to hell that he had led them to the spare bedroom rather than the main bedroom but it was too late now for regrets. Josh kissed her several times and then her lover moved to lay her down.

Jon got up and walked across to stand beside the bed.

“My husband wants to do something special for us tonight, Josh,” she told him.

“I see,” Josh said, “what is it that you want to do for us, Jon,” he asked.

Jon had been bushwhacked. He thought that Ida would do all the talking and organizing but she had put him on the spot. Jon stood there not knowing what to say.

“Tell him, honey,” Ida encouraged, “Tell him what we agreed on.”

“I….. I….. I……. No,” Jon shook his head. He was too proud to say what she asked of him. “No, It wasn’t me,” he told Josh, “It was Ida who asked me to guide you into her, Josh. I’m reluctant but I agreed that I would do anything for her. That is how much I love her and that is what she has asked me to do. I'll do it because she means so much to me that I'd do anything for her."

“I see,” he replied, “Like a bit of a giving away ceremony. You’re going to give your wife away to me. Is that it, Jon?”

“No, that is not it at all. My wife is mine and only mine but by doing this I’m offering to loan her to you occasionally when all three of us agree that it is possible without causing problems with our marriage.”

“I see,” Josh replied with a chuckle, “Then you’re not ready to commit to her being mine full-time yet.”

“How would you like to leave, Josh? Obviously, I’m not making myself clear to you. Ida is my wife and while ever I have any say in the matter she will remain mine. I have no intention of giving her away to you or anyone else for that matter. If you’re interested in having sex with her tonight that is fine with me but that is all it will be, sex.”

“Well, we had better get this ceremony underway then. Be awfully careful handling my cock, Jon. It is very important to me.”

A quiet female voice added with a giggle, “And to me.”

They all burst out laughing as Ida lifted her knees up, She spread her legs and Josh took his position on top of her. Above her, he moved to the side and turned towards Jon as Jon reached out and placed his hand around his shaft.


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Ida and Jon Chapter 8

Ida lifted her knees up, she spread her legs and Josh took his position on top of her. He then rolled a little to the side so that Jon had access to his weapon. Jon reached out and took Josh’s huge cock in his hand. It surprised him that although he had sizable hands with long fingers his hand did not go all the way around him. Until that moment, Jon had not realised how thick the other man actually was.

The phallus felt slippery although it wasn’t damp. It was as if it was lubricated under the skin. Jon had thought that his cock would feel hard but it felt reasonably pliable. He looked at it and saw how much larger the head with its foreskin covering was than the shaft and how it bent towards the right. He had never had any interest in men, sexual interest that is, but for some unexplained reason holding Josh’s shaft made his erection grow once more. Oh, how he wished that he had a cock like this monster with its blood vessels protruding roughly from its surface and its foreskin that covered its big head as if it was hiding away from being seen.

“It’s not erect, yet,” Josh told him, “You’ll need to stoke it to get it hard before it will penetrate her.”

“Like fuck,” Jon told him, “Stroke it yourself. I don’t stoke men’s dicks. I’m no queer.”

“Jon! You promised me,” Ida told him.

“Ida, please don’t make me do this thing.”

“You promised, Jon. I want to see you do it. It makes me excited and turns me on. Besides I want you involved when we make……,” she hesitated, “… have sex,” she told him then added, “please.” She knew how to get her way with Jon. All it took was to look at him with those big koala bear eyes of hers and a passive please to back that up.

Jon shook his head before he slid his hand down Josh’s cock and then along it again a couple of times. He was quite surprised. It actually felt good in his hand and the slippery feel excited him and made his erection get harder. After a few strokes, the foreskin started to retract from covering Josh’s head and Jon was surprised at its deep purple colouring. Jon had never seen anything quite like it before. He was starting to understand why Ida was so taken by it.

“It’s not working. Make him suck it, Ida.” Josh told his lover.

“You heard him, Jon. Do as he asks,” then she once more added, “for me, please.”

Jon shook his head but knew that Ida would not let up until he did what she asked of him. He also needed to keep her as happy with him as possible to avoid any chance that she might leave him and go live with Josh. He had thought about that possibility and knew that if he did exactly what she wanted of him that possibility would be avoided for now but exactly how long he had no idea.

