' Do My Pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 5)

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' Do My Pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 5)

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“Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 5)

The continuation of a shy wife story by:

Bertram W. Bronson

Part 5… {{{Ohh Bobby it’s… it’s so embarrassing, ‘doing it’ with you watching}}}

The signal sent, we snuggled together on the huge bed, Megan’s head and shoulders cradled in my arms. Anxiously, we waited for Lance, listening for his footsteps, alert to any tiny sound outside the locked door. The dark night had suddenly become eerily still, the mumble of voices from the pool area had gone silent, there was a final clunk of the iron-gate and the distant sound of the last car fading away. We felt alone, surrounded by an eerie silence… but he was back, perched on the tile rooftop, his luminous owl eyes scanning the ground for careless mice, the only sound… our shallow breathing and his hooting call intermittently drifting out into the quiet night.

“Honey,” she whispered in a quivery voice… “I'm so scared, but I'm feeling kinda tingly… and sort ‘a warm and wet… down there.”

They were the breathy words of an anxious wife… I felt a little shiver of excitement as an image of “down there” took focus in my mind… the image of my wife's precious little cunt, wetting itself in anticipation of sex with another man, the creamy warmth of vaginal fluids welling up onto the roots of her thin pubic hairs and dampening the crotch panel of her underpants. Reaching down with impulsive fingers, I parted the satin robe and pressed one of Meg’s knees a little away from the other. As my palm slipped between her bent knees, she clasped her legs, but intrigued by what I might feel on the crotch of her panties; I squeezed an insistent hand further down between her pinched knees…

“Let me feel,” I whispered…

Anticipating the feeling of humid warm under my fingers, my hand slipped lower, easing down between the clasping warmth of silky smooth inner thighs.

“Don’t… ohhh don't,” she gasped.

Embarrassed, her thighs squeezed tighter around my hand as I pressed deeper between her legs, feeling the warm silky skin of one inner thigh sliding under my palm and fingers… the grazing squeeze of the opposite thigh sliding across the back of my hand… the silky smooth skin feeling softer and warmer as my wiggling fingertips neared the wet crotch of my wife's panties.

“Meg… sweetheart, loosen up… let me feel you.”

She squirmed her hips… a little whimper of protest as she loosened her knees a bit, quickly I slipped four fingers below the arch of her pubic bone and cupped them over that precious little mound in center of her panty crotch… over that adorably soft, warm little hillock of split vulva… and I could feel the divide under my fingertips, the long plushy split that starts just under my wife's pubic bone… a deliciously snug crease of fleshy pink that ends down between the cheeks of her buttocks.

“I feel so wet and so… ohhh my god, so slutty,” she whimpered in undue shame.

“Sweetheart… don't be ashamed, wetting is a natural response, and we’re both a little excited.”

“But I'm… I'm practically soaking through my panties,” she whimpered.

Arousal… it seized us both, entrapping us in an ever tightening grip of fear and excitement… we cuddled in the bed, watching the door, whispering to each other, feeding on each other’s excitement. The hair-cushioned hillock of my wife's pubic bone was still cupped under my sweaty palm and quivering with excitement, I snuggled my extended fingers tighter around the humid mound in her panty crotch. Hearing her excited gasp, feeling her knees loosening as I wiggled my fingertips deeper toward the crack of her buttocks… pressing my middle finger into the vertical notch and feeling the fluid warmth welling up through the thin pink fabric… feeling mother nature’s age-old response to my wife's excitement… the mother of all life, preparing the vagina of my aroused wife for the thrusting of another man’s stiffened penis… a welling up of warm slippery mucus to ease the in-and-out sliding of a long, tautly swollen cock.

Rousing, nerve tightening excitement… it was like a coiled spring in my stomach… the coils tightening and loosening, but winding tighter and tighter with every passing moment and with my fingers cupped over my wife's snug little cunt, I could feel her shifting nervously in my arms, her big blue eyes flicking across the wide room toward the shadowy outline of the door.

“Maybe he’s not coming?” she anxiously mumbled. “Ohh god, Bobby, maybe we should get dressed and go home… maybe ‘do it’ some other time.”

I slipped my hand from between her thighs, resisting the impulse to sneak my fingertips up to my lips and draw a quick, delectable breath. “Meg… it’s only been a few minutes, he'll be here soon.”

She leaned back against my side, closing her knees, reflexively, I clenched my fists… knowing he’ll be here… handsome as a Hollywood Idol, he’ll be here at any moment, easing his hips onto the bed with us… and reaching for my wife. I sensed it with every crawly nerve in my body and I could feel her warm face against my neck, the feathery touch of her breath against my skin… and she was fretting and mumbling nervously about going home.

But fretting or not… down between her buttocks, warm slippery mucus was welling up in her vagina, I'd felt it under my fingertips, oozing through her pubic hairs and wetting through the crotch of her panties. Vacillating, last minute thoughts went swirling through my head… in the next hour he’ll have my wife's panties off, he'll be between her legs, sliding a stiffened penis into that ooze of slippery warmth, hunching his back… pumping the head of a long stiff cock into the pit of her married belly, my god, what a strange feeling of dread and anxiety… yet there was that gut tightening anticipation of my wife being taken by another man.

Another minute passed as we waited for the sound of Lance’s footsteps, cuddled like anxious newlyweds in the middle of the bed, high above our heads, the huge domed skylight loomed like a magnificent picture frame, within its rectangle, the dark sky was a purple-velvet canvas, lavishly sprinkled with sparkling diamond chips. Staring up into the heavens, into that vast infinity of time and space, my very existence seemed such a tiny, insignificant part of this immense universe and I felt the raw emotion of what was about to happen, felt it pulling at me, welling up in my throat. While trying to swallow the lump of angst, my hand sought Megan’s hand, my fingers twining with the fingers of this woman I love so much…

Clutching my wife's hand, my analytical mind was a mess of swirling thoughts, trying to sort through the cloudy muddle of my emotions, dissecting my every thought, analyzing the seemingly never-ending upheaval of strange twisty feelings. During those fleeting last minutes, I pondered the dichotomy of loving Meg more than life itself, yet still planning to share her with Lance… wondering how I could love her so much… and yet sit at her side with a thumping heart and watch the movement of another man’s hips between her spread knees… seeing her pubis up-turned, taking the thrusts of his stiff slippery prick deep into her receptive loins. It would happen tonight, maybe again another day, but I reasoned… it would be just the acting out of our marriage-bed fantasy, done just for its raw excitement, just a proving of our love… a tightening of the cables that bind our marriage in coils of steel.

As the last minutes ticked away, I could feel Meg resting against my chest, the nervous pulsing of her heart. I felt the loving press of her sweaty fingers, then a long breathy shy as she snuggled her lovely blonde head against my shoulder, and at that very moment, with my chin resting atop her head, I realized why I could share my wife’s lovely body with another man… it was because of the comfort of our everlasting love, the realization that she would always be mine… and even after the pulsing penis of another man has ejaculated into the love of my life, even as I hold her, still hot and blushing in my arms, and his sperm is mingling with the fluid warmth of her loins, even at that moment, she’ll be more precious to me than her weight in gold and diamonds.

“Meg… sweetheart,” I whispered with a little catch in my throat. “Before we do this, I want you to know how much I love you…”

I felt the slight shift of my wife's body, her lips grazing my skin, then her pretty face, settling warm and soft against the side of my neck… and maybe I felt the moisture of a tiny tear welling out onto her cheek, I didn’t know, but I heard her soft response, her little murmur of, “I love you too... ohh Bobby, I love you too, for always and always…”

Poised on the brink of a dramatic moment in our marriage, I didn’t even hear his key slide silently into the lock, nor the little metallic snick of sound as the bolt slid back, but I felt Megan’s body tense and heard her gasp, “Ohhhh Bobby, ohhh… he’s here.”

Quickly, my head turned… Lance was standing there, tall and muscular in the doorway, not dressed, just another fresh white towel wrapped around his narrow hips. He paused, just long enough for my wife to catch a breath and then he stepped in… he turned and locked the door. The sound of the door locking sent a prickly shiver up my back… now we were alone behind a locked door with an aggressive young man… and my trembling young wife was wet between her buttocks and nearly naked.

Shivering with anxiety, Megan watched this handsome young man stepping out of the shadows, moving silently across the thickly carpeted floor, moving toward the raised bed where she lay shivering in my arms… tall and broad-shouldered, stepping into the circle of soft pink lighting like a misty vision floating out of her dreams, a moment later, he was kneeling on the wide second step of the dais… slowly leaning down, gently brushing the backs of his knuckles across her burning cheek, and softly murmuring…

“Hello pretty lady… Meg, will you be ‘my’ pretty lady for a few more hours?”

Megan was quivering, unresponsive, just blinking her big eyes and looking up at him while drawing quick shallow breaths. Wisely, he paused a few seconds before easing his hips onto the side of the bed. As he slowly swung his bare legs up next to her, my wife's eyes flicked downward to the sight of his semi-exposed penis, already stiffening, the broad penis-head lifting up against the restriction of the white towel.

Lance could see the anxiety in Megan’s eyes, her knuckles nearly white as she clutched her anxious fingers around my hand. The air around the bed nearly crackled with cosmic energy; again he paused, letting a pair of beating hearts gradually slow.

Then he reached out to the white-knuckled hand clutching mine, clasping my wife's slender wrist, gently, one at a time, peeling her clutching fingers from mine… how strange to see that slender finger with its gold wedding band being peeled away from my hand… how strange to feel the grip of her fingers reluctantly loosening, the warmth of her nervous fingers leaving my hand… how strangely exciting, to feel another man taking control of my anxious wife, preparing her for what was sure to follow.