He lowered his head to about a foot from the phallus. Copious amounts of precum were issuing from the hole in its head and starting to run down onto his hand. The thought of having that in his mouth revolted him but he knew that he didn’t have many options. He had read about men who suck their wife’s lover’s cock to get them hard but he never ever even thought for a second that one day he might be considering doing the same.

“Are you going to do it,” Josh asked him.

“Josh, be quiet,” Ida told him. Her response shocked Jon. A short time ago she appeared totally submissive but now she was willing to tell her lover to be quiet. Jon turned his head to look at his wife who smiled at him. He smiled back at her. “I know how difficult you’re finding this, honey but I do really want to see you do it for me.”

Jon took a deep breath, shook his head then blew the air from his lungs loudly. “I’ll do it,” he told her, “I’ll do it for you and only for you, for no other reason.”

She nodded to show how much she respected him for saying that then smiled again. “If you lick his juices off the top first you will find it easier. Open your mouth as wide as you can then bring your lips back over the top of your teeth so that your lips protect Josh’s cock from your teeth. Lift your body above him then straighten your throat with your mouth like this.” She pushed her head back with her mouth wide open aligning her mouth with her throat, “and you’ll find it a lot easier.”

“His cock will push towards my throat if I do that.”

“Yes, that is the idea. If you swallow his juices from his cock it will make your tongue and throat slippier so that his head can reach the entry to your throat. That way you can take more of him into your mouth.”

“It’ll make me chunder.”

“The idea is to swallow as if you’re trying to eat something without chewing. Just convince yourself that you can do it and you’ll find it an awful lot easier than you think.”

Jon felt like asking her how she knew so much about swallowing cock but he knew that she must have done it for Josh. That was probably why he tasted sperm when he kissed her when she had been with Josh. Maybe it hadn’t been his sperm he had tasted but his precum.

“Well, here goes,” he told her. Josh had moved off her to lie down beside her while she was instructing him on the gentle art of sucking cock. Josh held his weapon in his hand so that it pointed towards the ceiling. Jon stood over the top of him and bent over to adopt the position that Ida had told him. He licked the precum from his hand and from Josh. He placed his lips over the head and then sucked hard on the hole. About a thimble full of precum entered his mouth. He swirled it around his mouth then swallowed and felt the fluid sticking to the walls of his throat.

Josh slid his hand up along his cock and another lot of precum threatened to run down his shaft. Jon once more placed his lips over the head and took the lubricating fluid into his mouth. In doing so, he felt the shaft jump just the same way that he did when Ida touched him.

Jon took one more look at his wife and said, “are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes, I do. If you do a good job I will do the same for you after Josh leaves in the morning. I have never sucked you, have I? It's about time we changed that.” She gave him a smile and he returned it.

“I love you,” he said just before he pushed his face down on the big man’s shaft.

On the first push down, Jon forgot to swallow so his reflux reaction kicked in. He pulled back then swallowed as if practising then pushed down again. He felt the big head hit his throat so he swallowed again and the shaft went about an inch inside his throat. He pulled back, took a big breath and as he pushed down once more he swallowed. This time he kept swallowing and pushing down. He felt the shaft pushing his throat wider as it went down but he kept pushing.

All three of them were surprised that Jon had taken all but about an inch and a half inside his mouth and throat. “Go again, honey and you’ll get it all,” Ida yelled in excitement. This time as Jon pushed down Josh lifted up and put his hands on the back of his head and pushed down with him.

The pubic hairs pushed against his nose and his lips. Jon was about to lift off when Josh gave one almighty push on his head while thrusting up hard against Jon. For a moment Jon thought that he was going to die from suffocation. Not only was the passage down his throat blocked but his nose was squashed flat against Josh’s balls. Then Josh pulled his hands away and Jon pulled off him.

Jon looked at Josh despite the spit running from his mouth and the tears running from his eyes he managed to tell him, “That was not funny. You almost suffocated me.”

Josh smiled and told him, “You’re a better cock sucker than your wife. She couldn’t take more than half of me down her throat. You got the lot and then some. I think your neck feels better than your wife’s pussy. You just about made me cum.”

“If you had cum, I would have bitten the fucking thing off. Don’t you ever do that to me again!”

“It’s alright, Jon. He thinks it’s a game. He did the same to me. Once you get over the shock you will see how funny it is.”