I moved away a few inches, a little closer to the edge of the bed… watching this handsome young Australian guy taking possession of my wife, replacing my fingers with his… linking them with hers and looking straight into her frightened eyes. I could hear him whispering softly, his accented voice comforting and assuring.

“Don't be frightened Meg, your husband is here, he’s right at your side, and nothings gonna happen unless you want it to… and then, only if your husband let’s it happen. Do you understand that Meg?”

My wife's eyes flashed toward the locked door and then back to his handsomely rugged face.

“Mmmm, I guess so…” she murmured.

But even as his fingers gripped her hand, Megan was instinctively edging her hips away from the middle of the bed, easing her warm buttocks away from Lance and pressing against my side. Cringing like a frightened kitten, her wide blue eyes were staring at his muscular bare chest, flashing down to the revealing lump in the towel… where she knew a stiffly erected cock was waiting, “I've never done anything like this,” she whimpered.

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze, “I know,” he murmured… “But Meg, our lives are full of first times aren’t they? Do you remember how thrilling it was in the pool, kissing with our bare legs touching under the water… the feeling of our hips pressing together… the feeling of my penis squeezed between our bellies?”

“Mmmm, but people were all around us, men were looking at me… I was flustered and embarrassed.”

Lance leaned down, brushing his lips across my wife's ear, drawing a breath through her long, sweetly scented blonde hair. “But we’re alone now,” he whispered as his warm breath flowed back against her ear.

He grasped her chin, gently turning her blushing face so he could look into the depth of her deep blue eyes. “Meg, no one can see us now… and only the three of us will know what happens here tonight, and your husband wants to watch us making love. Do you want to Meg, do you want to dim the lighting and make love whilst your husband is right at your side… let him clasp your hand and watch us make love?”

Lashes lowered, her pretty face a flaming blush, my wife now eased her hips back a little closer to his and shyly nodded her head. A moment passed before her eyes lifted, eyes big and blue as a tropical sea, looking up into his. “Well, maybe,” she softly murmured, “we talk in bed, but I've never done it with anyone else… only with my husband.”

“Meg, doesn’t that make you curious?”

“Mmmm, sometimes I… like wonder, what it would feel like.”

“When you're alone… touching yourself?”

Her face flushed, long dark lashes aflutter, she shyly slanted her eyes away.

“Megan,” he continued in a soft, almost whispery voice, “tonight some quirk of fate has opened a door for you… well, for the three of us.” He paused, waiting until her eyes met his again, “Meg, that door is a passageway into a magical world and tonight your husband wants to make it a real world for you… one where you can cast aside that wonder and curiosity.”

Lance leaned closer, their heads touching, his fingers twining with strands her of golden blonde hair, his lips brushing across my wife's warm cheek, stopping with his breath flowing warmly against her ear, he whispered… “Your husband loves you Meg… and he’s willing to guide you through that door. Meg, would you like that to happen?”

“I don't know… ohhh god, maybe…”

A captivating web of intrigue was being cast over the mind of my innocent wife… she was enthralled with this aggressively handsome young guy, their hands were clasped and she was listening to his whispering voice, wide-eyed and breathing with her lips apart. But little cold fingers were creeping up my spine… tonight Lance would be the chosen man on the other side of that mystical door… waiting to be the second man to slip between the legs of my innocent wife… and I listened to the softly spoken eloquence of his words, the skill with which he was leading my shy wife along the twisty path.

“Walk there with your husband Meg,” he continued in that slow, whispery soft Australian accent. “Stroll through that mystical door, hand-in-hand with your husband, your fingers clasping his as he gives you the loving gift of knowing the intimate touch of another man… the weight of his hips on yours… the wondrously thrilling feeling of his erected penis thrusting deep into your loins.”

“Ohhh Lance, ohhhh it seems so exciting, I'm… I'm practically shivering, but it’s a one-way door,” she whimpered, “we could never go back and I love my husband and our baby… we pretend in bed, about other guys, but ohh it seems so scary, to just really do it.”

He lifted the shivering left hand of my shy ‘married virgin,’ pressing his lips against her wedding band, continuing to whisper softly… “It might feel scary Meg, but it’s a world many young women love. An innocent wife's first time, her first experience in bed with another man, it’s a very exciting experience for a young couple… staring into each other’s eyes whilst she’s making love with another man… holding hands whilst it happens… and later, back in each other’s arms, making tender love together whilst her cheeks are still hotly flushed and her eyes may be brimming with salty tears.”

Megan’s nervous fingers clutched his hand as he trailed his lips across her knuckles. Their faces were only inches apart, slowly he closed the last inch; kissing the tip of her pert little nose… her long dark lashes fluttered and lowered… gently, he kissed her eye lids, slowly, one, and then the other. As his lips lifted, my wife's eyes blinked open, big and blue, a little misty as she drew a shivery breath. “Ohhh Lance, if we do this… Ohh I know I'll cry,” she whimpered while staring into his eyes… “Ohhh Lance, I know I'll cry like a baby… after.”

“Yes Meg, after its over… and you’re back in the comfort of your husband's arms, likely there’ll be an up-welling of emotion, perhaps a touch of shame, maybe a little regret, and you may cry a few tears, but those tears will quickly dry as you make love with your husband and he whispers his affection and his ever-lasting love. You know that Meg… you know how much your husband loves you.”

“Uh-huh… and I love him too.”

Minute-by-minute, Lance was slowly and skillfully taking possession of my shy wife, leading her into the hot-wife world… a thrilling, wondrously sensual world, but the hot-wife world sometimes wobbles precariously… tilting on its axis, pitching and rocking, leaving its residents hanging on for dear life. And I was hanging there, on my wobbling little piece of this earth, wildly excited, hanging onto the very edge of the bed, leaving them alone in the middle, silently watching my wife's eyes, listening to them whispering back-and-forth.

Soon he would be kissing my wife, gently turning her onto her back… easing her panties over her toes… sliding the pulsing head of a long stiff cock into her… fucking her while my heart pounds. I could feel the anticipation creeping ever deeper into my groin, the sensation of my own penis pulsing and swelling and I considered slipping unnoticed off the bed, taking a place in one the chairs… be the invisible husband, sitting in the shadows with an erection, watching and listening to his wife's cries.

While love for my wife swelled the tissues of my heart, star light drifted down through the skylight, dusting the room with a silvery hue and casting ominous shadows on the walls, but the wide bed lay bathed in a tight circle of warm pink light. What a never-to-be-forgotten experience it would be… to sit in the shadows, clutching the arms of the chair… watching the thrusting of his hips, her toes lifted, seeing the soft glow of pink lighting on the soles of her bouncing bare feet…

But I remained on the side of the bed, frozen in place, watching his fingers grazing down along my wife's back. It was happening just as we planned; slowly, bit-by-bit, his hand settling onto Megan’s hip, his fingers forming around the curve of her satin covered buttocks, his gently stroking fingertips barely an inch from the crack of my wife's ass.

“Meg, it would give your husband quite a thrill to watch his wife with another man… to be right at her side, watching his wife's first orgasm outside their marriage bed, seeing her belly muscles tensing and her toes curling… watching a pair of big blue eyes rolling back...”

“Mmm, I suppose,” she mumbled in a quivery, ever weakening voice.

His empathizing eyes glanced toward the marble night table, at the three wineglasses… at one empty, at one untouched. Rhetorically he murmured, “Has our pretty lady not touched her wine?” He sat up, extending his hand toward Megan’s glass, his eyes flashing at me, a signal for me to pass it to him.

With the sophistication of a much older man, he held my wife's glass up to the light, a practiced swivel of his wrist sent the red wine into a slow, centrifugal spin. His fingers were neatly manicured, but they were the strong fingers of a young male athlete and I felt the sudden angst of knowing those skillful fingers would soon be cupped under my wife's buttocks, hoisting her loins to take the full length of his long slippery cock and I would be sitting on the side of a rhythmically creaking bed… watching the long sensual fucking of my wife taking place right before my anxious eyes.

I noticed Lance taking a little sip from Megan’s wine glass, his dark eyes shifting back, looking down at her pretty face, at the swell of her bare breasts under the satin robe. “Did your husband pick out some dry panties for you?” Meg nodded her head and subconsciously pressed her knees together. He noticed the reflexive tightening of her legs and with a slight smile, he swirled the wine again, somehow managing to do it with only the slightest flick of his wrist.

Enraptured, my wife seemed spellbound, lying on her back, eyes as blue as Arctic ice staring up at this ruggedly handsome young man. She was drawing nervous breaths, her breasts rising and falling. Slowly, Lance dipped the tip of his index finger, up to the nail into Megan’s wineglass. For a fractional instant, I sat puzzled, watching the glimmering red light refracting through the crystal goblet. When he lifted his hand, like a tiny red ruby, a wine droplet hung suspended from the tip of his finger. Watching her eyes, Lance slowly moved his finger toward my wife's parted lips. When the ruby droplet barely brushed her quivering lower lip it broke contact with his finger and I watched in utter fascination as the tip of my wife’s pointy tongue wiped the little wine droplet across her quivering lower lip.

A second droplet followed the first… then, without taking his eyes from my wife's blushing face, he passed the glass back to me and leaned down, his lips grazing her warm cheek and stopping at the corner of her mouth. Her breath quickened as his lips, then the tip of his tongue feathered across her wine moistened lips. Meg’s pink tongue flicked between her lips… hers touching his… tasting the wine… tasting each other, their breath mingling, their warm mouths coming together.