“Funny, that’s not funny. I was about to bite the fucking thing off and if I had he wouldn’t have sex for the next ten years if at all. It would take that time for the wound to heal after they sewed it back on him.”

“Okay, Jon. I’m sorry, right? Now, are we going to get on with this ceremony or whatever it is?”

“You would have to be touched in the head if you think that I’ll do what Ida had planned after what you just did.”

“Aww, honey, there is no reason to be like that. Josh will behave himself. Just direct him into me now that he’s stiff.” Once again she looked at Jon with those koala bear eyes then added, “Please.”

Jon shook his head. He knew that he should walk away and leave them to have their fun but this was his wife, the woman he loved. He also had not gotten over her telling him that they were owned by Josh now. No one other than Ida owned Jon. He knew it and it surprised him that Ida didn’t know it too but she was trying to tell him that she had lost her power, her control over her body. That power, that control, now belonged to Josh, she had handed it to him and it pissed Jon off no end.

If Jon was to take that power back he needed to make sure he was present when they made love. Yes, that’s right, when they make love. He had got the message. That was the purpose of her statement about Josh owning them. It was no longer a case of them having sex. That was the message she had given him by that statement. They had progressed to the stage of making love. To her, it was no longer just sex. She was telling him that she was now emotionally involved with Josh and it frightened the hell out of Jon.

Jon shook his head then turned to her, wiped the spit hanging from his chin and told her, “I know that I should walk away but I received the message, your message so I know I have to stay.”

“Thanks, honey, I promise you, you will not be sorry.”

“What’s this message, shit,” Josh asked?

Ida smiled and told him, “That is something you wouldn’t understand because you’re not married yet. It’s about how well husbands get to know their wives and wives get to know their husbands."

“You mean like that ESP shit. I don’t believe in that crap. It’s all make-believe, that stuff. Now are we going to do this or what?”

“Honey?” Ida asked.

“Alright, roll over on top of her and let’s get this party started,” Jon told them.

Josh smiled. It was the smile of a man who knew that he had won the day and the winner always gets the girl, everyone knows that, except Jon perhaps. Jon was still working out how he can end this when he needed to. As yet he hadn’t found a solution and the longer it went on the more he was getting pulled into the situation. He wondered if it would ever end and even if it did would he lose or would Josh? Right now it looked as if Josh was going to win the prize. Not that he was worried about Josh winning. The only thing that worried him was the prize happened to be his wife and he didn’t want to lose her.

Once more Ida bent her knees up, opened her legs and Josh lay down between her knees. He then turned a little towards Jon who took hold of his cock in his right hand. This time it was as he expected it to be, rock hard.

Jon looked down at his wife’s pussy. It gaped open slightly but he could see the unmistakable signs of sperm inside her but he knew that at least some of that was his. It made him feel good so he looked up at his wife who gave him a great big smile and a nod to tell him to go ahead.

He directed Josh’s shaft to his wife’s pussy but realised it simply wouldn’t fit without being opened up so he placed his left hand above her clit with his fingers down one side and his thumb down the other to open her wider. Josh was watching his every move and pushed his body forward so that Jon could place his great big purple head at her entrance.

“It’s too dry,” Josh told him.

“No way am I going to suck this again after what you did. Hold on,” he said. He slipped two fingers inside his wife. Ida lifted her hips as he did so.

“Oh, that felt nice,” she told him.

Jon just smiled and ignored her. When he withdrew his fingers they were covered in sperm. He rubbed the sperm around her entrance then thrust his fingers in again. This time he rubbed the sperm onto the head of Josh’s cock.

“Let’s try again,” he told Josh. It wasn't much but Jon knew that it was his sperm that he was using as lube to allow her lover to enter his wife. Meagre as it might seem the knowledge gave Jon some satisfaction

This time when Josh pushed forwards about an inch disappeared inside Jon’s wife. Jon let go of Josh and sat back in the chair to watch the proceedings.

Each time that Josh thrust forward Ida lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. When Josh was about halfway inside her Ida lifted her legs up in the air and placed her heels onto Josh’s back. Jon found this very upsetting as it was something she had never done with him. In fact, as it progressed there was a lot that she was doing with Josh that she had never done with him. Even her thrusting up to meet him was much more energetic than anything she had ever done with Jon.

Their lovemaking continued for around fifteen minutes. Several times Ida let out moans and groans and told her lover she was cumming. He thrust very hard into her each time she told him that. As he watched he noticed that Josh’s stroke changed. He was pushing harder into her and holding deep inside her with each stroke for about two seconds. He was also not pulling back as far. Jon knew what that meant. The big man was about to flood her with his sperm.

It was then that Jon noticed that rather than being loose inside their sac his testicles had pulled up higher inside their home. Jon took his cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He looked down at it and thought, I’ve never been this hard or this thick before. When he looked back at Josh he saw his shaft give a throb just before he pushed forward inside Jon’s wife.

“Aaahh, I’m cumming, Ida. I’m filling your fertile cunt with my seed. Aaahh, Aaahh, Aaahh, Aaahh, Aaaaahhhhhhhh…….."

Jon counted the thrusts, one, two, three, four, five, six, is the man ever going to stop, he thought, eight, nine, ten, eleven…….

Each time Josh pulled back, Jon saw the muscles throb in the big man’s cock as he pumped his wife full of his live-giving sperm and his testicles did their dance inside their sac. On thrust six, sperm appeared at their joining and with each thrust after that more sperm was forced out around his shaft.

Jon knew what that meant. She was so full of his sperm that there was no room for more so he was pumping it back out of her. It was too much for Jon and his orgasm took him over.

When Jon looked up at the couple again Josh had slumped to the side pulling Ida onto her side as well. From where Jon was sitting he could look between Ida’s legs as she still had her leg over the top of Josh. He could see that Josh was still inside her holding his sperm inside her.

“I’d better check her pills,” Jon mumbled to himself as he got up holding his little bit of sperm in his hand to stop it from falling on the carpet. He made his way to the bathroom where he washed his hand then sat down on the toilet wondering where all this was taking them and how it would end. He was about to get up to go to the kitchen to make a coffee for himself when he saw the door latch being pushed down.

He watched as Ida appeared with her hand between her legs to prevent the flow of sperm from dropping out of her onto the floor.


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Ida and Jon Chapter 9.

Jon was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet seat when he saw the door latch being pushed down. He watched and Ida appeared with her hand between her legs to prevent the flow of sperm from dropping out of her onto the floor.

“Can I get on there,” she asked. “I’m flooded with his cum.”

Jon got up to allow her to sit. She spread her legs and he watched her stomach muscles contract as he heard, “plop, plop, plop,” as Josh’s thick sperm fell into the toilet bowl. He moved closer to her so he could look down at her pussy. Her flaps were red, extended and thick sperm was hanging off them. He felt his erection rising again. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen.

“Josh cums a lot,” he said.

“Yes, he always does. It makes a mess of me.”

“Can I touch you?”

“Touch me, what do you mean?”

“Your pussy, can I touch it?”

“Yes, but it’s awful messy.”

“I can see. I want to feel you, what he has done to you.”

“Of course, you can.”

Jon dropped to his knees in front of her. He slipped his hand down between the toilet seat and her mons to slide a couple of fingers into the mess. She smiled at him and then leaned forward to kiss him.

“That feels nice,” she told him, “I can see it is turning you on too.”

“Yes, I’m getting hard.”

“Do you want to make love to me?”

“I’d like that.”

“Remove your hand and I’ll slide forward on the seat so you can get inside me.”

Jon did as she asked and she sat with just her bottom on the edge of the seat. Cum was slowly running from her and her crotch was very messy. Jon guided himself into the mess. Ida wrapped her arms around his body and held him tightly. “I love you, Jon,” she told him.

“Yes, and I love you too but I think you’re in love with two men now. Am I right?”

“Maybe, what if I am?”

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you?”

“No, but my emotions scare me sometimes. What if I’m in love with two men and I admit to it and I lose the very one that I don’t want to lose?”

“It is better, to be honest with the man that you don’t want to lose. At least then he will know what he’s up against. Otherwise, he might get frightened that you’re not being honest with him.”

“Okay, yes, I do think you’re right. I’m falling in love with Josh. You’re not going to leave me are you?”

“No, as long as you respect me and tell me the truth, I’ll always be here for you.”

“Good, do you like that?”