It was a breathless moment… his mouth on hers, capturing her wine-wet lower lip and gently drawing it into his mouth, suckling and stroking it with his tongue. Hungry little moans rose from deep in her throat. The kiss was long and sensual, my wife's dark lashes fluttering, misty blue eyes closing as an arm eased up around his neck, another around his back. Married fingers pressing against the tanned skin of his muscular back, fingers with a gold wedding band now smoothing over the raw red scratches she’d inflicted in the swimming pool.

With one leg hanging off the far side of the bed, I watched it begin… watched my wife sliding her hips closer to his, watched him kissing her, his hand slipping between their bodies, fingers cupping over the swell of her left breast, a tender pink nipple firming under the thin satin robe, puckering against the palm of his hand. When the kiss ended my wife turned to me… her pretty face hot and blushing, her arm reaching across the bed, fingers blindly groping for my hand. She lay breathless, panting through parted lips and he was resting on his elbow, looking down at her hot face and whispering…

“Can you feel the strange thrill of it Meg, kissing another man, letting him feel your breasts whilst your husband looks on?”

“Ohhh yes… yes, I've never… Ohhh I've never felt such a strange feeling…”

“Meg, as we kiss and touch, can you see the love in your husband's eyes? He wants to see this happening Meg. Can you feel his excitement, the way his trembling fingers are squeezing your hand?”

“Ohhh yes, I can feel him trembling,” she whispered

Megan's wondrous blue eyes were gazing up at me and Lance was watching us both, seeing the excitement in my wife's eyes and the erection tenting the front of my pants… and knowing I wanted to watch it happen, that I wanted to see my wife fucked by another man… vigorously fucked until she lay weak and breathless right before my eyes. And it was happening just he whispered to me at the pool side, but it was much more exciting than I could have ever imagined.

“Megan,” he whispered very softly, “your husband is eager to see us naked together; he’s ready to see his pretty wife naked and watch her making love. Meg, would you like to give your husband that exquisite thrill… let him watch you making love… watch you fucking with another man?”

“Mmm-hmm, we talk in bed about… well, about doing that…” she shyly murmured.

“…about fucking other guys?”

“Mmm, about fucking… well, like that,” she blushed at her seldom use of the word.

“Does the fuck word excite you… in bed, when you pretend about other men?”

“Uh-huh… sometimes…”

“Shall we leave the bed lamps on… so your husband can watch us?”

“Mmmm,” she murmured, as the flush deepened on her cheeks, her eyes flashing from my erection and back to Lance’s broad muscular chest.

He slipped his hand onto my wife's hip, his fingers again feeling her buttocks and the waistband of her panties through the thin robe. “Meg, your husband needs to be a part of this, and I'm going to ask him to pull your panties down… get you all naked for me.”

Lance eased still closer to my wife, pulling her onto her side, face-to-face, his bent knee pressing against her legs, pressing more insistently until she lifted her upper knee and he slipped his knee between her thighs… they came together, Meg now resting partway onto her back, the robe bunching up around her hips… loins snuggling together with little hip hunching wiggles, clutching and kissing with the front of his thigh rubbing against my wife's crotch, her hips responding with little rocking undulations… rubbing her wet panty crotch against his bare leg. His hand slipped around her back… fingertips easing between her buttocks, feeling and pressing the thin satin robe into the crack of her ass…

The long sensual kiss ended in a tangle of bare legs, the bottom of the satin robe twisted up around her hips and his stiffened cock pressing against the thin crotch of my wife's panties… and staring into each other’s eyes.

“My little sweetheart,” he whispered… “You didn't answer…Would you like your husband to do that for me… take off your robe and panties for me… then let him watch us… make love?”

“Ohhh yes, I think so… if he wants to,” she blushed so prettily and lowered her lashes.

Megan turned, untangling her long bare legs from his, rolling onto her back, her hand reaching toward me, and I moved my hips back onto the bed. Blushing like a new bride, she lay between us, her eyes gazing up into mine, those big blue, wide open eyes staring up at me in some kind of wonder. An exquisite moment… it rippled through me… the sweet and sour thrill of being the one to undress my wife… the one to pull her pants down.

My heart skipped a beat as I thought of another man watching my wife's panties slipping over the tips of her lifted toes, his eyes staring into the crack of her bare ass… his first glimpse of her snug little cunt. My hand still clutching the wineglass was shaking, a dribble spilling, running down over my trembling fingers. Setting the glass aside, I reached down, slipped my fingers under the front of her robe. The backs of my fingers brushing warm bare skin… brushing across the fleshy cleavage of my wife's breast and I lifted the satin fabric, exposing her left breast… exposing a sweetly puckered pink nipple to the eyes of another man.

What a strange feeling, displaying my wife, offering her warm loins to another man for the first time. The emotion was like nothing I'd ever felt, the touch of shame and guilt that flushed the back of my neck, yet my heart was thumping, the wash of excitement rushing through my groin as I watched Lance reaching down, his hand cupping under her naked breast, his thumb lightly brushing across her nipple. I saw him lean, his tongue grazing her breast, watched his mouth closing over my wife's tender pink nipple.

Lance suckled her sensitive nipple, drawing it in against his tongue. “Ohhh Bobby,” she shuddered and gasped, “I never knew it would feel like this… ohhh I never never knew.”

Megan’s hands lifted, quickly grasping the sides of his head, fingers twining up into his hair, slender married fingers white and clutching amongst his strands of dark hair… big blue eyes looking up at me over his shoulder… then her eye-lashes starting to flutter, her head beginning to toss, gasping and murmuring under her quivering breath…

“Bobby… ohhh Bobby, I always thought you’d be insanely jealous… if we really did it, if other men really touched me.”

“Meg… darling, I'll be nervous, but the jealousy will be just an exciting feeling deep in the pit of my stomach… sweetheart, can you understand that?”

“Then I want to now… I really want Lance to… to put his penis in me… and…”

“…and fuck you?” Asking the question while looking down into her eyes, at her long hair spread across the pillow.

“Yesss, ohhh god yesss…” Answering while staring up at me thought lidded eyes, her face a lovely blush of pink.

Lance lifted his head, looking down into my wife's eyes, his eyes flicking down to her exposed breast, the nipple, pinkly puckered and wet with his saliva.

“Get me naked Bobby; take my panties off so he can do it…”

While she lay there shuddering and gasping, her hips twisting, I reached over, loosened the knotted cloth tie and parted the other side of the robe, exposing the other perfect breast and its twin pink nipple. The soft silky fabric parted easily across her bare belly, revealing a wide vee of bare skin, silky smooth skin ending at the puffy mound in the crotch of her low-cut panties.

Sprawled on her back, literally naked, she lay there with her eyes closed and I gently drew her hand toward Lance’s leg and lay the palm of her hand on the inside of his bare thigh. A moment later she turned slightly onto her side and I saw her fingers beginning to move, feeling the smoothness of his muscular thigh, stroking it with her fingertips. At the touch of my wife's warm fingers on his bare skin; I could see him lifting his other knee, his cock straining upward, the head lifting the towel higher.

“Touch his penis,” I whispered. “Meg, slip your hand under the towel… touch it Meg.”

Out of my sight in the pool, she’d touched him… now it was something I wanted to see, her married fingers clasped around another man’s bare cock. The edge of the towel was barely an inch from the tips of her fingers and Meg knew the familiar feeling of her husband's hand on her wrist, now guiding her fingers up under the towel. There was only a slight pause, a little pulling back as her fingertips reached the warm skin of his bare cock. But I held her wrist… held her hand under the towel until I felt her arm relax… and at that moment, still unseen, my wife’s warm fingers were brushing over his testicles and curling around his long stiff cock.

“It’s so big… ohhh Bobby, it feels so stiff and long,” she whispered in that shy quivery voice.

She was his now… his to do with as he wished, and it seemed to be happening in a crazy dream, a tossing about, bed-sheet twisting, crazy middle of the night dream… my normally shy wife between us, her hand hidden under a towel, her delicate fingers clasped around another man’s rigid cock. But it wasn’t a dream; I was stretched out on the bed alongside my wife, looking over her shoulder at the lump in the towel, at my wife's wrist moving… a slow, up-and-down movement of her hidden hand.

Lance looked over at me; he didn’t have to ask if I wanted to see my wife's hand stroking his bare penis. He reached down, loosened the knot that held the towel… slowly he parted the towel, peeling it back, exposing a tautly muscled stomach and a stiffly erected penis… and my shy wife's stroking fingers… fingers clasped just below the thickly swollen head… slender married fingers that barely reached around the circumference of a long up-thrusting cock.

The white folds of the towel lay to each side of Lance’s hips and Megan’s eyes were staring down at the unbelievable sight of her fingers curled around another man’s exposed penis… a strong, handsome man’s erected penis, the pinkish-purple head, tautly swollen and immaculately clean. My breath was panting against her shoulder, without releasing her grip on his penis, my wife turned her head, our eyes met… big blue eyes staring into mine, eyes glimmering with excitement.

“Bobby, ohhh Bobby, do you mind if I… if I…”

She paused, still staring into my eyes, subconsciously tipping the head of his cock toward her breasts. My heart was thumping as I realized she wanted to lean down and slide her soft warm lips over the bare head. Meg’s pretty face was hotly flushed; lips parted, her pointy pink tongue, flicking nervously across her lower lip

“Meg,” I whispered, “would you like to suck his penis?”

“Mmmm, if you don't mind… if you won't think I'm, well, just awful.”