“What, you telling me the truth?”

“No, do you like my sloppy, wet pussy.”

“Yes, I do.” He thought it was time that he raised the issue that worried him, “ Ida, I had a look at your pill card. You haven’t taken any of your pills for at least a week.”

Ida pulled back from him, “Have you been spying on me, Jon? Don’t you trust me to make my own decisions on birth control?”

Her response made Jon feel that he had to defend himself. “No, I just happen to notice, that’s all. Besides, I have a right to know.”

“You can’t just notice. You have to have been in my bedside drawer at least twice to know that no pills have been removed from my card.”

“Then you admit that you haven’t been taking your pills?”

“Jon, you are spying on me. Let me up. I won’t stand for you spying on me.”

Jon was shocked by Ida’s response. He pulled out and moved back but was still on his knees looking up at her. Ida stood. She then took some toilet paper. He watched as she wiped herself then she put a pair of panties on from the wash box.

“Ida, what has gotten into you? I just asked a simple question and you’ve accused me of not trusting you.”

“It’s not a simple question at all. This is my body and I’ll choose what I do with it. If I choose to take the pill or not take the pill is my choice. Furthermore, it is my choice to tell you or not to tell you if I have taken the pill or not. These are decisions that all women have to make for themselves.” As she was saying it she was moving towards the door. Before Jon could say more she had left and closed the door behind her.

Jon sat down on the toilet seat. He had difficulty knowing what had just transpired. Ida had always discussed everything with him no matter what. She had always shared every little detail with him. Although he never ever remembered the details she always told him when her period was due or when she was about to start taking her pills and many other personal things. If she ever missed a pill which was seldom the case she told him and often asked him to remind her. Her reaction didn’t seem to make any sense to him. Was she hiding something from him and if she was then he knew he should be worried.

Then he remembered one important point. He had never ever asked her about those personal things. She always offered the information so he never had reason to ask before. “Okay,” he mumbled to himself, “she defended her position because this is the first time that I have asked. Maybe, everything is alright. Maybe she is right. Maybe she had to defend herself because I should have waited for her to raise the subject.” But then he thought what if she had not raised the subject with him, what then? Do I wake up to find I have a family that I have not had any input into? Is that acceptable?

He sat there and looked at the blank bathroom wall. Time passed. What do I do? Do I just accept the situation? If I do accept it then I have to accept what happens. Am I willing to do that? My God, surely Ida is not hoping to become pregnant and then expect me to raise someone else’s child? She wouldn’t do that, would she?

He looked down at himself. After having withdrawn from his wife his erection had sagged to the stage where he was almost limp but then when he thought of Ida becoming pregnant his erection magically returned. “That’s fucking sick, old fellow,” he told his cock. “No, that is not on. You don’t win this time. I have to deal with this.”
But how could he deal with it?

If he goes out to the bedroom to talk to Ida then Josh will take over the conversation. Besides, it wasn’t the type of conversation that a man could have in front of her lover, was it? If I leave it then she will think that I have accepted her response. I have to deal with it but without Josh looking over our shoulders. That means that he either has to leave or I have to take her away from him for the discussion.

He put his hand on the door and then hesitated. He took a couple of deep breaths before he entered the bedroom.
Josh was on his back with his arms out. Ida was lying beside him with her head on his shoulder, much the same way as she often would with Jon. They both looked up at him as he walked towards the bed.

“The little man is back,” Josh said. “Have we been having a little worry session, have we, Jon?”

Josh’s comment just about floored Jon. Josh appeared to know that they had their disagreement and what it was about. “What do you mean?” he asked.

Josh laughed out loud before saying, “Are you worried that I might give you my kid to raise?”

Jon ignored his comment. He felt like throttling Josh but despite that, he addressed himself to Ida. “We need to talk, Ida, in private, just you and me.”

“Why,” is all she said.

“You know why. I need you to explain to me what we talked about and you need to explain to me why you have shared at least part of our conversation with Josh. Now, I want you to come with me to the kitchen while we talk.”

“And if I say no, what then?”

“I haven’t thought that far, yet. I believe you will come with me to discuss it. But if you don’t then I will have to make choices and decisions that I don’t ever want to make.”

“Are you saying that you would leave me because I believe that I have the right to make decisions about my own body? Is that what you’re saying?”