My voice was trembling, “I don't mind… sweetheart, I don't mind,” I mumbled against her flaming hot cheek.

As she turned back, Lance slipped his fingers into my wife's hair, twining a lock of long golden hair around his fingers; he began to gently draw Megan’s blushing face down toward the blatantly exposed head of his penis, the skin was stretched tautly back, the swollen bare head pulsing and so close to my wife's mouth. I saw strands of long blonde hair falling against his bare stomach, the straw-colored strands forming a partial curtain around the up-pointing length of it. Pulse pounding, I quickly wiggled lower, my face down near her waist where I could look across her hip and see into the curtain of golden strands… where I could see my pretty wife about to slide her warm mouth over the pulsing head of another man’s cock.

Right before my eyes, the normally shy mother of my child was pressing her soft moist lips against the bare head of another man’s penis, her lips nibbling, her wet tongue swiping a glistening trail of warm female saliva across the throbbing head, circling it with her tongue, then her wet lips closing around it… over the head… a few warm suckling pulls drawing it deeper into her mouth. I heard Lance’s sharp intake of breath as the wet warmth of my wife's mouth settled over the sensitive head of his penis… and I knew what he was feeling… the curvature of my wife's warm slippery tongue, her tongue sliding with little suckling pulls along the tender underside of his bare cock.

I squirmed, suddenly realizing, I wasn’t quite prepared for the sight of another man’s nasty bare cock in my pretty wife's mouth, or for watching her lovely blonde head moving in a slow up-and-down rhythm. I felt an upwelling of revulsion, felt the crawlies pounding their clenched fists against the lining of my stomach, yet as Megan sucked his cock, my heart was thumping with a wild crazy excitement. I thought of him ‘releasing’ into my wife's mouth, another man’s ejaculate spurting across my wife's warm suckling tongue.

The raw image flared up into my mind… an image of my wife's pretty face flaming with embarrassment as his sperm splashed against her tongue, her lips around his penis and swallowing the little spurts as she looked into my eyes… then lifting her wet mouth from the still pulsing head of his cock, sperm glistening on her parted lips… suddenly my stomach rolled and I felt the acidy taste of bile rising up in my throat, but I couldn't look away… a crazy need to just let it go on.

Emotionally unraveled, I crawled off the bed, moved around to the other side and kneeled on the lower step of the dais. Now, eyes level with my wife's pretty face; I leaned in closer, carefully easing my fingers into her hanging hair, feeling her head gently bobbing, feeling the tickling strands of long yellow hair grazing up-and-down against my fingers… and hearing soft wet suckling sounds.

Gently parting my wife's long blonde hair, and from only inches away, I stared through a vee shaped part in the golden strands, my eyes locked on the sight of the young man’s belly muscles taut and straining, the muscular ridge of his stomach flexing with his every gasp of breath, his cock rigid, the purplish pulsing head out of sight in my wife's warm suckling mouth, her fist gripped around it, gently bobbing her head, long dark lashes lowered, her lovely blue eyes squeezed tightly closed… but sucking another man’s bare cock.

Almost a third of its long glistening length was wet with Megan’s saliva and her lips formed a little rim of sliding flesh… flesh glistening pinkly against the white skin of his bare cock. I watched the mucus lining of my young wife's lips sliding up-and-down, warm saliva trailing down onto her clasping fingers, half the purplish head coming into view and then her warm wet mouth covering it again and again.

It seemed an eternity as I kneeled there, holding onto my emotions with clenched fists, all the while watching the salacious sight of my normally shy wife sucking another man’s cock, but it was only moments before her misty blue eyes suddenly blinked open… and with another man’s bare cock in her mouth, she found herself staring right into her husband's eyes.

Embarrassed and flustered, my wife quickly lifted her mouth… and suddenly, another man’s sinewy bare cock was standing upright between our faces, fully erect and throbbing, the head glistening and wet with the warm salivary fluids of a married young mother. Her eyes were glassy, as if she’d suddenly awaken from a dream, then as if coming back to reality; I saw her fingers starting to loosen their grip around his cock…

“Don't stop, I whispered… “Sweetheart, don't stop.”

“Ohh Bobby, are you sure? I feel so… so slutty doing this.”

“But is it thrilling for you Meg… sucking his penis?”

“Uh-huh, the bare head of it feels… well, it feels so smooth and warm against my tongue, but it’s so embarrassing… having a man’s penis in my mouth with you watching.”

Her lips were still moistly parted and barely an inch away from the very swollen penis-head. My mind was a swirl of conflicting emotions, but my own penis was rigid and straining against my pants. Without another whispered word, I reached out, my trembling hand easing onto the back of my wife's warm neck, a little pressure, drawing her blushing face back down toward the still glistening head of his cock. With our eyes only inches apart, I whispered very softly…

“Meg, sweetheart, don't be embarrassed, I want to watch you do it, watch you sucking his penis.”

“Ohhh god, Bobby… you really want to watch me doing that?”

“Mmmm, a little more…”

“But he might… he might…”

“He won't Meg, he won't...”

But I knew he might… and even as I cringed at the thought of Lance ejaculating into my wife's warm suckling mouth, I also thought of his long cock, deeply imbedded into my wife's snug little cunt, vigorously fucking her, then his pulsing sperm spurting into her married belly, and I realized, unless it stopped now, another man’s sperm would soon spurt into one place or the other…

And ohh god, before this night is over… maybe both places.


Continued in part 6… {{{A lovely bare-bottomed wife is hoisted up onto her knees}}}


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by SjorsenSjimmyNL » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:03 am


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by Scotch98 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:16 am

Awesome update to the story..... You have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter. :up: :D

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by kcpa » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:58 am

These rock, awesome as always.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by andyupnaway » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:13 am

Great continuation. If I was reading a book, it would definitely be with only one hand;-}. As always, you have an appreciative (and aroused) audience wanting more....

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by kt469 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:48 pm

Fabulous as always. I almost didn't read it-- I don't think I can stand to wait for the next part. Kudos again!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by andyupnaway » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:23 pm

Just as a suggestion from one of your new admirers. Could you write a chapter that speaks from Megan's point of view. I would particularly enjoy reading about the inner turmoil, approach/avoidance, the building of desire tempered with the sense of shame and guilt which eventually leads to a full liberating embrace of her new found sexuality. Also, the excitement and fascination of experiencing a man that is more endowed but trying to conceal for fear of humiliating or intimidating her husband.

I think it is important that she retains her love for her husband but is also recognizes she can desire and enjoy other men.

BTW, if you find you enjoy doing this, consider going back to your other stories to add new chapters from the wife's POV. It would add a new and interesting dimension to those stories.

I really enjoy your writing. It transcends porn... it is erotica.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by rickflst » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:26 am

As always some of the most erotic writing ever. Looking forward to part 6...Thank you for the words and the story!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by Bert Bronson » Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:22 pm

andyupnaway wrote:Just as a suggestion from one of your new admirers. Could you write a chapter that speaks from Megan's point of view. I would particularly enjoy reading about the inner turmoil, approach/avoidance, the building of desire tempered with the sense of shame and guilt which eventually leads to a full liberating embrace of her new found sexuality. Also, the excitement and fascination of experiencing a man that is more endowed but trying to conceal for fear of humiliating or intimidating her husband.

I think it is important that she retains her love for her husband but is also recognizes she can desire and enjoy other men.

BTW, if you find you enjoy doing this, consider going back to your other stories to add new chapters from the wife's POV. It would add a new and interesting dimension to those stories.

I really enjoy your writing. It transcends porn... it is erotica.
Hi Andy,

I haven’t seriously considered writing, or speaking, from the wife's point of view (POV) but perhaps I should consider it. My wife and I talk a lot about her ‘feeling’ so I get a real-life understanding of the female perspective, their love for their husbands, their thrill of being in the arms of other men, their turmoil and feelings of uncertainty. Enticing my wife to talk in bed and peering into her mind is enlightening… and exciting.

At times Wendy leans over my shoulder as I ‘try and write’ and especially if I use her name in the story it gets her aroused. “Wife Watcher’s Party” drove her nuts; she still bothers me, suggesting sentence structure and quibbling over verbiage. When she gets hot and aroused, she starts nibbling on the side of my neck and soon I chase her up to our bed and that’s the end of writing for a while. So you guys, blame her for the long time between some story chapters!

But to respond to your suggestion, if a few of the readers would like to have Wendy write a wives’ version of some of the old stories… and some new ones, reply in this thread and let us know. If there is some interest I think she’d love to try her hand at writing.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by Lettuce Tramp » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:46 pm

Bert, I know you have heard the term, "if you build it they will come." I can assure you if you & or Wendy write it we will cum.... Ah, I mean we will read.. I promise you THERE IS INTEREST, (@ least here)


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by Scotch98 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:42 pm

Hey Bert, I agree w/ Chuck, Bring it on and I am sure both points of view will be a hit. It would be interesting to delve into Megan's thoughts..... Hope to see the next chapter soon.... :D

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by roadrunner » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:25 pm

I'd welcome a "by: Wendy" version myself! :D
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by viking68 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:13 am

By all means yes to a Wendy POV! As a male I cannot imagine sex from the womans side, beyound the external physical signs!
Please Wendy! :whip: ;)
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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by rickflst » Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:03 pm

Wendy's writing would be great. I always enjoy hearing the woman's perspective.

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by tay » Thu May 31, 2012 7:52 pm

Yes,,,,,Please do write the view point from the lady!!!!! That would be very hot! :)

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by tay » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:52 pm


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 5)

Unread post by tay » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:35 pm

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