“I’m not saying anything like that but then I’m not saying that I wouldn’t either. I believe that you will come out to the kitchen with me to discuss this as we do with every problem or disagreement we have ever had so why would I need to think like that?”

“I see,” she hesitated then continued, “are you threatening me if I don’t want to bow to you, Is that it?”

“I don’t expect you to bow to me, no. I never have and I never will expect that. I just want to be respected as the man who you share your life with, that’s all.”

A quick as a flash she came back with, “One of the men I share my life with.”

“Okay.” Jon changed his focus from Ida to Josh. “Josh, I would like you to leave now. You said you did not want to interfere with our marriage. Right now it appears to me that your presence is interfering with our marriage. Would you leave, please?”

It was time for Josh to be shocked. He had not expected that. He moved his arm out from under Ida and sat up. It looked for a moment as if he was going to get up but then instead he looked at Jon and said, “We’re just taking the piss out of you, mate,” he turned to Ida, “You had better go with your husband and resolve this matter, Ida.”

She sat up and said, “I thought you agreed with me that my body was my business, no one else’s.”

She had caught Josh out, he stuttered as he replied, “Your hus.., hus.., husband h.., h.., has every r.., r…, right to be concerned.”

“I see,” she replied, “Jon is correct. He is spot on with what he has said.” Josh smiled. He felt he had won the day but then she looked up at Jon who nodded as she continued. “You should leave now, Josh.”

“I didn’t mean that,” Josh told her, “I mean you should talk to him about the issue at hand.”

“Nope, you told me that it was my body and I had the right to deal with it as I feel fit. Now you’re saying the opposite so leave, please.”

Josh got up from the bed. Jon stepped back a couple of paces to give him room. As he did so Jon looked down and a tweak of jealousy ran through his mind and body. It was not jealousy over Josh being with his wife. Jon was happy to be able to allow her to have the experience that he had given her. It was jealousy over the size of his cock compared to Jon’s.

Josh got dressed slowly as they both watched. He then walked around to the opposite side of the bed, leaned over and went to kiss Ida but she turned her head so that he kissed her on the cheek. He then stood to walk out the door.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he said.

“No need for that Josh,” she replied. “I’ll call you once Jon and I have resolved our differences.”

“Okay,” he said, “I'll see you around Jon.”

“Yea, see you, Josh.”

They listened as Josh left the house. Neither of them spoke. They just looked at each other until they heard Josh’s car start.

“Okay,” Ida said, “What is it that you want to discuss?”

“I respect your right to make your own decisions regarding your body, Ida,” Jon told her, “but do you understand how concerned I’d be if you were with Josh unprotected?”

“Yes, I can understand that,” she replied, “but the reason I refused to discuss it and got angry had nothing to do with why you might be concerned. It was the fact that you didn’t trust me to protect your interests. You should know by now that I think of you in everything that I do.”

“I see. I’m sorry then if I gave you that impression. I guess I can understand why you might look at it that way but have you considered other factors.”

“What other factors are you talking about?”

“Well, to start with if in the excitement of all that has happened you forgot to protect yourself and I knew that but didn’t raise it with you then what sort of a husband would I be?”

“Okay, you’re right of course as you usually are.”

“No, it’s not like that at all. I make mistakes. I forget things. I’m no different from you or anyone else. I get worried about things. I get carried away and I lose perspective at times no differently from anyone else. I also get grumpy when I think someone is standing on my ground as you did earlier. As individuals you and I are not all that good, Ida but together we are strong and we can face almost anything but we do have to do it together.”

“What are you trying to say, Jon?”

“I’m trying to say that I need you. I’m trying to say that I’m nothing without you. I’m trying to say, please don’t lock me out.”

Ida smiled at him, “Come here big fellow and kiss me.”

He laughed and said, “I thought that I was just the little fellow a while ago.”

“Yep, you were a while ago but now you’re the biggest I’ve got and probably will be the biggest I’ll have for many years to come.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Yes, you do. You understand perfectly well.”

“But…., what about Josh?”

“Josh? Oh, you mean that Josh bloke that I had an affair with a while ago, the man with a big dick and an even bigger opinion of himself. Ahh, that Josh is history. He didn’t respect my husband or his rights so I had to get rid of him.”

Jon burst out laughing and she joined him. “This pill thing, are you going to explain that to me?”

“Yes, of course, I will. Here give me your finger.”

She directed him to a spot on her upper left arm. He felt something under the skin and asked, “What is it?”

“It’s a birth control implant. I had it done around four months ago. I did it when you started talking about women who take a lover, married women who take a lover. I knew what you wanted so I wanted to give it to you. Well, the idea of it also appealed to me, actually, it appealed to me an awful lot.”

“Why didn’t you remain on the pill?”

“You said it yourself. With all the excitement and things happening it’s possible to forget to take the pill and there is another reason. I couldn’t take the risk of letting your desires lead us down this pathway without being certain of my protection. I’ve read the stories and if I was tempted or got carried away with someone then I thought I might just forget to take the pill.”

“So you thought that you might give in to nature.”

“Yes, nature or someone like Josh. Remember, that you said I’m only human and people make mistakes. Well, people sometimes may want to make mistakes and that could do us a lot of harm.”

“God, talking like that, you turn me on.”

“See what I mean. We are only human. Our desires often override common sense."

“So what happens now?”

“Well, first I need to look after that great big protrusion in your groin then we could always go have a drink at the tavern and see if there are any sexy-looking men around.”

“I’m not into men.”

“I know but I am. Do you think someone might enjoy sloppy seconds? I’ll bet you that if we find someone he will not be able to tell that he is getting seconds.”

“If it was only my sperm then I wouldn’t take that bet on but with mine and Josh’s combined how could he miss it?”

They made love for a long time. It was a long time for Jon but it would have been considered a short time had her lover been Josh. After, they lay side by side as Jon dozed for a short time. He woke after about ten minutes and turned towards her.

Jon could see by the redness of her eyes that she had been crying. He lifted up on his elbow and asked, “Are you missing him already.”

“Yes, I had a little cry. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.”

“Should I call him for you?”

“No, you must not call him. It’s over. It has to be. We’ve got too much to lose. Remember the first rule we agreed on.

“Remind me.”

She laughed, “You just want me to say it, don’t you?”

He smiled and repeated, “Remind me.”

“A hotwife’s first responsibility is to protect her husband.”

“And the second rule.”

She smiled at him, “Our marriage comes first. If our marriage suffers it all stops.”

“Good, and don’t you forget it!” he told her with a chuckle. “I don’t like the idea of changing the nappies on any junior Joshes.”

“I love you, husband of mine.”

“Yes, and I love you hotwife of mine.”

“Come on, you’ve had your nap. Let’s get dressed and we’ll check out the bar for a Josh replacement. You can watch me. You’ll absolutely love it.”

The End.


Re: Ida and Jon

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Chrislydi wrote:
Fri Dec 16, 2022 1:57 am
Loved it, she knows her marriage is in effect well on the road to being finished as all those years mean nothing compared to her sexual gratification with a man she's just met. Mr 'met him five minutes ago' is her truly preferred partner easily trumping years and years of marriage to a man who wanted her to replace him.

She might not know anything at all about the new guy but she's found out that she needs him more than the husband she thought she knew, despite any rational thoughts or common sense that this shouldn't be. She's a slut of the first order and has made his fantasy her own, but more than that a fantasy that MUST be her reality, and she's done it in a far more brutal and malicious fashion than he could ever envisage. It's like a drug she liked too much and is now hopelessly addicted. For now she needs to make it up with the loser so the transition to her new marriage to an almost total stranger can go more smoothly. She deserves her five minute man and Jon deserves his fate too.

Great story Goyse and great writing, Ida is really Candy by another name.


Yep, it is very difficult to get the candyization out of the brain once it is implanted there. Have another story about to be posted shortly called "Caught out."

I have been working on "Leslie" (a continuation of the Candy series) as well but stumbling a little. I find the story great so far but when I go back to review it something is missing, probably because I have got to Chapter 9 without mentioning sex at all!! That's almost a crime in my stories. Some might like it and I do but....

Well, it's good to be back. I hope you all enjoy my postings going forward.


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Re: Ida and Jon

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This is the most awesome story I've seen on this site in a very long time. Best!
I love the tension-filled dialogues between husband, wife, and her lover.

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Re: Ida and Jon

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great story

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